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Sparring { bucky Barnes x reader oneshot }

“Hey doll :) I had an idea but I’m not sure if you like it. You’re a recruit for SHIELD and get trained by the Avengers and your Mentor is Bucky. So during the time together you slowly fall in love with each other but you reject him one time cause you don’t want to get in Trouble and leave the Training upset. Later that evening Buck Comes to your room and wants to have a talk with you but he can’t contain himself and you both end up having sex :) then he holds you and asks you to be his ? :)”- Anonymous
{ I really like this req! I hope you like the story love ,xoxo💋}

Warnings: SMUT  & ONE NSFW GIF! No ‘keep reading’ tab, sorry!

6 months , it’s been 6 long, exhausting months since Youve been recruited as shield agent . Not that Youre not grateful, but damn, You underestimated the ferocity of it . But hey, no pain no game , right?

Your day consists of numerous workouts and training with the one and only , Bucky Barnes . The moment You were assigned to be his trainee, fear flooded your veins . Not fear of him , fear of being a disappointment, fear of failing him, and yourself . Within the first few sessions bucky caught onto your worries , and did what he could to calm them .

On the outside he looks so rough and tough, to some he can be, but not to you.He by no mean goes easy on you. You can tell he has a soft spot when it comes to you though, as You do for him. Youre the first one to step to his defense and fire back at anyone who picks on him in anyway . Usually that’s Sam or Tony, while Sams banter is usually playful (sometimes), Tony’s can be…. harsh . He’s forgiven Bucky enough to allow him to stay at the compound , but once drunk tony comes out - it’s a different story . And Bucky just takes it, he lets tony hate him, let’s the brutal comments flow from the broken millionaire . You know he still blames himself, no matter how much you try to deter him from feeling that way.

Your relationship was meant to be professional; ya know just a mentor and his student. But it completely blew over that. Not only is bucky your teacher , but he’s your bestfriend . You honestly couldn’t say how it transitioned because it happened so naturally . One minute you’re sparring , and then the next baking together and watching movies .it didn’t take long for feelings to bloom on your side though, shocker , right ? Have you seen that man? Just ,Damn. 

 Youve managed to keep your feelings at bay , Not wanting to risk te friendship if he doesn’t feel the same ; which he doesn’t . Why would he ,when he has beautiful &deadly women , like nat and wanda, in such close range ? And is it even allowed for an avenger to be involved with a new agent? you could lose your job! Or What if he just wants to sleep with you? He’s known for being quite … a man whore . That’s the nicest way to put it . 

 Today isn’t any different than the others, your sparring is turning playful a little quicker than usual though. It stays serious atleast for the first 5 rounds or until You win more than 4 times , after he sees Youre improving his mood lightens ; turning sparring into more playful wrestling until someone taps out . He only keeps a straight face for two rounds today, right now the third round is starting & his stoic expression is beginning to falter . 

 You circle the mat across from him, watching as the corner of his lips twitch upward . What is he doing ? 

 “ you know doll, I went to have a some Orange juice this morning , and found an empty carton. ” 

 You stay expressionless as You internally laugh. I knew he’d find it 

“ that’s unfortunate Barnes . Maybe it was Sam .” 

 Bucky lunges forward, swinging his leg up only for it to be blocked , you launch your first towards him . He stays silent as the scuffle ensues for a few minutes, until he has you pinned underneath him, with his hands immobilizing yours . 

 “ see that’s what I thought too, so I had Friday run her footage from the kitchen this morning-” Crap . “ and I see this cute little thing bounce into the kitchen in just a tee shirt & panties. I watched her giggle as she finished the OJ and left the container in the fridge , purposely. Care to explain your actions dollface?. ” 

Your tongue darts out to swipe along your bottom lip before taking your lip between your teeth as You stare up at him. You watch his eyes as they look at your lips , the burning loook on his face only making you bite down harder . Fuck does he know what he does to girls? Fucker . Taking his moment of distraction for granted , you swiftly rearrange your position , so Yohre placed straddling his hips & quickly lean down to pin his hands like he did to you and smirking down at him. 

