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Is Squall Really Dead? Final Fantasy Producer Addresses The Series' Biggest Fan Theories
Was Aeris ever going to come back to life? Are Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII set in the same world? Is Gogo actually Daryl? Thanks to Yoshinori Kitase, we now have the answers to all of these questions. And they’re mostly “No.”
By Jason Schreier

First of all–VINDICATED!

Second, aw, c’mon Kitase, you just shattered so many headcanons for so many people, haha. 

So, in short: 

- Squall is not dead

- Rinoa is absolutely positively not Ultimecia

- Gogo is not Daryl

- Fans think more deeply about the characters they love than the authors often do, themselves. So if you like the idea that Squall is Dead or Rinoa is Ultimecia? Go for it and don’t let this big jerk tell you what to write.

This is, at least, interesting to know, what the writer(s) had in mind while designing the games. But authorial intent isn’t gospel. So I hope this doesn’t stop people from defining canon for themselves. 

That's Not Funny ( Gaston x reader

AN: Ta-Da! It’s finished, I do hope I do not disappoint anyone who reads this. I absolutely adore Luke Evans and his portrayal of Gaston. This is my first time writing for him so please I would some feedback. And please let me know if you would like anymore like this. Tagging @yayume-ladypenguin So without further ado please enjoy.

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You stood there leaning against the wall watching madness unfold right before your eyes. “ What are you doing?” LeFou asked walking up to you. “ Watching those bimbettes attempt to get Gaston’s attention.” You said with a smirk. It wasn’t even that late in the day and they were already getting flirtatious with him. “ You really enjoy this don’t you?” He asked . “ I do I really really do.” They were even pushing each other out of the way just to get to him. Of course he likes the attention but the three of you knew that nothing was ever going to happen. You sigh “ Oh those sad little soles don’t stand a chance.” LeFou laughed slightly as he knew it was true. Then he noticed you slightly staring at your friend with almost the same look but with more real love in them. “ You love him don’t you?” Snapping your head toward him about to retaliate the comment he interrupted with. “ Don’t pretend you don’t. I can see it in your eyes.” Deep down you knew he was right but it was… Well Gaston and you didn’t stand a chance. “ Why would he pick me when he has that thin little beauty over there?” You said pointing at Belle so desperately trying to get away from him. She doesn’t even appreciate the attention she gets from him even when she’s not around. “He only likes her because she’s a mystery to him. ” he explained. “ Exactly! She’s pretty, smart, dresses nice, and well is worthy of him.” You said with a hint of jealousy in your voice. “ Come on (Y/N) your all of that and more. You know him like no one else does, can match his hunting skills, funny, witty, and in my opinion far more beautiful than Belle.” He said resting his hand on your shoulder for reassurance. “ Thank you LeFou. Though your words are kind not everyone shares that opinion.” You said then Gaston walked over “ There you two are I’ve been looking for you. Are you alright (Y/N)? You seem a bit, not like yourself.” You told him that you were fine and just tired. Luckily he believed you. And the three of you went to the stables to go wonder around outside of the village. The woods were so beautiful, it didn’t matter if you were hunting or just riding through it always seemed magical. While the boys would just go in for some good fresh air, you went as an escape. An escape from the town, the world, anything really. You were much slower than your two friends due to you wanting to enjoy every detail. As they road ahead LeFou decided that he would have a little intervention to help you be happy. “ Gaston do mind me asking a question?” Gaston raised an eyebrow “ Of course LeFou. You could always do that.” As they both rode further away from you. LaFou was hoping you would not hear. “ Why do you pine after Belle? There are plenty of other girls in the village. Some even more suitable than her.” He explained. “ She’s the only girl in the village who doesn’t crave my attention like the others or make a fool of herself. It’s a wonder, she’s just so different. Those ‘other girls ’ just swoon and fawn. But Belle she is able to talk to me like just a person, without all that other stuff.” Gaston explained. “There are girls who don’t act silly like that. And who talk and treat you like a normal person.” LeFou said trying to hint about you. “ I highly doubt that LeFou. Name one girl that can even match everything Belle has.” Challenging his friend confident that he couldn’t name a girl in the entire villages that wouldn’t act like the others. “ (Y/N).” Gaston then stopped dead in his tracks. When your name was said a little bit of realization came into his head. You were someone who had shown respect, who had just been yourself with him and viceversa. He remembered when you two meet. It was right after the war and you were helping many townspeople put there lives back together. You seemed out of place, He guessed that’s why you caught his attention. You had offered some of your time to see if he needed help with anything. He tried using that whole confidence and prideful attitude but you were able to see right through that. As time went on he felt like he didn’t need to pretend around you, you were like a comforting animal. You were the only person who could bring this softer side he kept hidden out. “But you are wrong about one thing my friend, (Y/N) doesn’t love me.” LeFou sighed “Thats why she’s not like everyone else. She doesn’t want to tell you and is to scared to show it.” There was a long silence between the two then you appeared “ Hey guys. What are you talking about. ” Completely oblivious to the fact that they were discussing you and your feelings. “ Nothing. Shall we head to the tavern?” Gaston said trying to act like his normal prideful self. After what felt like hours of just talking and drinking a few girls appeared to flirt with Gaston. You politely excused yourself and went to sit by the bar. LeFou went to go sit with you being annoyed with the girls constant high pitched squeals. “ What are you doing (Y/N) ?” You passed him the bottle on the counter. “ Playing a type of drinking game. Anytime those girls swoon, squeal, or do anything stupid you take a swig. ” you said taking a drink hearing a girl scream. “ You are absolutely terrible. ” he said joining in. “ That’s the way you like me isn’t it?” You said raising an eyebrow. Soon after you and LeFou started your little game Gaston walked over to the two of you and asked “ ( Y/N) could I talk to you for a moment?” Confused you accepted. What on earth could he want to talk with you about? He took you over to his chair by the fire place. “ (Y/N) I was wondering if you could join me for dinner with just the two of us?” He asked. Your breath was stuck in your throat. Where did this come from? “ Pardon?” You laughed not able to process what’s going on. “ Would you like to go out on a date? I was just thinking since we’ve known each other for so long that we could, you know go out. I’ve come to realize that I like you.” He said with that gorgeous grin. You felt like you couldn’t breathe. This would only happen in your wildest dreams. But with that thought you knew that it couldn’t be true. “Gaston that’s not funny.” You said slowly backing away . “ It wasn’t meant to be funny. I really like you.” He said walking towards you. So many thoughts were going through your head most just trying to deny what was happening. Why on earth would he say this? It had to be some sick joke and you weren’t laughing. “ No you don’t. You never have and you never will. And I… I…” You stammered you couldn’t even think straight. You tried to just walk away. “ ( Y/N) could you please just answer me?” He asked getting frustrated. “ Gaston I just… I don’t like this please stop this sick and demented joke it’s not funny!” You exclaimed. “ God (Y/N) why can’t you just be stupid like all the other girls and just say yes! I hate that you’re this different. Sometimes I wish you were like them then I wouldn’t have so many problems like this with you!” Gaston yelled. For a moment everything stopped. It felt like you were shot in the heart and lungs. Did he really just say that? You don’t know why but those few words had hurt you. When you got back into the moment you sternly said “ Leave me alone. And do NOT follow me.” And with that you left. Gaston was in shock as well. Why did he have to say that he wished you to be different? The one person that he loved and that could have loved him back, had just walked away furious with him. LeFou walked up to his friend to make sure he was alright. “ I really messed up didn’t I LeFou ?” Weeks had gone by and you and Gaston have not talked ever since that night. You even avoided LeFou, because you concluded that the only reason Gaston would have said anything like that is if LeFou told him how you felt. Most days you didn’t even go in to town. But essentials started to run out and you had to go get food from the market. At first everything seemed to be going okay no one asked any questions as to where you were you just bought food and it was great. Though your luck could not last forever as you heard a familiar voice call from behind you. You continued to walk away and his voice called after. This quickly got on your nerves. “ I don’t want to speak to you Gaston.” You said continuing to walk away. Gaston then grabbed your free arm to get you to stop. Knowing he was way stronger than you and you wouldn’t want to make a scene trying to get away. “ (Y/N) stop. We haven’t talked in weeks.” You rolled your eyes not regretting answering him. “ There’s a good reason for that. Now let me go.” You said not even wanting to look in his eyes. “ Not until you hear what I have to say.” You huffed as a response. “Please I’m-I’m… I’m sorry about what I said the other night. I was acting like a jerk. I thought that I could just do what I normally do to ask a girl out and I would get the same result. But your not like them, you’re different, in a good way. You have more, what’s the word? Dignity. You are my friend you are you and I love that. You do this thing to me that makes me feel safe. Like I don’t have to pretend around you because you just see right through me. I’m sorry about that awful night, I should have known you were to good for me. I just wanted you to know I love you for you and not for a person who’s the same as everyone else. ” There was a long silence between the two of you. Despite a noisy street the only thing you could hear was each other’s breathing. Then Gaston sighed and said “ I know it’s a funny thing, but I really do love you.” He let go of your arm. “ That’s not funny.” You said with a smile then took a deep breath. “ I love you too.” He then with a hesitant hand brushed your cheek and pulled you into a kiss. You returned this action with just as much enthusiasm. This felt amazing. You could hear all the gasp from the villagers all around you, but neither one of you cared. You were to caught up in the moment. As you broke away and leaned your foreheads together you could hear some girls huffing, whining, and a little bit of crying. You just smiled both because of the many women watching and because this wasn’t fake or imaginary or even a dream. You knew truly that he loved you. “Remind me to thank LeFou for telling me to do this. ” He said. You nodded your head. Thank goodness for LaFou because neither one of you would have had the courage to do this. “ So would you like to meet me for dinner? I would like to do this again.” He said sheepishly. You giggled “ I wouldn’t miss it for the world Gaston.”
Pet Names [Stucky Ficlet].

