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The Foxhole Court characters as things I've said
  • Kevin Day: (after a tough bus ride) My goal tonight is to drink so much I either get alcohol poisoning or forget why I wanted to drink at all
  • Neil Josten: So, to the surprise of no one, I was lying about all of that
  • Andrew Minyard: I care more about cake than I do about any human I've ever met
  • Aaron Minyard: (after something good happened) what the fuck is this. This is suspicious as fuck, I'm calling bullshit
  • Allison Reynolds: I just realized my top motivating factors are spite and the promise of wearing cool clothes
  • Dan Wilds: Why are men so consistently gross all the time???
  • Nicky Hemmick: I think I'm a fun driver. It's like being on a rollercoaster but better bc there's an actual chance you might die.
  • Matt Boyd: I really hope all my friends know how much I care about them. I never want anyone to question where they stand with me (turns to friend) Especially you, you're the love of my life.
  • Renee Walker: (about a badger that tried to attack me) He's so cute!! And he's talented!!
  • Jean Moreau: If the world could stop being consistently awful for like 30 seconds that'd be awesome, thanks
  • Riko Moryima: The only thing we're entitled to is to die screaming
  • Bonus, Neil Josten: How do people pick up on subtext in conversations? I've never picked up on a hint ever in my life
Boyfriend The8

Anon #2, that’s a good question ;;w;; I find it hard to pick just one but if I HAD to, either S.Coups or Woozi … or Minghao. I love Seungkwan so much too though … I love ALL of them, it’s so hard to pick >.<

And I hope that everyone reading this is having a good day! :)

His attempts of Skyping you always end up in shambles. It’s starts off cute, you both catch up and he tells you about the tour. Then the boys pile in one by one until there’s twelve loud boys screaming down the phone and Minghao’s pleading with his eyes for you to save him.

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Not overly affectionate at first. Skinship is shy and mostly in private, but as he grows more comfortable in the relationship and matures, he’s less awkward about publicly showing love. Although he would never do something like make out in front of well … anyone, he’ll definitely hold your hand on dates or kiss your forehead, even if the boys are around. He likes sweet gestures to show he cares.

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You can bet that Jun pushed him to ask you out. You were introduced to the boys through a mutual friend and although Minghao kept to himself at first, his dry wit and sense of humour made you try hard to befriend him. The more time you spent together, playing video games or laughing at his savagery, the more feelings grew between you.

It probably would have continued like this for months if Jun hadn’t played cupid and done that whole “invite you both to the cinema, pretends he’ll ill & leaves you both alone on what’s now a date” thing. It works, luckily for him. Minghao would have killed him for that move if it hadn’t.

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Facetiming works out more often, as he locks himself in the bathroom to do so. At first they thought he was doing “dirty things,” locked up for so much time in there but when they realise he’s talking to you, they stand outside the door and make animal noises. Well, the sunshine line do and 95 line try getting them to stop.

He gets frustrated but hearing you laugh melts that feeling away. It seems like one on one time with you is impossible, between living with 12 others and having a busy idol life. But he always tries to talk to you, through the power of the Internet, so you never drift apart.

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You worry about him, that he’s working too hard and loosing too much weight. Jeonghan is your inside man, always filtering back info to you if Minghao’s in a bad mood that day or if a fan made a negative comment during a fansign. Those are the days you show up to their place randomly with enough take out to feed an army. Minghao doesn’t know how you know when to show up to pick his spirits up but he’s glad that you do.

“Thank you for coming today. Shall we eat?”

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Sometimes you feel like you’re the only one who remembers his martial arts background. He likes to show it off to you, leaving you in awe of his talent. He’s so smug and proud of this fact.

You also help him deal with his processed hair, with deep conditioning treatments and you both throw on face masks for a pampering sesh. He loves those times, not bc of how soft his skin and hair is afterwards, but bc of how chill and relaxing it is. You both cuddle up on the couch to a good movie, with those animal face masks on and take cute, funny pics.

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He melts every time you do something cute.

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Isn’t afraid of calling you out and that’s good. The spats between you two help you grow as people and to mature. They’re a healthy part of a relationship, as you both learn from them and grow stronger.

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Not above getting silly with you. When you visit the dorm, only craziness ensues. He loves that you get on so well with them, since they’re basically his family. He has no worries about you, even if he’s not there, since the boys take such good care of you and you them.

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Takes you as often as he can to his home in China. Watching you fish with his little cousins or seeing his mom try teaching you how to cook his fav dish leaves him with a soft smile on his face.

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Brings you to the practice room so he can show off his b-boy skills and the choreo to their upcoming comeback. You even get to play with their crocodile toy, the loser having to buy the winner chocolate milk.

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Your relationship is very strong and sweet. There’s enough trust to be able to point out each others flaws without worry. And that helps you both grow. There’s a lot of growing tbh, as he’s still young and learning. This only makes your bond stronger, as you’re there for him through thick and thin.

Sometimes he worries that the relationship isn’t “mature” enough it’s hard to do those things w so many protective boys around but don’t worry about that. You’re young and there’s time in the future to worry about “mature” stuff or starting a family and things of that nature.

