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Request:  Could you write one about Harry liking y/n but she’s hesitant to say him because he’s a celeb and his pr team makes him meet up with Camille and so she doesn’t think he’s serious about her to begin with and that just pushes her away even more?

Pairing: Reader (Y/N) x Harry

Word Count: 2654

“It’s just a lovely time at Nick’s house, ya know,” Sam said, tousling his hair. You sighed, knowing that you were going to talk with Nick and Sam for fifteen minutes before they wander off and mingle with the other people at Nick’s ‘little’ gathering.

“I know, but I’m nervous. You usually leave me alone with some geezer.”

Sam shrugged. “Look, Y/N, just find some friends and have some fun. It’s not like we’re purposely doing it.” He squeezed your knee and reached across you, opening the car door. The both of you exited the car and walked up to Nick’s house. The place was already turning into a party scene, and you weren’t here for it.

Within minutes, there was a drink in your hand and people drunkenly tripping over themselves.

“Are we late for the party?” you asked.

“No, we’re a bit early, in fact,” Sam laughed.

Fast forward to two hours later, and you had traded your vodka drink for water. You weren’t much of a drinker, especially in this atmosphere. As always, Sam had abandoned you, and you were stuck with dodging drunks and avoiding chaos. It was difficult, though.

As you backed up from the couch that had a couple making out on it, you bumped into someone. It was quite normal to bump into someone, but this incident involved the person’s drink spilling down your back. The cold drink seeped through your clothes and traveled down your back and side. You gasped and tried to hold onto your own drink.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry,” you recognized the voice, but you couldn’t quite see the person yet. As you turned, you immediately recognized the person as Harry Styles.

“No, I’m sorry. I was trying to get out of here and bumped into you.”

“Let’s get you cleaned up,” Harry stated as he lead you to the upstairs bathroom. You could feel eyes on you and Harry’s hands interlocked. They had their assumptions, and they saw that the two of you were making your way upstairs. You were started to become embarrassed.

Harry lightly dragged you into the bathroom. “Alright, I’ll just,” he paused and finally grabbed a towel from the cupboard. He started dabbing the towel against your wet shirt.

“Again, ’m really sorry 'bout this,” he mumbled.

“Honestly, it’s no big deal.”

He glanced up at you and smiled. “We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

You nodded. “Yeah, at another of Nick’s gatherings. It was a bit more calm, though. We talked for a couple of hours, yeah?”

Harry thought for a second. “Oh, you’re Y/N, the aspiring artist? Yeah, I knew you looked familiar. Done any amazing paintings lately?” he asked as he continued to 'clean’ your shirt.

“I’ve done a few paintings, I don’t know about amazing, though.”

“Well, I’d love to see them, if you don’t mind.”

You turned to fully look at Harry. “Really? Yeah, sure I can show them to you. That’d be nice.”

The two of you talked for a little bit, even though Harry had finished with the towel and placed it on the counter. Soon enough, you guys had made plans to see each other later that week.

“Oi, some of us 'ave to take a shit, not gossip. Hurry up,” said a stranger who banged on the door.

You and Harry hurried with opening up the door and shuffling out, giggling as you passed the guy. Already, you didn’t want to go back downstairs; there was beer everywhere and people who probably didn’t even know their last names.

Harry grabbed your hand again and started pulling you along, but stopped at the top of the stairs as he glanced down at everyone.

“Do you want to get out of here?” he asked.

You nodded quickly. “Yes, please.”

He dragged you through the mass of people, once in a while waving to someone who knew him. Before too long, you were both at the door, shoving some people aside to make it through. Once the door opened, you breathed in the fresh, cool air. No longer did it smell like sweat and alcohol.

“Never 'ave been a massive fan of parties. They get too loud and too many people to 'ave a good time,” Harry informed you.

You nodded in understanding. “Same here. My friends usually drag me here.”

You both walked down the driveway, hands still held together.

“Want a burger?” you suddenly asked.

“A burger? At this time? It’s like, midnight,” Harry chuckled.

“Oh come on, I’m starving,” you laughed as you pulled Harry along. “I think there’s a burger place about ten minutes from here.”

You guys talked as you walked, letting the other person know the basics of your life; family members, jobs and what they were like, and other experiences. By the time you were at the burger place, you were explaining to Harry how Christmas worked with your family.

