avoiding tickets

Wanna park and act like an a**hole? Enjoy paying thousands.

Years ago, I worked as a security officer in a high-traffic tourist area (graveyard shift).

One of my responsibilities was to make sure my building’s loading/unloading zone is kept clear because at all hours of the day we’ve got vehicles coming and going for people going to meetings, visitors, tourists, cabs, etc. The curb is painted white and marked in big bold letters ✶ LOADING AND UNLOADING ONLY ✶ NO PARKING ✶. At the end of the zone there was a single handicap parking stall painted bright blue.

Now the building I worked at was nearby a few large night clubs, so every Friday and Saturday the area would be crazy busy with drunken fighting, vomiting, occasional alleyway sex, etc. All night long there’d be cute girls milling around in skimpy outfits, so the job had its perks too.

Clubbers would take advantage of my building’s valet parking service and pay to park in our garage before heading out to one of the clubs across the street.

Some clubbers would think they could get away with parking in our loading zone all night. My coworkers and I would aggressively patrol the area in the earlier evening hours and advise as many people as we could so they’d leave and avoid getting a ticket. It was also better for us if they left, because when there were too many vehicles parked out front, traffic would become a complete clusterf*ck regardless of the time of day.

Most people would be grateful for the information and leave. Occasionally, some douche would laugh in our faces, say something about pigs or rent-a-cops or whatever and leave their car anyway. In those cases, we’d call our city’s parking enforcement and they’d get a $90 ticket for their troubles.

One Saturday night, after finished a round of patrols, I went to take a leak. On my way back out, I walked past Dispatch and my buddy calls me over to the surveillance bank.

“Hey bro, you got one out front.”

I turned to the grainy feed just in time to see a piece-of-junk ‘97 BMW sloppily parking in front of our building. I murmured that I’d go out and advise the driver, but before I could leave, the driver exited his vehicle.

My buddy and I watched in silence as the driver, a young black male adorned with flashy cheap bling, hiked his pants up at the crotch and blocked the path of a couple girls walking by. He started hitting on them in the slimiest way possible, even trying to grab their hands and asses at one point, staring shamelessly at their tits while he was schmoozing them. He took out his phone and shoved it at them, presumably asking for their numbers.

Eventually the girls were able to dodge his grabbers and ran off toward the club across the street. He repeated this routine several more times with various groups of girls walking by, even taking out a small bottle of vodka from his back pocket and offering swigs. With each rejection, he’d get angry and presumably cuss out the girls as they hurried off (our cameras didn’t pick up audio but this seemed a reasonable assumption).

I sighed and looked at my buddy.

“Well, I guess I’ll go talk to him.”

I made my way out to the front and approached him just as another group of girls ducked away from him. I called out to him. He turned and stared at me blankly.

“Hey, man, just wanted to let you know that this zone is for loading and unloading. Normally it’s not a big deal to park for a bit but if everyone does it on the weekends, traffic gets backed up pretty bad here.”

The douche looked at his vehicle, then at my badge.


I looked at my watch. It was about 10:30PM. I continued my spiel.

“Parking enforcement here is pretty strict. You should move your vehicle or you might get ticketed–”


“Have a good night sir.”

He flipped me off and went across the street, where he was promptly denied entry for dress code violations. He cussed out the bouncer and wandered off down the block. I walked over to his vehicle and saw that it was parked crooked, the rear of the vehicle partially blocking the lane of traffic. Half of his vehicle was in the white zone, the other in the blue zone. I key’d up my radio.

“8million to dispatch.”

“8million, go ahead.”

“Can you call parking enforcement for this vehicle? Lemme know when you’re ready for the plate.”

Fifteen minutes later, the parking officer arrived. He looked at the vehicle and promptly issued a $90 ticket for parking in the white zone and a $900 ticket for parking in the blue zone without a permit.

I thanked the officer and went back inside to have a snack.

A couple hours later, two of the local cops stopped by to say hi. As Officer Morris and his partner walked over, Dispatch radio’d me.

“Hey 8million, is that Jones and Morris?”

“Sure is.”

“You gonna do what I think you’re gonna do?”


Officer Jones and I lit up our cigarettes as Officer Morris looked on disapprovingly. We all smoked and chatted for a bit, then I casually motioned over my shoulder at the BMW.

“Hey, Jones, check out the parking job on that piece of shit.”

We all walked over to the corner and looked at the vehicle, the two tickets stuck on the windshield flapping in the wind. Officer Morris grabbed one of the tickets, read it over and looked at me.

“What’s the story here?”

I told them what happened and the driver’s response. Officer Jones and Morris looked at each other.

“8million, you got the time?”

