aw and thanks anon for liking my blog

hey everyone!! aa so i’ve somehow hit 4k?? and i recently got an ask asking for blog recs so i’ve decided to make a ff with all the people that i love seeing on my dash and all the friends i’ve made with this blog, you’re all amazing tyy ♡

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i want ryuji to hug me. partially because i need a hug, partially because loOK AT THOSE ARMS. THOSE BE PRIME HUGGING ARMS 👌 (also i stg this is the best persona scenario and hc blog ever. keep up the amazing writing, it seriously brightens up my day!)

He supports you and wants you to do your best!

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Hi! Anon from earlier asking about angst requests, thank you for answering so promptly! I was thinking about the hypothetical situation I proposed aaaand I wound up liking it better than what I originally had in mind. So, could we get the TFP autobots reactions to getting their human s/o back after the decepticons have held them captive for while? Assuming the decepticons haven't bothered to take proper care of the s/o? (lack of water, etc) (P.S. I adore your blog it's my favorite ever!!)

Aw thanks darling! I’ll do the main 5 so it doesn’t get too long.

Optimus Prime

  • He’d lead the rescue mission to get you. He’s never been so enraged in his life when he finds you in a cage- a cage, like some sort of animal- shaking and crying out to him. Careful not to harm you in the process, he rips the bars off the cage and reaches for you.
  • Very nearly cries when you cling to his servo. Megatron will be dealt with later-  oh, he will be dealt with. But right now you are first priority, and Optimus calls for an immediate groundbridge.
  • He wants to hold you during your medical examination, and Ratchet doesn’t have the spark to tell him no. 
  • He’s drowning in guilt as Ratchet reads off your chart “malnutrition, dehydration…” the list goes on. Optimus smooths a digit over your head and curls you closer.
  • For the entire time your bedridden he sits next to you. He just can’t tell you how sorry he is for letting you get hurt. 
  • The morning after you’re brought back you wake to Optimus kissing your head. He gently tells you to go back to sleep. As you doze back off you see him leave through the groundbridge and hear his vow to kill Megatron.


  • Usually he doesn’t go on missions, but nothing could make him stay behind on this one. The ‘Cons are sure he’s back on synth-en as slices through enemies and demands to know where you are. Nearly removes Starscream’s head for his smart mouth.
  • Your chains are nothing to him. He’s able to get them off without hurting you with his surgical instruments. He’s ever-so-gentle as he checks you over.
  • Isn’t even trying to hide his anger as he reads your vitals. He’s cursing the cons with every breath until he realizes your distress. Then he apologizes and quiets himself.
  • His bedside manner is a lot better after that. He lovingly encourages you to eat and drink slowly, praising you and petting your head as you take slow sips of water. He tells you how much he loves you and that he missed you.
  • He’s extra crabby to everyone else,though. He constantly scolds people when they’re too loud and shoos them away from the medbay. 
  • He sleeps in the medbay while you’re bedridden in case there are complications or you have a nightmare. 


  • Is extremely quiet and hyper-focused on the rescue mission until he finds you. Then he frantically asks you if you’re okay and cuddles you close.
  • He feels like absolute slag. First Raf got sick and then you got captured; why can’t he protect the people he loves?! He switches between anger and depression.
  • He’s going to kill Megatron- he is. After Tyger Pax and Raf and you, does anyone else have more of a right to the warlord’s life?
  • Is extra affectionate with you. He nuzzles you and constantly tells you how much he loves you. When you’re feeling up to it he cuddles you while you watch your favorite cartoons.
  • He gets jumpy and protective of you. When you cough he immediately calls Ratchet in a panic. Bulkead will be too loud and he’ll angrily buzz at him to hush.


  • The Cons put you in Arachnid’s “care” to specifically piss Arcee off. She wasn’t allowed to kill you, but you weren’t in the best shape when Arcee found you.
  • Arcee returns to the base with you and a few long, spindly appendages she “collected”
  • At first she switches between being possessive and distant. Ratchet tells you it’s because she’s so scared of losing another partner. She’ll come around.
  • She does come around after awhile and ends up mothering you. Did you drink plenty of water? Take you medicine? Do you need another blanket?
  • She kisses you goodnight and holds your hand while you sleep.