You both ordered burgers and sat at a small booth in the corner. Harry started explaining how his touring worked when working with the other boys. He was saying how much fun he had and how much he would love to continue it, but the he and the boys just needed a break.

Throughout the next hour of eating your burgers and talking, you and Harry soon knew each other better than you thought you would. You’d met before, but it wasn’t anything special, just a quick introduction from Nick.

You yawned, covering your mouth. Harry chuckled.

“I think we should get you home. It is quite late. I’m starting to get tired myself,” he stood and stretched. You both left a tip on the table after cleaning up your mess.

You and Harry took a cab to your apartment, making the drive only about fifteen minutes. He held your hand the whole way, lightly stroking it with his thumb. It felt nice, and you wanted to lean against him, but you knew that you weren’t that close. Besides, even though the butterflies were in your stomach, that doesn’t mean butterflies were in his stomach. He was an idol to women all over the world, why would he have butterflies for you?

The ride was mainly silence, except for soft jazz playing from the radio. You were comfortable. Harry was radiating heat and kindness and love and maybe you weren’t drinking water at the party. Perhaps you had had a drink. You looked at Harry, admiring how relaxed yet firm his face was.

As you were dropped off at your apartment, Harry rolled don the cab window. “Tonight was fun, love. You 'ave my number, right?”

You nodded, remembering Harry giving you his number at the diner. You and Harry stared at each other for a while before the cab driver finally pulled away.


“Harry, you have absolutely no popcorn left. You are officially a disgrace,” you groaned from your spot in front of the cupboard. You and Harry were having a movie night and you couldn’t believe Harry wasn’t prepared.

Your relationship with Harry grew over the past few months, even though he was going on tour soon and constantly promoting his new film. If you didn’t see each other, you were texting each other.

You couldn’t help but also notice your feelings towards Harry. If he was rumored to be dating another girl, you became jealous and distant from him, claiming that you just weren’t feeling well. But when you two were cuddling on the couch watching British panel shows, you felt at home with him.

You discussed your struggle to Sam.

“He’s famous and rich and lovely, and I’m me. He can get any girl he wants,” you babbled.

Sam laughed, rubbing your shoulder. “Y/N, I’ve seen the way he looks at you. He can get any girl he wants, and he wants you.”

At the time, you didn’t believe Sam. Now, however, you were paying more attention to the look on Harry’s face when he saw you, or how his body language changed. You started to believe what Sam had mentioned.

“I moved it, pet,” Harry said as he stretched his arms up to the top shelf and grabbed a bag.

You nodded and grabbed the bag from Harry. He was being a bit distant lately, which disappointed you. You didn’t want to push him, but you didn’t want him to think you didn’t notice.

The whole movie the two of you sat next to each other. If Harry wanted you to cuddle, he would raise his arm up for you to nestle into him. However, he placed his hands on his lap and fidgeted throughout the entire movie.

“Is everything alright?” you finally asked after the movie was over.

“What do you mean?”

“You seem off tonight. Like you’re anxious,” you pointed out.

He shrugged and stretched. “Oh, well,” he paused. “I should tell you that I’m heading over to L.A. in a few days. Just doing some promo stuff and whatnot.”

You were both quiet for a few minutes before you nodded. “Cool. I’ll be here,” you smiled.


It had been a week since Harry had left for the States and you were stuck at home either reading books or working. Sam had invited himself over for lunch, which wasn’t a huge deal, except that you didn’t have a lot of food in your house.

“So, how are you and Harry now that he’s… ya know,” Sam implied.

You raised your eyebrows. “He’s what? I don’t understand.”

Sam placed a hand over his mouth. “Oh no. You don’t know?”

You placed your fork down and stared at Sam, waiting for him to tell you.

“He’s dating someone now. Like, it’s official or something. There’s rumors saying he was dating her before he even left for L.A., and it’s maybe been going on for like, months now. Her name is Camille and she’s a model, pretty successful.”

You furrowed your eyebrows and looked down towards your plate. Of course. This is what you’ve been waiting for. You and Harry had grown fairly close, but you were a broke artist trying to make her way in the world and Harry met with models all the time. You couldn’t believe you actually convinced yourself that Harry may like you.

The rest of your day was horrid. You’d barely paid attention to Sam, you were gloomy, and you kept talking yourself down. It was nearing dinner time when Sam left, and you didn’t even want to eat. You spent the rest of the evening restlessly watching TV shows when you finally decided to go onto Twitter.

