avoid responsibilities at all costs

The thing with Leo placements is that they need a lot of validation and response from others. Venus in leo needs validation, devotion and obvious loyalty from their partner, without this they feel utterly betrayed and humiliated, which are two feelings personal planets in leo tend to avoid at all costs. Mars in leo need response from their partner in bed so they feel validated. They’re easily insecure and become self conscious by even the slightest remark because their egos are very fragile and sensitive. Moon in leo needs emotional reassurance and soothing to know that their needs and feelings are acknowledged and highly prioritized by their partner or whoever it may be. Leo ascendants tend to be the most immature when it comes to needing validation to feed their sense of identity, similar to leo suns

mbti as English Romanticism squad:

Mary Shelley: flower child, listens to ultraviolence 100 times a day, falls for the Bad Boy and never stops loving him, life on the run, shy nerd, loves books and just cant help it, did her research, knows the answers but people keep talking over her (INFP)

William Blake: is everything but never one thing, overflowing with creation and self-expression, inspired by literally everything, too cool (distracted) for school, a visionary, single-handedly defines fashion and aggressively rebels against anything unfashionable, spends last cents on a glue-gun (ENFP)

William Wordsworth: receives criticism badly or horribly, brooding almost always, party time aka going hiking in the Alps, experiences and draws own conclusions, refuses to submit to rules other than the rules of nature and endurance and maybe death (ISTP) 

Lord Byron: assumed responsibility maybe once, Shaggy-It-Wasn’t-Me-10-Hour-Version.mp3, 60 love affairs a day actually remembers maybe 2, Jack Sparrow with extra self-imposed emo episodes, hides insecurity with yoloswag, the right amount of sex, drugs, and rocknroll is MORE, do you see this limited edition albanian cashmere scarf??? it’s no big deal (ESTP)

John William Polidori: extremely under-appreciated, my best friend is credited with everything but it’s okay, smarter than anyone in the squad by far, genius-level science nerd but only 2 people know about it, quietly consumed by depression, (INTP)

Percy Shelley: chaotic good, rich kid with robin hood philosophy, SJW in theory, avoids responsibility at all costs in reality, king of all hipsters, got beaten up in highschool 4 billion times a day, lowkey mad scientist, ahead of the curve by at least a century (ENTP)

Edward John Trelawny:  changed his own diapers, ready to debate your ass, also ready to set you on fire, actually takes care of shit when needed, got maybe 25% of credit for being a badass but couldn’t care less, lowkey master strategist, fucking cool on the DL, has backup plan, outlives everyone (INTJ)

Mary Wollstonecraft: I Don’t Give a Damn About My Reputation!, kicks patriarchy’s ass every day before breakfast, gets shit done, always harsh and critical but actually domestic and motherly, trail-blazer 4 lyfe (ENTJ)

Ada Lovelace: not allowed to have fun, has fun mathematically, rolling deep with alpha genius crew, makes terrible first impression, loved by all once they get to know her, Unpopular Girl at School™  (ISTJ)

Sir Walter Scott: organizes everything always and forever, *is clearly in a state of crisis* i don’t need your charity!, works hard parties never, gives credit where it’s due, slightly/extremely obsessed with antiques (ESTJ)

Maria Edgeworth: can smell a fuckboi from 20 miles away, stays in her lane, takes care of things, embodiment of suburban orderliness and simple happiness, brings the best kind of muffins to the bake sale and everybody loves them but also secretly hates them because they shut down every party 4 hours early (ISFP)

Lady Morgan: tiny and ready to fight, runs through the meadow whimsically, Miss Genuine Popularity™, is here to have a good time, loves: 1. food 2. music 3. dancing, hates: 1. rules and 2. bad vibes (ESFP)

John Keats: aesthetic blogger, gives away his lunch money, embarrassed, in a relationship with melancholy, snuggling with tea and books, rarely in love but then fanatically, talks about pretty things and death (ISFJ)

Claire Clairmont: listen up fives a ten is speaking, talks shit in over 5 languages, Primadonna Girl, lowkey puppetmaster, lives for drama, groupie, will get the most popular guy at school by any means necessary, kinks include being the other woman and attention (ESFJ)

Jane Austen: has an etsy store, is around people a lot but always ends up observing rather than engaging, lowkey loves gossip but hates people who gossip, interested in drama but annoyed by confrontation, family is the real deal, is deeply critical but not openly (INFJ)

