aw i missed you lot

Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Yuta
  • heyyyyyyy
  • i really enjoy doing this series, lol
  • i’m so hungry right now~~
  • lmao, let’s start right away
  • soooo,,,, 
  • it was probably a weekend and it was early in the morning
  • you woke up because yuta was spamming your phone non stop with texts and calls
  • “tf do you want yuta”
  • “aw, i missed you a lot too baby”
  • this idiot istg, you were angry already and decided to ignore him and keep sleeping
  • “i’m outside your house, can you open the door for me”
  • “plz y/n it’s getting cold and i don’t have my jacket”
  • “i brought food for your lazy ass so don’t be rude to your boyfriend”
  • you finally woke up from bed and opened the door for him
  • you seem adorable because of your bed hair and your sleepy and angry face
  • his heart melted because of your cuteness dfghjklñ
  • and the next second you had him over you hugging you and leaving kisses all over your face
  • lmao
  • long short story after a while you calmed down and both of you spent the whole morning cuddling and eating breakfast together in bed<33
  • and y’all were so comfy and warm that even once both of you finished eating yall didn’t move from bed
  • yall keep cuddling and hugigng each other for hours and statrted to watch youtube videos bc why not
  • and suddenly he was like
  • “what?”
  • “that video, click that one”
  • and guess what
  • yes, it was a my boyfriend does my makeup challenge video
  • “oh no”
  • but it was too late now, yuta already saw it and he would do the impossible for doing your make up
  • “y/nnnnn~~~”
  • “pretty please!!~”
  • “i’ll do whatever you want for like 7 hours if you let me do this”
  • “i’ll take you out for lunch if you want to but pleaSE”
  • and of couse you ended up accepting, lol
  • he almost regret it when he saw all your products and shit
  • but no, we’re talking about manly yuta here. mountain man nakamoto yuta and he’s not going to fuck this up
  • the whole time, most than anything he guide himself by obvious things
  • like reading every single product and grabbing anything that was of the color of your skintone first
  • he would also flirt a lot w you in the process
  • “you’re so lucky, look at you having a really handsome expert doing your make up”
  • “your eyes are so pretty, wow”
  • “you look even more beautiful without make up, please know that”
  • and if in any moment you would start feeling flustered he would get really confident and start making kissing faces and smiling at you
  • “okay so now i just need to do your eyes and then put blush and then lipstick, right?”
  • “no shit sherlock”
  • and he spent a lot of fucking time deciding the color of your eyeshadow believe me and you were so nervous bc what if he chooses something crazy omg no
  • and, tbh i’m at least a 23% sure that he would choose pink, in any shade but pink
  • and if it wasn’t for you he would only choose one color but you were libe vRO NO
  • and since you had your eyes closed he stole like a hundred of pecks from you
  • “yuta! stop doing that!”
  • “but you like it! look! your cheeks are so red that we don’t even need blush anymore”
  • and in that moment you were so close to slap him in the face, lmao
  • but he actually guide himself for your naturally blushed cheeks to apply the blush on your face, lol
  • and, oh my god, when he did your lips, oh god
  • he would make you puck your lips and steal kisses from you the whole time
  • even once he aplied the lipstick, he kissed you and fucked everything up and had to appy more lipstick
  • and in the end the pink lipstick was more noticeable in his lips han in yours lmao
  • “i guess we finished baby”
  • “i’ll let you choose my outfit tomorrow and hopefully you’ll look just as good as me”
  • jfc this boi
  • and that day he took you everywhere to show you up fghdja
  • to eat, to the practice, to the dorms, to ea again, he spent the whole day looking at your face and making sure everyone knew about how pretty u are
  • he was more proud of how well his makeup turnd up lmao
  • even if the eyeshadow was a bit messy and he applied a bit too much of blush and the lipstick was gone now
  • anyways, he still thought that you looked really beautiful
  • well, after all, you’re always looking perfect in his eyes <3
  • okay, and the end lol
  • sorry if it was bad??? lol
I used to write,” she said,
“It was one of the few things I was ever good at, but these days I no longer know how to write, or perhaps I just don’t know how to put words together in clever, metaphorical ways anymore because there’s only so many oceans I can compare your blue eyes to and there’s only so many tornados I can compare your love to. All I know is that I miss you and I love you, an awful, awful lot.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

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prompt: arin feels like he and suzy are drifting apart, so he plans a cliche fancy restaurant candlelit dinner date and they have a little feelings jam over spaghetti

honestly egoflap is beautiful. i adore this marriage and the close bond they share. this is also my first egoflap work! i’ve been meaning to write them for awhile, so thanks for this prompt.

it’s full of dorky precious arin and amazing suzy. it’s a lil humor-based, but it’s still got the good ol feels on their relationship.

i hope you like it! let me know what you think.


Sometimes he forgets how busy his life is.

It’s like clockwork–get up, shower, go to filming, lunch, finish filming, go to the Space, eat, close up, go home, sleep. Not much time for anything else.

He spends so much time with a lot of different people, but he misses seeing his wife.

Of course, you could argue that he sees her every day. She’s there when he wakes up and when he goes to bed. He sees her at the Space and kisses her goodnight.

But they hardly have any time to just sit and talk anymore. Just to be with her. He misses her laugh, her touch, her smile, just…Suzy.

Arin tells her he loves her every day before leaving, but it feels hollow even as she smiles back and returns the heartfelt sentiment.

Danny notices his preoccupation during filming one day. “Dude, you’re way spacey today. What’s up?”

He’s never been able to lie to Danny so he shrugs. “I just miss Suzy.”

His best friend’s brow furrows in confusion, and Arin bites his lip. “I mean, I see her all the time, but we never just sit and talk anymore. I’m always off doing something and she’s busy, too.”

“Man, just schedule a date with her. Old-fashioned style. Take her out to dinner, buy flowers, and all that cheesy 80s-movie shit.” Danny’s grinning at him, and suddenly Arin feels like all his problems have been solved.

“Dan, have I ever told you that you’re a genius?”


Arin swallowed.

He felt like he was in high school all over again. He’s dated Suzy for so long that they’ve left the awkward stages behind them long ago. Now, they can be themselves completely and feel no shame.

