avoid these picks

The truth is…


  • is a sassy bitch, let’s just accept that. always answering back, they’d even answer back to any god (may it be diplomatically or sarcastic)
  • always give people cheap gifts not because they’re broke but because they think that’s the only standard or gift you deserve
  • has a huge disgust with humanity so they either get delusions of controlling the world or they avoid/limit their human interactions
  • their logic is out of this world: it’s either you get mesmerised and see a new horizon or you end up getting crazy because you can’t get it
  • beneath all their layers, they’re one of the smartest and hardworking people out there… always willing to help you study/work/etc.


  • their trigger word is literally food and all its proper nouns. they’d sell their souls for a ceaseless supply of food and they’d won’t regret
  • literally possessive as fuck, aphrodite lives in their titties cos they dun calm down if they see someone circling around their man/woman.
  • obsessed with getting shit organised y'all don’t even know. they will never move unless a very detailed blue print is in front of them.
  • they will keep hustlin more than a twenty of you combined. they know and prioritise how precious time and money are.
  • when they say they can’t do an errand/plea, dun quickly believe them at all cost or you’ll get a small surprise: they’ll do it after some while. 


  • know that archetype of a kind person who’ll obey & follow you to the death but has so many fucking personal motives? yep, that’s gemini.
  • their knowledge and expertise are vastly scary; multilingual people and historians. they aint called GEMinis for nothing, hunty.
  • for them, it’s a dog-eat-dog world. if you don’t match their pace, you’re basically out of their surviving list, whatever list that is.
  • insanely in love and proud making other people swoon over them (oh the oozing warmth of being loved and respected) but says otherwise
  • bad at remembering dates but that dun mean they love you less or you’re not that important to them, just believe in them.


  • they dun talk much but best believe me, whenever they speak it’s either they gon hand you your ass or roast the living shit out of you
  • are all terminally sarcastic bless their souls. they don’t have time for your bullshit, they don’t even have time for their own.
  • they will never side or they will avoid picking a side. they’re the best people to rant cos they will literally get where you coming from.
  • one of the sweetest and loving signs out there but for some reason, they tend to have some problems making real long time friends.
  • always look brooding or even out of reach. that’s cos they’re afraid words/actions won’t come/show they way they really want them too.


  • so demure but once you get close to them/they know they have the upper control, they will fucking nag & bully everything
  • but after the searing primadonna stage, these lions are all just smol precious clumsy beans who must be protected at all cost
  • knows the traditional ways or romancing someone, like the flowers and cupcakes and shy yet formal asking you out for events/dates
  • easily clouded by false/dark ideas and hard to snap them out of it. it takes another brave alpha who can help them out of the cray
  • but don’t be fooled, these lions can be tamed and would be willing to tag along the right people for the rest of their life line.


  • dont slack off in front of them, they will give your ass a whoop back to reality. trust me, they give so much vigour and moral to people.
  • not easily scared of pretty much anything because they always think about the story/reason behind it, for this one, what made it scary?
  • they can get super fucking salty and shady and they aint afraid of being salty and shady, for a good or bad reason whatsoever.
  • they never fail to always see the bigger picture, that also means they’re not afraid to do everything to get to the biggest picture.
  • loves having fun and enjoying life without taking advantage of things or forgetting to be humble and well-grounded.


  • too pure for this world but these people have a skyrocketing tendencies to becoming a yandere (lol they probably already are)
  • their aesthetic perfectionism sickness is practically beyond all earth signs combined: they’ll set fire on anything lower than their standards.
  • too kind and angelic we dun deserve them. we also dun deserve their life sucking flirtatious killer charms. we just dun deserve then all in all
  • these bitches love to meddle with other people’s business tho. either they save the situation or aggravate it, there’s no in between
  • even with all the hate on their kind, libra people just keep their heads up and tryn’a understand and accept other people’s view of them.


  • for the vagillionth time, y'all have to remember that these “””devil children””” are all just 4D weird bastards who easily space out.
  • the sexy airheads we all get from anime. but dun cross them & their fambam, they won’t think twice about apathetically cutting you.
  • everyone’s fairy godmother/father cos if they love you & they see you deserving, they will lavish &treat you so great. aint lying, dis the truth
  • willing to learn from others but is obsessed with “i am the most mature one so my wisdom is the greatest and the only effective one”
  • so many layers, like they’re literally never-ending. but after plucking all these layers out, you’ll see a fragile marshmallow baby inside 


  • they need like a dozen of hobbies as outlets for their energy. if they don’t get the energy out, they become a host of a time bomb.
  • insatiably absorbs all information of all kinds like a baby on his mom’s chest or a tic sucking out blood from a fresh catch: you choose
  • no one really knows if they’re showing genuine reaction/emotion cos you don’t know if they’re forcing it or not or they dun even know too
  • is the jack of all trades cos they have so many talents but can’t focus and drill hard on one cos they jump from different talent to another
  • may come arrogant but always they always want everyone to be happy and enjoying the time, probably more than how libra wants it.


  • always late on almost everything. insomniac children of the night, so no matter how dire the situation is, they’ll always be late. deal with it.
  • condescending as fuck cos they know they can do pretty much anything please beware they are vicious machiavellians
  • obsessed with segregating people in their lives; they don’t want their friends to socialise with their family, this group with that group, etc.
  • avoids and gets easily tired with human interaction, but is magically brilliant with human interaction. their magic? idek ask them.
  • after you pass their scrutinising sifting of people in their lives, you’ll just see a funny, dependent, happy-go-lucky, perverted side of them


  • also don’t like taking sides, will never jump onto anything without all the cards are seeable, yet also not afraid to speak up in the end.
  • obsessed and deranged with their fanaticism of any horror shit idk how they can carry on with a fine stomach after all that scary jazz
  • can never be controlled, they might seem controllable or easy to manoeuvre but spare your ass and don’t be fooled by this sign
  • disappears and reappears at their own will, and doesn’t care about the consequences of their absence, they literally don’t care.
  • in the end of the day, aquarius has no fucks to give any of the other signs. they don’t ask for a lot and they just wanna be left alone.


