avoiding suspicion

What to do if you suddenly find yourself homeless


  • Find your nearest food bank or mission, for food
  • grocery stores with free samples, bakeries + stores with day-old bread
  • different fast food outlets have cheaper food and will generally let you hang out for a while.
  • some dollar stores carry food like cans of beans or fruit


  • Sleeping at beaches during the day is a good way to avoid suspicion and harassment
  • sleep with your bag strapped to you, so someone can’t steal it
  • Some churches offer short term residence
  • Find your nearest homeless shelter
  • Look for places that are open to the public
  • A large dumpster near a wall can often be moved so that flipping up the lids creates an angled shelter to stay dry


  • A membership to the YMCA is usually only 10$, which has a shower, and sometimes laundry machines and lockers.
  • Public libraries have bathrooms you can use
  • Dollar stores carry low-end soaps and deodorant etc.
  • Wet wipes are all purpose and a life saver
  • Local beaches, go for a quick swim
  • Some truck stops have showers you can pay for
  • Staying clean is the best way to prevent disease, and potentially get a job to get back on your feet
  • Pack 7 pairs of socks/undies, 2 outfits, and one hooded rain jacket


  • first aid kit
  •  sunscreen
  •  a travel alarm clock or watch
  •  mylar emergency blanket
  •  a backpack is a must
  •  downgrade your cellphone to a pay as you go with top-up cards
  •  sleeping bag
  •  travel kit of toothbrush, hair brush/comb, mirror
  •  swiss army knife
  •  can opener

earlier today i was thinking about an au where ladybug and chat noir didnt know each other in their civilian lives

like, an au where adrien never went to public school and him and marinette had never even met before

sure, marinette knows about garbiel designs, but she doesn’t know the blond she sometimes sees in magazines is his son, and adrien somewhat recalls a certain girl winning some of his father’s contests, but they are in no way friends or know of each other much at all other than a moment’s glance

imagine them both keeping their identities secret and all, and they both have a suspicion that they might know each other in real life, but plot twist when they accidentally reveal their identities someday (or decide to) and they actually have no idea who the other is

so they get to know each other as partners first before they know of their civilian identity and get to learn a bunch of new things about their best friend. there’s no awkward barrier or nervousness (after the first day of course) and they have such a strong friendship formed already that they just click immediately and become practically inseparable

(marinette makes up an excuse that they met at one of gabriel’s design contests and had been keeping up with each other online to avoid suspicion)

idk i should be doing hw right now feel free to expand on this if you’d like

100 direct instructions by Allah in the Quran for mankind

1. Do not be rude in speech (3:159)
2. Restrain Anger (3:134)
3. Be good to others (4:36)
4. Do not be arrogant (7:13)
5. Forgive others for their mistakes (7:199)
6. Speak to people mildly (20:44)
7. Lower your voice (31:19)
8. Do not ridicule others (49:11)
9. Be dutiful to parents(17:23)
10. Do not say a word of disrespect to parents (17:23)
11. Do not enter parents’ private room without asking permission (24:58)
12. Write down the debt (2:282)
13. Do not follow anyone blindly (2:170)
14. Grant more time to repay if the debtor is inhard time (2:280)
15. Don’t consume interest (2:275)
16. Do not engage in bribery (2:188)
17. Do not break the promise (2:177)
18. Keep the trust (2:283)
19. Do not mix the truth with falsehood (2:42)
20. Judge with justice between people (4:58)
21. Stand out firmly for justice (4:135)
22. Wealth of the dead should be distributed among his family members (4:7)
23. Women also have the right for inheritance (4:7)
24. Do not devour the property of orphans (4:10)
25. Protect orphans (2:220)
26. Do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly (4:29)
27. Try for settlement between people (49:9)
28. Avoid suspicion (49:12)
29. Do not spy and backbite (2:283)
30. Do not spy or backbite (49:12)
31. Spend wealth in charity (57:7)
32. Encourage feeding poor (107:3)
33. Help those in needby finding them (2:273)
34. Do not spend money extravagantly (17:29)
35. Do not invalidate charity with reminders (2:264)
36. Honor guests (51:26)
37. Order righteousness to people only after practicing it yourself(2:44)
38. Do not commit abuse on the earth (2:60)
39. Do not prevent people from mosques (2:114)
40. Fight only with those who fight you (2:190)41. Keep the etiquettes of war (2:191)
42. Do not turn back in battle (8:15)
43. No compulsion in religion (2:256)
44. Believe in all prophets (2:285)
45. Do not have sexual intercourse during menstrual period (2:222)
46. Breast feed your children for two complete years (2:233)
47. Do not even approach unlawful sexual intercourse (17:32)
48. Choose rulers by their merit (2:247)
49. Do not burden a person beyond his scope (2:286)
50. Do not become divided (3:103) 
51. Think deeply about the wonders and creation of this universe (3:191)
52. Men and Women have equal rewards for their deeds (3:195)
53. Do not marry those in your blood relation (4:23)
54. Family should be led by men (4:34)
55. Do not be miserly (4:37)
56.Do not keep envy (4:54)
57. Do not kill each other (4:92)
58. Do not be an advocate for deceit (4:105)
59. Do not cooperate in sin and aggression (5:2)
60. Cooperate in righteousness (5:2)
61. ’Having majority’ is not a criterion of truth (6:116)
62. Be just (5:8)
63. Punish for crimes in an exemplary way (5:38)
64. Strive against sinful and unlawful acts (5:63)
65. Dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine are prohibited (5:3)
66. Avoid intoxicants and alcohol (5:90)
67. Do not gamble (5:90)
68. Do not insult others’ deities (6:108)
69. Don’t reduce weight or measure to cheat people (6:152)
70. Eat and Drink, But Be Not Excessive (7:31)
71. Wear good cloths during prayer times (7:31)
72. protect and help those who seek protection (9:6)
73. Keep Purity (9:108)
74. Never give up hope of Allah’s Mercy (12:87)
75. Allah will forgive those who have done wrong out of ignorance (16:119)
76. Invitation to God should be with wisdom and good instruction (16:125)
77. No one will bear others’ sins (17:15)
78. Do not kill your children for fear of poverty (17:31)
79. Do not pursue that of which you have no knowledge (17:36)
80. Keep aloof from what is vain (23:3)
81. Do not enter others’ houses without seekingpermission (24:27)
82. Allah will provide security for those who believe only in Allah (24:55)
83. Walk on earth in humility (25:63)
84. Do not neglect your portion of this world (28:77)
85. Invoke not any other god along with Allah (28:88)
86. Do not engage in homosexuality (29:29)
87. Enjoin right, forbid wrong (31:17)
88. Do not walk in insolence through the earth (31:18)
89. Women should not display their finery (33:33)
90. Allah forgives all sins (39:53)
91. Do not despair of the mercy of Allah (39:53)
92. Repel evil by good (41:34)
93. Decide on affairs by consultation (42:38)
94. Most noble of you is the most righteous (49:13)
95. No Monasticism in religion (57:27)
96. Those who have knowledge will be given a higher degree by Allah (58:11)
97. Treat non-Muslims in a kind and fair manner (60:8)
98. Save yourself from covetousness (64:16)
99. Do not repel one who asks (93:10)
100. Seek forgiveness of Allah. He is Forgiving and Merciful (73:20)

