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All of the angry anti-radfem stuff that I see about periods has lately been bothering me. I’ve been in my bed today, with heating pads and ibuprofen, trying to distract myself from my uterus twisting around, and I’ve been giving it some thought.

A few days ago I saw someone say that older radfems “teach younger women to drink period blood”. I see complains about uterus artwork, about women who use period blood in their wiccan/witchcraft rituals, women being asked not to speak about their periods as women, and of course women describing vulvas as a “nightmare of flesh”. We’re accusing of reducing ourselves to genitalia, of being obsessed with our periods, told that nobody is oppressed because of their menstrual cycle (sometimes, of course, they add “in America”, as if female oppression is something else we’ve outsourced).

My mom told me that, when she was a kid, she didn’t wrap up a tampon enough when she threw it in the trash. Her dad called her in and hit her because “her brothers could have seen”. She tells me that one of the first times she fell in love with my dad was when she found out he kept tampons in his bathroom “just in case”. 

I remember being told that I couldn’t use the bathroom once in middle school, as I had already gone that class. My friend gave me a sweatshirt to tie around my waist after I bled through my pants. 

I remember in gym class, when we went out to run, trying to explain to my male teacher that I couldn’t run because I was on my period. He told me that I didn’t have a sick note and that telling him was inappropriate. I threw up on the track.

When I talk to doctors about my irregular periods, they tell me I must use hormonal birth control. We don’t have any medications that weren’t made to make women sexually available. The “period” you get on birth control is withdrawal from hormones. Nobody tells me for years that hormonal birth control doesn’t mix with mood disorders. Five doctors put me on this routine. Each time I go crazy. When I refuse with the last doctor, tell her I can’t do it again, she tells me to “grow up”.

My period hurts, hurts more than it should, with PCOS. My grandmother had it, had surgery after surgery like many women in her family, to remove ovaries bit by bit. They wouldn’t take them all out at first because, the doctors said, they might want to give birth. My grandmother calls it “her cancer”, because that’s how the doctor described it to her.

I know a woman who passed out in class. The teacher called an ambulance, and when they got there and she woke up she was mortified. She had endometriosis and she was angry that others had seen her in pain. I read later that cramps can be more painful than a heart attack. 

I ask if I can postpone a meeting at a job until the next day. My co-worker asks if I am PMSing because I’ve been so grumpy all day. I go to the restroom and vomit, because the nausea from my period is so awful. I miss days sometimes because I can’t make it out of bed.

So when I see positivity about periods, when I see people trying to make art about this thing we have in common, when I see women talking about ways to make their period more comfortable, when I see the stitched pads they make, when I see people who can view the period as somehow divine, I truly do appreciate it. It isn’t gross, or awful. What’s gross and awful is telling us to be silent, not letting us learn, not making accommodations, the idea that this is a thing that we have to actively hide.

I don’t think those things are “glorifying” periods, but so what if they are? I think that taking something that hurts and making it into something positive and beautiful is incredible. I think that accepting ourselves as we are and finding ways to love that are some of the best things we can do in life.

So, as I lay here, in a lot of pain, I just want to say thanks for all the talk about menstruation. I love your uterus art. I love the things that I’ve learned from women about menstruation–why we have periods and how that relates to our bodies avoiding pregnancy, what normal periods should look like, signs and symptoms of gynecological disorders, and how to use menstrual products that are less toxic to our bodies.

Our periods shouldn’t have a stigma, and we should remember that we aren’t alone. Cheers, and I hope all of you have a great day today :)

Herbs to avoid during pregnancy

 There’s a lot of reasons to use herbs. You want a more natural medicine to treat something. You enjoy the taste of fresh herbal teas. You practice some form of paganism and/or witchcraft and use herbs in your craft. You should always consult with your medical care provider before starting any herbal regimen. Be sure to look into any herbs and natural remedies you want to try too, to make sure they don’t negatively effect you because of any pre-existing medical conditions.

This particular section though, I’m going to be talking about herbs and pregnancy. Some plants contain substances that we know can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, birth defects and more. I know some people will use this list as a reference for natural contraceptives. That’s fine, but there is an important part to touch on with that.

When we think of contraceptives today, we think of hormonal contraceptives or barrier methods. Herbs are neither of those. Herbs that work as contraceptives are abortive. They don’t prevent you from becoming pregnant, they terminate a pregnancy very early on. It is important to note that if you’re using contraceptive herbs, and still become pregnant enough that you’re aware of it, you should either stop use immediately or look at your other options for terminating the pregnancy. I’m not promoting abortion, but you should be aware that using contraceptive herbs, and having them fail, can result in serious birth defects. If that’s not something you want to deal with, be aware that continuing to take the herbs may make it worse, not just get rid of the pregnancy.