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I got thinking about sana and yousef dancing together & now I can’t get the idea out of my head (this was just meant to be headcanons but it kinda turned into a oneshot so enjoy lol):

• yousef and sana at the beginning of their relationship still feeling a bit shy in front of each other so yousef sticks to dancing by himself/with the boys

• one day sana’s in her room chilling with chris (i miss their friendship ok?) when Keep Ya Head Up by 2pac suddenly starts blaring through the apartment
• sana tries to just keep on doing her thing, scrolling through her phone, ignoring the song, but chris is staring at her like “sana?? hello??? can you not hear that extremely loud music????” and sana just brushes it off like “oh it’s just yousef and the boys, they’re probably dancing or something”
• so now chris is staring at her like?? your boyfriend dances??? do they all dance?? does MIKAEL dance?? is he good????? sana I have to see this
• sana (because she doesn’t wanna make yousef uncomfortable) just shakes her head and tells chris she should drop it, “they’re not that great, plus my mum could dance better than mikael any day” (but secretly we all know sana loves watching yousef dance, she loves the way he’s so at peace and looks so happy when he’s dancing, plus he’s so GOOD at it)
• for about 30 seconds they stay sitting on the floor, but now sana’s just pretending to scroll through her phone because all she really wants to do is get up and rap/sing along with the music
• eventually she can’t take it anymore, she huffs and gives in, gets up and opens the door (they’re playing 2pac, that’s practically begging for her attention)
• the girls walk out of sana’s room (chris is very intrigued and excited because boys dancing !!!) and they find the boys crowded around yousef who’s dancing in the middle of the living room, showing them a routine
• sana tries to hold chris back from walking into the room because she still doesn’t want to make yousef uncomfortable, but chris walks straight in, winking at mikael as she does so
• sana however stays behind the door, standing there with that cute lil smile on her face because she adores watching yousef so much, he’s so into the dance, moving with the music and smiling, and all his friends are so in awe of him but then yousef opens his eyes and sees sana in the doorway (seems to be a common theme in this relationship) and he gets all bashful because he doesn’t want to dance in front of her
• this is met with a chorus of “bro what the fuck???” “why can’t sana watch you” “come on man you’re so good” from the boys (because they see how talented he is, they just want him to show it off!!!)
• then chris, who just has her eyes on mikael tbh, decides to pipe up like “ok yousef, how about we turn this into a dance contest, you’ve had your go so how about, I don’t know… mikael!! how about you dance next”
• all the boys start laughing, pushing mikael into the middle of the room, but he pushes back like “now boys, you’ve all seen me dance and we know I’m incredible, that’s a given, but you know who we’ve never seen dance? sana. I think she should go next”
• everyone starts chanting her name (other than yousef who’s just staring at her very fondly) and she’s just like “hahaha nooo I don’t dance, I’ve got better things to be doing” and starts walking back to her room when yousef catches her arm and suggests that maybe the two of them could.. dance together? (this is met with a chorus of cheers from everyone else, especially chris, who wants to see sana actually dance, not just bob her head like she does at parties)
• plus yousef may be embarrassed dancing in front of sana alone but he’s willing to push that aside to get her to dance in front of him (even better WITH him)
• the boys start playing the music again and sana’s just staring at yousef as he starts moving his hips to the music and pulling her back into the room because she’s stuck when she looks at him??? she can’t move for the life of her because she’s nowhere near as good as yousef and she’s never properly danced in front of anyone else so what is she meant to do??? but yousef just smiles at her, moves his hand down to hold hers and squeezes it gently
• at first they’re just looking at each other and stepping side to side (and yousef is smiling so hard now but sana’s trying to keep her Feelings on the down low so she’s trying to look unimpressed; inside she is screaming) but then the song gets to the chorus and yousef dramatically twirls her around as they hear ‘keep ya head up’ being sung and then sana can’t help herself, she finally lets herself move a little more to the music (relaxing, nodding her head, and stepping in time with yousef, even swaying her hips ever so slightly, and letting herself smile just a tiny bit) because she loves this song and she really likes this boy
• both of them start quietly singing/rapping along to the song (you know sana knows all the words and yousef learnt them all once he realised sana loves 2pac) and they eventually completely forget that their friends are watching them because they’re in a world of their own now, just surrounded by the music, smiling and dancing with each other
• they only stop when the song fades away and the boys all starting clapping and yelling “THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL” but as sana turns around, she sees chris filming them on her phone so sana practically jumps onto her and grabs the phone away to delete the video
• “but sana that was so cute, vilde would love it… can’t I just send it to the girls????”
• “sana bakkoush doesn’t do cute. you can never tell anyone about this. NONE OF YOU can ever tell anyone about this” (but inside Soft Sana is smiling because she knows it was cute and she really enjoyed it)
• the joke’s on sana though because mikael filmed the whole dance and he uploads it onto Hei Briskeby
• cue the comments from vilde and eva like “SANA YOU AND YOUSEF ARE GOALS😍😍😍😍 ALL OF US HAVE TO GO DANCING SOMETIME!!!💖🌸
• elias comments "she got her dancing skills from me guys you’re welcome”
• isak comments “you’re better at dancing than you are at biology, maybe you should stick to that from now on
also even wants me to say that this is the sweetest thing in the world, better than any romance film he’s ever seen (ur still not cuter than us tho sorry)”

• after this day, dancing becomes a regular thing for sana and yousef (but only when they’re alone so that sana doesn’t have to grab any more phones)
• when they’re feeling silly they dance to upbeat bubblegum pop songs (very evak-esque), just jumping around and grinning at each other and when one of them’s sad or stressed they’ll put on something slow and just be together, not having to say anything
• dancing becomes an easy way for them to communicate without words, one of them will just put on a song and they’ll dance together knowing that it only has to be the two of them and they can let everything go for a little while

Min Yoongi Imagines~ Helpful in All Languages

Hey, @jihope-taoris ! Thank you so much for your request!We had so much fun writing it, and we hope you enjoy it!Feel free to send in any more requests you may have. (Also Amin Kas and Admin Lex know very little in Spanish. So, if there is anything wrong, feel free to correct us.)

It’s currently 2 A.M., and I’m standing in the bagging area, waiting for Yoongi, and the rest of the group to pick up their luggage.

Suddenly I feel a small tap on my shoulder making me jump.

“Hola, disculpe? Has visto mi bolso?”

“De qué color es?”