Canoodling - Jughead Jones

So after watching episode 2 of Riverdale I was wondering if I could have a Jughead imagine? Where you’re secretly dating because you’re considered popular and basically kiss him in front of “the popular” people to stop them from thinking Jughead isn’t getting laid? Thanks!

imagine please? defending jughead when reggie teases him, probably?

Originally posted by mieczyslwstilinski

I kind of combined the two of these things…I hope you two are okay with that…I really enjoyed writing it.  I kinda changed the order of events, in the episode, a bit and I hope that’s okay. I don’t even know what that ending is…

You were walking down the halls of Riverdale High School when you felt a tug on your hand and was pulled inside the storage closet. The door shut behind you quickly, but not before there was still enough light to see the outline of an all too familiar hat.

“We really must stop meeting like this.” Despite the darkness, you could almost see the glint in Jughead’s smile as he said the line. You pulled on the light string hanging from the ceiling and found yourself nearly chest to chest with your boyfriend. “You dork,” you said while rolling your eyes. He smiled at you and despite the recent light of events, you felt happy. Jughead grabbed your hand in both of his, running his fingers over your knuckles. “Do you wanna stay after school for the game?” His gaze lifted from your hands to your eyes and you saw them sparkle. “Of course. How’d everything go with Archie?” He shrugged in response, “Good, hopefully it’ll get better after the game.” You nodded, leaning upwards to pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. “I’m going to be late,” you started to pull away, “I’ll see you after school in the lounge, Okay?” He gave your hand one last squeeze, “See ya later, Y/N.” You shot him another smile and quickly darted out of the closet. When back in the hallway, you looked around and sighed in relief that nobody saw you sneak out of hiding. It wasn’t because you were ashamed of dating Jughead, granted you were somewhat popular amongst your peers; it was because you and Jughead both found value in privacy. It was nobody else’s business what you got up to in your freetime and Jughead simply didn’t care about your peers to tell anyone that you two were dating. It was troublesome sneaking around, but moments like those where it was just you two alone, even briefly, were the moments you looked forward to the most.

When the final bell rang, you made your way towards the lounge. You figured that Jughead would already be there, in an attempt to find a spot before it filled up with cheerleaders and loud jocks. Your guess was correct because, when you walked in, your eyes landed on him. He was leaning against the wall, arms crossed on his chest, and scowling at the people before him. When he saw you, he gave you a quick smile that you returned. In order to avoid suspicion, you walked over to greet a few of the jocks and fell into conversation with Veronica.

You almost were having a good time when Reggie, a cocky football player, started to talk about Jason Blossom’s murder, instantly killing the mood. “If someone here did kill him, it couldn’t have been a jock. No, it would be the lonely, sad internet troll, that’s too busy typing manifestos to get laid.” You looked up and saw Reggie staring at Jughead as if in question. “Like Jughead.” The others started laughing, except for you and Archie. Anger burned in your heart, but you couldn’t defend your boyfriend with making it obvious. Then again, if you weren’t going to stand up for him, why were you dating him? You stood up with purpose, walking towards your boyfriend. He raised his eyebrows but you simply leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. Howls and whistles were let out by half the people in the lounge. You pulled back, because if you didn’t, you were sure you wouldn’t be able to stop. “You’ve gotta be kidding me, really Y/N, he’s why you wouldn’t date me?” Reggie yelled and you spun on your heels to face the football player. “Damn right he’s why,” you yelled back, “he’s not a dick that picks on others like yourself!” Everybody hollered and ‘oohed’ at your words. Then Veronica finally spoke up,  “So it looks like he’s getting laid after all,” you let out a laugh and grabbed Jughead’s hand in yours.

“But that doesn’t change anything! He still probably killed him.” Reggie shouted, trying to regain his high-ground. “Did you, ya know, do anything to the body? Like, after?” he asked, pressing Jughead further. You felt a sense of pride when Jughead answered, “It’s called necrophilia Reggie, can you spell it?” A smile crept up on your features, as you turned to Jughead. Suddenly, Reggie darted towards him, but Archie lunged forward in defense. “Shut the Hell up, Reggie.” Archie hissed, but Reggie wasn’t having it. Soon a fight broke out and it ended with Archie getting punched in the face, along with a teacher escorting Reggie out of the room.