But now here he was, standing in front of his own goddamn front door, hiding several sunflowers behind his back because they’re Suzy’s favorite and he wanted this to go perfectly.

He knocked.

“Coming!” Suzy called, but Arin caught the giggle in her tone. She didn’t know the full extent of what Arin had planned, but he had told her to dress up because he knew she liked dressing up and having a heads-up.

He liked to think he knew his wife pretty well.

She pulled the door open, grinning from ear to ear, and his breath caught. Arin always knew how beautiful his wife was, but he didn’t always let himself appreciate the full extent of her beauty. 

Suzy wore one of her favorite tight dresses and pumps with tights. She winked at him, and he felt a blush rise like a twelve-year-old.

“Um, thank you for agreeing to this date,” he began, slowly gaining confidence as he adopted an awkward-first-date persona. “Miss Berhow, these are for you.” He brought out the flowers with a flourish.

“My favorite! How did you know?” She laughed, accepting the flowers and admiring them. “Let me put them in water. Do you want to come in, Mr. Hanson?”

Arin can’t help it–a goofy chuckle escaped his mouth. “I’ll wait for you here. I’m not ready to meet your father yet,” he whispered confidentially.

Suzy’s giggling as she walked away to get a vase. Sure, Arin felt a little silly but it was way more than worth it to see his wife’s happy face.

When she returned, he gestured to his car. “Let me open your door for you, Miss Berhow.”

She accepted his arm and they walked primly to the car door, which Arin opened for her.

Arin can see her rolling her eyes as he walked back to the driver’s side, but her blush belied how much fun she was having.


When they pulled up in front of the restaurant, Suzy gasped. “Arin! The new Italian place? It’s so fancy!”

“Only the best for my beautiful wi–date,” Arin corrected himself, risking a quick wink before leaping out to open Suzy’s door for her.

As she alighted, Arin toed the floor and looked up at her, feigning shyness. “Do you mind if I hold your hand?”

Suzy pretended to think about it, and Arin found it adorable. “I suppose. Just watch your hands, sir,” she replied with a fake sterness.

Arin’s hand finds hers easily, and their fingers intertwine, their wedding rings clinking together. He squeezes her hand lightly, glancing at her fondly. “Did I tell you how gorgeous you look?”

“Many times, actually,” Suzy giggled. “But it’s nice to hear.”

They entered the restaurant, the employees ushering them to a table. This place was fancier than Arin imagined, with candlelight and several forks next to his plate.

He made a snarky comment about the abundance of forks and Suzy hides her laughter behind her menu as the waiter approaches to take their order.

The banter is light and fun through the appetizer, and it’s only after the spaghetti had been served that Suzy met his gaze with a serious look in her eye.

“Are you alright, Arin?”

The question stopped him, setting his fork down. “Yeah, I just…”

She waited patiently, and he felt a rush of love for the woman across from him. “I just missed you, Suz. I’m so busy all the time, and I wanted to spend some time with you.”

Suzy looked genuinely touched. She reached across the table and took his hand. Arin stared at her small hand in his, rubbing his thumb across her ring. 

“Aw, Arin. I missed you, too. It seems like a lot sometimes. I could tell you were tired. I’m glad you suggested it, you big goof. I love you.”

He lifted her hand, softly kissing the back of it. “I love you, too.”

Suzy withdrew her hand, fanning herself. “Why, Mr. Hanson! What a thing to say, and on the first date, too.”

Arin laughed more than he had the whole day. “In all seriousness, Suzy…you’re wonderful. You put up with my bad jokes, you’re always there when I need you, you give me massages after a long day of filming, you take care of all the guys in the office and they all adore you…”

She’s blushing, but she smiled at him. “Of course I’m always there for you, Arin. You’re my husband. I love you more than anyone.”

He’s overcome with love, and he paused for a second. “How’d I ever luck out on a woman like you?”

She twirled her fork around in her spaghetti. “Let’s do this more often. I miss you while you’re away, too, and I like going on dates. It’s cute.”

“If the lady commands it, then so it shall be,” Arin decreed, and Suzy laughed with him as they finished their dinner.

When they went to bed that night, Arin wrapped his arms around his wife, reminding himself that they still had the rest of forever to spend together.

GOSH GUYS! This is the first time I’ve had this many followers on any blog! I just, you guys are amazing, you stick around even when I am posting ooc crap half the time ^^ <3 but really so far I have had NO TROUBLE playing this muse around this fandom, honestly you were all so welcoming and beautiful when I first started and now I am so glad I am able to call you guys friends! It’s crazy really! People who I never thought I would be able to talk to because of my shy nerdness are good friends and WOW it shows how much things have changed since the very start! Really guys, I just feel so lovely and warm when I am online. I feel ridiculously welcomed every time I am online and you all need to know how much I love you!! 

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Cliché (F!Corrin x Saizo)

Corrin couldn’t stop giggling. “Ha! S-Saizo, stop it! That tickles!”

She had returned back to her quarters after a long day, only to find Saizo waiting for her. It was unusual for Ryoma’s retainer to get home before Corrin did, but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

Her husband was practically an entirely different person when they were alone. Corrin had initially walked in to find an empty room. He had been perched up in a dark corner and pounced down once Corrin had closed the door to shower her in affection.

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Ponyboy imagine💫

AN: this is my first imagine so please take it easy on me, but regardless I hope you enjoy it!

