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omg?? i cant get over how amazing those gifsets are when u zoom in on each members face asdfgh they are so high quality and look amazing wow i mean all ur gifs are 11/10 but theyre on another level entirely!! im in awe

ASDFGHJKL Your message makes me so happy!!~ T 0 T I feel so grateful knowing that you think that <333 Thank you!! AHHHH I feel so giddy inside now!~

Imagine finding out Sam likes you.

(As I was writing, it went a different path soooo this is what you’re getting, miss I’m sorry.)

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their favorite character died
  • Taurus: *eats out their sorrows with food*
  • Gemini: Fanfiction time!
  • Cancer: *cries* *dies*
  • Leo: *rants about it on tumblr*
  • Virgo: No...I'm not crying...I'm not....
  • Libra: awwwwwwwww!
  • Scorpio: AGAIN?!?!
  • Sagittarius: DAMNIT!
  • Capricorn: Aw...darn.
  • Aquarius: :( :( :(

my favorite part: “Holy shit do you want a chair?"