ligayaharukadiwata replied to your post:I just finished reading A Very Rockwell Christmas, and was curious about all the headcanon for this ‘verse. :D (Because I need more of it. :D) Thanks!

This headcanon is GLORIOUS. My only comment is that maybe Darcy’s comic self could be Dotty (flows better in my opinion, and it’s the nickname of a friend). :> Oh, and is Steve one of those folks who can figure out what the spices are just by taste?

It’s the headcanon that keeps growing! Seriously, if anyone wants to push me for more, do it!

I chose Dorthea because in my mind, the comic book takes place in the 40’s (to tie in with the Captain America Universe a little more) and Dorthea was a popular name. I know Dotty was as well (I will forever remember A League of Their Own and 'Here is our daughter Dotty, and here is our other daughter, Dotty’s Sister.’), but I liked Dorthea better. I imagine the two of them bickering about it in their tiny apartment and he makes it up to her by making up something really cool about her character. 

Steve is a great cook, and I think that stems from living in houses where veggies only came from cans and everything else came from boxes. One of the jobs he had when he met Darcy was as a cook in a rinky dinky diner that offered cheap food, but he learned a lot while he was there. He loves deconstructing meals, trying to figure out what they are made with and it is a talent that he has had to work like a muscle. That includes tasting some spices that he would rather forget about. Having had several tastes of Jamila’s Jerk Chicken, he started comparing what he was tasting to other recipes. He still can’t get the last ingredient down and no amount of flattery will get her to reveal it. Jamila enjoys seeing him try to work through it himself. Someday in the future, as she and her husband plan on being foster parents for a long time, thus seeing Darcy often and becoming better friends, she and Steve get it into their heads that they want to cook this big meal together. They have a great time talking about all the recipes they have tried and mistakes they have made. Darcy stays out of their way, on the sidelines and taking in their laughter and mutual admiration. She’s just glad she gets to eat what they cook without lifting a finger herself.