“Yeah, it’s… 12:27AM.”

“Well it’s a whole new day now isn’t it?”

Officer Morris proceeded to write another $90 ticket for the white zone, then another $900 ticket for the blue zone. He paused for a moment after finishing the second one.

“Hey Jones, looks like this vehicle is parked more than twelve inches from the curb. What do you think?”

“Sounds about right.”

Officer Morris wrote another ticket for $120 and slapped it on the pile of tickets on the windshield. I shook both officer’s hands and they left to continue their patrols.

The next few hours of my shift went by fairly quickly. Around 5AM, Dispatch scared the hell out of me.


“Negative, I just finished clearing it.”


I ran down to the surveillance bank, where my coworkers were all gathered and laughing their asses off. Sunday was street cleaning day and the BMW was getting ticketed again by parking enforcement.

After that, we all stopped by Dispatch every 5-10 minutes to see if the owner had returned. Finally, at about 6AM, douchebag came stumbling up the block, looking completely worn out. His formerly-white t-shirt was stained and dirty and it looked like he’d lost at least one fight.

We watched in suspense as he looked at the pile of tickets crammed together on his windshield and slowly removed them. He stood there, pants sagging below his knees, shuffling through each ticket as if he were a toddler with a handful of Pokémon cards.

With a look of abject defeat on his face, he got into his vehicle and drove off. The whole room erupted in laughter and high-fives.

As the laughter died down, I picked up the office phone and started dialing. My coworkers eyed me curiously. I put the call on speaker just as the call connected.

“9-1-1, what is your emergency?”

“Yeah, hi, I’d like to report a possible drunk driver. I have the vehicle and driver description when you’re ready.”

And All This Devotion (1/1)

Happy Valentine’s Day, @once-upon-a-captain-swan!

Hi, dollface! I’m your CSSV and had so much fun writing this for you. I’ve enjoyed our little chats over the last few weeks and I hope you enjoy the story. I tried to put as many little touches of you in it as I could. 




The knock came at 2:05. It was tentative, barely pulling Killian out of a dreamless sleep and for a moment, he thought he’d imagined it. Fuzzy-brained, he was a second away from chalking it up to a rattling pipe or noise from the street when another knock came, this one more insistent. 

Tossing the covers off and cursing as he kicked his feet free from the tangled sheet, he padded through the living room, throwing the deadbolt and dramatically pulling the door open, ready to give his untimely visitor hell while wearing nothing more than a pair of boxer briefs and a scowl.

The piss and vinegar was short-lived when his eyes fell onto the figure standing in the hallway. 

Her face was red and blotchy with strands of blonde hair sticking to tear tracks. A cheap diaper bag, stretched to the limits and overflowing, was slung over her shoulder, one of those infant car seats designed for carrying at her feet, the baby inside asleep. 

Chin lifting just enough to convey some measure of pride, her eyes wouldn’t rise enough meet his. When she spoke it was to the dog tags resting on his chest.

“We didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

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Sasunaru au recs please!!

This took a while, wow.

[No sex]: Either just kissing or oral/grinding/handjob.

Sin by Kiya Sama. [SasuNaruSasu]

The Divine Glitch by michelerene. [SasuNaru]

The Worst Shift by Kizukatana & Capturedbynoodles. [SasuNaru]

It Started Over Coffee & It Started Over Coffee: Seattle by Rasengan22. [SasuNaruSasu]

Deception by KizuKatana/BriEva. [SasuNaruSasu]

Give Us Our Daily Ramen by KizuKatana. [SasuNaru]

Opposite Sides Of The Tracks by KizuKatana. [SasuNaruSasu]

Therapy by NavyBlueWings. [SasuNaru]

The Demilitarized Zone by michelerene. [SasuNaru]  

Partners by Miasen. [SasuNaru]  

Life Is A Highway by NavyBlueWings. [SasuNaru]

Like Ninja Fighters by Jelp [NaruSasu]

Italy, Here we Come! by NavyBlueWings. [SasuNaru]

Secret Santa by michelerene. [No sex]  

Photogenic Lovers by dotheunthinkable. [Implied SasuNaru]  

Instincts by Sleeping-Lion7. [Implied NaruSasu]

Delicious by fangirlandiknowit. [NaruSasu]  

Wait For Me To Come Home by narusasuheadcanons. [No sex]

A Million Miles Away by narusasuheadcanons. [No sex]

The Test by KizuKatana. [SasuNaruSasu]

Over The Years by KittyHug.  [No sex]

Funny Way To Fall by Atanih88. [No sex]

For Want Of Blood And Soul by Yakubi. [SasuNaru]

