avx what if

Ideas for Marvel's What If

Since there are many alternate reality stories in Marvel, I have some ideas for Marvel’s What If as I have read the old What If comics. There are so much of unexplored possibilities. 

1. What if…Gambit was raised as an assassin instead of a thief? 

2. What if….a different New Warrior survived instead of Speedball in Civil War? (Two-parter issues for having two segments of different characters in one comic and the last segment would be What if ALL the New Warriors survived by defeating Nitro. Imagine that in one segment, even the D-Lister Microbe survives as he gets secretly taken away by Apocalypse who turns him into Horseman of Pestilence as he has the power of germs)

3. What if…Rogue had died instead of Nightcrawler in Second Coming storyline? 

4. What if…Wolverine had been depowered on M-Day? 

5. What if…Hulk and the Warbound came to Earth when Pro-Reg heroes and Anti-Reg heroes are fighting in the middle of New York at Civil War? 

6. What if…Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch joined the X-Men instead of Avengers?

7. What if…Captain America or any Avenger got the Phoenix Force instead of Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Magik and Colossus in AvX?

avx was pointless because the xmen could defeat the avengers hell any single member of the core xmen could defeat the avengers (me @ magik: teleport them to limbo, me @ storm: do ur thing) and it made NO SENSE for wanda’s chaos magic to cancel out the phoenix force like what kinda wish fulfilment…