“Es rojo con un oro I.D etiqueta.”

“Bueno.Veré si puedo verlo.”

Bending over the railing I extend my tor when a glimmer of gold catches my eye. Smiling I grab his bag and happily hand it over to him.

“Muchas gracias…?”


“Gracias, para su ayuda, Y/N, mi nombre es Michael.”

“Encantada conocerte, Michael.”

“Aquí está mi número. Texto me por lo que puedo devolver el favor almuerzo en algún momento.”

“Bien! Gracias! Fue un placer ayudarte!”

“Fue agradable que ayuda a una señora tan bonita.. En realidad, debería ser la uno gracias.”

“Adios! Tener un viaje seguro!”

“Tu tambien!”

Turning around I am met with my boys. Yoongi looked at me, unimpressed as the others simply smiled. Leave it to them to be so chipper at the crack of dawn.

“Woah, Y/N. I didn’t know you could speak Spanish.”

Taehyung was in shock and was amazed at the same time.

“That’s so cool!”

“I’m not surprised, she knows Korean too. She’s very talented,” said Namjoon with an approving thumbs up.

“Next time he should keep his eyes somewhere else other than your ass, though.”

Yoongi’s voice was more salty than usual.

“Aw! Are you jealous!?”

“No. But, on an unrelated note, can I have the number he gave you.”

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Imagine Chris proposing to you.

You grabbed your iPad and your mug of coffee as you made your way to the living room. You plopped down on the couch and rested the tablet on your lap; you opened Tumblr and took a sip of your coffee. You had wanted to see how well your last ‘imagine’ piece did overnight, as well as check your inbox for more requests. It was amusing to Chris that you were still writing imagines considering you were already with the person you were writing about, but you weren’t doing it for yourself; you were doing it for those who needed something to smile about.

Of course you had talked to him about it before you continued because you didn’t want to make things uncomfortable or awkward for him. He agreed to let you do your thing if he could set some ground rules, to protect his privacy, yours, and the privacy of the two of you as a couple. As long as you kept your identity anonymous- the world didn’t need to know that the actress and girlfriend of Chris Evans, Y/N Y/L/N, was the face behind Y/ and the details of your relationship private, you could continue writing as many imagines as you wanted.

He didn’t mind, he actually enjoyed reading your work. It said it made him feel closer to you when either of you were away from the other filming, that and- it gave him an insight on what you wanted out of the relationship and what you expected when you were in-love. He’d actually stolen a few date night ideas from your blog, which you didn’t mind because who could complain when he was doing everything you wanted.

You heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw Chris walk past the living room. He stopped and turned back when he spotted you out of the corner of his eye. He stood in the archway and stretched, yawning loudly as he ran his hand over his bed hair.

“Morning.” You leaned over and kissed his cheek when he plopped down next to you. He grabbed a throw cushion and hugged it to his chest, resting his chin on it. “There’s coffee in the kitchen that you clearly need,” you chuckled and turned your attention back onto your iPad.

You spotted the number notification on your mailbox informing you that you had messages waiting. You opened it as Chris rested his head on your shoulder so he could see what you were. There were a few requests and prompts waiting for you but there was a particular one that caught your eye. You scrolled down to it and read.

[First off, you are an incredibly talent writer; I am always in awe after reading your work. Secondly, I’ve got an idea to propose to my girlfriend but I’m still unsure about how well it’ll fare with her. Could you write it into a story so I can see it play out? You can even work your magic and make it better. Here’s the idea: Y/N spends her free time writing cute little loves stories which leads Chris to write his own collection of love stories but about things that actually happen in their relationship. He gives her the book and on the last page, is the ring with the passage “will you give me my happily ever after?” Yeah, that’s about it. Thanks.]

“Why does he need me to improve on this?” You chuckled in amazement. “This is freaking amazing.” You glanced at Chris and he nodded with an indifferent expression. “You should learn from this anon, maybe you’ll get a few ideas.” You teased him and he rolled his eyes, yawning. “I wish this person didn’t go anonymous though, I’d love to talk to him and see how it went.”

“You gotta write the story first, it seems like he’s not going to propose until he sees how it played out in your world.” He said and you nodded, opening the Pages app so you could get started. “I’ll leave you to work your magic.” He pecked your cheek and tossed the cushion aside, rising to leave the room.

“Okay, anon.” You smiled and let your fingers fly across the touch pad. “Let’s get you engaged.”
• • • • • • • •
Moments after you posted the story, you got another anonymous message. From the content, you could tell that it was the same person. [Thank you so much, this is perfect. Here’s hoping she’ll respond like your character.] You smiled as you read the short but incredibly heartfelt thank you. You wish you could just hug this sweet person and be there when the proposal happened because it sounded so romantic.

“Y/N?” Chris poked his head into the room; you looked up from your iPad. “Hey,” he smiled and you smiled back. “Can you come with me? There’s something upstairs I need help with,” he walked into the room and held out his hand for you to take.

“Okay,” you allowed him to pull you to your feet. “Why are you all dressed up?” You asked when you realized he was no longer in his pajamas but in a black suit. “Are we going out? Should I be changing into something too?”

“No,” he chuckled, leading you up the stairs. “I was just trying on the suits Versace sent over and- I kind of spilt some coffee on one of them. I have to wear it to an event next week so I rushed down to see if you can help me before it stained.”

“Chris,” you scolded with furrowed brows. “I thought we talked about this, no food or drinks upstairs because we are incredibly careless people. What are we going to do if I can’t get the stain out? Your publicist is going to kill you.” He pressed his lips together. “Where is this suit?” You pulled your hand out of his when the two of you got to the top of the stairs, walking ahead of him and towards the bedroom. “I swear to-” You cut yourself off when you got to the door.