The Demon and His Priest by bashfulglowfly. [NaruSasu]

Returning the Favor A Twisted Fairytale by michelerene. [SasuNaru]

The Trouble with Dating a Werefox by IvvyMoon (blue_jack). [NaruSasu]  

Midnight Memories by Daydreamer79. [SasuNaru]  

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Don't take my parking spot

I go to a rich white American high school, and many of us just got our cars and licenses to drive. Most of us drive Jeeps, Cadillacs, Mustangs, BMWs, Hummers, Jaguars, a couple Teslas and a Lamborghini, I shit you not. There is not a single car in our 1000 space parking lot made before 2005. We are selfish assholes with rich and powerful parents, and this gives a lot of us a huge ego.

My school doesn’t have enough parking space for the huge number of students, so people often fight over spots as we aren’t assigned a specific spot. I usually get to school so I can park in “my” spot to beat the people that fight for my favorite spot, but nearly everyone parks in the same place every day.

This morning, I got there and there was a gray 2016 BMW 435i (an expensive ass car) already parked there, but the car wasn’t one that I usually see. The spot is towards the back of the parking lot, and this car didn’t have the parking pass that our school requires us to have. This car is obviously trying to hide from the on-campus police to avoid getting a ticket for this.

I was extremely irritated, so I parked incredibly close to their driver’s side door so they can’t get in. I then took a picture of it and the license plate and took it to the on campus police. They thanked me, gave them a $200 ticket and booted it. For those who don’t know, a boot is a giant piece of metal that wraps around a car wheel, making it impossible to move without severe damage to the car. This ticket and boot also goes on a teenager’s (a new driver) driving record, which increases their insurance rate and majorly pisses off their parents for having to pay it.

Don’t take my spot and be stupid about it.

Modern/Future mages spells in a technological world

Most fiction involving classical magic being alongside modern/future technology normally has the mages using spells that harken back to classical fantasy fiction.  But, lets face it, a person who grew up around technology would shape their magic around interacting with that technology.  (All this assumes that magic isn’t anti-tech, like in the Dresden’verse.)

So, spells in a technological world.

Waterproof: Nothing is more annoying than getting your phone/tablet/whatever wet, ruining it.  A simple water warding spell would do wonders.  (Thinking on this was what started this whole line of thought.)

RinoBox: And why stop at waterproofing, why not add impact resistance and such too.  Could be put on the phone ‘naked’, or on a nominal thing such as those rubber bumper rings to anchor it to the device.

Surgestopper: Cast on an electrical cord, would act as the perfect surge protector with almost instant reaction time.  No more lighting eating your computer.

My Parking Spot: The most basic version would allow a magus to put an illusionary car in a parking spot they saw and wanted.  A more advanced version could seek out a good spot in advance, ‘occupy’ it, while directing the magus to that spot.

GPS: Yeah, ‘navigation’ spells would almost certainly exist, but this one would mimic the functions and interface of mundane GPS devices, especially useful to those who are already familiar with such devices.  Could tap directly into the GPS/data networks, or be purely magical getting the info from supernatural sources.

Wrong Car Officer: Be it making the ultimate getaway vehicle, or simply avoiding traffic tickets, ways to disguise a vehicle (or at least disguise the plates) would be simple.  Could be fun, if law enforcement was at least nominally aware of ‘real’ magic, if law enforcement had ways to deal with that.

Air Outlet:  Nowhere to plug in?  Well, just cast this spell, plug your cord into an invisible outlet, and just the right voltage/amperage is right there.  Probably too much effort to do it 24/7, but could be great for recharching devices, running your fridge during a power outage, jumping off a car without risking a backsurge into your own vehicle…

Papers Please: Cast on a person, the magus can read what’s written on any card and such carried by the target, such as IDs, credit cards, etc.  The knowledge of such abilities could prompt faster development of things like chipped cards or barcodes, which aren’t translated.

Just a few ideas, I am sure many of you could come up with many more.

Take a Chance (Part 8)

Originally posted by oursisthefvry

pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader
characters: Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter
word count: 2,000+
warnings: angsty? cussing, some new information about Sam and Amora, and Steve and Sharon
a/n: guys, night shift has been kicking my ass and i hate it. this was supposed to be out two weeks ago but it has been rewritten so many times because i was tired when writing and it was all coming out to be angst and too much and im just rambling and making no sense still omg i need sleep.
summary: AU! After a one night stand at a friend’s wedding, you gain something that could change your life for the better or worse.

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Math has never been your forte in school. Your creativity, however, has taken you lengths that you never thought were possible. But you’re not stupid, you know the simplists of maths to the hardest of equations, it just took you longer than normal (and a lot of breaks) for you to solve them.