  • are quiet little shits who looks way more gorgeous when they’re mad cos they just turn fiendish but still in a cute way, like wtf how???
  • needs a fuck ton of guidance from older or more mature people cos they tend either the laziest, silliest, or most annoying things ever. 
  • how fucking annoying it is whenever they pull out the victim card like dude shove that thing back where it belongs or so I will.
  • are actually sensible people, kinda shocking for some but it’s the truth cos these people stay in tune with their emotions, they dun run away
  • break them to pieces and you’ll see a child needing to be loved and wanting to know what are the things that they can improve and learn

anonymous asked:

Do you have any kind of process for picking colors for the backgrounds? They all seem to have really nice uniformity, and I would love to read up on how colors like that are picked (or if it's more intuition based). I do remember you mentioning that you also had help from another color lead before, so I was wondering how much of that they help out vs the colors you chose?

hey, thanks so much! this might get a lil long (as it always does!!) so bear with me.

firstly i want to say, there’s no right or wrong way to pick colors. every artist has their own palette they prefer and i think it’s super delightful to spend time developing your own special sense of color. so even though i’m explaining things in a “this is how you do it” sort of way, it’s not the only way! just my way. the best method to develop your own sense of color is to look at a LOT of art, look at a LOT of the world around you, and practice practice pratice.

at this point in my life i pick colors intuitively just because i think it’s something i’m naturally tuned into, and i’ve been doing it for a few years, so i don’t actively plan my palettes. but here are some things that i think about as i pick colors.

firstly, i want to go over hue, value, and saturation. i’m sure everyone knows these intuitively but i want to explain them in words. hue, value and saturation are what make up a color, and decide how colors differ from each other.

hue: what color the color actually is. red, purple, green, yellow, and everything in between.

value: how light or dark a color is. if you’re painting traditionally, adding more white or more black to a color lowers or raises its value.

saturation: how “pure” the color is vs how much neutral tone is in it.

here’s an example of all three:

this comes into play because a big mistake i see beginners make is that they pick a “just” color, and by that i mean they pick “just blue” or “just yellow”. imagine buying a set of oil paints and only using paints straight from the tube without ever mixing. it would be impossible! so i try to avoid picking “just” colors, except as for a complementary color (more on that in a bit). here are some variations of a red, for example.

so, the biggest thing for me when i pick colors is that i want them all to be friends. i want them all to have something in common so that they get along. i usually lose control of a painting when my colors feel to different from one another. so, i will usually start a painting with one color i know for sure i want, and “subordinate” other colors to it, meaning every other color i pick has to look good with that color. as to how you figure out what looks good and what doesn’t, that just takes time and lots of observation to build a personal opinion :) here’s an example from one of my paintings. in this case, the main color is the trees.

and here’s another from rick & morty, the main color is the sky this time.

now that that’s out of the way, i’m going to give you the Actual Cheat Sheet for color palettes. in color theory, there are 8 basic color schemes that are generally pleasing to look at. here they are.

i usually use an analogous palette or monochrome palette out of preference. the two examples above more or less fall into those categories. however, i also like to use split complementary because the complimentary color adds a LOT of contrast and visual interest. it’s great to use if you have a specific thing in a painting you want to draw attention to. here’s an example:

it doesn’t always have to be a perfect split complementary, just one color that differs from the “family” of colors that take up a majority of the piece. 

now! you might be wondering when’s the right time to subordinate a color, or where to put it, or how much of it to use, etc. and the answer is: CONTRAST. there is always visual interest in things that are different. i was rifling through my school notes and found these great types of contrast when working with color.

value: things that are light vs things that are dark.

hue: two colors that look different. I.E. yellow vs blue.

saturation: things that are saturated vs things that are desaturated.

proportion: note the example above. a majority of the painting is orange, so the green stands out because there is proportionally less of it.

temperature: things that are warm vs things that are cool.

complementary: red vs green, blue vs orange, yellow vs purple. when in doubt, these colors always contrast against each other because they have nothing in common (there is no red in green, etc).

simultaneous: this is a little advanced and i’m bad at explaining it, so please read up on it here. 

a super helpful exercise is to look at your favorite illustrations, paintings, photographs, designs, etc and assess which one of the 8 color schemes (linked above) it has, and which types (can be more than one) of contrast it has. we did this in school and it REALLY helped me look at color better. here’s part of the assignment i did, the artist is annette marnat.

so! that’s pretty much how i think about color and how i pick my colors! i hope it was somewhat helpful! there’s so so so so much about color theory i can’t even begin to cover, i highly urge you to watch some videos and read some books and articles to further your study. a great starting place would be this series of videos. these are made by my teacher Richard Keyes, i think he had a dvd or something. everything i’ve talked about so far i learned from him and he is an absolute expert in color. these videos are invaluable. if you take anything away from this post, let it be to watch these videos hahaha.

to answer your question about my color leads, every painting was a collaborative effort between the three of us, and sometimes other painters too. it was a very hands-on crew, so i can’t say any of the r&m bgs i did are 100% “mine”. however, i think my personal color sense is waaaay different than jason or phil’s, which made the process very interesting because we usually had 3 very different opinions hahaa. you can check out their work here and here to see what things they brought to the table in relation to my own contributions.

thank you for the ask! again, i hope this was helpful :)


YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Interacting with other mothers… + The aftermath

Yuuri despises socializing with people he doesn’t know, but his unconventional family and marriage is one of the hottest gossip topics in town especially among the other mums. One day, he decides to just fuck it all…and sorely regrets it afterwards.

(Featuring OC kid Arisa, and later Yasha and Shura)

*If the comics are hard to read, tap on the image first to bring it up in the Tumblr viewer, THEN right click view image for the unaltered slightly higher resolution.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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I actually stayed up last night thinking about the bros weapons in that solarpunk/steampunk verse and came to the conclusion that I desperately want to keep the hammers. so yeah. hammers.

the way marios hammer is designed he can light it on fire anytime. luigis is actually pretty tricky bc electricity isnt as straightforward as fire, but I imagine it can jumpstart any kind of machine that runs on electricity bc nintendo logic

their secondary weapons would be something they use along with their hammers. marios is a pick (chisel) and luigis is a pair of pliers. 

yes I am invested in this why do you ask

Space pick up lines 😙🌌

Are you the winds on Neptune? Because you take my breath away.

I sent all your selfies to nasa, because you’re a star

Are we on Jupiter? Because your hand is heavier than normal, here let me hold it for you

Are you made of fluorine iodine and neon? Because you are F I Ne

Even in 0 g, I’d fall for you

Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you

You deserve a ring the size of Saturn’s

You’re hotter than Venus ;)

Are you mercury? Because you’ll always be first to me

Let’s get astrophysical

dear evan hansen sky high au

the wonderful @galaticpanda and I spent the past few days brainstorming this

inspired by this les mis fic where les amis were all at Sky High


  • has the power to make plants grow anywhere
  • of course, his favorite type of plant to grow is trees
  • has a ton of little flowers and flowerpots growing in his room
  • gets too nervous going up to show his power so he ends up getting picked to be sidekick
  • doesn’t want to use it to harm people
  • let him grow his trees in peace
  • grows little bonsai trees and stuff when he gets anxious to calm himself down
  • when he goes full on panic attack things start to grow on him uncontrollably
  • always has twigs and leaves and petals in his hair. The other four are always pulling them out but he is never plant-free for long
  • connor thinks he looks adorable
  • leaves little flowers for people when he can tell they’re hurting
  • largely linked to his feelings/emotions
  • spends the night at connor’s or something and they wake up to a little rainforest 


