aw honey i hate to tell you there were times you looked way worse than this


Despite the tensions in Paris, we were all present and correct on 12 June when A View to A Kill opened with a charity premiere at the Odeon Leicester Square. The Prince and Princess of Wales were present, and we lined up in our tuxedos to greet them again. None of us were going to miss that.

I look a mess. The booze is starting to show. I’m overweight and unkempt.

- In the Pleasure Groove, Chapter 55

I Know

A Stucky One Shot

TW: PTSD (Bucky), Language, FLUFF AF FAM, thats it?

A/N: Thanks @drarryfetish for being my first request! Love ya Beans! Also my last one shot got like 70 notes??? THANK YOU??? 

Request/Summary: Buck has nightmares, he tries to tell himself to man up and get his shit together. Steve hears him and comes in and comforts him. Steve decides to take Bucky out around NY and their old haunts, try and bring a smile to his face They’re driving on one of the bridges and Steve is driving and fluff ensues.

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“Son of of bitch.”  

Every night. Every god damn night Bucky is woken by his nightmares. Every night he kills someone he loves all over again. Tonight it’s Steve. Bucky can still feel the heat of Steve’s throat on his metal hand….

He can’t take it. He can’t handle it anymore and he starts to cry. That only makes it worse.

“Come on you little punk. Knock it off. Men don’t cry over bad dreams. Get your shit together.” Now he’s sobbing, pulling his hair and rocking back and forth on the bed.

“It’s just a dream, it’s just a dream, it’s just a dream…” The phrase repeated endlessly, loud in his mind. He didn’t even notice Steve had come into the room until the bed dipped down under his weight.

“Buck? Are you ok?” Steve places a gentle hand on Bucky’s back, slowly stroking up and down, trying to soothe his sobbing boyfriend.

Bucky stops rocking, moving his hands from the back of his head to cup his face as he leans into Steve’s broad shoulders. “Yeah I’m fine. Just a nightmare.”

“This one was worse though.” A statement, not a question.

Bucky hated how Steve always seemed to know him just as well if not better than Bucky knew himself. Then again, it was nice to not feel quite so alone.

“Yeah,” His throat constricts and he has to swallow hard before speaking again. “It was you this time. And I woke up and for a minute I… I thought I was… that you were…”

“Aw Buck… baby c’mere.”

Bucky has broken down crying again. Steve tilts him over until they’re laying down in the bed together, with Bucky sobbing into Steve’s chest.

“Listen to me Buck, you got nothing to be ashamed of, ok? After everything you’ve been through, everything Hydra made you do, no one thinks any less of you for having these nightmares. And honey, it’s ok to not be ok. This doesn’t make you any less of a man you hear me?”

Bucky sniffles, nodding into his chest as Steve leans down to kiss the top of Bucky’s head.

“Tomorrow we’re gonna go out.”

“Out where?” Bucky mumbles, his head still buried in Steve’s torso.

“Out anywhere. I was thinking maybe that old diner on Coney Island? I think it’s still there. We can steal one of Tony’s convertibles and drive out there tomorrow! But right now you just try and get some sleep ok?”

Bucky tilts his head up to look Steve in the eye. He whispers “Ok” before leaning in, capturing Steve’s lips in a sweet kiss.

The Next Day

Steve convinced Tony to let him take out the convertible for the day. Him and Bucky drove through Brooklyn, pointing out familiar places that no longer felt familiar.

The couple made their way out to Coney Island, and spent the day on the boardwalk, soaking in the warm spring sun and the fresh ocean breeze.

Bucky even convinced Steve to go on the Cyclone again, despite Steve’s protests.

“Come on, you’re not that little guy who could barely breathe anymore. You’ve handled worse than this!”

“Seriously Buck it’s ok, you go on without me I’ll wait for you right here.”

Bucky pouts, and looks up at Steve through half-lidded eyes and long bangs, “It won’t be as fun without you though Stevie…”

Steve was always a sucker for Bucky’s puppy eyes, despite them both being grown men.

They held hands almost the entire day, relishing in the freedom to love each other and enjoy the day together as boyfriends.

When it came time to drive back to Avenger Tower, it was late afternoon, the sun setting over the water as they made their way back over Brooklyn Bridge.

Steve was driving again, but instead of using one hand to point out personal landmarks, he used it to hold Bucky’s hand on his thigh, fingers interlaced, not wanting to lose any physical contact with his man.

The wind was whipping their hair and faces as they drove and the red sun cast the tail ends of its warm fingers on their bodies. A comfortable silence had taken them over with only the loud wind to make noise against New York traffic.

The silence was broken by Steve, who looked over at Bucky, smiled at him, and said, “You know I love you. Right Buck?”

Bucky, slightly taken aback at the seriousness in Steve’s voice, smiled back at him, “Yeah… I know punk. I love you too.”

Steve’s smile widened into a grin at this, and he raised their intertwined hands from their place on his leg, and kissed Bucky’s hand.

“I know.”

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The Signs as Panic! At the Disco Songs + Lyrics

*Check Sun, Moon, and Venus (A lot of P!ATD songs are lovey-dovey and emotional)

ARIES-   “This Is Gospel”
♫ This is gospel for the fallen ones locked away in permanent slumber, assembling their philosophies from pieces of broken memories ♫
Their gnashing teeth and criminal tongues conspire against the odds
But they haven’t seen the best of us yet ♫
♫ Don’t try to sleep through the end of the world and bury me alive
‘Cause I won’t give up without a fight ♫

♫ If you love me let me go  ‘Cause these words are knives and often leave scars
The fear of falling apart and truth be told, I never was yours ♫

TAURUS-  “Nine in the Afternoon”
♫ Back to the street where we began.  Feeling as good as lovers can, you know ♫
And your eyes are the size of the moon.  You could ‘cause you can so you do ♫
♫ We’re feeling so good Just the way that we do. When it’s nine in the afternoon ♫

GEMINI-  “There’s a Good Reason These Tables are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought of It Yet”
♫ When you’re in black slacks with accentuating, off-white, pinstripes
Whoa, everything goes according to plan. ♫
I’m the new cancer, never looked better, you can’t stand it. Because you say so under your breath. You’re reading lips “When did he get all confident?” ♫
♫Talk to the mirror, oh, choke back tears.And keep telling yourself that ”I’m a diva!“♫
♫ I know it just doesn’t feel like a night out with no one sizing you up. ♫

CANCER-  “Northern Downpour”
♫ For diamonds do appear to be… just like broken glass to me ♫
You clicked your heels and wished for me ♫ 
♫ Hey moon, please forget to fall down.  Hey moon, don’t you go down ♫ 

LEO-  “New Perspective”
♫ Can we fast-forward to go down on me?♫
Taking everything for granted but we still respect the time
We move along with some new passion knowing everything is fine ♫
♫ Stop there and let me correct it.I wanna live a life from a new perspective
You come along because I love your face.  And I’ll admire your expensive taste ♫

VIRGO-  “C’mon”
♫ Feels like I am falling down a rabbit hole
Falling for forever, wonderfully wandering alone ♫
When I am ten feet tall I’ve never felt much smaller, since the fall
Nobody seems to know my name ♫
♫ C’mon, c’mon, with everything falling down around me.
I’d like to believe in all the possibilities ♫ 
Try not to mistake what you have with what you hate ♫ 

LIBRA-  “That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)”
♫ So it seems I’m someone I’ve never met.  ♫
Everybody gets there and everybody gets their, and everybody gets their way.
I never said I missed her when everybody kissed her,
Now I’m the only one to blame. ♫
♫ Things have changed for me, and that’s okay. I feel the same, I’m on my way ♫

SCORPIO- “Nicotine”
♫ Cross my heart and hope to die.  Burn my lungs and curse my eyes
I’ve lost control and I don’t want it back.  I’m going numb, I’ve been hijacked ♫
♫ I taste you on my lips and I can’t get rid of you.  
So I say damn your kiss and the awful things you do ♫ 
♫ It’s better to burn than to fade away.  It’s better to leave than to be replaced ♫ 
♫ Yeah, you’re worse than nicotine. ♫ 

SAGITTARIUS-  “Miss Jackson”
♫ Climbing out the back door, didn’t leave a mark.  No one knows it’s you Miss Jackson.  Found another victim But no one’s gonna find Miss Jackson♫
Kiss the ring and let 'em bow down.  Looking for the time of your life ♫
♫ Way down 'til the fire finally dies out.  You’ve got 'em wrapped around your finger
Watch 'em fall down.  There’s something beautiful and tragic in the fall out ♫

CAPRICORN-  “Girl That You Love”
♫ Drop every pretense.  Drown every sense you own
For the girl that you love, Girl you loathe ♫
Denominations.  Surrender all control. To the girl that you love, All control ♫
♫ The girl that you love, Girl that you love, Girl that you love, Knows you don’t ♫

AQUARIUS-  “The Ballad of Mona Lisa”
♫ A lonely speaker in a conversation. 
Her words were swimming through his ears again ♫
Say what you mean. Tell me I’m right. And let the sun rain down on me.
Give me a sign. I want to believe ♫
And if she had the proper words to say,  She would tell him
But she’d have nothing left to sell him
♫ Whoa, Mona Lisa, You’re guaranteed to run this town
Whoa, Mona Lisa, I’d pay to see you frown ♫

PISCES-  “Collar Full”
♫ I’ve got a collar full of chemistry from your company ♫
Oh show me your love, your love. Gimme more but it’s not enough ♫
♫ 'Cause there’s always time for second guesses I don’t wanna know
If you’re gonna be the death of me, that’s how I wanna go ♫

Thirsty Thursday - Part 3 (Final)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,426

Summary: The reader wants Dean to go out for Thirsty Thursday, even though he needs to study for an important test.

Part 1 Part 2

“A video?” You say confused.

“Yup.” Dean says with a smirk.

“Oh god. Did I do something ridiculous at the bar?” You say suddenly feeling nervous.

“Nah, we were here. It was just you and me.”

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This Christmas (I’ll Burn It To The Ground)

A Bucky Christmas Story

Based on the song of the same title by Set It Off.

A/N: Tiny bit angsty, thought I’d throw something different with all the fluff going around 😉

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Oh my God, it’s here, this awful time of year

How I hate the snow is falling

Wealthy neighbors bragging about the gifts they’re getting

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Derek- Do It Again

Request-  2 with Derek, please?😙

A/N- Prompt 2 from the Holiday Prompt List! Can someone please give me Derek Hale for Christmas???

