aw aw yes he does

  • Dean in season 5 about the Cage: That's the thing. It's not on me to let you do anything. You're a grown -- well, overgrown -- man. If this is what you want, I'll back your play. You're not a kid anymore, Sam, and I can't keep treating you like one. Maybe I got to grow up a little, too.
  • Dean in season 11 about the Cage: NOPE. *has not grown up even a little and may have in fact regressed*
The Golden Trio

With only the sound of the slightly creaky floor and the last crackles of the fire, you made your way down into the Gryffindor common room. You gasped as you felt slim arms tightly wrap around your waist from behind you, and turn you around only to face the handsomeness of your secret boyfriend Draco Malfoy.
“Hello babe! How is my girl doing?” He asked after giving you a quick kiss.
“I’m fine, and yourself?”
“Better now that I get to see my favorite girl!” You smiled as he leaned in to give you another kiss. But this one was different. Draco as taken his right hand and pushed your hair back behind your ear and moved his hand to the back of your neck and pulled you in closer for a more deep and passionate kiss. It stayed like this for a moment before Draco started to make the kiss a little faster and moved his other hand to your waist. The kiss quickly became much more heated and there was so much tension between the two of you.
“D-Draco… We… C-can’t…” You said in between him kissing you.
He pulled a way for a brief second to quickly say,“ why?”
“Because… I don’t want us to get caught, Draco!” You said pushing him away. “It’s way to risky…”
“But come on, (y/n)! We’ve done it before!”
“Well.. Yes, I know… But there was a much less chance of us getting caught!”
“Fine… Your right…”
“Any other time is fine, just we have to be careful to not get caught by anyone. Especially Harry, Ron, or Hermione… Because we both know that if any of them know, all of them know, and one all of them know, everyone will know…”
Draco nodded. “Yeah… Your right! I love you darling, I’m going to head back to my dormitory, now!”
“Ok, I love you too. Be careful, okay?”
“Okay, darling. I will see you tomorrow!”
He gave you one last quick kiss before vanishing into the dimly lit hallway, and you walked back up the stairs to your dormitory.
The next morning you woke up and got ready quickly before heading to the Great Hall for breakfast. You sat down next to Hermione who was already in there, scanning over the newest articles of the Daily Prophet and taking small sips of her morning tea. You all were soon joined by Harry and Ron. You all sat and ate your breakfast. Only moments later did Draco walk in and take his seat at the Slytherin table. He looked really upset and as soon as he sat down he seemed to begin a rant to Blaise. You saw and hoped no one else noticed you or him, but sadly both happened. All three saw you looked and immediately turned their own heads to see what was happening. They saw Draco and Ron was the first to speak. “Bloody hell. Draco’s in a bad mood, that means that he’s going to be a pain today.”
Hermione spoke next. “Do you mean, more than usual?”
Ron laughed. “Yeah… It would be a shocking miracle if Draco ever wasn’t a pain in the arse.”
Harry concluded that saying,“ Yeah, that will be the day that Hermione fails all her tests, Ron spends a day with spiders on his own free will, I run right into you know who, and (y/n) tells us that she’s dating him!”
They all laughed and you sat with fury building up inside you, but you couldn’t let it show. So you fake laughed a little then quickly said,“ Well… Umm.. I have to go study for umm… Divination… Yes divination. Well by you guys!”
They all waved you off then went back to making fun of Draco, but you couldn’t take it any more with out your anger boiling over. So you made your way up to the Astronomy Tower where you could be alone.
You leaned against the ledge of the Astronomy Tower looking over at the peaceful lake that the sun reflected in perfectly. You stood thinking, you had no clue how to tell them all that you had been seeing Draco, but you cared about him so much, you couldn’t possibly let him go. You were only alone for a moment longer when you heard footsteps come up behind you. You turned around to first see the platinum blonde hair and blue/grey eyes that you adored. Despite how happy he made you feel you really needed to think by yourself.
“What are you doing here Draco?”
“I saw you leave, you seemed upset, I couldn’t help but find you. This is your favorite place, figured I’d start here. What happened back there?”
“Draco… I-I just don’t know what to do! We can’t just keep sneaking around like this!”
“Come on… It’s not that bad… We’re getting through it…” He put his hand on the side of your face and brushed the hair behind your ear, before leaning in to kiss your forehead and pulling you into an embrace.
“But Draco… You don’t understand! You know exactly what terms your on with Potter and the rest of them! It’s awful, I can’t stand always having to sit there and listen to every single awful thing that they say! I have to sit there and listen to it all, take it all! I just don’t think I can do it anymore! Draco I love you… But… Please say something that will make this better… Make it work!” A tear streamed down your cheek.
