avx: prologue

Welcome To The Paladins


Keith was busy cleaning out the fire place when his dad grabbed him by the hair and shoved his face into the piles of ash causing the boy’s already damaged lungs to get a gasp full of ash.
He coughed and spluttered praying desperately a asthma attack wouldn’t be triggered.

“What to know what I hear at the pub?” Jonathan hissed pulling Keith’s face close to his own. “Some do gooder teacher decided to try and tell me how to be a parent. Said I should keep a better eye on you” he pulled upwards so the boy had to stand on his tip toes to lessen the pain of his hair being pulled. “What you been saying Runt!”

“N-nothing dad I swear!” Keith didn’t try to struggle.

“Ya swear do ya! You ungrateful little lying twerp! I’ll teach you a lesson! Wash your sins away!” Jonathan screamed pulling his son by the hair outside.

“No dad please! I didn’t say anything I didn’t say anything! Please no!“Keith screamed in vain.

The boy couldn’t do anything to stop his dad dragging him outside to the little pond covered in a thin layer of ice thanks to the cold winter night.
He couldn’t do anything as his head was smashed through the ice and held under as he frantically scrambled to try and get up.

"Repent! REPENT FOR YOUR SINS YOU LYING MONSTER! ADMIT YOU LIED TO YOUR TEACHER! ADMIT YOU LIED TO ME!” He screamed only letting Keith breath once the fighting stopped.

He repeated this process over and over again. Eventually getting bored and leaving Keith curled up alone in the snow for the rest of the night.

“Keith come here” Jonathan called from the attic.

Keith flinched at the use of his name but did as he was told climbing the rungs of the ladder until he was roughly grabbed by the scruff of his neck and pulled the rest of the way. He had no time to react as he was chained down on a table with his dad smiling down madly at him.

“I can bring her back. Get my wife back” he mumbled over and over again.

“D-dad?” Keith asked eyes wide at the sight of the large knife in his dad’s hand, he didn’t even notice the werid amulate in his other hand.

“Shhh, It will be over soon.” He stroked Keith’s hair.
The kindest gesture he had ever shown the boy since the death of his mother. “I forgive you, now that I’ll get my wife back. You being born, your mistake will be fixed”

Keith didn’t understand his words but he didn’t need to.
Next thing he knew was pain as the knife was driven through his heart and he died.

Everything was quiet and peaceful. He drifted between the veil of life and death when he heard the voice.

“My Vessal.” It was like millions of voices spoke at once “what do you seek? Power? Revenge? Immortality?”

Keith could see a small purple fire burning in front of him. Compelling him to take the offered power.

“N-no!” Keith cried drawing away from the temptation “I just want to be safe for once in my life!”

The voice made a sound of alarm “impossible!”

The purple fire grew turning a dark blood red, becoming part of Keith.

The last thing he heard was the voice cursing the son of a demon before fading away.

When Keith woke up he was alone and standing in a pit of ash covered in blood only a few feet away from the charred remains of his dad.

He ran.

And didn’t stop running.