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Ya know, whenever Thomas talks about meeting Guy-Man at 12 years old at Lycée Carnot, he makes it seem like their friendship was instantaneous since they shared so much in common which lead to them spending so much time together. But when Guy-Man said his piece in the April 2001 issue of Musikexpress, it turns out that he used to think Thomas was a douche bag who always had the better girlfriends in spite of being a huge jerk. Ouch.

I guess…since Thomas was Mr. Super-Popular McGeniusstudent and Guy-Man was the resident greasy music nerd delinquent…and they were 13 and 12 years old respectively, so they were practically children…I guess it makes sense for a young Guy-Man to be jealous…

Plus, you don’t make mixtapes for  and go on a movie date every week with someone you hate…

…Do you?


Hmm. It’s a little too late to be printing these out, so just consider it a gift for all you fine people tonight.

Anyway, the fact that these two went to see Phantom of the Paradise 20 times since they love it so much is just hilarious to me. It just tickles me pink that the fathers of modern electronic music are not only very close friends who who grew up together, but also huge, unapologetic dorks.


 Just another day in the life of Dr. Guy-Manuel de Lord-is-Testing-Me Homem-Christo.

Anyway, the weather’s just beastly cold here in the true north, strong and free, so to spend my week-long break, I decided to hunker down in my home and mull over brioche, cute robots and sad scientists by revisiting Kimbk’s Tabula Rasa series. And I was thus reminded of an actual survey done in Britain that came out with a similar statistic for people who want to hook up with robots. (17%).

I don’t know why the number is so low when we have Daft Punk in this world. Is it because they’re French? Is that why, Britain?! We may be commonwealth, but if this is true, I will never understand the motherland.

Remember when Daft Punk helped Pharrell and Pentatonix to victory this Grammy season? I remember the days…(roughly one month ago, actually.)

I do hope our dear robots got some compensation. Since they were collaborators on G I R L, I’m sure they at least got another statue or two. Pentatonix’s Daft Punk is a medley, so they might not have gotten anything… but having it win a grammy should make up for all the times DP’s pop music genius has been snubbed at the awards until now.

Oh, Guy-Man. You like to pretend you don’t care about those shiny, gold awards. But you do.


Welp! I’d say you twitch players were pretty accomplished today. Dare I say it? The team looks like it’s coming along nicely. Fonz evolved into King Fonz and our Lord and Savior Omanyte was brought into the land of the living.

I had the privilege of witnessing one of Bird Jesus’s many miracles: dodging a Self Destruct and winning Red a trainer match.

Also, Partner-guy: worse than or better than Revive-girl?


Lucina, Chrom and (sometimes) Robin… That’s almost all of Marth’s family sitting pretty in the Smash Bros. crew. (But Chrom gets no complimentary sunglasses ‘cause he’s not cool enough to be a playable character. Sorry, bud.)

Don’t give him that C. Falc. You essentially beat up his kids.