You hit the mat on the floor with a grunt, just barely catching yourself on your palms before your cheek hit the soft surface. You blew a strand of sweaty hair out of your face in frustration, but before you could push yourself up, a hand stuck itself in front of your face.
“Need some help?”
“Not from you,” you said smoothly, pushing yourself to your feet despite your aching limbs.
Derek smirked as you planted your feet on the mat again. “We could always just call it a day. You know, end training early? Consider it an early Christmas present from me.”
You rolled your eyes. “You wish, Hale.”
“Alright then,” he said. “Show me what you got.”
You smiled and swung out with a fist, but Derek quickly ducked out of reach. You swung again, and this time he caught your arm. He smirked in triumph, but before he could make some smartass remark, you kicked up with your leg and hit him right in the face.
He recoiled in shock, and before he could brace himself, you were slamming into him and taking him to the ground. He landed on the mat with a breathless oof, but he quickly began to laugh. You rolled off of him, and Derek sighed.
“You know, I honestly wasn’t expecting you to kick me in the face,” he breathed. “You’re getting good at this.”
“Well, I’ve had a pretty good teacher,” you told him wryly, jumping up and grabbing your water bottle. “Besides, I have no idea why I didn’t ask you to teach me this sooner.”
“I’m glad you did it,” he admitted. “I’d like to always be there to protect you. It’s kind of my job, but I know that’s not always possible.”
“Why is it your job?” you asked with raised eyebrows.
“I’m your best friend,” he stated with a shrug.
“Huh,” you said. “Yeah, I guess you are.”
“What, you’re surprised?” he asked you.
You smiled. “Just that you’d actually admit it.”
Derek opened his mouth to say something else, but the ringing of your phone cut him off. You walked over and grabbed it from your bag, and when you realized who it was, you sighed reluctantly.
“Hi, Mom,” you answered. “I’m kind of in the middle of something right now, is it okay if I just-oh, ok. Okay, go ahead.”
Derek watched you with a smile on his face. He knew your family could be more than a little overbearing, but they did really care about you. They just had a tendency to take things too far, especially when it came to the holidays, or even worse, dating.
“Yes, Mom,” you said, rolling your eyes at Derek. “I’m coming to Christmas Eve dinner. Yes, I promise.”
Derek watched as your face suddenly took on an expression of exasperation. “Mom, I told you, if I wanted to bring a date, I’d let you know…no, no, I wouldn’t not bring them because of you. That’s crazy.”
Derek laughed softly and you shot him a dirty look, but then you suddenly tilted your head in annoyance. “Uh, how do you know I’m not dating someone? Maybe I just don’t want to bring them around for the Dinner From Hell.”
You glanced over at Derek once more and met his eyes, and that was when he realized what you were thinking. He had been your best friend for years, and he knew that you were hatching a plan just by the glint in your eyes. He shook his head firmly, knowing that it most certainly involved him.
“You know what?” you said into the phone. “I am bringing someone to dinner…yes, living, breathing and everything, I swear…alright. Bye, Mom. Love you too.”
“No way,” Derek stated when you hung up the phone.
“Derek,” you whined. “Come on.”
“No,” he repeated, shaking his head. “You might be my best friend, but I’m not coming to dinner with your family.”
“Please,” you begged. “Please, Derek. I can’t do another year of ‘Oh, Y/n, where’s your boyfriend? You never bring anyone to meet us. Do you really hate us that much?’”
“You want me to pretend to be your boyfriend?” he questioned.
“Why not?” you asked with a sigh. “You know me better than anyone else. Come on, Sourwolf. I’ll owe you.”
Derek frowned. There was a part of him that desperately wanted to say yes, just to be able to have you on his arm. Derek’s feelings for you might have been a lot loss friendly than you thought, but he was too stubborn to admit that. He didn’t want to ruin things while they were still working for him, and he wanted to enjoy being with you before you decided he was too much of a burden and ran, right along with everyone else.
He was terrified that if he admitted how he felt, he’d ruin what you had together, which was one solid friendship. He knew that you would probably never amount to much more, but he could always dream. Maybe that was why, as you looked at him with those pleading eyes he had never been able to say no to, he finally relented.
“Fine,” he said gruffly. “But if it starts to get crazy, we’re leaving…for both our sakes.”
“Agreed,” you breathed, running up to him and throwing your arms around his sweaty neck. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! God, you really are man’s best friend.”
“I’m a wolf,” he stated, glaring at you. “Not a dog.”
“You’re still cuddly though,” you told him, not at all phased by his scowl as you poked him in the chest.
“Do you want me to slam you onto this mat?” he asked, although his lips were twitching into a smile.
“Maybe,” you said with a grin. “Wanna go for round two?”
Derek smiled. “I thought you’d never ask.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Derek stated as you hopped out of his car.
“What?” you asked, blinking. “I didn’t say anything.”
He gave you a one-shouldered shrug. “You didn’t have to. I can just tell.”
You sighed and shut the passenger door. “Well it’s not that easy. Every year it’s just this endless buffet of honey ham, sweet potato casserole, and criticism.”
Derek chuckled softly. “I think we can handle it.”
Your expression softened. “We?”
He nodded. “You’re not alone this year. And I promise, I’m not just going to leave you here on your own.”
You shot him a skeptical look. “No matter how awful it gets?”
“No matter how awful it gets,” he swore. “Just remember, you owe me.”
“I do,” you agreed. “Now let’s get this over with.”
You started to head toward the front door of your aunt’s house, but Derek called out to you. “Where do you think you’re going?”
You raised your eyebrows at him, but he simply walked over and wrapped his hand around yours. “We’re dating, remember?”
You flushed slightly, but it had nothing to do with embarrassment. “Right.”
You walked up to the door, hand in hand as Derek muttered to you about the awful Christmas decor he could see through the window.
“Trust me,” you said. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”
You reached up to ring the doorbell, but before you could even touch it, the door swung open before you. “Sweetheart!”
Your eyes widened as your mom reached out to bring you into her arms. She squeezed you tighter than you thought she was capable of, yanking you so close that your hand was tugged out of Derek’s.
“Hi, Mom,” you groaned. “You can let me go now.”
You didn’t need to tell her twice, because she had suddenly taken that moment to notice Derek standing on the porch. You were immediately forgotten, and she shoved you away to take all of your date in.
“Y/n,” she scolded. “You didn’t tell me you and Derek were dating. I thought you two were just friends.”
“Well, we’re not,” you stated plainly.
She crossed her arms over her chest and raised her eyebrows like she didn’t believe you, but Derek was quick to wrap a warm arm around your waist.
“We were,” he told her brightly. “But Y/n’s just been so much more to me than that. I don’t know where I’d be without her.”
You mother placed her hand over her chest and flashed you a wobbly smile. “Y/n, that’s so wonderful! Why haven’t you told me?!”
“I, uh, I guess I just wanted to keep him all to myself,” you breathed, hoping you sounded convincing.
Derek laughed good-naturedly, something that you were definitely going to make fun of him for later. Your mom looked like she was about to cry, and you didn’t really want her to grill you about your fake relationship on the porch, so you quickly gestured into the front hall.
“Maybe we should come inside and tell you all about it,” you suggested.
“Yes!” she squealed. “Come on in, you two lovebirds. I have to tell your aunt!”
She rushed into the living room ahead of you and Derek, leaving you to softly shut the front door behind you. You were now alone in the hall for a few seconds, and you turned to him with a mortified look. Derek simply grinned and placed his arm around your shoulders.
“Come on, Lovebird,” he said with a smirk, leading you into the living room.

“So, Derek,” your aunt began from across the table. “How did you and Y/n meet?”
“Well, we met in the vet’s office,” Derek explained. “She was working with Dr. Deaton and I…was taking my sister’s dog in for a checkup.”
You suppressed a laugh at Derek’s hesitance to tell the story. It wasn’t a total lie, because you had met him in Deaton’s office, but that experience was a lot more hostile than your family could ever know. You remembered how, in desperation to find the Alpha, Derek had bound Deaton to a chair in the exam room and tried to get him to admit that he knew something about the supernatural.
You hadn’t known about it until that moment, but after you had walked in on it, he had knocked you unconscious. You woke up in an empty office hours later, only to have Deaton come back the next day and act like nothing had happened. You begged him to tell you what was going on, insisting that you had worked for him for years and that he could trust you, and he finally agreed.
You were a little pissed at Derek for tying up your boss and knocking you unconscious, but as time went on and you figured out Scott was a werewolf too, you knew you would need him eventually. Derek had gone to you and Deaton for help more times than you could count, and more times than he would ever admit to Scott. Because of this, your friendship bloomed, and so did Derek’s feelings for you.
“That’s right,” you said. “Remind me again what that dog’s name was?”
Derek glanced over at you, his lips twitching. “Scott. It was Scott.”
“Right,” you said with a small smile. “I remember now. And as I recall, you were very distraught.”
Derek swallowed. “I was.”
“The dog had a broken leg,” you lied, glancing around the table. “It had gotten out of the yard and gotten hit by a car, and Derek was so upset. He even cried. I had to comfort him, and that’s how we started talking.”
“And I just had to see you again,” Derek said, a slight edge to his voice. “No matter how bad at comforting me you were.”
A chorus of “Aw”s echoed from around the table,  and you reached out to place your hand on Derek’s, which was resting on the tablecloth.
“You two are such a cute couple!” your aunt exclaimed. “But I can’t help but wonder-”
“Auntie-” you began, eyeing her suspiciously.
“I haven’t even seen you two kiss!” she cried. “I mean, you sound very affectionate-”
“This isn’t a show,” you protested. “I’m not just going to kiss my…my boyfriend to prove a point.”
“Well, I don’t see the harm,” your mother interjected. “It’s just, you’ve never really brought a man over. I mean, you have to understand, Derek, we thought she liked girls for the longest ti-”
“Mom!” you cried.
“What?” she fired back.
You turned back to Derek to apologize, maybe even to grab his arm and head to leave, but he quickly reached out and placed his hand on your cheek. Your eyes widened, and you don’t know if you would have protested, just that Derek didn’t give you any time to. He was leaning into you and fiercely pressing his lips against yours, his tongue moving past your lips to mingle with yours. You knew this was crossing a line, but your family had wanted a show, hadn’t they?
You melted against him, feeling more content than you had all night, quickly forgetting that Derek was supposed to be your best friend. When he finally pulled away, someone coughed awkwardly, although you couldn’t tell who, because your eyes were locked on Derek’s.
You suddenly realized that the way Derek had kissed you wasn’t the way one friend would kiss another, no matter what you were pretending to be. You might not have had his super senses, but you could still pick up on a lot, especially when it came to Derek. Shock coursed through you at this thought, and you quickly pushed your chair away from the table.
It screeched painfully on the wood floor, but you paid no mind as you rushed to the front door. You sucked in a sharp breath and threw open the door, searching for solace on the empty front porch.
“Y/n,” Derek called, quickly following behind you. “Look, I didn’t mean…”
“Didn’t mean what?” you questioned. “Didn’t mean to kiss me like that?”
“Look, I thought I was helping-”
“Oh, you helped,” you stated. “I think my mom thinks we’re going to give her grandchildren now.”
“Just let me explain,” he begged.
“Why did you agree to this?” you asked him. “Was it really because you wanted to help me?”
“Of course,” he told you. “You’re my best friend.”
He huffed. “And maybe I wanted to pretend to be your boyfriend…but I shouldn’t have kissed you like that. That was overstepping it. I won’t do anything like that again, I swear-”
“No,” you cut him off suddenly.
“No,” you said firmly. “I never said I didn’t want you to do it again.”
“You mean-?”
“I love you,” you stated. “I’ve loved you since you gave up being an alpha to save Cora. Maybe even before that. I’m not exactly sure, but I do know that what you did in there…I want you to do it again.”
Derek smiled and yanked you closer, wrapping his arms around you and kissing you just as fiercely as he had in the dining room. He might have been terrified that admitting his feelings would cost him your friendship, but he had been entirely wrong. Derek didn’t even have to say anything for you to figure out how he felt. You would have found out eventually, but if he was being honest, he was glad it had happened this way.
Your family members hooted and whistled through the windows as you and Derek kissed on the porch, but they were the farthest thing from your mind. You were finally with your best friend in the one way you truly wanted to be, and no one, not even your wild family, could ruin that moment.

Mistletoe: a Josh Dun imagine part 5

A/N: I’m gonna be super busy lately so I’m going to leave this here and hopefully that makes up for my daily post even though it’s like super early in the morning lol. Thanks for all the love! You guys are the light of my life xoxo

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

The trip to your grandparent’s house was very short, and your grandpa had the radio on, so there wasn’t much conversation. He didn’t seem like one to talk much anyways, but your mind kept making up excuses for why there was such tension hanging in the air. Maybe it was the way his smile faded when his eyes met Josh’s or how you might look disappointing to him. He had a bright and cheery face, hugging you and greeting you at the airport, but for some reason, as soon as he released the embrace, his expression turned dull and emotionless. When you rolled up to the house, your grandma was already waiting outside the door, and as soon as you got out of the car, she was already showering both you and Josh with hugs and kisses. “You’ve grown so much!” she exclaimed, ushering you both into the house. “And my, with a boyfriend and everything.”

“Yeah,” you tried not to blush, catching Josh giggle as you sat on the couch in the living room.

“How was the flight? Better than the last?” she wondered, sitting down across from you two, your grandpa taking a seat beside her.

“Much better,” you nodded.

“It’s been such a long time since I saw you last,” she put a hand to her heart dramatically. “Time really does fly by.”

“And what about you, young gentleman?” your grandpa changed the topic, staring right at Josh. “We haven’t heard a word about you until this morning.”

“Oh,” he gave a light chuckle. “I’m Josh Dun, I’m y/n’s boyfriend. We’ve been dating for two months now, and it’s been great. It’s wonderful to meet both of you, I’ll try not to be too much of a hassle.”