It was everywhere. The news was spilled to some press and the pictures would haunt you forever. Harry and Camille standing next to each other, them talking in an intimate way, and Harry having his arm wrapped around her shoulder.

You hadn’t noticed you started crying until you sniffled loudly. You weren’t pretty enough or rich enough, or even that well known. You were just Harry’s close friend, and that was all.

After crying for a few more minutes, you wiped away your tears and heard your phone buzz once.

“Noticed I didn’t get a text from you.” Harry had texted.

You didn’t want to respond. You weren’t sure if you were mad at Harry or upset with yourself for being a disappointment. However, you knew Harry would show concern if you didn’t text back.

“I’ve just been busy.”

“Oh, okay. I’m heading to the airport now and I should be back in London tomorrow if you want to do something.”

You hated this. You were pretending to be nice to Harry when in reality, you didn’t want to see him. You were a mess.

“I think I’ll just stay home.”

You instantly regretted your text. When Harry asked if you wanted to do something, you never tuned him down. He was always fun to be around, and he made your day a bit brighter. But the weather forecast called for tears and tissues for you tomorrow.

He never responded. So you shut off your phone and climbed into bed. The crying made you seem exhausted, and you just wanted to forget the day.


It had been two days, and he still hadn’t texted you. You hadn’t texted him, either.

You tried going about your day, instantly looking at your phone if it buzzed. Your anxiety was off the charts at any sudden sound.

It was the afternoon when you heard a knock at your door. Instantly, you heart started pounding. You composed yourself and opened the door. You lightly sucked in your breath as you made eye contact with Harry.

You smiled lightly. “Hi, Harry.”

He looked at you, flashing a very small smile, not having it quite reach his eyes. “Could I come in?”

You nodded, opening the door and stepping to the side. Harry sat on your couch and fiddled with his fingers.

“Have you been avoiding me?” he asked without glancing up at you.

“Why would you ask that?”

He gave you a look that simply said 'answer the question.’

“I haven’t been fully avoiding you. I’ve just been distracted lately,” you answered.

“So you have been avoiding me? Why?”

“I just,” you started, but stopped. “I’ve been seeing some things and I’m not sure how to approach them.” It was a bullshit excuse and Harry knew that.

“Could you just give me a straight answer, Y/N? You’re really close to me and I don’t want to 'ave a fight between us,” Harry chided. “So what 'ave you been seein’ that’s makin’ you upset?”

You sat next to him on the couch and ran a hand through your hair. “I’m just asking that you don’t be upset when I tell you. I still want to be friends with you,” you waited until he nodded. “I have been feeling differently about you lately. And I mean different as in more than friends. I really do like you, Harry, and when I found out that you were dating Camille, I was just really disappointed in myself,” you admitted.

Harry sighed and brought you closer. He noticed you were nearly in tears and rubbed your back comfortingly.

“Y/N, you must be the most blind person I’ve every met,” he said with a chuckle.

You wiped your nose a little and pulled back, watching him. “Excuse me?”

Harry was smiling wide. “Ever since I met you, I’ve been somewhat attracted to you. And the night we went out for burgers? I could’ve kissed you in that diner. It was an amazing night and I would do it again in a heartbeat. You treated me like Harry, not Harry Styles, the biggest pop star on the planet. I thought I’ve been giving you little clues ever since. The cuddling, letting you borrow my clothes, letting you meet my friends. A lot of those things were hints.”

You felt so dumb. Of course you were smiling now, holding your head in your hands and letting out a small laugh.

“But what about those few days you were acting weird? I even called you out for it, and you just dismissed it.”

Harry’s cheeks were blushed and his dimples were in full view. “I wanted to tell you I liked you then, but I couldn’t work up the nerve to do it. I was just thinking of ways and I wanted it to be special, but nothing was working. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if you were really into me.”

You hugged Harry and leaned against his chest. “What about Camille then? Aren’t you dating her?”

Harry shook his head with a scoff. “No. Management sent me out on a mission to stir something up. She’s nice, don’t get me wrong, but it was all a PR stunt. I think I would rather date you, instead,” he casually mentioned.

You raised your eyebrows at him. “Is there something you’d like to ask me, Harry?”

Harry smiled and kissed your forehead. “Would you like to be my girlfriend, Y/N?”

You beamed with joy and leaned forward and kissed Harry, fully enjoying the taste and texture of his lips on yours. Your hands found their way to his hair, messing with the little curls. By the time you pulled back, both of you were out of breath.

