runningwolf62  asked:

Did someone say... bad future Redcliffe? Because you know... Orlais is destroyed. Do you think Morrigan got out in time? Does Avrian know? Does he hope that she comes back to him? Is he afraid she'll come back to him the way Tamlen did?


Morrigan is smart, and clever, and cunning, and she knows that she will be blamed for Celene’s assassination if she does not uncover the threat first - but alone, she cannot quite do enough. Celene is dead, and Gaspard blames Briala, and Briala blames Gaspard, and half of the court blames Briala because she’s an elf and the other half blames Gaspard because they’re in one or two different alliances against him. Gaspard’s own sister blames Gaspard.

Morrigan sees the blood on the floor and the writing on the wall and goes to find Kieran. She knows it looks suspicious, for her to disappear. She doesn’t care. What they think of her is irrelevant now. This is war, and she will survive. She always survives.

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