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Title: Aftermath
Characters: Hanji Zoe x Levi
Genre: Humor / Angst
Rating: T

@levihanweek​ Day 2: Nightmare

Levi’s Nightmare: Having a heart-to-heart with Pastor Nick.

“Are you worried about your wife?”

The question shocked him out of his musings.

Levi looked up, “My what?”

But the pastor was already speaking, “You’re obviously beside yourself with stress – and it’s understandable. Not knowing if your wife has survived-”

Levi cut him off, “My what?”

The pastor hesitated, apparently realizing he’d made some mistake, but misunderstanding precisely what it was. “Your…wife? The woman we traveled with before? She’s ah – forceful. You two uh – have the same, er – strident personality. When we first met, she dangled me off the wall.”

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swageyama4-deactivated20170916  asked:

The characters from most to least tragic/worst past.

Okay uhm I guess this kinda depends on how you define a tragic past, so I’m not gonna rank them but group them okay?

Not really tragic past: Jean, Sasha, Connie, Marco

Pretty awful past: Hanji, Erwin, Nanaba, Mike, Moblit

Tragic backstory : Mikasa, Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie, Eren, Historia, Ymir, Levi, Armin

Something like that?!

anonymous asked:

Dad,how would the 104th and vets react if someone told them they appear in an anime and people are watching them all along?

Mikasa: Is not surprised things like that happen
Reiner: Is shocked
Bertholdt: Finds it very strange and wants people to stop watching it
Annie: Is terrified
Eren: Would like to talk to the people who watch it and ask why they watch it
Armin: Gets scared
Jean: Thinks about earning money as an actor now
Marco: Feels haunted 
Sasha: Is feeling sick in her tummy
Connie: Doesn’t believe the person
Historia: Wonders if it’s true
Ymir: Didn’t expect anything else
Levi: Is not surprised people are sick enough to watch their story on screen
Mike: Feels intimidated
Erwin: Likes it
Nanaba: Thinks it’s aweful
Moblit: Is concerned
Hanji: Likes it and wants to make it even more entertaining

sizzlzz  asked:

How would each of the characters react to seeing someone naked? xD

Mikasa: Turn around immediately and leave
Reiner: Would tell everyone about it
Bertholdt: Can’t move and stare anywhere else but genitals
Annie: Throws up in her mouth a bit
Eren: Scream
Jean: Tries not to look anywhere and apologize but has to check the person out
Marco: Apologize for ten years
Sasha: Screams and apologizes for five years
Connie: runs away, forgets to close door
Historia: closes door, leaves, actually behaves like a normal person
Ymir: laughs
Armin: turns super red, closes door, apologizes later
Levi: roll eyes and leave, mutters “fuck”
Hanji: ”Aw, man, sorry! See you later”  
Erwin: Apologizes and leaves, turns super red though
Nanaba: Nopes away
Mike: just leaves again. Is actually smiling big time though

Inktober #18, remembered that I never did quite get out my figure skating AU idea. Hanji is one of those freestyle skaters and meets Levi. They clash at first, mostly on Levi’s part out of dislike for Hanji’s tricks and apparent lack of grace, but eventually they blend the two styles together or smth cheesy like that.


Shingeki no Easter: Attack on Egg Dyeing

Spoilers: Petra egg dies.

This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I’ve made (in a while). Final version edits corrupted, I stopped caring so have version -1! Happy Easter!

Hanji is Askerenscreeper, Armin is asksmallgoddesschild!