  • power: invisibility
  • when he and zoe were younger, they’d play hide and seek and he’d always play little cute tricks on her by disappearing so she can’t find him
  • goes into his room and turns invisible when he wants to be alone
  • or when he doesn’t want people to see him at school
  • mainly uses it to avoid social situations
  • gets picked as hero because his power is useful, but he hates having that much pressure on him so he doesn’t try very hard
  • also turns invisible when he’s embarrassed, so when he starts liking evan he disappears whenever evan looks at him
  • evan thinks it’s because connor doesn’t like him, but later on he realizes that it’s actually because he does
  • of course when evan realizes this he makes a little bouquet of flowers for connor and there’s blushing all around (connor turned invisible for a solid hour)
  • when he doesn’t want to talk to his parents he uses his invisibility to make them think he left his house


  • technopath/computer genius
  • everyone expected it because of how good he was with computers
  • initially chosen as hero, but moved to sidekick after 2 days
  • he got demoted because he reprogrammed the school intercoms to say nothing but the word “kinky” on repeat for an entire day
  • the professors couldn’t do anything about it. the only thing they could do was make him a sidekick as a punishment
  • jared doesn’t really care. sometimes he makes the teachers’ computers flash obscenities to make evan laugh
  • they first find out about his power after connor throws the printer at the teacher and jared just walks over there and fixes it like it’s nothing
  • he’d fixed all of his robot toys at home so that they could move on their own and do other awesome things
  • still loves video games
  • his and evan’s personalities/powers clash, but in a good way


  • everyone thinks it has to do with music bc she can just play any instrument that she picks up
  • she just goes with it. doesn’t say much when they make fun of it or anything 
  • one day the murphys are camping and realize that no one knows how to start a fire so she just casually uses her powers to make one
  • she’s actually a pyro and they all freak out a bit
  • cue all the “zoe is hot” jokes
  • evan kinda realizes that this must mean that she’s actually just musically talented on her own
  • she gets picked to be a hero and she loves learning to use her powers
  • she’s the only person connor won’t mess with because he knows how much power she has
  • she and connor often refer to themselves as supergirl and the invisible boy


  • superintelligence/telepathy
  • this one’s no surprise to her or her family
  • she was obviously intelligent from a young age 
  • chosen as a hero, for obvious reasons
  • she knows the answers to questions before they’re even asked, so everyone originally assumes she can see into the future
  • in reality, her telepathy allows her to read minds so she already knows what they’re gonna ask
  • however, she also hears all the snide comments everyone makes/thinks about her
  • she has trouble filtering what’s said and what’s thought so she thinks of a lot of people as friends
  • she forgets who actually confides in her
  • she knows more about some people than they know about themselves
  • that’s why she said that she was friends with connor
  • she can hear his dark cloud of negative thoughts from classrooms away
  • she also knows about evan and his insecurities
  • when someone is having a particularly bad day she’ll sorta sneak positive thoughts into their heads like how evan leaves flowers for people
Tear You Apart

Requested: No

Pairing: Roman Godfrey x Reader

Warning: Swearing, smut, tw: blood

A/N: This is my first song based work and im proud of how it turned out!! also i really recommend Hemlock Grove on Netflix!! Even if you’re not into vampires and werewolves(thats basically what its about) it still has a good plot with well developed characters!!

   Walking down the hall you caught sight of Shelly Godfrey. You grinned and said hi. She have you a soft smiled.

   "Hey.“ She typed out. You felt eyes burning into the back of your head and turned to see Roman watching you from across the hall. You waved and said goodbye the Shelly. Roman came over to his sister and gave her a quick hug.

   "I’ll be back.” He said digging in his pocket.

   "Where are you going?“ She asked.

   "For a smoke. See you later.”

And you leave to have a cigarette, your knees get weak
An escape is just a nod and a casual wave
Obsessed about it, heavy for the next two days

   You walked down the path watching as the burnt orange and fiery red leaves fell silently to the ground. The faint sounds of a soccer coah yelling to his team mingled with the sound of the leaves crunching beneath you. You held onto your backpack straps tightly as you looked around at the quaint houses and yards. You like Hemlock Grove because of this. Everyone and everything here is peaceful. You continued to walk until you came to the opening of the alleyway you usually go through to get home. You felt your heart fall when you noticed the squeaky clean Jaguar XK150 parked to the side. You looked down the street to your left, wondering if the extra two miles were worth it.

   "Nope.“ You said sighing and taking a deep breath. You began walking forward and clenched your teeth when you heard the moaning coming from within the car.

   "Oh god Roman!” The girl screamed. You the closer you got the more you could hear. As you passed by you heard a horrible tearing sound as the bottom of your backpack ripped and everything fell to the floor. You groaned in frustration both at that and the fact that while you gathered your things you’d have to listen to them. You bent down and began picking up your things when their moans died down and girl stumbled out of the car with some cash in her hand and her shirt halfway on. She looked at you and scoffed.

   "We’re you listening to us? Freak.“ She said fixing her clothes. You looked over and made direct eye contact.

   "You’re going to walk away. Now.” You said looking back at your stuff. You watched her walk away out of the corner of your eye and quickly looked down where you heard the drivers door open and close.

   "Y/N?“ You heard Roman ask. You looked over to see him place a cigarette in his mouth and put on his shirt. His gaze flickered to your upper lip back up as he approached you. You whipped under your nose and pulled away your hand to see blood. He found himself looking at you often. Since you’d met, your beauty and fiesty personality had caught his eye. He didn’t want to call it a crush, but he knew thats what it was.

It’s only just a crush, it’ll go away
It’s just like all the others it’ll go away
Or maybe this is danger and he just don’t know
You pray it all away but it continues to grow

   You sighed. Not enough practice. Using your abilities was new to you. Being an Upir seemed more difficult than it was worth. You stood up.

   "Got any napkins or something?” You asked avoiding his predatory gaze.

   "Yeah. In the glove box.“ He said watching you as you got in the passenger seat and opened the glove box. You looked in the side mirror and began whipping away the blood. You were surprised Roman wasn’t alarmed. Even if he didn’t know he was Upir, it should raise a red flag that someone had similar issues. The driver door opened and Roman put your things in the small back area. You looked over at him in confusion.

   "What are you doing?” You asked throwing the tissues on the ground.

   "Taking you home.“ He said closing his door.

   "Since when?” You asked reaching to get her things. He grabbed your arm and stopped you

   "You know most people would say thank you and except the ride.“ He said pushing your arm away. You crossed your arms and glared at him.

   "Well I’m not like most people.” You spat. He groaned.

   "Are you gonna get out then? Or are you gonna close the door and shut up?“ He said waiting impatiently. You rolled your eyes and closed the door.

