Loki knew immediately there was something different about him from the first moment he met him.  From the way his voice resounded within him, to the way he looked at him, it sent echoes of strange memories that weren’t possible.  He didn’t know him… he couldn’t.  Then why could he remember the feeling of the man’s hands on him, the way his body looked under his clothes?  Why could he remember the things they used to laugh over, the songs he used to sing?  Why did he know him better than he knew himself?

An au where Thor and Loki meet reborn as mortals and upon doing so, begin remembering their past lives together.  Thorki Secret Santa for avoxsus.  <3

  • Spock (to an admiral in an episode of TOS):For the record I must say that your decision was arbitrary.
  • Avoxsus:Damn! Spock must have balls of steel!
  • Me:I bet they clack when he walks around.
  • Me:I mean, he must have to have special pants made, otherwise those balls banging together would destroy the fabric.
  • Buckle:Given that these are Spock's balls we're talking about, I bet they're like those Newton's balls and the force exuded on one transfers to the other and so on and so forth- very logical.
  • Avoxsus:Are you trying to tell me... that Spock's balls are a modern scientific marvel?

Hatstall House common room. :D (aka Waff and I decorated and I feel like showing off our work)

There’s a Destiny poster behind the brown sofa on the left, a Left For Dead 2 poster on the wall opposite the fireplace, a Snape poster from the last Harry Potter premier, and art from visiting friends at convention artist alleys up on the right wall over the sofa with the Harry Potter blanket. There are TARDIS lights (and a garland that’s been up since christmas shhh) over the fireplace. On the mantle we’ve got video game art books and all the Harry Potter books, plus more art, Sharon Needles’ autograph and action figure Loki from the Avengers and Vanille from FFXIII having a fight. 

All of our games and movies are living in those two media towers, and the cabinet under the TV, which also holds the PS2, PS3, and 360. The coffee table is the kotatsu without the blanket over it, and the sewing machine and serger are taking their first break in months over by the TV stand. Not pictured is the living room drafting table and avoxsus’s dress form which rule over the far left corner of the room.

I really freaking love my living room.

  • Avoxsus:By the way guys, we're going to the Greek festival this weekend. We're gonna go, and we're gonna eat so much delicious food. I have never been so willing to give money to a church in my entire life, but FOOD.
  • Waff:... I once accidentally gave money to a cult.
  • Avoxsus:Aaaaaaand scene.