aw 03

            ❛   WHAT’S  THAT  LOOK  FOR  —  ?    you look like you’ve seen a ghost !  ❜       not quite .  disappointment  rises and curls like a   snake  in his chest ,  second best to the  EXCITEMENT  that trails behind it .  ikki looks angry .  subtle round the edges .  something  he  could pick up on .  it brings questions as much as it brings answers .  they haven’t met yet ,  not this time .  

but something clicks .  familiarity  dragged through the mud and left to  ROT .  adachi smiles , falsely sweet .   in similar fashion , he’ll mimic a time better left  dead .      ❛  —  i promise i’m just here for some coffee . 

@tricktier    ┊     starter call . 

The Participants of A Dal 2018

01. Andy Road – Turn the Lights On
02. AWS – Viszlát nyár
03. Seize Fire X – Satellite
04. Dániellfy Gergely – Azt mondtad
05. Fourtissimo – Kis Luszi a kalapban
06. Gulyás Roland – Hypnotized
07. Ham ko ham – Bármerre jársz
08. Heincz Gábor Biga – Goodbyes
09. Horváth Cintia – Journey
10. Tamás Horváth – Megyfa
11. Király Viktor – Budapest Girl
12. Knoll Gabi – Nobody to Die For
13. Leander Kills – Nem szól harang
14. Living Room – Kirakat élet
15. Maszkura és a Tücsökraj – Nagybetű szavak
16. Majalina – Nemek te
17. A Nem Zenekar – Waiting
18. Nene – Mese a királyról
19. Noémó – Levegőd
20. Nova Prospect – Vigyázó
21. Peet Project – Run Around
22. Polgár Odett – Aranyhal
23. Sativus – Egy lusta lány
24. Süle Zsolt – Zőld a május
25. Nikoletta, Attila, and Róbert – Életre kel
26. Eszed Viki – Yellow Feet
27. The Matter – Broken Palms
28. Tolvai Reni – Everest
29. Vastag Tamás – Ne haggyj reményt
30. YesYes – I Let You Run Away


I’ve started to ‘decode’ some of Mitch’s tweets and I plan to do this more if you guys are interested. Feel free to message me any tweet that may not make sense (can be anyone in PTX) and I’ll do my best to find the info behind it.

The top tweet was about Lady Gaga’s song, “Perfect Illusion”.

The middle tweet was about Bon Iver’s new album called “22, A Million”.

The Final tweet was about the Raf Simons AW 2002-03 line called “Virginia Creeper”.

Ed vs Cornello was an eyesore to watch in Brotherhood. It was just over the top.

Cornello turning into that monster? What even was that?  

Ew. Cornello was half naked by the time the fight was over. I’m disappointed in you, Brotherhood. Cornello most certainly didn’t turn into a monster in the manga.

The manga handled that so much more maturely.The manga handled everything so much more maturely. Some of the changes BH made to many events were completely unnecessary and very hard to watch, after seeing the way the manga and 03 handled them.There’s a reason I’m terrified to watch BH again.

I always snort at anybody who says “BH follows the manga to a T”. And I kind of feel like slapping them

Trying to defend yourself with comedy? You’re not winning me over, BH. God this fight was awful. The manga and 03 handled this so much better.