“I take that as a yes?” Harry hoped.

You nodded. “I would love to.”

This is my first vocab list! Sorry if anything’s incorrect Norwegian isn’t my first language. Please message me if I need to change something. Hope this helps~

Useful Expressions - Nyttige Uttrykk

Ja - Yes

Nei - No

Kanskje - Perhaps

Vær så snill - Please

Unnskyld - Excuse me

Hjelp meg - Help me

Takk - Thanks

Ingen årsak/Vær så god - You are welcome

Adressen - the address

Datoen - the date

Nummeret - the number

Klokka/Tiden - the time

Hva er klokka? - What is the time?

Hvordan sier De__? - How do you say?

Jeg heter__. - My name is__.

Vær så snill og snakk langsommere. - Please speak more slowly.

Hvor er__? - Where is__?

Hvor mye koster det? - How much is it?

Hvorfor - Why?

Når - When?

Hvordan - How?

Hvor langt - How far?

Hvor lenge - How long?

Hvem - Who?

Hva - What?

Her - here

Der - there

Til - to

Fra - from

Med - with

Foruten - without

I - in

- on

Nær - near

Langt - far

Foran - in front of

Bak - behind

Ved siden av - beside

Innafor - inside

Utafor - outside

Noenting - something

Ingenting - nothing

Flere - several

- few

Nok - enough

Mange - many

Flere - more (number)

Flest - most (number)

Litt - a little

Mindre - less

Minst - least

Tom - empty

Full - full

God - good

Bedre (enn) - better (than)

Best - best

Dårlig - bad

Verre (enn) - worse (than)

Igjen - again

Også - also

- now

Straks - immediately

Snart - soon

Så snart som mulig - As soon as possible

Senere - later

Langsom (sakte is more commonly used) - slowly

Langsommere (saktere is more commonly used) - slower

Fort - quickly

Fortere - faster

Kom hit - come here

Kom inn - come in

The best surprise

This was my original piece for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-Thon prompt 2- taste- but I thought it was a little too similar to what I did for week one’s prompt. So I saved it for Felicity’s birthday.



Felicity’s flip flops slapped rhythmically on the concrete floor as she paced around the Bunker. Where was everyone? She pulled at the hem of her tee shirt, glancing at the jeans and mismatched flip flops she had thrown on when the emergency text from Curtis came through. An hour ago.

Crossing her arms she fumed. She had been planning to do nothing today. Well… maybe not nothing. Curling up in front of Netflix while drowning her sorrows with mint chocolate chip ice cream was hardly nothing.

Truth be told, she’d half been expecting a surprise party when she got to the Bunker. She’d been surprised all right, but no party. Just a big empty space.

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name: sophia
💫 nickname: soph
💫 gender: cis girl
💫 height: ur so tall lauren omg. 5′6 
💫 ethnicity: white/tokelauan
💫 favourite fruits: bananas, strawberries, mangos, mandarins
💫 favourite season: summer??
💫 favourite book series: idk HP, asoue
💫 favourite flower: roses is one and i cant think of the names
💫 favourite scent: vanilla, petrol, paint, cinnamon, sweet fruity? or floraly? lots man idk. also just specific products
💫 favourite colour: blue,   pink
💫 favourite animal: ooo .. lots, so many 
💫 coffee/tea/cocoa: coffee and tea and milo
💫 cat or dog person: both
💫 number of blankets: two on av
💫 dream trip: so many places. london, nyc, toke, asia in general, iceland?? scotland, greece. so many, everywhere
💫 star sign: leo, aq, cap
💫 time: 5:05pm
💫 birthday: 11 august
💫 favorite bands: i dont have a go-to answer for this and i cant be bothered to think for more than 10 seconds about anything rn
💫 favorite solo artists: “ but harry obvs
💫 the song stuck in my head: there isnt one
💫 last movie i watched: IT
💫 last show i watched: stranger things
💫 when did i create my blog: maybe 2010 or 11
💫 what do i post: nonsense and cute things
💫 last thing i googled:watch stranger things
💫 do you have any other blogs: no
💫 do you get asks: sometimes
💫 why did you choose your url: see lauren that’s a cool answer. IDK!!
💫 following: 201
💫 followers: 2,807
💫 average hours of sleep: sststst face
💫 lucky number: 6
💫 instruments: none i used to play piano :( i wish i could play the saxophone and bass guitar or double bass or the harp
💫 what am i wearing: an american football team t-shirt
💫 dream job: pffffff dunno. successful versions of these: photographer, cake decorater baker person, special effects makeup artist w weta maybe, something where i get lots of money, in tourism where you get to “test” activities and holidays lol
💫 favorite food: vegetable samosa
💫 nationality: new zealand
💫 favorite song right now: ive been re-listening a lot. unhappy - speakerboxx/the love below and carolina, teen heat - the golden echo

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Fifth Avenue Then and Now, a Century of Streetviews in NYC.

