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The One Where Its Not Jace

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Summary: It had been years since you fell for Alec but lately it seemed like everyone was trying to get you two together. When Alec finally admits he likes you, you can’t manage to get the words out but things take a funny turn when you lose a bet during training. 

A/N: ahhh alec fans, this ones for you 💝

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“Alec?” you whisper, pushing his door open. A long creaking sound echoes does the hall way and you cringe as it continues to do so each inch you push the door open.

Alec appears in the doorway, “What are you doing here?” he asks, his face stuck in a frown.

“Isabelle said you wanted to see me?”

Alec looks at you, confused and you sigh.

Isabelle knew you had fallen head over heels for Alec the moment you had met him and once again you had fallen into one of her traps in which she tried to set you both up.

“Never mind,” you grumble, starting to walk away and Alec pulls you inside by your arm, shutting the door and pressing you against it. He holds a finger up to his lips.

“Someone’s coming,” he whispers as someone knocks on the door.

“Alec, you in there?” you hear Jace’s voice from the other side of the door and Alec relaxes, attempting to open the door before you shake your head.

“What?” he mouths the words.

“Jace can’t know I’m here,” you hiss and Alec raises a brow, crossing his arms over his chest, “Why?”

“He just can’t,” you whisper. You knew if Jace saw you he would make some stupid joke about you and Alec and then there was no way Alec wouldn’t catch on.

“I’m just getting changed,” Alec calls out, pushing you into his closet before opening his door.

“I thought I heard you talking to someone,” Jace states, looking around as Alec shakes his head.

“Figured y/n would be in here,” he turns to face Alec whose eyes widen, “Why would you think that?”

“Izzy told me.”

“Why would she think that?”

“I think she sent y/n here, another failed attempt I suppose.”

You feel your breathe hitch in your throat, “Please don’t ask, please don’t ask, please don’t ask,” you mumble to yourself.

“Failed attempt at what?”

Jace stares at Alec as though he’s oblivious, “You don’t know, do you?”

“Know what?”

Jace sighs, flopping onto Alec’s bed, “The girl is totally in love with you.”

“No she’s not!” Alec laughs before Jace gives him a knowing look. Alec’s eyes travel towards his closet where you were standing.

“Well, do you like her back?” Jace asks, sitting up.

Alec swallows hard, “I- I, uhh-“

You push the closet open, not wanting to hear his answer and speed out the door, everything become a blur in your attempt to get away from them.


“Y/N,” you hear Alec’s heavy breathing behind you as you rush into your room, trying to shut your door but Alec is too strong.

He walks in, Jace following behind him.

“Get out!” you toss a pillow at them and they both dodge it, stifling laughter.

“Oh, just tell him already. It’s getting painful to watch,” Jace scoffs and you shake your head, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Y/N…” Alec starts and you shake your head. You had seen the hesitation on his face when Jace had asked him about his feelings for you. You knew there was no way he felt the same.

“Alec, it’s not you that I like. It’s Jace,” you sigh and Jace’s eyes widen.

“That’s ridiculous,” he laughs and you shrug, “Well I guess you don’t feel the same way.”

I’m dating Clary,” he reminds you.

Oh, yeah. Well that’s too bad. I’m heart broken, really,” you inhale sharply, “Now can you both get out so I can cry myself to sleep.”

Alec and Jace awkwardly stumble out and you shut the door behind them, “Fuck,” you mumble as you fall back onto your bed, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

After a good hour of feeling sorry for yourself, you pull yourself up, pulling your clothes over your head and searching for pyjama’s so you could go to bed and just forget this night happened.


You spin around to find Alec in the doorway and he quickly puts a hand over his eyes. You scramble to pull a t-shirt and shorts on.

“It’s okay, you can look now,” you sigh and he looks at you embarrassedly.

“I just wanted to see if you were okay after what happened with Jace,” he smiles warmly, taking a seat on the edge of your bed.

You sit beside him, “I’ll live.”

“I didn’t even know you liked him. Is that why you didn’t want him to see us together? So he wouldn’t get the wrong idea?”

You nod slowly; it was an unintentional coincidence but it made a perfect cover story.

“So when – what – I mean, what exactly made you like him?”

You paused for a moment, thinking about all the things you liked about Alec instead, “I don’t know – it was just the moment I saw him. Trying to protect everyone - trying to do the right thing no matter how much it hurt him,” you pause, not wanting to say too much in fear of Alec realizing you were talking about him.

“Why didn’t you tell him sooner? Maybe if you had, it would’ve been you and not Clary.”

“I was too scared. Why would someone like that ever want someone like me?”

Alec stares at you, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, “Hey,” he whispers softly, “Anyone would be lucky to have you love them.”

You shake your head.

“Trust me. It’s those who you don’t love that are unlucky. And they feel that pain every day.”

“Name one,” you laugh.

Me,” he states, swallowing hard.


“This may be the stupidest thing I ever do, but I need to tell you this,” he begins, wringing his hands as he speaks, “I like you, like a lot, and I – I didn’t think to tell you. There’s been so much going on since Clary arrived, it never felt like the right time. But the same way you felt about Jace when you first saw him – that’s how I felt about you. And I can’t risk doing what you did. I don’t think I could stand seeing you with someone else without you knowing how I feel.”

You stare at him in awe and he begins to blush, “I get it if you don’t feel the same. I mean I know you don’t- I was there when you talked to Jace but just – just think about it. Think about me.”

Alec stands up abruptly, wiping his sweaty palms against his jeans as he starts to walk away before you can say another word.


You barely get any sleep and by the time it’s 5am you give and decide to go practice your combat skills rather than roll around in bed, half excited and half unsure of what to do. You wanted to tell Alec you felt the exact same way but for some reason the words just wouldn’t come out. Just like they’d never been able to.

“Hey,” you hear Alec’s voice as he catches up to you.

“Couldn’t sleep,” you mumble, rubbing your eyes, “Thought I’d get in some traininGLDKJA-AHHHH,” you yawn halfway through and Alec chuckles.

“In that?” he looks you up at down, and you feel embarrassed as you look down to see you’re still in your pyjamas. You didn’t think anyone would be awake; let alone Alec.

“I could still kick your ass in this,” you nudge him playfully.

“We’ll see,” he retorts before pausing, “Why don’t we make it interesting?”


“If I win – you let me take you out on a proper date; you give me a chance.”

“And if I win?”

“Well, that’s up to you,” he shrugs.


“Wait- what happens if you win?”

“You stay still for a minute,” you whisper.

“What does that mean?” he asks and you shrug, “You’ll see.”

Alec grimaces just thinking about it; you had kicked his ass on many occasions and he wondered if you were going to make him stay still through some really painful headlock or something.

You sparred for a good 20 minutes before you both started taking serious swings at each other but you of course won, knocking Alec on his ass and pinning him down despite him being fairly larger than you.

“Alright, alright,” he laughs as you straddle him, your sword at his neck. You retreat it, tossing it aside and Alec attempts to sit up.

You shake your head, “You lost.”