As much as Steve liked to pretend he didn’t need help or affection, he loved it when Bucky called him sweet things like, ‘baby’ and ‘sweetheart’. But what really made his heart swell and turned his insides to jelly, was hearing Bucky say, 'baby doll’, because back before the war, Steve used to hear his best friend calling all the pretty women that, while he silently wished he was the one on the receiving end. But no one would look at him back then, not like Bucky would look at the dames he’d take out on dates (or at least, that’s what Steve thought, Bucky really only had eyes for him). Even though things were different now, Steve wasn’t frail or sickly; he still was a bit self conscious.

So, the first time Bucky called him that, they’re in the communal kitchens, making lunch for the rest of the team, when, “pass us the butter, would'ya baby doll?”

It just fell from Bucky’s lips effortlessly, naturally, and Steve turned to him wide eyed, pink in the face, looking at Bucky like he’d just told him they’d fixed world poverty.

“What? What did I do -?”

But Steve had already dropped what he was doing and tucked himself into Bucky’s arms, melting against the brunette.

“Stevie?” Bucky asked concerned, wrapping his arms, both flesh and metal around his baby, “what’s wrong?”

Bucky was at a loss, not knowing what to do. Steve clung onto him for dear life, and whimpered into his neck like something awful had happened. He was never like this not when the others could easily walk in and see. But Steve just didn’t care.

“Say it again,” Steve mumbled, lips parted against Bucky’s pulse, and then pleaded, “please.”

“Pass the butter?” Bucky asked incredulously, rubbing Steve’s back with his flesh hand, while the metal held onto his hip, keeping him close.

Steve snorted, laughing into Bucky’s neck, “no, not that, jerk.”

And then…oh. Oh. Bucky got it.

“Baby doll?” he smiled, his heart swelling in his chest, because fuck, he loved Steve so much, tentatively kissing his temple, “I love you, baby doll.”

Steve let out a soft broken noise, and burrowed in closer, “you do?”

Bucky held on tighter and mentally cursed all the people who had ever made Steve doubt himself, “'course I do, sweetheart. You know that. Tell you every day, don’t I?”

Steve nodded, and Bucky was sure he could feel tears, “you called me, baby doll.”

“Oh, Stevie,” Bucky cooed, drawing back only slightly to cup Steve’s face, wiping away the tears on his cheeks, “you like that, don’t ya?”

Steve blushed, biting his bottom lip and nodded, “you used to call your dates that…wanted you to call me that…like being yours. Makes me feel…I dunno safe, warm.”

Bucky growled and smashed his lips against Steve’s, murmuring between kisses, “mine(kiss), my baby doll (kiss, kiss, kiss), okay? Always have been (kiss), wanted to call you that for years.”

Steve smiled bashfully and tucked himself against Bucky again. Smiling, the brunette held his boy close and when he heard a snort behind him, followed by an incredulous – “baby doll?” – Bucky squared his shoulders and growled.

“Five seconds Barton and I’m chuckin’ this goddamn plate at your head.”

Clint was gone before Bucky could even start counting.

Steve chuckled and pecked his boyfriend’s neck, “didn’t have to do that.”

Bucky grinned, “wanted to, baby.”

And God, Steve melted just like that.

Some Love for Dallas Winston

A/N: Screw it. I’m making this into an official post because it ended up being almost 500 words and took me an hour. Hope you enjoy @interwebseriesfan24 and @the-little-shedevil 

Word Count: 492

Dallas Winston is not the horrible person the book/some people make him out to be. Of course, he’s mean, snarky, and bitter, but he’s partially that way because he’s a survivor. Dally “had been arrested at the age of ten” (page 10) and is “of the breed that could take anything” (page 88).

Despite the fact that Dally has a tough exterior, underneath all that there’s a lot to him. He’s smart, for example. Ponyboy, who’s not afraid to be honest when describing Dallas, says that he is “smart and you had to respect him” (page 11).

Another thing Pony mentions later is how loyal Dally is. At one point Pony says, “Dally and Tim Shepard had always been buddies; no matter how they fought” (page 124) and later talks about how “Dallas Winston ran to join us” (page 143) at the rumble, despite having been in the hospital.

Dally isn’t completely selfish, either. When making plans to go to the movies, Dally asks, “Johnnycake, you and Pony wanna come?” (page 14) and makes sure to include the youngest two members of the gang. After Ponyboy and Johnny come to Buck’s to ask Dally’s advice, he tells Pony to “get that sweatshirt off” (page 60) because he would “die of pneumonia ‘fore the cops got to [him]” (page 60) and later gives Ponyboy his jacket to keep Ponyboy warm. Dally even tells Johnny and Ponyboy to “not get to pickin’ up [his] bad habits” (page 82).                      

Johnny and Ponyboy both describe Dallas as being gallant in the book, as well. Johnny tells Pony about seeing Dally get arrested for something Two-Bit had done and said, “he just took the sentence without battin‘ an eye or even denyin‘ it” (page 76).

Dallas Winston is a lot of things, but he is not just a cruel, hardened shell of a person. Maybe he wouldn’t be as great as I write him in imagines and maybe he would be a jerk if he really existed, but I refuse to believe that he was some awful villain. There are multiple times in the book where it’s proven that he cares about Ponyboy, Johnny and the rest of the gang and it’s explicitly told to the reader that Dally truly loved Johnny and that Johnny’s death is what caused him to snap and commit suicide via authorities. I’m not saying anyone who reads this post has to feel about Dallas Winston the way I do. That’s the beauty of book characters. You can interpret them and feel about them how you wish. I just find that Dallas is a character with a bit more to him than Ponyboy gives him credit for (not that it’s his fault. He’s only 14). I honestly probably could have written more about Dally and given you guys more evidence, but I think this is good for now. I hope you all enjoyed this!                                            

A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 6 (Part 2)

The escape pod doesn’t go as fast as Blue could, which is a surprise because if anyone is reduced to using one, they’re probably in situation where they need to get away from their attackers really freaking quick. It does however take you to the coordinates on some sort of autopilots, so I can sit back and make sure I’m not flying through any meteor fields, pretend I’m on a long car ride. It gives me some time to think, so I think, and think and think. Prince Lotor’s gentle words keep playing on a loop in my brain because hey, they’re the only messiah in this sadness I’ve been swimming in. Maybe I’m as dependent on him as Blue claimed, but I feel to the need to remind that I was that dependent on everyone in the castle.

Dependent on their praise for my own happiness, dependent on their recognition to chase my mood swings away, but it would never work because that’s… I don’t know, that’s just not how it’s supposed to work. Maybe I was going to end up miserable whether the team stepped all over me or not just because I’m away from my family, or just because everything’s changing so quickly. Of course, there’ll always be things in my environment that ensure I don’t stay in a constant state of happiness. It could be as large as failing a mission or as small as breaking my pencil. I should know, I cried when I almost lost my Garrison scholarship for throwing a chocolate smoothie at Reed Graymouthe and I cried when I stepped on my favorite pen.