Jane C. Loudon: humble, self-aware and well-rounded, genius but that’s a secret even to themselves, great at explaining things to others in a kind and helpful way, appreciates the tiny nice things in life, gets absorbed in other people’s lives (ENFJ)

The signs and why you should hate them
  • Aries: Superior complex, arrogant, gets fired up about every little thing, challenges and wants to one-up everybody, acts like they're tough when all they do is cry at night
  • Taurus: Stubborn, doesn't change their minds eve when they know they're wrong, acts like the world is ending whenever they're a little sick, shallow, materialistic, uses everyone, jealous, lazy and expects you to do everything because no one matters but them
  • Gemini: Two faced, fake, acts like your friend only to make fun of you to their real friends, fucks you over just to have something to laugh about, acts like they know everything, makes up lies to prove their points, tries to debate everyone even though they play the devils advocate and have identity issues.
  • Cancer: Moody as hell, must walk on eggshells with them or they'll cry in their bed at night, pessimistic, they could nag the paint off the walls, clingy, paranoid as shit, needs constant reassurance because their self esteem does not exist..
  • Leo: Conceited, acting like they're the shit, whines about fucking everything, sore losers, refuse to do anything at all because it might hurt their inflated ego, possessive, acts like they think they're pretty but in reality they're jealous of all of their friends and wish they could be them
  • Virgo: Psycho, makes everything seem more complicated than it actually is, throws hissy fits like a child all the time, criticize others but can't take advice because they see it as an insult, expects everything to be perfect, never pleased because of their need for perfection, judgmental as fuck.
  • Libra: Superficial twats, they think they're charming so they lie and tell people what they want to hear because that's all they know how to do, unreliable because they lie so much, conceited and always looking in the mirror, lazy, cant make up their mind, boring as hell - physically and personality-wise but thinks they look like a fucking god.
  • Scorpio: Jealous of everyone they ever come in contact with, resentful, will probably sleep with their best friends significant other to feel better about themselves, manipulative, they have anger issues so they always want revenge, hides their emotions because behind closed doors they're always crying, too black and white about everything, fucking insane and belongs in a mental hospital, acts sexual but never gets laid because they're boring
  • Sagittarius: Careless about everyone and everything... except themselves, immature, feels bad about themselves so they make fun of everyone and call it being "straightforward", if you don't do things their way they tell you you're wrong, likes to control people, acts like they want to help people but in reality they want to bring everyone down to their level
  • Capricorn: Nervous about everything, acts like everything is okay when they are falling apart on the inside, they are so stubborn and think they're perfect so they will never change their views, wants everyone dead all the time, easily hurt over the tiniest things, bad attitudes, moody, all they care about is what they look like to other people
  • Aquarius: Unpredictable tempers, likes to freak out over stupid shit, god complex, they literally think of themselves as gods but really they are spoiled little children, they don't know how to shut up and listen, they think they're smart so they always offer advice, they can't keep a relationship because they're the most unromantic detached emotionless twats you'll ever come across, they got literally nothing going for them which is why they always get rejected
  • Pisces: Cry babies, pretending to be innocent while getting everyone else into deep shit, a backstabber, flakey, if you ask them to do one little thing it'll take them 3 years to do it, they're all drug addicts and alcoholics, they're lazy and oversensitive (they're probably crying while reading this right now), if theres a speck of responsibility strolling their way they will avoid it at all costs, only does nice things for people so they can get something in return, has anger issues, cries nonstop, distant in every relationship they have, loves their exes more than their current boyfriends, they will fight for human rights but spit in a persons face, they like to escape reality and have the rest of us deal with it because they're weak cowards.

you head to your 10 year high school reunion aka nathan never took you to prom

word count: 3,999

Looking at yourself one final time in the mirror, you decided that was probably the best you were going to do at this point. In fact, you thought, it shouldn’t matter to you anyways. All this was a 10-year high school reunion; most people don’t even show up to the 10-year anymore, do they? You hadn’t really been the best when it came to keeping up with and staying connected with high school friends. You weren’t really sure what most people were doing with their lives now. Well, all of them besides one.