   "Don’t ask me to get in your car and tell me to shut up Roman.” You growled. He looked over and you and chuckled.

   "You know most girls would love for me to give them a ride.“ He said. You snorted.

   "Well most girls would also get on their knees for you anywhere.” You said feeling your anger towards him bubble up. He was so arrogant. You hated that you liked him. You didn’t want to be used by him. Not like everyone else. You deserved more than that. He quirked an eyebrow.

   "And you wouldn’t?“ He said leaning in closer. You could feel his agitation flowing from him as he challenged you. You met him halfway until you were inches apart.

   "No.” You said simply. He crashed his lips to yours angerly. And much to his surprise, you didn’t pull away.

But their lips met, and reservations started to pass
Whether this was just an evening or a thing that would last
Either way he wanted her and this was bad
He wanted to do things to her it was making him crazy
Now a little crush turned into a like

   You ran your hand through his hair and tugged eliciting a groan from him. As a fellow Upir you knew exact what he wanted, what he was missing from the sex he’d been having. He guided you onto his lap and moved from your lips to your neck. You planted your hands on his shoulders and threw your head back to give him better access. He gripped your hips tightly as he sucked on your neck. You could feel the hunger radiating from his touch. You grinded against the growing tent in his pants drawing out a groan from him. You felt him bite your neck, hard. You winced and smiled as you felt blood spread. Roman pulled away and looked up at you. He serched your face for a sign of distress. You looked over his blood covered mouth and grinned down at him.

   “Well don’t stop.” You teased bending down to kiss him again. You moaned at the taste of your blood on his tongue.

I want to hold you close
Skin pressed against me tight
Lie still, and close your eyes girl
So lovely, it feels so right

  You pulled away and removed your top. Romans eyes darted to the freshly exposed skin. You wached him expectantly and he got the hint. He threw off his t-shirt and began unbuckling his belt. You kicked off your pants and underwear and turned your attention back to Roman. He grabbed your hips and helped lower you onto his throbbing length. You adjusted for a second and then began bouncing. He met you half way and thrusted harshly. You cried out and he reached around  to unhook your bra and it fell to the floor. He rubbed one nipple between his fingers and used his other hand to rub your clit. You placed one hand on the window as you rode him to keep you steady. He bit his lip as he watched you and you watched as blood began to dribble down his chin. You felt something inside of you twitch and you heard your pulse pounding in your ears. You hungrily licked and suck at his neck and chin, tasting every drop. You moved back up to his lips and shuttered as your blood and his mixed. His tounge explored the inside of your mouth as his hands explored your body. He angled his hips slightly and brushed your g-spot. A moan tore from the back of your throat. You placed your hand on his shoulder and pulled away to draw a breath. He tilted his head back and you made quick work of nipping at his neck. The first taste of blood made you hungry. This taste made you starving. You couldnt help but whine as he pressed harder on your clit.

I want to hold you close
Soft breath, beating heart
As I whisper in your ear
I wanna fucking tear you apart

   “Your cunts tighter than I thought babe.” He groaned pulling your hips down and bottoming out. He held you still as you squirmed against him. He began pounding into you relentlessly and your moans became screams. Your body grew hot and you clenched around him. You came screaming his name. He shuddered and came inside of you, slowing down and riding out his orgasm. You slipped off of him and he watched as his seed spilled out of you and down your thighs. He looked up at you.

   “That was hot. But shouldn’t we-”

   “On the pill.” You said cutting him off and getting off his lap and back into the passenger seat. He nodded. You picked up your panties and he snatched them from you. “Hey!” You said reaching to grab them back. He tssked at you and chuckled.

   “These are mine now.” He said smugly putting them in his pocket and zipping up his jeans.

   “Now why is that?” You asked crossing your arms. He looked over at your chest as he did his belt.

   “Don’t cross your arms. I like looking at your perfect tits.“ He said making you laugh.

   "Never have been good at compliments. And if I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re avoiding my question.” You said picking up your bra and putting it on. He looked down as he grabbed his shirt.

   "I’m not.“ You smirked.

   "Roman Godfrey! You have a crush on me!” You said. He shook his head.

   "You sound ridiculous and juvenile you know that?“ He said pulling a cig from the box in between the seats. You grinned.

   "No I can tell! You haven’t kicked me out! You make every other girl leave right after. And I’m still here.” You said snagging uo your panties he’d left in his lap. You put them on and looked over at him.

   "I’m giving you a ride home.“ He argued. You rolled your eyes.

   "Yeah but why?” You continued, slipping on your pants. He just shook his head and lit his cigarette. He started the car and you basked in your smugness. Knowing you had cornered him. He began out of the alley and towards your house. The car ride was fast amd quiet. You gathered your things and got out of the car. You leaned through the open window.

   "Thanks for the ride and stuff.“ You said. He smiled at you.

   "Anytime y/n. And maybe you’re right. I do like you.” He said driving away quickly. You watched the small red car drive away with a smiled plastered to your face.

hi i wanted to write a post about BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) because ive never ever seen it discussed and i would like more people to be aware of it and maybe, some other people will realize they have it and not feel so messed up like i did for a long time

BDD is a disorder that makes you hyperfocus on your appearance, a lot of times its a specific part of your appearance. you obsess over a perceived ugliness and it preoccupies a lot of your time & makes daily functioning/social interaction very hard. its linked with other anxiety disorders (specifically OCD which i also have) and sometimes is thought of as being a subset of OCD

heres some symptoms in no particular order:

  • hiding/masking yourself (needing to put on a lot of makeup, always wearing sunglasses or baggy clothes, in my case i have to wear band-aids on my face and sometimes have to wear a literal face mask)
  • intense anxiety/suicidal feelings if “mask” isnt available
  • need for reassurance about appearance, but then immediately disqualifying any compliments you receive (”theyre just saying that to appease me, its because this picture was in a certain lighting/edited, i was wearing makeup” etc)
  • self-worth largely tied to appearance and thus feeling worthless very often. as a consequence it becomes really hard to talk about symptoms because preoccupation w/ appearance is seen as “vain”
  • withdrawal/fear in close or intimate relationships for fear of being seen as ugly
  • avoiding social situations for fear of being seen as ugly
  • looking in the mirror a lot (or avoiding mirrors), analyzing appearance daily, picking at skin/face/etc
  • comparing your appearance to other peoples (excessively and constantly: “people think this person is pretty and i look nothing like them so im ugly. people have called this trait ugly and i have it so im ugly” etc)
  • missing school, work, other events bc you feel like everyone will be staring at you and judging your appearance. this contributed to me dropping out of school
  • obsession with changing appearance or “fixing” perceived defects (personally i was obsessed with skincare for a long time and was always trying to find the perfect skincare routine and spent so much money on products trying to make my acne go away)

theres probably more but yea, this is getting really long! i would really really appreciate if people reblogged this so other people can know about it, also if you have any questions or just want to talk about your experiences feel free to shoot me an ask!