There were candles everywhere and the bedroom floor was covered in rose petals. You turned to Chris and he smiled, taking your hand and leading you further into the room. He stopped in front of the bed and released your hand, leaning forward to pick up the leather bound notebook. Your gaze fell on the notebook and you swallowed, feeling your stomach flutter when you realized he was doing everything you’d written.

“It’s about time someone wrote something for you to read.”

“Chris,” you couldn’t contain your smile as you took the notebook from him. “This is amazing…” You chuckled breathlessly as you flipped through the pages filled with his handwriting; stories upon stories of your relationships biggest milestones and adorable moments. “Oh my God,” you felt your eyes well with tears as you met his gaze. “You sent that prompt in, didn’t you?”

“Flip to the last page,” he beckoned his head at the notebook.

“Yes,” you nodded before you did; the diamond ring tied to the ribbon bookmark slid down the page and dangled in the air. “Yes yes yes,” you blurted out when you saw how beautiful the ring was and how handsome your soon-to-be fiancé looked.

“At least let me utter the words,” he teased as he untied the ring. “Okay, hand please?” You chuckled and gave him your left hand. “Will you do me the honor of marrying me, Y/N? And provide me with the happiest ever after?”

“Like you need to hear me say yes again, you already read the ending.” He chuckled and slipped the ring onto your finger. You held your hand in front of your face and admired your sparking diamond ring. “I think you just outdid all my fan fics.”

“Here I was thinking I’d never live up to your version of Chris Evans,” he pulled you into him and caressed your face. “I love you, Y/N.” He dipped his head and kissed you tenderly. “And I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you,” he whispered when he broke the kiss, pressing his forehead against yours.

“And the lived happily ever after,” you giggled softly.


I have no freaking idea when I will have enough energy again to finish Gwyn, at least his reference, so I’m posting this separately.

So, high school/college/uni/whatever AU with a pinch of magical powers. Because, apparently, I was bored and because I love classic AUs.

Very simple setting, Augus (who not-exactly-legally lives with his little brother Ash but without a guardian at the age of 17) and Gwyn (the same age) go to the same establishment, interacting only briefly because Gwyn always hides with his sketchbook (oh yes, I’m letting the boy draw something other than maps) and headphones, and Augus spends free time either preparing for the next class or talking to Ash on the phone.

Some people have magical powers (nothing really powerful, some simple stuff), or Talents, and must be registered and wear a badge (like Augus’ on the pic). Augus is a flora whisperer, he helps plants grow and is very sensitive to the toxic stuff, because of that he lives beside the border of the town to be able to breath clean air. And Gwyn can control electricity. Remember how I said Talents aren’t powerful? Well, I lied a little, ‘cause Gwyn is a really special snowflake yet again, being able to control even lightning, more so - he can control it over a ridiculously long distance. Basically, he is dangerous af, and - what you know - not registered. You can imagine Augus’ awe when he will see Gwyn literally taming a lightning. Oh, and Ash is a cute 7-year-old potato who can change his hair and eye colour.

And I, like, didn’t want to invent something.,. grim? Gwyn’s family is a bunch of wealthy dicks, but no stuff like beating him or anything. The worst that Efnisien has ever done is to burn one of Gwyn’s sketchbooks (which, okay, hurt a little a lot), the worst that Crielle has done is sabotaging his painting lessons by refusing to pay for them (Gwyn picked up a bunch of jobs where he could discreetly use his talent). Lludd… well, he is galloping over cities doing some business. Gwyn himself is very quiet, independent and doesn’t go out much. At first year of college fellow students tried to befriend them, but soon it became a standing knowledge that Gwyn is better left alone.

Gwyn meets Augus in the park where Gwyn spends the majority of his free time, sketching random people. That time he was drawing a cute kid whose hair flared up yellow and red when he was laughing. Augus thought him a creep for staring at his little brother, but Gwyn apologised and showed him his sketchbook and they worked everything out, especially when Augus remembered him from the college. Basically, after that Augus sits with him on the breaks between classes, sometimes they talk, sometimes not. If they talk, it’s about Ash’s shenanigans, Gwyn’s art and that time he travelled over the world, Augus’ summer work in the antique shop.

tl;dr, this is an inelaborate college AU with powers that is so very self-indulgent and sweet.

@not-poignant , hope it’s not too ‘wtf did you come up with’ to read :’D

Ross imagine – morning after;

Requested by: anon & on wattpad

“Baby,” Ross coos as he rubs his hand up and down your back gently. You make a tired noise and shift, turning your head to look at him. You slowly blink open your eyes and push your disheveled hair out of your face. Looking up, you see Ross smiling down at you – his hair just as messy as yours is.

“Hi,” you whisper, rolling onto your side.

“How’d you sleep?” He asks, moving his hand to your side.

You stifle a yawn. “Great.”

Ross smiles and leans down, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “That’s good. Are you hungry or thirsty?”

“I could use some water,” you admit. “My throat is a bit sore from all that groaning and screaming last night.”

Ross chuckles and shakes his head, swaying his hair from side to side. “I’ll go get us some water, then we can cuddle. How does that sound?”

You nod tiredly and watch as he pushes the blankets off his body. He stands, his bare ass facing you. You can’t help but stare as he shuffles to his dresser. After getting out a fresh pair of pyjama pants, he pulls them on with no underwear underneath.

“Be back soon,” Ross promises before he exits the room.

You sigh and lie on your back, looking up at the ceiling. Last night was perfect. Ross was so sweet and gentle during the whole thing, and both of you had so much pleasure from what you did. You’d never felt that good before – he really knows what he’s doing.

You smile to yourself, thinking back on the details of the night before. You were home alone for the weekend, so Ross agreed on staying over with you. While watching a movie, a heated make-out session turned into something a bit more than that. You two had spent the rest of the evening in your bed, naked, making love to each other for the first time.

Ross’s footsteps bring you back to reality. He walks through the bedroom door, holding two glasses of cold water. You sit up when he holds out a glass to you. After you both drink a bit of the cold liquid, you sigh.

“So, I believe some cuddles were promised?” You ask, holding the blankets over your chest.

Ross smiles and he sets his glass down. “Pants or no pants?”

“Hm, no pants.” You grin.

He smirks and takes his pyjama pants off, quickly crawling into the bed next to you. You both lie down once more, snuggling under the blankets with your legs getting tangled together.

“Last night was amazing,” Ross mumbles.

Smiling, you nod and trace shapes onto his chest. “It really was.”

“You know babe, I was thinking,” he says, “We should have sleepovers more often.”

You laugh lightly. “That would be nice.”

He smiles and kisses your forehead for a few seconds, sighing through his nose in the process. “God, you’re so beautiful.”

A blush creeps to your cheeks. “I’m sure I look like a mess right now, but thank you.”

Ross shakes his head and takes a bit of your hair in his fingers, twirling it around gently. “You look as gorgeous as ever.”

Your blush deepens. “You’re just saying that because you got laid last night.”

He laughs, then bites his lip. “Well, there’s that … and there’s the fact that you’re the hottest, prettiest, and cutest girl I’ve ever laid eyes on. Not to mention the sweetest, funniest, and most amazing girl ever.”

“Aw, Ross.” You smile. “You’re so sweet. And funny, and hot, and cute, and sexy, and kind, and talented, and amazingly wonderful.”

Ross smiles softly and wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to his bare chest. “I love you so much, Y/N.”

“I love you too, Ross. More than words will ever describe.”



I can see Jin filming an episode of Eat Jin and having to pause in between as he looks up and sees you stuffing your face. He’d probably be in shock as he has never seen anyone eat as well as he does. He’d find it endearing and in a strange way super cute. I can see him smile and wipe your face every so often before returning back to eating his own meal.

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With Suga I see it going two ways. He would either try to keep a straight face the whole time and pretend not to notice and attempt to continue to talk to you normally but would in the end fail and start laughing from how cute and ridiculous you looked. He’d even put some of his food on your plate so you had more to eat. Or he would make a contest of it all. As he’d be eating he’d look up and see you enjoying your meal thoroughly and try to eat even more hungrily then you.  

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Like all of them I think J-hope would be happy to see you eating well. I think he’d be more than overjoyed to see that you were comfortable enough around him to eat so well. He’d be laughing the whole time and even after you’ve told him to stop he’d continue and apologize, “I’m sorry Jagiya it’s just-” he’d only laugh louder as your cheeks expanded from the large amount of food you had stuffed into your mouth.

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Rap Monster/ Namjoon

I feel like Namjoon would be in shock the first time he saw you eating ravenously. His mouth would drop open as he started wondering how someone as small as you could eat so much in such a short period of time. I think he’d tell you to slow down, worried that you’d get a stomach ache. Overall, I see him being slightly impressed by how well you could eat.

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I can see Jimin just happily observing you eat  for a couple of minutes before pulling out his phone. He’d start filming you so that he could keep such a precious memory forever and to potentially blackmail you with later. Like Jin in the gif below you’d feed him whatever you were eating every so often which he’d gladly accept. 

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Oh Tae…he’d be in total awe from how well you ate. He’d be so unbelievably impressed and may even consider eating to be a talent of yours. I can see this boy even stuffing more food into your mouth and having a blast from seeing your cheeks expand even more, “Jagiya! You look like a bunny! How cute~”

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This boy would not let you live omg. Aside from finding it funny he’d use it as ammo to tease you with later. He’d constantly make little remarks and jokes about it. He wouldn’t mean any harm by them of course, he’d just enjoy getting a rise out of you. Everytime he’d see food he’d probably be like “whoa! Get some quick guys before Jagiya sees it!” 

Originally posted by minpuffs


I really hope all of you enjoy this! 

~Admin C

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Oh!! Could you do a Mike Faist one where Jennifer and Rachel give him advice on where to take you for a date (you're not part of the cast but they know you well enough) and he takes you to their suggested place and you love it and later mike thanks them? You're writing is so cute by the way! It's really amazing. Very talented human :)

Awe, thank you so much!! This sounds absolutely adorable, honestly

anonymous asked:

leftsharklester, philester, redhowell, cleverlester, qanhowell

@leftsharklester i love kyra!! so much!! any time i see them on my dash is a good time

@philester anush is amazing and so so talented! every original post is pure gold and i can only dream of being half as great!!

@redhowell love the theme! also their url is just making me think of dan all blushy aw

@cleverlester remy is a lovely individual, im pretty sure hes hosted a meetup i was a part of so that was rly cool! hes also v v cute <3

@qanhowell jays gifs are so so good i cant believe it! so freakin talented :0

send me urls!! no more please!

KNK Reaction

Requested: yes ( I was wondering if you could do a knk reaction to their gf being a pianist, please? :))
Members: all
Genre: fluff
A/n: I changed “gf” to “s/o” so more people can enjoy reading it, I hope you don’t mind :) 

Youjin: He would be in awe at his s/o whenever he heard them playing the piano. He would love it if his s/o taught him how to play a few songs and he would always compliment them on how good they are or how amazing it is to play the instrument. 

Originally posted by madtwn

Seungjun: Seungjun would be so cute about having a s/o who could play piano. He would constantly talk about how talented his s/o is on the piano and how he could never get tired of listening to his s/o play the piano. He would also love if they could play a song from Pikachu or some other anime on the piano. 

Originally posted by tiknkerbell

Inseong: Inseong knows how to play the piano also so he would absolutely love it that his s/o knew as well. They could teach each other songs and practice together. He could also try to compose music with his s/o on the piano. 

Originally posted by henmi-old

Jihun: Whenever he had free time he would ask his s/o if they could play a melody on the piano and Jihun would try to come up with a dance for it. He would love the fact that his s/o could play the piano and they would have a lot of fun with it. They would probably have late nights where his s/o tries to teach him how to play the piano and it ends up in a laughing fit.

Originally posted by yooneroos

Heejun: He would love it the most because he himself loves learning how to play instruments and he would adore learning how to play the piano from his s/o. He would definitely want to do duets with him playing the guitar and his s/o playing the piano. He would also love listening to the soothing music and gawking at how amazing his s/o is. 

Originally posted by twikeun

 I hope you liked it! 

Draw Me Like One Of Your Frenchmen (Lafayette x Reader)

Would you please do a Lafayette X reader where the reader is drawing him and Laf walks in and the reader is embarrassed but he loves it?

Requested by oakdragon253

You sat down on the bench with a sigh, smoothing your skirts down. It had been a long day, but now, you were free to unwind. And this was the best way to do it. You pulled out your sketchpad and quill, breathing in the scent of the late spring flowers and feeling your nerves relax.

Drawing had always been an escape for you. You could get completely lost in the quill-strokes, finally letting go the stress of the day. You dipped your quill in the ink and began to draw. The sketched lines slowly but surely took the shape of a face. You hadn’t really planned on drawing anyone in particular, but you paused as you finished the eyes. Those weren’t just any eyes; you knew them well. Without your permission, your hand had taken the liberty of drawing the man you’d been infatuated with for so long. The handsome face of the Marquis de Lafayette stared back at you from your sketchbook, and you slowly lowered your quill, lost in thought.

This had gone on for so long. Lafayette had captured your fancy as soon as you met him. You had quickly become friends, but your heart yearned for more. So here you were, pining after him and drawing him for the umpteenth time. You sighed and dipped your quill in the ink again, taking great care in the strokes that completed yet another portrait of the gorgeous Frenchman.

Your thoughts and artwork consumed your mind so completely that you didn’t even notice someone approaching until he spoke.

“Ah, (y/n), I was wondering where you went!”

You started in surprise, knocking over your ink well. The black liquid fell off the bench and splattered across the grass. You whirled around to find Lafayette standing over you.

Désolé!” he gasped, crouching down to pick up your ink well, which was now empty, “I did not mean to frighten you!”

You released a deep breath, setting down your quill and shaking your head.

“I didn’t hear you coming!” you declared, pressing a hand to your chest, “My heart!”

Lafayette gave you a sheepish smile and sat down on the bench, offering you the empty ink well.

Désolé…” he repeated.

“That’s alright,” you sighed, shooting him a conciliatory smile.

“What are you doing?” Lafayette asked, craning his neck to see your drawing.

His eyes grew wide, and you remembered what was on that page. You snatched up your sketchbook and held it away from him, but it was too late.

“Is that moi?” he asked, trying to look at the page again.

“What? This? I don’t…I didn’t…” you stammered, but Lafayette reached across you and seized the sketchbook.

You tried to grab it back, but he held it out of your reach, staring at the drawing.

Mon dieu,” he breathed in shock, “You drew this?”

You buried your face in your hands. This was so embarrassing! But Lafayette was in awe. He turned the drawing and stared at it from all angles.

“This is si beau (so beautiful)! I have never seen such magnifique (magnificent) art! (Y/n), you are truly talenteuse (talented)!”

You looked up, unsure of how to react. Lafayette’s eyes were glued to the page. He looked absolutely enthralled. It was so cute, you had to crack a smile.

“Thank you,” you said shyly.

Il me ressemble beaucoup (it looks so much like me)!” he wondered aloud, “(Y/n)…this is incroyable (incredible)!”

Your small smile grew into a grin, and your cheeks heated up.

“Well, I really like drawing,” you explained.

Formidable (wonderful)! But why were you drawing me?” Lafayette asked the question you had been hoping to avoid.

You were immediately flustered again, and your mouth started moving before your mind did.

“Oh, uh, I just…you have a lovely face, and I wanted to…wait, no! I mean, yes, you do, but I didn’t mean…I was just saying that you’re very handsome, but I…ah, that’s not what I meant! You are handsome, of course, but I didn’t…um…I think I should stop talking,” you finished resignedly, retreating your burning face into your hands again.

Lafayette was silent for a moment before he gently pulled your hands away from your face. You kept your eyes lowered even when he tilted your face up with his hand under you chin.

“(Y/n), did you say I am handsome?” he asked, just barely keeping a smirk under control.

“I didn’t mean to…” you responded honestly, and Lafayette chuckled.

“Well, (y/n), I think you are très belle (very beautiful),” he told you, cupping your face.

You hesitantly looked up to meet his eyes. He was smiling, but he looked sincere.

“So…that wasn’t the worst mistake I ever made?” you asked slowly.

“I certainement (certainly) do not think so,” Lafayette replied, “What do you think?”

He trailed his hand across your cheek gently, tucking loose strands of hair behind your ear, and you smiled shyly.

“No, I don’t think it was,” you conceded.

The Biggest Fan (Jae)

Originally posted by forparkjaehyung

Type: Fluff

Request:  Can you write a fluffy day6 imagine where jae is hosting after school club with Jimin and you’re in a kpop girl group, like Jimin keeps hinting jae is a big fan/thinks your beautiful etc ?? Thank you so much xx

Y/G/N: your group name

Your group sat calmly in front of your two hosts “I was prepared for Eric honestly” you spoke without even introducing yourself “sorry we replaced him today” Jimin told you. “I can be better I promise” Jae spoke calmly. “I hope so” you teased as you passed the mic over to your leader. “Hello all we are Y/G/N and we are glad to be here” she spoke. You introduced yourself as their spunky lead singer Y/N, which is what you were.