It was hard not to know what Nathan Adrian was up to. He was Bremerton’s golden boy and whenever you mentioned to someone from outside of town where you were from they asked about him. Did you know him? Was he nice? Is he just as good looking in person? It honestly began to tire you after the one-thousandth time. You didn’t like to answer the questions because you tended to be bias when it came to Nathan.

You had known Nathan Adrian since kindergarten, and up until high school he had always stayed very low under everyone’s radar, most people knowing not to invite him anywhere because he likely had swimming things going on. He had gained popularity in high school when he led the swim team to victory for the first time in years. It wasn’t until senior year that you had an actual encounter with Nathan, before it had just been friendly smiles in the hallway or the lending of single sheets of paper in American Lit. No more then “hey can I borrow a piece of paper?” had ever been said until your final year.

In fact you were more than surprised when you walked into your sixth period class in early March and found Nathan standing at the front of the room, hands clenched around a bouquet of roses. It was clear he was nervous and about to ask someone to prom, but it wasn’t until you heard him say your name that you realized it was you he intended to ask. Blushing you took the flowers in your hands while in a semi state of shock and agreed to be his date.

You didn’t particularly know too much about Nathan besides the friendly exchanges and the fact that he was possibly half merman. Having a prom date was something exciting to you, but the barely knowing him made you nervous. What were you supposed to talk about? Would you even have fun? Agree on where to go for dinner? Who would be in your group? However the weeks after the initial ask you began to hold actual conversations with Nathan and even had lunch with him and his swim team friends sometimes. Then the typical prom plans began to fall in place, your dress, his matching tux, dinner reservations, etc. At least that was until the week leading up to prom when Nathan pulled you aside in the hallway to share some news.

He began babbling, talking very fast and you were barely able to keep up with his words until you caught the key message, that he would unable to take you to the dance that Saturday. He had some sort of opportunity to join the U.S. National Team, which he certainly couldn’t pass up even if it meant skipping out on taking you to prom. Of course you were happy for him, but it didn’t make you displace the feeling that prom was suddenly ruined.  You ended up not going, telling your friends that you were fine and never wanted to go to prom in the first place. The next few months until graduation you made sure to avoid Nathan at all costs holding him responsible for missing prom altogether.

Ever since then whenever you’d hear about his success in swimming, as an athlete, or just him in general you would roll your eyes and attempt to change the subject. However tonight you felt as though it was going to be difficult to runaway from him. You had no clue if he was actually going to show up and in the back of your mind you were hoping he was too busy since he had just arrived back to the states.

Shaking your head in thought, you realized how foolish you were being. What happened between you and Nathan was 10 years ago, and odds are he doesn’t even remember. His life had been so fast paced he probably never gave a second thought about his forgotten almost prom date.

Grabbing your bag you head out the door feeling completely scatterbrained and unprepared for what you would be walking into.

Taking a sip of what had to be your fourth cup of punch you look around the gym full of people once again. Full of people probably wasn’t correct, because the gym definitely wasn’t full. You never realized how small the group of people you had graduated with truly was. Not only that but also most of them you had known your entire life, no variety and no changes. You were thankful your college experience wasn’t the same, you didn’t know what you would do if you were stuck once again with the same exact people from Bremerton forever.

You had already been at the high school for around two hours and had chatted with people here and there, but nothing really too interesting. Most people still lived in the Seattle suburb area and had some sort of job that they tried to convey as “really great” and “a dream come true,” but you could easily tell they were stuck and hated it. You could tell because you were in the same spot.

It wasn’t clear to you where exactly you had taken the wrong turn in adult life, but you definitely knew that this wasn’t what you had in mind 10 years ago. At 28 you had a Political Science degree you’d done absolutely nothing with, instead settling for the exciting occupation as receptionist for a dentist office. When the people who you had talked to already at the reunion asked you what you were up to now you felt as though you had to lie. So your life didn’t seem as boring or horrible as there’s also probably was, but you decided to just tell them the truth. After all the next time you would see most of these people again would be in another 10 years, they’d probably forget by then. You just hoped you wouldn’t be doing the same thing in 10 years.

Without a doubt Nathan was clearly the most successful out of your graduating class, actually probably the most successful person to come out of Bremerton period. In the back of your mind you knew that was most likely another reason you had came to resent Nathan after all these years. If only you had stuck with tennis when you were 9, maybe then you’d be some sort of prodigy and hometown hero too.

