i know that sk8er boi is an anthem of a generation and all that jazz but that song really gets to me still, like i know she says “can i make it any more obvious” and tbh yes avril you could like i’m sorry but you leave a lot of questions unanswered. you say “5 years from now she sits at home, feeding the baby she’s all alone” but then she immediately goes to the concert with her friends. so tell me: what does she do with the baby? does she hire a babysitter? does she let the father watch it? i’d assume not, if she’s all alone. of course, she could’ve asked her friends, but they seem a little preoccupied with this concert. does she bring the baby to the concert because that seems a little irresponsible. you can’t just bring an infant to a rock show. why is the girl all alone in the first place? was the father a deadbeat or did he pass away? was it a one night stand? maybe she was in love with him, but something happened. i feel like that could change the story a little bit. does the girl have a job or is she wasting her money on concerts she can’t afford just to see a boy that she rejected in high school? i need answers avril this isn’t good enough anymore