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"What are Seventeen's daily routines with their S/O?" can you do the vocal unit...... pls


  • wakes up looking perfect everyday and you’re sitting there with your bedhead pouting like omg jeonghan how do you manage to look so nice already and he just kisses your nose like ‘you look perfect too’
  • makes you like pancakes and brings them to you in bed because he’s an angel
  • you two get ready and fix each others clothes in the mirror and jeonghan like combs his fingers through your hair in case there’s tangles and you like dust off shirt and its cute he leans in to give u a lil eskimo kiss 
  • he always makes enough time to walk you to the bus or the train to get to work or school and he just holds your hand in his and kisses the top of your hand and is just like ‘be safe, i love you’ before leaving 
  • during work he calls you during lunch or even facetimes and he tries to have like a nice conversation but someone (usually s.coups or hoshi) is like in the back trying to wave to you or get their face in the camera and jeonghan’s too nice to be like go away 
  • when you get home you’re greeted with the warm smell of something baking and u walk into the kitchen to see jeonghan with his hair up in a ponytail and he as a little cute purple apron on
  • he’s making like,,,,,,cinnamon buns or like cookies and you’re like…..should i start on some dinner
  • your dinner is just like four batches of cookies he made 
  • you two regret right after and cuddle up in bed holding each others hands as jeonghan tells you about the pretty colors he saw in the sky today and how they reminded him of you 
  • you fall asleep to his calming voice ~ 


  • disoriented as hell when he wakes up so like probably stumbles out of bed and like almost trips over the rug and falls onto you and you have to catch him and he’s just like ‘let me sleep on your shoulder real quick’ and youre like omg wake up
  • you two probably just drink some milk together and eat like granola bars in the morning because it took like hALF AN hOUR to wake this kid up yall dont have the time for a full breakfast
  • you try to fix his hair but he gets all red and youre like ok ok i wont
  • but if he thinks ur wearing something too light he’s like “take this scarf” or offers his jacket to you like ok,,,,, mr gentleman,,,, 
  • gives you a super duper shy kiss on the cheek before running because lmao hes probably late
  • texts you during work to see how you are/ ask if you’ve eaten/ tell you that it’s gonna rain later so hopefully u have an umbrella 
  • is the type to try to get off of work early so he can pick you up (and bring the umbrella if it does rain because he doesnt want u getting sick)
  • u two get home and change into comfy clothes and like make dinner together and even if ur macaroni or w/e gets a little burnt its fine 
  • you eat together on the couch while watching some movie joshua has been talking about
  • do the dishes together and splash water at each other like 5 y/o 
  • get under the blankets together and fall asleep facing each other ~~ 


  • most of the time getting him up in the morning is harder than moving a mountain like you straight up have to play a loud song and actively try to pry the blankets from his hands 
  • youre in charge of breakfast because woozi is 2 out of it and u have to like put the toast in his hand and move his hand up to his mouth because he’s probably still asleep
  • “drink orange juice instead of coffee woozi, too much caffeine isn’t good fo- ok you’re not listening…”
  • you leave for two seconds and he’s already asleep the minute you get back
  • once you get him awake (again) you two get ready to leave for work and woozi like doesnt brush his hair so you have to do it for him and you’re like did you get everything??? u have to run through the list because honestly woozi probably like forgets his keys every morning
  • woozi leaves first but not before giving you this little kiss and being like ‘…..sorry for being such a hassle all the time’ and you’re like no its fine as long as ur not late for work!! and honestly he’s just in awe at how blessed he is to have you
  • while you two are away from each other he sends you like texts with photos of him in the studio,,, the other members also send u stuff like ‘it looks like he might be pulling an all nighter —- could you maybe bring some food over for him??’
  • if he has to stay late you buy dinner and drop by after work to give it to him and he’s really focused on his work so he only gets to talk to you for a second before eyes back on the screen
  • you go home and sometimes he cmoes home before ur asleep,, but sometimes its after and he just kind of crawls in next to you and just tries hard not to wake you up but like u naturally scoot closer to him and little blushing woozi in the dark like how can u be so cute even when ur not awake????!!! 


  • seems like a morning person….wakes you up with his angelic (but very loud) voice
  • you like go to get ready because he’s the type that wants to spend as much time together so like u both get dressed and go get some breakfast at a nearby cafe and like u two share a doughnut and like morning lattes 
  • you get some sprinkles on your cheek and dk kisses them off 
  • tells you you look amazing like 53 times even though you’re not wearing anything like special 
  • once it’s time for you to part ways he picks you up into a spinning hug and plants like a billion kisses on your face
  • while at work he’ll call you during his breaks and tell you about what’s happening and what the plans are. he’ll also just be like ‘and i love you’ after everything 
  • hoshi in the background imitating dk’s voice: ‘and i love you!’ 
  • you both promise to be safe and that you’ll see each other at home
  • the minute he gets home he just runs to hold you in his arms like he never gets tired of holding you eVER he just looks forward to it all day
  • you two just sit around in the kitchen talking about what happened to you both while dk just watches you with all the love in his eyes
  • you two cook together and dk sings along to the radio the whole time
  • you two have a mini dance party as you wait for the water to boil
  • you eat at the kitchen table and just giggle over cute little things 
  • then u just crash into bed and sometimes dk will tell you this long story he made up in his head or when you’re both tired you’ll just lay there comfortable n each others presence until sleep comes,, 


  • wakes up first so he can have a longer time in the bathroom
  • you wake up you hear him singing in the shower probably or something like that
  • you make waffles and cut up some fruits for the two of you,, seungkwan asks you to be cute and like feed him some grapes while he’s putting jam on the waffles 
  • you two put on the TV or something to hear then news or listen to music 
  • seungkwan always asks your opinion on what he’s going to wear and you know vice-versa 
  • you two leave the house looking amazing because you both style each other and yeah 
  • seungkwan gives you a cute forehead kiss and tells you that he’ll call you at around 1
  • he wants to let go of your hand, but then he goes back to give you one more kiss…… like he can’t resist….. 
  • at work he calls you at exactly 1 to see whats up and if you’re eating lunch ,,, he makes plans with you to meet up at a certain station so you two can like go to the market or to a mall
  • once you two meet up afterwords he like immediately takes a hold of your hand to keep you close and you two talk about whatevers going on,, ,seungkwan is like ‘hoshi says my dancing is improving!!’ and u cheer him on and he’s like hehe u should come see me practice!!! 
  • u two do your shopping and it’s cute because like even when u argue over buying something it’s silly,,, seungkwan makes it silly so u never actually fight
  • once you get home seungkwan is determined to make dinner everytime so u set the table
  • his cooking is p good he’s like my mom taught me this recipe u two eat in this comfortable silence and its just nice and warm
  • afterwords you like play some boardgames or just sit on the couch and read or watch TV and sometimes seungkwan re-watches 17′s performances
  • you two have couple pajamas for when you sleep
  • you fall asleep while spooning,,, either way tbh seungkwan likes holding you and being held 
  • its soft and cute omg 

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