This time, however, it didn’t take long to figure out why you couldn’t solve the formula that was slowly becoming a mess.

From the very moment you met Steve, there had always been a missing factor in his equation. And that missing factor is Sharon. She is the woman that turned Steve into a lovesick, heartbroken puppy. She is the woman that his father constantly mentioned as if to spite you and remind his son there was someone else. 

Most importantly, she is the woman that holds the key to solving Steve’s equation; the factor, that when plugged into your formula, makes it difficult to solve.

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12 Tips & Tricks To Score Cheap Plane Tickets

            Many people tell me they want to travel but can’t afford plane tickets. Why do plane tickets always have to be so expensive? With a little bit of planning and flexibility, they don’t have to be. Here are some tips and tricks to help you save some money. These methods collectively have helped me save hundreds of dollars. A couple of hundred dollars can sometimes be the difference between an opportunity to travel and getting stuck at home.

  1. Avoid flying between Friday and Monday. – Although this is not always the case, it is typically cheaper to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Why? Many people work Monday through Friday and are only able to travel on the weekends. If a person wants to max out his or her vacation time, he or she might take a Friday or a Monday off from work. Therefore, flights are usually more expensive between Friday and Monday. Consider flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
  2. Avoid buying tickets between Friday and Sunday.  – Because people usually work during the weekdays, they also tend to shop on the weekends. As a result, prices tend to be higher on the weekends. Some people argue the best day of the week to buy a ticket is on a Tuesday, but you can also find deals on other days of the week.
  3. Avoid purchasing tickets around paydays.  – What do people usually do when they get paid? They buy things! Although paydays can be different from person to person and even country to country, many people get paid on the 1st and 15th of the month, on the last day of the month, or on Fridays. If possible, try to avoid buying flights around these times.
  4. Avoid relying on one travel website. – Most of us have our main, go-to travel website. That’s understandable, but as the saying goes, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” Even when you think you have found the best deal, you should check a few other websites just to make sure there isn’t a better one out there.
  5. Avoid purchasing a ticket too early or too late. – Most people make the mistake of buying a plane ticket too early. Deals on flights don’t usually begin until 45 days before a domestic flight and 60 days before an international flight. If you purchase anything further out, you might be missing out on a deal. Traveling on holidays may be an exception to this. On the other hand, some people wait until the very last minute to book a flight. Although you can occasionally find a good deal at the very last minute, it seems to be more common to find deals 3-5 weeks out. These last minute deals seem to be a lot harder to come by.
  6. Avoid flying at one specific time of the day. – The best way to find a cheap flight is to be prepared to fly at any time of the day. Sometimes this means you will have to be at the airport at 5:00am wondering how you managed to get yourself out of bed and to the airport in one piece. Other times, this might mean you have to stay awake until 11:55pm to board the last flight of the day. Cheap flights don’t always depart at an ideal time.
  7. Avoid flying to a specific airport or city. – Most people always fly in and out of the same airport. It might be cheaper for you to fly in and out of a different airport in the same city or in a different place altogether. Most people don’t consider this as an option. Try using a travel search website, like Skyscanner, that allows you to search from city to city, city to country, and country to country. It even allows you to search from one location to “everywhere” if you can’t decide where you want to travel.
  8. Avoid thinking you must always purchase a round-trip ticket. – Believe it or not, it might be cheaper for you to purchase two one-way tickets. You can also incorporate the previous tip and fly out of one airport and return to another one. Sometimes these options are cheaper than buying a round-trip ticket. Don’t forget to check this out!
  9. Avoid nasty baggage fees. – NEVER book a flight without looking at the baggage fees first. This is a big mistake that many travelers make. Sometimes you find a great deal with a budget airline and immediately book the flight, only to realize later that your luggage fees cost more than the flight. Add in the baggage fees and compare to your other options before making a purchase. If you still can’t manage to come up with the funds for a flight, skip the baggage! Sometimes it can feel liberating to travel with just a backpack or even nothing at all.
  10. Avoid flights with extra luxuries. – Do you really need to choose    your seat? Are you willing to pay $45 for a meal on a long flight? Are you ready to hand over additional cash for these kinds of extras? If you’re flying with a cheap airline, be prepared to fly with minimal services. One flight is only several hours out of your life. It might be worth it to spend a few hours in an uncomfortable seat or go without your comforts if it means saving hundreds of dollars – and, come on, how comfortable are planes anyway?
  11. Avoid searching without a private browsing setting. – Many people argue that travel and airline companies are beginning to increase the prices of tickets based on our searches using browsing cookies. Some people say that it’s best to search for flights using one computer and either switch devices to make the final flight purchase or use a different location with a different IP address. Although this has yet to be proven, it isn’t a farfetched concept. There is a simple step you can take to avoid the tracking without all of the hassle of using another computer or going to a different location. Simply use a private browsing setting when searching for a flight. Each internet browser has a different way of doing this. For example, if you’re using Firefox, try pressing: Command+Shift+P. This will open a new window with a private browsing setting. This mode will allow you to access the internet without keeping any search history, browser history, download history, web form history, temporary internet files, and, most importantly, cookies. All types of browsers have this private browsing setting and may be activated with different keys (just search on Google).
  12. Avoid flying on holidays. – This one is kind of a no-brainer, but it’s always important to remember. It’s understandable if you want to visit friends or family during the holidays, but you should consider traveling at another time. If you truly want to maximize your funds, save your vacation time for a long trip during an off-season. Your money will go much further.