I leaned against the cold sink, my fingers lightly drumming with one hand while the other was busy brushing my teeth. I heard Ponyboy place his keys on our dresser followed by the swish of his jacket coming off just one room over. I smiled to myself, getting a little bit of toothpaste on my upper lip. Pony had asked me a few months ago to move into a place with him and I was overcome with how cute our little life we’re forming was. As I was tilting my head down to rinse my mouth out I felt his strong arms circle around my waist giving me a light squeeze, before they left a few seconds later to brush his teeth. As I was wiping my mouth and hands I looked at him through the mirror, the poor guy looked so tired and beat.
“How was work today babe?” I asked giving him a sympathetic smile.
“It was alright, I did miss you an awful lot though.” He was always tacking cute things to the end of his sentences like that making me feel wanted. I just offered him a bigger smile before padding over to our room where I got changed into pajamas. Pony followed shortly after. The sheets were cold against my legs, not yet warmed by our body heat, and it sent a slight shiver up my back. I reached up and turned the little lamp off, laying down. I heard Pony sigh in relief as he nuzzles into his pillow.
“Goodnight Pone, I love you.”
“Sweet dreams doll, I love you too.” He let his arm encase my waist, giving the back of my head a light peck. I drifted off to sleep shortly after. A few hours later I didn’t feel Pony next to me. He was turned over on the other side of the bed, slight mumbles were leaving his mouth. I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying though. He turned around, eyes shut tight and mouth slightly ajar.
“Y/N” he mumbled as his hands reached out trying to feel where I was. His eyebrows furrowed together until he found my side, pulling me towards him. I loved it when he did that. When he reached out to me like that it made me feel like even in his sleep he wanted to make sure I was okay. Like I was his comfort. He looked so cute but he did look slightly worried.
“Pony..” I whispered while prodding his shoulder.
“Pone, baby wake up.” His eyes fluttered open just a little while a small, tired groan escaped him.
“Why’d ya wake me darlin’? You okay?” He asked while looking down at me.
“Oh yeah, I’m fine. You were just talkin’ in your sleep and I was worried you were having a nightmare or somethin’.” I lightly rubbed his clothed chest for comfort.
“Really? What was I sayin’?” He said, almost sheepishly.
“Well, I couldn’t make out the first part, but then ya turned over and you were mumbling my name.” A slight blush creeped onto his cheeks that he probably thought I couldn’t see, but the moon was pouring through the window just enough to illuminate his handsome face.
“Aw doll, ya know I dream about ya all the time.” Now was my turn to slightly blush. No one had cared for me quite like the way Pony had.
“I love you a whole lot, y'know that?” The words spilled from my mouth naturally.
“Of course I do, but only because I love you just as much.” He said while kissing the top of my head.
“We should go back to sleep, I’m off tomorrow so we have the whole day to do whatever that pretty little head can dream up.” He told me, even though he knows I won’t wanna do much.
“Deal. Sweet dreams again, I love you.” I could never tell him that enough.
“I love you more darlin’, goodnight.” With a small peck on my forehead and me lightly pecking his jaw, we were back to sleep at last.

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I may or may not have shed some tiny tears after reading your retirement post but I'm so so sososo glad to hear that you're not planning on leaving tumblr, because you're such a big inspiration and I really look up to you, and you're really funny and lovely person in general. I'd miss you an awful lot even tho we don't really even know each other ahah ;v;

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Uwaaaa I can’t believe I’m hearing thisss<33 thankyouuu *////*  and noooo no tears yet! By the time I can reconsider my decision we’ll be a feww months ahead since I received quite a number of prompts and will be writing a lot to my heart’s content, and I’ll gladly stick around for other random non-writing posts as well heheee<3 You’re an angel, thanks for this sweet heartwarming message huuuu I don’t deserve your kindness ;w;


gravity falls au where bill and star demon are human tWIIIIINS

which makes dipper and mabel the dream demons ye

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Tlc couples playing seven minutes in heaven headcanon?


  • first of all, we all know Thorne was the one to suggest it. 
    • after everyone said no to truth or dare and never have i ever they finally agreed to play to shut him up. no one really knew what it was besides thorne and cress (because the internet)

scarlet and wolf

  • so after scarlet finds out what this game is she immediately volunteers herself and wolf to go first
    • (”wait… you just want me to make out with wolf alone and none of you will interrupt us? we’re going first!”) 
    • she practically knocks thorne down getting to the closet
  • they literally waste no time they just go for it. they really don’t get that much time by themselves 
    • the timer’s going off and everyone is knocking on the door trying to let them know that their time is up but they’re not done
    • thorne just tells everyone to give them a few minutes 

cinder and kai

  • so cinder and kai pretty much never see each other because cinder’s on luna and kai is in charge of all of asia which means they really just want to sit in the closet and talk to each other
    • they just sit next to each other whispering “how have you been?” “i just miss you a lot” “aw, i miss you too-” “HEY YOU CAN’T TALK WHEN YOU’RE MAKIN’ OUT!”
  • of course there’s plenty of kissing too because they love each other and don’t get to kiss much but mainly they just use it so they can be alone and talk for seven minutes without anyone in there
  • they’re just kissing then suddenly “OH and i forgot to tell you-”
  • just let them catch up they just want to talk to each other

cress and thorne

  • thorne is the one who suggested it but he is also the most nervous to actually do it
    • “winter and jacin? you guys wanna go? no, I don’t care I’m just being nice okay, cRESS LETS GO”
  • cress is totally ready and is just like okay come on let’s do it and thorne is so nervous about it. he just doesn’t want to make cress uncomfortable even when she says it’s fine
    • the entire time he just keeps asking her if she’s okay with it
    • “is this okay?” “yeah, i’m okay” “okay… you okay?” “IM FINE THORNE JUST KISS ME”

winter and jacin

  • making out away from everyone in a dark closet is pretty much ideal for jacin who still feels like he can’t do anything with winter in public 
  • they haven’t had much free time either, being ambassadors for luna now but having been together all the time, unlike cinder and kai, they’ve had time to talk so they’re just like yeah no one’s around let’s just kiss okay 
  • they’re just happy to be romantic with each other tbh just let them be happy 
  • i don’t have that many headcanons for jacin and winter tbh they’re just happy and they’re kissing and they use their allotted time and then go back to being happy just let them kiss 
Missing him.

Can yu do a text andy biersack that y/n is having a really hard time being alone since andy is on tour. And Andy just tells her cute things c: …

You- Andy?

Andy- yeah?

You- hey…

Andy- hey babe, you alright?

You- um…

Andy- Y/N, what’s wrong?

You- I miss you… A lot

Andy- aw babe. I’d call you, but we have five minutes till sound check. I’d rather call you when I have more time.

You- it’s okay, don’t be sorry

Andy- no, it’s not. I miss you too, a fucking lot.

You- :/

Andy- it sucks, I know. But it’ll be okay. Yeah?