“hmm doesn’t sound like something I’d do Buck. Maybe it was -” 

“ I’d be able to pick your bouncy ass out of a lineup doll , there’s no getting out of this one.”

 Did he just - he looks at my ass?!?! He maneuvers out of your grip, sitting himself up so his chest is pressing against yours, your faces closer than ever before . He slips his hands around your waist while releasing a short chuckle 

 “ ya know, you look aweful cute in the mornings , even when you’re  being a devious little shit . ” He moves closer, your eyes widening even more as he does What . Is. Happening ?!?!? What am I suppose to do?!? He’s leaning almost all the way in now, is lips about to be brushing yours when you finally react . All the reasons this isn’t a good idea pour back into your head and you jerk yourself away from him . I can lose my Job. He could only want to fuck me . We could lose our friendship . Fuck

“ I-I - this - we can’t.” You finally squeak out. You wiggle your hips out of his grip and leap to you feet then bolt out of the gym like your life depends on it. You only stop when you reach your room and are able to hide yourself away . 

 You stay hidden for a couple hours before he makes an appearance , which you knew he would . You let him in without hesitation, I’m not letting this ruin our friendship, so we just gotta talk it out . Maybe it won’t be awkward . He quietly tosses himself down on your bed , and you can see the different emotions flashing over his face . 

 “ I shouldn’t of - what happened in the gym - wait- ”. He takes a deep breath before he starts over ,“ I shouldn’t of made a move on you, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” 

 You sigh and drop down next to him , laying your self as close as possible to him . “ you didn’t make me uncomfortable Buck. I just- I didn’t want to take it the wrong way. ” 

 His eyebrows furrow in confusion at your words “ how could you possibly take a kiss the wrong way? ” he questions  

“ a kiss could mean something Bucky. Or it could mean nothing . ”

 “ you think I’d kiss you if it didn’t mean anything ?” He turns on his side to properly look at you 

“ I don’t know. ” your confession seems to bother him .

 “ I wouldn’t do that to you, you’re not like the other girls y/n. It wouldn’t be meaningless, my feelings for you aren’t meaningless.” He almost sounds angry Did he says feelings ?!

“ exactly , I’m not like the other girls ! So why would I think it’d mean anything! ”    

He growls, and in a flash he’s hovering over you , making you gasp at the sudden closeness “ you aren’t like the other girls . You’re much better . If you didn’t feel the same, you wouldn’t look so conflicted, so what’s holding you back !”

 Your breathing picks up, and nerves set in . Within the last 4 minutes, Buckys confessed to wanting to kiss me and having feelings for me , it’s my turn to man up . “ you deserve better ! And what if we get involved and i lose my spot as an agent ?! What if-” His lips crash to yours, effectively shutting you up . 

  They are just as warm & smooth as you imagined as they move against yours . Your lips chase after his when he decides to pull away, putting a cocky smirk on his face

 “ so just to be clear , the feelings are mutual right? ” he asks , making you roll your eyes 

“ nope . I just let all my friends kiss me like that . Sams up next after you leave.” 

 You shoot back What sounds like a growl slips from him , and you feel a new heat form in your lower tummy at the sound . Oh fuck me dude . Your body moves on its own accord, rolling the two of your over like before so you’re in his lap . You don’t waste a second and place your lips on his in a fiery kiss . The kiss is fast & dirty , his tongue claiming dominance right away , his hands roaming over your body until they land in your hair . You feel him hardening under your lap, you hips Rolling against him to further it . You both groan into the kiss at the feeling, until it’s not enough . He’s the first one reaching strip , but you follow , and in seconds all clothes are scattered around your room ; leaving you naked and on top of an equally naked bucky Barnes . his lips ghost down your neck while his fingers glide throw your warm, soaking folds until two of them thrust into your waiting pussy. 