            Well, I didn’t say it was going to be easy. Travel researching can take hours. Finding the perfect flight at the best price can take days or even weeks. If you put in the effort and follow these guidelines, you are bound to be successful. The cost of a plane ticket can make or break your trip. It can be the difference between going on an adventure and not going at all. Just remember that the biggest key to finding a cheap plane ticket is to be flexible – with times, dates, airports, locations, luxuries, and baggage. Embrace this flexibility, despite sometimes finding yourself in an unfamiliar place or feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes the unknown can be beautiful. Isn’t that what traveling is about?

I really wish I had a mobile tablet. I feel like I would draw so, so much more. Like, yeah, I can sketch on paper but most people want digital commissions and I can’t work on those anywhere but my computer desk. I feel like I’d make so much more progress with the way life is right now if I could just curl up with my tablet in my lap and draw wherever.

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this may sound random but I'm just really curious... RFA finding out MC used to be in a gang

(my friend buddy pal you have NO idea like omg this is my FAVOURITE SCENARIO EVER literally I COULD WRITE A 10K fanfic about this bc I love Gang!MC So. MUCH!)


  • MC never really considered telling him
  • sure, it was part of what MC had been in the past-
  • but damn
  • Yoosung is just, so pure and nice
  • maybe he’d feel put off by that?
  • it just seems like he has this image of MC
  • where he sees them as an innocent and precious being who came from the heavens to help
  • and something tells MC that being part of a gang isn’t something he’d ever fathom
  • they know that if Seven didn’t reveal it when he had the chance, it means they’re being given a chance but still
  • eventually, as their life advances, MC just forgets they never told Yoosung?
  • they’d been having such a normal relationship they just forgot?
  • and they probably wouldn’t have ever told him
  • until one day, MC and Yoosung are at the mall
  • there’s a creepy person trailing behind them, and MC suggests they leave
  • the creep follows them out the mall and MC acts on reflex when they see the creep’s hand reaching for Yoosung’s shoulder
  • Yoosung is in shock
  • MC just aprehended this person and is holding- a knife? MC flipped the creep over and is holding a knife to their throat?
  • MC had just followed their instincts and did to the man what they’d do back then when someone from a rival gang tried to attack
  • suddenly MC realizes they’re doing this in front of Yoosung
  • let go of the man, throw the knife elsewhere, take Yoosung’s hand and run
  • “Woah… Where did that come from, MC?”
  • MC bites their lip, but hey, what’s even the point of hiding it anymore?
  • “… Well, I was in a gang when I was younger. It was, er, just something I remembered from back then.”
  • Yoosung is… Well, he’s shocked
  • “Are you still there?”
  • “No, I left when I joined the RFA. Figured we had enough of a dangerous person with 707.”
  • MC is not in danger, so he’s really not angry or anything
  • Mostly surprised, and as long as MC promises to stay out of dangerous stuff like that, he’s seriously not worried