You- yeah

Andy- I love you, so much

Andy- don’t ever forget it

You- I love you too :)

Andy- I can’t wait to see you, beautiful

Andy- I miss that smile

Andy- that laugh of yours too, God

You- I can’t wait to see you either

Andy- hang in there, it’ll be quick. I’ll be home before you know it.

Andy- also, the guys say hi

You- hi guys :D

Andy- haha they said they miss you as well

You- I miss them too

Andy- we’ll all give you the biggest hug ever when we come back, sound good?

You- yeah, definitely

Andy- good. I’ll kiss you like I’ve never kissed you before too

You- I’d love that

Andy- mhm me too. I’ll call you after sound check, okay? I love you Y/N

You- I love you too, Andy

Homecoming (Prompt #23)

Originally posted by whovian182

Requested by anonymous:  #23 with Isaac where they were dating before he left for France without saying goodbye and then he comes back to beacon hills, and they see eachothers for the first time since he left. You can end it however you want.

#23: I’ve missed you.

You are all gathered in Scott’s living room, talking about the latest developments with all the supernatural stuff you have to cope with once again. You sit on the carpet, just listening to what they are discussing, like always. You are usually the one that keeps quiet until you have a sparking idea. Then you would discuss the details with Stiles and he would get very excited about it. Only you have absolutely no idea how to solve your problem this time.

“Maybe we should just set a trap”, Kira sighs. You are all tired by now and hungry. Not the best circumstances to be productive.

“Because our traps always work so well”, Stiles counters sarcastically.

“Guys, that’s not really helpful!”, Scott interrupts their bickering. He looks more devastated than the rest of us, probably because he feels the most responsible for our safety. He ruffles his hair and stares at some point on the floor, thinking hard. “Maybe we should try to call Derek to…”

He doesn’t have a chance to finish his sentence because right there someone knocks at the door. Scott doesn’t even look up. “Yeah, you can come in, Mum”, he calls out.

The door opens slowly and somebody enters insecurely. It’s not Scott’s mum. It is somebody nobody of you expected, somebody that makes all of you lift your head and freeze at the same time. Somebody you were actually sure you wouldn’t see ever again.

All the memories fight their way back into your head with heart-breaking force. That night that Scott told you that Isaac Lahey, your boyfriend, the werewolf you loved so much and dated for more than three months, left for Europe without so much as saying goodbye to you, without leaving you a letter. Without any explanation why he did it. You had felt like dirt. You had suddenly been very sure that he never really loved you, that all of it was just a play. How could he do something like that otherwise? You fought with it for a very long time, crying your eyes out, being a total mess until you finally recovered a bit.

And now he just stands there, looking absolutely shocked as he realizes that you are all there but still beautiful and amazing as ever. Your mind is totally blank.

“Okay, who is that?”, Liam finds his voice first.

That kicks you out of your trance. Lydia immediately turns towards you to check your reaction but you are actually not capable of doing anything except for staring at him with an open mouth. At least he has the decency to blush.

“Oh you are so screwed, man”, Stiles says without listening to Liam. He gives Isaac the death glare. You can’t blame him for that, it was actually Stiles who helped you a lot back then. He is about to get up to do who knows what but someone holds him back.

“Stop it, Stiles”, Malia growls. “We should leave them alone for a bit. Come on.”

They get up except for Scott and you, although Stiles clearly doesn’t want to. Malia has to literally drag him out of the room. They shut the door with a thud and are gone. Isaac still hasn’t moved.

“Man, I am really glad to see you, but…why…”, Scott breaks the weird silence. He looks back and forth between the two of you, obviously concerned.

“I know, I should’ve called…I am sorry…”

“You are sorry!”, you interrupt him icy because that little word definitely triggered your anger. A lot of anger. “That’s what you have to say? That you are sorry? Are you serious?”

He can’t look you in the eyes. His gaze lingers on the floor and he scratches his neck, like always when he feels guilty or embarrassed. Scott also seems uncomfortable and you can’t blame him.

“I…I can explain Y/N. I know you are mad and that’s…”

You interrupt him again. “Mad? Well that’s an understatement. Do you have any idea how I felt, how much you tore me apart? And now you are just showing up like that!”

“Okay, guys, I am just going…into the kitchen…or something. Just away. Please, don’t kill each other”, Scott mumbles before he quickly walks off. You don’t pay attention to him.

Now that you are alone with Isaac the tension even grows. He lifts his hands and takes a step towards you but you immediately stumble backwards which makes him stop. Sadness displays in his eyes. But he has no right to be sad.

“Could you please listen to me, just for a second?”, he asks desperately.

You fold your arms in front of your chest and press your lips together, supressing the urge to punch him in his beautiful face. He takes that as a yes.

“I know you don’t want to hear my apologies but I swear to you, I didn’t want to leave you! I had to go. To save myself and you because I needed to get my senses back together after everything went riot. I knew I wouldn’t go if I came to say goodbye, I knew I would stay with you so I didn’t. And I thought it would make…things easier for you.”

You snort but he lifts a finger to signify that he is not finished yet. You squint your eyes, very keen on telling him exactly what you think about that in a not very friendly way but you decide to shut up instead. It wouldn’t change anything.

“It didn’t make things easier for me. I felt awful. I’ve missed you. A lot! And that’s why I came back as soon as I could because I still love you, Y/N, I swear I do! I know you probably don’t feel the same way. But I do. I am so sorry. There has never been anyone but you.”

You suddenly feel like you are falling. Into a black pit with no bottom. Your heart’s freaking out and tears run down your face although he absolutely doesn’t deserve your tears. But it’s a fact that you never got over him and now he is standing there, telling you all those things. You make a painful choking sound and he is already coming for you, highly concerned, but you raise your arm to hold him back. No touches. Touches would kill you.

“Stop it, Isaac. Please. How am I supposed to believe that? How could I ever be sure that you won’t leave me again?”, you mutter quietly.

“I will prove it to you. I will do everything”, he whispers, his voice breaking.

“Well, you have to get a lot of great ideas because right now I have no intention to forgive you”, you reply bitterly before you run out of the house to your car. You need to be alone now. You need to get some space to break down properly.

A/N: First of all: thanks for requesting! I know this is no real ending but I thought it would be rushed. But I would be ready to write a part 2, so if you want one, just tell me :) 

Edit: Here is part 2 :)

This Love VII

Adam woke up to an empty bed. He found it odd as usually he was the one to wake up first. It had become a routine. He would wake up, make them breakfast, wake her and they would just stay at home but it seemed that today would go differently.

He stepped out of bed and walked to the nursery, checking if Taylor had gotten him up with her and it seemed that he was right because he wasn’t in his crib so he decided to go the kitchen, knowing she’d probably be making breakfast.

She was humming the words to some random song he couldn’t pick up on, perhaps she had recently written it, since even with all the lack of sleep and her life taken over by their little one, she still managed to write a few songs. She had plenty of inspiration these days. Danny was in the little bassinet, happily.

He smiled watching her before making his presence known. She looked beautiful, still in his t shirt she had adopted, hair messy. He thought she was even more beautiful when she was like this, it was real. Mornings like this felt like what they deserved after everything. Nothing to worry about.

Adam knew that easiness would vanish soon and he hated to think about it. Because this was the last day they had to enjoy together before he went back to LA and he had noticed the shift that had occurred ever since he told her he had to go back. She had become a little distant, more quiet and he hated that he didn’t know to get to her.

“Good morning.” She looked back at him with a soft smile on her face.

He walked up to her, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, pressing a kiss to her shoulder. “Morning, babe.” He whispered. “How long have you been up?”

“An hour. I didn’t want to wake you, you were up all night with him.” Taylor glanced at Danny, smiling. “I have breakfast.”

“Great.” Adam kissed her cheek, letting go of her to go over to Daniel. “Hi, there!” Adam chuckled, picking him up from the bassinet. Danny perked up at the sound of Adam’s and showed a hint of a smile, making Adam’s eyes widen. “Oh my god, he smiled at me!”

“He what?!” Taylor spun around, grinning. “You smiled at daddy, Dan?”

“He’s so cute! He’s doing it again!” Adam said, laughing to himself, as Taylor wrapped an arm around his waist, looking at Danny.

“Let me take a picture!” Taylor picked up her phone from the kitchen counter. “You’re the most gorgeous baby ever, sweetie.” She giggled. Adam kissed her cheek, smiling.

“We made that!” He laughed and she looked at him lovingly.

“We made that”

Adam pulled her closer and she closed her eyes, snuggling against him. For the last three nights that she had been distancing herself from him, this night she was attached. Holding him tighter, kissing him longer and he enjoyed having her so near although for not a very good reason. Tomorrow morning, he’d be in a flight back to LA and would only see her in a week.

“I love you.” He murmured and she sighed, lifting her head up to look at him. “What?”

“I’m scared and please don’t say it’ll be fine, I’ve heard you say that a million times.” She waves him off when he was about to speak. “I’ve gotten used to having you here. I’ve gotten used to this home we’ve created during the last month and a half, I’ve gotten used to this family thing and It’s gonna be hard to do all this without you but I hope it’s not for long. I hope we can go back to this, Adam because I love you and I’m gonna do everything I can to make this work. I just need you to promise me you’ll do the same. I don’t want a repeat of last time, okay? So please promise me that when it gets hard which it will, you won’t give up and when you feel afraid, you’ll talk to me because I want to know, Adam. We deserve to be happy and we sometimes we need to work for it so promise me you will fight because I will.”

“Babe…of course! I promise you! I’ll do whatever it takes, okay?” Adam pressed his lips to hers. “We’ll make it work because we love each other and we love our baby and we’ll be happy, I know it.”

“Say bye bye daddy!” Taylor sighed, kissing Danny’s head. Adam frowned, warping his arms arms around them.

“I’m gonna miss you two so much.” He kissed Taylor’s head, holding her close. Taylor shut her eyes, savoring the moment because she knew it would be a while until she got to be in his arms again. “I’ll call everyday, okay?”

“Yeah, babe.” She smiled softly, pecking his cheek.

“I love you.” He told her.

“I love you more.” She said back at him and he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her slowly for a few seconds.

“I’ll see you soon, baby.” Adam waved at Danny who stared up at him and she smiled sadly as she watched Adam walk away to the door. Taylor sighed once the door was shut, choosing to go sit on the couch, with Danny in her arms so she could distract herself from the fact that Adam was gone.

“Guess it’s just you and me now buddy.”

“Hey! How’s Vegas?” Taylor asked smiling as she sat down on the couch.

“Loud! Louder than Dan when he’s grumpy!” He chuckled and she giggled softly, happy to hear his voice.

“Are you on the plane?” She questioned.

“Yeah I’m about to get on. Just three more days and I’ll come to Nashville, remember?”

It had been a week since the last time they saw each other. They had missed each other terribly and Adam couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that he was missing out on whatever happened with Danny and as time went on all he wanted was to crawl into bed with Taylor back in Nashville.

“I miss you.” Taylor sighed softly.

“I miss you too, love.” He told her, his heart breaking a little. “How’s Dan?”

“He’s great. He’s adorable and he probably misses daddy too.”

“I miss him an awful lot, you have no idea. It’s like someone ripped off a part of me, being without you guys sucks.” Adam told her. Even when he was away from Taylor back when they began their relationship, he had never felt like that. Obviously it was hard on him and he kissed her but never quite like this. He felt homesick even though technically he was at home. He missed small peaceful moments of them lying in bed with their baby. He missed their home life. He missed his family and he didn’t know how much longer he could keep it up.

“I know what you mean, but soon, yeah?”

“Yeah, babe, soon. I can’t wait to be with you again. It’s been the hardest week of my life. I have no idea how I survived without you when you were in Australia on tour.” He sighed softly and she smiled.

“Well, we survived so I think we’re gonna be just fine now-” Danny started crying interrupting Taylor. She groaned. “Hey I’m gonna have to call you back. Dan woke up.”

“Okay. FaceTime me if he’s still awake.”

“I will. Love you!”

“Love you too.”

“Baby, please let mommy sleep.” Taylor bounced him up and down in her arms, sighing. “What’s up with you tonight? Do you miss daddy, Dan? Is that it? I miss him too, a baby but he’ll be here soon, you know?” She spoke gently. “You’re okay, yeah? Yeah, honey, you’re just fine. Shhh…” Taylor sat down on the rocking chair, laying him down on her chest.

