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Kilchurn Castle by Olivia Notter
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Loch Awe, Argyll & Bute, Scotland | November, 2015


Kilchurn Castle by Chris Marr
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On the banks of Loch Awe, the stunning Kilchurn Castle

“The Dagger of Hasetsu”

“Do you think there are really ninjas there?” Sara leaned into Mila softly, linking their arms together.

“No way,” Mila sputtered, collecting herself as she caught the sweet scent of Sara’s hair. “It’s just an urban legend or something. Something to get the silly tourists all excited.”

“Yuuri, Yuuri! I want to see the ninjas!” Victor was buzzing all around Yuuri, tugging ceaselessly on his shirt.

They were standing in the shadow of Hasetsu Castle, which was posted high above them, green tiled arches glistening in the sun. Yuuri’s mother, being the kind of mother she was, had invited Yuuri’s competitors to come stay with their family at the hot springs for a visit. Yuuri hadn’t expected that every single one of them would take her up on the offer… at the same time. It was a little overwhelming.

The other skaters had pressed Yuuri into showing them the sights, citing Victor’s rave review of Hasetsu. Yuuri didn’t know how to break it to them, but there wasn’t much to see. In fact, their trip around the city had probably been more exciting for the locals.

They were an interesting sight, after all- a pack of foreign professional athletes huddled together around Yuuri like a bunch of baby ducks, staring up in awe at Hasetsu Castle as if they thought the building was watching them back.

“Ninjas?” Georgi swooned. “How mysterious.”

“You can’t be stupid enough to think they’re really hiding something like that up there,” Yurio grumbled. “Tell them, Yuuri.”

“Actually…” Yuuri trailed off evasively.

“I knew it!” Victor exclaimed. “Come on, Yuuri, you’ve kept me waiting long enough. Can’t we see inside? Just a peek.”

“Well…” Yuuri started to sweat as the others pressed in around him. “It’s dangerous.”

“Sounds exciting!” Emil was grinning hard. He grabbed onto Michele’s hand and raised it high in the air. “We’re in!”

“Speak for yourself!” Michele barked, flapping his arm in attempt to escape.

“We’re in, too!” Sara said, and Mila nodded.

“Sara, no,” Michele whined. “He just said it’s not safe. We should wait outside.”

“We’ll be careful, won’t we, Yuuri?” Sara prodded.

“Er- uhm-”

Yurio was already starting up the stone steps without them. He had a new fire burning in his eyes.

“Like I’m gonna let Katsudon stop me from seeing the ninjas. C’mon, Beka!”

Otabek followed quietly after him like an old dog.

“I’ll race ya, Mickey!” Emil shouted, taking off at top speed.

“What- no- Sara, wait!” Michele stumbled after his sister, who was already disappearing into the trees.

“Seung-gil, let’s take a selfie together at the top!” Phichit called cheerfully.

“Everyone, wait-!” Yuuri tried, but it was too late. The other skaters were already rushing to the top without him.

“Let’s hurry, or we’ll be left behind.” Victor’s smooth voice cut through Yuuri’s panicked thoughts. He was playfully rubbing Yuuri’s inner arm. “Unless that’s what you wanted… It’s just us now.”

Yuuri eyed him with amusement.

“Yeah. Just you, me, and Chihoko.”

He started up the stairs after the group, leaving Victor to absorb his words.

“Yuuri, that’s mean!” Victor wailed after him.


“How do you open this damn thing?” Yurio grunted as he pried at the doors with both hands and one foot.

“Maybe we have to ring the doorbell,” Otabek suggested calmly.

“Beka, what-?”

“This is ridiculous,” Seung-gil muttered.

“Maybe there’s a secret button,” Emil chimed in.

“Of course.” Minami nodded sagely. “Ninjas are very secretive. They don’t want just anybody getting in there.”

“Well I’m not just anybody, and I’m getting in whether Yuuri likes it or not!” Yurio swore. “Give me a boost!”

Otabek stooped a bit so that Yurio could climb onto his shoulders.

“I see an opening! Can you get a little closer to the door?” Yurio asked, wobbling a little as he stood up.

“Careful!” Guang Hong hovered nervously around Otabek, reaching out to brace Yurio’s legs.

“Maybe we should wait for Yuuri,” Leo offered. He exchanged a look with Chris, who just shook his head.

“Why wait? Fortune favors the brave!” JJ slapped Otabek on the back in support, causing Yurio to almost lose his balance.

“Watch it!” Yurio snapped, clinging to the building like a cat over a bathtub.

“Can you see inside?” Phichit asked, standing on tiptoe.

“I think… if I get on this ledge…”

“What are you doing??” Yuuri shrieked as he and Victor reached the landing.

