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@k-rarepair-week Day 4- Dreams/Nightmares! By now everyone can see how much I love drawing these two just sleeping around lmao.

These HCs are more focused on nightmares, since they always were important to Mikoto’s character on the series (again, AU where everyone lives and everything is beautiful).

  • After everything was over and he and Yata got together, Mikoto almost never has nightmares anymore.
    • He still do have them, tho. The old ones, plus some about what would’ve happened if he went ahead with his plans and did die that night. He saw the city completely destroyed. He saw Munakata and the crack on his blue sword. He saw Misaki’s and Izumo’s suffering after he left. And probably worst of all, he saw Anna dealing with the pain of gaining the fire inferno of his powers.
    • Those were enough to wake him up in a cold sweat every single time, enough to make him scared of losing control of his powers once again.
      • Before, he had to deal with it alone, or when it got really bad, Anna would feel his aura and come to help calm him down.
      • But now, every time, Yata would wake up beside him and gently ask what happened, holding his face soothingly.
      • Just the feeling of Misaki’s warm hand against his skin was enough to calm him down (it was crazy how one little touch from the other man was able to reduze all the worries within him to zero, instantly). 
      • Mikoto would them bring him closer, hugging him while pulling them to lay down again, resting his head in the crook of Misaki’s neck. He would say it was nothing, feeling Yata’s fingers caressing through his disheveled hair.
      • After that, it was easy falling asleep again, and Yata wouldn’t let him go the entire night, holding him close.

Tomorrow is the Crack/Funny day… One of the days I had trouble to came up with an idea, but let me just say something. Gakuen K. That’s it lmao, tomorrow will be crazy.

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