 He watches as you take control, fucking your self on his digits until you reach your release . He watches in amazement at the way your body tightens around his fingers, the way your chest bounces as you move and the sound of your soft moans . He pulls away once you settle down, licking your spill off his fingers before he pulls you into a even hotter kiss . You groan Into the kiss  and move to grip his length underneath you. Holy fucking shit . He’s bigger than anyone you’ve been with , and you don’t know whether to be scared or excited , but it seems excitement wins the battle . You rub his leaking tip through your folds , whimpering at the feeling when you finally drop down onto his cock . 

You don’t ease your way down, neither of you seem to have the patience . You do however stay slow with your thrusts , you pick yourself up his length teasingly slow until only the tip is inside you, then quickly drop down . You do it a few times , enjoying the whimpers from him and the way he’s hitting such sensitive spots in you. His hands tighten on your hips , silently begging you to fuck him and stop teasing . 

 “ you sure you want this ?” You shyly ask , keeping your eyes anywhere but on his . 

 He lets out a laugh in disbelief “ god,you’re’re gonna get shy NOW?!? You are literally seated on my dick doll. If I wasn’t sure -” You begin bouncing on him, his words turning into moans at the feeling of your walls already squeezing him. His hands go to your tits , roughly teasing them as you fuck yourself on his cock . The moans escaping you are sinful, but uncontrollable. The amount of pleasure coursing through your body is unbelievable, and almost unbearable. His hips begin lifting, meeting your thrust for thrust and hitting the perfect spot in your pussy You release a string of whispered curses and the speed increases .

 “ fuck doll, you feel so fucking good , and look even better fucking yourself on my cock. Do you like this ? Do you like having control on top of me baby?” You cry out and slip your hand between you to circle your clit , sending yourself into your second orgasm. Bucky leans up, wrapping his arms around your waist and flips you ,leaving you on your back . He slams back into you, holding a relentless pace as he continues pounding into you. You didn’t get to recover from your previous orgasm, and he’s about to send you into your third .

 “ you have one more for me y/n? I can feel how close you already are , fuck, your gripping me so tight . I’m-” 

 “ bucky please ! Harder!” Your request is met with a deep growl

 “ Its - fuck- so hot when you say shit Like that!” He leans back, gripping your hips and begins fucking into you incredible harder , your back shooting into an arch at the force his dick is hitting your sweetspot 

 “ that’s it baby! Cum all over me again .” He orders & then mind shattering pleasure takes over your body. You scream out his name as this climax slams into you harder than any before , your nails digging into whatever skin you can reach on him as you spiral into pure bliss . You hear him moan out as his finish coats your inner walls, prolonging your organs even more . 

His body collapses next to yours , both of you sweaty and completely spent . “so , what do say we go grab dinner in a little while Doll? I think we both deserve a proper date after that.” 

 “ this wasn’t a one time thing right? ” you hesitantly question 

 “ as long as you wanna be my girl, I’m all yours y/n . ” Your heart flutters at the thought, his girl . Fuck yeah! You mentally high fiveyourself and turn to meet his gaze .

 “ Sounds like a deal Barnes .”

I Choose To Love You

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Mark x Reader

Warnings: None???

AN: This is my first time posting my writing so I’m sorry its not very good, hope you enjoy!

I was waiting for my best friend Mark at the airport and I was a bit impatient. He was finally coming back from tour and I hadn’t seen him in almost half a year. I kept pacing back and forth until I finally sat down and went on Twitter. I noticed people already figured out where the boys were coming in. Just as I had looked away from the buzz of Twitter, I caught sight of my seven tall boys coming down the escalators. I stood up and smiled as they ran to me and embraced me in a hug.

“Hey boys, how are you?” I said and they all yelled their hellos and “fine and you?”. I smiled as I spotted my best friend standing behind the boys, waiting with his arms wide open. I walked up to him and he squeezed me.