Alec nods, putting his head back on the floor before inhaling deeply and laying still.

You yourself were way too nervous but you couldn’t help yourself; you knew if not now, you would never be able to tell Alec how you felt.

Alec’s eyes widen as you move closer to his face, pressing your lips against his. He tangles his fingers in your hair and you let out a soft moan before he flips the two of you around, pinning you to the floor this time. As he pulls away, he hovers over you before his eyes widen and he stumbles backwards, landing on his ass.

“So much for staying still,” you laugh and Alec looks embarrassed.

“Why did you do that?”

“The one I like – it’s not Jace,” you laugh.

“Oh,” Alec grins at you and you pout, “Though, how badly did you really want to go on a date with me? You didn’t even try!”

Alec smirks at you, “I didn’t want to hurt you…”

“Oh really?” you giggle as he stands up, holding out a hand to help you up.

As you take it, he pulls you swiftly up and against his chest, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I would never,” he whispers, pulling you back onto his lips.

“That’s too bad. If you had, you might be going on a date with me.”

“We can still go on a date,” he mumbles against your lips, “I don’t go out with losers,” you whisper back, smiling.

“If this is what the loser gets, I’ll lose every single time.”

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Hello, friend! I sometimes feel bad that I like games like Mystic Messenger because I know the characters are much older than me (I'm at the end of eighth grade), so I was wondering if you could do a RFA+V+Unknown reacting to a Highschool Freshman MC. I 100% understand not wanting to put a romantic relationship for any of them, so it's all up to you, I guess! Also, I'd just like to know, how has your day been?

i know the feeling dude, even though i’m 18 i still feel too young to date most of these guys  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ don’t feel bad about liking these types of games, they’re a lot better than many other addictions!

 this is going to be platonic relationships where they basically just view you as their little sister, as i don’t want our lovely characters to seem like pedophiles

my day has been awesome btw as i actually celebrated my birthday! thank you for asking, how was yours? i hope it was good ♥


  • He was honestly expecting you to be a lot older, probably even older than him as you were so mature
  • Honestly thought Seven had pranked him again when this young (admittedly cute, but in an “awe, she’s adorable” way) girl showed up at the RFA party and blushingly introduced herself
  • He apologized a lot that he had mentioning wanting to kiss you!
  • You kissed his cheek to tell him that it was alright and he blushed awe cute
  • Let you play video games with him and made sure you ate healthy
  • He’s basically a stereotypical brother


  • ????
  • He felt so extremely guilty for coming of as this creepy old pervert who flirted with you
  • Literally apologized so much you had to tell him to shut up
  • After he had gotten over the initial shock, he was basically acting like your guard, watching over and protecting you 24/7
  • “All men are wolves, MC!”
  • He swore to give you the big brother he never got, and was supportive of everything you did
  • unless it was dating


  • Well, you already felt like her sister
  • She was suprised by how young you were, but mostly because you reminded her of herself - she had also been basically grown up at that age
  • I swear she’s actually like a mom, always making sure you get enough rest and actually have time to enjoy your childhood
  • She changed up her offer a bit, asking you if you would like to help her out in the café with her during the weekends, so it wouldn’t affect your school work


  • He was so confused
  • He didn’t mean to be judging, but how could someone that tiny understand him that well
  • He did feel slightly creepy for saying suggestive things to you on the messenger, but hid it until you brought up that he seemed bothered
  • Would still spoil you to no end
  • Loved to see you play with Elizabeth, as it was the purest thing he had ever seen


  • Of course he already knew from his background check
  • He did also see from your social media that you were smart, mature and responsible, especially for being so young
  • He honestly found you adorable, so he didn’t lie when he described you as a “cute girl” for the RFA members
  • Didn’t tell them your age just to troll them tbh
  • Felt just as protective over you as Saeran


  • When Seven told him about you and asked if you should join the RFA, he was kind of hesitant
  • Would you be able to organize something as big and important as the party?
  • Always the trusting person, he decided to let you give it a shot, seeing as Seven described you as seemingly responsible
  • He was extremely happy that your youthful cheeriness brought joy to all the gloomy members! He appreciated you!


  • He did feel kind of bad to trick such a young girl into Mint Eye’s plan
  • But as he had heard for years, “the younger they start, the better they get”
  • Suprised by how difficult you were to trick, but that only made him more positive that you were perfect for the plan
  • When everything was over, he was actually really glad to be part of your childhood, as it gave him the chance to experience it for himself


some Yugyeom headcanons
  • the fluffiest boy of them all
  • when you call him yugyeomie he’ll crawl into your lap like a cat I swear he’s like
  • ‘yes that’s me I’m ur yugyeomie I’m your man that’s me ily’
  • he’s always laughing about you being impressed w/ his height lmao 
  • like you’re just “wow lol I wish I had those tall legs babe ur so lucky”
  • and then he just laughs and is all “bb ur perfect the way u are, honestly idk how you can be jealous of such a thing”
  • and things turn cheesy hella quick 
  • bc he will not stop until he’s made you smile and blush and tbh nothing makes him feel more accomplished
  • he’d throw shade your way when you’re always wanting to hang out w/ bam
  • you’re like ????
  • /he’s your best friend like u could just come w/ us and chill but no, ur too busy grinding salt and honestly ur so extra/
  • but that’s your boy :’)
  • he just wants you all to himself ngl
  • bc he deals w/ enough teasing and cheek pinches by the other members trust me
  • esp jinyoung
  • but yugyeom is chill when you come over during practices bc that’s his time to outshine the other boys and bruh his confidence gets a lil boost every time you kiss him in front of the other members 
  • esp jinyoung imma stop
  • but yes pls kiss him on the cheek and compliment him while they’re all watching he lives for that shit 
  • ok so
  • like he preaches about being adventurous together and all that, but when it comes to it…………..he’d really just rather have you cuddled up on his tummy while he plays w/ your hair as you both listen to music 
  • but hey would I complain ?? no
  •  he isn’t really naturally lazy, you just make him all comfy and he never wants to leave your arms and honestly he blames his sleeping habits on you
  • *pulls you back into cuddling w him* “y/n this is all your fault you made me this way”
  • he has a thing for candles and your shared apartment probably always smells like raspberry pie or unicorn tears 
  • so one day he was really hungry bc the candles were burning out and he’s like “hey y/n, you wanna recreate this candle and make an actual pie”
  • and you’re like !!!!!!!! heck yeah I bet we’d make great cooks xoxox
  • well you thought wrong 
  • the whole kitchen was a powdery mess and the fire alarms were on a couple times and…………..yall they have bakeries for a reason, pls refrain from ever doing this again
  • but it’s a shared experience that you both always tell at parties 
  • and everyone’s like wow………………..these kids were made for each other in heaven I bet 
  • he boops your nose a lot and tbh it’s cute even tho there’s no reason behind it
  • *ur trying to make the moment all romantic and lean in to kiss him all passionately* 
  • *boop* :)
  • “oh my fkin gosh binch why do u always do this”
  • this sounds hella cheesy and overdone but ye……..he loves it when you steal his clothes and then he wears it and smells like you bye
  • sometimes even sprays your perfume on his shirts again just in case they lose that ‘y/n scent’
  • probably has asked to take one of your perfumes before he goes away for a long time tbfh 
  • I still wouldn’t be complaining 
  • his voice is so squeaky when he says I love you and it’s the most adorable thing
  • he still gets nervous no matter how long you’ve been together aw babe
  • like he still blushes when you fluff his hair or even show affection in public 
  • “we were just making out in ur car yugyeom don’t act like ur a shy lil kid and that u don’t know me pls”
  • “STrangEr dAnGEr!!!!!”
  • omfg pls take care of this one 🌺