You and Jughead decided it was probably best to get out of the school, so you started to make your way to his place. The walk was quiet, with neither of you willing to talk about what had happened yet. Before you knew it, you both turned into the driveway to his house  and walked inside. You both set your bags down and Jughead made a beeline to the kitchen. “Where are your parents?” You asked as you started to take off your shoes. “I found a note that said they were out shopping.” Jughead yelled across the house. You walked into the kitchen where Jughead was head-first in the refrigerator. You let out a giggle at the site, causing Jughead to face you. “What’s so funny?” You felt a blush rise to your cheeks and you lifted yourself to sit on the countertop, “You.” He walked towards you, standing in between your legs. He stared at you as you wrapped your arms over his shoulders and brought him closer. He leaned forward and brought his lips to yours, his hand reaching up to cup your jaw. Your hand pulled his hat off his head and with the other, your fingers buried themselves in his hair. You leaned back slightly pressing a sweet kiss to his cheek.

“You want this back?” You asked, teasingly holding his hat by your fingertip. He smiled, leaning in once more, capturing your lips in another playful kiss. When you were distracted, he took the opportunity to snag his hat back. “Hey,” you said, pulling away from him. He let out a smug chuckle. “Thanks for that,” Jughead said, turning back to the search for food in the cabinets. “For what?” You asked, hopping down from the counter. He turned and gave you a pointed look, “Putting Reggie in his place.”

“He needed to be proved wrong.” He smiled at you, “So you were simply proving him wrong?” You nodded and he stepped closer to you. His hands rested on your hips, pulling you closer, “So you’re okay with canoodling at school now?” You let out a small laugh, “Canoodling? No, but acting like a couple, of course.” His green eyes sparkled at your answer, and he pressed a kiss to your lips. When you backed away you smiled, “Are you going to write this in your novel?” He smiled back with mischief gleaming in his eyes, “Maybe I will.”

  • Interviewer: So do you know if Bucky is gonna be Captain America?
  • Seb, internally: Okay just tell them you don't know and try to avoid suspicion.
  • Seb, internally: Nailed it.
7/11/1804 (Alexander/Reader, Lin/Reader)

Summary: You had expected that your first night in the role of Eliza would be an exciting one. You hadn’t expected a door to appear in your dressing room that would lead you over 200 years into the past. No, none of your Broadway friends had ever warned you about that.

Note: Write-a-thon Day 3! This is loosely based on 11/22/63 by Stephen King, wherein the main character goes back in time to prevent JFK’s assassination. So you see where this is going. This is part 1 out of 2.

Rating: G

Word Count: 2651

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Requested by: @jojizzzz
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Steve
Word Count: 1.1K
Warnings: Fluff


“Y/N, I need everything ready to go for tomorrow’s mission by tonight,” Steve instructs you, using his bossy voice,

“Yes sir!” you shout, jumping to attention and saluting him. Steve scowls at you for a second before he softens,

“Sorry babe, I was in full ‘Captain’ mode,” he apologises. He quickly looks around, scanning for any one near by before closing the gap between the two of you,

“S’Okay,” you whisper, your breath fanning across his collarbones, “I like it when you’re in Captain mode,”

Steve’s eyes wash over with lust as your words hit him. He takes another second to quickly check again before leaning down to passionately kiss you. It had been a while since the two of you had been alone. To avoid suspicion, you had both agreed that going on separate missions was the best idea whenever possible. It kept the team’s attention away from the secret relationship you’d been having with Steve for almost three months now, but it also meant that alone time was far and few between.

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You Are Not My Mother Part 1

A/N: This was a random idea that came to me in the middle of the night. I woke up out of a dead sleep and had to write it down before I forgot it. I’m considering turning this into a series. Let me know what you think! Feedback is greatly appreciated (even if you only click the like button. It means a lot!). This actually won’t follow the show, but I’m going to try to incorporate as much as possible. (I thought of this after watching the episode “Stuck In The Middle (With You)”.
Warnings: Angst, mentions of past neglect
Summary: While heading back to the bunker, Mary makes a detour that makes her daughter question everything.
Word Count: 1247    
Tags below the cut

    There was a flash of blue light and suddenly Castiel was healed. I was checking him for injuries while the others talked to Crowley. I helped Cas stand after Crowley disappeared.
“You okay?” I asked.
“Yes.” He nodded. “I’ll be fine.”
“Let’s hit the road before anything else happens.” Dean suggested.
     We agreed and headed for our vehicles. Sam and Dean climbed into the Impala while Mom climbed into her car. I helped Cas into the passenger seat of my car before walking over to the others.
“Be safe.” I told. “I’ll see you guys at the bunker.”
“Okay. You guys be safe too.” Sam said. “Keep an eye on Cas and let us know if anything weird happens.”
“Will do.” I smiled before heading back to my car.
     I started my car as the boys pulled out and Mom followed behind them. Mom had been acting strange all evening. I had some suspicions, but I didn’t want to voice them to my brothers. We had enough to worry about.
“You mind if we make a pit stop?” I asked Cas.
“Not at all.” He shook his head. “Can I ask where we are going?”
“I’ll tell you when we get there.” I answered.
       I could make out the Impala’s taillights in the distance and Mom’s not far behind them. Suddenly, Mom turned off at the exit and I slowed down before following her down the winding ramp.
“Where’s Mary going?” Castiel asked me.
“We’re about to find out.” I muttered under my breath.
“Should I call your brothers?” He questioned.
“No.” I said quickly. “We can handle this.”