I’ve known Mark ever since we were little; we met through our parents since they were very good friends and neighbors. At first, he didn’t want to be my friend since according to him I had cooties, but one day I brought him cookies and he started to talk to me after that. He’s always been there for me, through every heartbreak and broken friendships I endured. He always knew how to make me laugh and smile when I was in the worst moods and would cuddle me if I needed it. I was also there for him when he told me they had recruited him for a KPOP group and needed someone to convince him he was good enough for it. There were times where he wasn’t sure he even wanted to do it, but I was able to snap him out of those and he left me for about three and a half years to go to Korea and train and I stayed here in LA. He now comes every once in awhile when he’s allowed to so I get to see him other than all the Skype calls. I’ve always sort of had a crush on him, but as far as I knew, he only saw me as a friend. So like the coward I am, I never told him - or really anyone - about my feelings. As for the other boys, I met them after years of my friendship with Mark. I remember that one day during his training, he decided it was time to introduce me to them to let them know who I was and that I was real. He even made such a big fuss out of me meeting them as if he needed their seal of approval, but I went along with it anyways knowing that it meant a lot to him. Eventually, I grew close to them, especially Jackson since he was almost always with Mark.

Mark spun me around and kissed my head “I missed you,” he said as I grinned.

“Who wouldn’t miss me?” I joked and he laughed. “I’m just kidding! I missed you too, you bum,” I said as he put an arm around me. It wasn’t long before we were mobbed by fans and forced to run to my car and escape the scene to Mark’s house.

“Are you sure you can’t stay?” Jackson pouted and Mark joined him causing me to giggle and nod.

“I’m sure. I really have to go to work, but I’ll be back by dinner, I promise. Then we have all day tomorrow to hangout, okay? Have fun with your family Mark, love you!” I waved to them and drove off to work.

Mark’s POV:

I couldn’t get y/n out of my thoughts. I knew I had missed her, but I didn’t know I missed her this much. She looked so beautiful just sitting there waiting for us at the airport earlier. When she hugged me was probably my favorite part. I didn’t have feelings for her, right? I’m not sure, but I just knew I couldn’t wait for her to come back from work.

y/n’s POV:.

I was driving back to Mark’s house and saw that his car was the only one in the driveway. I hurried to his door and knocked. The door flung open and Mark smiled.

“Sorry, we don’t want your girl scout cookies,” he joked and pretended to close the door. I stopped it with my foot and he let me inside.

“Where’s everyone?” I asked looking around.

“It’s just us; the boys left to go to a party and my parents literally just left to the movies,” he said and I laughed.

“Why didn’t you go?” I asked and he sat on his couch and I followed and sat beside him. He chuckled and turned to face me.

“I wanted to spend time with you,” he said and I grinned.

“Aw Mark, you cute little shit,” I said and he laughed loudly. Oh how I missed that laugh.

“Did you just call me a ‘cute little shit’?” he repeated, causing me to laugh and I nodded. He jumped up and started to tickle me.

“StoOOOP MARK! PLEASE!” I yelled under him and squirmed everywhere and accidentally kicked him.

“Ow you kicked me,” he yelled in pain while laying on me and held himself there. I quickly hugged him.

“I’m so sorry Mark, are you okay?” I said worried and pulled his face up. He had the biggest smirk on his face I have ever seen. “You asshole!” I said and he laughed and cuddled me.

“You get no cuddles,” I said and he looked up at me and pouted. “Nope,” I said and after a bit of a silence I could feel him looking at me causing me to keep looking away from him. He pulled himself up bringing me with him making me straddle him. “Mark?” I questioned, feeling my cheeks burn. He didn’t say anything and pulled me in and kissed me. His lips were gentle but needy. I pulled away and gasped.

“I’m sorry, I’ve just been wanting to do that for a long time and-” I interrupted him by smashing my lips onto his. He smiled into the kiss.