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—does this make sense? | 02 (m)

pairing min yoongi x reader, college! yoongi
genre/warnings smut, drama, slight angst
words 5,237

:: summary you meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

» 01:: 02 :: 03 :: 04 :: 05 :: 06 :: 07 :: 08 :: 09 :: 10 :: 11 :: +

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Butterflies (Anthony x Reader)

Word Count: 2,295

Warnings: Swearing?

Authors Note: I hate this fic. I think I did a terrible job and I’m so sorry. Regardless, LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THOUGHT OF IT! 

Request: Could I get an Anthony fic where the reader is in the Ham band & was in the 21 Chump St band (pref violin) so they became friends. He sings ‘what the heck I gotta do’ to her @ Ham but she is still oblivious until Lin points it out & they get together 

Btw ^^^ that was my very first cast request. It’s been a long time.


You walked into the Richard Rodgers with a duffel bag and your violin, desperately trying to get to your dressing room after the rough morning that you’d had.

“Here let me take this for you.” You heard a voice say. You peeked over your shoulder and you saw Anthony motioning at your bag.

Before you could protest, he took it from your grasp and hung it over his shoulder. You gave him a grateful smile and he returned one.

“So how was your morning?” He asked trailing behind you.

“It was the worst morning ever.” You groaned, turning around to point out the coffee stain on your sweatshirt. You opened the door to your dressing room and Anthony put your duffel bag down.

“Thank you.” You smiled up at him, he took his hand to move a stray hair away from your face, and you blushed slightly.

You guys had this friendship. You didn’t know what to call it. He was extremely flirty yet he was with everyone, so you couldn’t get your hopes up. He was obviously attractive and you had developed some sort of crush on him, but you made sure you kept your feelings in check. Your stupid crush wasn’t worth ruining your friendship.

The intimate moment was shattered when Lin popped his head into the dressing room.

“Hey -oh. Continue.” He giggled before running off.

A pink blush covered Anthony’s freckled cheeks and he pulled back, realizing how close you two were.

“Uh well, good luck with the show, although you won’t need it!” He said with an embarrassed tone, heading for the door. You wanted to stop him, and tell him to get rid of the butterflies in your stomach that he’d started, but all you could say was:
“You too!”

You sighed and headed for the stage, looking out for Alex.

Instead of Alex you found Lin.

“Hey Y/N” he waved, and you made your way over to him. “Did you finally kiss him?” he joked referring to you and Anthony. You shoved him in the ribs and groaned. Lin was practically like an older brother to you and he the only one who knew of your feelings toward Anthony. You had told him when you worked with him in 21 Chump Street and to this day, you regretted it as he never let it go.

“I never should have told you that I liked him.” you groaned and buried your head in your hands to hide the blush that spread your face whenever you talked about Anthony.

“Aw look! You’re blushing.” he cried out.

“I swear I’m going to kill you one day.” you replied dryly.

“Hey, one day you’ll be thanking me.” he said winking and walking away.

You headed down to the pit to set up for the show that day when you ran into Hope.

“Oh, Hey Y/N!” she said walking with you backstage.

“Hey, Hope. What’s up?”

“Apparently you and Anthony.”

“How the hell does news spread so fast in this theater?” you said shaking your head

“Well, personally, I think you’d be so cute together. He’s so sweet to you.” she said walking into her dressing room. You didn’t reply with anything but a grunt. “Oh and today after the show some of the crew and I are gonna go up to the roof, you should come.” she suggested.

“Maybe.” you mumbled as you walked away.


The show finished fast too fast and you decided you were going to go out of the theater. You needed time to think and to relax without being around the rowdy cast, and Anthony. Of course. You pulled on a sweater and were just a few steps from the door when you felt somebody grab you from behind.

“Ahh” you shrieked.

You turned your head to see Lin with a wide smile on his face.

“Where do you think you’re going missy?” he asked you, still carrying you.

“Away. From here. From you.” you groaned.

“I don’t think so.” he sang.

You didn’t know where he was taking you until the stairs to the roof approached,

“Oh, no. no . Hell no. If you think.” you began laughing but just then Anthony approached from behind Lin seeing you in his arms and laughing. He cleared his throat and Lin turned around causing you to hit your head on the wall as he moved too fast.

“Fuck.” he said as he heard the loud bang. He promptly put you down and used his hand to examine the damage done.

“Here, I’ll go get an ice pack.” he said rushing off.

“Wait. Don’t leave me here wit-” fuck.

“Are you alright Y/N?” Anthony asked, tense.

You rubbed the growing lump on your head, “I think?”

“Don’t touch it.” he said and he moved closer to you and you swore you couldn’t even feel your head. The only feeling was your heart fluttering and butterflies in your stomach. He gently cupped your face and tilted it down to look at the lump. You felt your face heat up at the contact and you felt your knees go weak.

“Do you still want to go up?” he asked and you couldn’t form words.

“I-I. um. I”

“Boy you must’ve hit your head hard.” he said pulling you in for a hug. This wasn’t your first hug, but every time your body ignited at his contact and you felt yourself wanting to stay there in his arms forever. You relaxed your head so that it was leaning on his shoulder.

“Are you going to be ok?” he asked when he finally pulled away.

“Yeah.” you whispered.

“Here, let’s go.” he said letting you go up the stairs first. His hand never left your lower back as he guided you up the steps.

Once on the roof, you found your spot next to Renee as you sat down next to her.

“Are you ok?” She asked noticing your change in your usual happy demeanor.

“Yeah. I just hit my head that’s all.” you lied. It was because of Anthony. It felt like you were in a dream from hitting your head too hard.

“Awww my poor baby!” she shrieked as she dramatically wrapped her arms around you. When you didn’t laugh she realized how serious it was.

“What’s wrong?” Oak approached you hearing Renee.

“Y/N hit her head and I can’t even get a laugh out of her.”

“I can change that.” Oak said

“Hey, Y/N, What did everybody say about the mushroom?” he asked.

“What?” you decided to play along

“That he was a fungi… Get it like fun guy?”

You sat and stared at him with your best resting bitch face.

“Oookayy. Maybe not.” he muttered.

“What’s going on?” Anthony asked as he approached you guys.

Before you could say anything, Oak beat you to it.

“Y/N’s being a meanie and not laughing at any of my jokes.” he said

“Oh, boo hoo.” you said, sticking your tongue out at him.

