Suddenly, everything changed as the Manhattan skyline came into view. My fears of being murdered faded away and were replaced with a wave of wonder. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t feel — all I could do was stare in bewilderment at the towering buildings in the distance. I had seen “The Wizard of Oz” a million times, but until that moment on the bridge, I never knew how Dorothy felt when seeing the Emerald City. It was as bittersweet as it was magical, because I knew I’d never see New York for the first time again.

Chris Colfer, New York Times

March 28,2017

“Katelyn” was always the name I was ashamed to wear. It was a label. A label for “try-hard,” “prude,” “mean,” “annoying,” “sad,” “lonely,” “ungrateful,” “never good enough.” But I am realizing that is untrue. For some time, I let myself drown in my own sorrows. But that is a waste of life. Many people allow themselves to drown, but very few strive to float. I am not only going to float, I will make it to shore. “Katelyn Long” will be a name I am proud of. Because “Katelyn ” is strong. “Katelyn” contains more power than I ever realized. I am wise beyond my years, for I have suffered…but I have and will conquer. I have touched the lives of people around me. I have inspired. I have put a smile on someone’s face. I am good. I am good. @crewnecksnfolktunes