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i always had off vibes about the concept of not fighting back against bullies for whether its “youll become the bully” or “they want you to fight back” and im glad that the reason why i had off vibes about it was because it was source-avoidant bullshit from the very start


John x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: string language, mature themes

You let out a shaky breath as John leant in to kiss you. For week, the two of you had felt it building, the small gestures, faint touches and glances. His lips pressing against yours started a whirl of motion that neither of you had the notion to stop.

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It just occurred to me that uhhh a lot of people have a really common and fundamental misconception about evolution.

You know the whole ‘survival of the fittest’ bit that always gets interpreted to mean ‘the strongest/bravest/smartest’

You see

that’s the wrong ‘fit’

The ‘fittest’ from the evolution PoV doesn’t mean ‘fit’ as in ‘good physical shape’. It’s fit as in ‘to fit’. Survival of the fittest doesn’t mean the strongest gets the crown, survival of the fittest means that the one who best fits the environment they’re in gets to survive. They’re ‘the most fitting’ aka fittest. 

And I feel like if could maybe publicize this a little wider we could avoid so much bullshit from so many people including 99% of social darwinists (which btw, fuck social darwinists). 

For the record, I’ll respond to any of these aphobe blogs when they respond with a substantive argument as to:

1) Why it’s ethical for us to abandon a group of people who undeniably face serious issues based on society’s view of their sexual orientation.

2) Why it’s practical for us to start balkanizing the community with “Who’s REALLY LGBT ENOUGH” sophistry against that group, especially in a time when biphobes, TERFs and people like Milo want to break up the community for their own interests as well.

3) How you can convince someone like
me, a bi trans girl, that abandoning the aces won’t inevitably come back to bite us all in the collective ass.

instead of just asshurt nitpicking about my wording, fake outrage, and the occasional damn-near incoherent ask

I also want to apologize to my followers for posting such a large quantity of this shit recently.

You can expect far fewer ace discourse posts for the foreseeable future, and these posts will all be tagged so you can block them if you want to avoid the bullshit.

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ahh i just got into voltron like a week ago after my friend had been telling me to for ages and im so glad i did!!! klance is the STUFF and i hate that lance gets so much shit for being a comic relief??? im glad im not the only one who loves this silly boy

YEEAAAHHH welcome to hell klance and lance are what run in my veins. feel free to talk to me abt it anytime literally :’)

if you’re gonna join the fandom on tumblr be careful it’s very full of hate so just a heads up: find yourself a group of people and stick with them and avoid the bullshit you will be much happier i promise

the sound of metal sliding against metal, clicking, snapping, bullets clinking against one another, snapping, sliding, clicking– this is what greets Gideon as he makes his way to the Burned Man’s altar;

the Burned Man takes no more notice of him, it seems, as he would of a gnat. the sounds continue, sharp as whipcracks in the dim stillness.
it occurs to Gideon that he doesn’t know what he’s doing here. he’s been pulled, by a chain around some spot right behind his navel– pulled from place to place, from battle to battle, to here, to Zion;

he is afraid. he feels it like a hot poker twisting and twirling ‘round his guts, like ash under his tongue. the Burned Man is burning, still.

“yes,” Joshua responds, to words Gideon was certain he hadn’t spoken aloud. snap, slide, click. “there is a fire that never goes out. it is mine. and there is a darkness that never stops walking. it is yours.”

Gideon opens his mouth to question, his mind swirling in inchoate confusion.

“behind you,” Joshua answers, without being asked. click, slide, snap. “always behind you.

Courier. Messenger. it is good that you have brought one another.” slide, click, snap. “I have been waiting for you both.”

behind Gideon, the darkling specter of the Ageless Stranger collects itself into mortal form, smiling, and begins to clap a death knell.


Request: Your doppelganger and Harry were together on Earth 2, but he lost you to Zoom before leaving for Earth 1. When he sees you, his body moves on its own and makes things incredibly awkward. (I accidentally deleted the original message but this is the gist of it. sorry..)

E-2 Harrison Wells x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: ~1500

A/N: This isn’t as fluffy as I wanted it to be so I’m going to continue and make a part 2 for this that is going to be after time has past some and going to be like 90% fluff. So yeah…just kind of the intro and set-up to fluffy stuff. Cuz the fluffiness was just not coming to me.

Part Two


Harry smiled as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close, a grin across his face as you fought against the blush rising to your cheeks. You stared up at his piercing blue eyes as you tried to remain professional.

“Dr. Wells, we still have work to do. We need to finish the prototype for the meta human detector.” You scolded with a sheepish grin creeping up on your face. Harry slowly pressed his forehead against yours. His gaze never breaking from you.

“The prototype is finished, (Y/N). You have gone over it hundreds of times. Take a break.” He whispered as his lips gently pressed against yours. You felt your cheeks burn and your heart race.

You pulled back slightly as you giggled, rolling your eyes.

“’Take a break’? That coming from you must mean you have something in mind, other than grabbing dinner.” His smile said it all and he kissed you again.


The memories of the last time he saw you, came flooding back the moment laid eyes on you as you walked into the middle of the Cortex prattling away as you stared down at a tablet. The room was silent as they watched you screech to a halt when you saw him.

Your eyes were wide as Barry began to take a step towards you to explain the situation, but before the words could come out, Harry’s body moved.

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