“Hey Ant, bet you can’t get Y/N to laugh.” Oak challenged.

You faced Anthony with a stone face and cocked an eyebrow at him as he thought of what to do. Just when you thought he was going to tell you a stupid joke like Oak, he began singing.

“What the heck I gotta do to be with you.” he sang and you instantly froze at the familiar song.

“What the heck I gotta doooooo to be with youuuu.” he said pointing at you and dancing in circles around you, slinking his body around. You couldn’t help the small smile that cracked your face as it eventually turned into a fit of giggles.

“See! I knew it!” He exclaimed as he clapped his hands together.

Once you had your laughter in check you saw Lin standing by the door with an ice pack in one hand and a smirk on his face. He gestured to Anthony with a smug look on his face. You couldn’t help the blush that spread your cheeks as you shook your head, laughing. Anthony, suddenly aware of your behavior, followed your line of vision to Lin. Of course. He tensed slightly before excusing himself.

“I’m gonna head down.” He said bitterly.

“Aw, Anthony. What’s wrong?” You asked putting a hand on his shoulder.

He looked over at you, a forced smile on his face.

“I’m just not feeling too well.” Not a lie, he thought. You and Lin seemed to be awfully close recently and he wasn’t sure what he was feeling until just then. It was jealousy.

“Oh. Alright then. Feel better.” You gave him a smile and let him go. On the way down he purposefully bumped shoulders with Lin and headed down the stairs as if nothing had happened. Lin gave him a dirty look and opened his mouth to say something when he closed it promptly, a devilish smile spreading his face.

“Are you and Anthony ok?” You asked, seeing the whole ordeal unfold before your eyes.

“No, but I know how you can help.” He said pulling you aside from the others and handing you the ice pack. You thanked him before pressing it to your head.

“How? Do you want me to go talk to him?”

“Not exactly” he said. “You need to tell him that you like him.” He blurted.

“WHA- no! No way!” You shook your head.

“Please Y/N our friendship is on the line!”

“Yeah well so is ours if you make me do this.” You challenged back.

“You don’t understand Y/N.”

“What? What don’t I understand? The fact that you’re trying to make me look like a fool?”

“He likes you.” Lin said softly and you felt your limbs go weak.

“What?” You said in a whisper.

“Don’t you see it? The times he takes your bag for you, when he always tries to make conversation with you before each show, when he gives you compliments, when he can’t take his eyes off of you, the physical contact?” He sighed when you still looked shocked. “I wanted you to find out for yourself or for Ant to grow a pair and tell you but you two have been beating around the bush for too long and I’m so anxious just watching you two. You all are like a bomb ready to explode.” He said.

You were speechless. You didn’t know what to say, but you didn’t need to say much as Lin already knew what you were thinking.

“So please. Just go talk to him.” He said pushing you to the doorway. You let your body take over before you could talk yourself out of it. The truth was, you wanted to tell him just for the small chance that Lin might be right and that Anthony might like you.

You floated down the stairs and to Anthony almost in a dream like trance. The door was cracked open and you gave it a soft knock.

“Listen, Lin I’m sorry man. I dunno what’s gotten into me… sorry.” You heard him make his way to the door and swing it open.

You saw him shirtless due to the NYC summer. His hair loose as he looked frustrated and like he had been pacing the proximity of his small dressing room. You felt your knees buckle and Anthony promptly grab you by your waist and hold you up as you stumbled.

“Woah, are you alright?” He asked as he helped you to your feet once more. “That head bang really must’ve done something to you.”

“No” you said in a quaver.


“It’s you.”

A look of confusion spread his face as he looked into your eyes to try and decipher what you were trying to say.

“I-I’m sorry? I dunno what I did but-” he started trying to make things right.

“Whenever I’m by you I get all light headed and my knees go weak. All I feel are the butterflies in my stomach whenever you touch me and I can’t stop the blush that spreads whenever you speak” you said almost in one breath.


“Wait… don’t. I’m not done”

He quickly shut his mouth but his grip on your waist tightened.

“And I don’t know how you can do this to me. And I don’t want to hide it anymore because I want all of it. I want to get light headed and weak kneed when you’re by. I want to feel the butterflies in my stomach when you touch me. And I want to be flustered when we talk. I want it because I love the way you make me feel.” You stopped to take a breath.

Before you knew it, Anthony pulled you in from the hallway and pressed you up against the door to close it. Your breath hitched. The space between your lips was almost nonexistent.

“How would you feel if I did this?” He murmured against your lips before pressing them fully onto yours. His hands were on your hips and your hands found their way to his curly locks. You could’ve sworn that you were in heaven the way his lips made you feel. One of his hands made it’s way to your face as he caressed your cheek and you went limp against the door.

He pulled back slowly his eyes still closed. When he opened his eyes, his hazel eyes had a spark in them as he looked into yours.



“You give me butterflies too.” He said before he closed the gap between your lips once more. You hummed against his lips happily as the butterflies in your stomach erupted as his lips moved against yours.

You could get used to this feeling.


Draco malfoy fluff request please! Him and reader spending time doing bets/contests together and end up becoming very competitive and seriously about it Thanks♡


Loved this request, thank you love!! <3

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Scenario on the team discovering that their "little sister" is dating one of them, namely, Sugawara, Oikawa, Kuroo and Tsukishima (separately)

Hi! I got carried away with Tsuki’s whoops. But I hope you like these!


Sugawara Koushi

One day, you waited for Sugawara finish his volleyball meeting about what to do about losing Seijoh’s match. You wait for him by the door and he signals for you to give him 5 minutes to pack. 

“What are you doing here _____? It’s pretty late.” Asahi says as he spots you by the door. 

“Waiting for Koushi-chan.” You say smiling. 

Sometimes you forgot to keep it a secret. Whoops.

Asahi looks at you, surprise written on his face. “Koushi-chan?” 

“Hi _____!” Suga says with blushed cheeks.

You smile at him and start to walk out the door, his hand in yours. 

“______ what are you-”

“I kinda told Asahi…”

You look back and see him with his jaw open. Koushi stops walking and looks back at the team. 

Slowly, each team member stops what they’re doing and stares at you both with wide eyes. 

“EH?!” Tanaka and Noya shout as Daichi strides over to you two. “You better take care of her Suga or I will punch you in the face.” 

Suga laughs nervously and clutches your hand. 

“Y-yes Daichi-”

“Suga-san! You two are dating?!” Hinata says, in awe. He nods with blushed cheeks and scratches the back of his head. 

“Will you guys quit it? This is embarrassing…” He mumbles looking at the ground.

“It’s your fault for not telling us, Suga-chan.” Damn it Tsukishima.

Oikawa Tooru

Oikawa had you pinned against the wall ‘kabe don’ style and he smirks at you. 

“Is there anything you want Oikawa?” You ask innocently. 

“You know what I want _____.” He presses his lips to yours and you smile into the kiss. You move your lips against his and he slips his tongue past your mouth. 

You hear a drop of a carton and push Tooru away to look at the cause of the sound. 