“I’ve always wanted you to kiss me,” I admitted and he smiled and kissed me again.

Quick fluff/humor

Most of the stuff on this blog is of yanderes who have all the control in the relationship. But consider this… A yandere who is

W H I P P E D.

“Oh my God, GENJI!!!!”

[S/O]’s angry yell from upstairs made the cyborg cringe and smile nervously under his helmet. Of course. Laundry day was today…

“Goddammit! I’ve told you a million times not to put bodies in the fucking dryer! Now I have to use up all the fucking bleach hiding the blood, then I have to spend a fortune on a new one! This is the third fucking dryer I’ve bought! THIRD, GENJI!”

“Are you still mad at me, dear?”

Genji carefully asked, slowly peeking in the laundry room. [S/O] was kneeling on the floor scrubbing at the bloodstains inside the dryer.

They sighed, stopping and turning to look at him.

“Aw, shit… I can’t stay mad at a cute little morsel like you.” They got up and kissed him.

He smiled. “Good. Again, I’m sorry…”

“I forgive you… On one condition. I get to top tonight.”

The cyborg grinned. He was truly a lucky man.


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how fucking adorable Jack is

Just look at him

aw he messed up taking off his sweater 


yeah you go jack you cute little shit


and his laugh is so cute

i dont even know what the fuck hes doing here but hes still fucking adorable

cute little shit   remember the hat phase? 

aw hes so adorable

did i mention his laugh?

hes still a little kid


in conclusion

thank god for Barakat

The Little Shit (ft. JiMin)

JungKook fluff

Word Count: 2922

anon asked, “Kookie. 18. Fluff”

18. “I might be the most sarcastic and annoying shit but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you!”

“Hey babe!” JungKook slung his heavy (and muscular) arm over my shoulders. This annoying boy. How did he find me when the cafeteria is so packed during lunch break?

I have no idea when this all started but it was around second year of high school where we first met in literature class and oh, I do remembered him coming into class having his earphones on and being a total cool kid. A year after that, this boy is officially the most annoying shit I’ve ever met!

At first glance, his features were beyond beautiful. His doe eyes were so sparkly, making him look like they contained the galaxy. And his nose, so huge and plump, the type I would love to pinch when I get my hands on his face. His smile is the best yet. JungKook has the most adorable bunny smile with perfectly whitened teeth, and I love the way his smile forms this little triangle on his face with that thin upper lip and a thick bottom one. His lips were tempting and I wanted to have a taste of them so bad.

As much as I like to call him “annoying shit”, I have a crush on someone I never had imagined. I hated him for always teasing me for being short, for calling me in the middle of the night to wake me up and announced that he won his game and I absolutely hated myself for loving him knowing he would probably not feel the same. It’s true. Putting my emotions on the line because of him just got me hurt and overthinking a lot, but I’ve learnt to stop showing my feelings and become a stone cold kid towards the sunshine boy I have yearned for the most. He was the coolest guy in school and no doubt, I was one of the thousand girls who have a major crush on him but it is just that he doesn’t know that yet. Well would you rather have him irritating you or would you rather having JungKook to stop after knowing how your heart feels? I definitely chose the first option. I craved for his presence so badly, I would always give in after putting up a tough act. Yet loving him hurts so much, it taught me how to hide behind an icy mask and become someone I want to be. Someone who doesn’t stagger when it comes to her own feelings and manages her emotions well.

“Why are you smiling?” He gave his killer smirk and an eyebrow lift.

“Nothing…Your arm is so heavy, go away Jeon JungKook!” I pushed him away and quickly headed off in the direction of my next class.

He followed me and continued teasing me for being so fragile and weak, not being able to let his arm rest on my shoulder for that little while. My face feels so hot and I feel giddy. I hate him for his smirks, they make my heart flutter and my cheeks flush. And every time-

“Bet you’re running away because you’re blushing!Aw cute.” JungKook, that little shit, chuckled.