Throughout your time there you felt Jae’s eyes on you “you know Jae is a huge fan of you guys” Jimin said making Jae blush “I wouldn’t say huge” he mumbled as your group laughed at him. “I think you are all talented and cute” he then told you guys as you awed at him. “Who’s your favorite member?” one of the younger members asked. His eyes went to you as your smiled. “Well I would have to go with Y/N” he spoke “he thinks she’s really beautiful” Jimin spoke. You cheered loudly loving being someones favorite.

By the end of the program Jae was ready to kill Jimin dropping sooo many hints about his crush for you. But even worst he couldn’t tell if you had any idea that he did. After the camera were off you hugged the two of them “you couldn’t be more obvious could you?” you teased Jimin who simply smiled at you “I’m glad you caught on” she said as Jae’s eyes were wide listening to you two talk about it like it was nothing. “Jae do you want to go out with us for food?” you asked “who exactly?” he asked “Jimin and I. We can tease you more about liking me” you spoke as he blushed.

Musical Neighbors, A Lin x Reader.  Part 5: Party at my place?

A/N: hooollllyyyy shiitttt it’s finally here. Sorry it took so long. bleh. My exams start Thursday and school has been shit, I apologize. :(

Warnings: A bit of drinking.

Summary: Anthony decides to have a little after-party hosted at their place after the success of the first show. 

I have never worked on Broadway, and I have never met the actual Hamilcast unfortunately. I apologize if any of my work is inaccurate, all experiences in this fic on based merely on judgement online.


Backstage, you were still chatting with Pippa and Renée, when Anthony had waltzed in all excited, with Daveed with him.

“Okay, so, in honor of Hamilton being so successful the first day, y’all should come down to place to you know, hang out and such. Drink a few.” He had the goofiest grin on his face. 

“Sounds like a plan.” Jasmine nodded.

Everyone agreed, and got up to go.

“Have fun guys.” You smiled, not expecting to go. 

“Whoa there missy, you’re going.” Daveed glared at you.

“I’m not even apart of the cast, why should I go?” You asked him.

He rolled his eyes. “Lin practically begged us to invite you. You’re going, young lady.”

“Oooh.” Renée, Jasmine, and Pippa all echoed.

You rolled your eyes at their comments. “If you insist, and Diggs, I’m only a year younger than you, don’t push it.”

You grabbed your coat, phone, and keys and went with the cast to Anthony’s. It wasn’t a rowdy party or anything, just some music and champagne. Lin was already there in the kitchen, pouring everyone a drink.

“Alright, good, you didn’t burn the place down.” Anthony teased.

Lin rolled his eyes.

“Maybe everyone will get champagne except for you, Ramos.” He shot back.

Anthony laughed, and started handing everyone drinks. Lin slugged his arm around you, and Pippa did the same.

“To Hamilton! May it become well-known to those, who, well, care to listen to it.” Lin announced. Everyone chuckled, and raised their glasses.

“To Hamilton!” Every shouted, and chugged their drink.

The little party went well, you chatted with the cast.

You were talking to Jasmine, when Pippa and Renée slid over.

“So, I heard you have a thing for Lin, eh?” She smirked.

Jasmine gasped.

“Pippa!” You groaned. “You promised you wouldn’t tell!” 

“I’m sorry! It just, slipped out!” She defended.

“It’s fine, just please don’t-”

“You have a crush on who?” Daveed interrupted, who was standing behind you the whole time.

“Can it, we’re not discussing it.” You grumbled.

“Aw, but (Y/N)! It’s so cute! You and Lin are like, the perfect match!” Renee gushed.

“Yeah, you both are very talented, and love the theatre!” Pippa added.

“Trust me guys, he deserves better than this.” You gestured to yourself.

Jasmine rolled her eyes.

“Honey, trust me, you’re perfect for him.”

“I doubt he’d like someone like me, though.” You argued.

“He talks about you non-stop. ‘Guys! She’s the best neighbor ever! She helped me write the songs, blah blah (Y/N), blah blah,’” Daveed mocked.

You felt yourself getting hot. 

“I don’t know guys. I mean, I don’t want to start dating him yet, I mean, we’re only just friends-”

“(Y/N), you’ve known him for the longest time. I think you two would be ready.” Jasmine commented.

“I’m…I don’t know, I’m just..not ready. Excuse me.”
You excused yourself from the room, stepping outside.

You took out your phone and scrolled through Twitter.

You liked him too much, and you didn’t know how to deal with it.

“Hey, you alright?” A voice said from behind you.

You turned around, seeing Lin standing there, two glasses full of champagne in his hand.

“Oh, Lin. Hey.” You forced a smile as he handed you a glass.

“Beautiful night, isn’t it?” He commented.

You nodded, taking a sip of the alcohol in your hand. 

“Congratulations, by the way. It was a brilliant show. People are already talking about it on Twitter.” You scrolled through your Twitter feed.

He laughed. “Thank you! And it doesn’t surprise me, honestly. Things get out on social media faster than anything.” He took a sip of his champagne, making a face.

“God, Ant has terrible taste.” 

You chuckled.

“It’s not that bad.”

You two talked and joked for awhile, before coming back into the house.

“Finally, I thought you two were like, doing it.” Daveed commented, causing both of you to blush.

“We were chatting outside, what a lot of sexual tension.” You rolled your eyes.
“Grow up, Diggs.”

“Yeah, grow up Diggs.” Lin echoed.

“Ooh, becoming defensive, are we?” Anthony teased, causing everyone to laugh.

You rolled your eyes.
“Can it, Ramos.”

You sat next to Leslie and Renée, and for the rest of the night you all chatted and joked about the show.

