avril hot

Hot (Zach Dempsey x Reader)

A/n: So this heavily based off a really old song that I was obsessed with in 8th grade. I hope you enjoy this little fun one ;)

Requested: No

Word count: 462

Warnings: Possessive!Reader , like a few cuss words

Song: “Hot” Avril Lavigne

Summary: She watches a girl flirt with her boyfriend. She shows everyone who he belongs too. (Like come on lowkey gunna be great)

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Her smile was wide as she walked down the hallways with her best friend Jess. They had been talking about how amazing their boyfriends were. But Jess stopped in mid walk. Causing her to do the same and follow her gaze. Her eyes narrowed at the sight. A girl, a girl she knew quite well, Jenny was flirting with her boyfriend. A rage of possessiveness took over her stomach. She heard Jess laugh.

“You really are obsessed with him.” Jess said with a wide grin.

“Shut up.” She jokingly said. Jess gave her a little nudge.

She nodded and began walking towards the two. Her steps were purposeful, causing heads to turn her way. Zach did a double take when he saw her. Anger radiated off of her and he had a shy smile on his face.

“Excuse me?” She said as politely as she could. She saw Jenny’s confidence flatter and her body shook with fear.

“Can I borrow Zach for a second, you know, my boyfriend.” She said as she flashed a friendly smiled that also screamed for her to back the fuck off. Jenny nodded before stepping away a little.

She took a step, bringing her hand up to Zach’s head and pulled him down for a kiss. Jenny squeaked, making her smile a little.

Zach got lost in the kiss, his hands gripping her waist and pulled her closer. Kissing her harder. She never knew the trance she had Zach in. After a few minutes of completely making out in front of everyone they pulled away. Zach’s cheeks grew a soft pink when he realized everyone was staring in shock.

She turned to Jenny with a wide grin on her face, “Oh and by the way, stay the fuck away from him okay hun?” She said. Jenny nodded before running off.

“Wow,” She heard whispered. She looked at Zach with wild eyes. She giggled a little at her actions.

“Too much?” She asks, Zach shakes his head.

“You should act like more often, it was fucking hot.” Zach breathed, making her grin once again.

She smiled timidly before taking his hand and walking to their next class. She couldn’t help but get that way sometimes. She was hopelessly in love with the man that is Zachary Dempsey. They were meant to be and she didn’t want anyone ruining her fairytale.


- east of eden // zella day
- amber // 311
- free fallin’ // john mayer
- lost in my bedroom // sky ferreira
- hypnotic // zella day
- first date // blink-182
- spiderwebs // no doubt
- feeling this // blink-182
- big jet plane // angus & julia stone
- do my thang // miley cyrus
- come around // collie budz
- teddy bear // melanie martinez
- smells like teen spirit // noah gundersen
- our july in the rain // he is we
- telegraph ave // childish gambino
- good girls (acoustic) // 5 seconds of summer
- badfish // sublime
- three little birds // bob marley
- nobody’s home // avril lavigne
- girls like girls // hayley kiyoko
- goner // twenty one pilots
- baby // war paint
- mad hatter // melanie martinez
- sk8er boi // avril lavigne
- blood bank // bon iver
- i kissed a girl // william fitzsimmons
- you and your friends // wiz khalifa
- here’s to never growing up // avril lavigne
- she talks too much // elohim
- ace of hearts // zella day
- tag, you’re it // melanie martinez
- sixteen // real friends
- cry baby // melanie martinez
- riot girl // good charlotte
- l$d // a$ap rocky
- not enough // avril lavigne
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- my happy ending // avril lavigne
- losing grip // avril lavigne
- it wasn’t me // shaggy
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- heart’s on fire (acoustic) // passenger
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- divorce and the american south // aaron west & the roaring twenties
- just like a pill // p!nk
- who owns my heart // miley cyrus
- hot // avril lavigne
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- sippy cup // melanie martinez
- thank god, sarcastically // bobby meader music
- twin size mattress // the front bottoms
- day is gone // noah gundersen
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- milk and cookies // melanie martinez
- san antonio fading // noah gundersen
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- nobody’s fool // avril lavigne
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- don’t wanna be your girl // wet
- pacify her // melanie martinez
- she’s kinda hot // 5 seconds of summer
- new americana // halsey