There stood Hanamaki with his jaw open and eyes wide. Oikawa rushes to shut him up, this was supposed to be a secret.

“Hanamaki don’t-”

“MATSUKAWA!” he yells as he runs towards the gym. 

“Damn it Hanamaki…” Oikawa groans and you giggle at him. 

You grab his hand and bring him to the gym. He complains and tries to run away. The walk to the gym consisted of various versions of “Iwa-chan will kill me ____!” or “I’m not gonna be the captain anymore!” 

“Suck it up Tooru, you brought this up yourself.”

When you reach the gym and open the doors, you see the team huddled up together, as if in distress. Iwaizumi sees you and pulls up his sleeves. He walks over to you two with scrunched up eyebrows, glaring at Tooru.

“Iwa-chan I can explain-”

“You better not hurt her or else i’ll hurt you too Crappykawa.” 

“So mean Iwa-chan…”

Kuroo Tetsuro

“Guys I have to say something,” Kuroo says as he smirks. He was going to tell everyone that you two were dating.

“Curious eyes stare at both of you and you blush. “______ is my girlfriend.” He says proudly. 

Everyone stares at you with wide eyes, except Kenma. He just glanced from his game and went back to it. He already knew anyway.

“Really? I thought you could to better _____-chan.” Yaku says as Kuroo glares at him. 

“Hey _____-chan, don’t be afraid to talk to me when you’re having problems with that guy, okay?” Lev whispers as you giggle and nod at him. 

“Will you take care of her?” Yamamoto asks with squinted eyes and face close to Kuroo’s. 


Yamamoto continued to throw questions to Kuroo. 

“_____-chan?” Inuoka says shyly. You turn to look at him and smile. “Yes?”

“I’ll be here when you ever need ahug, okay?” His cheeks turn a slight shade of pink and you squish them between your fingers. A string of ow’s and stop’s coming out of the boy.

Kai walks over to you two and slings his arms over you and Kuroo. “If you even think of hurting her I will personally kick you in the balls, captain” 

He gulps and nods at him. 

Tsukishima Kei

He was having a bad day. Bad days for him usually meant hugs and kisses from you. 

Today he just couldn’t wait for you to be alone with him. 

“Tsuki? Are you alright? You’ve been missing your blocks recently…” Yamaguchi says, concerned about his tall friend. 

Tsuki scoffs and walks towards you. You were talking with Kiyoko and Yachi in the corner of the gym and he just couldn’t take it anymore.

Yachi looks at Tsukishima, now not listening to your conversation. You turn to look at what she was looking at and you were met by arms wrapping around your waist and a head buried in the crook of your neck.

You gasp as you felt yourself fall a little bit, obviously taken aback. He holds you in place.

The gym was dead silent. Everyone stared at Tsuki, the same Tsukishima that smirked when someone got hit in the face, the one who teased the hell out of everybody.

Hinata misses his spike, Kageyama gets hit in the face by the ball he was setting. Yamaguchi and Tanaka had their mouths open, Nishinoya stopped climbing Asahi. Ennoshita stops talking to Daichi who was also staring with wide eyes. 

“Tsuki? What happened? Everyone’s staring…” You whisper as you look around the gym. 

He curses and hides his red face in your hair. 

“What are you staring at? Go back to practice.” Kiyoko says. You look at her thankfully. She smiles at you and nods.

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Can i have some HC of Bakugou on a first day with his crush? Like him being so pissed off because he doesn't know what the hell to do on a date lmao a lot of Bakugou rage 😂

Honey, of course you can 💫 Here is a swamped Bakugou for you~

I humbly apologize that it’s so short

  • It actually starts before the date, he needs to ask his crush out first. How do you ask someone out? He knows that words are not exactly his strong point, well, nice words. Bakugou is not that big of an ass to not know that he probably shouldn’t scream in their face.  

“Oi, idiot! I’m gonna get you tomorrow, so don’t be late, got it?”

S/o looks at him with a puzzled look in their eyes, what is that supposed to mean?  

“What’s with that stupid face, am I not clear enough?”

“Sorry Baks, you get me for what?”, their gears start to turn “Ohhhh! Is it some sort of date or something?”

“NO! WHAT THE FUCK?”, what the fuck did he just say? “YES, GODDAMN IT, IT’S OBVIOUS… I MEAN NO… I MEAN… SEE U TOMORROW!”

  • Hell, it’s a hassle and it hasn’t even started…
  • When he picks up his crush they are dressed up and he can’t help but being a little in awe. He feels a blush creeping up his cheeks when they ask him if they are pretty enough for their not-date date and he isn’t really sure if he likes the feeling that is starting to coil in his stomach
  • Bakugou is not really one for physical contact, especially in public, so every time their hands accidentally brush together he kind of flicks s/o’s hand away. After a little while, though it stops and it dawns him that this might have been a subtle hint. Great Katsuki that was not the smoothest move
  • He takes them to the mall because he wasn’t sure what a good date spot was and they are talking about this goddamn crowded place the whole time anyway. He can’t tell how much he hates crowded places, but at least it clicks in his mind. Shooting a grim gaze at his s/o’s hand, he grabs at first their wrist until he carefully laces their finger together.

“What? It would be a drag to lose you, just because you’re some sort of not so stupid dimwit”

  • Aimlessly, they just walk around for a while, talking about this and that, until his s/o suddenly stops

“Look Baks, there is ice cream”

“I have two fucking eyes, I can see that”

S/o sighs a little “I want some”

“That’s great for you”, why the hell are they starring at him with that intensive gaze?

God bless s/o who just gives him a wink with their head, repeating the exact same thing again.

“What the fu-, oh, wait, I’ll be right back”, for fucks sake, how is he supposed to know when it’s the right moment to do such things. Why can’t they just state it obviously?  

  • A little angry he pushes the cone into their hand “Next time just fucking say if you want me to buy you something”
  • When s/o gives him a peck on his cheek, he’s flinching away a little, covering the place where their soft lips touched him with his hand “What the hell was that?!”, but even if his words sound violent, his body is totally betraying him and he feels himself burning up inside, a bright red rivaling his crimson eyes feathering over his whole body

Day 3: Warmth

prompts from this list part of the challenge to myself was to not look anything up while I was writing

“I’m dying,” Viktor wheezed, prostrated in front of Yutopia’s only fan in open prayer. “Haven’t the Japanese ever heard of air conditioning?”

Yuuri laid out flat on the floor beside Viktor, fanning themselves with a menu. “I thought Russia didn’t have air conditioning either,” Yuuri challenged.

Yuuri had heard horror stories of crumbling Soviet era apartments with mold and no ventilation from friends that had been at the Sochi Olympics.

“Russia isn’t this fucking hot.”

For all his whining, Viktor did have a point. And as much as Yuuri would have loved to tease him, Yuuri wasn’t faring much better themselves.

