aw i ship these so hard


No food, drinks, or any other intoxicants are allowed in the library at any time. That includes emotion bottles.


i don’t think that mon el came to “”destroy”” kara/james relationship

i don’t think that is racist

i think that is the right thing to do


i hated their relationship from the begging it was horrible they don’t have chemistry at all wHY WOULD ANYONE SHIP THEM??

im so excited about kara and mon el they are so cute together and i love them already 

so you can keep talking and saying that he just came to ruin things between jamesandkara i’ll be pleased to see you 

im just so happy that the things between them are over THANK YOU WRITERS

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and also i’d like to say


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Jaehee x Zen (OK BUT IMAGINE)

So after finishing Jaehee’s route I started shipping her with Zen HARD.
It’s not a ship I see a ton of but most of the time people are like “aw! Yes that’s so cute!” Or they give me reasons why they’re just friends
-If they got together it would be a Yuri/Viktor situation. HOW FUCKING CUTE
-Zen calling her princess and hER CHEEKS TURNING BRIGHT RED
-Zen getting her front row tickets to his shows and throwing occasional glances at her whenever he could
-Zen waking her up early to go to work with kisses all over her face and a cup of coffee
-Owning the coffee shop together???!!!
-Zen always lifting her spirits w flirty lil kisses and compliments when she’s stressed
-Cozy movie nights w cuddles?????!!!
-They’re so happy
-Jaehee is a princess

Obi-Wan dying on Melida/Daan would be awful, but Obi-Wan dying on Bandomeer, at Xanatos’s hand or any of the other thousands of times he was in danger.

Twelve year old Obi-Wan. Thrown out of the Temple to fend for himself on a ship of Hutts. Obi-Wan who fought so hard and so bravely for one so young.

Qui-Gon realizes how royally he fucked up when he is forced to watch Obi-Wan, a bright, intelligent, gentle CHILD, mortally wounded right in front of him. He knows now that he cannot allow Xanatos one second of a chance to escape, not with an innocent boy’s blood on his hands.

Xanatos doesn’t escape.

Obi-Wan does not get a bloodless death because Xanatos was smart and ruthless and evil. A decent sized vibroblade between the ribs in the right spot ensures Qui-Gon has no time to get Obi-Wan medical care. Qui-Gon sits on the ground and wraps Obi-Wan in his robe, holding him close to his body and offering him a meager source of comfort as he coughs up blood and shivers uncontrollably. He reaches out with the Force and smothers the boy’s pain so his last minutes will be peaceful.

Qui-Gon gives Obi-Wan the dignity of dying as a Jedi Padawan. He takes him as his apprentice and assures him his status will be entered into the Archive. Everything that happened on this day will be memorialized and Obi-Wan will not be forgotten.

He tells Obi-Wan he is proud of him, he is proud to have fought beside him, and he is proud to be honored with the title of his master. He apologizes for taking so long and reassures Obi-Wan that none of his decisions were because he thought Obi-Wan was not worth the trouble, but does not dwell on his mistakes. He wants to ensure Obi-Wan’s last moments are not bogged down with his own misery.

Qui-Gon loses his tenuous grip on his emotions when Obi-Wan’s small, shaking hand reaches up to touch his cheek. He grasps that hand and holds it in his own, firmly so he knows he is loved.

He knows Obi-Wan is slipping away when his eyes start glossing over and his blinking slows drastically. Qui-Gon tells him not to fight, to relax and let him take care of him now. He doesn’t need to worry anymore and he is safe. Obi-Wan looks up at him, clear blue eyes locking with his own, and he smiles just slightly. Qui-Gon can feel him through their fledgling bond, content and safe and loved. He passes into the Force gently, as quietly as falling asleep.

Qui-Gon feels the barest, fleeting brush of him against his mind, offering gratitude and benediction.

Maybe this becomes Qui-Gon’s turning point. Maybe this makes him realize things need to change in the Jedi Order—now.

Maybe he goes back to the Temple and says goodbye to his Padawan of little more than fifteen minutes and promises him he will do better. He will not take another Padawan, but he will do more to help the children of the Order succeed.

He singlehandedly completely revamps the Jedi. He does away with the rule of tossing Initiates out at thirteen to fend for themselves. They are offered a myriad of choices: remain in the Temple, find their birth family, join the Corps of their choosing, or receive training and education to leave on their own. Some Initiates are Chosen at 14 or 15 and become Padawans.

Qui-Gon gets the Jedi to allow small amounts of contact between the parents and their children to keep the relationship going in case the child has the option of returning to their family.