Got7 React to: Getting caught being naughty with their girlfriend


He would be embarrassed and angry that Jinyoung decided to just throw the door open and reveal your naked body to the rest of Got7

“Can’t I ever have some damn privacy?!”

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“It’s not what it looks like.” 

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He would start laughing at the horror on Mark’s face when he caught you guys having sex. 

“You’ll knock from now on, yeah? I’m busy, can you close the door?”

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He would be so embarrassed that Jackson caught him receiving a blowjob. He would avoid him for a few days to avoid being picked on. 

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“You have about five seconds to get your perverted ass out of here.”

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He would think the situation was funny until you didn’t talk to him for a week. 

“C’mon, they’ve seen you suckin’ dick before. Why are you mad?”

Would only make the situation a million times worse. 

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Would beat Youngjae’s ass after catching him giving you oral then proceeding to pick on him after.

“At least I have a girlfriend. Now all you have is a black eye. Walk in without knocking again.” 

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The Friendly Wager (Part 7)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,855

Warnings: language, fluff, angst, confrontation, drinking, cheesy romance, kissing, implied sexytimes, somewhat nsfw but not really, a potentially wasted beautiful meal

A/N: This is my last submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. I did it! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?

This was the sixth rewrite! LOL….The End! :)

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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Basic Skincare Tips

-Don’t use a product with mint in it, mint is irritable to the skin (esp. to acne prone).

-Try to avoid products with alcohol in them; they can dry out your skin!

-NEVER apply essential oils on your skin if they are not significantly diluted. It will burn and damage your skin!

-Wear sunscreen EVERYDAY and re-apply every 2 hours

-Avoid picking your skin/touching your skin as much as possible!

-Every skin type needs to moisturize!!! Yes, even oily skin! (remember to also moisturize your neck + body)

-Rosehip oil will help heal your acne scars (apply before you go to sleep).

-Drink lots of water!

-Work towards consuming less sugary foods + dairy products (if you can), and instead eat/drink more antioxidants like green tea, dark chocolate, berries, pecans, etc.

-Exfoliate once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells.

-You do not need to have a 10 step routine, or a million products to have healthier skin. Applying too many on acne prone skin will just cause more inflammation.

-You do not need to use a toner. For some people toners are very beneficial, for others it dries out their skin. Find out what is best for you!

-Don’t put sugar on your skin; it is too harsh of an exfoliant!

How to Plan Dates With Your Sugar Daddy When You Have No Idea What the Two of You Should Do

You did it! You have a sugar daddy! Best friend, I’m so proud of you. You put in the hard work. You freestyled. You know how much money you want. You opened up your mouth and asked for that money, and that man agreed. But now the arrangement has started, and you’ve got to figure out what to do with this man when you aren’t rocking his sexual world that you’ll both enjoy. You’re stumped. That’s okay, best friend, I’m here for you. By the end of this post, you’ll have a list of fun things for the two of you to do. Or for you to do by yourself now that you’ve got all this money coming in.

What type of Sugar Daddy do you have?

This is key when trying to decide events. Do you have the type of man that is looking for a girl to insert some spice into his humdrum existence? Is he looking for a woman that will show him a world he never knew existed? Or does he want to be the cool kid on the block and show you his stomping grounds while you ooh and ah appreciatively? Not quite sure which guy you have? No worries. He’s probably already told you. Is he always inquiring about your life and asking what fun things you’ve done? Or asking where you’d like to go or what you’d like to do next? He’s looking for fun, and he wants you to give it to him. Is he brimming with ideas, always asking you to attend events or go to restaurants with him? Well, you lucky duck, all you have to do is sit back and say yes. Since most of us won’t get that lucky let’s move on to our next step.

What sort of things interest you?

What have you always wanted to do? What type of events have you always wanted to attend? Opera and ballet? Paintball? Gallery openings? Road trips to craft fairs? Even if these are things, you’ve never tried, even if you just saw a picture and thought it looked interesting, write it down! Dream big. Explore all of your interests and what your area holds to encourage them. You aren’t spending your money after all.

Pick conversation creators

It’s just a fact, in the beginning especially if you are new to sugaring, you’re going to be searching for things to talk about with your sugar daddy. The awkward silences will happen. Avoid that by picking activities that stimulate conversation whether you want it to or not. Go to museums, galleries, plays, aquariums, the zoo, fairs, festivals(especially festivals for things neither of you may be interested in. You’d be surprised how fun that is), classes (wine classes are a favorite of mine. You learn more about wine and fine dining which is essential for a sugar baby looking to climb the social ladder and you get to do something fun with your new sugar daddy), or concerts. All of these things help to build memories with your new guy. They also tighten your bond and the tighter your bond, the more lucrative your arrangement.

Let the city be your guide

Most cities want to attract tourists and use the locals to stimulate the economy. To help them do this, they publish lists. “50 Best places to eat” “50 best tourist attractions” “50 best spas”  You get my drift. Use these resources! Just google 50 best and the name of your city. If you live in a metropolitan area

Word of caution

If your sugar daddy is married, you’re going to want to avoid professional sporting events. You can’t control where those cameras land and you don’t want to mess up your money. If he’s an absolute sports nut introduce him to the minor leagues. Bonus points if you tell him it’s more relaxed and a perfect place for him to teach you the game and help you love it the way he does.

That’s it best friend. Let me know what you think and if any or all of these suggestions help you. 

first light

based on hotarubi no mori e (reposted)

pairing: jungkook | reader, taehyung | reader
genre: fluff and (mainly) angst
word count: 24.843
warnings: none

“Have you ever felt like the world is too loud sometimes?”

“No. For me it’s always quiet.”


The soft crackle of the fire is the only sound breaking the deep silence. It smoothly cuts through the murky atmosphere of the night, and the sight of its origins is just as mesmerizing: waves of blazing fire helplessly reach out towards the sky, weak and strong, the flames rising aimlessly as they sway amongst the smoke.

Sitting there, alone and surrounded by trees and the calming waves of the bonfire, is numbing enough to make time still. The temperatures are low enough for a crisp breeze to tickle your cheeks, seeping through the layers of your clothes as your hands seek for warmth against each other. You can almost pretend you’re completely on your own, that voices are not coming closer and that the sound of hearty laughter isn’t overpowering the eerie quietness of nature.

