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Could you do an AU where Bones realizes he has feelings for Jim but he doesn't want to ruin his friendship by introducing romance (he still remembers how badly things went with his ex-wife), so he vows not to act on his feelings, and maybe unconsciously stops spending so much time with Jim in order to keep those feelings under control. And Jim is confused/hurt because his best friend is suddenly avoiding him, and holy crap is Bones avoiding him because he figured out that Jim has a crush on him?

  • Jim Kirk is beautiful. Everyone knows, but Bones knows it more than anyone. The way that blond hair is a mess in the morning when they meet for a coffee in York Town. The way the corners of his eyes wrinkle just lightly when he laughs so genuinely and only for Bones. The way he stands in his doorway, completely shirtless and so relaxed because he has no need to be even remotely decent around him. Bones’ chest aches in that most pleasant way when he thinks about Jim, and when he realizes what that means, he knows he’s fucked.
  • He doesn’t do anything about it, though, even though it’s hard. Because Jim is flirty. He’s so hands on, fingers brushing Bones’ arms and commenting on how toned they are. He says it so often, too, like it surprises him every time he touches his arms. It’s ridiculous. Even more because Bones ends up flustered every time.
  • But he can’t tell Jim, because nothing could ever change. Bones destroys relationships, Jim Kirk’s never even had one in the first place - save for a high school sweetheart that was never too serious on Jim’s part anyway. Jim just makes it very hard on him to get over this stupid crush, especially because Jim is the type of friend who shows up drunk at 2AM and crawls under the sheets next to Bones. Mostly because it helps him sleep. Also because he enjoys waking Bones up for the purpose of saying “Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were asleep”, because he enjoys those tired snarls Bones throws at him for waking him up.
  • It’s no different in the morning when Bones wakes up to find Jim fast asleep next to him. His arm’s around Bones’ waist, and it very much shouldn’t be there. Bones lies there, completely still, until Jim starts waking up too. Bones pretends to be asleep while Jim’s fingers absentmindedly trace over Bones’ naked abdomen. Bones wants to continue to pretend that doesn’t do anything for him, until a shiver just runs over his body and Jim pulls his hand back. Bones fakes waking up soon after. “Hey,” Jim says, “for once you’re not frowning when you’re waking up.” "Not yet,“ Bones says, “but you’ve not spoken more than a few words to me just yet.” “Rude,” Jim replies with a grin. Rather than staying in bed to hang out and talk, Bones just gets up and disappears into the bathroom.
  • He keeps his distance from Jim the best he can, even though Jim makes it incredibly hard on him by trying to be near him all the time. “We’re going to be in York Town for two days to resupply,” Jim says as he catches Bones in the hallway, “want to go on that pub crawl we did last time? The one that exists in our name?” “I can’t,” Bones says, “between the two of us, I’ll actually be working.” And it’s not completely a lie, but it’s not entirely true either. Bones spends most of his York Town days in Medical. He’s definitely available at night, though. But it’s probably best if he doesn’t get tag along with Jim. Alcohol makes it difficult to restrain himself, so he’s definitely not doing that. “Oh,” Jim says, sounding a little disappointed, “sure? Because I can just reschedule some things.” “We only have two days, I gotta resupply,” Bones says, throwing Jim a stiff smile, and then he’s off to med bay.
  • But Jim is just not the type to take no for an answer. And while Bones has managed to avoid him most of the time, he’s still often there in the morning and he demands to just talk and be close. Bones really does his best to stay away, and even though he is busy during the day in York Town, he can’t avoid Jim when he shows up in his temporary apartment at midnight. “Bones, listen. I’m sorry,” Jim says when he’s at Bones’ door. “What for?” Bones asks, “what did you do this time?” “What? Nothing!” Jim says, “I mean. Nothing.” He sighs, running a hand through his hair. “I’m sorry, okay? I’m just not used to all of this and I’m figuring all of it out as I go.” Jim’s clearly a little drunk, but he looks more frustrated than anything. “What are you talking about?” Bones presses. “I mean, obviously. You’re avoiding me.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Bones says, crossing his arms as Jim barges into his room and falls down on his couch.  
  • “Don’t play stupid on me,” Jim says, and Bones sits down next to him slowly. “Fine, okay. Only a little, but it’s only because-” “I know this makes you uncomfortable, and I’m really sorry. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” “Me either,” Bones says, resting his hands in his own lap. Jim sighs, running a hand through his hair in frustration. “I’ll get over it, I promise. I’ve just never felt this way about anyone before, and I’m not-” “What?” “What, what?” “What are you saying?” Bones presses, before adding: “Are you saying you’re digging me?” “Obviously. Wait, are you saying you didn’t know?”  Jim asks, and Bones raises his eyebrow. “How was I supposed to know?” “Then why have you been avoiding me?” Jim counters, “I thought it was because you knew I had a lil thing for you. It’s just a lil thing, I’ll get over it.” He adds the latter quickly, as if that makes a difference. Bones grunts, running a hand through his own hair. “I avoided you because… I may have had a little thing for you, too,” Bones admits eventually, and Jim is silent for a while. “What?” “You heard me.” Bones says, and Jim’s lips turn into his famous lopsided smirk. “You like me,” Jim says, and he’s just leans in slightly closer, “what a loser.” “Excuse me,” Bones starts, and he looks at Jim as he just instantly shifts even closer. His confidence somehow spiked now that Bones has confessed to his own feelings, too. “Did you just call me a loser for liking you?” “Yeah,” Jim says, and Bones shivers when Jim reaches out, hand sliding past his shoulder, fingers running through Bones’ hair. “Total loser.” Bones grins, slowly pulling his arms around Jim’s waist. “How are we going to do this?” Jim asks. Bones’ gaze moves from Jim’s eyes to his lips instead, and he shrugs slowly. “Shrug’s not an answer,” Jim says. “How’s this for an answer?” Bones asks, and he leans in to kiss Jim. Jim makes sure to lean in and kiss him back, for the longest time, before finally pulling away. “Yeah,” Jim says softly, and out of breath, “that’s a fine answer.”
In life you have to avoid three geometric figures: vicious circles, love triangles and square minds.

