Why Lauren Lopez is the best Draco

Let us take a moment to take into account how perfect Lauren Lopez was as Draco in AVPM…

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First, we have the entrance.

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Her floor work was incredible.

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She played Draco as he truly is.

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She tied her art skills into the character she played.

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She had high aspirations for her character.

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She was never lacking in self esteem.

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And, last, but certainly not least, her dancing brought a whole new side to Draco that us Potterheads had never seen before.

Clearly, Lauren Lopez as Draco was just

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1/3 of me: it’s Halloween yessss lets get spoooooky

1/3: of me: this is the night that lily and james potter were brutally murdered by lord voldemort, who in turn was conquered by Harry Potter.

1/3 of me: this is the night that the potter family crashed their car into a crocodile. Lily and James were eaten, and the crocodile then took out a knife and cut a lightning shaped scar into the young potter’s forehead