I solemnly swear, this kid will be the death of me. He murders me with his eyebrow lifts and his adorable giggles. And all I do is run away or just mock him for being gay. Okay, that’s not what I actually meant but I can’t have him tease me anymore. My feelings will show and no, he should not have any hint about them at all. It will be safe to keep some distance if I want to protect this non-existent friendship. I am currently more than satisfied that JungKook had approached me. To annoy me.

“Woah, slow down y/n!” JiMin grabbed my wrist. 


“Wanna come to my house after school? I need a tutor for math.” I hesitated and JiMin continued adding some more aegyo. “Pleaseeeee~ I can’t fail! JiMinieee has your favourite vanilla ice cream at home~ I will let you eat it for free! Just teach me some calculus please! You know tomorrow is my test, I can’t-”

“Fine!” I gave in after his pleas and disgusting aegyo.

“You’re the best!” He gave me a friendly hug before bidding me goodbye for my next class.

Meet me after school. I’m bring you out. 

Sorry. I have to go somewhere later. Can’t meet.

I hate to lie to JungKook but I did not want to back out on JiMin since he asked me out first. JiMin was a mutual friend between JungKook and I, maybe a little closer to JungKook so I couldn’t bear to tell JungKook that JiMin was the one who asked me out first. I just hope he would be reasonable and not have anything against me.

Don’t hoe around with JiMin. I know you’re going to his house. If you do, you’ll never see me again.

Haha, very funny Jeon JungKook. I will still see you in literature class as much as I don’t want to!

“Y/n!” My lecturer pointed me out. “Pay attention or you will fail your history test again!”

Yikes. It was my last class and JungKook just had to text me in the middle of my class which I fail miserably at. I was getting beyond frustrated through out the rest of the class. This was the first time JungKook had use such strong words on me. Calling me a hoe? It was not the first time I have went out with his friends but he seemed really mad. Is this boy on his period? I chuckled at that thought. What’s wrong with this kid? 

Just as I stepped out of my class, I saw a not-so-pleased Jeon JungKook with his arms crossed in front of his body. He is more than just unhappy, he seemed really pissed. I am done for.

“Hey,” I brushed past him and headed towards JiMin’s locker to find him.

“I’m bringing you out, I don’t care!” JungKook forcefully grabbed my bag and dragged me in the opposite direction.

“I’m busy! I told you!” I tried to resist his vigorous force. What exactly is wrong with him? He’s so unreasonable today.

Unknowingly, JungKook dragged me to an abandoned corner of the school filled with empty hallways and unused classrooms.

“What the fuck, Jeon JungKook? I swear to god I am just going to his house to-”

“Shut the hell up, did I gave you permission to talk?” JungKook gave one of his cold deadly glares. He never used that on me. He only used it on girls who approach him everyday to confess their love for him. He’s not the boy that I  love. 

All that followed was just awkward silence. Is my first love gone like that? I kept cursing in my mind.

“Look JungKook, I know you hate me a lot, but please let me go meet JiMin. We made a deal. I teach him and he gives me ice cream. I know you’re gonna bring me out to make a nuisance out of me, god knows what genius plans you have up your sleeves but do you actually think I would be so stupid and fall into your trap by going out with you?” 

I let out all my anger on him and regretted the next instant. But there were nothing but facts. The previous time JungKook brought me out on my birthday, he ordered hot kimchi soup to smash it in my face as if that was a cake. My uniform was drenched and completely see through, in which afterwards he made mocked my non-exsistent boobs. Another time he dragged me out to study at his home because he apparently needed a tutor for literature the day before exam and he obviously could not find anyone better to victimise.  JungKook had to joke about feeding my notes to his skinny dog and I could not have been more dumb thinking he was fooling around. The moment I helped him summarise his own study materials, my preciously written notes were fed to his dog and they were in such horrible state that I could not make out any of the words. All he did was take ugly photos of me crying and still used them as memes. What a jerk.

