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Disrespect incites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.

Meryl Streep, Cecil B. DeMille Award Speech at the 74th Golden Globes

Meryl Streep: forever classy, forever brilliant, forever effortlessly charming and witty. 

We should all aim to possess a fraction of the poise, class, kindness, and humility that she contains in her pinkie finger.

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anonymous asked:

did you see Fassy with Alicia at the globes? so awful.... she's like this little gross boy with no curves and he's obviously not into it but she's so clingy

Okay, I didn’t want to publish this because it’s so offensive, but this isn’t the only ask like this I’ve gotten recently, so I’m going to address this.

First of all, I like Alicia and think she’s lovely, but I’m here more for the Charles and Erik than the James and Fassy, so I’m not all that interested in the Fass’s love life. I just hope he’s happy and doing his thing. (James and Anne-Marie are serious #goals though.)

But what I really want to address in this ask is something I have seen repeatedly around in the Fassbender fandom, though I have done my damnedest to blacklist and unfollow to avoid it.

STOP BODY-SHAMING ALICIA VIKANDER. JFC. If you don’t like her – fine, but don’t be misogynistic about it. 

She is a grown woman with small breasts and hips, not a “little gross boy.” I myself have SMALLER breasts than Alicia so I guess that makes me what? “Gross”? “A little boy”? Unworthy of love and affection? (I know that seems like a leap, but what else could you possibly be implying?)

Stop insulting women’s appearances. Don’t we already have enough of that in general society? Insulting fat women isn’t okay. Insulting thin women isn’t okay. Stop insulting women! What a revolutionary idea!

And please, for the love of god, stop sending me messages that not only are cruel and unfair to Alicia, but also cruel and unfair to me and women in general. 

mimfoster  asked:

I saw some people commenting on how when you start posting, it tells them that they should really be asleep already. I wanted to let you know that it works here in Australia as well! If I see that you've started posting, it means that it's late evening (10 or 11 PM) and I should be thinking about going to bed. Of course, you're waking up to the morning of the day I've just finished, but I thought you would like to know you're useful as a bed-time reminder all across the globe.

Aw, that’s cool! I love being a GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP alarm clock for people. Maybe I should just make a morning post whenever I get on: