Thanks that i was tagged,sorry for not replying faster,because i was busy with work and then with driving school… @kjs-s :))

Name: Marta Paula Volosova
Nicknames: I don’t have actually nicknames
Birthday: July 26
Star sign: Leo
Height: 170 cm

Favorite color: Blue, red

Time RN: 4:53 PM
Average hours of sleep: 5-6 (I have to work a lot)
Last thing I googled: About if the ‘’Flash’’ is DC or Marvel
Happy place: Bed in dorms

Number of blankets I sleep under: 2
Favorite fictional characters: A lot of,but i love more Thor,Hawkeye and Iron Man
Fave famous people:  Tom Hiddleston,Jeremy Renner,Chris Hemsworth 
Celebrity crush: Tom Hiddleston
Fave books: Marks of Cain
Fave singers: Well…I don’t know
Last movie I saw in theater: Crimson Peak
Last movie I saw at home: Avengers,Age of Ultron
Dream trip: Estonia(i was already in Estonia one time,but it was like 5 years ago,UK,USA(Los Angeles)
Dream job: I would have my own bakery
What I’m wearing now: Sweat pants :D with white t shirt and slippers :D

i tag…. @uncomfortable-writers , @littlemisssyreid