  • MC could see Jaehee not trusting them in the first days
  • I mean, she had her reasons not to, but it still felt a bit fishy to MC
  • for all Jaehee knew they were a normal person right??
  • but then MC realizes
  • that’s exactly why Jaehee doesn’t trust them
  • because they could be anyone
  • So, MC decides to just drop their personal information (besides, that hacker dude probably already has their info, no?)
  • When Jaehee connects, MC just drops a huge list
  • Full name, birth date, birth place, gender, family, education, past jobs, hobbies, height, etc.
  • Just thing after thing
  • “MC? Why are you telling me this?”
  • But MC is not done
  • “also to top it off I was in a gang. Not in it anymore, so please don’t worry. I’m not doing anything that could damage the RFA now”
  • Jaehee just assumes gang as in, y’know, some teens drinking liquor behind 7/11 and driving underage, egging houses and stuff
  • “… I’ll add all this to your file. Thank you, I suppose?”
  • from there on though, Jaehee does seem to trust MC more- I mean all the lowkey flirting in the chatroom probably happens due to MC’s blatant honesty the first day
  • In the party, Jaehee mentions how surprised they were to see MC was in a gang
  • “You didn’t seem like that kind of teenager to me, to join a gang and all. It’s amazing how time can change a person, right MC?.”
  • Teenager?
  • “Actually, I was in that gang up until I joined the RFA, and then I left.”
  • what
  • Jaehee realizes that was no small fry gang when MC explains a bit more
  • “Yeah… I guess it wasn’t the healthiest group, and all. I- I didn’t do anything too illegal, and my criminal record is clean though. I didn’t get caught doing anything and now I never will, so don’t worry Jaehee.”
  • um
  • she worries for like, half a week and then calms down because if MC smuggled weapons and now invites people to parties maybe they’re safe now


  • did someone mention Zen was in a motorcycle gang??
  • MC reads that and they’re pleasantly surprised
  • “ahaha wow same I used to be in a gang too!”
  • Zen also finds this amusing and starts telling his experiences in the gang
  • “Yeah the only parts that sucked was when your leader was mid-deal with another gang and you were guarding, and the police showed up so you had to run from them making sure they didn’t shoot ur boss ;;”
  • Zen is. Sure this is not what they did at his old gang
  • running away from police??
  • sure but they did that to avoid being given tickets for speeding and stuff
  • “what do you mean avoiding your boss being shot?!”
  • MC realizes hey maybe your gang was nearly a mafia and not everybody has that kinda experience
  • “oooooh wait nvm forget that”
  • Zen never really forgets
  • but MC never brings it up again so???
  • he’s just a bit scared MC would get into shady businesses again
  • luckily, MC can tell he’s worried when they meet him
  • If I did that, I’d make you look bad no? I don’t want to harm you, Zen. I’m out of that, mkay?”
  • reassuring words work miracles for him
  • so now when he’s telling his old gang stories MC always one-ups them with their actually dangerous real deal gang stories


  • being in a gang was… Well, not something MC was ashamed of
  • it did shape them a bit as a person
  • but also not something MC wanted to bring out about themselves
  • and since nobody ever asked they never said anything
  • still, after the party and once they’re in a secure relationship with Jumin, they’re still on that “ask no questions receive no answers” mindset
  • on a miscellaneous day MC is walking down the streets with Jumin- probably after MC insisted on walking around after a long day 
  • suddenly, out of an alley a suspicious looking individual comes towards MC
  • it’s a woman, dressed in short ripped shorts, wearing a fishnet shirt with a black bandeau underneath, a handkerchief covering her mouth, many strange tattoos, and a knife in her belt
  • Jumin’s bodyguards start getting ready to act up
  • Jumin slowly wraps his arm around MC in case the woman tries to do anything funny
  • but MC just slips out of his grasp
  • and walks towards the woman with a large smile??
  • “Boss! It’s been a long time!”
  • the woman smiles and bumps fists with MC
  • “MC! Darn, how have ya been? I was scared somethin’ had caught ya, dropping out so suddenly!”
  • Jumin is, with good reason, confused
  • MC talks a bit with this boss woman, asking things like “how was everything running without them”, “if any new members had joined”, and “if the police had stopped trying to track down the hideout”
  • eventually they say goodbye and MC returns to Jumin’s side
  • “MC… Who was that…?”
  • “Oh, the boss of a gang I used to be in.”
  • back at home, Jumin tries to ask more
  • MC replies truthfully to his questions because what’s the point in hiding it??
  • Jumin is a bit surprised MC would ever join such dangerous people
  • also, he increases the amount of bodyguards for MC because what if an old rival gang attacked them?? 