This trip is reminding me how quiet space is. Most of it’s just black matter, with so much left to discover. We could come across the hundred planets and there would still be space to come across more. It’s reminding me why I wanted to become a pilot in the first place. To think I could ever be apart of a discovery, finding something new to grasp in the huge, endless abyss of space could make me melt on the spot. Or cry, depends on how many pencils I’d broken that day. Then, there was Keith. Everything was always about Keith, even when he got the boot for behavioral issues. It… it is so heart breaking to have your dreams ripped away from you so suddenly, to be constantly told you will never be as good as someone you had admired and aspired to surpass to deeply. The teachers, the students, they always thought I must know I’d never be good enough.

They even recommended I drop out of the pilot program, move onto engineering or physics, because there was a reason I’d been able to test into the Garrison. I knew the basics for most of the subjects the Garrison centered around, but I’d chosen to go with piloting despite being mediocre at it. No matter how much I practiced, I never seemed to improve.

Eventually, I can’t hold open my eyelids anymore and my brain is getting swampy, vision blurry from the filter of my eyelashes, then I just close them completely. There’s a red film, red like Keith’s lion, red like any humans insides, red like blood that trickles from flesh, red like… the feeling of conflict he instills in me. God, I’m trying to be sure of myself, but I’m still conflicted, even past the point of no return. No matter how awful they’ve ever treated me, even if unintentionally or just as default because they don’t know how much it hurts, I still cling to them. Shiro bears favoritism, but he’s still such a good leader and I was always flattered to ever be on his team. Keith and I’s purely sexual relationship wasn’t even toxic until just recently, when my mind became too much, and he’s a phenomenal pilot. Pidge, they were like a little sibling to me and Hunk was my best friend, essentially my saving grace when we fell apart so conveniently at the same time all those years ago at the Garrison, at just the beginning of our long journey. Even if he’s all but abandoned me now. I guess the score is settled, now.

Allura and I got along pretty well and she rejected by semi serious advances long ago. The flirting was just a farce for comedic purposes, as I’m just a joke to everyone, so I should keep up the act to not upset the balance. After all, if the team is able to unload their frustrations onto me and that is the only purpose I’ve come to serve, it’s better than nothing and I’d oblige less than happily, but no one else would know that. Not anymore. Now, I’m finally doing something for myself. Now, I’m not letting people shove me into walls, fuck me over, use me. This isn’t the academy, I should’ve never been used as an outlet in the first place because no matter how you view it, it’s wrong. Even if it was unintentional. No one should be used like that, if they’re used at all.

But, oh Allura. She told me that my flirting, although inconvenient at times, made her feel pretty. I would do anything to help the others, especially when they all bare such heavy burdens, even if it’s as small as playful, kiddish advances. We became close through our mutual understanding. I think… she always sort of knew I was unhappy. The same way my Mama knew I wasn’t ever clumsy enough to trip and scrape myself up every single day. But, following the similarity, they both probably didn’t know how to approach me. God, I just want someone to approach me about it at all, to know someone cares, not just suspect it. I don’t care if it’s inadequate or messy because that’s just how life is and I’d appreciate the slightest bit of concern in any form.

Coran, on the other hand, outwardly knew about my faltering mood. He explains to me that as a royal advisor, he’s well skilled in the art of reading others, observing and noting their behavior and what even the slightest of abnormalities mean. He pats my back and says that although he doesn’t completely understand what I’m going through, he’ll always lend an ear. That was probably the most comfort I’d ever received from an adult. We became very close. I’d say our bond was almost… familial. However, Matt drew everyone’s attention away. I laugh humorlessly as I begin to lull into a cold rest. I’m so bitter, I wish Matt and Shiro would’ve stayed captive just so I could live in my comfortable illusion of stability. With the thought that even if I was needed for awful reasons, I was needed at all by those I… loved.

Another dream grips me, oddly enough.

However, it’s just a continuation of the last dream. I’m prepared to die, I just sucked in the water and I feel like my face is about to pop. It’s one of the most painful feelings I’ve ever felt. I feel so swollen that my eyelids are just pinching themselves close and my limbs are jerking without my permission, sending a flurry of bubbles around me, the distorted blue of the sea getting darker and darker around the edges as the last of the light fades. The murky images of my friends, up on the surface, blinks out of focus and the pressure of being submerged this deep will make my chest explode eventually, it’s just an agonizing matter of time.

Then, there’s something slender slipping around my waist, tanking me down. I try to scream, but I just pull in more water and my body is desperate to keep it out, so desperate to stay alive, even when I grant it an escape. If I’m lucky, my chest will explode before my eyeballs pop out of my head. Locks of white hair swim up in front of me, tickling my face, as whatever is gripping me drags me deeper at an alarming rate. I see my life flash before my eyes, with lips against the shell of my ear, maybe this will be my end and -

“Mine at last, Blue Prince.”

I jerk awake in a fashion similar to when the first dream struck and find myself staring into familiar golden eyes, framed with familiar white lashes, lodged in a familiar, angular purple face. So many emotions rush into my skull that my facial expression probably mirrors a fuzzy TV screen because everyone tried to change the channel at once. A full minute passes of me just staring blankly into his face before I finally settle for a lazy grin because I’d scream, but I just woke up and I’m laying on a bed fit for a prince. A Blue Prince?

“You look better in person, Princey.”

He giggles and his eyes become wide and childish, like a kid observing a tree framed with huge, neatly wrapped presents on Christmas. “To you as well, my darling Blue Prince!” Lotor strokes a finger down my cheek with gentle ease. “Skin so soft, so stunning, structure so gorgeous, a refreshing warm brown color… I love every part of it, my Blue Prince.” He leans down, presses a kiss to the flesh just below my eye. I’m… in heaven, I believe, is the only way I could begin to describe this serenity.

“I’ll have all the time in the universe to worship every part of you.” The prince stands from where he knelt at my side and holy fucking guacamole an actual prince kneeled for me, looking eager. “Shall I introduce you to your new lifestyle as my beloved Blue Prince and honorable Consort?”

I breathe. I’ve never felt less like I’m drowning in my life. This… this is where I am needed. I have a purpose, here. To be by his side, forever.

“You shall, my love.”

So, the beginning of forever had begun.

Chapter 7:

Boxing Lessons (Harrison Osterfield)

Summary: Harrison tries to teach reader how to box with little success.

Word Count: 1515

Warning(s): Fluffy af

“Come on love.” Harrison smiled beckoning me into the gym. I frowned at him following him shifting in my uncomfortable workout clothes.

“I hate this.” I grumbled. Harrison laughed handing me a pair of boxing gloves.

“You said you wanted to learn how to box.” He grinned. I frowned looking up at him.

“I meant on the wii or something not actual boxing.” I commented looking at the gloves. Harrison chuckled.

“Real boxing is more fun.” He grinned. “I promise. Now put those on.” I fiddled with them glancing at him.

“I don’t know how these work.” I sighed trying to pull them on.

“You are hopeless.” He grinned pulling me closer to him pulling the gloves on mine tightening them on my wrist.

“Hey.” I wrinkled my nose. “That’s mean.” Harrison laughed.

“Bloody hell you have small wrists.” He commented.

“I’m small, you know that.” I complained.

“Yeah—it’s cute.” Harrison grinned. I rolled my arms punching him in the shoulder. “Was that your punch?” He laughed. I frowned. “I didn’t even feel that.”

“Shut up!” I frowned. Harrison laughed grabbing some pads from the shelf and put them on.

“Alright try your right hook.” He said holding his hands out.

“What’s that?” I asked. Harrison chuckled shaking his head. He gestured punching to the left with his right hand.

“Use your hips. That’s where the power comes from. Not just your arm. Hit as hard as you can.” I nodded putting my fists up breathing in before punching his left hand as hard as I could. Harrison smiled. “Good! Again!” I didn’t a few more times my arm slowly getting tired.

“How is my arm already tired?” I complained my hands falling down. Harrison laughed shaking his head.

“You’ll get there. Now do the same thing with your left hand.” I listened punching his right hand with my left a couple times. “Good now both—switch every punch.” I continued for about thirty seconds before dropping my hands.

“Oh my god this is hard.” I groaned. “Can I just watch you?” I smiled. Harrison chuckled shaking his head.

“No, we are learning how to box.” He grinned.

“Well if anyone attacks me I’ll just kick him in the balls.” I shrugged. Harrison shook his head a smile on his face.

“What if it’s a girl?” He asked.

“Then in the boobs.” I shrugged. Harrison laughed taking off the mits.

“Alright then love, attack me.”

“What?” I laughed.

“Let’s see what you got.” Harrison grinned crossing his arms.

