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Magnus waited until the rest of their little council left. He wanted to stop Luke, to talk to him, but he knew the wolf would want space. Raphael shot him a look and Magnus returned it with a flat one of his own. That boy. He shook his head, but his lip was curled in the start of a smile.

He waited in the room, sprawled in one of the uncomfortable chairs around the table, for Alec to return. His eyes closed, head tipped back. He was tired. But despite Luke’s attempts on Valentine’s life it… hadn’t gone as badly as it might have.

I Hate That I Love You

As you put in the combination to your locker, you see (y.c.n) at the end of the hall, from the corner of your eye.

          Gosh, he looks so cute, I mean he always looks so cute. I think that when he was created, God spent just a little more time on him. Because he is definitely a site to behold. But totally out of your league (y.c), so it’s time to move on. You tell yourself, tentatively.

          “Hey.” (Y.c) says as he passes by you. But you’ve just told yourself you’re moving on and the best way to do that is to just completely remove (y.c.n) from the equation. So you pretend you didn’t hear him, and continue to get your books from your locker.

          Noticing that you didn’t respond, (y.c.n) stops, and says “Hello?” once more. And as before you ignore him. He stands in silence for a moment, hoping you may answer, but when you don’t he walks away.

          He seemed a little hurt by me not responding. No that couldn’t be. He would never care what I did, we run in very different social circles here. Me not saying hello back to him, would never phase him…would it? You debate this all the way to your next class, where upon entering, you remember (y.c.n) is in this class too. He makes eye contact with you and smiles, as you enter the room. Trying to hide the blush attempting to fight its way to your cheeks, you put your head down and rush to your seat and sink down into it. Class seems to drag on, and it’s as if time wants you to feel each second as painstakingly slow as possible. As soon as the bell rings, you are the first one out the door.

          The next day was just as bad, if not worse. By lunchtime you had run into (y.c.n) at least 12 times, and each run in was more awkward than the last.

          “(Y.f.n), I can’t keep this up. It’s like he’s purposely trying to run into me now.” You tell your best friend over your plate of fries.

          “Then quit hiding and just tell the boy how you feel, it’s that simple. Who knows he could like you back.”

          “Tell him?!” You exclaim, “I couldn’t. There’s no way he would like me back. He’s confident, and cool, and I’m…well I’m me. You know, awkward and clumsy.”

          Looking up from his/her phone, (y.f.n) says, “Oh for Pete’s sake. Will you get over yourself!? I swear, do you actually listen to the things that come out of your mouth? You need to have some confidence girl. Stop sulking and tell the boy how you feel. Or so help me I will do it myself.” Standing with a huff, your best friend walks away leaving you at the table alone.

What (y.f.n) told you at lunch ran through your mind for the remainder of the day, and right before 7thperiod (y.c.n) cornered you at your locker,

          “(Y.n), what’s up with you? You’ve been avoiding me. Did I do something wrong?” (Y.c.n) asks looking genuinely concerned.

          “No. No you didn’t. It’s me. I was…it’s just…I…” You stutter, before trailing off.

          “You just what?” (Y.c.n) says, taking a step toward you.

          You can feel the heat radiating off him, and it’s both distracting and comforting. As you’re about to tell him off and run down the hall, you stop and remember what (y.f.n) had told you, and you decide it’s now or never.

          Taking a deep breath, you say in an almost whisper,

          “I like you (y.c.n). I like you a lot. That’s why I’ve been so rude lately. I was afraid you would never feel the same if you did find out, so I thought the best way to deal with it was to make you believe I hated you. But I don’t, I can’t. I’m sorry. I know that was childish of me, but what can I say, I was nervous. You’re so cool, and I’m so…well look at me. I could never stand a chance with a guy like you. I’m really sorry I made you think you did something wrong. If you hate me and never wanted to talk to me again, I would totally understand.” You turn to start to walk away, but as you do, you feel a hand slip into your own.

          “Hang on (y.n). You got to talk, now it’s my turn.” (y.c.n) says softly, completely closing the gap between the two of you, so you can actually feel his heartbeat along with your own. “First of all, I’m not angry with you, and nothing could make me hate you. Secondly, I really wish you could see what I see. You’re so much more than you’re willing to believe. You’re funny, and sweet, and compassionate and so beautiful.” He lifts your head so that you’re looking into his eyes. “And you wanna know a secret? I like you too.”

          Before you can react, his lips are on yours, and it takes you by surprise, but you don’t fight it. Wrapping your arms around his neck you relax into the kiss, and really start to enjoy yourself. His lips are soft and warm, and this moment is better than anything you ever could have imagined. Pulling away, (y.c.n) looks into your eyes, and smiles. Placing a light kiss on your forehead, he wraps his arm around your shoulder,

          “Can I walk you to class?” he asks with a slight raise of his eyebrows.

          “There is nothing I would like more.” You say with a wide toothy grin, and you walk down the hall toward your next class.