Once Danny was asleep, she went back to her empty bed only to be woken up a couple of hours later. It seemed that Danny was really missing his dad. His sleeping schedule had gotten better, only waking up three times a night but on this particular night, he was waking up every hour.

“I’m not sleeping tonight, am I, babe?” Taylor rolled her eyes. “It’s already six in the morning anyway, so let’s go!”

She made her way to the living room, with Danny wide awake looking up at her. She smiled down, her heart fluttering. God, was it hard and exhausting to wake up every few hours because of him but seeing that little glimpse of smile made it all worth it. Every sleepless night and every puke thrown up on her, it was all worth as soon as she saw him smile. She’d do anything just to see that and she wanted to see that smile for the rest of her life.

“It’s a pretty day, isn’t it, baby? It’d be nice to go to the lake, wouldn’t it? Maybe we will.” She pondered. She hadn’t left the house ever since Danny was born other than going to her mom’s house and she was going a little crazy with it so going out would be nice. “Yeah, let’s do that, buddy. A little later when it’s warmer. Don’t want my baby to get a cold, yeah?” She smiled at Daniel and leaned down to kiss his head gently.

It was a few hours later when Taylor decided to go to the park, using for the first time ever, the cute strolled they had gotten on their trip to the store when they were decorating and getting things for Danny.

Also for the first time in a while, she also had security with her. She didn’t enjoy having them there, but she did feel a little safer. She had gotten alerted ever since Danny was born that there were psychos out there that wanted to hurt her because they were mad she had a baby with Adam. She absolutely despised it, she despised knowing that there was nothing she could do but she had accepted it. Her team just kept an eye on those people and alerted the police if anything too suspicious happened. She could live with people wanting to hurt her but with Danny, it was different. She’d do anything for him. He was her baby, her child and she had never loved anyone like she loved him.

She smiled down at Danny as she pushed the stroller. This place had been the one of what Taylor considered one of the most important dates she had with Adam. They had been dating for a few weeks and she realised just how much she wanted him, just how much she liked and how she possibly loved him even after such little time. Now here she was, with their baby walking around the lake where she had realised just how intense her feelings for Adam were. It gave a strange sense of peacefulness. Things had come full circle. A couple of months ago, she hadn’t imagined even being friends with Adam now they had a baby together.

As she thought of Adam, her phone rang, his face lighting up the screen and her heart. She grinned answering the phone. “Hi, babe!”

“Hey!” She could hear the smile on his voice.

“You’re calling early today.” She pointed out.

“Yeah, I can’t call you later because I’m recording so now is the only time I’m gonna be able to call.” He explained.

“Oooh, new song, babe?”

“Yeah, I’ve been playing with it for this past week so we’ll see.” He told her. To be honest, Taylor was eager to get back in the studio, she had written a lot so she wanted to record but she hadn’t found the time.

“Good. Do you have any shows tonight?”

“Mmmmh, no I don’t.” He said. “So, how are you? Did you sleep well?”

“No.” she laughed. “Danny wasn’t up for letting me sleep tonight, apparently.”

“Aw I’m sorry, babe.” He frowned.

“It’s okay, he’s worth the trouble.” She smiled. “How are you?”

“Good, just got back from the gym. Is Danny there?”

“Yup, Danny and I are at the lake right now. Breathing some fresh air.” She chuckled.

“Really? You’re with security, right?”

“Of course!” She heard some rustling on the other side of the line.

“Okay, well have fun and give Danny a big kiss for me and tell him I love him. I gotta take another call, talk to you soon.” Adam told her rapidly, making her confused.

“Okay bye.” He hung up and she furrowed her brows, locking her phone. “Well that was weird, wasn’t it?” She looked down at Danny, shaking her head.

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Wish That I Was There

050. Wish That I Was There

Fluff happens sometimes. I never mean to write it.


The sun has fallen’

Another day gone

Without you.

My heart keeps callin’

And I don’t know just what to do ooh

When you’re near me.

I seem to forget my lonely days.

It’s more than a feelin’

It’s something that can’t be explained

Some days your schedules didn’t match up at all and the time difference between where you both were on the globe didn’t help either. The whole day had gone by and you two had barely had any interaction with one another. He sent you a handful of SnapChats and you were able to reply to one. Beyond that, your text conversation had been full of slow replies from both ends and it wasn’t full of stories and jokes like they typically were. It was just one of those days where the stars did not align, mercury was not in retrograde, and you two couldn’t connect.

You feared that you two would grow apart when these kinds of days stumbled into your otherwise string of lengthy FaceTime conversations, long winding phone calls, and series of inside jokes and sexy pictures, but for Niall, how much he missed you only kept him focused on being with you. It sucked when you two couldn’t be together because when he was with you, his insecurities seemed to fall to the side or sometimes completely vanish. He was comfortable with you and his anxiety had decreased drastically since you came into his life in your paisley dress and glowing halo above a topknot. When asked what it was about you, by friends (in particular jealous girls and Harry), Niall found himself tripping over his words and struggling to string a proper sentence together. He couldn’t really summarize why you were special to him, you just simply were.

As much as he wanted to hear your voice, his mind practically aching for it, he knew it was nearly two in the morning on your end and he wasn’t selfish enough to wake you. He prayed your voicemail would pick up and, as he suspected, it did after four rings.

“Hey darlin’,” He whispered in the bathroom on the bus, not wanting any one else to hear him though they were all celebrating another successful show by being rowdy and as loud as they could be. He crouched down by the sink and plugged a finger in his vacant ear in order to hear himself better. “I know you’re sleeping, well, I hope ya are, but I missed you an awful lot today. It’s hard enough when one of us is having a busy day, but I guess we both were all over the place today. I’m counting down the days til I get to see you again and I’ll have to text ya a list of good snacks to bring with ya. Louis has requests, too. You’re like our dealer…” Chuckling, he was starting to find himself getting off topic. He didn’t want you to think this was a drunk dial, though you probably knew the difference by now. “Anyway, I’m thinking of ya and – “ The phone beeped, signalling that he had taken up all the allotted time per message. Niall figured he shouldn’t disturb you again, but he still had more to say so he called right back. “Hi. Sorry. I was ramblin’….I think I last said that I’m thinking of ya. If I didn’t, I am, I’m thinking of ya’ and I really miss you, [Y/N].” He sighed with a smile, your name always forced one to curve upward on his face even when he was shouting it out of frustration like when you left your box of tampons in plain sight on top of his toilet or when he couldn’t find the keys after you used his car. “I wish that I was there….” He sighed and sat on the phone, silently, until it beeped again.