If you’re looking at this for a list of herbs to avoid while you’re pregnant, so as not to risk hurting the fetus and ensuing baby, then you should be avoiding these herbs if you’re trying to become pregnant too. Studies show that 30% to 50% of all fertilized eggs are lost before a pregnancy is actually established, and the woman never even knows about it. Of known pregnancies, 10% to 20% end in miscarriage. So, it’s important if you’re trying to have a baby, to do everything possible not to contribute to those numbers.

So, with no further ado, these are the herbs to avoid if you are now, or are trying to become pregnant.

Saw Palmetto


Donq Quai (used in combination with other herbs to induce miscarriage)



Pay D'Arco

Passion Flower

Black Cohosh (used in combination with other herbs to induce miscarriage)

Blue Cohosh (used in combination with other herbs to induce miscarriage)

Chamomile (roman)



Evening Primrose


Kava Kava



Rosemary (in amounts greater than normally found in food)



Angelica (used in combination with other herbs to induce miscarriage)





Thyme (in amounts greater than normally found in food )



Also, while you (hopefully) don’t ever ingest known poisonous herbs, I’d also advise not handling them while pregnant as some things can be absorbed through your skin. Not a lot, but better safe than sorry. These are herbs that are listed by the USDA as Unsafe or Potentially Unsafe for use during pregnancy.

There are more than a dozen medically approved methods of birth control, including condoms, the pill and implants.

Now for the first time, a cell phone app has been certified as a method of birth control in the European Union.

Its creator, Elina Berglund, is a particle physicist who was part of the team that won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013. Not long after she helped discover the elusive subatomic particle known as the Higgs boson, she left her job and went searching for answers to a different mystery: how to create an app to prevent pregnancy.

Berglund had relied on a hormonal birth control implant for ten years, but she and her husband were thinking about having kids and wanted a natural way to avoid pregnancy. None of the existing apps met her standards, so the couple used math to create one. She says programming the app wasn’t that different from particle physics.

Mobile App Designed To Prevent Pregnancy Gets EU Approval

Photo: Courtesy of Natural Cycles

An Leabhar na Draíochta

The Mori Witch’s Book of Magick

A collection of original writings from my Leabhar na Draíochta (Book of Magick).

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  2. Uses for Forget-Me-Nots & Lavender in Magick
  3. 83 Herbs and Their Magickal Properties
  4. Herbs and Things to Avoid During Pregnancy & Lactation [Witchcraft 101]


    Types of Magick

    1. Binding [Witchcraft 101]
    2. Curses vs. Hexes: What’s the Difference?
    3. Necromancy [Witchcraft 101]

    General Info

    1. Taglocks [Witchcraft 101]
    2. Magick Oils
    3. Making A Simple Protection/Negativity Repelling Sachet
    4. A Brief Summary of the Major Arcana (Tarot)
    5. Liminality & Liminal Spaces
    6. Witch Bottles?


    1. Palmistry [Part 1][Part 2]
    2. How to Work & Calibrate Your Pendulum


    Bath Magick

    1. Roe’s All-round Cleansing Bath [Bath Magick]
    2. “Bathe Me the Fuck Better” Bath Spell [sachet]


    1. Minor Pain/Healing Spell

    Spirit Work & Divination

    1. Incense Blend (ft. Candle Magick) to Contact A Deceased Loved One
    2. Divination Drinks: Tea to Aid in Divining

    Jar Spells/Spell Bottles

    1. Roe’s Foolproof Decoy/Entrapment Bottle


    1. All That You Love Will Turn to Nothing


    Talismans & Amulets/Enchanting Objects

    1. Regain & Maintain Your Self-Control

    Tips, Tricks & Advice

    1. The Mori Witch’s Tips & Tricks
    2. Witch Tip: Sigils and Sugar Sheets
    3. How Do You Deal with the Negative Connotations Surrounding Witchcraft?
    4. Why Protecting Yourself During Samhain is Important
    5. (Weird) Witch Tip/Hack [Flammable Spaghetti]
    6. Witch Tip: Pendulum
    7. Mugwort: WARNING
    8. Witch Tip: Crystal Bonding

      Sigils/Sigil Magick

      1. “My Positive Relationships Will Flourish” [sigil]
      2. “I Cannot Be Broken” [sigil]
      3. “The Traumas of My Past Will Not Trouble My Future” & “I Do Not Fear the Troubles or Frights That My Eyes Have Seen” [sigil]
      4. “I Am Not My Past; I Have Worth” [sigil]
      5. “I Have the Power to Succeed” [sigil]
      6. “I am in control.” [sigil]

      Potions & Elixirs

      1. Roe’s Quick Magickal Pick-me-up (for the tired witch)


      1. Witches Runes [Part 1][Part 2]



      1. SamhainBeltaneLughnasadh 


      1. Gaelic Deities: The Dagda ✧ Óengus 
      2. A Brief List of Well Known and Commonly Worshipped Pagan Deities
      3. “How would one worship and invoke Lir and The Morrigan?”