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I’m thinking I need to find a roller coaster
or a rock concert, somewhere
I can scream at the top of my lungs because that’s the only sound I’ve got 
rattling around this otherwise empty head. 
Maybe drive myself to the hospital,
bypass the overworked nurses in the ER
and go straight to the morgue
where I’ll shriek so loud that it would be easy to imagine the corpses sitting up
whispering to their cold neighbours 
“I think there’s something wrong with her.”
When the mortician asks what I’m doing I’ll tell him something died
between you and me
I’m just here to get some embalming fluid;
I’ll numb myself up inside then slip back upstairs,
tumble into the mental health unit, 
ask the doctor for a new diagnosis because
my Google history is getting pretty boring.
I’ll throw the temper tantrum of a child,
filled with the blinding rage of the scorned woman trope 
(but without the pomp and circumstance necessary
for it to be passionate, rather than pathetic).
Shove my arm through the only window on the floor and then beg the doctor to stitch me up,
spend the next six days picking fights to avoid picking at the plastic wire.

When I leave, I leave chaos.
Everyone is relieved to see the back of me;
It is so much easier to keep everything together without me grinning mean 
trying to tear it all apart.

—  Every quiet room seems too loud; let me go, let me go (a.p.)

Seriously though, Norman commenting that Daryl was like a ‘little boy who lost his mom’ is not an ageist comment about MM. It’s not actually about her at all. When asked if the Caryl relationship is mother/son he flat out said unequivocally no. It’s a description of his emotional state. When he talks about Daryl being like an abused animal he’s not literally describing himself as a dog. Come on.

three things

three things

peter parker x reader

warnings: none

a/n: everyone does Stark!Daughter or whatever. I decided to change it up a bit. This may or may not get a part two, i dunno, unless you guys want one. Let me know here. P.s. I didn’t think I was going to do that with one of my favorite books but I guess I did. P.p.s. I made Peter 17, just so he’s not too young.

“Ready or not, here I come!” You yelled after counting to thirty. You ran past Laura, who was laughing at you while you rummaged through the curtains and closet, trying to find the two kiddos, Lila and Cooper Barton. Your adorable little niece and nephew. Baby Nathaniel, who recently turned two, laughed or screamed every time you passed by him. You heard a soft giggle under the blanket, which was messily thrown over the couch. You looked at the slightly moving blanket, then at Nathaniel– pressing your finger to your lips, shh– and tiptoed your way to the couch. You wiggled your fingers above the hidden figure then. “Gotcha!” You tickled little Lila, making her jolt in a surprise fit of giggles. You take the blanket off her head, revealing a very smiley, messy haired little girl. “Where’s your brother?” She points to the stairs, meaning Cooper must be in his bedroom, hiding in his favorite place. You nod, pulling her along, quietly tiptoeing upstairs. You push the door of his room softly, a small creaking noise made yours and Lila’s face twist into a slight cringe, hoping that Cooper didn’t hear.  You two walk past his bed, creeping toward his opened closet. But before you could reach it, a hand from under the bed grabbed your ankle, making you scream. A laugh escaped from under the bed, and out crawled Cooper Barton. “I win,” he says with a smile, you sighed, ruffling his hair. “Yeah whatever.”

“Kids! Come down here, quick!” Laura yelled, catching all three of you’s attention. “Dad must be home!” Cooper yells, immediately running down, Lila not far behind him. Clint, your older brother, has said that the team would be visiting for a week. Fury let them have a short break after the whole fight broke out between Steve and Stark. He thinks it would be a good way to unite the team again, instead of being divided. After a few seconds of catching your breath– your heartbeat barely going back to a normal rate after Cooper scared the crap out of you– you followed the kids downstairs.

“There she is,” Clint had said, once you descended from the stairs. “How’s my baby sister?” You rolled your eyes, playfully, running into Clint’s open arms, hugging him tightly. “Everything’s great. How’s my old man?” He rolled his eyes as well, pulling away from you, pushing your face far far away from him. “Hey guys,” you said to the team, awkwardly giving them a wave. You’ve seen them only once before. Which was during the battle with Ultron. A few new faces came back this time. “Hey buttercup,” Natasha winks, walking over to you to give you a big big hug. Natasha was the only one you were close with in the team, other than your brother of course. She’s like the older sister you’ve never had. “Any of you want something to drink?” Laura asks from the kitchen. A few nodding, and a few shake their head no, saying a quick ‘no, thank you.’ Steve, Clint, Tony, and Bruce followed Laura to the kitchen. While Thor, Natasha, and a few new people you didn’t know the name of, stayed with you. “Hi, I’m (Y/n), Clint’s sister,” you said, awkwardly shoving your hands in your pocket. You weren’t the social type, you were always shy to new people. To avoid standing there awkwardly, you picked up Nathaniel. “I’m Wanda, and this is Pietro,” the girl with the dark hair says, offering to shake your hand. You accepted it, shaking hers and then Pietro’s. “You two are twins right?” You asked, Nathaniel riding on your hip. “Yes, I’m twelve minutes older,” Pietro smirked. Wanda lets out an annoyed sigh, “why must you always say that! It’s getting so annoying!” You giggled, knowing how it feels like to have an older brother yourself. Thor and Natasha talks to Nathaniel with baby voices, trying to get him to laugh. “Say hi Nate,” you say, bouncing him up and down. He kept a straight face, looking confusedly at Thor. “I like the hair Thor, short hair looks great on you,” you said, it made Thor’s whole face light up. “Why thank you Lady (Y/n)!” You giggle, the way he talks always makes you laugh. You stare at Nate– Thor and Nat still attempting to get him to smile– while you tried to avoid a certain someone’s gaze. “Can I carry him?” Nat asks, inside you screamed no! not wanting to not have an excuse to just stand there and not talk. You gave him to her anyways. Nat smiled at little Nathaniel, making weird sounds and weird voices at him while walking towards the couch with Thor. Leaving you to stand there with the brown haired boy, who have yet to introduce himself. “Hey, you must be that– um– Spider-Boy Clint was talking about.” His cheeks slightly reddens, as he avert his eyes to the ground. He was shy, it was kind of cute. “It’s Spider-Man… actually.” Your eyebrows raised quickly, “oh.. my bad. I’m sorry.” He shakes his head and smiles slightly, “no, it’s okay. Happens all the time.” He shrugs. You nod, “so what’s your real name?”

“Peter. Peter Parker.”

“Well nice to meet you Peter.” Clint talked to you about him before, saying how young he was and how he reminded him of you. Being the same age and all. You thought that you two were only ‘alike’ because of the whole age thing, but I guess you two are both really awkward and shy too.

“(Y/n)?” Laura called. “Do you think you can go to the store? We ran out of milk.” You nod quickly, “yeah, I’ll go now.” Yes, something to avoid the awkward situation.

“Go with Peter, so you won’t be alone,” your brother called out. You froze, and close your eyes tightly. Forcing to say an ‘okay.’

