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Timelessly Beautiful Pictures of Jonathan Toews

Sometimes, pictures of Jonathan Toews are so beautiful, they’re timeless.  Here are some examples of that.

Jonathan Toews, University of Chicago senior, takes the L to campus. Late September, 1985.  

Shutterstock photo #502421467.  Tagged: indoor sunglasses, formal wear, handsome man.  Photo uploaded May, 2007.    

19 year old Canadian Hockey prodigy Jonathan Toews watches figure skating at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France.  

Actor Jonathan Toews in a promotional still for his long running WB show Port Washington.  The intended series antagonist, Jonathan played a former high school quarterback who quickly became a fan favorite.  October, 1998.  

Ferrari Formula 1 driver Jonathan Toews, after a press conference, May 2011.  Toews narrowly avoided a major crash at the Spanish Grand Prix.  

Celebrity Chef Jonathan Toews in a People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive spread, November 2005.  Toews is the executive chef at three Chicago eateries.   

 Folk Musician Jonathan Toews and his dog, Kiddo, June 1979 for Rolling Stone magazine.  

Satyr Jonathan Toews answers invasive questions about what it’s like, being the first half-man/half-goat to play in the NHL.  October, 1993.  Toews goes on to win 3 cups and a Conn Smythe, and he keeps his beard year round.  

Yuri!!! on Ice December 2016

Caption below the title (rip my english) :

It was a fine night after the Grand Prix final. Silver medalist Katsuki Yuuri had avoided drinking wine when his coach forced him to take a sip. Victor Nikiforov and Katsuki Yuuri had a blast once more! All the six finalists are in one picture! Say cheese-!

season 2 covering the olympics would honestly be a really good choice not only because it would avoid telling the same grand prix story all over again (i know worlds and other competitions are if anything even bigger competitions than the grand prix series, but story-wise the GPS does at least have an extended arc), but it would also be good for new international drama, less cramming in multiple competitions (though they could still show them along the way!) so there’s more attention to development, and satisfaction of having yuuri’s penultimate gold be an olympic one