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can you write a fic where stiles kisses the pack on the lips (pecks) except for derek and derek is jealous and doesn't know why.

Sterek + mistletoe.. *eyebrow wiggle*

There’s mistletoe hanging from the Stilinski’s kitchen door frame. Derek spends all of Christmas Eve eyeing it warily. Every time his pack mates meet under it they laugh, and greet each other warmly. Scott and Allison share a long hug that makes Stiles knock his knee against Derek’s excitedly, mouth at him to look like Derek’s not paying proper attention. 

In fairness, Derek’s gazing at him, not at Allison and Scott smiling shyly at one another. But, perhaps Stiles is used to Derek staring at him, he does it all too often. At first, it was out of sheer frustration and contempt; if Stiles moved, he would no doubt end up hurting himself, or Derek, or someone, and Derek needed to keep an eye on him. Over the years, though, it’s for much more than that. Derek looks at Stiles because there’s nothing he likes looking at more. 

Stiles is the god damn sunset over the sea, the bright golden light drifting into gentle, beautiful hues that hypnotize you, and Derek is loath to tear his eyes away. 

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Title: Snapchat

Pairing: Phan (Danisnotonfire/AmazingPhil)

Genre: purely fluff

Words: 500

Warnings: None ^-^

Summary: Cute fluffy snaps

A/N: Oh. My. God. This was so hard to write! I didn’t know what to do, so I just made it into a short little drabble Like I even tried reading some other authors snapchat Phanfictions but it was all smut! Anyways! Here you go anon. Hope you like it

Dan groans patting the spot next to him for Phil, before remembering that Phil was away visiting family. He sighs sitting up and immediately grabbing his phone

New Snap from: Phil!

Dan smiles opening it up. Just a few weeks ago the couple decided they would get snapchat, and so far it was working wonderfully.
Phil had sent a picture of his families fluffy dog with the caption. “You’re still cuter.”
Dan awed softly, quickly taking a selfie still in bed and pouting. He quickly captioned it. “Wish you were here” Before sending it and climbing out of bed.
He sighs trudging to the kitchen and grabbing a bowl and his cereal. He frowns at the surprisingly light box before peeking inside. All of it. Gone.
Dan huffs, quickly snapping a picture of the inside of the cereal box and sending it to Phil along with 10 exclamation points.
He throws away the box with a pout and puts away the box grabbing a pop tart instead.
Turning on an anime, he begins munching on the pop tart until his Phone dings again.
He sighs opening the snap notification.

Phil had sent him a selfie of him pouting and holding the puppy. Below it were the words.

“I’m sorry, and the puppy says you should forgive me.”

Dan tries with all his might to stay mad, but is unable to. He smiles softly taking a selfie

“Fine I forgive you. Sort of.”

He takes another selfie, this time he’s tapping his chin. This one he captions. “Maybe I’d forgive you more if you got here sooner.”

He waits for hours upon hours, but no response from Phil. He’s about to send him another snap when he hears the door open. Cautiously, he creeps off the couch to go investigate.

He reaches the door, wielding a spatula as a weapon, and raising it above his head and watched the door. When it opened, he let out what he hoped to be a manly battle cry surging forward.

“Woah woah woah!” Phil cries catching Dan’s arm before he can hit him. “First you beg me to come home, now you’re attacking me!”

Dan sighs in relief falling limp. “Sorry Lion, I didn’t think you were gonna come, so I thought it was an intruder.”

Phil laughs pulling Dan into a tight hug. “It’s alright.”

Dan smiles breathing in Phil’s scent before pulling back and frowning. “Wait a minute. I thought you were coming home in 2 days.”

Phil shrugs. “I was getting bored and feeling a little homesick, so I told my family that you weren’t feeling well and I had to go home.”

Dan smiles with an ‘awe’

“That’s great lion.” He smiles before kissing softly but passionately.

He didn’t notice when Phil took out his phone and snapped a photo sending it to Dan.

Dan’s phone dings and he pulls it out opening the snap.

It was the recently snapped picture with the caption.

“I’m the luckiest man in the world”

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Hey Anyway how about Mc's class goes to a tropical island to see a movie being shot. Hunts the teacher in charge.... so one day Mc finds herself skinny dipping alone in the beach and hunt sees her. Hunt walks over to her not noticing her being naked

One of the few positive things about HWU’s astoundingly expensive tuition was the fact that the excursions were a lot more exotic than your average university. 

One short 5-and-a-half-hour-later flight and she was slipping off her delicate flats and digging her toes in the white sand of Hawaii’s endless beaches. A few exceptional students were chosen to shadow the producers of an upcoming blockbuster, filming in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The budget for the film was ridiculously large, casting some of the most well established and high profile actors, an enormous and talented stunt team, and some of the greatest conceptual minds that Hollywood could offer to edit mind blowing special effects. But, for her, that’s not why this trip was particularly exciting. Staring out into the deep blue, she zoned out, smiling to herself until she heard him call her name.

“Are you listening?”

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So I walk in and he’s smiling at me and I’m like “hi! so you took a selfie on my phone in Boston a couple months ago” and he got this look of genuine happiness and I started to get nervous and he goes “Aw!!” and I go “is it okay if I take a selfie?” and his body guard yelled at me and said no and G was like “I’m sorry, hun. I wish I could” and then yelled at his body guard for yelling at me. So we took our pic and I was so nervous I barely spoke and last minute I asked if he could sign my chest and he looked at me and goes “How old are you sweetie?” and I’m like “I’m 18!!!!” and he got all excited and signed my chest and I cried a little bit after. And then I got front row and he was blowing me kisses during the concert and I have never been happier.