  • Even scares his team on the rescue mission. He’s going full-blown Wrecker style, and he’s frighteningly emotionless as he tears Cons apart.
  • He finally returns to his old self when you’re in his servos. He holds you protectively and orders Ratchet to open the groundbridge and prep the medbay.
  • He freaks out over every injury you have, even if it’s just a bruise. Begs Ratchet to be extra careful with you and gets sent out of the medbay until your examination is over.
  • The IV you have to have unnerves him. It reminds him how fragile and small you are. It keeps you trapped in the medbay. It’s keeping you alive right now because those slagging ‘Cons didn’t give you water.
  • He gets you get-well soon balloons and ice cream and even a big fluffy teddy bear to cuddle when he’s away. 
  • At night he gives you kisses and tells you stories (happy ones of before the war) as you fall asleep. He camps out in the medbay so he can be close to you. 

EH- Yeah, we had fun…I’d never been to that orchard before, it was nice!

CM- Definitely one of my favorite memories.

[ Aw, anon, thank you so much…it means a lot! I’ve been drawing for 11 years (ish) but digitally for only about 2. Thanks for liking my style <333]

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I've always imagined Piper and Percy always secretly trying to prank Annabeth and even go as far as to blackmail a Frank into turning into a spider and sneak into the Athena Cabin (also, your blog is beautiful and I am eternally in awe of you)

omg Piper and Percy r definitely pranksters but they wouldn’t be that mean to Annabeth or Frank ahahah (they love their Annabeth after all (◡‿◡✿)

their pranks would probably something like

yeah something very dumb that will get them killed like that

(also thank u so much anon!! I’m really glad u like my blog ;0;)

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For the six sentence fic. ... "what do you mean you can't find them?!!?" I love your blog! - you're like half the reason I'm on Tumblr 😊😊😍😍

Aw, anon, that’s very sweet! Thank you! ❤️ 

“What do you mean you can’t find them?!?” Sherlock demanded as he looked around desperately. “It’s a tiny storage unit and I was wearing my trousers when we got locked in here, so they can’t have gone far!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think we’d fall asleep before Lestrade came to break us out!” Molly said, looking behind some boxes as she hurriedly buttoned her own shirt. 

But it was too late, because a second later Lestrade finished unlocking and slid open the door, and then he John and others from Scotland Yard stood frozen and slack jawed at a very rumpled looking Molly Hooper and an embarrassed Consulting Detective…in only his half buttoned dress shirt and pants.

“Hi,” Molly finally volunteered, breaking the weighty silence and letting out a nervous giggle as she gestured between herself and Sherlock. “So…we’re together!”

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Hi there! Did you finish s3?? I really want to ask for shy!s/o and lotor... But idk if any imagine blogs write him. Since we don't know much about him. Sorry, thank you very much! I really like your blog.

(Aw, thanks Anon! I’ll try my best!)

- Lotor is super understanding when the two of you meet with important people, i.e. his father, and talks in your place if you’re shy.

-If you feel overwhelmed or scared, he’ll pull you away from the thing that’s bothering you and find a way to stop it and calm you down. If it’s just a hug, or a kiss, or whatever, he’ll do his best.

-If you’re shy about you’re appearance, he assures you that you look divine, and always do. 

-If others ever made fun of or talked about your quiet demeanor, he’d find a way to… deal with them.

-Most importantly, he loves you for you, even if your personalities are very different. :)

((Mod Georgia))

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Literally that last anon was ridiculously rude. If they liked certain recipes, they could have just asked to you post more of that type. I think everything you post looks lovely! Even when the recipes aren't to my taste, they still are so pretty to look at and it's always such a pleasure to see such lovely desserts popping up on my feed. So please don't let nasty people get you down. Your blog is stunning and I've saved quite a few of the recipes~

aw thanks for all the love babe, it really means a lot to me <3

all i want to do is post yummy looking recipes for people to try or just look at, the last thing i wanted to do was upset someone haha, so really thank you for the love<3 wish you were not an anon so i could follow your lovely self 


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Oooooh my, another fantastic bnha blog! May I request some HCs on the class 1-A students having a big sleepover at school in which they get to watch a really scary movie (scary for real) and after it they start to hear weird noises (or something like that)?

aw man thank you!! you’re fantastic too, bro!! 