“What?” I repeated. “Do you really want me to kick you in the balls?” Harrison laughed shaking his head.

“No.” He grinned. “I don’t, you wouldn’t get that far.” I frowned.

“Wanna bet?” I asked.

“Sure.” He grinned. “If I pin you in less the ten seconds then I’ll buy you lunch.”

“Okay—wait.” I said. “I should buy lunch if you win—which you won’t.”

“Either way I’m buying lunch sweetheart.” He shrugged.

“That’s not a bet then Haz.” I laughed.

“Fine.” He sighed. “If I lose—which by the way I won’t—we never have to do this again.”

“Deal.” I smiled.

“That means when I win you will have to learn how to box—with me. Which means every week love.” I rolled my eyes.

“I got it.” I clenched my fists. “Let’s go.” Harrison nodded stepping back. We stared at each other for a few minutes.

“Well?” He grinned laughing a little before I lunged at him. He caught on quickly grabbing my wrist spinning me into his chest. His arms wrapping around my upper chest. “That was easy.” He laughed. I struggled against him.

“It’s not done yet you have to hold me for at least ten seconds.” I groaned trying to move my arms out of his grip. He laughed.

“1…2…3….” He started squeezing me tighter as I struggled. “4…5…6…7…8…” I let out a frustrating groan.

“This isn’t fair!”

“…9…10.” He grinned letting me go. I frowned and glared at him. “I win.” I shook my head. Harrison grinned. “So that means we will be here every Tuesday morning at nine.” I groaned.

“No!” I frowned. “It wasn’t fair. You cheated.” Harrison chuckled his arms crossing.

“How did I cheat?” He grinned.

“I don’t know.” I frowned as he laughed. “I thought you were gonna go easy on me.”

“Why would you think that?” He said through his laughter.

“Because you are my boyfriend and you are supposed to go easy on me.” I muttered. Harrison smiled pulling me into his chest.

“Aw babe.” He rubbed my back. “I was. You are just really easy to stop. Extremely easy.”

“Jerk.” I muttered. Harrison laughed again. “Can we go to lunch now?”

“It’s 9:30 love.” He chuckled.

“Great so I’ll just watch you then.” I pulled back smiling up at him. He grinned pulling back leading me to the punching bag in the far corner.

“Alright.” He said putting on a pair of boxing gloves. “Show me your right hook.” I sighed putting my arms up punching the punching bag as hard as I could. Harrison nodded. “Good, shift your body a little more.” I tried again punching the bag again. After about 20 seconds my hands dropped.

“How do you do this?” I breathed. Harrison smiled.

“Practice.” He grinned punching the bag as hard as he could.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” I asked rubbing my knuckles.

“A little.” He said punching it again. “You get used to it.”

“I don’t want to get used to it.” I mumbled. “I wanna eat.” Harrison laughed as his fist hit the bag hard. “Jesus Christ—I’d hate to be the other guy.” I muttered as he punched the bag again harder. Harrison grunted as he continued to punch the bag. He stopped suddenly looking back at me. “How are you so strong?” I asked as he walked over to me grabbing his water taking a gulp of water.

“I’m batman.” He grinned. I rolled my eyes.

“Alright Bruce.” I laughed. “What does that make me?”

“Catwoman?” He grinned.

“I like cats.” I smiled.

“I like you.”

“Even if I suck at boxing?” I asked.

“Even if you are absolutely rubbish at boxing.” He laughed. I blushed shaking my head stealing his water. “Hey.” He frowned. “That’s for people who are actually working out.”

“I did work out.” I argued.

“Fine.” He grinned. “You have to help me with something then.” I nodding taking a drink out of his water bottle.

“What do you need help with?” I asked giving back his water bottle.

“I need you for motivation.”

“Motivation?” I asked. Harrison nodded.

“Yeah.” He put his water bottle on the floor. “Lay on the floor.”

“What?” I laughed.

“I’m going to do push ups.” He rolled his eyes. I laughed shaking my head.

“Fine.” I sighed lying on the matt on the floor. “How many are you going to do?”

“30?” He questioned. I nodded.

“Alright.” I murmured as he bent down positioning himself above me. He did one push up leaving a soft kiss on my lips. I giggled as he pulled himself up again.

“One.” I grinned. He bent down kissing me again. “Two. Is this enough motivation for you?” I asked as he bent down kissing me again. “Three.”

“It’s perfect love.” He said kissing me again. It continued until push up twenty-one when he kissed me I placed my hands on the side of his face kissing him longer. “That’s unfair princess.” He groaned pulling away from me. He kissed me again pulling away.

“I’m helping you.” He kissed me again. 22.

“No you aren’t” He said kissing me again.

“You should kiss me for longer.” I murmured as he came down again.

“That’s not the point.” 23.

“Well what is in it for me then?” I said joking as his lips pressed against mine. 24.

“You are helping me get stronger.” 25.

“Yeah you need to work out more, you are looking a little skimpy.” I joked as he leaned down again. 26.

“Excuse me?” He asked pulling up again and back down. 27.

“I swear to god if you sweat on me—” I started before his lips were on mine again. 28.

“I’m not even sweating.” Harrison laughed. “One more.” He added kissing me again. 29. I smiled as he leant down again.

“Finally.” I murmured as he kissed me again this time his lips lingering on mine.

“What the hell?” I heard a voice from the other side of the room. Harrison grinned pulling away again.

“Oh hey Tom.” He grinned sitting up.

“What were you two doing?” Tom laughed as Harrison helped me up.

“I was his motivation.” I grinned as Harrison kissed my forehead.

“You two were on the floor…” He started a smirk on his face as he looked at his best friend.

“He was doing pushups.” I blushed. Tom laughed glancing at Harrison before pulling on his boxing gloves.

“Really mate?” He smiled. Harrison shrugged and followed his friend to the punching bag.

“You can watch me now love.” He winked pulling on his gloves.

Nancy Mulligan

Title: Nancy Mulligan

Word Count: 2606

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol. Pure fluff

Authors Note: I am so in love with Ed’s album Divide, as I’m sure you all are too. This song never fails to make me grin and want to dance, and I can’t help but picture Steve being enraptured by some girl as she dances around to this. So viola, mes cheries. 

Listen to the song here

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It wasn’t that Steve didn’t want to be there – because he did. Really. Despite Tony’s eye-rolling and Bucky’s incessant need to flirt with the single women within earshot. He was just bored. He had been to an insanely large number of parties and events within the past two weeks, and this was no different to any of the others. The alcohol was flowing, the band was loud and the people were bordering on obnoxious. With a small sigh, Steve swirled the whiskey in his glass before taking a large swig and finishing it all.

“There he is!” Bucky threw an arm around his best friend, a bottle held loosely in between his metal fingers. “What are you doing way over here, punk? We’re off duty, have some fun!”

“How much have you had to drink?” Steve shook Bucky’s arm away from him and frowned at the super soldier. “You’re drunk.”

“I’m not,” Bucky scoffed and rolled his eyes, his words clearly slurring. “I’m having a good time. Something you should be doing too.”

“I’m having fun.”

“Clearly.” Bucky obviously did not believe a word he said because he held his bottle out for Steve to take a sip. “Look, I know you don’t wanna talk about it, but you and Sharon called it quits weeks ago. It’s time to move on.” Steve took a swig from the drink and quickly pulled a face at the horrid taste it left in his mouth. “Some of the girls I’ve been talking to have asked about you. Do you want me to introduce you to one of them?”

“Nah, I’ll be alright,” Steve shook his head and risked another sip before handing the awful-tasting drink back to Bucky. “Thanks though. Jerk.”


“Tell me you love me, boys,” Tony joined them, all but jumping into his seat as he proudly placed a bottle in the centre of their table.

“Tony, we’ve talked about this,” Bucky tried to keep a straight face. “You’re great and all, but I just don’t swing that way.”

“You’ll be changing your mind pretty fast when you see what I’ve got.” Tony turned the bottle around to show off the label, which read Property of Thor Odinson.

“He’ll kill you.”

“Is that going to stop you from having some?”

“Absolutely not,” Bucky scoffed and pulled the Asgardian liquor over before pouring himself a generous helping. “Stevie, do you –”

“Tony!” a feminine voice cut Bucky off. The three men all turned to look over at the woman approaching them, a wide smile on her face. Steve swore the world stopped spinning as he caught her eye. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, wearing a simple, yet elegant dress that looked a lot like something from the 40s.