1. Starting in the south, near Washington Square Park, this image looks west from 5th Avenue, down West 8th Street. In the 1911 photo, the building at left is a private residence, at right, an office of the Edison Company.

2. Next, we move up to West 20th Street, where the corner building remains intact, just a change of tenants from a store to buy trunks, and a publisher, to a sporting goods store and clothing store.

3. Looking down West 36th Street, the private residences and shops at right have been replaced by a modern building, while most of the arches of the building at left remain visible, despite a new facade on the 5th Avenue side. Note the heights of the newer buildings looking down 36th.

4.  A workman stands in front of a distinctive set of 3 arched windows on 5th Avenue, between East 38th and East 39th Street. In 1911, the shops were, from left, Knabe Piano Co., Benson and Hedges Tobacconists, Hardman Piano Co., John M. Crapo Linens, Ludwig Schultze Interior Decorations, and Siebrecht, a florist. In the 2014 view, from left, Payless Shoes, a new bakery under construction, Prima Donna clothing, GNC nutrition store, and a Sleepy’s mattress store.

5. At West 40th Street, the brand new New York Public Library Building. The building opened to the public for the first time on May 23, 1911. The 2014 view has become obscured by trees.

6. St. Patrick’s Cathedral at East 51st Street. In 1911 the building at left was the Union Club. Today it houses luxury jewelry and clothing stores.

7. Looking down East 57th Street, what were almost all private residences in 1911 have now been replaced with large commercial and retail buildings.

8. At East 61st Street, across the avenue from Central Park (see the reflections in both photos). Again, mostly private residences back in 1911.

9. At East 91st Street, the residence of Andrew Carnegie. Today, the Carnegie Mansion remains, and is the home of the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum.

10. In 1911, Fifth Ave at East 93rd Street was home to a number of billboards touting stage performances, bacon, whiskey, and a speedometer. At right, a private residence. Today, nothing remains from either side of the street.


Hey! I’ll give a presentation at Boston University tomorrow (Wednesday 2/24th) from 7:30 to 9. The presentation will be about my comics. I’ll be also selling my comics.

The presentation will be at 595 Commonwealth Ave in the Questrom Management Building (across from Blanford St T stop) room number 105.

Hope to see you there!

smitchnz  asked:

How does math work for Irathient/Castithan (they seem to be similar...I suspect that the Castithan uplifted the Irathient math system whole...;) )? In English we get to ten and then it's eleven. In other base 10 systems it would be ten one, ten two etc. English does it similar once we get to twenty - Twenty one etc. Currently we have the words for 0-5 for Irathient (and symbols for 0-9), and words for 1-3 in Casithan, but I am curious about what happens once you hit "ten" (20) or higher.

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All right, now to the meat of this question. First, a bit of a history lesson. Castithan has been base-20 since Castithans started bathing. Indogenes can use whatever system they want, and so they developed a base-7 system when they developed their writing system (I imagine that project being something like an Apple product launch). Irathients, on the other hand, used a base-18 system. And before y’all math historians get up on me, I found a way to count to 18 using just your hands. Start at the left with the thumb. Count the thumb tip. Then count the space between the thumb and index finger. Then count the index finger tip. Proceed in this fashion till you get to the end then jump to the other hand and repeat starting with the pinky tip. When you get to the tip of your other thumb, guess what number that is? EIGHT. TEEN. #micdrop

Anyway, since the Indogenes are flexible, they can deal with base-20 (or base-whatever). Elsewhere, the Votanis Solar System came to an intergalactic accord and settled on base-20. It’d be kind of like if we all converted to metric (we really should. Just keep feet/yards for height and sports). This meant that anyone without a base-20 system would be pressured to move to a base-20 system. This is precisely what Irathient did.