You drove to the store, with Peter in the passenger seat. So far the ten minute ride was quiet. Nothing but Taylor Swift songs filled the awkward, silent, atmosphere. You hum the tune to ‘Shake It Off’ and tapped your fingers to the beat at a stop light. As the somewhat rap part came, you began to quietly sing it, but also heard Peter singing it under his breath.

“Hey hey hey, Just think while you’ve been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world..”

“You listen to Taylor Swift?” you interrupt, making Peter blush a deep shade of red. “N-no.” You let out a laugh, “yeah you do. There’s nothing bad about that. I love Taylor Swift.” You turn to him, and he was still stiff and awkward in his seat. Staring out the window, avoiding your stare. You let out a deep sigh, “okay, so I know I’m not very good at talking or making new friends with people, but I think you’re worst at this than me.” His head whips to you, “what’s that supposed to mean?” You quickly look at him without turning your head, seeing how his eyebrows are scrunched up and how offended he looks. “Relax Parker,” you laugh, “I was just trying to get you to talk.” He turns to face the road now, huffing and crossing his arms against his chest. “Well it worked,” he muttered. “How old are you?” you asked, trying to get a conversation going. Peter is pretty attractive and you wanted to know if his personality was too. “Seventeen, I’ll be eighteen soon.” You nod your head, “we’re the same age then.”



This conversation was dryer than Clint’s face. He didn’t like the moisturizer you got him for his birthday. ‘Use this for your super dry skin’ you said.

“I know you don’t want to be here right now Pete, but we have like five minutes to go until we get to the store, and then another five minute or so in the store depending on how long the lines are, and then another ten minutes or so on the way home, so you gotta give me something. Tell me about yourself, are you scared of me? You seem like you are, there’s no reason to be.” You said all this a little too fast, and Peter just sighs, running his fingers through his fluffy hair. “I’m not afraid of you,” he says, “just afraid that I’ll say something weird.. That’ll make you not like me.” He said that last part a little too quietly that you weren’t able to hear. “Let’s play a game then. An ice breaker. It’s called ‘Three things.’ I’ll tell you three things about myself, then you tell me yours. Something you don’t typically say to anyone. Sound good enough?” He nods his head, straightening in his seat.

“I’ll go first,” you said, you read this from a book once, which was called ‘Tell Me Three Things.’ It’s one of your favorites. “1) I ate dog food once, just because I was curious. 2) I was there when all three of my niece and nephews were born, and I fainted at all three times because it just– it was just scary. 3) I make the best mac & cheese.” Peter laughs, shaking his head as he looks at you with a happy face. One you haven’t seen since he got here. And it was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.  “First of all,” he laughs, “1) How did it taste like? 2) I would’ve too 3) I’d like to test that one out.” You giggle, “1) Not good 2) who wouldn’t? 3) I’ll make you some when we get home.” You look at him, still smiling, “your turn.” He pretends to think. “1) Sometimes, I stand in front of my mirror and impersonate some of the Avengers. You should see how well I can do Thor. Spot. On. 2) I’ve only dated one girl my whole life, and her dad turned out to be the person who’s been trying to kill me–”  


“Yeah. 3) Before getting bit by a spider, I didn’t know how to do one sit up.”

“Wow. Interesting.”

“Yeah, can’t think of anything, sorry that was boring.”

“No, no, no. This is just round number one.”

Soon enough, after three rounds or so, you got to the store, still played the game as you got the items Laura asked for, and played five or more rounds on the way back.

(this is on the way back home)

In between of screaming out the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble,’ you two played the last two rounds just minutes before getting back to the farm. With all the three things you were telling each other, you began to know each other pretty well. Peter’s a really, really great guy once he came out of his shell. You never thought you’d find someone that was smart, shy, but also not shy, funny, outgoing, and a guy willing to sing T.S. with you. Not to mention, a guy who is both a hottie and a cutie. You couldn’t help but fall for him.

-flash back to when you got to the store scene-

The trip to the store took longer than expected, Laura texted you more items to buy.


-Lucky Charms

-Poptarts (strawberry ones for Thor)

-Clint’s usual coffee

-Donuts for Steve

and a whole bunch of other foods for the hungry heroes.

Peter ran to the other side of the car, opening the door for you. “I can open my own door Pete,” you say, a small smile on your face. He shrugs. You waited to cross the parking lot, a car was driving by, before Peter grabbed your hand, crossing the parking lot with you. You knew it didn’t mean anything, but he kept your hand in his until you got inside. You didn’t mind. I guess the little game brought out the confidence in Peter. Ping! Ping! You pulled your phone out of your pocket. “Laura just texted me a whole bunch of things to buy. I guess we’re going to be stuck here longer.” You turn to look up at Peter, who was just nodding. “Sounds good to me.” He winks at you, making you blush. Where did his suave come from?

You went to grab a cart, pulling your hand away from his but he held tighter, walking towards the cart with you anyway. “I kinda need two hands to push this Parker.” He shakes his head no. Stubborn. “I’ll push it,” he says, “get in.”

“What?” but before you can think, he hooks his arm behind your knees and under your back, putting you in the cart. “Peter!” He laughs, running to behind the cart and pushing you around the store really fast. The place filling up with laughter and giggles from the both of you.

(back to the car ride home)

“Okay, so 1) Does this mean we’re like best friends now? I think we should be best friends now. 2) This was one of the best store trips I’ve ever had,” you said, turning to Peter, who was smiling. “Your turn.”

“Wait, what’s the third one?”

“Can’t say.”

“What? Why not! I thought we were best friends now, you’re supposed to tell me everything aren’t you?”

“Your turn,” you repeat, holding back a smile by biting the inside of your cheek.

“Okay fine. 1) Yes we are best friends now 2) This has been one of the best days I had in a while and 3) You didn’t do one so I won’t.”

“Okay fine, 3),” you said, pulling to a stop, you were at the farm now. “3) I think I like you.

You had your eyes locked to the steering wheel, then turning to face Peter.

“3),” Peter says, “I think I like you too.”


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Mystic Messenger - Heart Raising Guide

Hey guys! So I finished getting all the good endings in Mystic Messenger, and since this type of mobile otome game has a different system than any others I’ve played, I thought it might be a good idea for those who feel confused by the new mechanics. Because most of the game’s setting takes place in a messenger app, there are A LOT of choices so it would be kind of hard to list every single correct answer. There’s currently no sort of indication to see how much you’ve raised a certain character’s affections. However, after playing one route, I realized it’s easy to choose the right answers that gives you each character’s hearts after finding out more about their personality. This guide will mainly discuss how to gain hearts from a certain character to ensure you will be on the route of your choice and get the good ending. If you want to know more about the basic mechanics of the game @otomesapphic has kindly made a guide which you can find here. If you need answers for the guests e-mails, @glassnorouyadeunazuku‘s guide is right here :) Spoilers for when you reach a character’s main route will be under the Day 5 through Day 11 section :)

Day 1 to Day 4 are the days you really need to focus on if you want to play a specific character before the others. Once Day 4 ends, whichever character has the most hearts will be the route you end up on. You will see their picture underneath Day 5 to Day 11 in the chat room section to know whose route you are on. Before I get to choosing the right answers to gain hearts, you need to first know everybody’s heart colors.

