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  • Me: I want to change the world.
  • Me: I want to have fun, explore, and make meaningful memories.
  • Me: I want to stay inside and have only books and my laptop as company.
  • Me: I want to sleep.
You simply must meet Thomas
  • You simply must meet Thomas
Super Bowl Sunday

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: It’s dorky and super goofy. Haha.

A/N: Super Bowl Sunday the Pat’s win and your boyfriend Steve is so excited, he’s dancing while Sam looks as sour as a lemon.

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“GO! GO!!” – “YES!!!!”


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Wow, sorry you have to put up with all this. Your mom sounds like an asshole.

Yeah, it’s a pretty complicated relationship we have. She verbally (and sometimes physically) abused me up until I was 18, but now she’ll still start fights and yell/scream at me if she’s in a bad mood. It’s not pleasant, but I stick around for my little sister and because I don’t really have any means of moving out/supporting myself. 

Honestly the Voltron fandom is so toxic and all of this is making me afraid to wear my Shiro cosplay at Katsu - something I’ve been really excited about for months/before I even saw Voltron - because I’m paranoid someone’s gonna throw a temper tantrum about my ships somehow. 


so like my fav thing about matt murdock is that he got beat tf up by some bad guys and barely escaped with his life and hes just walking through dark streets bleedin out and passes a dumpster and thinks ah yes this is where i belong rn and he just climbs into the trash with his open wounds and waits out the bad situation hes in like bless his lil vigilante heart i mean we’ve all felt like climbing into the trash to avoid facing the consequences of our actions but this man actually did it

I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t have devils or angels on my shoulders. I have Emperor Palpatine on one side and Shia LaBeouf on the other, and both of them are yelling “Do it” right into my goddamn ears.

jajalone mentioned mark2young2jae in a photoset “got7europe: GOT7 EVERYONE! Why is jb judging in the first gif can’t…”

Why is jb judging in the first gif can’t youngjae do the doggie in peace smh @mark2young2jae

Don’t be too harsh on our poor Jaebummie, darling! Jinyoung and Jackson have been getting onto him about the heart eyes lately, and Mark keeps messing with him every time he notices them, so sometimes Jaebum must resort to covering his usual response to Youngjae’s antics of heart eyes and smiles…

with an attitude of judgement instead.

[GIF by got7europe]

Not that it’s super effective because I can still see that little smile peeking out at he watches, and he’d probably be doomed without those sunglasses… but at least he’s trying to be less obvious than:

His attempt at judgment is just our poor, love struck leader trying to handle his overwhelming affection in any way that he can!


Accidentally in Love

Summary: You are a nerd in High School and Chen is a jock but he still falls for you
Type: Fluff, Angst
Members: Chen x Reader
Length: 1,142 words

This was kind of my story a while ago lol

- Admin Mocha

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  You hated the stares.

  You could feel them, but you simply acted like they weren’t there as you collected a tray from the counter and went about your normal routine. Your fingers reached for whatever was being sold in the lines and you grabbed a milk carton and some random piece of fruit before finally escaping into the crowded lunchroom. Screams erupted throughout the vast section of the school and you had to dodge multiple bodies walking directly in your path, firmly ignoring your existence as they scrolled on their phones or obnoxiously rattled off to their friends. You couldn’t help but feel a sigh slip past your lips as you swerved around the bodies and avoided the numerous trash cans. This was something you certainly wouldn’t be missing about high school. A multitude of football jerseys and cheerleader uniforms decorated the room and you eagerly avoided them, victoriously setting your tray down on the table where your friends were eating with a smile.

  You sat down and began to munch on the food while conversing with your fellow art students, the few people in the cafeteria that actually seemed to have manners and not try to stampede into the lunch lines while effectively trampling you. There had always been some strange sort of social ranking in high school, the one thing that refused to change amongst the years and different generations. You liked to compare your grade to a jungle, you had the predators at the top who were the jocks and the stuck up preppy kids. At the bottom there were the innocent herbivores, the art kids (you) and the quiet kids (also you). You see, the predators didn’t give a shit about the herbivores - in fact, they liked to pick on them and make their lives even harder which resulted in you to merely avoid them. The jocks were normally the instigators, the preppy kids normally just acted obnoxious and bratty.

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