“Honey, you won’t be one bit,” your grandma reassured. “You seem like a wonderful man with a cheery smile and a lot of spunk. Just what this house needs!”

“You better take care of our dear y/n,” your grandpa narrowed his eyes.

“I always do,” Josh gave a smile.

“What’s with the pink hair? That’s awful different, isn’t it?” your grandma inquired, intrigued. You could catch her glancing at his gages and the tattoo on his arm as well, but you decided to stay quiet. It’s not like you could stop them from judging and making assumptions anyways.

“Makes me stand out,” Josh shrugged, getting a little shy. “I like it a lot.”

“Kind of odd for a boy your age,” your grandpa scoffed. You could already tell that he was getting a bad vibe from Josh, and you hated it. “But I guess that’s what all the punks are doing these days, right? Pierced ears and tattooed skin and all the colors of the rainbow scrubbed into their scalp.”

“Everyone’s different,” your grandma tried on a grin, slapping your grandpa’s arm to get him to stop. “Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves.”

“Yeah,” Josh agreed, beginning to shift uncomfortably in his seat. His fingers somehow found a way to meet yours, and you held his hand tight, letting him know it was okay and you were sorry. He relaxed a little bit at your touch, and you noticed his tense shoulders ease up, the worried look in his eye fade away.

“What do you do as your career?” your grandma tried to lighten the mood. You glanced at Josh, and he could instantly feel like saying his true profession would definitely get even worse of a reaction from your grandparents, but you squeezed his hand, deciding to answer for him.

“He’s a drummer,” you stated proudly, trying on some confidence for once. “For a band called Twenty One Pilots. They’ve won many awards and have even hit the top charts a couple times. They’ve released four albums now and are working on even more music. He’s a very successful musician.”

“A rock band,” your grandpa rolled his eyes. “Typical.”

“That sounds splendid,” your grandma argued, elbowing your grandpa angrily, but still somehow managing to plaster a smile on her face. “I’m sure it’s a lot of fun making music and going on tours.”

“It is,” Josh answered hesitantly, still carefully eyeing your grandpa. You felt him hold your hand even tighter, and you hoped he wouldn’t be too offended, wishing that your grandpa would just forget about it and give Josh a second chance.

“I should play you one of their songs,” you quickly decided, coming up with an idea.

“No thank you,” your grandpa declined. “I’d much rather spare my already horrible hearing.”

“We would love to listen,” your grandma raised her voice, grabbing onto your grandpa’s arm and digging her nails in forcefully.

You quickly whipped out your phone, knowing exactly what song you were going to play. Josh looked at you quizzically, letting go of your hand and letting you type in the search box, but as soon as the first notes played, he broke out into a smile, the two of you both knowing very well that this was the right decision. “It’s called House of Gold,” you explained. Your grandfather’s angry frown quickly faded away, replaced by a look of confusion.

“That’s a damn ukulele,” he stated. “That’s not a rock band.”

“I never said it was a rock band,” you laughed. “I said it was a band. Tyler plays the ukulele and sings. Josh plays the drums.”

“It has a very nice melody,” your grandma commented, tapping her foot to the beat. “Are all your songs like this?”

“There’s a lot,” Josh nodded. “Tyler plays piano too.” He began to list off a couple songs, including The Judge, Ms. Believer, Truce, March To Sea, and Screen. You assumed they were probably also more lullaby sounding, ukulele or piano soothing, sweet melody tunes.

“I think I might start listening to a couple,” your grandma beamed. “You are a very talented boy, Josh.”

“I didn’t know bands these days used ukuleles,” your grandpa was still amazed. “I thought they screamed into microphones and used angry curse words all the time.”

“Not at all,” Josh shook his head, suddenly comfortable and relaxed. “In fact, Tyler who writes the lyrics, he doesn’t use curse words in any of the songs.”

“Well I approve,” your grandpa gave a slow nod. There was a loud beep coming from the oven, and your grandma’s eyes went wide.

“My word! I almost forgot about the cookies!” she cried, rushing to the kitchen.

“Take it easy,” your grandpa chuckled, going after her. You looked at Josh, who gave a light laugh, and then you both got up, him holding your hand again as you walked slowly to the kitchen.

“You okay?” you whispered. “Sorry my grandpa’s such a bum.”

“Nah, it’s cool,” he reassured. “I kind of expected it anyways.”

“They like you,” you insisted. “Don’t worry.”

“It doesn’t matter,” he rolled his eyes. “Not everyone’s going to like me.”

“I know,” you murmured, looking up at him. “But I for one, I think I like you a lot.”

“Yeah?” he raised an eyebrow, surprised.

“Maybe,” you blushed.

“Well I was kind of thinking this thing, the uh, the boyfriend thing… it doesn’t have to be a lie if you don’t want it to,” he suggested. “I mean, if your grandparents really do like me and you say you do too, I don’t see how it could possibly go wrong.”

“I really do like you Joshua Dun,” you smirked, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

His face turned bright red, his eyes wide with disbelief as you pulled back, before breaking out into a huge grin. “That was a lovely surprise,” he raised his eyebrows. “I think I could go for another one sometime.”

“Cookies are ready!” your grandma shouted happily from the kitchen.

“Another one another time,” you winked.

“It’s worth the wait,” he chuckled, wrapping an arm around your shoulder as you both headed towards the kitchen, a fresh batch of Christmas cookies awaiting you.

Survivor’s guilt

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.

Warnings: Sad 90-year old puppy, mentions of missions going to shit and of course, comfort.

@borderline-person: Steve drama fic?x finds him tired & sad,he’s been on missions & gets guilty if there’s casualties and it’s taking a toll on him & x says something like “most of your life you fight & protect/save, maybe it’s time someone saves & takes care of you,tnx

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A/N: For this one I had so many doubts and the outcome was definitely not as I expected, I hope the person who requested enjoys this (I couldn’t tag you babe!). Feedback is always appreciated :)

“Steve what are you doing?” you mumbled sleepily. It was yet another night of hearing him pace around the room and unfortunately, you had things to do the next morning. “Let me remind you I have workplace to attend” you rolled on your side and faced the ceiling to lit your body and support your weight with your elbows, “baby, please. Come back to bed” you took a quick glance at the watch that brightly showed the time, 3:49.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up” he apologized, “I’ll go sleep on the couch” he hurriedly walked out of the dorm.

“But I’m not even mad!” you yelled and threw your head on the pillow again. You had no energies to think about what might have happened to Steve. You’d think about it the next morning.

Breakfast was silent; Steve was still sleeping on the couch and you didn’t want to wake him up, so you went to have breakfast in your bedroom. The morning coffee was always appreciated and specially after being woken up in the middle of the night. Just as you were leaving your stuff on the sink for dishes, you hear a grunt coming from Steve.

“Going to work?” he asked throatily.  You nodded and hummed in response, “and my goodbye kiss?”

You sighed and pursed your lips in a thin smile, “Jesus Christ, Steven” you walked next to him and leaned to lovingly lock your lips with his, “I love you”

“I love you too, have a nice day” he pecked your lips one more time before letting you go.

Once you were inside the bus, you thought about Steve’s behavior the previous night and how it had not been the first time that you’d seen him like that. You recall more than once seeing him watching TV at awful hours at night, something that he was not accustomed to, and the mornings after were even worse for him. He often talked about casualties on missions and how he should’ve done something more. You typed “survivors’ guilt” on the search engine of your phone and it was very likely that Steve suffered from it. He was still a soldier after all.

You couldn’t stop thinking about it and how you hated to see him go through it; especially when nothing that ever happened was his fault. You knew that, and you were sure that his teammates knew that as well. You didn’t know how to cope with that kind of guilt because the only thing you’d ever killed before were bugs, and they kinda deserved to die.  You couldn’t shake away the thought.

When you were home again, you found Steve with dinner ready for you two, he said that it was kind of an apology for waking you up earlier than your usual hour. For the very first time, he looked tired to your eyes and not exactly from a sleepless night, but more like from a sleepless life. It was the first time you had noticed that under his eyes he had darker skin and that he had grown a stubble. His hair was longer and his walk seemed tired. For a man that had been frozen for 70 years, he seemed more tired than ever.

“So…” he started, “how was your day?”

“Nothing new” you shrugged, giving him a gentle smile, “just another day at the office…” you shook your head in a careless manner. “By the way, Hailey said hi” you took the fork to your mouth and almost melted from how well-done the food was; you had to admit it, Steve was a great at the kitchen chores. “Can we talk about what happened last night?”

“It was nothing” he shook his head, “don’t worry”

“I would, but this hasn’t been the first time” you cleaned your face with the napkin and folded neatly next to your plate. “What’s wrong baby?”

“It’s just missions” he said in a simple manner, trying to make it lighter than it really was “I’ve been thinking about the things that had gone south-”

“Like casualties?” you rested your elbows on the table, “you’ve been talking about that a lot lately”

“Exactly” he nodded, “I know I could’ve done something more. I shouldn’t have let those people die” he sighed tiredly. “It’s all on me” Steve closed his eyes and rubbed his temples with his fingers

“It’s not” you assured him, “none of this is your fault Steve.” He looked at you with a puzzled frown; it wasn’t hard to tell that he did not believe you. “Steve, you have to understand that casualties are sometimes inevitable. In a fight, during one of your missions, people die, and it’s not because you didn’t try to save them, or because one of the avengers didn’t.” You gulped and took a deep breath before continuing. You looked at Steve just to check if you had his full attention, “I don’t know what you go through each time you go away and fight the bad guys, and I wish I could understand a bit more, but what I can tell you is that… You can’t save everyone, and you can’t spend your life trying to save everyone, it’ll only get you killed.” Steve had already covered his face with his enormous hands. “Steve, honey… You have got to let those people go and let the guilt go. Especially knowing that it’s not your fault” you reached out your hand to him, “You know survivor’s guilt is something very common in soldiers and people from the army…”

“I am not in the army anymore”

“But you still see yourself as a soldier” you shot back, “Baby… You’ve spent most of your life trying to protect people, I say it’s high time to let someone protect you too”

“I’m an avenger, (Y/N). I don’t need protection” he chuckled, but it wasn’t his bubbly laugh “And who’s gonna take care of a 90 year old man that can’t seem to be normal?”

“I would” you shrugged, “I am with you for a reason, Rogers”

“I should be the one taking care of you”

“And you do” you nodded, “you do take care of me, but you won’t let anyone take care of you… Talk to me, share your thoughts, share your guilt, share something” you insisted, “I know I’m not an avenger and I’m far from being one, but I’m your girlfriend and I hate to see you like this, and I hate to see how you suffer in silence. Don’t”

“Sometimes I wonder how did I get so lucky with you, (Y/N)” he conceded and reached out his hand to intertwine it with yours, “I’m gonna have an awfully hard time with the whole sharing thing, but I’ll try, I promise I will”

“I love you, and I won’t let anything happen to you, although I can’t protect you from the threats of the world”

“Don’t worry” he smiled, “I’ll handle that”

Over Protective: Part Two

Read part one here.

This is all in Killian’s P.O.V cause we need over protective daddy thoughts. As well as Emma’s cause mummy swan.  Also please note that when I say Robin, I refer to his daughter. In case you are wondering how they managed to stay so young, it’s a storybrooke thing.

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  “I don’t get it. Why would he text me to come over when he knew I was going to walk in on him and Jasmine?” Milah asked as she moved into Emma’s open arms, her hands instantly clutching at her mother’s coat. Emma sighed and hugged her tightly, rubbing her back gently.

   “What do you mean?” I asked slowly, my eyes narrowing in anger as I slowly pieced everything together. If he had texted her so she would find out this way, his death is going be so much worse than I already had in mind.

  “I mean he kept texting me. Telling me that he had a surprise for me and to come to his house. I did and then I caught them. I don’t understand why he would text me if he was just going hook up with Jazzy.” She sniffled, her eyes glazing with tears again. “How could Jazzy do this to me? She is my best friend. I’ve known her since I was two.”

