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It just occurred to me that uhhh a lot of people have a really common and fundamental misconception about evolution.

You know the whole ‘survival of the fittest’ bit that always gets interpreted to mean ‘the strongest/bravest/smartest’

You see

that’s the wrong ‘fit’

The ‘fittest’ from the evolution PoV doesn’t mean ‘fit’ as in ‘good physical shape’. It’s fit as in ‘to fit’. Survival of the fittest doesn’t mean the strongest gets the crown, survival of the fittest means that the one who best fits the environment they’re in gets to survive. They’re ‘the most fitting’ aka fittest. 

And I feel like if could maybe publicize this a little wider we could avoid so much bullshit from so many people including 99% of social darwinists (which btw, fuck social darwinists). 

I can smell biphobic discourse from a mile, istg. “Bi women have their own experiences” from a non-bisexual 9/10 means “they don’t belong lumped in together with lesbians in wlw movements, they’re bad-different, they’re less oppressed than real queers, they have special priviledge”, like fuck you

I’m bi, but I don’t have some special bi privilege when it comes to my wife. I didn’t avoid same-sex immigration bullshit by saying, “Oh, yes, we’re both women, but don’t worry, I’m bisexual, not one of those lesbians, so please make this as easy for us as it is for a heterosexual couple”. 

When people see us holding hands in the street I don’t get out of being stared at or given dirty looks by saying, “It’s okay! I’m bi!” like ffs, 

Don’t you understand my exact identity is irrelevant to how people treat me when they see me with my wife, who, BY THE WAY, I couldn’t marry in Australia because it’s not legal, just like it also wouldn’t be legal if I still identified as a flat out lesbian?

When I was in a relationship with a man it was no better - it was isolating. He didn’t understand my attraction to women, and my mother acted like I was finally ‘cured’ and celebrated that when nothing had changed. People assumed I was something I was not. I still felt 100% part of the queer movement I’d been in for a decade and when I looked at women I still wanted them. I felt each anti-lesbian slur like it was directed at me, our horribly homophobic government still made me feel hopeless and depressed. I didn’t just suddenly become not attracted to women because I was sleeping with a man. 

This idea that bisexual women are somehow less oppressed than pure-blood lesbians is just such fucking bullshit, do not bring that shit within 100 feet of me.

[[ Let’s be real here. I like to simply write, I like to write all sorts of things that many might go ‘huh?’ to. Why do I like to write them? Who knows, might not even be my thing but I like to write in general that’s for me to pick what I write. Because I can write them, and I will.

So if you don’t like weird stuff, not even lewd stuff but weird stuff.

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So I was thinkin' bout Ash the other day and lemme hit u up with this quick thought: Ash not as an arcane caster, but a -divine- caster! Druid, or Ranger more likely, might be a good fit (since you don't actually need to follow a specific god to use divine magic! Really, only clerics really have to pick one)

sorcerer is still my ~Ultimate Headcanon~ (if only bc i wrote 3500 words of fic where theyre one and cant change that shit) but i SWEAR TO GOD thinking abt ranger ash literally killed me 7 times already

they choose goliaths as a favoured enemy just to be petty. +2 bonus on bluffing and spotting. g tries to talk them out of a bet and theyre just like ;;)))) well ACTUALLY dont u kno….. and go ham [and then promptly lose the bet]

theyve got a dire rat under their poncho at all times. dire rats can grow to be up to 4 feet long but this ones like a goldfish in that itll only grow as big as its Holding Tank will allow & its fucking stifling under there

goliath tries to scoop them up from behind when theyre bein difficult and they use evasion and yell “MISS ME WITH THAT GAY SHIT”

g gets into a fit of anger and ash tries to cast calm animals on them. g punches them in the face

appreciate Luigi and his many ways

main games: timid, but highly capable

spin-offs, connected franchises, and sports: lots of pizazz and style built around his being less “tough” compared to Mario; shy yet confident

Mario & Luigi: clumsy and cowardly, but never lets it stop him form accomplishing things; protector of his brother

Paper Mario: literally living his own life, basically becoming a master at avoiding the type of bullshit that follows Mario

Luigi’s Mansion: a real-ass person who is basically a role model for how to live with and conquer a life of self-esteem issues

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I love your blog so much :) the tag is filled w so much jieun hate and peeps cheering for sangwoo to kill her so thanks for letting me see all this good ks stuff and be able to avoid the bullshit

Aww thank you. I’m just here for the content, good art, and shitposts   ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Yeah I understand not liking the things she’s said but I’m not a fan of foaming at the mouth rage against her. 

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I guess Deano is playing it smart after she ambushed him with carpooling and fan sighting pics from last week, so he drove to California to avoid this fake poll bullshit.- Well said anon. I hope he's avoiding her and Bunny, I hope she's reading your blog because if I was her, I'd be embarassed, people with brains know the poll was rigged, she's openly on Raw to say thank you, and the votes were supposed to end a little later or today, not during her video, thanks R for proving you cheated.


roleplay history
  • me, roleplaying on the internet at age sixteen: OMG, look at all the cool things I'm doing with my characters! [plays out the most cliched, tropey, bullshit melodrama possible]
  • me, roleplaying on the internet at age twenty-four: Ew, melodramatic Mary Sue bullshit. My roleplay is really mature and thoughtful. [painstakingly avoids cliched, tropey, bullshit melodrama and plots out measured, subtle character arcs]
  • me, roleplaying on the internet at age thirty-one: omg, look at all the cool shit i'm doing with my characters!! [plays out the most cliched, tropey, bullshit melodrama possible, but with more sex and violence]

Pros of my only fantasy characters being essentially rednecks:
-can use more slang in dialogue
-don’t have to know a bunch of terminology for armor or shit
-can avoid bullshit political plots
-more free reign with worldbuilding bc my characters don’t know shit about fuck
-don’t have to deal with magic, a known weakness of mine when it comes to worldbuilding

Cons of my only fantasy characters being essentially rednecks:

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Is that why she was at Raw? To wear his merch like a creepy stalker for a dumb thank you video? Why not do it when they're both on SD today? I guess Deano is playing it smart after she ambushed him with carpooling and fan sighting pics from last week, so he drove to California to avoid this fake poll bullshit.


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is pocket full of stones completely au? or takes off after 5x11 with no baby plot?

Pocket Full of Stones goes AU about 500 Years before TVD Starts. AKA, Katherine was actually sacrificed and she stayed dead. And I fervently avoid all baby bullshit.


So recently i’ve gotten some backlash about my gender and my pronouns on selfies of mine so i’ve collected a few URLs I think all of you need to block to avoid the same stupid bullshit

Main ones:

A few people who also reblog from them and support them: