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After listening to the whole trilogy once again yesterday, I’m making a list

Top 10 best moments in the A Very Potter Musical Trilogy

10. Is that a floating diary? Oh Shit!

9. Fuck the Tie

8. FIND!

7. I am Woman! Hear me…SMASH!!

6. Hey Lupin, want to go look at the full moon with me? 

5. What the hell is a Hufflepuff?

4. And you think killing people will make them like you, but it doesn’t… It just makes them dead.

3. The Beauty that is Granger Danger

2. Joe Walker Dies!

1. Lily and Cedric

Things that AVPM/S/SY did right :

  • DRACO (Lauren I’ll love you forever)
  • Ron and Harry’s friendship
  • McGonagall
  • openly gay Dumbledore
  • Albus’s middle name being Scarfy instead of Snivellus
  • Draco admitting to wanting to be friends with Harry
  • them actually becoming friends in the end
  • Lucius Malfoy
  • what am I even listing things for, everything was pure fucking genius

Things that Cursed Child did right :

  • the Malfoys
  • that’s it
Watch them!

You won’t regret it! 

If you want original, full-length, hilarious musicals; here’s a few by Team Starkid (and Tin Can Brothers). From Harry Potter, to DC, to Disney and the creation of fire. There’s a show for every mood!

A Very Potter Musical


Me and My Dick 


A Very Potter Sequel




Holy Musical Batman


A Very Potter Senior Year




Trail to Oregon!


ANI: A Parody





Spies are Forever - Tin Can Brothers



Poe Party - Shipwrecked Comedy - there’s Starkid members in there too and is really awesome


Flop Stoppers (short film) - Tin Can Brothers


These guys are the reason I am doing a theatre degree at University!

Harry Potter 20th anniversary

In honor of this celebration here are a few of my fave moments from the 3 parody musicals by Starkid. In no particular order.

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That’s all I can think of for now.

Happy Harry Potter Day everyone!