  “I wish I knew princess.” Emma sighed, frowning as she pressed a kiss to her forehead. Slowly she turned her attention to the boys, her arms still wrapped tightly around our daughter. “How did you know?”

  “We ran into Jasmine. She told us what happened. Robin is dealing with her now.” I sighed at that, wondering what the Robin was going to do. She took after her mother and Regina. She was never scared to fight for those she deemed family, and Milah and her were practically glued at the hip. 

  “What do you mean Robin is dealing with her?” Emma groaned, not doubt thinking the same thing I was.

  “They mean I punched her.” Robin sighed as she came into the room, a very angry Regina behind her.

  “Does someone want to tell me what is going on?” Regina asked, her eyes growing wide when she noticed Milah. “Is she hurt?”

   “No, not physically at least. She caught Bryan and Jasmine sleeping together.” I answered, wincing when Milah started to cry all the harder. I frowned and moved back towards her, running my hand over through her hair as she clung to Emma.

  “I see. That explains why Robin was trying to kill her.” Regina sighed, her voice soft as she moved towards us. “I am so sorry honey. I promise you, I will do anything I can to help.”

   “Can you find out why the dick texted her to come over when he was sleeping with her.” Liam asked, his words causing Regina to scowl.

  “He did what?”

  “How about we talking about this later.” Emma said loudly, drowning me out as I started to explain everything to Regina. “Why don’t we all go back to our house, get Milah settled down and then figure everything out. Right now Milah is our number one priority. Not Bryan and Jasmine, our Milah.”

  “How is that different from any other day?” Henry chuckled, smiling widely when Milah giggled at his response. “She is the number one priority every day.”