At this point you were pretty sure that Nathan wasn’t going to be making an appearance, most everyone was here and you couldn’t see him coming in late. This thought calmed you but you couldn’t ignore a feeling of disappointment wave over you. Even though the whole prom thing didn’t work out and you were definitely still upset about it, Nathan was the closest thing you had in high school to a boy actually paying attention to you. Which you couldn’t deny was nice, part of you wanted to see him and show him how much he missed out. Who knows, maybe if you had gone to prom together you’d be Ms. Olympic gold medalist.

You feel a tap on your shoulder, “Hey there.” Turning around your met with a face you have to admit that you don’t recall.

“Oh um hi.” You say hoping the man in front of you won’t figure out you have no idea who he is. There’s no trace of disappoint on his face so you guess that you’re in the clear. He smiles at you brightly, “How are you?”

“I’m good. And uh you?”

He gives you the same smile, “You have no idea who I am, do you?” At that you blush, he didn’t seem offended luckily enough, but nonetheless you felt embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry. I’m kind of terrible with names and remembering things in general.” Once again you feel your cheeks heat up not only from embarrassment but also from how unquestionably attractive he was. You were kicking yourself for not remembering him.

“Ryan Adamson.”

As soon as his name leaves his lips your eyes widen, “Oh my god wow Ryan, right.”

Memories of Ryan from high school immediately coming shooting back to you and you find it hard to believe that Ryan Adamson, the Ryan Adamson from high school was suddenly gorgeous.

He grins, “Glad you remember me now. That would have been embarrassing if you just completely didn’t. Especially since Nathan-” he cuts himself off.

You knew Ryan in high school from those few times you had joined him, Nathan and the rest of the swim team for lunch. Although you hadn’t hung with them a ton, you felt the times you did you got along with them all quite well, especially Ryan.

Curious about what he was about to Nathan you attempt him to continue his thought, “What was that? Especially since Nathan what?”

He shakes his head looking down at the ground a bit, “Nothing. Forget I said anything.” He gives you another smile clearly hoping you’ll drop the subject of what he was about to say about Nathan.

There was silence between the two of you for a moment until you cleared your throat and spoke the major question on your mind, “So where is Nathan? Too big for a small town high school reunion?” You smile a bit to signal to Ryan you’re joking but for the most part you aren’t.

“No actually he should be here soon. I know he had to watch his nephews earlier today so I think he was just waiting for his sister to get back so he could take off. Can’t leave them alone you know.”

You’re so busy at the thought of Nathan with children that you almost miss Ryan mentioning how Nathan was in fact coming to the reunion tonight. You suddenly wanted to take back your slight want of him to show up. You didn’t want to see him and you didn’t want him to see you. You figured that he probably forgot about you, but you really didn’t want to have an interaction with him that indeed verified that theory. You knew that it would hurt you.

“Oh wow, yeah.” Is all you say in response to Ryan and you turn to look at all of your former fellow classmates, some mingling and some dancing in the middle of the gym where a horrible DJ was set up playing “the hits of 2006.”

There’s more silence lingering between the two of you and you begin to feel a sort of tension as though he wants to tell you something, but you decide to shrug it off. “So when was Nathan going to come?” You hear yourself ask.

Ryan gives you a smile, “Soon I think. Why?” You turn away from him, “Just wondering.” Perhaps it would be best if you just left before you risked running into him, or was that a cowardly move?

You hear a commotion coming from the other end of the gym, a large amount of chatter and even some yells coming from those attending the reunion. Ryan gives you a look, “And that would be Nathan.”

Although you’re on the other side of the gym and there’s a good amount of people between the two of you, it’s not hard to miss Nathan since he towers over everyone in the space. You feel a flutter in your stomach and you know right away he’s got you in the palm of his hands.

How pathetic can I be? You wonder to yourself. You’re supposed to be resentful towards him. Not whatever this is…

“Come on.” Ryan says to you stepping forward. Your body tightens up, “No that’s okay. I think I’ll just stay here.” He immediately frowns at you but nods and continues down the gym to where a crowd has begun to form around Nathan. In fact you become one of the only ones not apart of the large mob made up of adults in their late twenties ready to hover the Olympian for the rest of the night till they get their “see I told you I went to school with him” picture for their friends.

You take this as a chance to get another cup of punch. Just as you were going back and forth in your mind for what had to be the hundredth time about whether being at this reunion was a good idea you felt a tap on your shoulder for the second time of the night.

This time you weren’t met with Ryan and his jet-black hair, instead you found yourself staring upwards towards someone who was at least a foot taller than you. Yes, that someone.  

Nathan smiles at you, his eyes crinkling a bit, “Hi.”

You can feel yourself wanting to say something, but for some reason your vocal chords aren’t cooperating and catching up with your brain. It isn’t until a few moments later until you can manage to squeak out your award winning line of “Hey.”

He looks down at his feet as if he’s shy and continues to smile.

Oh god, he’s so cute.

That moment’s all it takes and you yourself break out into a smile unable to contain your emotions.

“How are you?” He asks and you can tell he means it. You had heard that simple phrase many times tonight, but somehow when it comes from his lips you feel as though you want to tell him everything from over these past 10 years. The good, the bad, and the parts you don’t want to tell anyone else.

You hold back, not wanting to scare him away, “Good. And you?”

He leans his head to one side and it’s almost as if he’s nervous about something, but why would someone who swims in front of millions of people get nervous? “Great.”

“So what have you been up to?”

You feel your eyes roll in the back of your head and you want to kick yourself for being so horrible. Of course you know what he had been up to, everyone on the planet knew what he had been up to and if they didn’t, they could very easily Google it.

Nathan chuckles a bit and you can’t help but join him, “Oh this and that. Not much.”

There’s another pause, you’re unsure of what to say because all you can hear and feel is your heart thumping at a thousand miles a minute in your chest.

“You look really great.” He says and all the blood rushes to your cheeks. How could you have ever been mad at him? The time you had spent together in high school was small but you always laughed and had a great time just being with him. Sure, he didn’t end up taking you to prom but so what? He had an opportunity of a lifetime, if you were truly his friend you should have supported him and stuck by his side, not avoid him for the rest of your high school career. At least you hoped you had become friends in that short time, now it was unclear.

“You do too.”

He rubs his hand on the back of his neck, “Do you uh maybe want to dance? I know it’s kind of lame but-”

Cutting him off, you shrug your shoulders playfully and say, “As long as your fan club doesn’t mind,” motioning to the large amount of people who are still watching him from all parts of the gym. Nathan looks back at them and turns to look at you again, “I think they’ll be okay.”

Smiling you nod giving him your final answer in agreement to the dance. He takes your hand in his and you can’t help but wonder if this was how it was supposed to be the whole time. If this was what was supposed to happen in high school but you just didn’t let it.

He leads you to the dance floor where more and more people are starting to crowd and fill in, mostly because they want to be close to their now famous classmate.

The previous song ends and some sort of slow Ne-Yo song takes it place; you can’t help but laugh at how cheesy it was. You were kind of getting the prom moment you never had with Nathan.

He places his hands around your waist and you try your best to get your hands as much on his shoulders as you can, but it’s mostly a lost cause due to his height.

“Sorry for being so freakishly tall.” He says.

“No, no. Don’t worry about it, I like it.” You reply.

He lets out a breath of relief, “Good. You know some people actually used to tease me in high school because of my height?”

You widen your eyes, “What? Really? Point them out to me right now. Are they in this room? I can talk to them if you want, I can be really convincin-“ He cuts you off.

Laughing, he smiles down at you, “It’s okay. It was 10 years ago and I think I’m over it.”

“You think.”

He smiles, but soon his mouth twists into a straight line, “I never really got to say this but I’m sorry about the whole prom thing.”

A couple of hours ago you would have loved to hear these words from his mouth but now they just made you sick. You appreciated it, but you realized that he didn’t really have anything to apologize for.

“No, it’s okay. I was kind of psychotic back then and thought everything revolved around me. Which is why I kind of distanced myself from you after that, I was mad and didn’t understand how important your swimming was.”

Nathan shuts his eyes tightly and opens them, “Yeah… I have to admit that the last month or so before graduation when you stopped talking to me was really hard. I felt like we had become-“

“Such great friends, I know…” You say cutting him off.

“Friends… Right.”

There’s more silence, just the two of you swaying back and forth, his grip getting a little tighter on your waist and you feel him pulling you in closer. He doesn’t say anything about it, but you let yourself be that close to him and place your head on his lower chest. Over the loud music you can barely make out his heart beating in his chest.