Five years of lukewarm Detroit summers and hellish Michigan winters had spoiled Yuuri. Not to mention the window unit in Yuuri’s and Phichit’s apartment, a godsend that was nowhere to be found in the old walls of Yutopia. While Yuuri and Phichit normally kept the old machine off to save on utilities, it wasn’t uncommon to find them parked in front of the unit after a day of off-ice conditioning. Yuuri would give anything for an AC unit right about now.

Mari snorted at them, collecting plates from the other guests and going about business like they weren’t being roasted alive.

“America made you weak, little bro,” she said in Japanese.

Yuuri chucked their menu at her, then immediately regretted it when they no longer had anything to fan themselves with. Yuuri whimpered, resigning themselves to an early death. Viktor started to fan Yuuri with his hand, earned a nearly indecent moan. If Viktor’s cheeks flushed at the sound, he would simply blame it on the heat.

“We could go to Ice Castle,” Yuuri suggested. “It’ll be cold there.”

“But we’d have to walk there,” Viktor pointed out.

The thought of the long trek to Ice Castle in this weather made Yuuri practically wilt into the floorboards. “Uuughh.”

“I can’t move,” Viktor said in agreement.

Toshiya chose that moment to pop his head into the dining room.

“You know what would help you feel cool?” he said.

Yuuri let out a long, low groan, used to this spiel from years of dealing with Kyushu summers. “Don’t,” they warned.

“A nice soak in the onsen,” Toshiya continued, against his child’s wishes.

Yuuri groaned again. Just thinking about the onsen right now made them feel hot. They didn’t care what their dad said, Toshiya was trying to kill them.

“What did he say?” Viktor asked, looking curiously between Yuuri and their dad.

“You don’t want to know,” Yuuri said simply.

Hiroko bustled into the dining room, carrying a tray of drinking glasses.

“Don’t listen to him,” she said in Japanese. She set the tray down next to Yuuri and Viktor. “I made you some iced tea.”

She held a glass out to Viktor. Condensation beaded sensually on the rim, dripping onto the floor. It was the most beautiful thing Yuuri had ever seen.

“Iced tea,” Hiroko repeated, this time in English.

Viktor too the glass reverently, sweat (or were those tears?) beading at the corner of his eyes. “Arigato, kaa-san,” he practically whimpered.

Yuuri felt much the same. They held the glass against their cheek, nearly crying in relief. That didn’t even compare to when Yuuri took their first sip. How long had it been since they’d had their mother’s iced tea?

“You’re an angel,” Viktor cried. “How do I say that in Japanese?” he asked Yuuri.

Yuuri relayed the sentiment to their mother, only for Viktor to slap them on the chest.

“I want to say it!” Viktor whined.

Yuuri sighed, too tired for this bullshit despite barely waking an hour ago. Yuuri repeated the phrase slowly for Viktor’s benefit, who proceeded to butcher the pronunciation, but was at least understandable.

Hiroko giggled and pet Viktor on the arm. “Vicchan is very kind.”

Viktor beamed at the praise, not unlike a dog that had been told “good boy.”

“Cute, too,” Hiroko added in Japanese, eyes fixed on Yuuri.

Yuuri felt themselves blush up to their ears.

“What did she say, what did she say?” Viktor pestered, continually poking Yuuri’s chest.

“Wh-nothing!” Yuuri insisted. “Stop hitting me!”

Viktor stopped, only to smile like the Cheshire cat. “Aw, Yuuri, you’re blushing!” he teased.

Yuuri covered their ears. “No I’m not!” they insisted, convincing no one. “It’s the heat!”

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Chilled Evenings- Dan Howell

A/N: Thought I would try out a fluff, see how things work out. I don’t think this is the best but I promise I tried!

 Pairing: Dan x reader

 Warnings: Swearing

I look over at the desk, where Dan’s currently editing some gaming video he had done with Phil. It was pretty quiet in the new apartment, the light humming sound of the television Phil’s watching in the living room, the faint clicking of the keyboard, cars passing by at a probably dangerous speed occasionally.

It’s moments like these that I live for. I’m not one much for partying or going out to a fancy restaurant. I’m more of a chill out, order food kind of person. Plus, it gave me a chance to catch up on work that I’ve procrastinated on.

“You aright?” Dan asks, gaining my attention once again.

I nod, slightly embarrassed that I dozed off staring at him. “’M fine, just thinking.”

“Penny for your thoughts?” He smirks back, taking off the headphones and leaning back.

“My thoughts are definitely worth more, but for you, I’ll make an exception,” I laugh, crossing my legs on the sofa bed. “Just thinking about how much I love you,” I emphasize, knowing Dan hates when I’m cheesy.

He laughs and rolls his eyes, “I love you, too.” He turns back and edits a bit more.

I love when Dan’s in his element. It shows his creativity and passion. I tend to notice small details about him, like the way he bites his lip when he plays the footage to see if it’s up to his standards, when he hums quietly to himself, and especially when he begins to tap his fingers on the desk, which drives me absolutely crazy. Although, I do admit that I find it cute, but would never say it out loud.

There’s a light buzz that goes through the intercom of the apartment, letting us know the Chinese food we ordered has arrived downstairs. I quickly get up to get it, earning a quiet, “Thanks love.”

Once I come back, Dan and Phil have both set up the table with plates and drinks, playfully arguing about some Netflix series we started watching a couple days ago.

I laugh at them, agreeing with what Phil had previously said, to which Dan laughed and told up to shut up.

We sat at our unassigned assigned seats and immediately starting eating. Only five minutes in and we were all of the verge of crying with laughter as we talked about anything new. I had mentioned how there was an insane women on the tube that had insisted someone had tried to steal her phone and went on an absolute rampage to anyone who went near her. Which then lead to Phil assuming she had been keeping some deep secrets to which Dan responded something about some intense fetish and porn. Things only escalated from there on what was on her phone that she thought it was important enough to scream at every person by her.

People seem to think it’s awkward to “third wheel” around, and it can to a certain extent, but with Phil it doesn’t feel like it. He keeps the conversation going between all of us and we all bounce off each other’s jokes.

We finish eating and retreat to separate rooms, Dan and I going to his as we lay down on his bed that’s covered in the infamous squared bedspread.

“I’m so full,” he groans, instantly wrapping his arms around me and slightly laying on top of me.

I laugh and shove him off, “You’re squishing me you damn spork!”

He takes this as a challenge and straddles me, tickling me mercilessly.

“Dan stop! I can’t fucking breathe!” I manage to say, trying to grab his wrists to stop him.

His obnoxious laugh fills the room, my favorite laugh as it shows he’s genuinely happy. “Quit bitching, you love it,” he smirks, stopping and pulling me into his arms again.

This is how our relationship works, harmless insults and playfulness.

“Wow, I can see the gears turning in your head. You’re actually thinking real hard, yeah?” he teases, poking my temple.

“At least I’m using my brain for the right reasons, idiot!” I push him away which causes him to hold onto me tighter. “Just thinking ‘bout us if I’m honest.” I respond, blushing that I had gotten caught again.

“Let’s talk about it then, I hope they’re all good things,” he chuckles.