   “Your losing it. I am the number one priority.” Liam scoffed, smirking when Milah giggled again. I rolled my eyes and smiled at my boys, thankful for the fact that they were able to cheer my princess up.

~~~~~~~Two Weeks Later~~~~~~

   Milah stormed into the house, the front door slamming shut behind her as she ran up the stairs. From my spot on the couch, I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose, preparing myself for yet another night of angry Milah. She has been this way for the past week, in a rage at Jasmine that was taken out on everyone else. Beside me Emma groaned, letting her fall back.

  “What happened?” She asked softly as Liam entered the house, shaking his head at Henry who had came running down the stairs.

   “She saw Jasmine.” Liam answered slowly, biting his lip as he leaned against the door frame to the living. “With Bryan. Turns out they are engaged. Jasmine was boasting about to Milah. I got there in time to stop Mils from jamming her fist down her throat.”

   “I’m going to talk to her.” Emma sighed, shaking her head when I instantly huffed.

   “You should have let her. Who does think she is? Going to Milah to gloat about marrying her ex boyfriend.” I snarled, grumbling when Emma pushed me back onto the couch.

  “Stay here, I do not need to deal with two angry Jones’s. Not today.”Emma sighed, muttering about how it was just her luck that Milah inherited my attitude along with my looks. Once she left Liam came into the room, sitting on the couch beside me.

   “Makes you feel any better, I managed to break Bryan’s nose today. Overheard him laughing about Milah with a few of his friends.”

   “That doesn’t help. Why the hell was he making fun of Milah?”


   Emma’s P.O.V

   I took a deep breath as I opened the door to Milah’s room, frowning when I saw her sitting in the middle of her room, everything Jasmine had given her in front of her, trying to burn them. “Honey that won’t help.”

  “Go away.” She snapped, glaring at me with tear filled eyes before she started trying to magic her problems away.

  “No. We are going to talk.”

   “I don’t want to talk. I hate you.” She screeched, her scream earning a angry yell from Killian below.

   “No you don’t. I think your being bitter and taking it out on the wrong person.” I said softly, ignoring the death glare she was sending me, as I crossed the room so I could sit beside her. “Liam told me what happened.”

  “I don’t care. They deserve each other. They are horrible awful people who deserve one another.”

   “They do, and they are. But my sweet girl, you can’t keep this up. You know that. Being mad in normal, but you can’t keep taking it out on those around you.”

  “I can’t help it! I’m just mad all the time.” She sniffed, turning to gaze me with tear filled eyes. “I wish I never met them both.”

  “I know honey.” I soothed, smiling gently at her as I pushed her hair behind her ear.

  “Can’t I just magic it all away. Forget about them both?”

  “That won’t fix things. You can’t always turn to magic.”

  “I know, but just this once. Mum please. I can’t, I can’t do this.” She sobbed, her body shaking as she fell into my arms.

  “For the love of my sanity Emma, let her do this. I can’t keep seeing her cry.” Killian said from behind us, his feet echoing off the hard wood floor as he ran towards us, falling to his knees beside Milah.

  “Fine, but I want it on record, that I do not approve of this.”

  “Noted.” Killian said instantly, sighing with relief as he hugged Milah and I. I nodded and rolled my eyes, knowing that deep down, I wanted this as badly as he did.

   Third Person:

  The figure of a young boy stood in the shadows, his gaze locked on the Jones’s house. He was staring at the family as they huddled around Milah, all of them waiting for the potion that would make her forget to finish.

   The only people missing were The Charming’s though they were quickly moving towards the house, Neal in tow. He followed behind his parents, eyes wandering as he glanced around. Though he no idea why, he could sense someone watching. After a moment his gaze landed on the young boy, his eyes growing wide as he looked at him.

  “Mum, dad. I hate to say it, but look.” At the sound of their sons panicked tone Snow and David spun around, horror washing over them as they noticed just who the young boy was.

   “What is he doing back!?” David shouted.

  “I don’t know David!” Snow answered instantly, her panicking causing her to shake. She had to warn Emma, to protect her family. “But we have to warn the others.”

  Little did she know, that was exactly what Peter Pan wanted.


(Requested)I need more psycho luke omg pls write more xxxx
-More psycho luke pleaseeeee
-I need more psycho Luke in my life 😫 it is perfection
-Literally check your blog everyday to see if you updated psycho luke I’m obsessed

Pairing: Luke Hemmings☠

Rated: [R] Not recommended for those under 14+ (graphic scenes!! and/or language)

A/N: Aw, Psycho Luke has feelings a twisted, sorda way..and tbh this is a briefly dirty chap, I don’t like using the word cock in my writings but Warning again, it’s used x and oh shit things about to get serious:o

•Crying harder, you were too scared to answer Luke. He just stared you down with more confidence than you ever witnessed before. Your heart feeling like it’d beat out of your chest if you didn’t breath carefully. After cockily throwing questions at you, he tried to explain.
Apparently he did commit all the crimes he said he did, maybe even didn’t have the strength to be curios any longer. After going on a total rampage in this hell hole, he was in fact killed. Which explained some things to an extent..

“So, um…when we have sex? Is that all in my h-head…or-”

“God no.” Luke laughed, calmly walking to sit down beside you. You kept your distance, still biting back tears.
“I’m real, or at least long as you want me too.”

“Luke, if I would’ve known who you were from the start. I would’ve wanted you as far away from me as possible..” You trailed off. Raking a shaky hand through your hair. He tried to meet your hand, hold it. But you shied away again. Still wanting more answers.

“Do you like-..remember dying?”

Huffing loudly, he dropped his head to stare at the ground. You didn’t mind because if he looked at you with those dark eyes, one more time…you’d probably piss yourself. Luke’s confession was in no way helping your crazy-asylum state of mind. Only making it worse.

He shrugged, playing with the ring around his pinky finger.
“No..not really. Just that I’m dead and trapped here. That’s why most patients don’t leave here. In fact, you never leave..we’re all destined to die within these walls one way or another.”

“Well, why didn’t you tell me you were…-”

“-What, a ghost?”

You nodded solemnly receiving a mere scoff from him.
“Oh I don’t know, what would I say? Hi I’m Luke. I’m dead, wanna fuck?”

A smile whisper across your lips and you couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Nodding and timidly letting your legs unfold from your feeble position.
“Yeah, that sounds about right.” Your laughter echoed within Luke as you two fell silent once more.

“Can anyone else see you?”

“Well duh, Y/N. You’re just…special is all.”


“Because I actually like, you. Which is saying A LOT because I hate people. I just wanna be with you so badly and it’s weird..”

Rolling your eyes, you licked your dry lips and looked around the room. It was messed up and now junky to say the least. Luckily, Sister Jude hadn’t found you in her office yet or else you’d have your brain fried again! You endured enough pain within the past few days to last a life time. Sitting beside Luke, you were more than conflicted. Not quite sure if you were terrified for life or willing to try and wrap your head around the reality of it all. You may be falling in love for once, and the guy turns out to be dead. What a lovely story that’ll make someday..
Gathering enough strength to get up you quietly began putting papers back, Luke eventually followed suit. When you tucked away the last folder and closed the drawer, a pair of hands met your waist. -Making you jump naturally, he scared you.

“Why so jumpy?” Luke’s white teeth exposed with humor dripping from every word. You turned around in his hold, cautiously letting your hands run up then down his arms. As if his touch were now unfamiliar to you all over again. A sickening feeling to be that close to a mass murder whom was sly and charming, even when he was dead.

“Y/N. I know you’re not Ok, so there’s no need for me to ask. But please don’t be scared of me. I wouldn’t be able to handle it if you were.”

Closing your eyes slightly as you allowed him to rest his forehead against yours, you pecked his lips. The after taste of venom and sweet honey suckle left upon your lips in return. A taste that lured you in with a wanting affection.
Hugging him while remaining to tremble, a stray tear trickled down your face. Seeping into his shirt.

“I-it’s just the darkness..I think it has me.” Your inner voices were subcontinuosly referring to Luke. But you brushed them aside to generalize your statement.

“I’m sorry. I promise you I’ve changed from my past, since you’ve gotten here. This asylum isn’t as dark as it was. You’re the only one that’s actually given me a chance..”

“I didn’t give you a chance really, you kinda hunted me down and violated me in the shower. But besides that, yeah-I was all for it!”

“Don’t play the innocent card Y/N, Ms. ‘Fuck me while you still have the chance..” He mocked you, making your cheeks flush over at the thought.

“This explains so much on why you never sleep. Just thought it was your crazy actions as usual..” You giggled. He looked a little hurt by your comment, trailing his fingers up your thigh.

“I’m not crazy..” He whispered, his accent registering strong and heavy. You simply nodded, not wanting to revisit angry Luke at the moment. You chewed on your bottom lip when he fished a hand up to squeeze your boob. Making you playfully swat his hand away.

“No. I wanna try something new.” You winked, making him lean against Sister Jude’s desk. When you sunk to your knees without a word, Luke raised an eyebrow. His normal eyes for the time being-peering into yours curiously. Admiring your persistence on getting what you wanted. You still hadn’t forgotten what he was capable of on a murderous level, keeping track of his hands being in your view. When you lowered his pants and stripped his lower half naked, an erection wasn’t short behind. Springing up come in contact with your hand.
He hissed at you, mumbling a curse word before moving your hair out the way. Trying to prevent himself from exposing an even vulnerable side that he preferred to leave for your worries. Never his. Until your lips finally wrapped around his tip, your mouth opening wider to sink down lower. Slowly bobbing upward, tasting his already wet and sensitive skin.

“Fuck, s-sure you haven’t done this before?” He breathed out, letting his head fall back. Withdrawing back for a second, you used your hand to pump his cock. You batted your eyelashes innocently, prepared to torture him for as long as you could- a bit of payback for him stabbing you. You certainly forgave him, but you wouldn’t forget.

“Mm, never said I hadn’t.” You winked commencing to deep throating him. By the way he began to stir about and grip the edge of the desk, you knew he was close. You got faster, causing him to try and suppress his moans. Within seconds releasing into your mouth. You groaned against him making him twitch again as you swallowed cooperatively.

“Shit, babe that mouth of yours.” Luke brushed a strand of his damp hair aside. Bringing you up to sneak a hand under your thigh and straddle his waist. Both of your knees uncomfortably yet pleasantly digging into the wooden-surface. Smirking mischievously, you kindly assisted him in removing his shirt. Letting your hands catch hold of his sweaty back muscles. His breathing still falling into steady rhythm from his previous climax.

You grabbed a hold of his jaw, staring down into his darkening pupils. Finding them enticing and daring just this once..

“I want you to kiss..lick…bite…scratch.. suck..fuck me Luke, please.” You growled. His attention focused on you and your body as he nodded slightly in a daze.

“Yeah..yeah. Whatever you say. Fuck she looks appetizing, I want her blood again. So bad.” His last sentences being directed towards thin air. You shook your head in a pretending state of disappointment. Dancing your fingers across his skin to fist the back of his hair. Pulling his head down to expose his neck completely to you.

“Luke, stay with me a little longer..tune out the voices.” You cooed kissing farther down his chest. Giggling a little. Humming a slight response to your joking manor, You felt his fingers sneak their way inbetween you two. Stroking your damped area before gliding them into the thin material of your panties. His fingers slowly collecting your wetness before pressing into you. You gasped quietly, slightly taken back by his unfamiliar gesture of…affection? He usually pumped into you without mercy but he was actually…taking his time? It threw you off guard, the pads of his finger reaching a place you didn’t know he was capable of reaching!

“Ahh…” You sighed as your breath hitched, your face resting in the crook of his neck. Taking note of your flustered reaction, Luke took pride in it. Smirking before using his other hand to quickly pull your hair back slightly. Making you look up at him. His eyes glossed over with darkness again, concealing a bit of lust. You were way past the point of being scared and timid anymore, back to being lost in a sea of ecstasy once more. Your mind clouded. You bucked you hips into his hold which eventually faded into, you riding his fingers. Him pumping them faster yet carefully to match your pace as you began to pant out loud, for more. But as if remembering your purpose of how to get him back, you refrained yourself from releasing amongst him. Lowering your lips to suck on his skin, biting down his shoulder. He swore out loud, moving his hand faster. Whimpering, you kissed him. Your lips hovering just above his lipring.

“L-Luke…shit I love your fucking fingers…” You caused him to smile wider. Staring his demon-like irises down with conviction.
“But that’s the difference between us, you can’t stop once you start something. But I can..” You winked, abruptly sitting up and swinging your hips off of him. He spat out confused. Trying to lower his level of flustered-frustration.

“Wa-Y/N that’s bullshit a-and you know it. Fuck.” He hissed at himself, settling on keeping his hands over himself to hide his boner whilst you talked.

“It’s not bullshit Luke. You deserved that for what you’ve been doing lately. Maybe if you be a good boy, I’ll let you finish next time.” You laughed fixing your hair and wiping the corners of your lips. He groaned before parting his lips to say something, but was cut short when the door flew open…

Shit. You mentally screamed, wishing you were the dead one…


“A few minutes! Not that long, and yet you dumbfucks take your eyes off of two of our most profound sinners, and they end up in my office!! One of them with his wet Gentiles and bare ass of my polished desk!!!” Sister Jude screamed at the guards. Making you snicker uncontrollably, the only one in the room to find it highly amusing.

After walking in on you and Luke..for the second time….
She separated you-no surprise- in which you ended up in the Hydrotherapy room again. Her deciding that a long rant and some water would make you finally break down and 'repent….’ That word grew of distaste to you by now. She couldn’t possibly do anything more to you than she’s done already.

She scolded you with rage, the back of her hand connecting with your already tender facial structures. Your cheek bone stinging with a numbing pulse. You spit on her shoes, blowing the hair from your face.

“Electrocute me sister! Read me the bible and I’ll pretend to give a damn while you speak absolute nonsense.”

“I don’t have to Y/N. It seems Hemmings has already filled your head with intolerable and idiotic crap! What’s he told you, huh? That he’s changed…that he cares about you and will make an exception? That he’s sorry? Sweetheart, if you believe that you really are out of your mind..”

You thrashed at her aside from your binded hands and feet.