Mario Benedetti

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Hello~ I was reading your ask about fic recs centering around powerful Magnus, and you mentioned how some fics don't have Magnus as "a character in his own right," so I was wondering if you have any tips/general advice on what writers like myself should keep in mind when writing Magnus? Like Dos/Don't and which stereotypes to be careful of/avoid? (I figured I'd ask you since you love Magnus very much and i'm always scared of accidentally writing magnus as lesser, if that makes sense?) Thanks!

This is a good question! I should clarify that I’m not suggesting people shouldn’t write Alec-centric stories because obviously if you have a shorter story there maybe just isn’t room to explore another character. That’s totally fine and everyone has a certain character they identify with more. So that isn’t really what I mean when I call Magnus a prop. It’s more like there are certain trends I see in not just writing, but also meta and headcanons, that strikes me as problematic. For example:

Magnus the Waiting Waifu

Wherein he’s waiting for Alec to come home or call him or generally just existing only to be available instantly Alec. Magnus is the High Warlock, guys. He’s got better things to do. Between being the High Warlock and the Head of the Institute, Magnus and Alec probably have to fight tooth and nail to get time to spend together. I’d like to see more of this. I’d like to see Magnus waking up early to squeeze in a goodbye kiss before Alec leaves. I’d like to see Alec duck out between a hunt to bring Magnus coffee as he’s on his way to meet a client.