“Just really happy with where we are. Not too serious, y'know? Wouldn’t think that the tall noodle in the back of the Starbucks I worked at would manage to spill his drink on me,” I smirk, remembering how we met in the first place.

He groans, “I apologized and took you out to lunch, would you just forget about it?” His cheeks had gone slightly rosy from embarrassment, thinking about how he tripped over his own legs as I was going out on my break only to be met with mildly hot coffee. I was a bit annoyed but I would never admit that I was perfectly okay with it since he was more than attractive. There were times I considered it an honor, but he didn’t need to know that.

I laugh and pinch his cheeks softly, “Aw, is someone blushing?”

He swats my hands away and pulls me closer than before, kissing my forehead. I manage to wrap my arms around him and we lay there, enjoying each other’s company.

“I love you,” he mumbles into my hair, reaching under my chin to capture my lips in his.

“I love you, too, Dan,” I say, enjoying the pleasant conversation.

“I’m glad that my clumsiness came into play at the right moment. Imagine if I would’ve spilled it on some super serious businessman? I would’ve gotten my ass chewed out,” he chuckles lightly.

I look up at him, his eyes meeting mine. “I know you hate cringe things like this, but you really brought happiness to my life. It used to be a routine, go to work, go home, eat, clean, sleep. That was it. But you took me out that.” I reach to caress his cheek, smiling when he leans into my touch.

“You brought happiness. Phil is cool and all, but I needed that extra person, get me? I’m glad that we have a more intimate connection.” He kisses my forehead again, mumbling about how he loves me.

I cuddle into him and the rest of the evening was just us reminiscing everything we’ve done together, before we ended up watching tv in the living room, Phil happily joining us.

Prompt list

1. “I’m not coming back, so don’t expect to see me again.”
2. “Blonde bimbo.”
3. “Fuck you!”
4. “I wish I never met you!”
5. “Go die in a hole.”
6. “You can’t tell him that!”
7. “She a slut.”
8. “You were never supposed to know.”
9. “I love you so much it hurts.”
10. “That’s why I’m letting go.”
11. “What did I do wrong?”
12. “I thought you loved me?”
13. “We can’t keep doing this.”
14. “Oh, fuck me!”
15. “You. Are. Adorable.”
16. “I hate you.”
17. “Noooooo!”
18. “You’re so stupid.”
19. “Kill me now.”
20. “What in gods name were you thinking?”
21. “I don’t want this anymore.”
22. “You’re dead!”
23. “Lay a finger on him and I’ll cut your eyes out and feed them to you.”
24. “Haha, very funny.”
25. “Do you really think I’m offended?”
26. “You did what?”
27. “I love you, I really do.”
28. “I’ll always be here.”
29. “Leave.”
30. “It’s a good hurt.”
31. “I will try to fix you.”
32. “I can’t reach the top shelf.”
33. “Help me!”
34. “It’s been a hell of a night.”
35. “Why do I feel like I have a hangover when I wasn’t drinking?”
36. “It’s not worth it.”
37. “You always know how to cheer me up.”
38. “I need coffee.”
39. “She’s not a morning person.”
40. “Cuddles?”
41. “I need a beer.”
42. “Let me drink away my problems.”
43. “This isn’t healthy.”
44. “How bad is it?”
45. “You mean to tell me that…………”
46. “I’m leaving tomorrow, what do you say?”
47. “That hurt.”
48. “I can’t live without you.”
49. “Stay with me?”
50. “I don’t belong here.”
51. “My heart beats for you. Only you.”
52. “Tell me a story.”
53. “Put your hands up!”
54. “I’m gonna make you feel………”
55. “Let go.”
56. “Get off pig.”
57. “It would have been less painful if I never met you.”
58. “Ouch.”
59. “I’m naked, can you give me a towel?”
60. “You know I ain’t no gentlemen.”
61. “Use protection!”
62. “You know you love me.”
63. “I’m going anyways.”
64. “Why can’t I have a dog!?”
65. “Last time I checked.”
66. “Starings rude.”
67. “How long have you been standing there?”
68. “I suggest you leave unless you want me to rip out your vocal chords and eat them.”
69. “Since when do you smoke?”
70. “Where were you?”
71. “Do you have any idea………!?”
72. “Just leave.”
73. “I can’t do this.”
74. “Hide me.”
75. “I hate you!”
76. “You don’t mean that.”
77. “Fuck your opinion.”
78. “I never meant to fall in love.”
79. “I don’t care about what you have to say.”
80. “What goes through your mind when you think of me?”
81. “I’m not worth it.”
82. “Cuddle with me?”
83. “Forever.”
84. “Umm…”
85. “Take your god damn ring!”
86. “What did you just say!?”
87. “Take what’s yours and leave!”
88. “Fuck it.”
89. “Kiss me.”
90. “Your drunk.”
91. “I think I look great!”
92. “Find someone else to join your pity party.”
93. “Don’t cry.”
94. “Go to hell.”
95. “Of course I do.”
96. “Yes, I’ll marry you.”
97. “Do you mind?”
98. “It was an accident!”
99. “People make mistakes.”
100. “I’m my own person.”
101. “I’m trying!”
102. “It’s too cold.”
103. “We were so careful.”
104. “How long?”
105. “Nice butt!”
106. “Long and hard baby.”
107. “Hi can I hel-”
108. “Why are you on the floor?”
109. “This helps how?”
110. “Things get better.”
111. “Stop trying to control me!”
112. “Your not my father!”
113. “Cake!”
114. “Have you seen my bra?”
115. “Dance with me.”
116. “Nothing I can’t handle.”
117. “Stop telling yourself I don’t care!”
118. “Since when do you smoke?”
119. “You work too hard.”
120. “What did you do with my pants?”
121. “Give me the towel.”
122. “ stop saying that.”
123. “You don’t mean it.”
124. “I know you watch me.”
125. “I’ll never be like you.”
126. “I want to disappear.”
127. “Fine by me.”
128. “You dig okay baby?”
129. “Pretty.”
130. “I swear to god if you don’t get your lazy ass out here right now there is gonna be a problem!”
131. “Fucking adorable.”
132. “I can’t handle this.”
133. “You know where to find me.”
134. “Stop trying to control me.”
135. “I know you didn’t mean to.”
136. “It’s okay.” “No, it’s not.”
137. “I hurt you.”
138. “Awe, he blushing!”
139. “Soda! That’s way too much sugar!”
140. “Check the Engine.”
141. “That skirt’s too short, go change.”
142. “I’m tired of this.”
143. “I have to pee.”
144. “If only you knew how much I actually loved you.”
145. “I can’t believe you just said that.”
146. “I try so hard.”
147. “I can’t help you if you don’t help yourself first.”
148. “Nobody’s perfect.”
149. “I’m pregnant.”
150. “Please, ___________, please.”

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{Reaction} Meeting Infinite in college/university for the first time AU

Note: This wasn’t technically requested, but this lovable bunch have been giving me the feels ever since their comeback so yeah - I’m dragging you all down with me ;) 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used. 