  • Jumin - Purple
  • Zen - Gray
  • 707 - Red
  • Yoosung - Green
  • Jaehee - Orange

Every time you get the right answer for someone, a heart will briefly pop up on the screen. If you pick a bad answer for a character, a broken black heart will show up indicating that you lowered their affection for you. Some character’s hearts are extremely easy to get, so if you really want a specific character’s route first, avoid picking good answers for the rest of them. Alright now here are some tips for how to pick the right answers for everybody. These apply to the chat rooms, text messages, and phone calls:

  • Jumin - Jumin loves his cat Elizabeth 3rd and cats in general, so if he starts talking about cats just agree with him. Agree with him about money, take his side with his childish quarrels with Zen or when he’s bossing Jaehee around, and it’s a little subtle but he’s actually very interested in modern internet slang so don’t be afraid to choose informal answers towards him from time to time since he seems to lowkey like it lol. He also likes confident women, so always pick answers that make you sound modest and smart (thank you @pandamathers for mentioning that!)
  • Zen - Just pick the answers that will boost this narcissist’s ego haha. Flirt back with him, take his side whenever he’s quarreling with Jumin, and be supportive towards him and his career.
  • 707 - He’s literally the definition of internet troll/meme lord. Play along with him every time. If he’s trolling you, troll him back. If you do that every time he’s definitely the second easiest person to raise hearts with. However, if someone’s life is actually in danger, be serious and encourage him to do his best.
  • Yoosung - The easiest person to raise hearts with no joke. He’s like a cute puppy who immediately takes a liking to you. Really all you have to do is just be nice to him, take his side when everyone is bullying him, give him good advice, and be his voice of reason when he gets out of hand. You literally have to be trying hard if you don’t want to get his route.
  • Jaehee - Sympathize with her if she’s stressed about work or when Jumin is bossing her around. Also feel free to fangirl about Zen with her, but make it clear that you’re only his fan and you have no romantic interests towards him. She’s kind of the straight man out of all the characters, so picking the reasonable, level-headed answers will help.

Those are basically all the hints I can give you to pick the right answers in the common route. I know it may seem confusing at first, but trust me, once you see the answer choices it will be pretty obvious which one to pick. If you need help on a certain one, feel free to message me and I will try my best to help you!  Also please message me if you want to add any tips, anything would be greatly appreciated :D

The next section is going to be how to pick answers for whichever character’s route you’re on from Day 5 to Day 11. Since these days are where the plot really starts to develop, there may be a few spoilers below, so I would highly recommend reading below only when you’ve reached their routes. Also, make sure to save a lot in case you’re trying to get the bad endings as well. Day 4, 7, 9, and 10 are days the route will branch off, meaning those are your chances you can try for a bad end rather than making it to the good end.

An anon kindly messaged me and told me that they were able to get a normal ending by picking all the answers that would lead to the good end, but they failed to get any guest to attend the party. They did this in Yoosung’s route and were able to get a CG.

Here are the tips I can give you for the answer choices for characters from Day 5 to Day 11. I would like to thank @glassnorouyadeunazuku and @paranoialover for helping me with Jumin and 707′s routes :) Remember, these are just tips on how to get the good ending, to get any of the bad endings I would just suggest picking the answers opposite to what you would be picking for the good ending answers.

  • Jumin - You have to always make sure you pick the answers that show you’re supporting Jumin throughout everything he does. Even if he’s being unreasonable, don’t make him out to be a bad guy, show that you’re there for him. Don’t act like a snooty gold-digger like Glam Choi and Sarah. Of course, always agree with him about how cats are the best animals in the world, especially Elizabeth 3rd. When you get around to Day 7, his possessive side will start to come out. To ensure you don’t get a bad ending, you have to be firm about your wishes to leave his place in order to get ready for the party but do not be mean about it. Pick the choices that show you understand how much he cares about your safety. Let him know when he gets out of line by picking the more kinder options. You should agree to stay with him until the situation gets cleared and don’t complain to the other RFA members about how you’re locked up.
  • Zen - Make sure he knows you’re always supporting him and his career, but do not act like an possessive fan. You want him to see you as a friend he can rely on at first, not someone who is only obsessed with his good looks. Also Jaehee may seem a little aggressive towards you do to her concerns about you and Zen getting serious, but do not be mean to her and pick the answers that show you understand her point of view. You also want to choose answers that will convince Zen to be more down to earth and fix his relationship with his family. Although it was good to take his side against Jumin from Day 1 to Day 4, make sure that they start to get along lol. Finally on the Day 10 you will encounter a Visual Novel Mode scene where you have the choice to “Stay still” or “Bite his hand”. Choose “Bite his hand” to ensure you get Zen’s good ending.
  • 707 - During the first few days, just keep playing along with 707′s jokes and feel free to even flirt with him a little. Be sure to talk more seriously when he does. When his colder personality begins to show, tone down the jokes and flirting. You are his main source for emotional support now, so you have to make it clear you are on his side. Let him know that you will seriously accept everything about him and that you don’t just like it when he acts like 707 in the chat room, you need to let him now that you like him how he is in real life also. When all the other RFA members start to talk about him, take the opportunity to tell them he’s going through a rough time and you want to be there for him. Be patient and give him time to sort out his emotions and feelings towards you. Be persistent when he tries to push you away, but don’t be too forceful or mean with your words. Also, take his side when he starts to doubt V and Rika.
  • Yoosung - Like Day 1 to Day 4, just be supportive of him through and through. Always make sure you show that you’re concerned about him, but don’t just automatically take his side especially whenever he mentions V. Be his voice of reason and try to make him see the error of his ways when he gets fired up. Make it very clear to him that you are and Rika are not the same person and you want him to see you as yourself. Do not pick the possessive answers or tell him you don’t mind if he wants to see you as Rika (that’s your one-way ticket to a bad ending). Last but not least, once you two start “pre-dating” just honestly pick the most sickeningly sweet, cheesiest responses ever and make sure he knows that you want to depend on him. Yes, you and him will be that kind of couple lol.
  • Jaehee - YOU BETTER BE 100% SUPPORTIVE TOWARDS THIS ABSOLUTE ANGEL Always take her side against Jumin. Tell Jumin off when he’s giving her too much work and won’t take her feelings into consideration. You can fangirl with her over Zen, but do not flirt with him if you’re given the option to. Encourage her to try new things and do what she’s passionate about. Just make sure you’re a good friend to her because this sweetheart needs someone who understands her and will always be there for her.