good god same i can relate HAHAHA im gonna let them suffer like how i did hUAHA

  • it was a typical 12am scare fest, as suggested by mina, so they were cuddled up, the big projector flashing against the wall and the air conditioner on, as they watched to the famous scary movie of the century, which was based on a true story 
  • it was surprising that the scardeycats (like midoriya) decided to join in, however, he was being tortured by bakugo by trying to pry the hands off his eyes so that he can watch 
  • “you’re such a wimp, deku. get your hands off and fucking watch the movie!” 
  • midoriya curses when he watches horror movies pass it on 
  • there were some people like todoroki who managed to stay unaffected throughout the whole movie. since the poor icyhot bby doesnt have that much experience with movies, he wouldn’t have that much of a reaction during the first few horror movies that he watches 
  • yaoyarozu would question every single scene, leading to predictions of some jump scares that become true the minute it happens. the rest thank momo for being their savior in the darkest of times
  • mineta, that stupid grape head, would probably be staring at the main girl’s boobs the whole time and he’d drool once the bathroom scenes come out just because the girl’s naked 
  • and yet little did that lil shit know that most of the scary scenes happen there, he knew he was fucked 
  • once the movie’s finished, the rest are either three things: scared, calm, or lost their will to live 
  • they thought it was gonna be over, but didn’t they notice that midoriya never came back the moment he stormed out of the door? 
  • “hey guys, do you know where midoriya went?” 
  • “great, bakugo. you scared him away!”
  • “you think i fucking care about that shrimp?” 
  • suddenly, they hear a screech, more like a scream. it sounds like midoriya, and he’s screaming for help
  • they’re quite hesitant at first, thinking that midoriya’s just trying to joke with them.
  • but midoriya’s not the type to joke around
  • “uh, bakugo, who is that behind you?”  

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I have no idea how I've been living without your blog. Your comics give me tummy butterflies You're really amazing. And I love your aizawa Cx

Aw shucks anon you’re making me blush haha! Thank you!! Im glad you like my silly posts XD

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what does "painfully thick" mean ? sorry, i'm a new follower and i LOVE your blog 💞 it really gets my mind going 😅😂

Aw thank you so much!! So I saw this pic floating around tumblr one day, and I decided to commandeer the Painfully Thick™ train and that’s how this blog got started hahaha

Since then I’ve added like 10 guys (lmao) to the Painfully Thick™ classification because I really like writing about beefy men apparently 😏😂😂 I’m glad you enjoy reading about them, anon! 😘😘

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Hi, absolutely love your art and may or may have not cried over it multiple times*cough* uh- how would you feel abt a thing called bnhastuck?

Awwwwwwwww thank you!!!!!! And @syblatortue has been drawing some of the kids as trolls now and again and I still haven’t stopped crying over how great every and each design is so I guess you might say I’m not adverse to it lmao

Anon said: kiri and kami need a good snuggle

So does most part of the UA student body, tbh… most teachers too, actually. Most pro heroes as well. Yep. 

Anon said: Do you follow any Haikyuu!! or My Hero Acedemia Fandom blogs on tumblr, if so which ones (Luv ur work)

Most of what I follow are more or less fandom blogs honestly haha I don’t think I can list all of them but I do follow stuff like @dailyhaikyuu or @dailybnha or @fymyheroacademia ??? I follow @daily-bakugou and @mina-ashido-love and @haikyuus and @foreverhaikyuu and @heroacacaps and @heroaca-anime and @bakushima and @bokuukuro and…uh. Yeah. Anyway it’s a lot of them.

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Wow! Your blog is really amazing. I check everyday if you uploaded new headcanons because some of them inspired me for my Oc FFXV fanfiction. So ~ Talking about headcanons. Can i get one with the chocobros and a s/o who once forget who they are? Like they don't know anything about them before their 6th Birthday (*whipser* sorry for my english. I'm german)

Aw, anon! This makes my heart so happy!! Thank you so much! It’s so hard for me to even wrap my mind around somebody liking my blog that much! And thank you for being both patient and faithful - life is busy, but I try my hardest to update at least a few times a week ♡
Also, don’t be sorry for your English!! I can’t speak (or write in haha) German, so it’s incredible to me! You’re doing great - honestly, I wouldn’t have known unless you said that! So, keep up the good work; practice makes perfect, friend!

I’ll Never Forget You


It wouldn’t make much of a difference in Noct’s eyes if his s/o didn’t have some of their memories. In fact, he lacks some of his own memories from around the time of his childhood accident. He doesn’t remember his mother either, something that always made Regis upset. Noctis has grown up learning how to let his forgotten memories roll off his back. Having a partner that doesn’t have all of their memories either would be a comfort for him. The prince is used to being harshly judged for the fact that he doesn’t seem to mind that he doesn’t vividly remember his childhood. He’s always figured he can’t miss what he can’t remember. Having somebody that he can relate to and understands the deepest reaches of his mind brings him peace and an odd sense of joy.