Any child going to the Corps has a Master accompany them to ensure their safe passage. Order ships are used.

Those who remain in the Temple continue their education and can choose a path to follow for a skill or job in the Temple such as mechanics or archival or food preparation. They are nurtured and supported in all their decisions.

Anyone choosing to leave is allowed to change their mind at any time. They are always welcome back. They receive education and training for a few more years until they are of age to be on their own and are able to care for themselves.

Qui-Gon Jinn’s file reads:

Species: Human
Rank: Master
Padawan: Obi-Wan Kenobi

It is never edited or changed.

S'more Otayurio
  • Otabek: Sorry to disappoint, Yuri, but you do not have a "mean look".
  • Yurio: Oh please, I have a mean look! It makes people quiver in their boots!
  • Otabek: If by "people" you mean "adorable baby kittens", then yes. Before they wobble over and lick your face.
  • Yurio: *glares daggers at Otabek*
  • Otabek: Aw, look at all of the kittens coming over! How adorable!
Fake Chats #72
  • Jungkook: here, you can sit next to Jimin-hyung.
  • Taehyung: oh. Thanks.
  • Jungkook: here, hand this to Jimin-hyung.
  • Taehyung: oh. Okay.
  • Jungkook: you should take a selca with Jimin-hyung. The fans will love it.
  • Taehyung: oh. Sure.
  • Jungkook: you can sleep with Jimin-hyung tonight if you want.
  • Taehyung: what's going on with you? Are you...shipping vmin?
  • Jungkook: I couldn't think of a good birthday present because we were so busy, so I thought I could share Jimin-hyung a little more.
  • Taehyung: aw, Kookie! *bear hug* You're the best!
  • Jungkook: you're welcome.
  • Taehyung: how long does this last?
  • Jungkook: I was aiming for a week, but it's really hard, so I might end it early.
  • Taehyung: I understand. Thanks, Kookie.
dana watches lucifer (2x08)