So, back to your query, smitchnz, Castithan didn’t uplift the Irathient system: Irathient adjusted to the Castithan system. Consequently, it makes most sense to begin this discussion with the Castithan system.

Below are the numbers 0-19 in the Castithan orthography:

The Castithan numeral words you see above are just for counting. If you want to modify something (e.g. to say “five stripes”), you have to use a different form of the word (i.e. jalya ajivano). In the case of the numeral “one”, ave, the form is totally different—thus, ave if you’re counting, but fila gialino, “one rug”.

The forms of the numbers are as you see above. 18 is my favorite. Looks like the graphic manifestation of the name of a piece of furniture from Ikea. Some of these are just stupid—like 15. I created them that way on purpose because the Castithan language itself was supposed be evocative of some of the worst absurdities in English (e.g. our crazy spelling system). In particular, I wanted the numbers to be funky so they would look particularly out of place when grafted onto the Irathient numeral system, which we’ll look at next.

As I said, Irathient is now base-20, thanks to Castithan. The numbers 0-19 are shown below:

Those shapes should look rather familiar. Comparing the two sets is probably something like comparing Devanagari numerals to Gujarati numerals. The forms are unique, though, for the most part (Irathient borrowed the Castithan word for “zero”). The forms you see above are just for counting. To modify a noun, most of the time you strip off the final vowel and treat the word like an adjective. Thus, to say “three rivers”, you’d say ulik tukagnu.

To me, the forms look atrocious (so much cleaner in Castithan), but that, again, was the point. The style is non-Irathient. The original Irathient numbers would have been much more in keeping with the style of the writing system, but they were washed away by Castithan imperialism. This is what they’re left with.

Of the words used above, there are a few things to notice. First, the words for 9, 10 and 18 don’t inflect the way the others do. They wear their etymologies on their sleeve, though, so it’s obvious why they don’t: they’re nouns, not adjectives. The word theganu comes from the same root as eganu, which means “fist” (because when you get to nine, one full hand has been counted). Thetusu is related to the verb shetusu, “jump” (since at this point you jump to the other hand). Then the word thenu is the same word for “end” or “conclusion”. When modifying a number, they have to take on adjectival morphology, e.g. nurrise nǝthetusu “ten maps”.

So. Now that that’s out of the way, the next question is: What happens when you get to twenty and twenty one? You actually see a bit of a preview of that with the Irathient numerals for 18 and 19. Thenu was the old numeral that ended the chain—the 18 in the base-18 system. 19, then, was the next one. That’s basically what’s done for 20 and 21 in both Castithan and Irathient. In Castithan, the word for twenty is suda. To form numbers beyond that, you just add the next numeral, so suda ave is 21, suda kama is 22, etc. What’s 30? 30 is basically the equivalent of 15 in a base-20 system, so it’s not special at all; it’s just suda china, 20-10. Once you get to 40, you start to see a system where you add the suffix -sta to a numeral, so kamasta 40, dunista 60, surista 80, etc.

Irathient is a little crazy when it comes to this. You saw thenu ki zema for 19. The word ki is not an Irathient word. That’s actually the Castithan word for “and”. It was borrowed into Irathient specifically for the numbers, because Irathient doesn’t really build the way Castithan does. Thus, when you get to 20, where the word is suta, the numeral follows it attached by ki, thus suta ki zema 21, suta ki ekta 22, suta ki kagne 23, etc.

Since Irathient’s versions of 20, 30, 40, etc. were all done in multiples of 18, all the equivalent words were borrowed directly from Castithan. A list is given below (Castithan on the left, Irathient on the right):

  • 20 suda~suta
  • 40 kamasta~kámasta
  • 60 dunista~dúnista
  • 80 surista~súrista
  • 100 jalista~gyálista
  • 120 vyenggasta~víngasta
  • 140 wogasta~úgasta

Etc. Notice that the Irathient forms were borrowed at a time before a lot of the sound changes in Castithan happened, and their pronunciation reflects that.

Anyway, math works much the same way it does in English with a base-20 system; it’s just that everything’s halved in how you express it. In English, 10 + 10 = 20, and the same is true in a base-20 system, except that their 10 = our 20, and so their 20 = our 40. Also, their numerals 11-19 are considered just as basic as our numerals 1-9. Where an English speaker would say “Count to 10”, a Castithan speaker would probably say “Count to 20”. Thus, their games of hide-and-go-seek will be inherently longer. (But will their parents have more patience? I doubt it. There’s seem to be something useful about giving a child till the count of three.) Of all the bases I could’ve picked, base-20 is probably one of the least taxing. Now Indogene math… That I don’t even want to think about.