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Notes (Part 1)

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warnings: Hints of 6th year Draco??? idk

Word Count: 1379

Summary: Draco Malfoy has been acting out of character, and the reader is determined to find out why.

A/N: Ok this is pretty much my first fic and i have no clue what i’m doing, but hang in there bc i think it’s a little decent (my apologies if there’s any mistakes). I’m always open to requests, currently Harry Potter only bc it’s my whole entire life and i literally don’t do anything else. But i can always start a new book, tv show, etc. if anyone wants me to write about something else… don’t be afraid to ask!! No one’s gonna want to read about Harry Potter forever (except me of course). Thanks for reading & i hope you enjoy!! Also, i’m most likely making a part 2 (with lots more dialogue). I feel like the story would be incomplete without another part, so yeah look out for that.

Y/N = Your name

E/C = Eye color

Originally posted by daisiesanddraco

Draco Malfoy. What a git.

Ever since first year, he’s despised you. To be fair, you’ve never been quite kind to him either, but that’s only because he provokes you much too often. He’ll stop you in the corridors to poke fun at your appearance, your blood status, or anything else he can discover that doesn’t fit his extremely high standards. His friends will often blindly do his bidding, adding their own touch of slight physical violence. Slytherin would refer to this deceitful manner as “cunning,” but you prefer to call it cowardice. Maybe he acts this way because you were born to muggle parents, or because you’re best friends with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. But most of the time, you can’t seem to find a justifiable explanation for his extraordinary rudeness.

However, today is different.

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Black Bean

You give Noctis a veggie burger for dinner.

He won’t notice.

To avoid rousing suspicion, you don’t skimp on anything. You still put an egg, some onion, lettuce, and tomato. While he picks off the undesirables, you pretend to be uninterested and eat some fries. You even give him what you hope is a stern look when he scrapes them onto your plate.

He hasn’t noticed yet. He’s still blissfully ignorant.

Noctis lifts the burger and takes a bite. He stares blankly ahead for a long time before opening his mouth and letting the food tumble back onto his plate. When he looks at you, the hurt look on his face makes your lips twitch.

The jig is up.

“What kind of meat is this?”

“I didn’t use meat. I used a black bean recipe I found online.”

Silence. He lowers his head and pushes his plate away.

“I can’t believe you would betray me like this.”

“Stop being so dramatic.”

The Real Killer - Vegas Andrews (ft others)

@mrs-jughead-jones this short fic goes out to the theory makers on Rose’s tumblr right now, I’m having the time of my life and decided to make a small fic, inspired by this debate.

Words: 1,317

Warnings: Doge / Violent Doge / Swearing Doge


Archie and Drughead were caught up in their own problems, I don’t know what they were because I am a dog, but I didn’t really care because it meant I got petted therapeutically. That seemed to be my job. When someone was contemplating or having an existential crisis, they would pet me. Drughead preferred to flap my ear around which is…. nice?

They were so fixated on their own issues that they didn’t even realise the killer was right in front of them. To a smelly hooman, it would look like I was simply sitting at Drughead’s side, staring into space and just generally being a dog. But IT’S ALL LIEEEESSS!!!

Inside my mind, I was conspiring and plotting my next move. I had gone off the rails and there was no going back….

It all started back when….

“Woof woof” I barked as I watched Drughead’s mother load her car, daughter’s hand in her own. She had finally had enough with FP and they were moving far away. I wasn’t particularly fussed, because i am a dog, until I noticed the metal cage at the back of the van.

I bounded towards it, barking aggressively. I heard a restrained response from behind the prison bars of the cage. It was my dog bae, my man crush monday, Hot Dog! They couldn’t take Hot Dog. 

I felt my fur coat burn with teenage dog angst, and I ran over to Drughead, clawing at his suspenders, a plead for him to do something. He was too invested in saying goodbye to his sister.


I had to sit and watch as my dog bae was taken away from me. The only other intellectual in this town. I felt sad and angry and emotions that were indescribable. I mean how could I describe them? I’m a fucking dog.

I swore vengeance on my friend/bae/one-time hookup that day. I would get Hot Dog back, whatever it took.

After stalking the Jones household for a few months, i found out that Drughead had left the house to live in the drive-in. This is a dumb idea because the drive-in has no fridge that i am aware of, and that means it’s harder to access food. Food accessibility is another priority in my books. This just adds to the novel i’m writing about the fact that hoomans have no intuition.

Speaking of DRUGhead, turns out that the Dad was high like 98% of the time. This I guess, is why half of his family left. I’ve always wanted to 420 blaze it, but i never have, because i’m a dog.

I followed him on daily basis, trailer park to drive-in, trailer park to drive-in. He had a black jacket with a green worm on the back, along with the rest of his “friends”. I assumed these were his druggy buddies. Drughead was pretty clueless, considering he lived there.

I watched overtime, as the connections with the drugs grew. Reaching out to buyers like Hiram Lodge, a wealthy businessman. FP was getting a lot of money/benefits from these deals, but being a dumbass human, wasted his rewards on alcohol. You see, I may never have been high, but boy have I been drunk.

Perhaps, I could use my intelligence to manipulate stoopid hoomans. I could work my way to the top and maybe offer the Jones’s a huge cash sum to get my friend back! It was a genius plan!

I trained my nose to sniff out Green Worm drug stashes. I became known as “The Hound”, a mysterious thief who kept stealing the stock of the Green Worms. This was quite funny, because I am actually a dog. Hahahhhahahahhah.

The drugs I managed to anonymously deal were stamped with the Green Worm mark, so I couldn’t be blamed for my crimes. At the end of the day, if anything went wrong, FP would be blamed for my misdeeds, not me.

It all went downhill when I got involved with a certain ginger. 

Jason Blossom.