“Y/N!” the billionaire stood up and tugged her into a tight hug. “You didn’t tell me you would be coming to this.” He pulled away to give her an accusing glare. “I thought you were still in London?”

“Well, you know me,” something akin to mischief sparkled in her eyes. “I’m never far from an open bar.” Her eyes slid over Bucky and Steve, and the latter could have sworn the half-smile she sent his way was unlike anything he had ever seen before. He didn’t know if it was aimed at him or his best friend, but god, did he hope it was for him. “Good to see you again, Sergeant Barnes.”

“Likewise, Agent L/N,” Bucky smiled and pulled her into a gentle hug. “Or are you Y/N Maas, now?” He looked down her left hand, and then once more when he noticed her bare left finger.

“It’s still L/N.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“I’m not,” she shrugged casually and turned her head to look at Steve. “Captain America, I assume?”

“S-Steve,” the super soldier cringed slightly and cleared his throat. “Please, call me Steve, Agent L/N.”

“Y/N,” she corrected him with the same half-smile that that had disarmed him before. He doubted even his shield could protect him from the glint of mischief that seemed to sparkle in her eyes. Steve decided that the best defence was a good offence.

“Y/N,” he repeated, a crooked grin of his own appearing as he brought her hand up and pressed a kiss on her skin. He was shocked to say the least, if it were any other woman she’d be melting in his hands right about now, but instead, she shot him a brief wink and another one of those adorable, coy smiles. Steve was glad that she had her back to Tony and Bucky because that meant she missed the looks of surprise that flitted across their faces before the smug smiles appeared. The men invited her to sit with them, and it provided Steve with the perfect opportunity to stare at her, enraptured, as she told them a story about the latest mission she had been sent on.

I was twenty-four years old
When I met the woman I would call my own.
Twenty-two grandkids now growing old
In that house that your brother bought ya.

The band started to play a new song, and Steve wasn’t surprised to note that he didn’t recognise the tune the guitarist was plucking out. The last remaining couples cleared the dance floor, distaste evident on their face at the upbeat melody. A few children, clad in overly expensive outfits, ran forward, their laughs echoing over the music as they began to fool around in the large empty space. Steve couldn’t help but smile as he watched them and began to fondly remember how he had acted the same back in his day. He was a terrible dancer – and he still was – but spinning a pretty girl around was fun. Especially when they didn’t mind if he stood on their feet.

“Come and dance with me, Stark,” Y/N demanded as she got to her feet.

“Oh no, not after last time,” Tony shook his head with a laugh. “My poor feet won’t be able to keep up with you. Besides, I’ve drunk so much of this Asgardian ale, I honestly don’t know which realm I’m in!”

“Tony, I know you think that this stuff doesn’t affect you, and to be honest you’ve even surprised Thor, but if you drink much more it may kill you,” she shook her head at the man and tried to extract the bottle from his grip.

“Are you calling me an alcoholic? Because let me tell you!” he pointed at her wildly, his arm waving around to stay steady. She took advantage of his momentary distraction and slipped the drink out of his hands, before slyly handing the bottle over to Steve. “I am drinking half as much as I used to. Besides, you drink this stuff all the time, I mean you put it in your coffee, surely that makes you more of an alcoholic than me?”

“I don’t go to meetings,” she crossed her arms over her chest and frowned at Tony.


“Alcoholics go to meetings, Stark. I’m a drunk. Besides, this stuff doesn’t have the same effect on me as it does you. Now, go and get a glass of water before you die.”

“I haven’t died yet! I’m starting to think I can’t be killed.”

“That’s the ale talking.”

“Really? That’s not what it said to me! Have you been saying things behind my back?” he glared at the bottle in front of Steve accusingly, which prompted the blond to let out a low chuckle. “Whatever,” Tony rubbed his face and tried to get to his feet unsteadily. “I’m gonna see if the drink has any more bar.” He just about managed to stand up before his legs gave out from under him and he fell back down into his chair. “As soon as I figure out where my legs went…”

“Boys?” she looked over at Bucky and Steve. They both looked up at her curiously, and in Bucky’s case, through alcohol-clouded eyes. “Do one of you want to dance?” Her eyes lingered on the blond for a second, something the brunet took note of, albeit slowly. Bucky drunkenly blinked at her for a moment, one eye after the other, before claiming he was too tired after spending half of the night on the floor. Steve could feel the butterflies building in his stomach as he knew what his best friend was about to suggest. He honestly couldn’t understand how he could go up against Hydra, the Chitauri and an army of evil robo-starks with relative confidence, but a single woman could shatter his nerves.

“What about Steve?” Buck mumbled, drunkenly gesturing towards his petrified friend, bottle in hand.

“Maybe later,” Steve replied, trying his best to sound like his usual, confident self.

“I’ll hold you to that, soldier,” she smiled at the men before turning and walking towards the dance floor. The children on the floor welcomed her with open arms, and she quickly kicked off her high heels to join them.

“What’s wrong with you?” Bucky’s hand met the back of Steve’s head. “Go and dance with her!”

“Leave it alone, Bucky.” It was clear from the stern, finality to his tone that Steve was not in the mood to listen to his friends chastise him, so the brunet dropped the subject and turned to strike up a conversation with Tony, who was currently watching the Captain through the corner of his eye. Steve took no notice, however, as his gaze was firmly fixed on the stunning woman whirling around to the music.

Steve was enraptured. Her hair had spilled out of its fancy up-do and flowed around her as she twirled around in style. Some of the present party-goers frowned at the sight, but the majority watched her intently, clearly as taken with her fluidity as Steve was. Tony and Bucky stood up to grab the former a drink, leaving Steve alone at the table to watch Y/N glide across the floor. Her movements were unplanned and uncoordinated, and she stumbled a few times as she span, but somehow, she still managed to move with the grace of a ballerina.

She must have caught Tony’s eye as he waited for his drinks by the bar because before Steve could blink, Y/N had grabbed Iron Man by the hand and dragged him out to dance with her. It was obvious that the disgruntled face that Tony had plastered on was an act because he easily kept up with her as they both danced around on the empty floor. His movements were sloppy in comparison to hers, but then again, Steve mused, he doubted that anyone moved as elegantly as she did, especially not with half a litre of Asgardian ale in their stomach.

The violin joined in with the music, sparking a new Irish flame to the music. Being sat so close to the dance floor, Steve could easily hear Y/N’s laugh of mirth as she threw her head back and began to spin herself in a circle. Tony, along with a few other people who were watching, began to clap their hand in time to the music or banged their fists against the tabletops. The stern, uptight façade on their faces was fading away the longer they watched Y/N dance across the floor with Tony and the children following her lead.

“You should go up there,” Bucky nudged Steve gently as he sat back down. He pushed a fresh glass of whiskey in front of Steve and rolled his eyes at the surprised expression on his friend’s face. “Come on, punk. It’s not every day you meet a dame like her. It’s not the 40s anymore – you’re Captain America – go and talk to her.”

“I’ll probably just step on her feet and embarrass myself,” Steve shook his head and sipped his drink.

“You think Tony hasn’t already?” Bucky chuckled and bumped his friend again. “Go. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“Everything, now that you’ve said that.”

“Get over there, punk,” Bucky insisted, as he all but pushed the blond out of his seat.

“Jerk.” Steve straightened up and nervously fiddled with his suit jacket, before shrugging it off and making his way over to the dance floor. He lingered on the edge of the floor with some others, not quite joining in as he began to hesitate. What if she didn’t want to dance with him? He didn’t have much time to think about it, because Tony had noticed him standing on the corner of the dance floor, and quickly excused himself with a red face as he stumbled over to Steve.

“Swap.” Tony gasped for breath and tumbled by him to sit down. Clearly, he didn’t have a choice in the matter, because Tony quickly shoved him forward, and into Y/N’s awaiting arms. She grinned up at him, and he could have sworn the whole world slowed to a stop as she took his hand in hers and placed a hand on his shoulder. She was patient with him, and didn’t complain as he faltered and stepped on her feet clumsily. He was sure his face went red as he stuttered out an apology, but she simply giggled spiralled around him before facing him once more.

He took a step back and stomped along to the music with everyone else. He was content just watching her as she tilted her head back, arms over her head as she clapped along and skillfully pivoted herself so that she was spinning around in circles. She didn’t seem to stumble or lose her balance once – or if she did, Steve didn’t notice. She was perfect to him, and when the song came to a stop and she eventually fell into his arms, he could help but laugh and hold her upright.

“Are you alright there, darling?”