This sweetheart would be so supportive of his partner. He would want them to know that he is always there for him, whether they remember who they are or not. There are so many things in his past that Prompto wishes he could forget. He would assume that some things are best left behind - his partner doesn’t have certain memories for a reason. He wouldn’t ever dream of digging up the lost memories because of the pain they could cause. Prompto would reassure his partner that it’s okay for them to leave the parts of the past they don’t remember behind them; it’s for a good reason that neither of them completely understand. After all, they have a future and new memories to make together.


Iggy would be the most curious out of all of the bros. Why did they lose their memory? Why do they only remember certain things? Being the researcher he is, Ignis would spend time looking into their family and cultural ties out of sheer wonder. He would share this information with his partner only when they mentioned it - he doesn’t want to rub salt in the wound. Ignis never intended to do anything behind their back - he was really just trying to help uncover some of their missing memories. He would also make it very clear to them that they don’t need to know their past to be a good person. Who they are is defined by their current life, not their past. He would be very supportive in helping them settle with the idea of having lost memories, helping them to focus on the here and now even if he’s still researching.


Gladdy would be rather indifferent. If his partner cared deeply about their lost memories he would do all he could to comfort them or help them fill in the blanks. However, if they didn’t seem to mind, he would let it slide. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal to him - they are who they are and he loves them for that. Whatever his s/o wanted, he would learn to roll with. Gladdy would be incredibly supportive of them in all that they do whether it’s regarding their memories or not. And they could count on him to be throwing in corny jokes, awful puns, and even worse innuendos as he felt they were needed.

erudammit  asked:

Hi! I'd just like to say that I really appreciate your blog. Your art is amazing, your agent au is glorious, and you stay out of all the big drama in this fandom. If you do get any hateful/disputing anons, you either ignore them or remove yourself from the situation with humor; it's honestly refreshing. So thank you for being a wonderful human to us all (your followers) and thank you for taking the time to make your agent au comic and post it!

aw thank you so much bb!!! <333 And thank you (and all of my followers for riding along with me it’s been a slamming baller ass time <33)

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lmao im like just going through your blog (like lol in a totally normal way) and i got really deep into it and saw the anon that said kys... anyway just remember what my friend told me: kys means keep yourself safe lmao

aw i love that !! thank you! :) 

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a rwby blog of your choice

Let’s talk about @2013ann! Ann has been my friend in the rwby fandom for a long time and ever since we became friends, I have never stopped being in awe with how amazing it is to have a friend like her. She’s so nice and funny and deserves so much love. She’s such a kind soul and super talented in her arts. I’m super lucky to have Ann as a friend and I love her very much! :)

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Just wanted to say thank you for making absolutely amazing custom content! I don't have a very advanced pc so the cc I get is always maxis match and I'm super glad I found your blog! I'm absolutely in love with your Zelda, Link and Aloy hairs! :D Keep up the great work!

Aw, thank you so much!! I’m so happy that you like my CC, and I truly appreciate your sweet message! <3

anonymous asked:

Heyy do u know any other good sf9 reactions/scenario blogs?? Love you and your blog is amazing ❤️

Aw thanks for loving my blog. *squeals. I love you to anon!!!

So some sf9 blogs well here are some off the top of my head.

@sexyfierce9  @smoltaek (she has a sf9 series going on) @kawaiimogechan 

@chani-babe (shes on hiatus she writes good so I had to add her) I’m forgeting a sf9 sccount it was like seffern something I forgot and feel so bad now. 

Also some people I dont follow but do read there stuff. Some of these are mutli fandom blogs but write good sf9 stuff.  @sf9drabbles @chahchani (pretty great reactions) @sf9ly @vavsf9vic @sf9pentagoner @oppafeels @whimsicalxrain @textsf9 

^^Check them out there content is really good. 

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I love your blog! Do you have any favorite mobile/mac apps/extensions?

aw thank you anon, thats really kind of you to say!

For mac extensions:

💻  my all time favourite has to be Momentum (thats probably the one you’ve seen on my Mac screen), i’ve tried lots of similar extensions to this but none as cute or helpful! 

💻  the Pintrest web clipper is a life saver for me, i use it a little too often oops

💻  Honey is incredible if you’re a poor student like me - whenever you’re online shopping it finds discount codes which you can then use. i must have saved sooo much money using this!

For mac apps:

💻  Todoist is such a simple way to organise your to-do lists. i have it on all my apple devices and it syncs across them all which is super helpful.

💻  Anki has been my go-to whenever exams come round for making flashcards.

I hope this kinda answered your question! hope you have the best day 💛