Kim Myungsoo 

Originally posted by honey-kim

Myungsoo likes routine and consistency. His life is all very organised, and that’s the way he likes it. So when he finds you sat in his seat at his table in the library, he isn’t about to leave with words unspoken. He stepped over and asked you to move, but when you turned to look at him, innocent face and teary eyes - clearly stressed, he didn’t have the heart to push any further.

{y/n}: “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise it was your space. But while everything is out, is it okay if we share?”

Myungsoo: “Okay.“ *The ice princes’ heart starts to slowly thaw.*

Kim Sunggyu

Originally posted by inpinitaize

Sunggyu the music major has liked your of r a long time now, not that you’re aware, in fact, the two of you have never officially been introduced. He didn’t talk to you for a long, too shy and too sure you’d reject him, so when you finally spoke to him for the first time, the shock threw him completely off guard.

{y/n}: “Are you writing a song? That’s pretty awesome.”

Sunggyu: “I’m the eye of the typhoon…” *Notices your look of confusion.* “You know like- oh never mind, let me sing it instead.” *Blows you away with his singing - making up for his nervousness* 

Nam Woohyun

Originally posted by inpinitaize

You and Woohyun met for the first time at a party on campus. It was a fancy dress party and you had decided to show up as Harley Quinn, and almost by fate, he had turned up as the joker. He couldn’t resist the urge to talk to you as he walked over, a grin spreading across his face. 

Woohyun: “Well hello there.” *Grinning*

{y/n}: “How’ya doing puddin’?” *Laughing*

Lee Howon/ Hoya

Originally posted by hiddu

Hoya, the dance major, was practicing a routine in an empty practice room when he heard the door open. Not thinking too much of it, he carried on his routine, not expecting anyone to have actually come in and that it was probably simply just the wind or someone playing around. But when he finally stopped dancing and looked in the large mirror of the wall to see you stood watching him in awe by he door, a blush spread across his cheeks. 

Hoya: “How long have you been standing there?”

{y/n}: “Long enough to convince myself I want you to teach me how to dance” 

Lee Sungyeol

Originally posted by namgyusoo

Sungyeol lives in the room next door to yours, and this is all well and good until he decides to have showers at stupid times of the morning or late at night. It wouldn’t bother you if he was just showering, but this obnoxious asshole also sings loudly - at the top of his damn voice. (Though you have to admit, he is pretty good - but you’re not really very appreciative at 3am)

{y/n}: *Knocks on his door* “Do you mind shutting the fu-” *Eyes widen as he opens the door in only a towel wrapped around his waist.*

Sungyeol: *Smirks as he sees your flustered face.* “What was that princess?”

Lee Sungjong

Originally posted by namgyusoo

Sungjong is the sweetheart in class that smiles at you, and gives you nonverbal reassurance from across the classroom. You were finally introduced to him one day when he came into the class with two cups of coffee and took the seat next to you, uncaring that your usual partner would have to move. 

Sungjong: “You looked stressed, so I thought you’d like some coffee.”

{y/n}: “Thank you.” 

Sungjong: “Anytime” *Smile on his face is irremovable* 

Jang Dongwoo

Originally posted by infinitblaq

You are friends with someone that is Dongwoo is friends with which is how the two of you met. You were at the party and were the only sober ones there. You weren’t in the mood to drink, and Dongwoo had work the following day so the two of you ended up spending the night talking to each other, laughing at the other drunks making fools of themselves. 

Dongwoo: “We should meet up for coffee sometime.” 

{y/n}: “How about now? I don’t think we’ll be missing out on anything here.”

Dongwoo: “Okay” *Grinning as he takes you out at stupid o’clock to get coffee with you.*


Request Prompt: can you please make an imagine where Carl and reader are drunk and they just have fun and lots of flirtation please- Anon

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Fluff

A/N- Both Carl and the reader are 18 here.


I stared at Daryl as he stared me down holding onto the wine bottle.

“Don’t you think you’re a little young for stuff like this?”, he smirked and I shrugged.

“I’m 18. At times like this I can do what I want.”, I stated and he chuckled.

“You drinking this alone? The whole bottle?”, He questioned and I smirked.

“I was gonna see if Carl wanted some.”, I said and he nodded.

“Doesn’t Rick know?”, he asked.

“Rick said it was fine. Just to not finish the whole bottle.”, I said and he chuckled.

“Alright then. Don’t get to fucked up.”, he stated and I chuckled as I carried the bottle to my house.

I walked through the door and plopped down on my couch before pulling the top off the bottle. I immediately chugged some down as Carl walked through the door.

“You started without me?”, he asked and I shrugged.

“You’re late.”, I stated.

“I had to put Judith to sleep. I have brother duty cut me some slack here.”, he whined and I giggled.

“Fine. You’re off the hook this time.”, I told him.

“Only one? Feel like I need to get wasted.”, he complained.

“Hey I had to have a 20 minute stare down with Daryl for this bottle. You can drink water.”, I said and he put up his hands.

“Alright. I’ll make the best of it.”, he sighed defeated and I laughed at him.

He took the bottle away from me and put it to his lips as he began to drink. Sooner or later we were both sitting there laughing at little things with an empty wine bottle. He was telling me about his runs outside the wall and couldn’t stop laughing.

“All I did was kick the walkers leg. And it just toppled over like its leg was missing.”, he laughed and I covered my mouth as I giggled.

I laid back onto the floor staring up at the ceiling fan. He noticed me staring off into space and moved to lay beside me. He turned to look at me before moving my hair put of my face. I could feel his intoxicated stare and cut my eyes at him.

“What are you staring at?”, I asked.

“Your face. I’ve never noticed how pretty you looked before.”, he stated and I blushed.

“Its not pretty. With the world being as fucked up as it is, my face is far from pretty.”, I said.

“It is pretty. Same for your eyes. Your hair. Your body.”, he smiled and I giggled at his drunken flirtatious state.

“Well then if that’s the case you’re cute too.”, I told him and turned to look at him.

“Really? And what cute about me huh?”, he asked.

“Your smile. You protectiveness. Your eye.”, I relied looking him in the eye.

“Even if one of them was shot out?”, he chuckled.

“Of course. I thought you were cute when we first met and I still think your cute now.”, I said.

“Aw. Shucks.”, he blushed and I giggled looking back at the ceiling.

“When you tell a joke you’d make me smile. Or when you’d be protective of Judith. Makes me think there’s still hope.”, I said.

He remain quiet and I let a tear rolled down to my ear. I turned to look at Carl who placed a soft kiss on my lips. I closed my eyes to kiss back and he moved so he was lying on top of me. I giggled as he he fell on my chest.

“I can’t even sit up straight.”, he chuckled.

“Yeah because we finished the whole bottle.”, I told him and he shook his head.

“Damn. Dad’s gonna kill me.”, He said and i giggled.

“Well Daryl won’t let me of the hook so easily.”, I added.

“But don’t cry Y/N. There is hope. As long as were alive there will always be hope.”, he stated and I smiled.

“ We won’t be for long.”, I stated and he chuckled rolling off of me.