A Muslim woman was attacked at a NYC subway stop — it was the third such attack in 1 week

  • 45-year-old Muslim woman Soha Salama was physically attacked at the Grand Central subway station in New York City on Monday morning.
  • The man started with verbal abuse. He reportedly called Salama a “terrorist” and said she shouldn’t be allowed to work in the city. 
  • He also told Salama, who has lived in NYC for 20 years, to “go back” to her country. 
  • The alleged attacker then followed Salama after she got off the train.
  • Shortly after, he pushed her down the exit staircase, causing injuries to her knee and ankle. 
  • Salama was reportedly taken to the hospital for her injuries. 
  • The NYPD is currently investigating the incident. Read more

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