“Fuck you!! You wouldn’t know the first thing about half of the people here. I may be out of my mind Sister, but you’re a fucked up bitch that needs way more help than any of us do!!” You yelled back with impatience. She could torture you as much as she wanted. Keep you isolated as much as she wanted. But you’d see Luke again, and she couldn’t do anything about that.

Using a rag to wipe the stressful perspiration from her face, she came closer. Grabbing a tight grip on your jaw aside from your hissing and groaning.
“Luke thought otherwise when he fucked me.”

Her words made a knot spring into your throat, she we lying. She wanted to get inside your head. It’s what she thrived to do..

“You’re lying-”

“Oh really? When I was moaning out his name, I’d surely think otherwise…” She laughed. Your chest rose and fell quickly, screaming outloud when she let go of you. Not even sure if you were mad at her for telling a lie…or the truth? You asked Luke after he confirmed himself as a ghost, if there was anything else you should’ve known. He would’ve told you.
Or would he?

“F-fuck you…” Your bottom lip quivered. Not from sad tears but bitter and furious ones of rage. The feeling of being incapable of controlling your own limbs, more than aggravating.

Taking a deep out loud, she dismissed the rest of the guards and ordered the doctors to prepare the machines. Stepping forward again, she smiled slyly before running a finger down your bruised cheek to your stomach.

“Go a little easier on her this time, this ones’ with child…”

Of Cows & Crushes

Wishing a very happy birthday to the amazingly talented, absolutely wonderful Kris ( @anamelesstraveler )! I am so lucky to be able to call you my friend, and I hope you have had an amazing birthday!

I wrote you some McHaleinski, because I was thinking about a scenario where Scott, Stiles and Derek would all need to be riding in the front seat of a truck, and then I started thinking about Large Animal Vet!Scott, and then @authorkurikuri wrote me an amazing fic yesterday with Vet!Scott and I knew it needed to happen. So, while this sadly does not have any McHaleinski riding in the front seat of a truck, it does have Dairy Farmer!Derek, Vet!Scott, and Librarian!Stiles (who is not doing anything related to his job whatsoever in this fic). 

Tags: Farm/Ranch AU, needles mention (Scott gives some cows vaccinations), brief mention of injuries on a horse

Derek’s walking the fence line when he hears the unmistakable sound of a diesel engine, probably half a mile away. It’s most likely Deaton, he’s supposed to be coming today to check on a couple of pregnant cows, vaccinate some calves, and inspect the injuries on his quarter horse Ollie’s hind legs from some old barbed wire he got tangled in last week. With his dog Bud on his heels he cuts across the pasture, wiping the sweat off his forehead with the bottom of his tank top. The July sun seems hotter than it’s ever been, the heat bugs buzzing obnoxiously beneath his feet. As much as he likes Deaton, along with the vet comes a hefty bill, and milking cows doesn’t exactly a millionaire make. Not that there’s any place else on earth he’d rather be than on his farm with his cows, horses, chickens and dogs, but a money tree wouldn’t hurt. He can hear Laura’s voice in the back of his head telling him that she doesn’t have a problem spending her part of the insurance money, and that he’s absolutely ridiculous for only using a small portion of his third of it to rebuild the family’s farm house. He can’t seem to find the words to explain to her that he feels responsible for what happened to their family, for the fire that burned up his life. It just feels wrong to use the money that came from it. Of course, Laura would counter that by saying it’s wrong for him to continue living in exile for ten years after the fact.


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Angels Watching Over Me

Characters: TFW + Gabriel (no pairings)

Warnings:Small injury.

Request: Hi! Could you possibly do a one-shot where the reader travels with Sam, Dean, and Cas, but whenever the hunt is too dangerous they make them stay in the bunker. So when the boys are out on a hunt, Gabriel appears in the bunker and announces that he’s the reader’s guardian angel. However, since the reader has never met Gabriel before, they freak out and pray to Cas and it freaks the boys out, so they race back and are shocked to see Gabriel’s still alive.

Authors Note: This was fun. I really just love Gabriel, he’s so sassy. I hope I wrote his character correctly. Thanks for requesting this, anon. This was a great idea. Enjoy hun!


“So you’re saying that I can’t go? Like who are you, my mother?” you snapped at Dean.

You had been hunting with Sam, Dean, and Cas for quite awhile now and were staying at the bunker on fairly frequent occasions. You were a good hunter. No, scratch that, you were a freaking great hunter. Maybe not ‘Winchester’ level greatness but not really far from it. So when Dean suggested, or more so demanded, that you stay out of this hunt and hunker down in the bunker, you weren’t just surprised, you were angry. Grant it, you had been hurt pretty badly a few months ago. A djin had gotten a hold of you and you were mere minutes from death when the boys finally located you. It had been a nightmare, literally, and it had taken a good week to recover completely. So even through your angry haze you could still understand why they felt justified in banning you from their hunt, but that didn’t lessen your annoyance at all.

Dean rolled his eyes, his mouth set in a hard line as he threw his hands up into the air in exasperation.

“There’s no reasoning with her!” he barked to Sam as he pushed past him and Cas and stomped into the next room.

Sam turned his eyes back on you, his demeanor more calm than his brother’s. He walked towards you, stopping when he was about a foot away and placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, squeezing lightly to rattle you out of your angered state.

“Hey, listen, we’re sorry. We don’t want to be jerks about this but Y/N, you really got hurt a few weeks ago. We just don’t want anything to happen to you. All of us, including Dean, know you’re a fantastic hunter. But it was really hard watching you hurt before. It would just put all of our minds at ease if you sat this one out. Okay?”

You stood there and stared into Sam’s pleading eyes. Your gaze shifted to the right to see Cas standing only a few feet behind Sam, solemnly nodding his head in agreement. Your shoulders slumped in defeat as you turned around muttering the word ‘fine’ over your shoulder as you shuffled towards your room.

A few hours later you were alone, the only sound in the entire bunker coming from your iHome speakers that were setting on the kitchen counter. The music flowed loud and smooth from the machine, your hips swaying in time with the beat as you moved around the kitchen. You had decided to whip up a pie as a peace agreement between you and Dean. He was still frustrated with you when he left for the hunt and you hated being at odds with either of the Winchesters. You had just finished the pie crust and were now slowly scooping the homemade apple filling out of the bowl into the prepared pie tin when a spirited voice from behind scared you, causing you to jump, the bowl falling out of your hands and to the tiled floor where the glass shattered and the filling spattered all over the shiny surface.

“Hey gorgeous! Your knight in shining armor has arrived.” the voice bellowed.

You spun around, ignoring the sticky mess at your feet. There was a man in the bunker, someone you didn’t recognize. He had light brown hair, the length much shorter than Sam’s but longer than Dean’s. He wore a army green jacket, a black collared shirt hidden underneath. His hair was slightly disheveled and his face held a goofy little grin. You simply stared at him for a few moments, your brain telling you to run but your body not sensing any immediate danger. Something about his demeanor gave you the impression that he wasn’t an enemy, but really you had no way of knowing. So you did what any smart hunter would do, you grabbed for the closest weapon and shifted into monster killing mode.

The closest thing to you at the moment was a kitchen knife. You assumed the man had supernatural powers of some sort considering he had managed to break into a near impenetrable bunker. The only way in was through the front door and you had checked that it was locked up tight. Not to mention the numerous charmed sigils that protected the bunker from most supernatural things, everything except angels, of course. Cas had to get in somehow. Your eyes widened at your realization but you decided to get some answers first, hoping that he wasn’t what you thought he was. You reached for the biggest knife you saw, pulling it free of the wooden block it was settled in and held it out in front of you.

“Who the hell are you? And how did you get in here?!” you hollered.

Instead of looking scared the man simply watched you, his eyes flitting to the blade you had in your hand for a moment before smirking and moving his eyes back to your face.

“Easy there, tiger. I’m Gabriel. I’m an angel, yours to be precise.” he answered.

Well, that explains why he didn’t seem the least bit threatened by your knife. You wished that you had kept your angel blade close by but you never thought you would need it here at the bunker. You squinted your eyes at him suspiciously, the amused look never leaving his face.

Something wasn’t right, though. There was something, some thought itching in the back of your mind that was fighting to make its way to the front of your consciousness to alert you that there was definitely something wrong with this situation.


You kept your face stoic, reigning in your emotions as you came to the realization that this person, this thing, wasn’t the archangel Gabriel you had heard and read about. Gabriel was dead. Lucifer had thrust an angel blade through his chest a few years back and the scorched imprint of his wings was permanently burned into the ground somewhere. Whatever this thing was, it wasn’t an angel, and without the appropriate weapons to protect you, you didn’t stick around to figure out what the hell it was. You tossed your knife at him, knowing you wouldn’t cause any damage but hoping it would momentarily distract him. Your eyes widened in alarm when his hand shot up, deftly catching the blade by the handle and tossing it nonchalantly over his shoulder. That’s when you decided to run and pray to Cas or God or whoever that you made it to your room to where your angel blade was hidden. “Gabriel” didn’t move as you sprinted towards the hallway, his voice calling out to you from the kitchen where you left him.

“Aw, c’mon honey. Don’t be like that.”

You made it to your room in a staggeringly short amount of time and slammed the door shut before you jammed the lock into place. It was then that you noticed a throbbing pain in your foot. You looked down and saw a smear of blood next to your foot on the floor. You lifted your foot up, watching as blood dripped slowly down your heel and realized that through your panic you must have stepped on one of the broken glass shards from the mixing bowl you had been using. The pain wasn’t overwhelming though, lord knows you’d had worse injuries, so you ignored it for the time being and tended to the more important matter at hand. You hurried to your desk, briefly tripping over a pair of shoes in your haste before righting yourself and yanking open your bottom drawer. There, tucked in the back underneath a few notebooks was your angel blade, the metal heavy and cold against your palm as your pulled it free.

“Y/N, why don’t you save us both some time and just open the door. You know I can just zap in there if I wanted but that’s just bad manners.” said ‘Gabriel’, his voice ringing from the other side of your bedroom door now. After seeing that he had snuck inside the bunker you had no doubt that he could find a way into your bedroom.

“How do you know my name!?” you demanded.

“I told you,” he said, “I’m your angel. Your guardian angel. I’m only hear to protect you.”

“I wasn’t in danger until you showed up so why are you here?”

There was a moment of silence and you heard a quiet breath being exhaled.

“What can I say, I was bored so I thought, what better time to drop in on my new charge and have a little family reunion with Cas, Tweedledee and Tweedledum.”

The light and teasing tone in his voice didn’t do anything to quell the uneasiness that had settled deep in the pit of your stomach. You knew what had to be done and it killed you to have to do it. Just another reason for Dean to think you weren’t capable of taking care of yourself. You didn’t have much of a choice though, being trapped like a caged animal and all.

“Cas!”, you murmured, your voice a heavy whisper, “Help! There’s someone here, a guy, he says he’s an angel but there’s….there’s just no way. He’s got me cornered in my room and I don’t know what to do .”

-200 Miles Away-

The engine of the Impala was rumbling, the wheels spinning furiously carrying the shiny, rain slicked muscle car down the road. Sam was busy fiddling with his phone while Dean and Cas were casually discussing their plan of attack on the coven of witches they were hunting.

“Alright well it will be easier if we take them out one of a time so we’ll start at the first house and work our way around the neighborhood. What do you think, Cas?”


“Cas?” Dean asked curiously, his eyes shooting into the rear view mirror to catch a glimpse of Cas’ face and find the cause of his sudden silence.

The angel was sitting there in the back seat, still as a statue, his eyes staring blankly through the windshield, his mind elsewhere. He was concentrating on something. Something neither Sam or Dean could hear nor sense. Dean recognized that look. It was the empty stare Cas had when he was listening to a prayer, and from the downward turn of his mouth and the slight widening of his eyes, Dean could take a wild guess and say it wasn’t a good one.

“What is it, Cas?” Dean roared from the front seat, his hands tightening on the steering wheel as he waited anxiously for Castiel to answer him. His loud, frantic tone stole Sam’s attention away from his phone causing him to whip around in his seat and focus his attention on the trench coated angel.

“It’s Y/N.” he said, his voice surprisingly even despite the terrified look in his beautiful blue eyes eyes.

Dean stiffened in his seat at the mention of your name and Sam swallowed down the large lump that was now clogging his throat. They waited for what seemed like hours for Cas to finish listening to you and finally he spoke.

“She’s in trouble. She says there’s an angel at the bunker, but she…she doesn’t think he is actually an angel.” he stuttered out.

“What the heck does she think it is then?” Sam questioned, his voice hard and serious.

“Does it matter?” Dean shouted, “if it’s an angel, it’s bad. We all have enemies up in heaven and who knows if it’s one of the ones out gunning for one of us. If it’s not then it’s gotta be something strong to get into the bunker. Either way, Y/N’s in a hell of a lot of trouble!.”

Dean yanked the steering wheel to the right, causing the car to jerk and skid into a gravelly area on the side of the road. He jammed the gear into park and whipped off his seat belt, turning off the engine and snatching the keys out of the ignition before turning around fully in his seat to face Cas.

“You need to get us there…NOW!”

Cas didn’t hesitate. This was the quickest way to get to you so without another thought he laid one hand on Sam and Dean’s shoulders and they were gone, leaving the Impala to cool on the side of a country road under a steady downpour of rain.

-Back at the Bunker-

“Cas…can you hear me?” you whispered again.

You had your back pressed against the wall next to the door, your angel blade in your fist, holding it to your chest. You cheek was pressed to the wall, straining to listen to any sort of movement on the other side. You felt a gust of wind and your head snapped forward as you raised your blade in front of you pointing it in the direction of the disturbance. It was Cas, Sam, and Dean though, not the creature you were hiding from. You ran over, throwing your arms around the closest body to you. Cas’ familiar scent surrounded you and you felt him stiffen, then relax into your embrace. Your chin rested on his shoulder and you could see Dean and Sam standing behind him. You kept your eyes on Sam at first. You didn’t want to look at Dean just yet. You didn’t want to see that look in his eye that told you that you couldn’t be trusted to look after yourself. It made you feel like you were a burden. Sam exhaled a slow and steady breath, his shoulders visibly relaxing at the sight of you safe and sound.