“Who said I hated you?” Boy was actually hurt and hella pissed.

“Don’t you always mock me and tease me for no reasons, thinking you’re bombass hot and that I actually have a crush on such a nasty asshole like you? I can’t believe you’re so vain and dumb, Jeon JungKook. On top of that, you are literally made out of 99.9% sarcasm and annoyance while the other 0.01% goes to being an asshole. Now you’re stopping me from getting my ice cream and helping out a friend! How is that reasonable? Then you dragged me here with no apparent reason and you’re just giving me some more of your bullshit when I could be at JiMin’s house being a good tutor and getting what I’ve been craving to eat! I have had enough of you, Jeon JungKook! I’m tired. Please fucking stop.”

“Me, vain? I know that. That’s why girls fall for me. That’s a proof that I’m really hot and good-looking you know. Can’t believe your enormous eyes can’t see better than JiMin’s miniature ones. And you want ice cream? You’re giving yourself away just for mere ice cream? Wow, I can’t believe you, how noble, you’re actually going to help a friend.” He rolled his eyes.

“Why do you even care so much about what happens to me? JIMin is your close friend you should know that he is really a decent kid!”

I am screwed. I have totally outdone my ownself and got JungKook so pissed I’m actually speechless at his replies thrown at me. I hated him for being so irksome but I loved him for actually being able to put up to me being a bitch on my awful days. Now I hate myself to throwing spiteful remarks at the one I hate, yet wanted to protect most. Why do we always end up like that? How could I already lose him when I could not even get him to start with?

“I know you hate me, Jeon JungKook. I know it all too well. Do you have to rub it in my face that I longed for a love I could never achieve?” I was tearing and eating up my own words. I can’t believe I just made a joke out of my ownself again, in front of him but hopefully, he would actually be dumb enough not to catch the little bit of hint that might reveal my affection for this kid.

“Hey, I’m sorry but- oh my god stop crying! I know humans are mostly made of water but that doesn’t mean you can waste them like that!” JungKook panicked. “God damn it! Stop crying! You’re so ugly when you are bawling your eyes out. Ugh, how I wish I don’t know you! You are embarrassing me! Oh my god, I’m begging you please stop! I don’t want some teacher to see this because I’ll get into trouble.” He had to cover my mouth in attempt to stop my loud sobs.

“Ouch, what the fuck!” I bit his hand hard and he winced in pain, letting me go.

I slumped onto the ground and rubbed my swollen eyes, being completely ignorant to my surrounding. Fuck you, Jeon JungKook. I wish you didn’t bother to talk to me, I wish you weren’t so perfect for me to fall for you, and I wish I wasn’t such a huge fool to love a jerk like you.

“Stop.” He offered me some tissue paper, to again, mock a pathetic soul like he always. “Just take it!” He shoved it in my face.

“G-go away! You don’t love my anyway. Just tell me straight in face the only part you love about me is to bully me because I’m so dense I would fall for your tricks every time and you would-”

“I’m sorry.” He lowered his head in embarrassment.

“The great Jeon JungKook apologising? Never heard of that.” 

“Look, I might be the most sarcastic and annoying shit but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you!” JungKook dared to yank at my wrists to get my hands off my face.

“You what?” I choked on my own words.

“Fuck, why do I actually have a crush like that? Come here kid, stop crying, I just confessed to you, I hope you’re not dense enough to not realise that. You better accept my affection, it’s not everyday I lower myself for a girl.”

“And let me guess, the great JungKook who has been afraid of girls actually confessed for the first time. Wow, am I suppose to congratulate you for accomplishing such a daring feat?” I let out a laugh.

“I don’t want to pretend to call you babe anymore. I wanted to date you for real since long time ago. I was afraid you might reject me because you’re a little shit too. I know you are habitually bound to say that I am irritating and selfish, always seeking for your attention for the slightest and insignificant little things that happen. I know you would hate me for always being so mischievous and for constantly coming up with the coldest jokes ever but I swear all I wanted was to make you smile.” He pinched both my cheeks upwards.

