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I Know People Need Love || A Roulé (Wanderjahre) playlist

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i. Nannou - Aphex Twin | ii. Spit it Out IAMX | iii. Drumming Song - Florence and the Machine | iv. Personal Jesus Depeche Mode  | v. Lies- CHVRCHES | vi. Der Anfang - Melotron | vii. First Breath After Coma - Explosions In The Sky | viii. Silver and Cold - AFI  | ix. Feather In The Wind - Susie Suh | x. Gravity - Vienna Teng | xi. Locked in A Room - Oren Lavie xii. To Forgive - The Smashing Pumpkins xiii. Paris By Night - Thomas Bangalter | xiv. Kerosene - crystal castles | xv. Cigarette Machine - White Rose Movement | xvi. Bloodhail Have a Nice Life xvii. Kein Zurück - Wolfshiem | xviii. Let Me Down Gently - La Roux | xix. Run to You - Pentatonix | [BONUS TRACK] You Make It Easy - AIR 

Remember when I did some Interstella photosets and you all kinda liked them? I was remembering the ol’ icon-making days and decided it wouldn’t hurt to find a new use for them. Most of them are 100x100…I know many social networking sites have different or larger proportions, but that should still be good for most forums and sites like livejournal and dreamwidth. Y'all still have a journal, right?

Uh, anyway…

69 Interstella 5555 icons under the jump:

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