“Fine,” she chuckled and pressed her forehead to his chest. “Just give me a second to stop the room from spinning.” The band started up again as the cheers died down, a slower song playing this time. He could see Bucky and Tony gesturing wildly to him over the top of her head, and once again, he was glad her back was to his teammates. He would need to talk to them about subtlety later, but in that moment, he tightened his hold around her and gently began to sway along to the music. Y/N didn’t seem to mind, and the second she was feeling alright, she wound her arms around Steve’s broad shoulders so that she could move back and forth alongside him.

Something tightened in his chest as she lowered her head to rest on his shoulder. Steve thought he knew love before, with Peggy and then with Sharon, but this felt different. It was stronger, more terrifying. He knew, even though he had just met her, that he would do anything she asked him to. He had only known her for an hour, but she had him wrapped around her little finger, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Steve wanted to know her better, to see if he could take this further. He just hoped that she felt the same way.


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*largely based on Black and White 2, because Pokemon is predictable

- It’s set a few years after the events of Sun/Moon

- You’ll get a Kalos starter early on, a la getting a Kanto starter in XY (gotta give the kids their Greninja)

- The Pokemon League will be fully established, so SURPRISE! The Island Trials will be replaced with Gyms!

- The Gym Leaders will be, of course, the Trial Captains

- Lana, Mallow, Kiawe, and Sophocles are guaranteed, because anime

- Ilima, Mina, and Hapu are a little iffier; I think one or more of them will get replaced, as we gotta have some all-new characters (like Roxie, Marlon)

- oh yeah, I also think one of them will be… Plumeria!!

- “Totem” Pokemon bosses will still be a thing, but they’ll have more to do with the plot than the Island/Gym Challenge

- Ultra Beasts are now the central plot, you gotta catch ‘em all and stop Necrozma from fusing with the legendaries and blowing up the world

- probably because of some new villain from out of nowhere that’s connected to the Aether Foundation despite us never seeing them in the last game

- you’ll get help fighting the bad guys from none other than Gladion! (who’s been hunting them down for years) and Guzma! (who doesn’t really want to be here, but eh)

- Lillie will be like N in that she’s plot-relevant but kept hidden until near the end, and you’ll get to battle her newly badass trainer self either near the endgame or in the postgame (unless Game Freak decides to be cool – read on)

- The Elite Four will be exactly the same (b/c Game Freak is lazy), except the new Champion is – wait for it – HAU!!

- unless Game Freak decides to be actually cool, in which Hala retires for whatever reason and Hau becomes an Elite in his place, giving us… CHAMPION LILLIE. Game Freak pls.

- Nanu will just hang around and drop snarky dialogue, DAMMIT NANU YOU’RE COOL, DARK-TYPES ARE COOL AND NEED MORE REPS, STOP REFUSING TO PARTICIPATE YOU APATHETIC CYNICAL JERK (aw, who am I kidding, that’s why we love him)

- No NPC will be able to shut up about their “first Champion” and how cool he/she was

- more clothes??!! (I’m just hoping on this one)

You heard it here first if I’m right!

Loathing [b.b] (6/10)

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catch up here: Loathing Masterpost

Series Title: Loathing (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x female!reader, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff
Warnings: Alternate Universe, minor swearing
Word Count: 1,664
Requested: Yes, by all of you who love this story, which makes me really happy xxx
Short Description: You vent to Natasha and Wanda, trying to figure out what to do about the Bucky situation. In the meantime, Bucky goes to Steve for more advice.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name

After hastily stuffing a shoulder bag with a few clothes and some other necessities, you deserted your bedroom promptly and made your way to the front door of your apartment, disregarding Bucky’s presence wholly; even as he hollered your name after you, struggling to stop you from leaving. You slammed the front door shut, knowing that Bucky would have to explain everything to Steve before snatching your phone and making your way into the elevator of your apartment building. You angrily pushed the ground floor button and waited for the elevator to move as you dialled Natasha’s number.

The phone rang a few times before Natasha’s voice rang into your ear. “Hello?” she answered her phone almost instantaneously, sounding flabbergasted that you had called. “Y/N? How did your date go?” Oh, that. You frowned, reminded that it was Nat that had set you up with Matt, who had discarded you because of Bucky. 

This recognition made you irritated all over again, and soon, you were fuming. “Barnes chased him off,” you told her, which rendered Nat speechless. “Can I stay with you for a while? I really don’t want to be in the same apartment as him for a while.” You added, arriving on the ground floor of your apartment building and exiting it, adjusting the strap of your bag on your shoulder.

“Of course, hon, you’re always welcome.” She promised, before hanging up, letting you get into your car and drive to Nat’s place. 

When she got your call, Natasha had called Wanda over for reinforcements. By the sound of your voice, you would definitely be needing the two of them. After parking outside Nat’s apartment, you grabbed your bag from the backseat of your car and made your way up the granite steps to her apartment. After knocking thrice, Natasha opened the door for you, dressed in a pair of black, ripped skinny jeans and a casual white, cropped t-shirt. “Hey,” she greeted looking at you with an apologetic expression before letting you into her apartment. When you walked into the living room, you spotted Wanda lying sideways on one of Nat’s sofas, looking as if she had been waiting for you to arrive.

“Please explain what happened,” Wanda requested, swinging her legs over the sofa and sitting properly, her brown eyes curious. “Nat filled me in but you barely told her anything on the phone, so there wasn’t much to tell me.”

You sighed, putting your bag down on the floor and taking a seat next to Wanda, Nat choosing the loveseat opposite the both of you. “Barnes… he chased away my date.” You recalled, still a little confused, since so much had happened in such a short amount of time. “I’m not exactly sure how, but I thought that Matt was running late or something, but after a while, I knew he wouldn’t be coming.” You frowned. “Then Barnes started talking about how I was so much better than that guy and that I shouldn’t waste my time and such. And then, he blurted out that the guy seemed like a dickhead.”

Nat sighed in annoyance. “So he accidentally revealed that he had met your date?” you nodded, motioning to Natasha with your hand to confirm her thoughts. “Well, just for the record, Matt is not a dickhead, he’s actually really great.” It was clear that Natasha was conflicted – she didn’t want to pick sides, as Bucky was her friend too – but she certainly seemed annoyed.

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I had to break it down to a friend of mine who commented that she hopes I come back to Jesus some day...

