OH here’s a really stupid joke I thought of the other day

Nathaniel: You’re the great Hero of Ferelden, but I know you best as the warden who murdered my father. Do you even remember my father?

Cousland: Even if he wasn’t my father’s oldest friend, if I hadn’t known him from birth, I could never forget the face of the man who put my home to the torch and family to the sword. I couldn’t forget if I wanted to. He deserved worse than what he got.

Tabris: Your father had my people killed and sold to slavery in Tevinter. I found my father in a cage. My cousin’s wife had already been shipped away. If our positions were reversed and it was my kin standing here speaking to your father, he wouldn’t know my name or face. Count yourself lucky, Howe - there’s worse fates that could befall your family.

Mahariel: Uh…. No? Sorry. [Seneschal Varel whispers something] Oh, wait, Howe, that was - Arl of Denerim? The one that kidnapped the queen and let the alienage elves be sold? Oh, yeah, him. I remember him. He was an asshole.


[this palette challenge]

Esti Lavellan, Avrian Mahariel, Zofia Shepard. I like how it’s dark and subdued and then sudden neon hell. The palette names are generally appropriate, though; Esti lives in a constant state of anxiety and I suspect “I kinda like you back” is word-for-word something Zofia has awkwardly said at some point. 

Reaper will go up tomorrow in a separate post than my Trash Kids once I finish drawing him

runningwolf62  asked:

Lay these trash kid ships on me Roddy.

-pulls out extremely large and far too heavy scrapbook-

me: Mahariel is going to be my token straight dude.
Zevran: -exists-
me: I mean I guess we could always use more bisexual representation don’t romance him again don’t romance him again

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Some notes about the Witch Hunt fic that I’m crossing my fingers I can finish tonight

1. If anyone can give me title suggestions that are better than “Mirror Mirror” I will love you

2. I cut out a lot of what I thought was extraneous questlines. The nonsense in the Circle basement and the Lights of Arlathan bit are fun for when you’re playing a game, but for me writing a fic, I cut it down to what I felt were the necessary bits. I did end up with some references to the History of Cadash Thaig/Cad'Halash subplot, because it seemed thematically relevant at one point, but I reference that having happened along with Shale’s personal quest.

So that’s all to streamline the fic to the important bits, which is “Avrian Mahariel having a fucking mental breakdown because I created him specifically for this kind of suffering and by god it is time to inflict it”

I’ve just about gotten the gang out of the Elven ruins - aka Mahariel’s Traumatic Flashback Time Part 37 ft. (Memories of) Tamlen - and on their way to the Dragonbone Wastes for the end