He was looking for some serious last-minute money, so he could escape the town with his preggo my leggo girlfriend. The Blossom’s were the most influential family and town, and they were very very rich, which meant I could exploit Jason for a long amount of time before finally letting him go.

I offered him a job to do for me, entrusting him with the drugs through anonymous mail. Don’t ask me about the mailing process, it’s too complex for hoomans to understand. I put my faith in him. I was desperate at this point, Hot Dog was so close yet so far and I had to push myself and my doggy drug business to the extreme.

He was supposed to take the drugs, sell them to the students at Riverdale High, and give me back his earnings. I had sent him letters, written with my own paws, about how when his job was truly done he would be paid what he deserved. I meant it, but he just couldn’t trust in me for that long. He was  getting desperate too. WELL IT’S A DOG EAT HOOMAN WORLD SONNY JIM.

He thought I wouldn’t notice when he started to take half of the days profits for himself. I was enraged. I also had fleas at this time which is practically the equivalent of a doggy period so I was incredibly pissed off.

Jason knew I was on to him, when i sent him hate mail and insulted his Sailor Moon ships. He was going to pack a getaway car and be out of there by morning. Oh helllllllll no, not today. 

Jason had messed with the wrong canine. I thought about Fred and Archie, the affection they showed me. Then my mind went deeper, to the thoughts of the Blossom’s and how they tried to control Fred’s life and work. I got angrier by the second and I knew that was when I had to take action.

I waited, on the 4th of July, by the riverbank for Jason to arrive. He arrived with his sister looking like twins that deserved a place in The Shining. They rowed over to where I was, and Cheryl left him to die. Fake die. OR SO SHE THOUGHT! Jason was filled with paranoia though, his guard was up and I couldn’t strike without getting hurt in the process. So, I used my doggy hulk strength, and pushed a tree down on him. He somehow got out alive, so I patiently awaited a week for him to wake up. This seemed to work though, because I could get his preggo my leggo girlfriend to pay ransom, or the same from the Blossom’s. Nobody showed up though. I slowly started getting bored, and when dogs get bored they get mad.

Playing fetch by myself was becoming tiresome.

Jason for some stupid reason wasn’t awake, but when he did wake up, he might get away. I couldn’t risk that, he would tell everyone about my scheming and I would be stuck in the pound for the rest of my life with big man Dave. Not Dave. Anyone but Dave.

So I do what most dogs do when their mad.

Charge into the intended victim with a P99 before popping a cap in their head. Followed by nudging into the rivers currents so he would float away like he was in the river of lost souls from my favourite disney movie, Hercules.

I used my handy paws to big a deep hole to China, where I hid the murder weapon. To avoid suspicion, I would have to put my drug hauling on hold and return to my normal life at the Andrew’s house.

I’m still yet to get my bae back, BUT I WILL.




woof woof motherfuckers.


@mrsjugheadjonesthethird @jvghead-jones-iii


From Eden - A Sirius Black Imagine

A/N: I’ve had this in my head for a really long time and finally got around to writing a little something on it! I suggest watching Hozier’s ‘From Eden’ first (found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI0wUoCLnLk). Or perhaps listen to it as you read! The song itself and the video were my inspiration (plus the video has my queen, Katie McGrath, in it)! I’m not sure it came out as well as I would have liked but, I still hope you enjoy! <3

Originally posted by nellaey

“No,” Sirius muttered to himself, tears threatening to spill. The Potter’s home stood before him in ruins. Nothing but the foundation and it’s charred remains left. 

Your mouth hung open in shock. There was so little left of what you once considered a second home. Gently, you took Sirius’ hand in yours, and led him to what had been the doorway to a loving home.

“James,” Sirius let out a choked sob as his eyes found the body of his best friend, lifeless on the floor. 

Sirius fell to his knees besides James, almost unable to process what exactly he was seeing. James had been his rock and seeing how easily he had been defeated certainly scared Sirius. 

“Love, we have to move,” you encouraged, knowing that once the news got out, Aurors and Ministry officials would be on the way. And you had a hunch that Sirius would be suspected of turning over the Potter’s whereabouts. 

He nodded grimly, slowly rising to his feet.

When you reached Harry’s room at the top of the stairs, you were met with another unwelcome sight: Lily, devoid of life. Her fire-red hair sprawled around her, and her brilliant green eyes staring emotionlessly at the ceiling. 

You forced yourself to the crib, shocked out of your grief, by the sounds of Harry’s whimpers. 

“He’s alive,” you marveled. “How?”

“Don’t know, but we can’t stay to figure it out,” Sirius decided. 

Swiftly making your way back downstairs, you hurried through the door. Sirius giving one last look over his shoulder at his best friend.

“Ready?” Sirius asked as you hopped onto the back of his motorbike, Harry in tow. 

“Yes,” you responded, doing your very best to look confident. 

Right as you lifted off the ground, a stern voice called out, “Stop right there!”

Looking over your shoulder, you saw Ministry members running down the street toward you.

“Hold tight!” Sirius instructed over the roar of the engine. 

Gripping onto Sirius with one arm, the other held Harry tightly to your chest. Rising higher and higher, the three of you soon sped off into the night and away from those who would take your godson away from you. 

Sirius drove for hours, hoping to put as much distance between you and them as he could. Harry fell asleep almost instantly, the vibrations of the bike and your body heat lulling him into a deep slumber. 

When Sirius landed, you were in a little village far from Godric’s Hollow. Sirius canvased the town and finally stumbled upon what appeared to be an abandoned cabin.

Shutting off the engine, Sirius helped you off of his trusty steed. 

“It’s not much,” Sirius apologized, his eyes tired and still filled with unprocessed emotions. 

“It’s enough,” you reassured, kissing his cheek and following him through the door. 