Nathan clears his throat and you lift your head looking up once again at him ready to hear whatever it is he’s about to say. Looking into his brown eyes you can tell he’s conflicted if he should hold back what he’s about to say, but he sighs and you hear him mumble something. It’s hard to make out so you apologize and ask him to repeat himself.

He clears his throat once again, “I should have told you this a long time ago. Before I asked you to prom. Probably at the beginning of the year, hell probably in kindergarten…”

You get a bit nervous at his words for what he’s about to reveal, “What is it?”

He takes in a breath, “I’ve liked you forever but I was always to afraid to tell you. I spent practically my whole childhood thinking about what it would be like if you had known. I finally got the courage and just asked you to prom, because I thought it was senior year it was my last chance and I might as well. I should have told you that I had feelings for you because maybe then when I wasn’t able to take you it wouldn’t have been as bad… I don’t know.” He shakes his head, mostly to himself.

You blink a couple of times, “You liked me?”

“You honestly couldn’t tell? I’d have a heart attack every time you walked in the room. Tonight when I saw you I had a heart attack.”

At his words you stop moving along with him to the music and break away from him, taking a step back. He looks at you, wondering what’s wrong expecting you to yell at him for having feelings for you, but you smile.

“Come on.” You say grabbing onto his hand and leading him out of the center of the gym. “Where are we going?” You hear him ask behind you.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

You begin to think you underestimated just how cold it was out, but you find yourself moving closer to Nathan trying to engulf as much of his warmth as you can.

Sharing your secret spot at the docks wasn’t something you had done very often, in fact you couldn’t think of ever doing it with anyone else besides with Nathan now. You were very protective over your space, but for some reason you felt as though you had to show him and share. He had been a little hesitant at first about ditching the reunion, especially since he had just arrived, but he came anyway clearly curious about where you were taking him.

As soon as you got to your spot you could tell he was pleased with his decision, both of you managing to find an extra blanket in the back of your car and laid it out on the dock so you could lay on your backs and look at the night sky.

“I never thought that I would be here with you.” You mumble to him, “I thought you would have forgotten me.”

He moves so he’s on his side facing you, “No. Even if I wanted to, I know I couldn’t.”

You smile at his words and move on your side so your back is pressed up against him, his body keeping you warm from the usual Washington chill. “I couldn’t either.”

His arms find their way around your waist until they’re resting on your lower stomach and you suddenly find it hard to imagine a world where this had never happened before. The silence between the two of you feels comfortable and it feels as though the 10 years between you never happened, as though it ceases to exist, but you know that you can’t completely ignore it. You’re not sure where this is going to go, but you know that you want to know everything about him, about who he is now and what’s going on in his head.

“What’s a conspiracy theory you strongly believe in?” You ask him out of the blue.

You feel him lower his head into the crook of your neck and laugh into it, confused by your question.

“What are you talking about?”

You laugh, “I want to know every little thing about you that I missed or I never knew, and I’d have to say that this is probably the best place to start. You know, might as well get this one out of the way.” You can feel him shake his head, but you know that it’s in a playful way.


“Yes good, keep going.”

You close your eyes and move your hands down to his on your stomach and rub them gently listening to him. You both spend the rest of the night like that, talking about the most ridiculous things and the most serious things. Everything and nothing, making sure that distance of 10 years never happened.

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Examine Saïx's coffee cup.

examine meme 

>a greater has ordered you to make some coffee. will you obey?

>>leave it for Tasty


>you lift up Saïx’s coffee cup. you don’t know what makes it different from the others, but he does like it, which makes it different. you’ll need to clean it and fill it up. 

>>clean the cup
>>avoid water at all costs

>>>avoid water at all costs

>you choose to avoid both responsibility and the threat of rust.

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Jin: After a week of absolute silence on (Y/N)’s end, he couldn’t take it anymore. The idol stared at his phone, contemplating on whether or not to text you or call you. His heartbeat increased as the dial of the phone rang as he brought the electronic to his ear. (Y/N) picked up and his voice caught in his throat. “Hello?” he heard, the annoyance and sadness emanating from their voice. “I know I hurt you, but are you too hurt to remain friends with me?” he asked shakily.

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Suga: As he sat in his favorite coffee shop, Yoongi couldn’t help but think of how much (Y/N) hated coffee. It’s been a month since they spoke and the rapper knew why. At this point in time, he felt lonely, hurt and selfish. He wanted (Y/N) back. It’s already been too long to contact them and he figured that this void could be filled if he had enough time to heal. But, if this feeling didn’t go away, he’d contact them soon. 