      1. Pagan Festivals: Walpurgisnacht
      2. Celtic Tree Lore


      1. Brief Summary of Why Wicca and Witchcraft Are Not Interchangeable Terms
      He was right

      Hellooo lovelies! Here’s something a little different. Really hope you enjoy! All the love, B xx

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      The pop pop pop of the corn exploding and turning into white crunchy popcorn invades his ears and the sickening smell of the caramel he’s stirring on a small pan on the stove top invades his nostril and make him roll his eyes - you’ve always been addicted to caramel popcorn and he never understood why. He always told you it was too sweet for his taste and he couldn’t eat more than a handful but you… you could eat it until the bowl was empty and you had sticky fingers and smacking lips.

      Mixing everything into the silver bowl you said was designated to your popcorn addiction, he makes way for your bedroom, where the two of you are setting up to watch a movie for the night.

      “What’s that smell?” You yell and you sound… disgusted. He’s ten feet away from the door and he sniffs, trying to find what’s the smell you’re talking about but still, the only thing he can smell is the caramel from the popcorn in his hand.

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      I saw someone on youtube do this and I thought the idea was adorable. Second thought was: Arnold would be a big enough of a sap to want to do this if he saw it. He’d also be artistically talented enough to want to paint it himself.

      Helga was kind of ‘eeeh’ about it b/c it would be washed away afterward so what would the point be but she could tell he really wanted to do it so she was like ‘FINE’. She’s trying not to laugh at how focused he is, also it kind of tickles too. She ends up really liking it ‘cause it’s cute.

      This is basically how they let everyone know what they’re having.

      By this point Helga isn’t freaking out as much about the pregnancy or the impending motherhood, at least not as much as she did in the beginning. 

      Personally I don't understand why so many people want either Aelin or Feyre to be pregnant in the next book

      In both stories there’s a war going on, and both characters don’t want to have children while this is happening. Both characters make active attempts to avoid pregnancy while sexually active by taking contraception. Feyre and Rhys have a whole conversation where Feyre flat out says she wants to wait a while before having children, which Rhys agrees to. Yes Rhysand have unprotected sex but it also says that if Feyre was to start taking contraceptive the next day it would counteract this, which I don’t think SJM would even mention if it didn’t mean she did start taking it
      And honestly it would take away from the story, for me personally anyway. Maybe in an epilogue sure, but both characters are young and unsure about children and have so much else going on it wouldn’t make sense really
      Is this just me???? Idk

      The situation has deteriorated to the point where people are now seriously arguing that their religious beliefs give them the right not to do jobs they were hired to do.

      Pharmacists across the country have refused to fill prescriptions for birth-control or Plan B pills because they say they have a religious freedom right not to. For a time, Muslim taxi drivers at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul airport were refusing to transport anyone carrying bottles of alcohol, even though the bottles were sealed. Wedding planners, florists, bakers, and the owners of bed-and-breakfasts are refusing service to same-sex couples. Again the cry is raised of ‘religious freedom.’

      No one is asking the obvious question: Does the private choice of another person prevent you from attending the house of worship of your choice? Further, does it stop you from joining your coreligionists for prayer and worship? Does it require you to bow before an alien god?

      The pharmacists, taxi drivers, B&B owners, and so on concede that it does not. But they go on to argue that they don’t wish to be complicit in another’s sin. Putting aside the question of whether the government has any obligation to (or is even legally permitted to) recognize what qualifies as ‘sin,’ the standard being proposed for adoption here is dangerously vague and loose.

      ‘Sin’ is a notoriously slippery concept. One person’s sin can easily be another’s hobby or harmless preference. Examples include dancing, reading steamy novels, and wearing tight clothing.

      A society where a self-asserted claim to religious liberty trumps every other right quickly becomes unworkable. What’s to stop a Muslim store clerk from refusing to ring up your bacon? Don’t laugh—it has happened. Why not allow the clerk in the bookstore to refuse to tell you where the sex manuals are kept because you’re not married? What prevents the woman at the register from turning you away because your skirt is just a little too short?

      Some might say these are minor inconveniences. After all, there will always be another store, another clerk, another skirt. Perhaps so.

      But what happens when it’s three o’clock in the morning and the only clerk at the only twenty-four-hour pharmacy in town won’t give a victim of sexual assault a pack of Plan B pills sitting six inches away from his hand? What happens when a woman with a problem pregnancy can’t get a taxi driver to take her to an abortion clinic? What happens when an entire family is turned away from a hotel because the owner doesn’t think much of their religion?

      More to the point, in such a society, what’s to stop grotesque invasions of privacy under the guise of protecting someone else’s freedom of religion? The owners of secular businesses who don’t want to include birth control in healthcare plans assume that their employees will use it to avoid pregnancy. Indeed, most probably will.

      But some will use birth-control pills to shrink ovarian cysts. Some will use them to treat endometriosis. Some will even use them for cases of acne.