Inside, you found a humble two bedroom home. The first of the bedrooms had a large bed covered in an old quilt while the other appeared to have been made for children as it housed two twin sized beds. The kitchen was stocked with expired food and looked like it hadn’t been touched in over a year. 

“We’ll make do,” you promised Sirius when you noticed the concerned look in his eye. 

He nodded, giving you a small smile as he set to work transfiguring certain furnishings in order to make the home more livable.


Four years had passed rather quickly. The three of you had made quite the home for yourselves in your little cabin, isolated from most of the world. Luckily the village you found was full of Muggles, which made it easy for you or Sirius to head into town for groceries or supplies. 

When it felt a little too risky, Sirius would head into the city-center as Padfoot, in order to avoid suspicion. When money was tight, Sirius would pick up odd jobs around the town while you watched and taught Harry. 

Life was good. Life was simple and not at all what you had pictured when you imagined your life after Hogwarts. But life was good. 


Sirius whistled cheerily as he walked through the door one evening. 

“Honey, I’m home!” he joked as he shrugged off his jacket. 

“Welcome back, darling,” you gave him a quick peck. “Dinner’s almost ready.”

“And what might I ask, have you prepared for us on this lovely evening?”

“Beef stew. Not very exciting, I’m afraid.”

“Nonsense. Don’t forget, I moonlight as a dog, so food is always exciting to me,” he laughed his signature bark-like laugh.

“Sirius!” Harry shrieked as he ran into the kitchen. “Look what I did today!”

Harry shoved a piece of paper at Sirius, who gladly accepted it. 

“What’ve we got here, hm?” he asked, examining the four year old’s messy crayon writing. “You wrote your name!”

“All by myself!”

“He did,” you confirmed. “He spent all day practicing, didn’t you buddy?”

Harry nodded proudly. 

“Soon, you’ll be writing your own book!” Sirius suggested, patting Harry gently on his head, a mop of dark curly locks already sprouting from his roots. 

Harry grinned to himself as he took a seat at the dinner table, realizing that Sirius’ arrival meant that everyone could eat. 

As you shoveled the stew into three bowls, a knock sounded at the door. 

You and Sirius exchanged a confused look. You had never before had visitors.

“Stay here,” Sirius murmured, kissing your temple to calm your sudden burst of nerves. 

Pulling his wand, Sirius inched toward the front door of your now cozy and familiar home.

Slowly, he turned the knob. Before he realized what was happening, wizards pushed through the opening. 

“Sirius Black. (Y/N) (Y/L/N). You are under arrest for your betrayal of the Potters and the abduction of Harry James Potter.” 

You and Sirius stared in complete astonishment. How had they found you? 

“Need to be a little more discrete, Mr. Black. A stray wizard noticed you picking up carrots last week,” a portly man chuckled.

“How dare you?” you scoffed. These wizards and witches had no idea what they were doing. The family they were tearing apart. You and Sirius had protected Harry from those who would have put him on a pedestal. Those who would have turned his childhood into a living hell. And they have the audacity to come into your home and make jokes?

“They’re taking you away?” Harry asked, his small voice wavering, as Sirius was pushed to the floor roughly.

“It’s alright, Harry,” you cooed as you stepped out towards the growing number of wizards in your entranceway. “We’ll be alright.”

“Harry! Whatever they tell you is a lie!” Sirius added. “We only wanted to keep you safe.”

Tears were starting to form in the young boy’s eyes as he realized that you and Sirius were in some sort of trouble and that life as he knew it was about to change forever. 

“Please,” Sirius shouted over the chaos, “we didn’t betray our friends!”

“Tell it to the court, traitor,” one snarled back. 

Kneeling down as one of the aurors put you in special handcuffs, you kissed Harry’s cheek.

“Whatever happens, Harry, remember that we love you very much and we loved your parents very much.”

As the two of you were being forced from your home, Sirius turned briefly to Harry and added, “We’ll meet again one day. I know it.”

“(Y/N)! Sirius! Don’t leave me!” Harry whined as he tried to attach himself to your leg. 

“Don’t worry kid, we’ll keep you safe,” one of the aurors patted his shoulder in a weak attempt to calm him down. Unbeknownst to those ministry members, they were taking Harry from the safest place he could have been. From two people who loved him with all their hearts. From two people who treated him as if he were their own flesh and blood.  

Kingdom of Cards AU

{Palette’s backstory}

Dream was a village healer, not many excitement happened in his life. Until after a war…He was recruited by the King too help any wounded soldier. Granted…Dream thought the job was a huge deal so he took it willingly, but ended up getting sick from lack of sleep. Ink…or the original King of Hearts saw this and felt slightly bad, so he took Dream and took care of him back in the castle. A few months had passed, Ink and Dream had become very close. Ink wanted Dream to become the Queen…Dream then accepted in some shock. Even more months passed and the Kingdom kept growing, new people going in and out, a thriving market, everything was beautiful, and when word got out the Kind and Queen were going to have a child…Well the whole kingdom was overjoyed! And so the day came, the baby was born with the mark of a ruler. When a King or a Queen has a child, if the child is to carry on the throne it takes the mark of a kingdom. The young boy or “Palette” as he was named was born with a heart to replace one of his star shaped eyes. Ink was proud that the legacy would continue; Dream was just happy in general! Growing up the kingdoms positivity gave Palette a cheery disposition, he would most commonly be found helping out with anything he can in the main village. Years had passed and the time had come for Palette to rise to the throne, however it was very quick as Ink was stuck in a battle with the “Demon of Mischief” *cough cough Error cough* Nevertheless Palette was thrilled and took the Kingdom into his own hands both proudly and carefully. A few months then passed and everyone was happy except for the royal family…Ink was gone, taken prisoner and no one dared to go after him. Dream was trying his best not to grieve. However Palette was bothered by the fact he had to find a wife…it bored him. Until a meeting of the 4 Kingdoms…2 out of the 4 Kingdoms were always closed off to the public. But Palette couldn’t help but stare in awe at one of the new leaders…