I wish that I was there.

I wish that I was there.

When you’re not here.

I wish that I was there.

It had only been one day since he dropped you off at the airport and headed back on the road with the band, but for Louis, it had been one day too many. As the days added up, it generally became easier to be away. He could slip back into being a long distance relationship with the same ease that people slipped into their jobs after a nice vacation, but for the first couple days, it felt like torture to be away from you.

Louis knew as far as careers went, he was pretty damn blessed since his allowed him to visit all areas of the world freely. He entertained people for a living and while, sometimes, it left him feeling like a monkey in a cage, dancing in a little hat for people’s amusement, he knew it could be much worse. Some days, though, it was all he could do not to throw a shit storm and fly home to you. You didn’t even live near him, but he considered his home with you.

With every picture you sent him whether it was just a landscape, a photo of your baby nephew, or your smiling face; the same thought ran through his head: “I wish that I was there. I wish that I was there.”

Usually, when you two were Skyping, he would babble on about how much better the things he had done throughout the day would have been better if you were out on the road with him, but usually, he would have preferred to be cozied up under a knit blanket with you, talking about nothing, drawing figure eights over your arm, and listening to the cars whizz by outside. All the money, crowds, and award shows couldn’t hold a candle to private afternoons with you.


You were fallin’

Now I’m coming round again.

I was callin’

Cause without you it’s the end

His childhood fantasy of being a superhero was supposed to come true when you two took up together. Liam had his mind made up that you needed to be picked up and rescued like Clark Kent did Lois, Spiderman to Mary Jane, and even Peter Pan sort of did with Wendy Darling. Every time he was back home, he would spend the majority of the little time he had there with you, coming around to kiss every inch of your face and tell you how one day, it would be the two of you in a large home, little ones nestled in their beds, and a chef preparing five star meals for the whole Payne brood daily. He always fancied himself the strong one in the relationship, fixing up the sad, but never the less, beautiful smile you wore like your face was frozen that way.

It wasn’t until he had to go two weeks without seeing you or even hearing from you due to a little drama back home that he realized just how much he was dependant on you. He was a junkie craving a fix and picking at his cuticles to try and keep from bugging out completely. The way he thought you went through withdrawls over not hearing from him when he was particularly busy, he was missing the sound of your rolled ‘r’s and made up expression. He was hungry for the way you kissed him back when he puckered his lips over yours, a sticky game of telephone. Liam just wanted to feel your fingers inching up his spine. It was how you woke him up when the sun was shining and you had gone hours without sleep, concentrating on him to keep your thoughts from straying anywhere gloomy.

Hey babe.

I know now isn’t a good time. Just message me back when you have a chance. Just checking in.

I wish that I was there. I want to be there to take care of you.

Hope you’re okay.

All my love


While walking down the backstage corridor, on his way to the meet and greet, Liam’s fingers worked overtime to send you another e-mail. He stuffed the phone into the pocket of his sweats, thinking about you and how you had worn them once around his apartment and they barely stayed up over your hips. You had to keep wiggling yourself back into them like a slimy earthworm.


I just wanna see you a little more.

I just wanna dream of some more.

I just wanna see you a little more.

I just wanna be with you some more.

She meant a coffee or a slushie drink. A banana would have been do-able even or important Vietnamese beer.

“I want to see you [Y/N] more.” Zayn answered his assistant instead and she stared at him with venom in her eyes that suggested he was being difficult, but he didn’t care. The time he had to spend with you was far from enough and he would have thought that even if he was hopelessly in love with you. You could come down for a weekend here and there and he almost never had more than a couple hours here and there to spend with you, usually, only twenty minutes of that was alone until you were both off to sleep. Some days, he barely had enough time to sleep. He loved performing, but he had told you with the most genuine (and terribly intense stare) that he would give it up in a heartbeat if you asked him to. Third to spending his time with you and performing, Zayn favored sleep. Art was a mere forth. At least, in sleep he could dream you up and see you dancing before him with a smile shining like pirate’s gold under the vibrant sun, your feet bare and hair free. He liked to draw you, the curve of your hip a lot like a bow, but the real thing would always be number one.

“Well, something edible, Zayn…” His assistant clarified, a sneaky grin growing on his otherwise grumpy face.

Before he even answered her, Louis and Niall were snickering at his side like two shoulder located devils, “[Y/N].” He answered again, only earning himself an eye roll back and a sassy hair toss.

“You’re getting water.” She muttered and stalked away, leaving him to lean back with his hands folded behind his head, closing his eyes to try and conjure you up before another inane interview started.



Won’t you take me

When you’re not here.

It’s been raining here.

And I just want you

To be near.

It was a downpour and Harry had only just stopped shaking since rushing into the bus from the back of the Seattle arena. The forecast had predicted a chance of rain, but this was something out of a horror movie or The Notebook.

“It’s beautiful here…” You told him, your voice sounding soft as if he didn’t already realize how far away from him you were. “The sun is pouring in through your bedroom.” Leaning against his window pane, you said looking over the bedroom that you had tidied up. He asked you to housesit, but really, he just  liked you there because it was as if you were waiting there for him every time he came back whether to stay or just to visit.

“I wish I had got to come back with you.” He pouted on the other end, nearly grumbling into the blanket he was wrapped up in like a sausage in a biscuit.

“You could have.” Simply, you answered though you knew Harry didn’t really have that luxury. He had responsibilities that you couldn’t understand the weight of. It had never donned on you before that it wasn’t just hard for you to board plane after plane and leave him behind throughout the tour, it was hard on him to not follow where you went, explore with you. It was a two way street after all. Your eyes slid down to the floor where your freshly painted toes wiggled above the area rug that some trendy designer must have purchased.

