aw 97

Episode… uh… 97…

Aw hell. Last time, we left off on Amethyst feeling terrible about herself. This is not going to be pretty.

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Anyway, on to the emotional trauma!

some info abt the twice members ~~

- nayeon: ‘95 & oldest member!! she doesn’t look it right? she was/is rlly popular among korean & international fans even since before sixteen bcause she’s a fun/cheery person & a cute squirtle. always smiling & can be sortof loud lol, makes the others laugh/feel better. rlly whenever someone is upset she’s the first to hug & comfort them.. has a box of letters fans sent her that she goes through to read & gain strength. rlly comfortable on stage & fun to watch  !! she didn’t tell her parents before she auditioned at jyp & they were against it at first after she got in

- jungyeon: member in charge of chicness. ‘96 line.. the mom of the group. skateboards (not rlly confirmed there’s jst a short clip of her on a skateboard lol). her sister said she usually doesn’t show her emotions. charisma!! (also fell over while running pretending 2 be an ostrich, got back up and continued) honestly she can be rlly energetic & fun despite being labelled as the cool girl. role model is jessie j for her vocals & stage presence . likes having a  rlly busy lifestyle. also she did this lol 

- sana: ‘96 & part of japan line! she’s from Osaka~ actually all of japan line is lol. she was streetcasted while shopping. sweetest softest squirrel. the member w the most aegyo. has a rlly cute feminine voice. likes spicy food the most.. they were asked to show their star-like qualities & she did this (at the end of the vid she tells jyp that the veggies weren’t organic & asks if that was ok lol..) when they had a variety camp episode she was labelled the black hole of the group. rlly likes ariana grande

 - momo: ‘96 also part of japan line..self proclaimed peach (yes the fruit,  “momo” means peach in japanese~  said her family are all peaches. v cute).. scaredy cat when it comes to roller coasters.. all members agreed that she’s the best dancer (jihyo said she has 10 yrs of dance experience) & that she practices the most/hardest.. all the jyp trainers chose her as the most hardworking & dedicated member.. regular training schedule is 12 am - 10 pm sometimes until 12 pm (??how). when she was unexpectedly brought back into the group after being eliminated she cried so hard that she couldn’t speak v well + was shaking so much . this is so important for her pls lov momo.. also watch these: dancing, a 22 sec vid of her & mina killing everyone , covering 2pm’s my house (grey tank top), a rlly important performance

 - jihyo: ‘97 jyp’s child basically , she trained at jyp for 10 yrs, rlly funny & down to earth, good at math, trot skills, singing skills in general, when her weight was mentioned negatively, for the next week’s performance she sang “all about that bass”.. also she’s the leader !! she said that since she was a trainee ever since she was a kid she missed out on a lot like being w friends after school but she doesn’t regret it. out of all kinds of music, she likes listening to emotional ballads the most. when she was a kid she loved nichkhun & cried when she met him aw~ 

 - mina: ‘97, japan line .. soft spoken & rlly sweet. studied ballet for 11+ yrs..! (she stopped pursuing ballet for this) when she went to korea she couldn’t speak korean, the rest of japan line (momo & sana) helped her w it a lot since they had already been there 2 yrs together.. japan line is actually rlly close. also she loves ketchup (the ketchup brand heinz is her fav). likes 2pm. said that to relieve stress she lays down, listens to music & cries ;~; chose chaeyoung as the member she would want to date if she were a boy because she’s cool & sexy lol loves high school musical (the movies) & said she doesn’t know how many times she’s rewatched them . here’s her doing a dance cover to exo’s growl (blue shirt). gain complimented mina after watching this  & basically said she took notes from her lol

 - dahyun: '98 , ummm the first thing i think of is her trademarked eagle dance (she said she thinks that’s part of why she got into jyp), rlly goofy & another fan fave. a cutie crybaby w a lot of emotions. said that even tho she’s a fun person she likes quietness too & thinks deeply. chose sana as the member she would want to date if she were a boy. after san e saw this dance he said she looked pure & healthy & that she would be good for a milk cf

- chaeyoung: 99’ writes her own raps, she wasn’t assigned the rapper position, she said she just tried it out & felt like it suited her. rlllllly likes justin bieber.. here’s a compilation of her rapping (tbh wow..) !! also likes wearing red lipstick & drawing.  she’s in general rlly cool idk

- tzuyu: '99 maknae!!! her name is pronounced sortof like “chewy”.. unexpectedly hilarious. loves bread/it’s her fav food.. she’s from taiwan !! she didn’t know korean when she went to korea & said she felt left out a lot because she couldn’t understand the others, but that was inspiration to learn quicker. likes hyorin from sistar. wants to be known for more than just her looks, likes compliments abt her improvements & talent more than her visuals. even tho she’s the youngest she’s so natural on stage & full of charisma~ ((also during a performance her monitor pack came loose & she didn’t get flustered or stop dancing at all, she grabbed it and danced while holding it for the rest of the performance. it comes loose about a min into this video & u can see just her facial expression changes, she handled it so well))

Former NHL player Martin St. Louis had his jersey number retired by the University of Vermont men’s hockey program at Gutterson Fieldhouse in front of a capacity crowd in Burlington, Vt., on Jan. 8.

St. Louis, who wore jersey No. 8 for four seasons, was Vermont’s all-time leading scorer with 267 points on 91 goals and 176 assists. He helped lead the Catamounts to their first NCAA Frozen Four berth in 1996 and another NCAA Tournament appearance the following season.

“It’s a little surreal to be honest,” St. Louis told “The whole time I’m on the ice and the number is going up … the first time I played at [Gutterson Fieldhouse], you come in as a freshman you think you can play at that level but don’t know how well you can play. So every year I was just trying to get better.”

St. Louis was an All-American and finalist for the Hobey Baker Award as the best player in college hockey three straight seasons. He played at Vermont from 1993-94 through 1996-97 [x]