Woah!” Yurio’s palm slipped and he toppled head-first out of sight. They heard him hit the floor on the other side of the door.

“Oh my god,” Yuuri said quietly.

Ow……Wow! Urgh… You guys have to see this! This is so cool!”

“Yuri, don’t touch anything!” Yuuri’s voice was firm and low.

“Hey, how come the floor is sinking? I didn’t break it just from falling like that… Crappy ninja architecture-”

Yuuri pushed through the other skaters, stripping off his windbreaker. He pulled his arm back and struck the doors of Hasetsu Castle hard with his open palm in several places, following some kind of pattern invisible to the others. The doors groaned open on their own, parting ominously.

“Yuuri-” Victor saw the expression on his fiancé’s face change. It was the same look Yuuri had right before a competition. When concentration overpowered any other thought and the rest of the world was blocked out.

Yurio was standing in the middle of an enormous, cathedral-like hall lined with pillars. Everywhere he stepped, a section of the floor began to lower out of sight, like a puzzle that was losing pieces, fast. He kept jumping back, out of the way, moving further and further inside.

“It’s just like Indiana Jones!” Leo mused aloud. Then realization struck him. “Oh no.”

“What are you talking about?” Yurio tripped and fell backwards, grabbing onto one of the pillars as he went down. The pillar emitted a buzzer noise and lit up red around his hand. “What th-”

It happened so fast that Victor wasn’t entirely sure that he hadn’t imagined it.

Thousands of small, square panels opened up in the walls, releasing a spray of shiny steel knives.

Yuuri lunged forward onto his hands and launched himself into the middle of the knife storm, twisting and flipping his way across the hall while blades from every angle sliced the air around him. A pit of fire opened up in the middle of the floor, spreading towards the very edges of the building. Yuuri’s foot caught the lip of the pit as the floor receded into the wall and he pushed off from it, ricocheting off the top of a pillar like a pinball, landing softly next to Yurio on the other side.

There was an electric whirring noise and Yurio looked up to see a set of circular saw blades descending from the ceiling above him. He tried to get to his feet but his legs felt like jello. He didn’t know where to step. A loud clank behind him made him freeze up. A grate near the back wall was opening, one bar at a time. Behind it a hungry-looking crocodile was opening its mouth and emitting a deep, rolling growl.

“D-Don’t leave me, idiot!” Yurio shouted as Yuuri sprung into the air again, glancing off a pillar on the opposite side of the hall, which lit up green under his touch. A pair of shuriken dropped from the ceiling, dangling from ribbons- as unreachable as stars above Yurio’s head. But he watched as Yuuri snatched them from the sky and threw them, mid-flight, into the back wall. They lodged with a hollow thunking noise, and- to Yurio’s great relief- the saw blades above him stopped moving. The crocodile let out a hiss of frustration. The floor began to close, concealing the live flames roaring underneath.

The shuriken had stuck in perfect parallel, barely an inch apart. Yuuri pulled them out and blew the dust off of them, shining them on his shirt.

“Now I have to reset all of this…” he sighed. He walked over to Yurio, who was still a puddle on the floor. “Are you hurt?”

Yurio shook his head slowly.

“I told you to wait for me,” Yuuri said, exasperated. “Well, as long as nobody was injured…”

He looked over at the entrance to find the entire skating community staring at him in shocked silence. Minami was the first to react.

“THAT. WAS. INCREDIBLE!!” he screamed in Japanese, tears in his eyes. “Yuuri-san, you really are the best!”

“My, Yuuri, what did we just witness?” Chris raised his eyebrows, both terrified and aroused.

Victor looked like his heart was going to explode. He was clutching his chest with one hand, bracing himself in the doorway with the other. Phichit patted him on the back sympathetically.

Yuuri shrugged, bashful now that everyone was looking at him.

“I had a lot of free time growing up in a small town.”

“Wow, Yuuri, I never would have guessed from looking at you that you were this cool!” JJ praised, putting his foot in his mouth as usual.

“Uh… t-thanks? So… Did you guys still want a tour of this place? This is just the foyer-”

Yurio ran past him in the opposite direction.

They were all in agreement with Mila, who said,

“No, I think we’re good.”
From the Ruins, We shall Rise: Chapter 2
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Just gonna secretly update this at nearly 3 am, nbd, hahaha

Welp, here it is guys, in its 9.5k glorious addition, Ruins has been updated!!! I blame Caro for getting my butt in gear and making me finally finish the chapter by posting that gorgeous Lance from a couple days ago. Like how could I not update after that???

Anywhoodles, here’s an excerpt~


Lance lowered his collar. “Shay, you in here?”

He heard someone gasp, and before he knew it was engulfed in a bone crushing hug.

“Lance! It’s been too long! Why has it taken you so long to come visit?” Shay shook him about, his feet leaving the ground.