  • he knew it was a bit more intrusive than he should be, but he needed to make a background check on MC
  • he enters their old chatting app acount and find some rather interesting chat logs
  • messages such as
    • “can’t hang out today, the boss has a deal w another gang and I  have to help out”
    • “can you believe I get to teach newbies how to shoot this is amazing maybe I’ll be the next boss!”
    • “be careful, the police are searching for our hideout and they’ve been lurking near. wear something that covers ur face and don’t bring guns today because if they catch you with those u r in trouble”
  • clearly not just, normal standard texting with friends
  • he can figure out pretty easily what they mean
  • he decides to bring it up on a call out of sheer curiosity
  • “MC, what did you do before the RFA?”
  • “I used to be in a little gang thing back then, also a couple odd jobs…”
  • he insists on knowing the gang name
  • and when MC tells him, he quickly makes his research
  • ok maybe not that bad but the gang is not rainbows and sunshine
  • he’s actually worried MC left the gang and now they hold grudges to them?
  • leaving organised crime organisations is never easy
  • still, MC insists it was just a small little side thing
  • Seven knows it was much more than that but he can tell MC doesn’t want to creep the others out
  • when he comes over to Rika’s apartment to fix the whole fiasco with the hacker thing, he actually scares MC
  • they didn’t expect him to get there so fast
  • he’s shocked bc when MC senses danger their hands move on their own
  • where a gun holster would usually be
  • MC admits that they’d been pretty used to having their gun handy-dandy 
  • also when he starts with all that “stay away from me I’m dangerous” MC is like
  • boi
  • “listen up if it weren’t for the gang’s shady contacts I can assure my criminal record would be the worst and I’d probably be in jail so don’t even try to tell me that”
  • eventually he’s like… chill?
  • like it’s in the past sure ok maybe MC was in a gang but he’s a dangerous hacker so who is he to speak
Here comes the...

-insufferable heart attacks that come with getting tour tickets

-avoiding social media as to not spoil the tour with pics and videos from previous cities

-waking up early on November 10th to go to target and get your physical copy

-possibly staying home from work or school just to listen to the album on repeat and go through the hidden liner note messages

-learning all the lyrics in one weekend

-crying.  a lot.

-finding your favorite songs

-changing all social media bios to your favorite lyrics

-all the merch.  so much merch.

-getting excited hearing Tay on the radio everywhere

-taylor connect coming back online

-playing guess the song or finish the lyric

-learning to play the songs on your favorite instrument

-dancing and baking and sipping coffee and loving the holidays

Should have listened to the airline employee...

(warning: long story)

When I was a freshman in college, I worked at a regional airport as a gate agent and our operations solely consisted of shuttle flights to the nearest hub for Continental. At such a small airport (there were seven flights out and seven flights in scheduled daily) gate agents performed a variety of duties such as handling luggage, boarding passengers, parking/chalking the airplanes, etc. and on this fateful day, I was the last guy you see before you step on the airplane from the little hallway (called a jetbridge). On smaller aircrafts (hell, even on larger ones) you are allowed to “gate-check” items rather than paying the fee or carrying them on. Essentially, you drop this item off at the end of the jetbridge and agents put it in the main cargo area after all checked baggage has been loaded. When you reach your destination, agents put the gate-checked items back on the jetbridge for you to pick up. This helps keep the overhead bins less cluttered and makes for an easier boarding/deplaning by minimizing the bags or items brought onto and subsequently off of the aircraft.

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anonymous asked:

I" may or may not have robbed a bank just now and please help me get away i’ll repay you in sexual favours and also cash” au for Feysand!

A/N: so this is going to end up being a little mini fic, with this being the first part and I’m kinda excited.  I already have ideas for part 2, but I can’t guarantee when it will be finished since holidays and stuff, but it WILL happen! Also special thanks to @rhysndtrash who fabulously helped me with edits and listening to me babble about ideas and being all around fab.  Let me know what you all think! [Part 2 here!]

Auxilium - Part 1

Hefting her overfilled satchel higher on her aching shoulder, Feyre pounded down the cracked pavement, sweat dripping uncomfortably down her neck and along her spine beneath her less than breathable business casual dress surely not meant for sprinting.  Shooting a glance backwards, she paused to pull her the heels pinching her toes off, testing the concrete and mentally sighing at the beautiful coolness it had, when just two months earlier she would’ve burned the soles of her feet hideously.  And just a month and a half from now, she’d lose a toe or two to frostbite.  So the gods were smiling on her for once.

At least, that was what she thought, until she spotted the meter maid trundling down the street, hawk-like eyes reading the time left on each meter, wicked ticket book in hand, ready to ruin some poor slob’s day.  Not this poor slob.

Hoping to avoid yet another ticket she couldn’t afford she secured her bag once again, gritted her teeth, and vaulted through the luckily sparse late afternoon crowd.  Between the various office buildings, coffee shops, and Hybern Bank, it would never be quiet until after business hours, but there was always a lull between lunch and five o’clock.  Which was exactly what she’d been counting on.

Sending a defiant glare toward her unknowing adversary, Feyre slowed to a stop near her car as the meter ticked to a blinking 0:00.  Pulling the back door open quickly, she tucked her bag low on the meticulously vacuumed carpet behind the passenger seat before circling the parallel parked car, mindful of oncoming traffic, and slipped into the driver’s seat. 