“I might have a few things that will make you feel better…” Draco smirked and took your hand in his, pulling you closer to him. He leaned in, now only an inch away from your lips, you met him the rest of the way. The kiss was soft and passionate, Draco moved one hand up to your neck and put the other on your lower back. So you stood a little taller, being shorter than him, you put your hands around his neck, so you were lifted up slightly from the ground. Each kiss with Draco seemed better and better, each one making you fall more and more for him. Your kiss co to he’d until you heard a slight shriek from a familiar voice and you jumped backwards and turned your head around to the stairs of the Astronomy Tower. There stood Hermione with her hands clasped over her mouth, Ron with a disgusted look on his face, and Harry who turned red with fury.
“Bloody hell, (y/n)! Draco? Draco Malfoy!” Said Ron aloud.
Harry began next. “(Y/n), how could you! Do you even realize how wrong this is?”
You fought back when you heard this. “Why do you say that this is so wrong? Huh? I like Draco and he likes me, so what’s so wrong with us being happy!”
“But (y/n), it’s Draco! You’ve always agreed with us on how awful he is, you’ve seen the awful things he does!” Said Hermione.
“Yes, Hermione! Yes this is Draco! We’ve accomplished that! And I never agreed with you all! I just sat their and took it because I knew this is how you all would react! And ‘I’ve seen the awful things he does’ please! I could sit here for hours listing off half of the stuff that you three have done, that is worse than anything he has done, that no one knows about except me! Do you really want to go there?”
Hermione looked shocked, as did Ron and Harry, seeing as how you and Hermione have always been best friends.
It was quiet for a moment and then Harry spoke. “But, it’s Draco! For all we know he could be playing you. Only saying that he cares about you, when he’s just trying to get information on me!”
Draco was about to speak up, but your rage had continued building and when Harry said this you nearly blew up! “Oh my god, Harry! Are you being serious right now! Yes, we get it, we all get that your special, your 'the chosen one’, but not the whole world revolves around you and your precious life! Could you for once stop being such a self-conceited git and just be happy for someone other than yourself! I mean just because Ginny has a boyfriend right now and you can’t have her for yourself, doesn’t mean you get to be a douche to anyone who actually can!”
You stood breathing heavy, now regretting what you had said.
“Wow, you know… Maybe I was wrong, (y/n). You and Draco are perfect for each other!” Said Harry as he turned to walk away. Hermione shook her head and followed him after tapping on Rons shoulders who had been standing confused mouthing 'ginny’ in a confused tone since you had said that. Then they all filed out of the astronomy tower and you were left standing next to Draco as you watched your friends leave. You then felt weak in your knees and you collapsed to the floor in a ball, sobbing into your hands, due to all the built up pressure and stress. Draco knelt next to you, rubbing your back for a second then holding onto you, as he wiped your tears away and said,“ Shhhh… Don’t worry baby girl! It’s ok… It’s ok… Calm down… I love you so much! I’m not going anywhere… I’m right here! I love you… It’s ok…” Over and over again he said these sweet things to you eventually calming you down somewhat. He wrapped his arms around you tightly and your tears had slowed down. He then stood up and helped you up and he walked you down to the Gryffindor common room, he knew that what you needed right now was to rest. You made your way in there and as soon as you all walked through the door Harry, Ron, and Hermione were seating on a coach in that very room. Draco tried to turn you around before you saw them, but it was to late. You turned to him and he whispered,“ it’s ok… Just stay calm darling… We can go to the Slytherin common room if you want… You can stay with me… It will be fine.”
You nodded and you all went to turn around when the three noticed you and Hermione stood up and said,“ wait… (Y/n) please! We need to talk!”
You turned around and Draco nodded at you. Then you two walked over and sat on the couch across from them. Hermione continued,“ well umm… The boys and I have been talking and we all agreed that if you really want to be with Draco, then we’re ok with it. Whatever makes you happy.”
You beamed. “Are you serious!” They all nodded and you smiled uncontrollably whole giving them each a hug, then turning to Draco and he smiled pulling you into an embrace. “What made you all change you mind so quick?”
Hermione began. “Well, as we were leaving the astronomy tower, I heard you starting to cry, so we all froze and stayed to listen for a moment to make sure you were ok. Then we heard Draco comforting you. I have to admit, it was really sweet.”
Ron and Harry nodded. Harry said,“ Draco I’m fine with this, but I have a few things to say. One, This makes me hate you no less.”
Draco smiled,“ Same here!” You and Hermione giggled.
“Two, do not hurt or take advantage of her or I will ensure that you will find a series of unpleasant hexes from me, Ron, and Hermione!”
The three nodded and Draco looked at you smiling. “Don’t worry, you will never have to worry about any of that. I love (y/n), and I intend to for the rest of my life!”
You smiled and Draco gave you a kiss.
Ron gagged. “Ugh… Can we please keep the snogging to a minimum, at least until we get used to this!”
You and Draco laughed and you replied,“ we can only try!”