{Goth’s backstory}

Geno was the original King of Clubs, the kingdom was quiet and never involved in much which made it perfect for him. However another leader had his eyes (or lack there of idk) on Geno for quite awhile. Death…the King of Spades would always tease the other leaders after Kingdom meetings, almost never stopping especially not when it came to the Kingdom of Clubs. Geno mostly would ignore Death but then the comments started to become flattering. Now Geno never thought ANYONE could actually like him…A few years after, Geno and Death had gotten friendly…too friendly XD. Death wanted Geno to become his Queen but he knew Geno had his own Kingdom. But Death asked anyways…and Geno accepted. A new ruler rose to the throne in the Club Kingdom, then closing the boarders for good. The Kingdom of Spades was dull, the citizens were rude and judgmental, not to mention didn’t seem to like the royal family. Eventually a prince was born. He was born with the mark of a ruler…however it was a club not a spade. Death felt some what enraged but decided not to show it; Geno was worried as this meant the deal he may with the other Kingdom would break perhaps leading into a war. Goth as the prince was named grew up lonely, hiding his marked eye from any outside of the castle. The Kingdom grew to know him as ‘The Isolated Prince.’ Therefore when his parents mysteriously disappeared one night, Goth was forced to take the throne at a fairly young age. Many citizens questioned his rule as no one had seen his eye, which led him to close the borders to any other kingdoms or people, he did this to avoid suspicion. Years passed, Goths parents had not returned and he’d been pestered by the thought of finding a loving partner. He knew no one would be able to put up with him, no one could match his personality or his attitude…Months passed and he finally had to leave and go to a Kingdom meeting, but he couldn’t concentrate with a certain leader staring him down…

Wow…this took forever!!! Oh well designs will be out later!!

KoC AU - Me and @pwnage101

Goth - @nekophy

Palette- @angexci

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My coworkers kept eating stuff before they paid for it and even though it was a constant rule (pay for it first and keep the receipt) they didn't and now we're not allowed to buy food from our store until after the work day is over. Like even when you're clocked out for lunch. I'm pissed because now I have to make a point to drive to the OTHER grocery store and buy their store brand stuff just to avoid suspicion.

During the time of the Prophet, two women fasted struggling with thirst and hunger till they were at the point of death at the end of the day. They sent a dispatch to the Prophet seeking permission to break their fast. In response the Prophet sent them back a bowl saying:“ Tell the women to vomit what they have eaten into this bowl”. One of them vomited blood and much meat and the other woman did the same, until the bowl was filled up. This bewildered the people (since the stomachs of the women were supposed to be empty), the Prophet then explained: “These two women were fasting in abstaining from what is allowed by Allah for them (food & drink) while they broke their fast by not abstaining from what was forbidden by Allah for them: They sat one next to one another backbiting people and this (the content of the bowl) is the meat of the people (they were backbiting). (In Qur'an backbiting is equaled to the eating of the flesh of the people: "O ye who believe! Avoid suspicion as much (as possible): for suspicion in some cases is a sin: And spy not on each other behind their backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother?” (Qur'an [49:12]))

An essay about the „Fresh“ parasite

by Kuttie (aka kuttiesstuff)

Author’s note: Please keep in mind that all of this is just my (terrifying) headcanon. I’ve tried to find explanations for everything that Fresh does and even looked at several Wikipedia articles regarding parasitical behavior.

Have fun(?) reading this!

(And yes, my Undertale fanfiction “Changing Camouflage” will be about THIS kind of Fresh.)

The parasite itself

Its body is made of some kind of a jellylike substance. It can stretch its appendages ten times their length and is even able to abandon them at its own will. The appendages can grow back or reattach themselves when needed. The body’s slimy surface dries out in high brightness and thus weakens the parasite’s mobility. The parasite uses the teeth around its single eye to hold on to the inner side of its prey’s skull.

The parasite feeds on the magic of monster’s SOULs by drilling the pointy tips of its appendages into the heart-shaped SOUL and drinking from it like a juice box.

As soon as the SOUL is almost dry and near death, the parasite switches over to a new host and a full SOUL.

It avoids the SOULs of humans because they are too strong for it.

The process of switching to another host

As soon as the parasite spots a fitting new host and the SOUL of its current one is almost empty, the parasite moves as close as possible to its prey, sometimes imitating noises or voices to give its prey a false sense of security, and uses one or two of its appendages to keep it in place.

Then the parasite lures the new host’s SOUL out of the chest with the help of its own magic, puts the former host’s dry SOUL back to where it belongs and carries the new SOUL into the skull of the next host.

This way the parasite can keep an eye on the status of the SOUL all the time, and by moving the SOUL out of its usual place, the parasite is able to protect its precious food source from possible predators.

After carrying the SOUL into the new host’s skull, the parasite settles down and attaches itself with the aid of its teeth to the inner side of the skull and stretches its body to fill out the eye socket and imitate an eye.

The parasite prefers skeletons as hosts because it fits into their skulls very easily and doesn’t have to hollow them out with its magic.

And because the parasite wants to avoid food shortage, it never kills its hosts and always leaves before it’s too late, even if there’s no new host around, trying to find one as quickly as possible.

While controlling the host

The parasite changes its host’s clothes with its magic so that they irritate and scare off possible predators and give its prey a false sense of security. Everything it wears get its defense stat raised, too, furthermore the parasite creates a special protective hat and gloves to protect the precious SOUL even more.

