[this palette challenge]

Esti Lavellan, Avrian Mahariel, Zofia Shepard. I like how it’s dark and subdued and then sudden neon hell. The palette names are generally appropriate, though; Esti lives in a constant state of anxiety and I suspect “I kinda like you back” is word-for-word something Zofia has awkwardly said at some point. 

Reaper will go up tomorrow in a separate post than my Trash Kids once I finish drawing him

runningwolf62  asked:

Lay these trash kid ships on me Roddy.

-pulls out extremely large and far too heavy scrapbook-

me: Mahariel is going to be my token straight dude.
Zevran: -exists-
me: I mean I guess we could always use more bisexual representation don’t romance him again don’t romance him again

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