aw i missed you lot

I used to write,” she said,
“It was one of the few things I was ever good at, but these days I no longer know how to write, or perhaps I just don’t know how to put words together in clever, metaphorical ways anymore because there’s only so many oceans I can compare your blue eyes to and there’s only so many tornados I can compare your love to. All I know is that I miss you and I love you, an awful, awful lot.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write
aries x virgo

virgo: (in the kitchen cooking with aries) you put in too much salt

aries: i think God put in too much salt when he was making your personality

virgo: at least i have one

aries: there’s a reason why your name is virGO

aries: as in virGO OUT MY DOOR U LIL BOOB

virgo: i’m not penetrating your door anytime soon 

aries: oh so you’re gonna penetrate someone else’s door now okay i see

virgo: (slides over to the door, not discreetly) what if i did? 

aries: my door would probably miss you (shy) a lot actually

virgo: aw babe i’d miss you too

aries: i think my hands on fire

virgo: yup