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Jimin: It’s been about two weeks and four days since (Y/N) agreed to just be friends with Jimin. However, they’ve been acting like less and less of a friend the more the days passed. All contact with (Y/N) was pretty much useless. They’d respond to text messages with one word, sometimes on bad days, one letter. He asked (Y/N) if they wanted to talk about this while taking a stroll. As the walked, the moon illuminated the streets, he interrupted the awkward silence. “I miss you. I know how you feel about me, but I’m not ready to lose you over this…”

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V: He was irritated. He missed his best friend and he didn’t want to lose them. He ran his slender fingers through his light brown hair. It was just his luck that (Y/N) agreed to meet him during his break. As expected, he left the practice room and they were standing there, appearing a bit out of place despite coming here countless times before. The male grabbed their wrists, pinned them against the wall and yelled, “Do you hate me that much?! Huh?” 

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J-Hope: Three whole days have passed since (Y/N) confessed. Of course, the usually happy virus was more sullen. He felt like he was being more ignored with each passing day. He called and texted as he normally would, but even that has changed. He became desperate, texting them: “If you don’t want to be friends, then please just tell me. It’d be better if you just told me so I don’t assume we’re friends and you’re treating me like this. I miss you, but I respect you.”

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Rap Monster: He couldn’t understand it. He thought he made it perfectly clear that they should remain friends. What had he done wrong? He called, visited their house, attempted Skype calling, but the outcome was always the same. The cold shoulder, short responses, and avoiding eye contact at all costs. Was it because he told them to remain friends? Either way, it would result in a different treatment: if he said yes to (Y/N)’s confession, he’d be treated with romance in mind. Now, he wanted to remain friends and he’d being treated like this. He knew that if he dated them, he’d want to invest so much time that he’d begin to disregard work. Either way he couldn’t win. But, he missed (Y/N) so much…

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Jungkook: “Hey Jungkookie! We’re going out for ice cream. Wanna come?” Taehyung asked, barging into his room. The maknae shook his head and plugged his headsets in his ears. Taehyung shrugged and left the room, leaving the younger member to his thoughts. In some current events of his life, he felt like he was mourning. Jungkook just lost his best friend (Y/N). And despite his efforts in attempts to rekindle their friendship, they’ve all gone to waste. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling, biting his lower lip as he wondered if he’d ever get his best friend back.

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I’ve been busy adulting lately and haven’t had as much time to write as I would like. Here’s some Office AU adoribull headcanons:

• If Dorian needs to ask Bull a question, he swaggers up to the cubicle, leans on the wall, and inspects all of the gaudy decorations and pictures frames as if he’s personally offended. Sometimes Bull acts like he doesn’t even see him, just to make him look at them longer.

• If Dorian wants to spare his eyes from Bull’s cube, he’ll dial his extension from across the room. Bull will loudly announce to the entire office, “HEY! Dorian’s calling me!” before answering the phone and speaking loudly enough that Dorian can hear him from the other side of the room anyway. Emails receive similar responses, but unfortunately the responses include emoticons and must be avoided at all costs.

• Bull has a habit of figuring out who doesn’t have anyone to sit with in the break room for lunch and schedules his own lunches accordingly. When he finds out Dorian isn’t actually driving to eat out every day, and rather sits alone in his car in the lot for lunch, he knocks on the window one day and suggests they go out, his treat.

• Speaking of cars, when theirs are parked next to one another in the lot, it’s the laugh of the office. Bull’s dinged-up pickup looming over Dorian’s sleek white sports car makes for quite the juxtaposition, and is said to mirror their office personalities quite well.

• At weekly meetings, the boss has everyone compliment someone they’ve worked with recently. When it’s Dorian’s turn to praise Bull, all concepts of professionalism are out the window. He grows red-faced and inarticulate, mumbling an inelegant “He was helpful.” Later, he writes Bull a very sweet email to make up for it, and allows himself one emoticon. Bull prints out the email and pins it to his wall. Because of the emoticon, he claims.