While the parasite feeds on the SOUL’s magic, its own body emits parts of the magic it couldn’t use as magical residue which pours out of the host’s eyes in form of purple mist or smoke.

The parasite uses dark sunglasses to cover the SOUL, but because the SOULs tend to shine through the glasses, the parasite uses part of its magical residue to create letters that shroud this shine.

Sometimes the parasite duplicates itself instinctively in smaller form out of the magical residue. Because this offspring is usually a huge danger to its already sparse food sources, the parasite destroys its descendants as quickly as possible.

If its current host is a skeleton, the parasite creates floating eye brows out of the magical residue, too. They make it easier for the parasite to imitate emotions, since it is not able to fully understand feelings or actually feel them.

Furthermore the parasite doesn’t even want to be able to feel, because this way it would lose control of its host and itself, sending the parasite into anguish, followed by its death.

To cover the nonexistence of emotions and to avoid any suspicion by bystanders, the parasite imitates an overly happy emotion in order that it and the SOUL stay safe as long as possible.

The parasite’s smart use of random sounds and mostly unknown words intensify the desired effect.

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i saw a post about how when youre living in abusive situations you should keep a backpack full of necessities and soothing things so that if you need to leave bc ur in danger or upset youre prepared!! do you have any suggestions for putting that together if this makes sense?

sure, you can check this post (link), this tag, and here’s a list of some important things to bring (not everything will apply to everyone);

There are a few approaches to this. In my opinion, it’s a good idea to have a bag packed with everything you need ready to go and to store it somewhere accessible; if there’s a shed outside for example, that’s often easier to get to in an emergency. If you use a backpack or handbag every day, you can also put a lot of these things in it and make a point to return them after you use them, so it’s ready to go if and when you need to make a quit escape, and this can also help you avoid suspicion from your abuser/s. 

This list is huge because I’m trying to make sure I don’t leave off anything that may be important, but you likely won’t need everything here. Needs vary from person to person.

Money: Cash is ideal, and hold onto as much as you can. If you can open a secret bank account and move some money into it, that can help too especially if your abuser has access to your usual account. If you open another account with your current bank, the process is often easier and some banks have a system where they can link your accounts which makes it easier to transfer money between them (and the transfers are often instant). You can also keep gift cards for grocery stores (if you want to store food stamp vouchers, look into how long you can hold them before they expire, I’m outside the US so I can’t advise). 

Mobile phone: ideally, a fully charged phone (and pack the charger too) on an active plan in your own name or with credit on it, but even a phone without money on it can be used to call emergency services. If money permits, you can also pack a phone, SIM card, and recharge voucher, though both SIM cards and recharge vouchers do expire. Familiarise yourself with how to set up the SIM or set it up beforehand (but again, some expire after 30 days so how you approach that will depend). You may also want to find out whether your country publishes numbers in their directory - sometimes you can request that your number be kept silent.  

Keys: even if you’re not planning on returning. Whatever you usually take when you leave the house (e.g. wallet, keys and phone) should come with you. Getting copies of your keys to keep in your bag is a good idea. 

Contacts: support services for survivors of abuse often have fold-out papers that look like business cards and have phone numbers of support agencies you can call in a crisis. It’s also a good idea to have hard copies of the phone numbers of friends, family, caseworkers etc in case you can’t access your phone for any reason. 

Documents: ID documents (such as your birth certificate, citizenship papers, passport, drivers license, social security cards, proof of age card etc), bank and credit cards, medical insurance proof/medicare cards, restraining orders, adoption papers, custody arrangement papers, rental agreements, and copies of any statements made to police. It’s also a good idea to get copies; you can get verified true copies by getting a Justice of the Peace to sign them, and scanning or photographing your paperwork is a good idea. You can also do this with ID cards; photocopy front and back and get these witnessed by a JoP. 

Clothes: This depends on season and weather but always bring changes of undergarments including socks, and wear closed shoes. Focus on utility rather than fashion when you pack, and try to bring something for all weather in your area. Layering to stay warm is a good approach as you can add or remove layers as the weather requires.

Weather gear: raincoat, umbrella, sleeping bag, sun hat, sunscreen, insect repellant, sunglasses, thermal undergarments, a thick jumper/jacket and the like. 

Miscellaneous: A lighter, torch, batteries, a notebook or paper and pen, and any other tools you tend to use.

Hygeine and personal care: Medications and prescriptions, toothbrush and paste, menstrual pads or tampons, baby wipes/wet wipes (even if you don’t usually use them, they’re really handy), tissues, soap, banaids and antiseptic (or a small first aid kit if possible) and anything else you use regularly. 

Keepsakes: anything you don’t want to lose that you can carry, so things like jewelery (which can also potentially be sold or borrowed against), small electronics like tablets, diaries, photographs, mementos, etc. Things like stimtoys are a good idea too, and books if you like to read. 

Items for kids: a pacifier, nappies, wet wipes, clean bottles, onesies, blankets, toys, teething gel, any papers about their custody/guardianship and birth certificates.  

Bedding: A small pillow such as a travel pillow or an inflatable one, and a sleeping bag can be helpful (even with accommodation, sometimes the beds provided are less than stellar). 

If you need to pack light: focus on ‘wallet, keys phone’, medication and hygeine, and try to bring a couple changes of undergarments and socks. Anything you’d take for a night away from home should come with you. 

Other advice: Change your digital passwords, clear your internet history and cache, and delete anything your abuser/s could use against you. If you feel comfortable, tell a neighbour what’s going on and make a plan that you can go to them for help if needed. Look into the various safety apps available and try some out with a friend. Scope out your local area and find any phone booths, stores open 24/7, police stations (and other emergency services buildings), and anywhere you could go to for help in a crisis. 

Hopefully I’ve covered everything but feel free to add!