Finally breaking your embrace, Cas gripped your shoulders and lowered his head slightly so he could look up into your face.

“You’re okay. We’ll take care of this.” he promised as he moved around you towards your bedroom door. He stopped suddenly when he heard a voice come from the other side.

“Is that my bouncing baby brother in there?”

Cas didn’t move an inch. He stared at the door, shocked by what he had heard. Everyone’s eyes were glued to your door except yours. You were watching Sam and Dean trying to gauge by their expressions what the hell was going on.

“Cassie! Long time no see little bro.”

Everyone spun to face the opposite side of the room and there he was, obviously deciding that he was done waiting for you to let him in.

“Gabriel?” Sam and Dean said in unison. They stared back at the man, or angel, or whatever he was, their jaws slightly agape. Cas was wide eyed as he looked on and before you knew it he was striding across the room and pulling “Gabriel” into a tight embrace. The man didn’t hug Cas back right away, his hands thrown up in a mock defense but soon he caved, his expression softening as he wrapped an arm around your angel friend, hugging him back.

“Would someone like to explain to me what the hell is going on?” you chided.

Cas pulled away and moved back a few feet to stand next to you. He placed a hand on your shoulder, his other hand open and outstretched towards the mysterious man.

“Y/N, this is my brother, Gabriel.” Castiel explained plainly.

“I don’t understand. I thought Gabriel was dead? How can you tell it’s him?” you asked suspiciously, your eyes narrowing in on the man in front of you.

“I just know,” was the only thing Cas said in answer.

You cautiously walked forward, moving in front of Gabriel and proceeding to circle him slowly like an animal circling it’s prey. You appraised him, wondering to yourself how this man in front of you, this goofy, ridiculous little guy could be the great and powerful archangel that you had heard so many stories about. They were good stories though. Cas had told you how Gabe had chosen to protect humans in the fight against his brother, Lucifer. Aside from Cas, he was one of our few allies during the time of the apocalypse. You could tell when Cas spoke of him that he missed him dearly even if he never made a point of actually saying so. When you finished walking your path around him you came to a stop in front, facing him, your serious face a stark contrast to his lopsided, quirky smirk.

“So you’re Gabriel,” you confirmed, “I’m sorry a ran from you but you can’t blame me for being a little suspicious about you suddenly coming back from the dead. Not that that’s a new thing with us but still.”

“It’s alright, doll face. Didn’t mean to scare you. I was never one for lackluster entrances though.” he kidded.

“You mind telling us how the hell your breathing again?” Dean spoke up.

“Nice to see you too, Dean-o.” he responded, ignoring Dean’s question entirely.

“Gabriel.” Sam said seriously, his tone devoid of any humor.

Gabe looked back at Sam. He rolled his eyes, noting Sam’s seriousness and looking beyond annoyed that everyone was trying to ruin his fun.

“Well aren’t you just a bundle of joy. Look, I don’t know how I got back, only why. I have been given a charge. Someone I am supposed to watch over. And it just so happens to be your feisty little friend here.” he explained as he pointed over at you.

“Why would Y/N need protecting? She has me, Dean, and Sam to keep her safe.” Cas asked.

“Well, I’m guessing that someone thought that maybe running around with the dynamic duo over here,” he mocked pointing to Sam and Dean, “puts her at a pretty high risk. Couldn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes on the situation.”

Cas nodded at him, seeming to accept his answer without much hesitation. Sam and Dean didn’t react much but didn’t drill him with any more questions either. You relaxed a little in Gabriel’s presence now, knowing he was quite the opposite of a threat, especially to you.

“Hey guys? Can I have a moment here with my…uh….guardian angel, please?”

Sam and Dean agreed and began to retreat from your bedroom. Before Sam made to leave he walked a few feet closer to Gabriel and slapped a hand on his shoulder.

“Glad to have you back, man.” Sam muttered.

Gabe smiled back. He nodded his head in acknowledgment and watched as the three men vacated the room.

“So, you’re my guardian angel, huh?” you said, turning back towards him and quirking your eyebrow in question.

“Hells yeah I am.”

“Think you could fix this little problem?” you asked, lifting your foot and pointing to your steadily bleeding wound.

Gabriel sent you a wink as he leaned forward and placed a hand softly over your injured foot. A white light glowed from beneath his hand and slowly the nagging pain slipped away. When he finished he stood straight again, looking proud.

“Thanks. So…I heard you were quite the tricky little bastard back in the day.” you inquired, thinking back to all the stories that Sam and Dean had told you about Gabriel’s trickster days. One particular story came to mind, something about changing channels and a herpes medication commercial and you giggled. Gabriel’s face lit up at the sound and he moved to stand next to you, flinging his arm to wrap loosely around your shoulders.

“That is true. I always did have a few tricks up my sleeve. What do you say we play a few harmless little pranks of Sam and Dean? You know, just to see if I still got it.”

You turned your head up to look at him and couldn’t help but mirror his conspiratorial grin that was plastered on his face. Maybe having a guardian angel wouldn’t be so bad. This could be fun after all. You moved out from under his arm and grabbed a hold of the sleeve of his jacket, pulling him towards the door as you spoke, giving in to his deviously fun idea.

“You’re on.”

anonymous asked:

As stubborn as your creative genius wants him to be

you flatter me

lucky for you, i already had some sick!tony half finished; unluckily, tony is kind of a pushover. he is sick as a dog though, so i hope this helps you feel a little bit better anyway

get well quick, sweets! <3

tony doesn’t notice at first

it starts with a niggling headache and the urge to sleep

but he’s tired like, 400% of the time so that’s not exactly news

it doesn’t ring any alarm bells

so he downs some more coffee and eats some more nuts and tosses back a couple of advil and gets back to work

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I love you, you know that?

larry stylinson (smut)

basically, louis feels a bit down so harry takes care of him


He’s crying, squeezing his eyes closed.
His bottom lip is almost bleeding from biting it too hard.
The cold blade suddenly hits the ground and Louis lets out another sob, before getting up to his feet and letting the cold water sting his arm.
“Fuck, shit”, he hisses under his breath.
It hurts. Of course it hurts.


“Babe? I’m home!” Harry yells from the door and Louis fakes a smile before getting up from the couch.
His little feet shuffles through the floor tiles, and before he notices, he’s being grabbed from the waist and Harry’s now lifting him up from the ground, kissing his nose.
“How was the day?” Harry asks, taking his coat off and walking to the kitchen. Louis lifts his shoulders, fumbles with the hem of his sweater and shakes his head.
“Nothing much. Bit bored when you were away.”
Harry smiles and slaps Louis’ bum, getting a giggle in response.
“Let’s go watch some tv and snuggle”, Harry suggests and takes Louis’ hand, having the smaller boy flinching in fear, backing away.
“You okay?” he asks, and Louis nods.
“Yeah, sorry, wasn’t expecting that..”

They spend the evening on the couch, watching a movie. But Harry can’t focus. He’s sure there’s something bothering Louis.
“Honey?” he asks when the ending credits are finally rolling on the screen.
Louis turns his head and smiles, but the smile fades away as soon as he sees his boyfriend’s worried look.
“Lou… Is there something wrong?” Harry asks and shifts uncomfortably, laying his hand down on Louis’ stomach, which is quickly being pushed away by the older bloke.
“Nothing’s wrong, sweetie. Let’s go to bed and cuddle.”
Louis is smiling so widely, but Harry doesn’t give up. He knows when something is wrong. But he nods, wanting to get to bed before the deep talk.

“So, you wanna talk now?” he asks from Louis after his jeans are on the floor. He walks over to the bed and goes for a cuddle, but stops when Louis shakes his head.
“Harry, I said I’m fine. Can you please leave it?”
And that only proves Harry that Louis is not fine.
“You know you can tell me. What is it?” and when he goes to spoon Louis, and Louis’ body stills, Harry freezes.

“Louis? Is this… Is this again one of those nights? Are the feelings back?” he asks from Louis, who is trying so hard not to cry.
Louis shakes his head and Harry’s thumb goes to turn his chin up to face him.
“Don’t lie to me.”

They’ve had these kind of nights before. Where Louis doesn’t want to be touched. Not because he doesn’t want it to be Harry, but because he feels insecure. Insecure enough to not let anyone touch him.

Louis flinches at Harry’s words, and his eyes start to tear up now. Then slowly, he sighs. And nods.
“Oh baby”, Harry says and kisses Louis’ face all over.
“Harry, please. Stop”, Louis tries, but Harry won’t stop. He kisses Louis’ mouth and Louis kisses back. Then Harry throws his leg over Louis’ body and goes to straddle him.
“No, Harry. Please, I’m begging you. Don’t touch me.” Louis is crying a bit now, shaking his head. Harry stops but won’t get off of him.
“Did you break your promise?”
And he gets no answer.
“Louis, for fucking sakes. Did you break it?”
Louis’ eyes are tearing up again, and Harry wants to cry, too.
“Just say if you did, but please, tell me. Did you, or did you not break your promise?”
Louis closes his eyes.
“You sound like a teacher who wants to know who’ve done their homework and who hasn’t.”
“Louis, I’m not playing here. This is deadly serious.”

And there’s a long silence.

And then Louis nods.

Harry feels like his heart is dropping straight from his chest to all the way down to the bottom of the ocean, and he closes his eyes, not being able to stop the tears from flowing.
“Harry, I -”
“Can I see?” Harry interrupts, and Louis goes all silent.
“What?” he asks now, with a small voice and wide eyes.
“Can I… see?” Harry asks again.
“Love, you know that’s not a good idea”, Louis says and Harry knows he’s right. First time he saw, he got so angry at himself that he broke the bedpost, a couple of vases and their table lamps.
But the other times weren’t as bad.
“C’mon, I can control myself.”
And Louis hesitates, before shaking his head.
“No. I’m sorry.”
Harry nods his head and kisses the boy under him, deepening the kiss to distract him.
When Louis sighs into the kiss, Harry sharply and quickly goes to pull up Louis’ sleeve. He knows it’s not the best way to get what he wants, but. He doesn’t mind.
Louis whines and panics for a while, but Harry’s there to kiss him deeply.
“Relax, babe. You know this is not the first time.”
Then Harry kisses Louis’ jaw, before resting his forehead on his chest. He needs to gain some courage before looking down.
He sighs and then opens his eyes, lifting his head up. His eyes wonder to Louis’ arm, and the tears he so hard tried not to let fall, are now silently dropping from his face.

Louis’ve done worse than these, but it doesn’t help him from feeling sick. The scars are all red and deep, two or three of them still bleeding. Harry counts, and there’s nine neat lines in Louis’ arm. There are also hundreds of others, but some of them are almost fully gone. But these nine are so fresh that Harry just wants to scream.
“Louis, I…”
He doesn’t know what to say. He’s done this so many times before, sitting on top of him, forcing him to show him his cuts. But he’s never knew what to say. So, he goes for the regular routine.
He kisses each red line gently, and Louis freezes, squeezing his eyes shut again.
“You’re so pretty, I don’t want you to hurt yourself anymore.”
Louis cries. Kiss.
“You were doing so great.”
“Did I do something wrong?”
Louis shakes his head. Kiss.
“Why did you do it, babe?”
“You know I’m here for you, right?”

Harry kisses every centimetre of Louis’ body from his head to toes, except for his private areas.
“You do know that I love you more than anything else in the whole fucking universe?” he asks and kisses Louis, neck, now getting the sweater off of Louis.
“No, don’t take it”, Louis whines. Harry shh’s him and kisses his lips.
“Please, baby. I know what’s under there. Let me take it off and make you feel good.”
Louis shakes his head, so Harry decides to go for it, maybe using the hard way.
He grinds his hips down, and Louis moans.
“Harry, you- you know I’m gonna give up if you keep doing that.”
“That’s kinda the point”, Harry says before grinding down, harder this time.
Louis mutes his sounds, and Harry kisses him. He takes the shirt off of him, and says:
“You know, I hate when you’re being quiet.”
Louis’ hands wrap around himself, feeling awful while being without a shirt in front of Harry. Then Harry takes his hands and traps them to the mattress, kissing Louis’ neck once again.
“Harry, can we just-”
“No”, is the answer before the unheard question was even knowledged.
Then Harry bites down hard on Louis’ neck, hard enough to make a bruise. Louis’ hips buck up a little bit, and Harry’s moan against his neck gives him chills to go through his body, straight to his dick, which is now almost fully hard.
Harry keeps marking Louis’ neck, before stopping and kissing the marks gently afterwards.
Then he goes for Louis’ upper chest.
“Did you know that I love your body”, Harry says against Louis’ tattoo.
Louis tries not to listen, but on some level, it’s impossible.
“I fucking love your tiny little body.”

And Harry kisses every part of Louis’ tummy, tracing the old scars with his tongue and fingers.
There are too many of them, Harry thinks. No one’s body is supposed to look so scarred. Especially Louis’.
He saves Louis’ nipples for last. His fingers go to squeeze his right nipple, while his tongue works with the other one. Louis’ back arches a bit and he bites on his lip.
“I know you hate it how sensitive your nipples are. But, believe me, I fucking love it. It’s like, too amazing.”
Louis shakes his head, but Harry’s tongue gets him a little bit distracted.
“Harry, please.”
“What do you want, babe? Anything for you.”
And Louis is sure he’s going mad. Harry is way too lovely.
“I-I want you to fuck me.”
Harry’s breath hitches at that, and then he nods.
“Yeah, sure. Yeah.”
He gets his head up from Louis’ way too perfect body and gets the condoms and the lube from the nightstand.
He opens the button of Louis’ jeans, and then gets them off.
His hands go for Louis’ thighs, feeling the scars under his fingertips.
Even though he knows Louis’ cuts by heart, everytime he thinks about them he has to remind himself to stay strong. He has got to stay strong. For Louis. And for them.

After just feeling Louis’ legs for a while, he goes to kiss his inner thighs.
“So beautiful.”
And again, Louis shakes his head.
Then, Harry grabs the lube from the sheets, and goes to tuck Louis’ underwear down. He’s about to ask if Louis really wants this now, but when he sees Louis’ thick, fat cock laying against his stomach, he forgets everything.
He admires it, the beautifullness of Louis. Of his body. Of his gorgeous cock. He admires it so much that he actually forgets what he was supposed to do.
“Haz?” Louis asks, and Harry snaps back to reality. He kisses Louis and says:
“Sorry, darling. I just can’t believe how pretty you are.”

It takes Harry four seconds to get his three fingers nice and wet for Louis.
“You ready?” he asks and Louis nods.
Harry’s finger is now tracing Louis’ hole, teasing him a bit. Then he pushes it slowly inside, up to the first knuckle. Then he gets closer to Louis’ face and kisses him, pushing the finger a little bit more inside. Louis’ breathing slowly, and when Harry’s first finger is all the way in, they both take a deep breath.
“You okay?” Harry asks, and Louis nods.
“Fuck, you’re so tight.” Then he pulls his finger a little backwards, and then pushes it back in deep.
“Harry, just give me another.”