Like, there’s a ton of fics about Alec falling asleep on Magnus after coming home late, but few about the opposite even though in CoLS, it’s stated that Alec has trouble pulling Magnus away from his work and that it’s Alec who actually winds up going to bed alone on some nights. Speaking of which:

Magnus the Always Ready for Sex Bisexual

Magnus has hedonistic tendencies, but let’s not make it like he’s just ready to go at all times or that he’s always the one initiating between them. Sometimes he’s got other shit on his mind. Seriously, in the same scene in CoLS, Alec practically had his hands down Magnus’s pants and Magnus was literally like “Yeah ok maybe in 5 min.” 

Alec leaned into him, pinning Magnus between the table and his own body. Not that Magnus seemed to mind.

“Come on,” Alec said against Magnus’s ear. “It’s late. Let’s go to bed.”

Magnus bit his lip and glanced over his shoulder at the papers on the table, his gaze fixed on ancient syllables in forgotten languages. “Why don’t you go on ahead?” he said. “I’ll join you—five minutes.”

“Sure.” Alec straightened up, knowing that when Magnus was deep in his studies, five minutes could easily become five hours. “I’ll see you there.”

It’s suggested this isn’t even a rare occurrence. Alec seems to know this trait of his after dating him only a few months.

Magnus the Unconditionally Supportive Boyfriend

Magnus is very patient and understanding with Alec. He’s kind, and as a whole he wants to see the right thing done. This is canon. But Magnus can also be petty and bitter and cynical. Sometimes he stirs shit just because he can and it amuses him (1.12, taking digs about Jace and Clary being siblings). This does not make him a bad person. I think it’s important to remember because while white characters tend to be allowed their flaws, POC are required to go above and beyond. Their mistakes are often less forgivable, blotting out any hint of good they otherwise have. So people either dismiss the character altogether or, if they like them enough, then the MOC is often rendered as Very Pure and his flaws completely ignored even if they may be addressed in canon as if acknowledging said flaws automatically ruins the character and makes them Bad rather than human. (This is just the other side of the same coin regarding what fandom does to white characters where their terrible deeds are acknowledged but woobified and excused and made totally okay.)

For instance, as early as 1.02, when Magnus chose to rescue his warlocks and leave Dot behind/ignore Clary’s need for help, there was bit of an outcry from fandom about how “Magnus would never do that.“ As if the entire fandom forgot moments in book canon where Magnus basically slammed the door in Jocelyn’s face when she came to him for help (Tessa had to convince him) or where he manipulated Clary into finding and giving him the Book of the White.

Magnus is 400 years old. He’s complex, occasionally ruthless, and has an exceptionally sharp tongue. Sometimes he projects his feelings. Sometimes his desire for self-preservation overrules his compassion. Sometimes he has his own agenda that takes precedent over other people. And yes, this includes Alec. (See 1.09 where he helps steal the cup.) Magnus’s priorities and self-interests being in conflict with Alec is not him being a bad boyfriend. It makes him a person and part of a growing relationship is two people navigating and making compromises. I’d like to see more people explore this rather than just constantly making Magnus Alec’s cheerleader.

Anyway, that’s the general gist of it. I have read good meta and fanfic, but there’s definitely a trend that can be seen, though this is really something that applies to all fandoms.


Paintings by Tomasz Kozłowski

Tomasz Kozlowski is a Polish painter of the young generation. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. His dreamlike paintings are figure and object studies, which at the same time, have attributes characteristic for the photographic art. 

Color and mood are particularly significant in his paintings. To fulfill his artistic vision he uses various painting techniques and reaches for pop culture classics. The artist avoids showing figures and object from a one-point perspective and tries to capture, in action, the dreamlike space that exists in his imagination.


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Warnings: Choking, voyeurism.

“Babe, I know you’re really nervous about this but I promise everything will be okay.”

You nodded at Bobby’s soothing words before you leaned up to press a chaste kiss to his lips. He stood still, letting you reassure yourself for a moment, before he pulled away and reached for your wrists. You let him lead you to the bed and tried your hardest to avoid glancing at the figure just out of reach.