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#ProvenancePeek: Summer in Denver

Every art object has a story—not only of how it was made, but of how it changed hands over time until it found its current home. That story is provenance

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was a Milanese artist of the Mannerist period. His anthropomorphic creations combine exotic and commonplace objects from the natural world into whimsical and unusual paintings like this one. Arcimboldo was far from an artistic outsider, though—his unorthodox approach was highly valued by his patrons, the Habsburg family, and he worked for their courts in Vienna and Prague. 

Arcimboldo’s best-known work is probably his Four Seasons series. Many versions of these paintings survive, though often not in complete sets. The Denver Art Museum happens to have two, Summer and Autumn. Though they were incorporated into the museum’s collection some 30 years apart, they share the same provenance: the Bridel-Boiceau collection in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Peeking into the stock books database of M. Knoedler and Co. at the Getty Research Institute, we see an entry from March 1960 for two paintings by Arcimboldo, sold by a “Mr. Bridel, 1 av. du Theatre, Lausanne, Switz.”

The works were given the stock numbers A7539 and A7540, respectively. A7539 (Summer) was sold, just slightly less than one year later, directly to the Denver Art Museum. The path of A7540 (Autumn) to Denver is slightly more complex, but it, too, joined the collection when it was gifted to the museum in 2009.

The stock books of the Knoedler Gallery have recently been transformed into a searchable database, which anyone can search for free.

Summer, 1572, Guiseppe Arcimboldo. Oil on canvas, 36 x 27 ¾ in. Denver Art Museum; funds from Helen Dill bequest, 1961.56. Below: pages from the stock and sales books of M. Knoedler & Co.


#ProvenancePeek is a monthly series by research assistant Kelly Davis peeking into provenance finds from the M. Knoedler & Co. archives at the Getty Research Institute.

Imagine Chowder...

Imagine him gaining a reputation as an intimidating goalie. We’ve all seen the picture of him in goalie mode, that serious face. But imagine that’s the only image the rest of the league sees.

This kid who got starting lineup as a freshman, who continually wins games as a freshman, who brought his team to the final as a FRESHMAN.

Chris Chow, the goalie who doesn’t like people in his net, who will trip and shove and smack anyone who comes near his crease with his stick.

Chowder who maybe feels he can’t get aggression out off the ice – he has a reputation to uphold as the teams’ ray of sunshine – so he takes it out on the other team.

Chowder with his strange goalie superstitions. Maybe he talks to the net, maybe he taps it with his stick. Teams in the league have probably seen him angrily smash his stick after a contentious goal was allowed.

Forget Johnson, with his unsettling stare and cryptic comments. Chowder’s glare may be directed at that puck, but woe be to the man who’s shooting it at him.

Samwell may see their goalie as a puppy, but the rest of the ECAC whispers about their net-minding hulk. “Samwell’s goalie gives bruises…” “He’ll knock you out and make it look like goalie interference…”

Also, announcers and color commentators calling him double nickels, cause his number is 55. There’s a dude on the Avs and that’s his number, and I’ve heard him get called that before, and it’s adorable. ((Cody McLeod ftw, my fave punchy ginger.)) 

Full Service Playing Card Order Form

Make sure to watch Jay’s dumb commercial on YouTube!

Would you like to order a deck of Full Service Playing Cards?

No? Then don’t read ahead.

Yes? Then you came to the right place!


First a quick FAQ:

- What are they?: They’re a deck of playing cards featuring 54 original images by Jay Van Esbroek, also known as Lil Miss Jay, artist behind Lil Miss Rarity.

- How much are they?: 35$ for US residents, 40$ for Canada/Mexico, and 50$ for Overseas residents. You can get two decks for 60/65/75 for US/Canadamexico/Overseas.

- How do we pay?: You’ll donate to Jay’s PayPal, which Jay will give you in his reply e-mail. BUT ONLY WHEN JAY HAS TOLD YOU IT’S OKAY TO PAY. PLEASE KEEP YOUR ASK BOX OPEN SO JAY CAN ACCEPT YOUR PAYMENT.

- When will you accept our payment?: Once I have your deck(s) set aside in their envelope ready to ship, Jay will reply to your e-mail telling you he’s got everything in order and he’s ready for you to pay.