“Shay – can’t breathe – missed… you too –”

“Oh! Sorry, sorry!” she put him down gently and Lance leaned this way and that to realign his back.

“Yeah sorry about not visiting, been a little busy.”

Shay crossed her arms, her foot and half height difference over Lance would have made it intimidating if it weren’t for how well Lance actually knew her. She was sweet, sweeter than she should be for a black market dealer. Could still bash your head in, but sweet.

“Uh-huh, one of my runners told me you went and joined the princess. Didn’t think you were interested in that.”

Lance shrugged. “She pays well, and my family can use every aruan they can get their hands on. You know how I operate.”

“Mm. You always put them first, when are you going to take care of yourself, Lance?” she chided. She turned and started heading to the front of the shop. “So, what are you here for this time? Information? Weapons – and you know I can’t do much about that. You have these weird arrows that no one else uses.”

Lance motioned for Shiro to follow him. “Keep your hood up, Shay isn’t all that friendly with Galra, past or present,” he whispered.

“Got it,” Shiro responded.

They followed her to the main part of her shop. No one was inside, if someone wanted Shay for something, they entered in through the back. Anyone who came in through the front was guaranteed outrageous prices for anything she had.

“You got any of that Glacier wood? Broke my old bow hunting.”

Shay looked over at him, an eyebrow raised high, nearly to her hairline. “You finally broke that old thing? You’ve had that for years, ever since the war, yeah?”

“The same guy who supplies me arrows made it for me. I’ve tracked him down again and he and another friend have agreed to make me a new one. Just need the wood for it.” He glanced around, looking for any sign of it. Shay was his only consistent informant and provider for just about anything. She even made him his cloak, one of a kind as thanks for saving her shop from bandits.

She pointed over to the opposite side of the shop. “There should be some in that corner. Don’t know how good the quality is, but it’s better than cutting down your own tree.”

Lance grinned and made his way over to said corner. True enough there was some there, long links that were about five feet in length. Some of them were warped, way beyond any use, and he picked up ones that were as straight as possible. They weren’t as thick as he would have liked, but maybe Hunk could make something out of them.

He handed them off to Shiro and dug out his purse. Shiro looked a little affronted at being designated as the pack mule, but thankfully he didn’t say anything. Lance had the feeling that as soon as they were out of this place, he was going either get the lecture of a lifetime or get stuck doing some gods’ awful duty around the castle for a month. There went his free time.

He tossed Shay a few gold aruan, ignoring her squawk about him overpaying her. It was all pretense, but what he was about to ask her was really going to make the money worth it.

“Say, you haven’t heard from my old crew have you? Rin, Geoff, and all them?”

Shay froze up for a second before moving about the shop again, appearing normal, but she couldn’t hide the shake in her hands as she straightened things. Rin had been his second in command, a little ruthless in the way she took down targets, but he hadn’t been able to deny her talent when he recruited her during the war. It was safe to assume that Rin has been the pack leader since he left.

“Geoff is dead,” she said quietly after a minute.

Come Home to Me

Characters: Frank Castle (Punisher) x Reader 

 A/N: i see one gifset of fucking jon bernthal and i have to write a fucking fic about him. goddamn it. i love my murder husband…

 Summary: Frank comes home to you a little more beat up than usual and you get emotional. 

 Warnings: angst? injuries (bruising, cuts), mostly just feeeeeelings 

 Words: i honestly have no idea. i wrote this on my phone at work… 

 Tags: none? lol this is a new character 

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A thundering knock jolts you from sleep. You groan and push the fuzzy blanket off your bare legs to stumble off of the couch where you’d been waiting for your boyfriend to get home. You must have fallen asleep waiting. 

Another knock comes from your front door and you groan, pulling your cardigan tighter around you at the sudden chill in the air. “Coming, coming,” you mutter. You blink the sleep out of your eyes and swing the door open as quickly as possible just to stop the awful knocking. 

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fake dating or arranged marriage shance?

Ohhh. My favorite Cliche fic idea!! ( ̄▽ ̄) I hope you like it.


Lance didn’t want to be married yet. Though he had no say in the matter. He was being married into a larger richer family for the benefit of their family. He was stuck in the situation, unable to say no.

His heart hurt, the knowledge that his parents would sell him off hurting him. He wasn’t really good at fighting and he was just the middle child. Not a young one, too young to be married, and never going to be on the throne.

He was to be married to Takashi Shirogane, one of the princes to the neighboring kingdom. It wasn’t known what the princes looked like, having been hidden from public view. They didn’t even know which one was the first prince, in line for the throne.

There were many rumors about the kingdom, but none from inside the kingdom. It was all from neighboring towns and villages, wondering why it always seemed so peaceful but quiet in the kingdom.