Hey! I just wanted to say something in response to what you said about hoping that I can believe in Jesus again someday. I want you to know that I was in church every time the doors were open until I was 16 years old. I took it very seriously. Salvation was something that I thought about all the time. I wanted to make absolutely sure I was saved so I tried to learn about it and understand it as best as I could. I read and studied my bible and I when I was 14 I asked our youth minister questions about it. I remember parts of it bothering me really badly because I didn’t understand it fully and I knew that If I did not understand fully that I would not go to heaven. So I told my youth minister that I was having some issues and questions with it. I told him that It all seemed very mythical and strange and violent to me. I mean I knew the verse by heart
(For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.)
So I understood that it was saying that if you truly believe the story of Jesus and excepted God into your heart that you would be able to go to heaven no matter what sins you had committed.
But I had a problem with a lot of it because that meant that the belief in the christians idea of a God was more important than being a good person. It plainly says WHOEVER BELIEVES IN HIM shall have everlasting life. That meant that you could live a life where you were a really awful person but as long as you believe in the Jesus story you would be rewarded with heaven. And it meant that you could be a wonderful person but believe in a different idea of a God or no God at all and be sent to Hell to be punished. I remember being taught that even if you were a child molester or murder or any other horrible thing like that as long as you believe the story of Jesus you would be forgiven and get to go to heaven. And that even if you were a kind compassionate wonderful person if you did not believe the story of Jesus you would not go to heaven.
So I asked our youth minister which was more important,being a good person or believing in the Jesus story,And he told me that believing the Jesus story was more important. That never sat right with me.
That seems extremely immoral. Just as immoral as in Islam where Muslims believe that if you do not worship their idea of a God (Allah) then you will be punished in hell. And they will be rewarded in heaven. Both ideas are equally as immoral and offensive as each other!!
Besides that part of it,Even if I was able to believe that there was someone named Jesus in that era I could not ever convince myself that he came to this earth by way of immaculate conception. It is way too far-fetched for me to believe that a magical supernatural being impregnated a young girl and she gave birth to a part human part God. The older I got in the more I studied and the more I learned and questioned about the whole subject of Christianity I came to realize that I do not believe in the supernatural.I came to realize it was all just as mythical as any of the stories of Greek gods or any other cultures ideas of gods. I do not believe in gods or demons or devils or angels or other realms that are meant to reward or punish us. I do not believe in immaculate conception or resurrection. I do not believe it is moral to think that there is an unearthly place meant to horrifically punish The millions and millions of people who do not believe in the Christian idea of a God. Just as I do not believe the teachings of Islam and the Quran are moral in their teachings that anyone and everyone who does not believe in their idea of a God will be punished for all eternity. Every religion holds a very strongly held faith and belief in their teachings. But that does not make them facts. Every religion is man made & based on the myths and legends of their geographical location. None of it is fact based and no matter how strongly any religion has faith in their beliefs faith doesn’t equal fact. If faith equal fact then every religions Ideas of gods would be real. The only things in this world that are proven facts are scientifically proven facts. This is what I trust in. My views on life are rooted in scientific facts and secular humanism. Secular humanism is all about morals. It is all about kindness and compassion minus any religious teachings.Secular humanism does not claim that anyone believing differently should be punished. It does not claim that mythical things are facts. It’s quite simply all about being a compassionate person because that is what’s best for humanity. This is what I believe in and I could never ever go back to believing in the stories of Christianity. I could never again convince myself that the story of creation or the story of immaculate conception or resurrection or heaven and hell are factual things. Just as I could never convince myself that any other religions idea of a deity is real. I appreciate all the nice things you said and I know that you only meant well by them. I hope you know I’m not trying to attack your beliefs or you!! I’m just trying to make it clear as to why I am an atheist. I did not become an atheist because I never learned about the Bible or Christianity. I became an atheist because I did question and I did read the Bible and I did learn what they had to teach. After reading and questioning and learning I came to the realization that I would be lying to myself if I said I believed in and agreed with its teachings. So please understand that anytime I bring up the subject i’m not trying to piss anybody off or be a jerk. I just want people to try and understand that atheist are not lacking of morals. The only thing we lack is the belief in the supernatural. I know that the majority of people around here have really awful stereo types of atheists.and I know that you and Brandi and Brandy Love people no matter what their beliefs are and that’s absolutely wonderful but it still does not change the fact that you follow worship and obey a religion that says anyone who disagrees with your beliefs deserves a fiery horrific torturous punishment. It’s hard not to be offended by the core teachings of the Bible. The John 3:16 quote is the Bible in a nutshell. Whoever believes in Jesus is rewarded with heaven and whoever doesn’t is punished with Hell. And that’s just a fraction of what I have a problem with in the Bible. I could list off several Bible stories that are incredibly immoral. But I’ll spare you from getting into all that LOL. I’ve already wrote you a damn novel here! I’m sure you’re tired of reading! Love you❤✌🏻

Just Rogue One Things (I Noticed in the Movie)

I know a lot of people have made these posts already, but I wanted to make my own. Sorry if I point out stuff you’ve seen on other lists.


-8 year old Jyn runs like a girl. Just sayin’.

-Saw seems like a great guy, and I’m not trying to attack him or anger his fans, BUT… What the HECK was he thinking, leaving 16 year old Jyn in a BUNKER of all things??? Literally ANY OTHER PLACE WOULD’VE BEEN BETTER. Does he not remember finding her so many years ago, alone in the world, scared, mourning her mother, missing her father, IN A BUNKER??? *screams for days*

-On I calmer note, I love the outfits in this movie. Jyn (and everyone else) dresses SO modestly. Like, the most skin she ever shows is her wrists. I cannot even begin to say how much I appreciate that. 

-Jyn is trembling a bit when the Rebel Commanders and Cassian explain why they busted her out of prison. 

-We get to see Cassian put on/take off that coat SO MANY times. Actually, he changes his clothes a lot in this movie… THANK YOU DISNEY

-Cassian says, “That’s Jedha” in an awkward attempt at small talk, and Jyn is having NONE OF IT. It’s basically the equivalent of him coming up to her and going, “So, crazy weather, huh?” Nope, try again, sir.

-Cassian loves the way Jyn talks to K-2SO. Don’t even pretend you didn’t notice.

-”You seem awfully tense all of a sudden.” Girl, have you been paying ANY attention to this guy? He’s the very definition of tense. Seriously, look up the word ‘stressed’ and you’ll find his frowning face. (A related search will probably ask you “Did you mean /stress/?” Click on that and you’ll get Jyn’s picture.)  

-Right after Jyn shields Cassian from the explosion behind them, he gives her a very brief look of complete shock. Blink and you’ll miss it, though. 

-I’m sure most of you saw this the first time, but it took me 3 viewings to realize that Chirrut. SAT. ON. A. DEAD. STORMTROOPER. Ah, to one day achieve that level of sass… 

-So, to sum up Jyn’s actions in Jedha: She saved a little girl, destroyed several Stormtroopers, protected Cassian’s butt, and topped it all off by JUMPING IN FRONT OF K-2SO TO KEEP HIM FROM GETTING SHOT BY BAZE. And y’all are wondering why Cassian couldn’t just leave her behind???

-What was Saw thinking as he watched Jyn’s REAL father tell her that he loved her, that he thought of her every day, that the pain of losing her was almost more than he could take, that she was still his beloved, his stardust…? I have so many feelings. 

-Saw approves of RebelCaptain when he says, “Go with him [Cassian], Jyn!”

-Also, Cassian pulling out his blaster when he sees Jyn on her knees, like, “WHAT’D YOU DO TO HER, YOU MONSTER??? FIGHT ME!!!” is gold. 

-Poor Cassian. The man just wants to do his job, his horrible, murderous job, and now he finds himself surrounded by people who are huge fans of the Erso Family. Even K is starting to warm up to Jyn. He’s doomed if he kills Galen, doomed if he doesn’t. 

-You can actually see the sheer panic on his face when Jyn starts defending her father. He looks like he wants to throw up. Outstanding acting there, Mr. Luna. Well done.

-These guys would be dead so many times throughout the film if not for Bodhi. He is arguably the most important member of the Rogue One team. (And he has no idea.)

-”Your father’s message. We can’t risk it. You’re the messenger” is THE most bull crap excuse ever. Cassian could’ve said, “No, this is a job for men” and he would’ve fared better. 

-Seriously, though, watch Cassian’s body language in this scene. He won’t face Jyn, won’t look at Jyn, does his best not to talk to Jyn. He’s an experienced spy with hundreds of secrets buried in his mind, and yet, around her, he’s a mess. 

-K is probably so confused after getting yelled at by Cassian. “I’m finally civil with your little girly-friend and this is how you treat me? #humansarecrazy”

-Jyn calls Galen ‘father’ once. After that, it’s only ‘papa’. Why? Because, deep down, a part of her is the same little girl who hugged him and told him she loved him. That part resurfaces when she sees him after SO LONG, and it’s painfully clear how much she wants to be his little girl again. This scene has so much psychological depth, I can’t even

-Also, Galen’s body was so twisted. Getting blown up is not a gentle way to go.

-MEANWHILE: Bodhi manages to steal an Imperial cargo shuttle. But apparently that’s too boring to show on screen.

-AND IN OTHER NEWS: Chirrut shoots down a TIE Fighter. From the ground. With a crossbow. Also, he’s blind. “Is he a Jedi?” “No. The Jedi wish they were HIM.”

-At some point when Cassian and Jyn are having their little spitting contest (just kidding I love that scene and both of them so much), Chirrut stands. Check it out. He was sitting. Now he’s standing. (Ooooo, you’d better watch out, Captain Andor. Jyn has friends in high places.

-I wanna high-five the person who shouted, “Just let the girl speak!” 

-Anyone else notice that Cassian and Jyn both said “I do” in this movie? No? Just me? Okay, then. *cough* They’re married. *cough*

-”I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to.” WHEN? WHERE? HOW? I NEED ANSWERS, DANG IT! 

-Cassian, you smug little jerk, you could at least pretend to be embarrassed about K-2.

-Okay, so I love the cute scene on the ship. Like, so, so, SO much. But I just have to ask- what was Jyn’s plan there? “Awe, Cassian’s smile is so adorable, and I’m just so happy right now. Imma go, uh… stand awkwardly close to him, freak the both of us out, and then make it look like an accident.” Real smooth, Jyn.  

-Grenades are pure evil.

-”Who are you?” Krennic asks, after hearing Cassian scream her name in the data vault. Repeatedly. “Who are you?” he asks, after witnessing her hop out from behind some crates on Edu and shout, “FATHER!” in Galen Erso’s direction. “Who are you?” he asks, and then stares like an idiot when she answers, “You know who I am.” Orson, boy… You’re done. Go home.