Bobby brought his hands to your cheeks and held your gaze for what seemed like forever before he spoke. “Just watch me,” he murmured, “keep your attention on me.”

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Grell and William have lunch together often, and sometimes they exchange their lunches with each other.


After all these years, they know precisely what the other likes to eat. They can actually order for each other at a restaurant without thinking. Grell will often bring things that William prefers, such as certain sweets that she’d normally avoid. William has figured that out, but he has let on yet that he knows. He just started bringing more of her favorite foods as well.

compilation of some miscellaneous erasermic fic ideas from my twitter:

  • accidental sugar daddy mic. once his radio show takes off, he finds himself with lots of extra money. so he buys shit for aizawa. it starts off small, so aizawa doesn’t even notice as it escalates until finally someone (probably midnight) is like “how long has mic been paying your rent??”
  • young!erasermic where aizawa starts avoiding mic after realizing that he has a crush on him. of course, mic freaks out and assumes that aizawa is avoiding him because aizawa figured out about his crush and is weirded out by it.
  • young!erasermic where it’s actually aizawa who calls mic his best friend first. mic’s never had a best friend before and is like “REALLY??”
  • college AU where mic has a part time job delivering pizzas. aizawa always orders at 3 am and arrives at the door tousled and shirtless. mic has multiple theories about aizawa: 1. he’s up late studying, 2. he’s up late gaming, 3. the pizza is a post-sex ritual.
  • drunk!mic convinces drunk!aizawa to get his nipples pierced. sober!aizawa… is not pleased. (of course, mic’s are already done and because aizawa knows nothing about taking care of piercings, mic helps clean them and stuff.)
  • mic sort of casually hand-feeds aizawa sometimes because aizawa’s too lazy to peel oranges and stuff himself. they’re not even in a relationship. it’s been a habit for so long that they don’t even realize it’s weird anymore? everyone in the staff room is staring.
  • young!erasermic AU with annoying theater kid mic. that kid who ALWAYS plays the lead and is somehow still popular despite it. great singing voice. aizawa plays violin and gets roped into being in the pit orchestra, and mic flirts shamelessly.
  • aizawa runs a very popular twitter for his cat. mic finds out after recognizing the scarring on aizawa’s hands in a video he posts. “you know, i didn’t recognize your voice at first. i hadn’t pegged you as the type to use babytalk with your cat.“ "shut up.”

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wat do u think bonnie meant when she said 'damon wasn't my boyfriend, i don't know wat he was'

Honestly, I think it meant she had feelings for him, but that she actively avoided figuring out exactly what she felt because she’s Bonnie and she’d sooner avoid a complicated situation like falling in love with your best friend (who is supposed to be in love with your other best friend) than demand her own needs/feelings be understood and recognized.

And then Damon left without explanation outside of the letter she didn’t read (more avoidance of her own needs/feelings, but this time to the point of seeming actually pretty contrived, like it would’ve been in-character even for Bonnie to have read that letter imo. But the writers were intentionally driving a wedge between BD, so she didn’t.). So when she incorrectly filled in the blanks he left behind by assuming he just didn’t care enough about her to stay, all of those unnamed feelings got thrown back in her face, in a way even more difficult to handle since it was all so raw and unprocessed.

There’s been a lot of Tom on my dash lately and idk how to feel about that
Mostly because she has LITERALLY been the cause of multiple nightmares in the past few months so the vibes are not good. :(

I love reading my old writing and just being
Small me. You are so transparent. You have not figured half these things out yet, but your fiction has

You avoid figurative speech and puns at all cost, because if you say them they happen in reality. It’s more annoying than dangerous, but having a bad headache and suddenly explaining why your head exploded isn’t that funny.