You ended up falling asleep on the couch when everyone was still eating and chatting in the kitchen.

You woke up about an hour later, and stretched.

Someone draped their sweater on you while you were asleep.

It was Lin’s. 

You walked into the kitchen, handing Lin his sweater back and thanking him.

“Ah, the sleeping beauty has awoken.” Anthony smiled.

You rolled your eyes.

“Well, it’s almost twelve o’clock, so I’m going to head home.” You went to grab your coat and things.

“I might go as well.” Lin put down his glass, and grabbed his things as well.

“Aw, walking your girlfriend home.” Jonathan teased.

“Shush up Groff.” Lin warned him, and the cast laughed.

Sooner or later, everyone left slowly after you both left.

You and Lin walked through the city, looking at the sky before you finally got to your apartment.

“So, tonight was fun. Congratulations on your show, again.” You smiled.

 “Thank you, (Y/N).” He grinned, kissing you on your temple before returning to his room.

You walked back into your room, and change into comfier clothes, and collasping on the couch.

You weren’t going to get any sleep, since you napped at Anthony’s.

You spent the rest of the night thinking about what everyone had said.

“He talks about you non-stop.”

“You two are perfect for each other.”

“Lin practically begged me to invite you.”

Does he actually like you back?


Alright! Part 5! Hope you guys enjoy, and I will get to requests this weekend hopefully. Love you all! <3


My brilliant fiance, this man of talent, Dustin Lance Black 💖

annawantstobtl  asked:

When I first discovered BTS, I only wanted to know their names lol & then I fell in love with Namjoon bc his dimples slayed me, but then Jin, christ, I fell for Jin bc of himself and how he's a good hyung for the guys, he's so sweet and silly, he's just very boyfriend material. His smile took me over and his laugh makes my rainy day just fade away, just everything about him took me over, I'm glad he's part of BTS, people sleep on him and they're missing out. He's an angel who is my everything.

Joon’s dimples slay me everyday man. Aw rip Joon why ya’ll dropping his cute ass to bias someone else 😂 Jin is such a beautiful and kind hearted hyung it makes me so happy! I seriously listen to those “Jin’s laugh for 8 minute” things like four times a week? Lmao, he’s amazing. I don’t see how so many people sleep on his talented self!
Admin R
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The Little Things Pt. 7 (Drabbles)

Shattered!Verse Drabbles

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Group/ Member: GOT7/ Im Jaebum

Pairing: JB x Reader

Originally posted by imbanny

It was the little things that made their relationship so special. Be it a glance, a touch, or a kiss, it was the random, happy moments shared between them that made trying worth it.

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Got7 reaction of you dancing or singing a song better than them requested by anon

He’s not the least bit surprised by your skills- you are dating Mark Tuan for petes sake, of course you’re talented. “Ah jagiya, even your dancing is cute!”

Bashful Jaebummie cant take his eyes off you, thinking “How in the world did she learn to dance like that???”

Jr. is impressed by your singing- so much so that he wants to hear you continue once you stop. “No no jagi keep going yeah its amazing!”  

You’ve captured Jacksons interest, and he’s eager to see more of your dance moves. “But babe, did I or did I not teach you to move your hips like that?”

Youngjae is in awe once he hears your beautiful voice- “Omo, you sound so good! We should do a duet together!”

*Is in utter awe of scoring a pretty noona with an awesome voice* Bambam is thrilled that you can sing, and will probably beg you to sing all the time.

Yugyeom loves that not only can you keep up with his dance moves, but you outshine him. “Ok, yes babe, I admit that you’re way better than me.”  

- Admin C

leejihoonnn  asked:

ellie!!!! its m od sammy from mysmemiss me!!!!! i wanted to check out ur blog and oh my goodness your writing is incredible??? Im jealous you're so talented!!!! anyways since requests are open >:3c RFA members+V reacting to MC's horrible bedhead?

AW THIS IS SO CUTE! And hi honey, you’re so adorable, aw! You’re more talented than me, are you kidding? Oh my gosh, you’re amazing too.


Regardless of how you looked, he understood how your hair could be an incredible mess in the morning. Though, he was a man that was willing to love you—even if you looked completely ‘trashy’ when the sun rises. Jumin constantly compliments your hair and even if you look at him with a bewildered face, he’d mention that you’re beautiful.


She definitely understands. Her hair was a bit frizzy and messy in the morning, especially after endless errands from Mr. Han. Jaehee was thankful that she wasn’t ‘alone’ in this situation, and knowing that you were a ‘mess’ in the morning, she’d always laugh and state that you look adorable regardless because she’s just that cute!


It was a bit hard not to feel insecure around him. He practically woke up with so much beauty portraying him, and even with his hair slightly frizzy, he still looked good. No matter what, Zen loved you for how you looked, and he was willing to wake you up with a sweet kiss and a pet of your hair every time you both look into each other’s eyes in the morning.


He’d take pictures of you every now and then and laugh at how ridiculous you looked. Though, he still found you cute. Saeyoung only enjoyed taking pictures of you because he loved you that much and he couldn’t get enough of you. Really, in revenge, you took pictures of him and stated that he was the one who looked ridiculous with his morning bedhead.


For sure, he completely understands. He would mention how he didn’t care how your hair was in the morning, he’d still want to pet it and kiss your forehead regardless. Sometimes, Yoosung would offer to brush your hair or try to make it into a braid (if it was long enough). Basically, he’d try to fix your hair the best he can do since he wanted you to be comfortable with your image.


Even though his vision was a blur, V found you lovely no matter what. You can complain about your hair all the time in the mornings, but he wouldn’t mind the way you look. He loved you and respected every part of your image and personality. Therefore, V would state that he loves your messy hair and would even try to brush it if you allowed him to—and if he was able to see clearly at the time.