      Why should an employer’s so-called right to refuse to include birth control in a healthcare plan—a regulation that in no way prevents the employer from attending religious services, praying, or reading the religious texts of choice, or even taking part in numerous other forms of religious expression—override the employee’s right to get and use possibly lifesaving medicine? If these rights are deemed to be in conflict, it would seem the claim for medicine is stronger. After all, the inability to get this medicine can, in some cases, have extremely Serious consequences. (Untreated endometriosis can lead to chronic pain, cysts, infertility, and even cancer.)

      Another option is to require women who want birth-control pills for reasons that aren’t related to, well, the control of births to submit a doctor’s note to their employers. How patronizing is that? How much private medical information does that require the employee to divulge? If we accept the proposition that one person must jump through a series of absurd, demeaning hoops so that another person may fully exercise his or her religious liberty, then something is seriously amiss.

      The line is drawn exactly where? The Church of Scientology has a well-known animus toward the psychiatric profession. If your boss down at the lumber mill is a Scientologist, can he refuse to cover any employee’s visits to a counselor for any reason? Can he deny couples access to a marriage counselor and cut off paying for drugs that treat things like depression, attention deficit disorder, or schizophrenia?

      Can a factory owner who happens to be a Jehovah’s Witness refuse to put surgical procedures into healthcare plans because they involve blood transfusions? More to the point, can a fundamentalist Christian who owns a chain of home-improvement stores announce that the requirement to provide a healthcare plan to employees is, in itself, unconstitutional because no one needs to see a doctor? You just need to pray, and Jesus will heal you.

      What about a New Age boss who argues that all healing comes from herbs, vitamins, and crystals, and that’s all that will be covered?

      Can these business owners do these things? Why not? How are they different than what Catholic opponents of birth control have asserted? Once a broad right to religious freedom has been asserted—so broad that it gives the boss the right to control the private decisions of others—no distinctions can be made between religions. All must be treated equally.

      Here’s a simpler solution: you have no control over others. What medications I use and what I use them for aren’t your business. My need or choice to swallow pill A or get treatment B doesn’t stop you from worshipping, praying, or relating to God in whatever way you see fit.

      If you feel these actions endanger my soul, feel free to tell me that. But that’s it. You don’t have a say over me or my soul. Having examined the facts, we are capable of making our own decisions about our souls—where they will end up, how they might get there, and even if they exist.

      Williams, Leland, Jefferson, and Madison understood this. At a time when real religious liberty was a rarity in the world, they grasped an important fact: religious liberty is, first and foremost, the right to make decisions for yourself.

      This may seem utterly noncontroversial today. It is only because a generation of pioneers paved the way to make it so. Prior to the founders, just about every government in human history assumed it had the right (and the duty) to ‘help’ subjects refrain from making theological mistakes, to prevent them from straying into error.

      There were at least two problems with this: First, different nations and leaders had various ideas as to what constituted theological ‘error.’ Catholic France and Protestant England never could quite see eye to eye on this matter. Nor could Orthodox Russia. Or Muslim Turkey, for that matter. You get the idea.

      Second, people continued to make it abundantly clear that they did not need, nor did they want, this state-sponsored ‘help’ in matters of religion. They even considered it offensive. And annoying. Even dangerous. The fact that, all too often, those who declined the ‘help’ ended up on the business end of a torture rack only made things worse.

      What people sought then, back in the day, was a concept of religious freedom that included the right to dissent. Unfortunately, the first proponents didn’t close the circle. They sought freedom—but only for themselves. America’s Puritan forbearers were known for their intolerance and their insistence that, even though the Church of England had gotten it wrong, they had gotten it right. The reason they threw Williams out was because he dared to tell them that maybe they too had got it wrong.

      It took another generation to make the next great leap forward: Perhaps what’s true for me isn’t true for the guy down the street, across town, or even in the next town over. And maybe what he does behind the closed and private doors of his church doesn’t affect me. Maybe his right to worship is as important as mine. Perhaps my right to worship as I see fit and his are strongly linked. Perhaps both will stand or fall together.

      Maybe I’m not the best person to make moral decisions for another. Maybe I don’t deserve that role. Maybe that’s for the best.

      That’s the first step. Jefferson, Madison, and others took it a long time ago. Our problem today is that instead of trying to advance that step, too many people are working to reverse it.

      —  Robert Boston, Taking Liberties: Why Religious Freedom Doesn’t Give You the Right to Tell Other People What to Do (pp. 38–42)

      anonymous asked:

      I have another question about mistresses. How did they prevent pregnancy? We see Fantine is unsuccessful, but her friends seem to prevent it (iirc).


      Discussion under the cut for people who want to avoid birth control talk!

      Also, before I get into this: all of this is presented for historical value/knowledge only. Do not try this at home, or at anyone else’s home. This is from the 19th Century, fer crying out loud. They drank mercury and thought bleeding was hygienic. Don’t be like them. 

