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A Promise Ring


Avi leant back on the couch, playing with the box in his hands. After Esther had helped him pick it out a few weeks ago he still hadn’t found the right time or way to give Kirstie the promise ring. He didn’t know where abouts in the house she was right now, but he always kept it on himself. He figured she might not accidentally find it that way and if she did he could say he planned that way with it in his pocket and everything. He opened the box to look at the small ring, and then pulled it out to look closer, he was sure she’d like it, it wasn’t exactly common, it was kind of blueish and he thought she might like it specifically because it was different. He is literally about to place it back in the box when Pascal jumps onto the couch and onto his lap, bouncing around, knocking his arm. The ring fell from his hand and landed beside him, he shot his hand out to pick it up at the same time Pascal jumped on the spot and sent the ring down the side of the couch between the arm and seat. Avi’s eyes widened, he’d lost his own ring down there not the other week and Kirstie had had to get it out for him because his hand was too big. He was kind of mad now, “PASCAL!” he yells, “Damn it!” he shouts dropping his head into his hands. Pascal just lies down on the couch, cuddled against Avi like he’d done absolutely nothing wrong.

The One Where Avi Scales The Side of A Building || Kavi

Avi must have been knocking on Kirstie’s door for at least minutes now. She had once told him there was a spare key outside, but he couldn’t find it. He had a phone, but it happened to be inside the house that he didn’t have a key for, nor a person answering the door. And not to mention it was pouring with rain, bucketing down, and Kirstie had told him it was going to rain but he waved it off saying he’d be quick. And now look where he was: soaking wet outside his girlfriend’s apartment with no way in, unless. Avi walked around the side of the building, looking for an open window, he got round to the back of the house where there was one open window, that happened to be on the second story. He rushed around the rest of the house before he solemnly went back to stand underneath the open window. “Right, lucky tree, lucky drain pipe, lets do this!” Avi tells himself and claps once before he starts to climb the tree that ran parallel to the drain pipe. 

give us a break(through)


They stopped at the edge of the clearing; Terebas could almost feel precisely where the boundary of her hosts’ patience was and knew she was straining it. Even leaning against the tree she stood under would prompt someone to “wander” their way.

‘Dja nara,’ she said; the tone was clearly I see. ‘No wonder Avi is so set on convincing Dr Aki to make changes. He gave me a short lecture on humans and medabots this morning. Well. more of a short rant.’ She tapped her fingers (short thick nails painted the same purple as her shirt) against her thigh. 'He told me there was the body, and the medal, and a watch. Without the medal the other two are useless, right? Useless to this gang.’

What are you doing, she wondered to herself, you have a full plate of responsibilities - in another world, which she would not be returning to until they build a gate, apparently.

What the hell. 'If the medals could be rescued and kept from them, it wouldn’t matter if they stole the rest, would it?’

Rokusho hummed, getting the gist of what Terebas was thinking. “Yes, though the individuals themselves would be dormant without a body. Even if they were put into a different body so they wouldn’t be recognized, there’s no telling how blindly loyal the Medabots would be to their previous Medafighters.”

He paused before asking, “What are you planning? Don’t you have something else you need to worry about?”