Lance sighed in thought as he finished packing his clothes. His parents weren’t even going to go to the wedding, the marriage only being a source of money for them. He shook his head and sighed, making sure to pack his favorite outfits. Then picking up his beautiful kitten. They had just gotten her recently and he had gotten permission from the kingdom that he was allowed to keep her and bring her with him when he left, the other kingdom agreeing as well.

Sighing he pressed his cheek against her, sighing as she purred comfortingly. “I don’t wanna go to an unknown place with random people. What if they’re mean..” he whispered, getting startled as there was a knock on the door. “Prince, it’s time for you to be seen off,” said the guard, leaving right after he spoke.

Sighing he put Azul in her small little carrying crate and grabbed his small bag. It wasn’t big, he didn’t want to seem too eager or brig too much stuff. All he had packed was his small silver band from he kingdom, his favorite outfits, stuff for Azul, and his skin care items.

He grabbed his bag and carried them to the front den, Azul mewling softly as he walked. Lance forced back tears and swallowed the lump trying to form in his throat. The only people there were his nana, the staff, and his best friend Hunk. “I’m gonna miss you Lance,” he said, wrapping the skinnier boy up in a giant hug.

“I’m gonna miss you too my man. Take care of everyone while I’m gone,” he said, smiling sadly as his arm was grabbed by a guard. “Time to leave,” Lance whimpered and smiling sadly at Hunk.

“See you soon,” he said as he was dragged out. Quietly he was herded into the carriage with his bags and he sat down heavily. He leaned up against the small window looking out over the small town surrounding his kingdom. It was bustling with life, and he knew that he would miss it.

The travel was really long and he was half asleep as he arrived. Quietly he got out as he arrived. His eyes wandered as he walked further in, accompanied by three guards. One with strikingly white hair, a re headed one, and a short one with brown hair. He bit his lip as he walked, unsure how to feel as he walked up to the gates of the kingdom. His eyes widened as he was walked in, it was beautiful. Distinct concrete roads with chalk drawings from earlier in the mornings. Small empty market stalls and large houses and more stores. It was so homey and welcoming. As he walked further he tried to stay awake. Azul’s meowing the only thing tethering him to consciousness at the moment in the dark and quiet kingdom.

It was a long walk to the castle. As they arrived the smaller one did something that Lance couldn’t make out and the gates opened. He was ushered in and his jaw fell open in awe. The castle was even bigger in person, it being made out of seemingly perfect concrete and stone. Lance walked inside and was blown away even more. The floors were white marble and there were pillars of the same white marble guiding the way in deeper to a throne room.

As he walked in he saw peeks of people, servants he guessed, peeking out of doors and hallways. He shuffled into the throne room, looking at the thrones that were occupied. It was the Queen and King and two smaller thrones were occupied as well. The king stood up with a bright smile. “Welcome to our Kingdom! It was quite dark out but the town is usually very beautiful and full of life! We’re so honored to have you here to marry into our family, thank you for agreeing to the marriage,” the kind gushed out, starting to talk about to kingdom.

Lance was wide eyed as he looked at him, taking in what he said the best he could. The queen finally stopped his rambling and sat him down. “You must be tired young prince, let’s have your betrothed take you to your quarters to rest,” she said with an obvious smirk. A man stood up, who he assumed as Takashi Shirogane, and oh dear Lance was doomed. He was super hot, his white tips only making him look older and sexier. His shoulders were broad and in his tight shirt it showed off the muscles as he moved.

“Nice to meet you Prince, I’m Takashi Shirogane, call me Shiro. Let’s take you to your room,” he said and offered his arm up. Lance hesitantly took it and almost instantly he was dragged out of the throne room by Shiro. The warmth coming off him made Lance even sleepier. He felt out of place here but Shiro felt warm and the warmth reminded him of home. “Thanks for bringing me here,” Lance mumbled as they stopped outside the assigned room.

“No big deal. It’s nice to meet you, I hope to see you more tomorrow,” Shiro said and bowed slightly and hurried off. Lance quietly walked into the room and set his stuff down. Sighing he put away some of his clothes and set up the small bed and toys for Azul before letting her out. Sitting on the bed he looking over the small headband he had taken. It was cold in his warm hands. Sighing he shoved it in his drawer to forget about it and curled up in bed, tears finally escaping his eyes. Azul hopped up next to him and curled up in his arms. He whimpered and pressed his face into her, sobbing quietly. “I just wanna go home. I like Shiro and the Queen and King so far but, I’m not welcome here. This isn’t where I belong…” he whimpered as he curled up tighter, finally passing out from exhaustion.


This is a lot longer than I originally expected!! I’ll probably write a second (and third depending on the length) part.