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      anonymous asked:

      Can you do prompts 35 + 67 where the reader gives Damian the sex talk and the other batfam members are listening in on the conversation

      Oh boy, this is a hilarious idea! I love it!!! I hope you like it!

      Warning: Swearing & an explanation of sex

      Prompt 35: “If you make one more stupid pun, I will literally stab you.”

      Prompt 67: “Don’t look at me like that.”



      You’ve become quite the friend to the batfamily. After being best friends with Dick for the longest time, he told you who he was. You were able to put everything together with the other members of his family.

      Now whenever they’re out on patrol you’re always in the cave to help Alfred with their return.

      The Manor has become a second home, you’re always visiting. The boys often have come to confide in you as well, Dick always had but now his brothers have found an outlet through you.

      So, when you walked in the door and Dick said Damian wanted to talk to you about something it was no surprise.

      “Do you have any idea what he has to talk to you about?” Dick asked as he stood at the bottom eating his trademark bowl of cereal, you really have to tell him how sugary that stuff is.

      “Not a clue” answering as you reached the top of the staircase.

      Now this peeked Dick’s interest, usually everyone had ideas of what the others were thinking but this time he was at a standstill.

      Lightly knocking on the door before cracking it open, you called “Hey Dami, Dick said you wanted to talk to me”

      Pushing the door closed as you entered, not noticing it was left slightly ajar. Dick found that convenient as his curiosity got the best of him.

      TT, Grayson can do something right. It is true I do have a question.” He sat up on his bed.

      Grabbing his desk chair you pulled it to face him. “Shoot”

      “It’s a bit of a strange question” he didn’t make eye contact with you. “In this house there are no strange question” you laughed, “Go ahead speak your mind” You leaned back in the chair.

      “Well [L/n] since I find you the least reprehensible I find I can only confide this in you.” He looked at you seriously.

      “Thank you?” You weren’t sure to be flattered or offended.

      You began to tilt the chair on it’s hind legs as he began, “Where do infants come from?”

      You straight up fell on your back, it was the most graceful thing ever. The chair won in this round.

      “W-WHAT?” You yelped staring at him wide eyed.

      Completely unbeknownst to Dick almost chocking on his cereal. His choking had drawn the attention of Jason and Tim from their rooms. Great, now you had an audience.

      “I-I, s-shouldn’t you be asking Bruce this? He’s your father or one of your brothers.” You sputtered standing up from the floor.

      “I do not trust them to not make fun of me.” He was embarrassed, something you hadn’t seen from him. 

      “Dami, you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. But Bruce wouldn’t make fun” You smiled at him.

      “Will you please just explain it to me” he pleaded looking up at you.

      Sighing you gave in, “Ok, I’ll tell you about the… birds and the bats” snorting at the pun.

      He gave you a death glare, “If you make one more stupid pun, I will literally stab you.”

      “Message received” you put your hands up in defense. So how does one do this, “So, um, when a man and a woman love each other. They, uh…. Have you heard of Ryan Reynolds because he made a very raw explanation of this” you changed the subject.

      “No, it must be from you” he commanded as you just got even more awkward.

      “Fine, um. So when a man and woman love each other they have…. Sex. And sex is when a man, uh, are you sur-?” you began to change topic again before his glare stopped you.

      Clearing your voice you started again. “Okay, you know what, fuck it (heh another pun). Sex is when a man takes his sexual parts and inserts them into a woman’s sexual parts. When aroused a man can release these things called sperm which can then get the woman pregnant by fertilizing an egg. If a woman gets pregnant she develops the child in her womb. After around usually nine months she will go into labor where she gives actual birth to the child. To avoid pregnancy ALWAYS use protection, condoms.. birth control. I don’t care just use it. Condoms also protect people from sexually transmitted diseases. There are the basics and I’m not going into any more detail then this because this is super awkward.”

      He just stared at you, “And I broke him… Great”

      “I, uh…” he blushed.

      “Yeah, I get it’s a lot to process but you are at the age to know. Just remember to hold off until you’re ready because it’s a really big step, and always make sure when it happens that you both are comfortable.” You instructed with a softer tone, seeing the poor boy was overwhelmed.

      Before walking out of the room you said, “I’ll let you process, but just ask your dad about these things next time. He’s supposed to be the one to tell you about it.”

      He nodded before you opened the door and walked out.

      Seeing his three brothers trying to play it cool. “Ryan Reynolds huh?” Jason teased, smirking.

      “Ugh, don’t give me that look.” you shook your head before walking down the hall.

      The three followed, “So why didn’t he ask any of us?” Dick came up next to you.

      “Okay so first off, when you heard what the conversation was going to be about you should’ve left. It was private and second he thought you guys would make fun of him” you scolded.

      “Now if you’d excuse me I’m going to go warn Bruce before returning home and hiding in my apartment forever” Making your way to the library.