-When Cassian keeps Jyn from attacking the dying Krennic, he says, “Leave it.” IT. Like Krennic isn’t even a human being. (Or maybe he meant leave ‘it’, as in her anger, because they’d won.) Either way, Jyn listened, and that’s awesome.

Okay, I’m finally done with this WAY too long post. 

Most Ardently

Anonymous Request: Can you do a Sam x reader where reader is hit by a spell forcing her to talk in Shakespearean language and revealing her feelings for him? 

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: dean’s a butt, lots of cute silliness :-)

A/N: I added in translations in parentheses where I thought it’d be helpful! enjoy!

Originally posted by gleefinn

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

“Y/N, behind you!” Sam yelled, startling you as you whirled around to face the witch.

She was less than two feet from you, and you took a step forward to stab her in the chest when she surprised you by blowing some sort of dust straight into your face.

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No Control | Chapter Thirty-Five


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

To read previous chapters, you can go here.

*Please feel free to reblog and send feedback. It’s much appreciated :)*

*Gif is not mine.*


“Harry!” I shriek in laughter, swatting his hand away. He’s been stealing my frozen yogurt for the past twenty minutes, and I’ve had enough of it.

“Just one more spoonful, love,” he begs with his own chuckle. He’s persistently trying to wiggle his spoon around my parrying hand, some melted bits of frozen yogurt dripping from the tip.

“You’ve already eaten most of my bowl!” I protest, cheeks hurting from how much smiling I’ve done tonight. “And now you’re dripping everywhere!” I motion to my wrist that now has drops of his chocolate yogurt all over it from trying to fight him off. 

“I’ll buy you another one,” he promises, grabbing at my wrist.

“I don’t want another one! I wanted this one that I painstak—” My sentence cuts off in a gasp as his lips press to the inside of my wrist, his warm tongue dragging along my pulse point as he cleans up the mess he’s made. He’s looking into my eyes as he does it, his own heavy-lidded. It’s much too sexual for us having been giggling at each other only a moment before and being very much in public just outside the shoppe. There’s been no paparazzi that I can see, but that doesn’t mean there’s not eager fans with their phones just waiting for us to do something scandalous. And the way Harry’s looking at me now can be filed under that classification.

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Bad Girl (Cisco Ramon x Reader)

Request: Hey, I really enjoy your fanfictions and I wanted to ask if you could write one with Cisco x Reader where she says that Len Snart is kinda hot and he gets really jealous? It would also be awesome if Snart played along but not really necessary (just a bonus if you would not mind too much) Thank you if you could do this! 💫 - @mxryxn

A/N: Here’s the first fic queue’d up, hopefully it shows up. But I really had fun with this one, and I really liked how this one turned out, too. I like the idea of the reader and Snart being little snark friends even if they’re not dating. Thank you so much for requesting this! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. As a reminder to everyone, my requests are always open!

Word Count: 727 words

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A Quiet Autumn Morning

Pairing: Eunwoo x Reader
Genre: Pure, pure fluff
Word count: 2.3k
Drabble prompts:
18. “I can’t stop blushing – you’re not helping at all!”
187. “We always share blankets on the couch. So sharing the bed for a night should be fine.”
Requested: @pendulumandthepoet (I hope you like this, my friend! <3 also sorry I can’t name things omg)

Originally posted by starnightingle

You always wished that travel was more accessible. Ever since you’d had a job, you’d been putting away money in the hopes that one day, you’d get to travel the world. Unfortunately, it was difficult to get your life to come to a standstill for long enough; there was always something that needed to be done, or problems that needed to be solved as soon as they arose. If anything, it made the allure of travelling stronger; wouldn’t it be nice to just stop for a moment, and to take in the best of what the world had to offer? There were times when you were afraid it wasn’t possible. You didn’t come from an affluent family, and you had to pay for your own expenses. That, and the cost of living wasn’t cheap. Money seemed to disappear as quickly as it came in.

But, here you were, in Norway. By some stroke of cosmic grace, you and your closest friends had managed to scrape together enough money to take a trip all around Europe. It’s something that you’d all been hoping for; and since you were all quite young, it seemed ideal to take the opportunity now. So far, you’d covered the West of continental Europe, down from Spain and up to Denmark, before hopping on a plane over to Norway. You’d loved getting to see all the different cultures, both in the people, the food, and the architecture. It was almost overwhelming to see so many different places at once, but you were having the time of your life. It was so easy to forget that the world was so big; and even though you could drive from one European country to another, there was so much variety in the people here. No two countries were the same, it seemed; some were more similar than others, but each one seemed to have its own essential character.

Tonight, however, the weather had not been on your side. You’d wanted to go travelling in the summer, but the way things had lined up, the trip had taken place during the tail-end of Autumn. While you’d been bemused about the idea because of the weather, you’d found that Europe during the Autumn was more beautiful than you could’ve guessed. And, it seemed like there were less tourists during this time. Everyone wanted to come during the Summer. The problem, was, however, the snow.

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Part of me

Hey cuties! So this is a request of a lovely anon! There will be a part 2 as well. Hope you don’t mind that it’s kinda Gossip Girl inspired. Thanks for reading! xoxo

“He’s not coming. End of discussion,” her father stated, shuffling with the paperwork on his desk.
There were few things Georgina Eleanor Archibald didn’t get when she asked for them – bringing her boyfriend to the Archibald’s annual family vacation seemed to be one of them.

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Minseok’s (Xiumin’s) Fake Text + Short Story:Cuddling with you because your boyfriend dumped you!

Request said:  EXO fake texts: you are best friends and you want them to come over so you can cuddle because your boyfriend dumped u badly

Short Story:

Minseok texted me, but I didn’t mind on replying. Right now my reasoning ain’t right…I have such a hard time trying to figure out things out. I feel vulnerable. I need someone to take my pain and thoughts away. Feel loved like I once used to, but thanks to that stupid Jerk…everything is ruined, he ruined my life and my hopes of seeing love again. I hate him for that. I keep on crying my heart out for him but he just…just played with my feelings. I decided to go to the bathroom and take a shower. But the memories of that day keep flowing on my mind. I started to cry once more. I could hear footsteps and probably it was Sarah but boy I was wrong. When someone opened the bathroom door, revealing that it was Xiumin. I didn’t wanted him to see me in this awful state so screamed while crying “Go away!”. “But why?…you clearly need someone to take care after you” he said. “I know what happened” he whispered as he grabbed a towel and dried my body. “You know…” I said as tears began to fall once again. “Yeah…that Jerk doesn’t even deserve you” he said. “ Here but these on” he said as he handed me my pajamas. I quickly put it on, and while I did he turned away. “I brought some food” he said. “I’ll bring it up, just stay here and lay down” he said with such love, that could make me question his feelings for me. After 5 minutes, he came back with food. “I brought pumpkin porridge” I sadly smiled because he knew that, that was favorite. I was about to grab the spoon but he insisted on feeding me. As soon as I finished I thanked him. “Why don’t you watch Disney movies?” he would ask as he put in Mulan. I didn’t argue. But as soon as it started I feel asleep in his arms. He pulled me closer and kissed my forehead and whispered “I hope you could accept me after this”. I smiled and said “I’ve been crushing on you ever since the first day I’ve meet you” and fell asleep once again. 

The Walking Dead 7x10 New Best Friends

Fucking hate this savior guy leave Richard alone



“Morgan said you’re a bowman” yoU BET YOUR ASS HE IS


Who is Katy and why is her backpack here? Backstory pls

“Say her damn name.” OH FUCK ME

Daryl’s nervous trigger finger


The symbolism of the cowboy artwork on the semi truck

Scrapyard art.

Bunch of long haired hippies.

What up haircut?

Woman in the back with the long ass pony tail



Richonne’s hand hold

Poor sweet Aaron

Holy fuck this place is huge

Up Up Up?






So we got an army and a nail through the hand. What a day.

“We take, we don’t bother” well ya took Gabriel and bothered us.

Limping and bleeding and still smiling, it really shows just how fucked we’ve been lately.


“Why’d you go?” That hurts

Rosita just listen to Tara don’t go alone we gotta be patient, no more half cocked knee jerk decisions cause that shit gets you killed.


“Did anyone get hurt… is everybody okay?” No we’re not okay.

Are we seriously lying to her? I get it lets not make her feel bad for leaving. But when she finds out she’s gonna be pissed.

Cute awkward joke Daryl.



Shiva is a Daryl fangirl too