my friends are lucky if they see me more than twice a week. the doctor told me to avoid isolating but i figured i’d compromise and give myself a “socializing allowance” throughout the week. so like in order to avoid disappearing and digging myself into a sad hole, i have to hang out with someone i know for at least two hours, three times a week. i like this because it’s just enough for me to not cave in on myself when i try to socialize too much and it keeps me from being left alone for so long and i won’t annoy my friends like i usually do

sons-of-ivaldi replied to your post “did i get all the way to chapter 27 of birthright lunatic just to give…”

Low-woman the first part. I did it with just Corrin and Ryouma. It’s really difficult to do it with units that don’t have high avoidability.

yeah i figured that might be the strategy. the problem is figuring out who to low-woman it with hehe. not many of my units are super dodge-tanky. i do have swordmaster azama!caeldori, and hero ryoma!sophie as potential options. if only ryoma!sophie could wield raijinto, then she’d be perfect ;p i have rinkah available if i wanted to try a more traditional tank though since she gives scratch damage to most enemies she’ll probably get surrounded very quickly. perhaps if i load her up with elixirs. the full team y’all gave me (you guys picked it, remember? ;p imma just let my gf do it next time i play) is: 

Berserker!Corrin (+Str -Def) x Berserker!Kagero 

Kinshi Knight!Hinoka x Sniper!Setsuna 

Oni Chieftan!Orochi x Basara!Rinkah

Hero!Ryoma!Sophie x Swordmaster!Azama!Caeldori 

Wyvern Lord!Reina x Kinshi Knight!Scarlet 

Priestess!Hana x Falcon Knight!Sakura 

Maid!Azura x Bow Knight!Felicia 

Priestess!Mozu!Rhajat x Onmoyji!Subaki!Mitama 

A Little Help

Pairing: poltergeist!xiumin and you

Word Count: 1633

Genre: supernatural/fantasy

Rating: 14+, tagged for alcohol and brief sexual harassment

Description: After some creep decided it was his right to dance with you, a familiar sweetheart bailed you out and took you home. What happened after that was an experience you never could have seen coming.

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okay but imagine if jason had an s/o before he died. like, a serious one, who he was really genuinely in love with. then, imagine if they ran into each other in public after he came back. its 100% a coincidence that neither of them was expecting. of course, it’s not like jason had forgot about them, he could never, and he certainly wasn’t avoiding them. he just figured it would be better to stay away from them and not fuck up their life. 

right well, suppose s/o saw him first. they were just walking down the street in opposite directions when s/o spots him from about half a block away, and it’s like a punch to the gut. not because they immediately know it’s jason, of course, but because this stranger looks so incredibly similar to him that is physically hurts. then, he looks up, only to see his previous s/o gawking at him from about 5 steps away. 

out of sheer surprisal, he stops in his tracks and stares back for a second because goddamnit, no, this wasn’t supposed to happen, and very quickly turns around as to escape, but s/o, hoping that the surprised look on his face meant that he really was who they thought he was, calls out “jason?” in this broken voice and he can’t bring himself to straight up run away.

so instead he turns around again and s/o literally has tears streaming down their face but he just gives them his weird look and says “uh… sorry, i think you have me confused for someone else” and just sort of walks by them. s/o doesn’t follow, of course, because they feel silly to think that their dead boyfriend would just be walking down the street. jason feels horrible and maybe cries a little too but he’d have felt worse if he had roped them back into his chaotic + dangerous life.

s/o doesn’t see the “jason” stranger again, but from that day on, they appear to have caught themselves a guardian angel in the form of a gun-toting vigilante in a red helmet, who saves them from at least 6 muggings and a couple attempted senseless murders in the years to come. how peculiar.

What They Wouldn’t Do - A Daredevil Fanfiction by Ashevillain

Sarah Corrigan is a secretary at Orion Inc, a shady company previously owned by Wilson Fisk. When Daredevil begins investigating Orion, Sarah accidentally discovers his true identity, and he’s not pleased. Despite her best efforts to avoid him after figuring out who he is, she quickly finds herself on the receiving end of a Daredevil interrogation in a dark alley. Eventual Matt/OC.