“I miss the first few months we interacted, when you would open up and casually talk about your personal life but eventually you stopped. I felt rejected but I kept trying, maybe if I was a little more foolish or playful, I might actually catch your eye again but you just drifted further away and I was so desperate because I love you so damn much.”

JungKook pulled me into his warm embrace and stroked my back with one hand to halt my sobs. I was wrong all along. JungKook did love me but I never bothered to find out, fearing rejection but he was experiencing too. Except JungKook was more daring and experimental in his ways. Had he not confessed to me, I would not have the slightest bit of imagination to at least think about how contented I would feel like dating him, how comfortable I would feel sleeping beside him and how secured I are in his arms.

“My cute baby please stop crying now,” He cooed and brought his thumbs to my face to wiped my tears. “I prefer you smiling. It looks beautiful on you.”

With that, his hand on my back traveled down your waist to pull me closer and minimised the distance between our bodies. I could even feel his heart pulsating with clear thumps.

“I like that pink blush too,” He chuckled and gave me his signature bunny smile. His other hand glided from my ear down my jawline, to stop at my chin. His breathing was hard, and I could feel his little exhaled breaths touching my skin.

“I love you.” He leaned in and I closed my eyes in response. I felt his tender lips brushed against mine and pressing down delicately, savouring my sweet taste in his mouth. Those lips that were so delicious, I was finally enjoying them and they were so much better than my own imaginations. He was a delicacy and craved for more. Just as he was about to pull away completely, my hand tugged on his soft locks to pull him in for another around of kissing. It was my first time, it was his as well. First love tastes so satisfying I couldn’t help but savour more of it.

“I love you so much, Jeon JungKook. And about that name calling, you’re my little shit too.”

It turned out that JiMin had his test on that day and didn’t need a tutor. JiMin needed make JungKook jealous so that he would confess to me after waiting for a whole year, crushing on me in secret while I weas doing the same too. 

“I swear this kid is the most annoying human ever! He was dying because you have been rejecting his dates recently and he is desperately trying to find ways to confess you to become his.” JiMin smacked JungKook on his head. “You better thank me for making you so jealous your impulsive nature would act up.”

And, for once, JungKook called me babe officially and brought me out for our first date, which was a trip to the ice cream store opposite school.

“I’ve never thought you could be so cheesy when it comes to love.” I teased him.

“I’ve never thought you were so smart to make me confess through your crying.” JungKook rolled his eyes. “Open your mouth.”

“Did you finally graduated from drama school? I’m sure you are trying to re-enact a Korean drama scene with all the fake romance.” I opened my mouth wide, waiting for his scoop of vanilla ice cream to arrive on my tongue.

“You ought to graduate from school though,” He retreated his hand when his spoon was so close to reaching my tongue that the cold metal of the spoon touched my lips.

“You little shit!” I gave him a little glare in return and shoved a whole chunk of ice cream into my mouth from my own spoon.

“Cute.” He commented and I felt my face heating up.

TMNT Seasons and Ciro
  • Ciro in Season 1: Fandom look at this cute show I made!
  • Fandom: *watches in awe* Its so cool and cute, look at those little shits being adorable!
  • Ciro in Season 2: Fandom this season is gonna get really good. Get ready!
  • Fandom: *gets ready, but was never prepared for the season 2 finale* Why does this shit have to get so damn real!
  • Ciro in Season 3: Fandom shit is getting realer after eight episodes of being in the woods.
  • Fandom: *watches the eight episodes then sees the rest of season 3 thats in progress* Can we go back to season 1 where everything was simple? *sighs looking back on the good old days*
So a random Korean couple caught Myungjong eating alone last night at a Mecenatpolis resto and they felt the need to mention them in their photo caption because... well yes, because Myungjong

(You two are not so subtle, no?)