- What kind of payments are okay?: Credit, Debit, Prepaid Debit Cards from WalMart or CostCo or something, and PayPal. I don’t accept cash.

- When do they ship?: Every Tuesday I’ll ship the orders from the previous week. They should get to you in 2-6 business days. If they don’t show up in 6-7 business days, contact me.

- But are they porn?: No, they’re not porn. They’re pinups! Similar to what you’d see in lingerie magazines. No showing bits, no nips, no groinybits, etc. They’re saucy, and obviously sexually suggestive, but they are not pornographic. Not recommended for kids of course but yeah.

- Why are you not linking your mod blog? Why’s this on a different blog entirely?: Because I don’t want people stumbling upon my super pornographic page because of these cards. I draw a lot of dirty pictures and some people will buy these cards at say, Bronycon, not knowing what the artist does, and in more cases than not, I’d prefer if they didn’t find out. For their sake. Also my mother will be looking at this page and I don’t want her going to my mod-blog. Hi mom.


The following needs to be copy-pasted into an e-mail to patchoullivivenski@hotmail.com with the subject line “Full Service Deck Order for <First Name>.” Triple-check your information, and send in the order.

I’ll file it away, and send out e-mails accepting your payments on Sunday. On Monday, all the decks that get paid for by 10pm PST will be put into envelopes, addressed, and set aside, ready to be shipped out. On Tuesday, they’ll ship out.


- First and Last Name:

- How many decks do you want?:

- Country:

- Street Number and Street Name (EG: 12345 Street Ave.):

- City:

- State/Province:

- Zip/Postal Code:

- (If you are a Russian/New Zealand resident) Phone Number:

- PayPal E-Mail Address (Or the name on your credit/debit card):

– (Why the above?) So I can confirm that you paid once I allow it, y'dingus!

anonymous asked:

can i ask how you and avery met and how ya'll started dating? i think ya'll are a really cute/good couple and i just love stories about how couples found each other

Oh um!! 

Well… oh gosh i mean it’s more nerdy than sweet n cute I guess. 

I joined FRAF a while ago and they were on it. (I think they interviewed me for the spot too aha) and then after I was accepted we actually didn’t talk much but they heard I was going to AX and offered to help me find a place to stay because they said they were excited about meeting me n Roxy! (Rox was talkin to Ave too) 

and so I asked for their number, they gave it to me and we started texting a lot and then I realized how cute they were and how sweet and oh mAN 

basically we met at AX and I still remember that moment. I was all sweaty from standing in the hot sun for 5 hours in the pre reg line because thE COMPUTERS SHUT DOWN AND WE HAD TO BE THERE FOR THAT LONG 

So I was lookin real gross. Meanwhile Avery had their makeup done by Ceb and was looking ultra fab. So I get a text from Avery all “I’m here” and I run to the outside of the convention hall, my hands trembling and I don’t see them so I stand there and all of a sudden Avery comes running up to me and we hug really really hard and I’m basically on the verge of tears like grinning my face off and Ave gives me a necklace (that I wear every day) with the first initial of their name on it (and they have one with a ‘K’) and also the Rilakkuma bear that is in like all of my bed pictures!! 

Basically after that I followed Avery and Ceb and Curtis around the entire con like a lost kitten because I was so infatuated with all of them (especially Avery). 

Ok ok but to add on to this story: we were dressed up as Jane and Dave (which i have some FANTASTIC pictures of btw) 

And like later in the day on that Thursday we were sitting down on the steps where the Homestuck meet had been just chatting away. And oh man my memory fails me but I think it was basically just us there and that’s when Avery asked me out aS DAVE AND I DIDNT EVEN SAY YES I WAS LIKE ‘OH. OH MY GOD. OH UM. OH MY GOSH OH’


and we didn’t even kiss right there i was so nervous around them and mind you im like the king of hearts like i can charm the fuck out of people if i dont say so myself and around Avery I was reduced to shaking and stuttering and swallowing my words and laughing nervously. Like 

jesus im awkward as hell

anyway so im dressed as vriska the next day and ave is dressed as john (we didnt really even plan out our cosplays to match they just kinda did 38] )

and we’re at the johnvris photoshoot and like as i was going up all my friends were whooping and holleriNG LMAO 

so as theyre counting down avery has a “fuck it” look flash across their face and bam they kiss me