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  • did you know my dad just saw lucifer’s mom in a hallmark movie where she was the small town love interest
  • nice whistling music and then BODY SLAM
  • “hey man” BODY SLAMMED
  • “we can totally work this out” lol you thought
  • kay not rly back to normal linda seems rly nervous
  • “the sandwich representing trust” that is exactly what it represented even lucifer knows deckerstar is otp 
  • “how did you actually torture hitler” I LOVE LINDA
  • “i was worried i’d never see you again” AW
  • “maze gave me some needed clarity” i ship it so hard
  • “what abt my uncle edwin he was one bad mamma jamma”
  • “now she’s somewhere to the left of totally useless and the right of total lunacy” “so she’s you in a skirt”
  • “if you need anyone to talk to i’m here” THE WAY SHE SAYS IT SO CASUALLY
  • duh its a white guy
  • oh my god oh my god it’s the knife it’s azrael’s knife holy shit i’m gonna scream
  • “okay so if you two wanna cry it out i’ll be in the car” um maze is the best
  • every time the theme song cuts in it’s just so epic
  • ohhhh the blade demands to be used I WONDER IF THE GUY FEELS GUILT HOLY CRAP 
  • “trip to stabbytown” 
  • lucifer likes calling people a peach i love it
  • “i like the smug much sexier than the earnest” 
  • of course maze doesn’t wanna do the dishes
  • “the whole point of a favor is to do it for free”
  • “ugh please don’t ruin favors for me” I LVOE THEIR FRIENDSHIP
  • “oh no no definitely not” WHAT DOES SHE WANT I GOTTA KNOW
  • “you’re a nasty little nerd aren’t you”
  • “does your favor involve killing me” *pushes her in* lucifer is such a jerk i love him 
  • “the glory what” “the glory hole” “the glory way”
  • chloe is so not clued in i love her so much but lucifer must cause her a lot of stress how is she not completely grey haired by now
  • “that’s why great ideas come in the shower” I LOVE HER
  • “it appears you’ve been busy” ZOOM IN
  • “FILLED IN hole” I love lucifer i love him 
  • “you are sexually prolific, turns out you get that from me” “MUM” 
  • no no more sadness we were going so WELL
  • i like chloe’s murder board
  • “my pudding is gone” who are you ross geller
  • ELLA
  • chloe is so jealous
  • “lucifer’s not another guy, he’s a weirdo” doesn’t mean you can’t still be in love with him
  • chloe is so FLUSTERED
  • lol lucifer puts on hand sanitizer
  • “nooo worries” she says as she steps closer
  • we get to see protective/jealous lucifer all the time so protective/jealous chloe is a GIFT
  • amenadiel, mazikeen stop FLIRTING she’s in love with linda
  • “you’re whole leather body suit thing it’s it’s - it’s not - it’s not that great” “….yeah it is”
  • lol and there’s another body
  • “must have been some parking space”
  • oh god the whole yoga class is DEAD
  • “nothing left to do here i suppose” “except figure out how a whole yoga class got murdered” 
  • “totally insane and probably exactly what happened” i love ella
  • oh man they’re not dead, they’re DEAD dead
  • chloe is so jealous
  • oh god ella is not helping her case
  • “that’ll be what the panels called: full yoga massacre 2016″
  • their whole dynamic has shifted
  • “the angel of death is a chick?” damn straight
  • this guy is such a hipster i can’t even type out the name of his tea
  • “tell me what you want what you really really want” “i want a raspberry cream cheese muffin” oh my GOD HIS STOMACH I LVOE IT
  • this is so funny i can’t process anything
  • “proof of bigfoot?” i love lucifer
  • “this case and ur favor are connected. start talking dude” still love her
  • “don’t underestimate the nasty nerd” - my dad
  • “i guess faith isn’t faith unless it’s tested… bring it in” I LOVE HER SO MUCH SHE JSUT HUGS HIM
  • ella has been CAUGHT
  • “enjoy ur shower” lucifer don’t make it worse
  • poor chloe she doesn’t understand
  • aw i knew the yoga teacher would end up killling someone i just hoped not i feel rly bad
  • i literally love lucifer standing up for this woman i love him i love her and i goddamn love this show
  • “you ruined my marriage” dan YOU ruined your marriage
  • my dad is telling me why i should’ve known it would happen all along
  • “technically that’s not the truth but i understand the metaphor”
  • i know he won’t die but that isn’t changing my fear
  • “i know you ate my pudding” nah nvm he’s totally justified to do this
  • “have mercy daniel how was i supposed to know it was yours” “BECAUSE IT WAS LABELLED” 
  • oh this is a real redemption arc
  • “what are we doing back here” am i growing fond of dan this is kinda weird
  • “i feel great” yeah i guess he got a lot off his chest
  • no chloe don’t feel unvalidated by this please
  • lucifer stop exploiting this 
  • “trump… i know he’s not dead but he’s definitely going”
  • “i had sex with the devil” “many many times and you’re welcome”
  • “the doctor is in” DAMN STRAIGHT :’)
  • aw this is so pure what ella wants
  • “no harm no foul” “i beg to differ”
  • “i want my family back” i kinda high key love her
  • “hell wasn’t home and heaven was hell” that was a beautiful line

I love how these shitty writers have the audacity to even try with calling Stalia - Malia’s attachment to Stiles “unhealthy” when they’re sitting there forging Stydia off all ships down our throats.

Stalia: Yes, Malia relied on Stiles for a bit. But notice that as she became independent she also became stronger (unlike others). Stiles helped her adapt to human life; he is her anchor. These writers are trying so hard to sponge away Stalia for clear failing for Stydia but it’s not happening. The writing is just coming off more and more awful.

Stydia: Stiles literally made a 10-15 year plan to win Lydia like she was prise. Stiles; who basically stalked her for years - knew her features and where she loved before she even knew who she was. And, stated by Scott himself, was obsessed with her…

I just…. I love the audacity of these writers to even try this shit. Twice they did this in this episode. 1) trying their best to label Stalia - Malia’s attachment to Stiles as “unhealthy”. 2) they had Jordan lose control and they didn’t have Lydia there - as it was shown in S5 only she can reach Jordan through the Hellhound. Lydia could’ve been there helping…. but no.. she, instead of helping the Pack, had to be sniffing Stiles’ jersey (which was highly uncomfortable and cringed tbh).

two things

hey i just need to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH. i usually don’t check tumblr things that much but i always end up on your blog when my phone says you posted a new quote. they’re great! i miss the show so much, this helps a little. i love it. the second thing is, could you maybe make more mergana stuff? if you have the right quotes and all and just if you like. i know you are more team merthur, i think, but i really ship mergana so hard. and even their friend and later rival-but-still-with-some-chemisty relationship is just … aw. you know? i think the relationship between this two is so important, and i’d love to see more of that with modern quotes and stuff. i don’t wanna be mean! i reaaaally love your blog, so glad you decided to make it. the world and more important the merlin fandom needs this so much. thank you!
have a lovely weekend! ❤

Thank you so much!!  Though Merthur is absolutely my endgame, I do love Mergana, I just seem to find fewer quotes for it. I’m pretty busy right now (my queue is currently at zero, which it hasn’t been in ages), but I’ll try to put more Mergana in the line-up! I’m glad you like the blog!