• They don’t have a classic office party interaction, no heated kisses in empty meeting rooms – nothing so romantic or clichéd. They simply work together closely and often, learning the brainstorming methods of the other, how they sort their projects, their habits, what’s on their to-do list, the difference in urgency between yellow and blue sticky notes, how much creamer Bull likes in his coffee, how Dorian is in fact not seeing anyone, how they both seem to be free Friday nights, and how, yes, Dorian wouldn’t mind coming over for drinks, so long as Bull’s apartment is not decorated anything like his desk.

• BONUS – I picture Bull hunched over his tiny desk like:

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(yaaay) could you do Reaper, Zarya and McCree meeting the parents/family of their S/O??? Pls??

((This was the one that I had half done and then lost))


- Edgy McEdgelord here is going to struggle with this. He probably doesn’t even want to go meet them, claiming that it’s going to be a waste of time. You’ll have to take your time and slowly talk him into doing it.

- He’ll be very off putting at first, only having one word responses to questions and avoiding small talk at all costs. You most likely warned your parents about this beforehand, but it’s still a bit surprising to them.

- Even though he didn’t want to come, he still made an effort by making some food and bringing it over. He’ll get all blushy if they compliment it.

- If things start to go south and they don’t like him, he will up and leave. He’ll act like he doesn’t care but will be furious on the inside. Will probably start ranting in spanish about it.

- Honestly he would just be shocked if they like him but will be flattered nonetheless. 


- Family is very important to her, so naturally she wants to hit it off with your family. She will take this meet up very seriously and will spend a long time thinking over how to best get on their good side.

- She’ll take a humorous approach with them and will consider every laugh out of them a point for her. Might also try to show off her strength a little by doing something like effortlessly picking you up.

- If you’re having dinner at your parent’s house, she will want to help make dinner. She’ll insist on setting the table too and washing the dishes afterwards.

- Might slip into Russian accidentally while talking, but doesn’t get embarrassed because she’s damn proud of her heritage. Will probably try to teach them a few words while she’s there.

- If your family wound up not liking her, she would take it hard, but wouldn’t give up. She would make it her mission to win them over. If she did get them to like her, she would treat them like her own family.


- All of his suaveness goes flying right out the window when he first meets your folks. It doesn’t stay gone for long and he winds up pulling it back together and salvaging the meeting. He brings a bouquet to offer to your parents and will be so embarrassed if he finds out your parents are allergic.

- He trips and falls right in front of them right off the bat. He will be mortified about this for the rest of his life.He’ll try and walk it off as if nothing happened, even if his nose is bleeding.

- He’ll sweet talk the hell out of them, and by the end of the night your parents will completely understand why you’re with this smooth talking cowboy.

- He will be nervous about the initial meeting and be worried that they will dislike him for obvious reasons. If they were to not like him, he would accept it bitterly and may even try to break it off with you. It will take a lot of reassurance from you to stick around.

- If they do like him though, he’ll be so surprised and happy. He would tend to come around frequently for family hangouts. He won’t admit it at first, but he loves having a family to go to.

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lol I guess that's your passive response: an 'avoid all unnecessary confrontation at all costs' post. Maybe you'll stop to reflect the next time you're about to unnecessarily divide things into oppositional black and white categories, as you have, which only serves to maintain conflict in the social sphere. You know I'm right and you also know that if you posted a response to my retort you'd look like an idiot to your followers. Its cool, at least I got you thinking. Peace. #BLM #ALM #NoConflict

•I’m a black woman.
•Someone living in a privileged environment could never tell me how to correctly react to oppression.
•It’s none of my business if these movements make you feel uncomfortable. •We live in different realities. Do you know how detrimental it is to ignore racism and the struggle of oppressed people? This “colourblindness” attitude doesn’t solve racism it simply ignores it.
•You either see the fucked up ways in our society and want to create an equal world for all of you don’t. There’s no in between.
•Even your smug response doesn’t bother me in the slightest
•BlackLivesStill matter
•Every community should to be able to freely highlight the problems that affect them and advocate changes without having to worry about being silenced or who’s feelings are hurting.
•Yes all lives matter, the sky is blue and water is wet. When the oil was leaking into the ocean and causing damage, did the world step back and say “all liquid matters”? No, for that moment the world acknowledged the damage that was being done and acted upon it. The ocean and the life depending on it became the main focus. Why in this predicament is it so hard to understand. Lives are being lost because of a fucked up system and people are coming together to put an end to it.
•Come off anonymous

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