avx: babies

“I took this photo during the summer of 2014, at my host family’s home in a Village, in Armenia. I have lived with my host family for one year, and plan to stay with them until the end of my service. There is so much love and understanding in this Village, and whenever I miss home, being around the locals clarifies any doubts I have about my service. My work here, it is important to me, but my relationship with the locals means so much more.”


anonymous asked:

what would sinbad kouen and muu be like as fathers?


“Hmm. I don’t know, maybe you should ask your mother where babies come from?”

He’d spoil them rotten and leave all the hard parts (saying no, the sex talk, etc) to his significant other – though  he’d still help with things like homework or bullies or anything that was serious, and he wouldn’t shy away from changing diapers or burping or any of that messy stuff, in the case of babies.


“You can have dessert after you finish your vegetables. Eat all of them.”

He’d be patient but strict, and from a very early age, his children would be schooled in politics, history, mathematics, sciences – magic as well, if they showed promise in that area – and from a slightly older but still very young age, they’d be trained in combat and military strategy. Boy or girl – he’d make them into a fine young warrior-king. He wouldn’t shy away from any of the work in taking care of them, but a lot of responsibility would have to be passed on just because he was required elsewhere.


“Oh! Look how tall you’ve grown! Someday you’ll be as tall as I am, won’t you?”

He’d be positively doting, though I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’d spoil his kids – he’d just be there for them, making room for them in his life if there wasn’t already room there. While he wouldn’t get them involved in anything dangerous, he would still share as much of his life as he could with them. And while he wouldn’t push them necessarily, he’d always be enthusiastic about sharing his skills and experience with them