So when I was a kid, like 12-ish, I tendershipped super hard. Then I dropped out of the fandom for almost a decade. Coming back, I figured I’d grown out of such an awful ship; there’s no way a ship so problematic, a ship that requires near complete AUs to even BEGIN to work, could still hold any appeal, right? HAHAHA NOPE I’M STILL TENDERSHIPPING GARBAGE.

So Dooku’s solar sailor is indisputably the coolest ship in all of Star Wars. That’s just science.

Now please consider, in Fires on the Outer Rim, Dooku showing up on Tatooine with this sick ship, and Anakin just gaping in wordless awe for like ten minutes straight. And finally, when he manages to speak, what comes out is, “Can I touch?”

Fast forward about five years, when the Free Alliance is really getting off the ground, and they’re building up a fleet. Now please imagine an entire fleet of sleek, ultra-fast, phenomenally shielded solar sailors.

  • Griffin: Anyway, Dansby asks, "Is it okay to use worn out underwear as packing materials for holiday gifts? Well, the holidays are coming up and I have a big bin full of worn out underwear that our family has been accumulating for a while. I know I need some cushioning material for shipping out holiday gifts. It is acceptable to use the underwear for this purpose? Of course the present will be inside a wrapped box inside the shipping box, so it's not like it will be inside the gift. BQ: What's your favorite winter holiday song?"
  • Travis: Um, what kind of fucking family are you in?
  • Griffin: I think my favorite winter holiday song is, uh, 'You Ruined our Christmas With Stinky Awful Old Underwear That You Wrapped Around The iPod'.
  • Travis: Why does your family have a bin of worn out underwear?
  • Griffin: Uh, well, "Additional details: Our family tries very, very hard to be eco-friendly. We don't have anything else to use and the thought of buying extra paper or bubble wrap to waste makes me cry for the earth." You know what makes me cry for the earth? You know what makes me CRY for the earth?! Your stinky awful underwear.
  • ...
  • Travis: It makes me mad that it sounds like you've already made this decision, 'cause you've been collecting this underwear for a while now.
  • Justin: Hey dude, if you have to send it in dirty ain't a gift.
  • Griffin: These 'green' questions are straight bumming me out. They're really harshing my mellow. I wouldn't give a fuck if the earth had like six years left in it. If the earth had four years left in it, and people didn't send underwear through the U.S. Postal Service, like, that's a trade-off I'm willing to make.

Magic Carpet Ride

Pairing - Unlucky Wishes { Catty/Gigi }

Summary: { Post-13 Wishes } Catty Noir has arrived and the party has begun with her new single ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ as everyone enjoys the party dancing and riding the magic carpet.

During her performance, she catches sight of a certain genie with Frankie having a friendly race but Gigi soon gets distracted as she and Catty locked eyes for the first time. Both are in awe of each other until Gigi got distracted and nearly crashes into the popstar! She manages to stop right in time!

Time seemed to have stopped as their gazes never faltered and couldn’t help but see something in each other…

( AN: I’ve been dying to start work on these two. I loved this pair ever since 13 Wishes and way before BYBY came into the picture! I’ve delayed too long so expect to see more of these two together! )

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Can I get a ship please! With a male from marvel and supernatural? I'm tiny, tattooed, a scorpio. I have black hair and blue eyes. I'm very emotional but I have a great poker face so most people don't know what I'm feeling. I'm really passionate about the things that interest me. I'm secretive, impulsive, intuitive, and stubborn (I'll always stand by my choices). I have a slight sarcasm problem. I have a hard time trusting people and can be very guarded but once I do I'll be there for them.

Marvel: Omg, I ship you with Tony Stark hardcore! You and Tony would totally have your little sarcasm battles back and forth. He’s impulsive himself, so he gets it, but your passion is what would drive him to connect with you. He’s the type who understands it takes time to get to know someone when they’re important, so he’d take the time to know you and adore you.

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SPN: I ship you with Dean! He’d love the passion and for a man who APPEARS impulsive, but isn’t as much as people think he’d reign you in a bit. He’s stubborn as hell but he’d have his ways to sneak in and make you smile and eventually just agree with him. Fights would end before they began since he’d wind up using your own sarcasm against you, and make you smile. He’d never let you go, though, once you’d let him in.

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