“If only that was true…” Harry fell back onto the bed he was perched on and sighed with his eyes shut as tightly as he could get them before static began to glow around him. “I don’t even care about the weather. Rain or shine, it’s just nice to be with you.” You were the change of pace he needed. Everyone thought his days must have been so exciting, but truthfully, they all blended together like threads in a bed sheet. You were the mix up in his drab day in and day out, the chocolate covered almond mistakenly put into the bridge mix.

“I wish that I was there…” Though you could hear the rain through the phone, playing like an out of tune soundtrack in back, you still would have liked to be with Harry. You would trade in all the sunshine for a lifetime supply of rain if it meant you two could be together whenever you wanted to be.

"Beside You" Ashton Irwin Imagine

Ashton exhaled softly as the day started to come to a close and they returned to their hotel room from the recording studio. While the others walked deeper into the suite towards the large TV, Ashton walked to he and Michael’s shared bedroom. He slid off his jacket smoothly and hung it on the back of a chair that was pressed up to an empty desk. He laid down on his stomach on the bed, not even bothering to go under the sheets as he brought his laptop in front of him.

He peeled back the lid and opened up Skype. He briefly went through contacts before smiling when he saw Y/N’s name and clicked it. The screen signaled that the call had been registered and he could imagine her screen ringing. He didn’t have to wait long, though, for her to answer. Within a few minutes, he saw her face, but not as he imagined it. 

He’d pictured her with her hair messy from sleep, her tired eyes struggling to stay open as the light from the electronic was a massive contrast from the darkness of their shared bedroom, since it was early, early morning in her time zone. But instead, her hair was neat and perfect, like she’d just done it, and her eyes were wide awake. He heard a TV in the background and raised a brow.

“Babe? What’s going on, you look… awake,” Ashton stated. But it didn’t seem like she was going out with friends or anything. She was dressed for bed, and through the screen he could see she was wearing his night shirt, which made him smile cutely, but Y/N only managed to smile weakly back.[

“Yeah… I haven’t gotten much sleep in the past few days,” Y/N admitted and Ashton could feel his heart sink in his chest. His smile was erased from above his chin and he looked at her as she drew on. “I just… really miss you.” Now Ashton could see tears starting to well up in her unusual dull eyes. His heart, dropped low in his chest, started to get torn apart piece by piece. He hated seeing his baby girl like this.

“Aw, babe,” he struggled out with a frown. “I miss you too. A lot, really. Michael’s cuddles just aren’t the same,” he stated playfully and from the doorway he heard a quiet protest. He glanced back at the screen before excusing himself and getting up, walking over to the door way to see his three bandmates crouched by the entrance that lead to the room next door. He rose an eyebrow and looked at each of them, unimpressed.

“I saw a penny,” Calum said, but as Ashton glanced at the carpeted floor briefly, there wasn’t a currency in sight. He looked back to Calum, who shrugged innocently. “Must have been my imagination,” he said. Luke followed his lead.

“Dang it, Calum. I really wanted that Penny.”

“You’ll get a penny later.”

“Did you just call your dick small?” Luke questioned and Calum paused to think about what he just said for a moment before getting up without a word.

Michael just shrugged guiltily. “Hey, you said you don’t like my cuddles. I think I’ve earned a right,” he said and Ashton rolled his eyes.

“If you guys wanted to say hi to Y/N just say so,” he stated and from the laptop, a small giggle was heard. Instantly the three boys ran past Ashton, who backed up in surprise while the others crowded around the laptop, making Y/N laugh at their anxiety to see her again and Ashton quickly followed them, sitting behind the three of them. Calum sat directly in front of the lap top, so Ashton peered over his shoulder to see his girlfriend.

“How’s L.A?” Y/N asked and delighted comments popped from every mouth in an unorganized jumble. After a few minutes of questions and answers, Ashton placed his hands on Calum’s shoulders. 

“Alright, boys. I need my girl to myself now,” Ashton said and the boys protested before hesitantly walking out of the room, and Ashton followed them, shutting and locking the door so there would be no more interruptions. He walked back to the laptop and laid down in front of us. “Sorry about that. But we’ll need to talk a bit quieter so they can’t hear us,” he said, stealing a glance to the doorway.

“Sounds good with me,” Y/N said enthusiastically.

“So… where were we?” he asked thinking for a minute. “Oh, right. I miss you too, baby,” he grinned, making Y/N laugh with delight. This made Ashton smile proudly, slight dimples appearing at the corner of his cheeks. He was quite glad that the boys had come in, though, since it seemed her tears had gone and was brought with joy and laughter.

“It’s just… weird,” she admitted and Ashton looked at the screen thoughtfully as Y/N seemed to debate with herself of whether to speak about it or not. “I mean I miss seeing you and… sleeping in your arms,” she said, and a faint blush crept up onto her cheekbones. Ashton smiled at her, his eyes brightening as he found out that she thought of it, as well.

“I know what you mean. I cuddle the blanket at night, to be honest. You can even ask Mikey!” he said a bit loudly, and from the other room, through the paper-thin walls bellowed a simple, ‘he does.’ Ashton hoped Y/N hadn’t heard, but she broke out into a fit of laughter. “Now promise you’ll do something for me babe. I want you to hang up, close your eyes, and go to sleep.”

“When will you be back home?” Y/N asked, procrastinating the inevitable of them hanging up. Ashton drew a breath and shrugged.

“I don’t even know,” he said with a frown and Y/N frowned with him, her facial expression sad. “Come on babe, turn that frown upside down. I promise I’ll be home soon.”

“Yeah, so you can leave again.”

Ashton frowned and stared down at the blanket beneath him. When he looked back at the screen, Y/N was fighting back tears and he looked at her. “I love you, Y/N. Always remember that,” Ashton said, and she nodded carefully. “Good night,” he said with a little wave.

“Night Ashton,” Y/N said with a weak smile and Ashton watched as her face disappeared from the screen. He exhaled shallowly and stared at the screen before shutting the lid and putting the laptop on the nightstand. He walked out to his balcony and stared up at the stars, thinking of Y/N, as she lay in bed, hundreds or thousands of miles away, he wasn’t sure. But he thought of her, and knew he would for the rest of the night.