With a sigh, Feyre let her head drop back against the head rest, tossing her discarded heels to the right side of the car blindly.  Shifting slightly and pressing her slightly raw bare feet against the pedals, she rifled through her pockets, fingers finally closing around her keys - complete with her dorky artist easel keychain - when a rather definitive knock sounded at the window.

Groaning, she shoved the key forcefully into the ignition, “I beat you here fair and square - oh.”

Upon turning to face her adversary, she noted it was not her usual squat, ticket wielding nemesis, but a tall, dark haired man with eyes that could only be described as violet - a shade that had her fingers itching for her paints - and a disarming smile, creating the overall appearance of the most beautiful man she’d ever beheld.  And he was gesturing for her to roll the window down. 

Feyre narrowed her eyes, glancing toward slowly approaching meter maid in the rear view mirror before cracking the passenger side window just enough to speak and see those lethally gorgeous eyes that much more clearly, “Speak succinctly.”

His expression sparked at her shortness, if anything appearing more intrigued than offended, before he smirked in what she’d admit in the quiet of her mind was a rather attractive manner, “Any shot you’re willing to give a fellow in need a ride, darling?”

Brows shooting up into her honey colored hairline, Feyre bit back a smile, “Are you serious, ever heard of Uber?”

The stranger propped his forearms on the top of her car, fingers brushing against the slightly rusted metal detailing as he leaned close, “I think they’re tracking my phone.”

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just once (part 2)

previously on the bodyguard and a prince au part 2, a date & sex! duh.


“I can’t believe how cliché you are, coming to pick me up for our first date in your fancy, fancy car,” Stiles is rolling his eyes as he comes down the palace steps, stops in front of Derek’s car.

“What’s wrong with my car?” Derek huffs, crossing his arms and scowling uncomfortably; he thought it would be a nice gesture, dammit.

“It is, honestly,” Stiles beams at him, “I just didn’t expect it.”


“Don’t be cross! It’s good, nice, I like the car.”

“Great, get in.”

“You’re not gonna open the door for me? Gimme some flowers?”

Derek shrugs, “You said you wanted a normal date; not an over the top date from nineteen eighty three.”

“Well, yeah, we need to have a date. I don’t want you to think I’m easy. I need at least dinner and a movie before I put out.”

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Taylor Swift isn't a good person i suggest you look into what she did with her new album and judge it for yourself

I don’t know if you’re referring to release date (which I think is just a damn coincidence because how would she know that date??? HOW???) or that stuff about trying to avoid ticket scalpers (which yeah isnt great but Its not as bad as it’s being mad out to be) or something ELSE that she’s being blamed for now but listen. Anon.

I’ve supported her for YEARS, through so damn much. So believe me when I say that, in the nicest way possibly, I just don’t fucking care. I don’t. I really don’t. I like her music and she makes me happy so I’m going to keep supporting her

The Boys who ran away to New York.

In 1985 two boys from Darndale in Dublin, Keith Byrne (10) and Noel Murray (13), both made headlines around the world when they hopped on a Dart and ended up in New York escaping authorities in three countries.

Keith Byrne said that he and his friend went to the United States because he wanted to see his favourite television star, B A Baracus, of The A-Team.

Their adventure started when they went out to play before dinner time, Keith said in an RTÉ Radio documentary broadcast last month: “My mum said: ‘don’t go far, your dinner’s nearly ready,’ ”he recalled. “I said: ‘I won’t.”

But they did. They took the Dart to Dún Laoghaire and snuck on to a ferry to Holyhead. Emboldened by their success, they avoided the ticket checkers and got on a train to London. Eventually they wound up at Heathrow airport with nothing but a few coins they’d nicked from a charity fountain.

Once there they asked a random passenger where his plane was going and he told them New York. They told the ticket checker and security their parents were behind them, and boarded an Air India plane.

“The plane was only half full so no one came near us,” he said. Their ease at slipping past the authorities was even more surprising given the fact that, two months earlier, an Air India jet had blown up off the southwest of Ireland, killing 329 people.

Byrne recalled being unable to eat a very hot Indian curry and watching the James Bond film A View To A Kill.

Their journey came to an end when they left JFK airport and asked a policeman for the way “into town”. They were taken to a police station where they immediately became the centre of attention. Authorities were taking no chances and they were put in a hotel suite with five security guards. “There was BLTs, chips, everything, fed us like lords. We loved it,” Keith said.

Their exploits made the front page of the New York newspapers.

Keith Byrne is now 42 and Noel Murray is 45. Both live in Darndale.

PHOTO: Keith Byrne with his mother, Theresa, at Coolock Garda Station, 1985.

Credit: Rare Irish Stuff