So, now Harry’s second finger is slowly pushing in, along with the first one.
“Tell me if I’m going too fast.”
But Harry knows what he’s doing.

He scissors the two fingers inside of Louis, when Louis asks for third.
“It’s too soon for a third one?” Harry tries, and Louis shakes his head.
“I kinda like the pain”, he gets out, and damn it, Harry’s cock is awfully hard right now.
“Okay. Yeah”, Harry manages and pushes a third finger all the way in, making Louis arch his back and freeze all over. After Harry nudges his fingers a bit, Louis starts to move his arse against them. After moving his fingers back and forth for a while, Harry finds Louis’ prostate.
“Oh, /yeah/, Harry, right there, keep it there.”
But Harry pulls his fingers out.
“What the-“
“Shh, baby. I don’t want you to come from my fingers. Would you like my cock now?”
And Louis moans at that.
“Yes, please.”
Harry takes the packet of condoms, but Louis stops him.
“Don’t”, is all he says and Harry drops the packet. Then he undoes his jeans and kicks them off with his boxers, and then grabbing the lube, he wets his hard shaft.
“Okay, babe, you ready?” he asks from Louis, who’s grabbing his own legs by the back of the knee to give Harry a better access to his wet tight hole.
“As ready as I can”, he says and Harry lines himself up, pushing a little inside.
“Fuck, you’re still so tight. Shit. This is why I fucking love fucking you.”
And Louis actually laughs at that.
Harry pushes all the way inside, and gives Louis some time to adjust.
After a few seconds, he starts to pull out, and when he’s almost all the way out, he pushes back in.
“Oh, fuck Harry. Faster, please.”
And Harry obeys. He goes faster, giving sharp and hard thrusts right against Louis’ prostate.
“Fuck, oh my god, Harry, please touch me”, Louis begs and for the first time tonight, Harry touches his cock, and Louis almost comes right there and then.
“Shit”, he whispers and Harry slows his thrusts a bit.
“So fucking amazing.”
He leans down to kiss Louis, and Louis lifts his feet up to Harry’s shoulders.
“I love you so much”, Harry says, and kisses Louis hard.
“I love you too.”
“You’re so beautiful.”
“Please, don’t say that.”
And Harry pouts, because
“Why can’t I tell my perfect boyfriend that he’s amazingly beautiful?”
Louis shakes his head, and bites his lip.
“Because lying in a relationship is not acceptable.”
Harry laughs and kisses Louis again, thrusting quicker now.
“You’re so silly. I would never lie to you.” And Louis knows that. He knows that Harry doesn’t lie. But he also knows that Harry does anything to make Louis feel good. Even if if meant lying. So.
“Please, Louis.”
“Can you say something for me?” Harry asks and Louis smiles, trying to focus on the pressure against his sensitive prostate.
“Yeah, what is it?”
“Say you’re beautiful.”
“You’re beautiful.” Louis says, and Harry shakes his head.
“No. You know what I mean. Say you’re beautiful.”
He changes the angle so it’s not constantly on Louis’ sweet spot, and Louis pouts.
“C’mon babe, I’m not gonna let you come before you say you’re beautiful.”
“Hey, that’s not fair.”
Harry shakes his head, and his sweaty curls are bouncing everywhere.
“I know, but you need to say you’re beautiful.”
Louis shakes his head, feeling tears forming in his eyes again.
“I just can’t”, he then says and Harry’s other hand goes to grab Louis’ dick.
“Say it.”
“Harry- I’m about to come.”
Harry’s hand works fast on Louis cock and now he’s banging against his prostate again.
“Fucking say it.”
“Say it!”
But Louis doesn’t say it, so Harry lets go of his dick, and grabs Louis’ hips with both of his hands, and Louis’ sure there’s gonna be bruises.
“Fucking say it like you mean it. Say it like you fucking /know it/.”
And with Harry’s thrusts that are hard enough to make the bed bump against the wall, Louis whispers,
“I’m beautiful.”
Then they’re both coming. Louis’ eyes roll and his body goes all numb, his load shooting over his stomach. Harry’s fingers bury themselves inside Louis’ hips, and he’s coming hard into Louis’ ass.
After riding their highs, Harry pulls out and flops down next to Louis.
“Shit”, he says. And Louis nods. Then turns away.
“Louis?” Harry asks and touches his shoulder, and when Louis does nothing, Harry goes to spoon him.
“You alright?”
And Louis nods.
“What’s wrong?”
Now Louis turns in Harry’s arms and lifts his shoulders a little bit.
“I just feel bad for breaking my promise.”
And Harry shakes his head, kissing Louis’ forehead.
“Darling, it’s okay. Why do you feel bad? You can’t blame yourself. And I’m not mad at you.”
Louis looks up and asks,
“You’re not mad?”
“Well, at least not at you. But I’m a bit mad at myself for letting it happen.”
And Louis looks down.
“Babe? Can you promise me something?”
“I’m not very good at keeping promises.”
“But babe, if you could just… you know, tell me, or if I’m not there you could like, you know, call me or something, whenever you feel like.. bad?” Harry asks and Louis lifts his head up again.
“Well… Maybe. Yeah. Okay.”
Harry smiles.
“Good. I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“Wanna sleep now?”
“We’re still covered in cum.”
“Doesn’t matter, I’m tired.”
And Louis laughs. Sometimes Harry’s quite disgusting.
“I love you.”
“I love you too”, Harry says.
After a long silence, that feels like forever, Louis replies.
“I know.”

The End

For Soila❤️

anonymous asked:

I would like a fanfic where the gang plays with an Ouija board, please.

Yes. Just Yes. I am into creepy things so I am down for this! :D

Tadashi is Here (ooo, original title O.O) 

Rating: K

Characters: Hiro Hamada, Fred, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, Gogo, Baymax 

Word Count: 1761

Summary: The gang is at Fred’s place and he got himself a Ouija board! He convinces the others to play, and well…someone else wanted to play too…

It was game night at Fred’s mansion. The team always tried to find some down time to relax between all the battles the ensured at night. They just wanted to devote every Saturday night as game night and not mention a single word about fighting - they loved being superheroes, but sometimes they liked pretending they were ‘normal’ college students. 

The group was sitting on the couch waiting for Fred to get back to them with his game pick. He finally got back to them holding a wooden board in his hand. 

“Alright everyone I got quite the game that should impress you,” Fred stated proudly. 

He ecstatically held the board up for his friends to see, showing them the letters and numbers it had on it. Everyone in the group had their own feelings towards it, but Hiro was the first to laugh it off. 

“Really, Fred? A Ouija board? You know those things are fake, right?”

“Nonsense, little dude! I’ve been doing my research on these things for awhile now. This thing is totally real!”

Honey Lemon gave Fred a sheepish smile. “It’s….really not.”

 “Fred, I hate to put a damper on your fun, but we all know it’s fake. When you use the Ouija board, it’s just you hand moving the dial,” Wasabi explained. 

Fred started to get frustrated. “Aw, come on guys! I just want to try it out. And who knows, maybe it works!” 

Hiro sighed out of annoyance. “Fine, but only because you picked it and we know you’d never make us switch our games.”

“Glad you see it my way.”

Fred dimmed the lights down before he took a seat in the middle of the couch. He placed the Ouija board on the table waiting for everyone to join in. 

“I can’t believe this is how we’re spending game night,” Gogo complained. 

“Oh, come on Gogo, where’s your sense of adventure?” Fred asked humorously.

“I can tell you where it’s gonna be!” 

“Whoa whoa, easy there!” Wasabi said, pulling Gogo back. 

We’ll just play it for a few minutes in case it gets to scary.”

“Or too boring…”

“Lets just get this over with,” Honey Lemon said looking a little scared now.

“Don’t worry, Honey. Nothing bad will happen.”

“Yeah, because it’s FAKE!” Gogo was really not into the game. 

“We’ll see about that.”

Fred was the first to place his hand on the dial, followed by Hiro, following by Honey Lemon whose hand was trembling, followed by Wasabi whose hand was trembling twice as worse, followed by Gogo who knew she’d never hear the end of it if she didn’t place. Baymax was also there, but there wasn’t enough room for him to play, so he sat on the floor watching them. 

“So, what do we do now? Just ask questions?” Hiro asked.


“What should we ask?”

“I’ve watched plenty of ghost shows before, and I think we should start off with the obvious…”

Fred cleared his throat, pressing down harder on the dial. “If there are any spirits in this room…please tell us.” 

There was no doubt that the group started pressing down on the dial with more pressure just to see if something else could make it move. Even after a few seconds went by, nothing happened.

“I knew this thing was fake,” Gogo said feeling impatient.

“Hey, it only the first question. Maybe I should say it louder.”

Fred cleared his throat again. “If there are any spirits in this room…please tell us.”

After a few seconds, nothing happened again…

…but just as the group was about to take their hands off the dial, it started to move over to the letters. Wasabi let out a small shriek as the others gasped. 

“Okay, which one of you is making the dial move?” Gogo asked frustrated.

“Well it sure wasn’t me!” Wasabi said still holding the dial with his fingers shaking.

“Not me,” Hiro pointed out.

“Neither am I,” Honey Lemon said.

“And it’s sure not me,” said Fred.

“Well someone is making it move!”

The dial moved through the letters until the circle showed that it was clearly on the letter ‘T’. 

“T?” Honey Lemon questioned?

“Why would a spirit land on the letter T?”

“Probably trying to spell out how he’s gonna KILL US!”

“Wasabi, whatever this spirit is, it’s not gonna kill us…” 

Hiro may have said that, but now with the thought crossing his mind, he started to have his doubts. They all thought that the Ouija board itself was fake, but with all of them confirming that they weren’t the ones moving the dial, anything could be possible now. The group all placed their hands on the dial again. Hiro took in a deep breath. He had to ask something to the board himself.

“Y-you’re not gonna kill us, right? Please say no…”

Within a matter of seconds the dial moved again, and luckily for the group, the circle was around the word ‘No’. The group all simultaneously took a sigh glad to see that whoever was communicating with them was good. 

“Okay good…it’s just a friendly spirit.”


The friends all peered over at Baymax. They were all so caught up in the board that they forgot he was in the room with them. 

“What?” Hiro asked. He knew what Baymax said, but he needed clarification that what he heard was what he thought it was. 

“Tadashi,” Baymax repeated. 

The group all looked at each other confused. Why was Baymax suddenly saying his name?

Hiro walked over to Baymax with a concerned look on his face. “B-Baymax…what about Tadashi?” 

Everyone was equally confused by Baymax suddenly saying Tadashi’s name out of nowhere. They weren’t talking about him. In fact, no one was even thinking about him in the moment. 

“Tadashi is here.”

With that being said, everyone in the room was still. Hiro stood facing Baymax, but his heart was beating faster than it had in a long time. He didn’t know what to say or question why Baymax was saying it, but everything made sense to the boy now.

“Wait a second…” Hiro said walking back over to his friends. “Friendly spirit…the dial landing on the letter T. T stands for Tadashi….Fred, do you mind if I ask the board a question by myself?”

“Knock yourself out.”

Hiro rushed over to the board and pressed down on the dial as hard as he could without breaking it. On the off chance that the spirit was who everyone was starting to believe it really was, he had to give him a challenge. 

“T-Tadashi….are you the one making the dial move?”

It took a few seconds, but the dial started to move, and when it was done, it slid over and the circle said ‘yes’. 

When Hiro saw this, he immediately took his hand off the dial, and started backing away as he yelped. He fell to the ground breathing heavily. Honey Lemon helped him back up and started holding onto him.

“Hiro, it’s okay…calm down. It’s only your brother. Tadashi’s talking to us!”

Everyone looked at Hiro with a smile on their faces. Even Gogo looked happy. But all Hiro could do was stare down at the board where the dial was now. And as he continued to breathe, tears began to form in his eyes. Honey Lemon took note of this and became concerned for her friend.

“Hiro, what’s wrong?” she asked him as a tear strolled down his cheek. 

“T-T-Tadashi…” Hiro said breathing in with a slight sob. “He’s…here.” 

“Of course he’s here, Hiro. We should have known he’d be the one talking to us,” Gogo said quietly.

Honey Lemon wiped the tears away from Hiro and continued holding onto him. 

“C-oool!” Fred shouted. He placed his hand on the dial with a huge grin on his face. 

“Tadashi, my man! What’s Heaven like!” 


“What? It’s a valid question?”

“There’s no way Tadashi has time to answer that on a cheap board!” Wasabi explained. “Lets just still to the yes or no questions here.”

“Okay fine. Tadashi are you proud of us for starting our own superhero team?”

The dial moved, but it stayed at ‘yes’

“Me next! Hey Tadashi, how do you feel….about Baymax being a superhero? Do you like the upgrades Hiro made on him?” Wasabi asked.

The dial moved. It was in between the ‘yes’ and ‘no’

“That’s not even on a word!”

Hiro examined the board. “It’s between the yes and no. I think that means he has mixed feelings about it. Not that that’s a shock considering he made Baymax intending for him to be a nurse, but since he’s still helping people, it’s not all bad. I probably would’ve messed with Baymax even if…Tadashi was still here…”

“I wanna ask him something!” Honey Lemon shouted. She placed her hand on the dial, and said, “Hey Tadashi! Miss you, but uh I wanna know…are you happy? Y’know not just in general, but are you happy with how things are working out between all of us?”

The dial moved back to the ‘yes’. 

Everyone smiled again. Without saying anything, Gogo moved over. Despite her doubts with the board, she knew that Tadashi was communicating with them. “Tadashi…we all miss you….I don’t really know what to ask, but…..just…do you enjoy watching over us?”

The dial moved, but it stayed on ‘yes’.

The group let Hiro have the final move. Nobody wanted the conversation to end, but they couldn’t keep sitting around Fred’s room in the dark talking to Tadashi forever. 

“Tadashi…I don’t have a question, but I just want to tell you that I’ve missed you a lot…” Tears started forming in his eyes again. “I know that’ll never stop, but…I just want you to know that I think about you a lot and I’m glad we found a way to communicate with you.”

The dial moved over to the letters in the following order:


Hiro laughed as he cried. “Love you too, bro.”

The dial moved over to the end on the ‘Good’ and the ‘bye’. Hiro wiped away the last of his tears and got a group hug from his friends. 

“Fred, is it okay if I can borrow the board sometime?”

“Sure, no problem.” 

The group said no words after nor did anyone turn the light on. Instead they continued their long hug with Baymax joining in as well. 

And there you have it! Thank you anonymous for the suggestion! Awww, it was cute in the end. Now the gang has a way to talk to their favorite dead guy. This almost makes me wanna go out and buy a Ouija board…almost. Who else would try to talk to them anyway? Anyway, I hope you all enjoy reading this; it sure was fun to write! Sorry for any possible tears this creates. :D

Title: The Monster

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Characters: Juvia Lockser; Gray Fullbuster

Pairing: Gruvia

Rating: K+

Length: One Shot

Status: Complete

Warnings: Spoilers for the most recent chapters of the manga.

Notes: I thoroughly enjoyed this one, although I was blocked for it at first once I went with this idea I couldn’t stop writing. My beta replied with some rather unsavory language, though, so ah…be careful. And don’t hate me.

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Home is where you’re happy (2/?) (Harry/Louis/Nick)

More fucked up Harry/Louis/Nick. Still not sure what exactly this is. Written directly into email, etc etc, subsequently unbetaed/unedited. 

Home Is Where You’re Happy, part two, (2,137 words)

Harry/Nick, Harry/Louis, Louis/Nick, Harry/Louis/Nick

part one

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