avoid truck

For the new Chinese Superman, I want him to have a full, real life that a 17-year-old in (South)East Asia would have. Final year pressure, always worried if he can’t get to uni he’ll be a family’s disappointment, studying 13 different compulsory subjects at school, trying to balance his life, cutting off all romantic relationship to focus on his study (and maybe his life as Superman), being ridiculously good at math but utterly failing at social subjects (or vice versa, it’d be a nice change to see Asian kids struggling with geometry BECAUSE THAT IS ME. RIGHt NOW. God im going to die), fighting villains while trying to avoid getting hit by trucks, watching anime, K-drama, C-drama and having silly thoughts about silly romantic tropes in there, etc…

I want him to be the stern class monitor, or that kid who causes troubles everywhere and goes to the supervisor’s room to have tea on daily basic. I want him to grumble about having to wear uniform to school in the scourgingly dry heat, jumping over the barrier because fuck he’s late and the guard will have his head and he’ll bring minus points to his class, wishing to have the body of a bishounen, sitting at that holy seat of all anime protagonist ever.

Like honestly DC just BRING IT ON

So I almost got into a terrible highway accident today while driving through a nasty storm and the only thing I could think about as I narrowly avoided hydroplaning truck-death was,

“…The last thing I have written in this mortal realm was that tumblr post about how I think young Ganondorf wanted to grow a nice pair of boobs.”


He and Bach, 31, had been drawing closer ever since they met a year ago while working on Caveman, a film farce due out this spring. “On April 27 he told me he loved me,” Barbara smiles, and by wrap time they had become roommates. Shortly thereafter they had their own firsthand brush with mortality. On a road near London, Ringo swerved to avoid a skidding truck; his Mercedes 350SL took out two light posts before flipping over twice. After they’d both walked away from the wreckage, he says, “We decided we wouldn’t spend any time apart. So far the longest break was five days, and that was too long. I want to live every minute with Barbara.” - PEOPLE article, ‘Ringo’s Star’ by Sally Rayl, February 23, 1981

“I feel blessed. Without any hesitation I’d say I was a lucky person.” - Ringo Starr,  "Ringo Starr at 70: I’ve beaten drink, drugs and depression” article by Jane Warren, Sunday Express


I actually accomplished everything I said I was going to get done last night post workout. I made my banana muffins, prepped lunches, got my breakfast bowls ready and cleaned up after myself in the kitchen. It was so nice to go to bed (and wake up) with all that stuff prepared! Last night I made a little refreshing drink of strawberry watermelon Gatorade, lime la croix & lime ice cubes to enjoy while I winded down on tumblr and Pinterest.

Woke up today and had my breakfast, took my fish oil, had some spark and I’m ready to go. Kevin gets up super early for work on Wednesdays and I got to blast music while I got ready which is always a mood lifter. I got fancy today and put some lemons in my water!

My lunch is packed and my goal for the day is to avoid the CUPCAKE TRUCK coming to work at lunch time. My mental strength is being tested since its food truck week here.

Tried to get a picture of my sneaky blonde hairs this am.

Oh and Tiger made an appearance in the backyard before I left work so I was excited and you know it’s going to be a good day!