      You were both glad Damian trusted you with that question, and extremely embarrassed you just explained sex to a 10-year-old.

      anonymous asked:

      "Men will never get an abortion" Well, pre-op transmen can still get pregnant and thus can get screwed over by strict abortion laws as well, though most try to avoid pregnancy because it triggers their gender dysphoria massively.

      I know what you mean, and I’m honestly not having a go, but can we all stop with the nit-picking, please?

      Obviously trans men have different experiences than cis men, but pointing this out constantly isn’t going to do them any favours. A lot of cis women will never get an abortion and can never get pregnant, either. I just don’t think that these kinds of additions are helpful to anyone at all.

      hello! how are you all holding up? just wanted to share that for the past week i’ve been secretly posting/reblogging clues about the finale that literally only i would understand for my own personal enjoyment. i made a list of every clue if you’re curious. this includes spoilers from tonight’s b99 finale:

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      larry becoming grandparents

      “Dad?” The young boy asked hesitantly, his hand rubbing nervously at the back of his neck from where he stood at the living room door, leaning against the door frame.

      “You know, after sixteen years, I still don’t know which one of us you’re referring to when you say that.” Louis spoke first, sprawled out across Harry’s lap on the sofa. Harry folded up his newspaper, softly hitting Louis with it before placing it onto the coffee table in front of him.

      “Ignore him. What’s up buttercup?”

      Looking at the floor to avoid the two burning gazes, the boy stepped forward, taking a seat on the recliner opposite his two fathers.

      “Well um,” he played nervously with his fingers. “You see the term father could apply to both of you…but it could also apply to me too, as of today.”

      Louis looked up, lifting himself off of his resting position on top of Harry. “What? What does that mean?”

      “Oh god,” Harry murmured in shock. He had understood. He lifted his hand to his mouth. “Son. Are you saying what I think you’re saying?

      The two boy’s soon nodded in anticipation, his face somewhat heated. “What? Can someone please tell me what’s going on-”

      “Louis. We’re going to be grandfathers.”

      Louis’ jaw dropped as he stood up, placing both hands on his head, shaking it in disbelief. Harry merely sat stationary on the sofa, chewing his nails, suppressing a smile by biting his rose pink lip. Lou paced back and forth in front of the curtain as their child sat with his head in his hands.

      “How has this happened? You’re so young, you’re only a child yourself! How has this happened?”

      “I’m really sorry, Dad,”

      “No, no this is our fault! Don’t you see Harry, we are to blame! It’s us!”

      “Lou,” Harry stood to reassure his slightly overemotional husband, unable to hide his smirk any longer at the situation.

      “Don’t Lou me!” He smacked his hand away, staring at him. “Why aren’t you taking this more seriously? We’ve failed him, Harry! How, in sixteen years, did we not even manage to teach our own son how to avoid a pregnancy?”

      “Well, in all fairness…we’ve never really had that problem.”

      A giggle came from the other side of the room, and Harry watched his smile be reflected.

      “What, you think this is a joke? You’re about to be a Dad! Oh god the responsibilities! Why couldn’t you just pick a boyfriend instead, huh? You had to be complicated!”

      “Rule number one of life son,” Harry patted his son on the back softly, giving his shoulder a squeeze. “Always wrap it up.”

      Louis shook his head as both the boys smiled. “You two are unbelievable, you know that?”

      Harry strolled back over to where his highly stressed boyfriend stood, taking his hands from the side of his head and kissing his knuckles softly. “Lou. It’s alright.”

      With an exasperated but somewhat significantly calmer tone, Louis responded, his accent incredibly thick; “How on earth is it alright?”

      Harry turned to his son. “Well. Do you like her?”

      He nodded. 

      “Does she make you happy?”

      He nodded once again.

      “Are you both pretty happy accepting what you’ve done and dealing with the consequences?”

      Another nod. Harry turned to his husband once again. 

      “I don’t see an issue, babe. Love is love regardless of age and we should celebrate it. We were young when we met, remember.” He pulled on Louis’ arm as he melted into him, his face softening. “We’ll take care of it, yeah? It’s all alright.”

      Louis sighed as he rested his head on his hubby’s shoulder. “You better use that same charm on the poor girl’s parents.”

      “I will do, babe.”

      “You’re still not off the hook you, you know that!” Louis pointed at their child, his face still buried into Harry’s neck. Harry looked up at him.

      “You are,” he mouthed. “It’s fine.”

      Does he know? (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

      Requested by: Anon

      Request: Can you do prompts #60, #53, and #32 for Bellamy Blake?



      32. “I’m pregnant and I don’t want to lose you.” 

      53.  “Does he know about the baby?”

      60. “Please, don’t cry.”


      Originally posted by xladymorganx

      Your name: submit What is this?

      Does he know? (Bellamy Blake x Reader)  

      This is not supposed to happened. Clarke’s voice still beating on your mind. You want to scream or run away or just stay on bed forever, but instead of this, you’re walking around camp with a fake smile on face. You wave to Fox and Monty, you sven smile to Bellamy when you passed through him. To everyone you’re pretty fine, but you don’t. You’re screw up.

      “Clarke?” You ask going inside of the dropship. “Clarke? Are you here?”

      “Yeah, Y/N, come up here!”

      You go up and find her organizing her medical things. When you come closer she stop what she was doing and look at you, a little smile in her face.

      “How are you feeling?”

      “Good, I mean… You know what I mean. I came here to ask you to check me again, it can’t be right, Clarke.”

      “Y/N, you know that I’m right…”

      “NO! You can’t be!” You grab her arms. “Clarke please, this doesn’t make sense. I can’t be pregnant!” You feel your eyes filling with tears. “What about that chip they put on us to avoid pregnancy?” You ask with a desperate voice.

      “Sometimes the chip doesn’t work, Y/N, you see, this happened to Belamy’s mom as well and…”

      “I’m not Bellamy’s mom! I CAN’T BE PREGNANT, CLARKE!” You yell at her, with your tears starting to coming down. “I can’t.”

      “I’m sorry, Y/N.” she hugs you. “Please don’t cry.” But you just cry even more after this, you feel your entire body hurting. What will you do? A baby in this place? How you’ll be able to protect this new life? “Does he know about the baby?” She ask with a kind voice and you feel your heart ache.

      “No… I-I couldn’t tll him.” She leg go of the hug just to face you.

      “Y/N, he deserves to know, Bell…”

      “He is not my boyfriend, Clarke. He still sleeping with half of this camp and…”

      “He still deserving to know, Y/N. You can’t go through this alone…” You nodded at her, wipping your tears away. “Promise me you’ll talk to him.”

      “I’ll think about that.” You look at her. “I promise I’ll think, ok?”


      Two weeks since your last conversation with Clarke and you still not sure how to tell him this. You stoped to sleep with him and he notice it, but when you said you just don’t want to do this anymore he just let it go. And now, he found someone else to replace you.

      You are looking at he flirting with a brown haired girl in the other side of camp. You can see she smiling at him. You can see his hands touching her back and her arm. You can see they’re coming closer… You get up and start walk to your tent, but you did it to fast, so you feel dizzy in one second and in the another you alredy in the ground.

      “Y/N!” Clarke’s voice call you, but wasn’t her hands that are grabbing your body. It is Bellamy. You knew it before look at him.

      “You’re ok, I catched you.” He confort you. When you could see again, he are leaning you into his bed. “Y/N? How are you feeling?”

      “I’m feeling better, thank you Bell.” You sit on bed. “I should go now.” But his are holding you on bed, making sure you don’t try to get up. “Bell, I’m ok.”

      “No, you’re not, Y/N. You are looking like a ghost.” He say sitting closer to you. “You can stay here tonight.”

      “Bell, I don’t want to…”

      “Sleep with me, I know.” He say looking to the ground. “But I mean you can stay here, I’ll not touch you, I promise.”


      “It’s ok, Y/N.” He look at you again with a small smile. And you couldn’t hold yourself. In the next second you are kissing him. Your hands running through his hair. You want him with every cell of your body. When you break the kiss, he look at you again. “I…”

      “Bellamy I need to tell you something. I was waiting to a better moment, but I guess this will not happen soon and I can’t keep avoinding you anymore, because God, I miss you. And soon or later you’ll find this out so…” He didn’t move, his mouth opened twice but none song come out. “Bell I’m pregnant.” You say waiting for his reaction, but he just keep staring at you. “I’m pregnant and I don’t want to lose you, but if you don’t want the baby it’s ok, I can take care of he or she by myself, but I can’t keep seeing yo with those girls…

      “What are you talking about?” He raise his voice yo interup your monologue. His hands cupple your cheeks. “What are you talking about, Y/N? If I don’t want the baby? God, of course I want the baby. I wasn’t expecting this, but I want the baby. And I want you.” He say and you feel your tears reaching your eyes. You’ve being more emotive this days. “Let me take care of you both, ok?” He ask and you nodded a yes before he lean his lips into your again. With so much passion but also with so much care that your heart melted. “ I’ll take care of you, love.”

      And while you’re kissing him, your hands going up and down on his torso, your fingers drawing some patterns in his skin, you are sending to his this message: I love you Bellamy Blake, and I’m glad our baby will have you as a dad. And for some reason, you felt that he are getting the message.

      anonymous asked:

      The outcome of sex is what I consent for it to be. If it's pleasure, then that is the outcome I want. If I end up pregnant (and I specifically am using contraceptive as hopefully all who don't want to be pregnant should) yet still end up pregnant why can't I have an abortion? Why shouldn't I? Yes the natural outcome of sex is pregnancy, but we live in a world where the reasons people have sex have expanded beyond procreation, especially considering so many do not want children.

      If you want to have sex for pleasure, then I would ask that you either refrain specifically from vaginal sex, if you do not want a child, or that you be prepared for parenthood, if you insist on having vaginal sex anyway. You have the choice to completely avoid any risk of pregnancy. If you choose to engage in sex that presents that risk, I expect that your responsibility for the outcome will be something other than an abortion, should pregnancy result. You’re free to seek your pleasures however you like, but I expect that you will acknowledge any risks present, and accept your responsibility for that decision.

      In Your Head- Part 10

      Jughead Jones x Reader

      Reader: Y/N

      Brother: Y/B/N

      Word Count: 2,508

      Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

      Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered. This one is more smutty than usual.

      The rest of the week had slowly gone by. Which included Jughead checking up on you a little more but making sure he wasn’t over hovering. Your week remained more typical - you avoiding your mom, making sure your brother had everything he needed and being home early every day. Chuck had left you alone at school, you were pretty sure he figured out that you had told Jughead at the very least by now. You were just looking forward to Friday and that’s the only goal you had set in mind.

      You woke up that morning as usual and before jumping into the shower you decided to check on your bruises. Almost all of them had healed, just slight yellowish brown spots remained in some areas - no longer purple or blue.

      T-minus two hours and your parents would be gone for the airport. A sense of relief was slowly filling your head. You kept getting ready for school.

      “Hey love”, once again Jughead had greeted you off the bus. And with an overwhelming feeling coming over you, you grabbed his face and kissed him deeply.

      A large smile appeared on his face, “what was that for?”, he gave a smirk.

      “Just excited about the next two days. I just have to get my brother from school and then make sure he has everything for his friends house”, your mind was clearing away the daily anxieties that normally filled your brain. Your focus just landing on Jughead.

      “Can I come with you?”, he asked because he had only been in your house once.

      “Of course. I would love that. And my brother likes you from the few times you’ve guys met”. Your mind was just filled with glee. You once again kissed Jughead, feeling like it was only the two of you in front of the building.

      He smiled again. You began to walk to your locker hand in hand with Jughead until your shoulder was pushed from behind you. You gave a slight grunt of pain and saw Reggie laughing. “Hey Y/N, really making a name for yourself nowadays huh”, he gave another chuckle.

      Jughead glared at him and you could see his body tense up.

      You intervened, “Just leave me alone Reggie, go focus on class or something. Lord knows you need to”, you gave a slight sneer. Jughead gave a smile.

      “Yeah whatever slut”, you were starting to fume as Reggie walked away. And before he could shift in front of you, you grabbed Jughead’s arm.

      “Hey!”, he looked back to you, “the next two days are going to be great, so let’s just focus on that okay?”.

      Jughead’s anger had dissipated, you let go of his arm. His hand went back to intertwine with yours. “Alright”.

      On your way outside for lunch, you decided to look at your phone. “Hey, our flight is about to board. Call sometime tonight”. It was from your dad and you just felt relief knowing that she was out of the state.

      You made your way to the lunch table where everyone was already sitting. Your eyes just on Jughead. “Hey”, you gave a kiss to his lips as you were about to sit down. Both of you couldn’t stop smiling at each other.

      “Well someone’s having a good day”, Kevin looked at both you and Jughead.

      “Yes. I am”, you gave your comment with certainty.

      The gangs conversations once again traveled through the table. How Moose was still avoiding Kevin, how Polly’s pregnancy was going and how Betty and her finally shopped for some baby clothes together, to once again Archie talking about his music. Archie kept staring at Jughead as it seemed that Jughead’s normal demeanor of being uninterested had been gone by focusing just on you.

      He slightly rubbed your thigh back and forth under the table and you couldn’t stop smiling back at him.

      The final bell had rung and Jughead joined you on the bus. Instead of reading a book, you sat there conversing with Jughead about what you should have for dinner. You once again looked at your phone, “We landed”. You gave a smile back to Jughead.

      “They’re officially in a different state now”, your words were prideful. Jughead dived in for a kiss. The bus made a stop and you both got off heading towards your brother’s middle school. “So where does Mr. Andrews think you’re going to be?”

      He gave a slight chuckle. “I think it helps that I’m not ACTUALLY his kid so he’s fine with me being wherever for a few nights as long as I’m in an actual bed”.

      “Well we’ll see about the bed”, you gave a wink that felt a little silly and laughed.

      The bell for the middle school rang and a few moments later you were greeted by your brother.

      “Hey Jughead!”, your brother seemed happy to greet him. 

      “Hey Y/B/N. Long time no see”, Jughead started talking to your brother about school and what he liked and didn’t like about it. They were getting along as friends it seemed.  

      You had made it to your house, and unlike the times that it had seem gloom full and daunting, now it seemed like a place you were actually excited to enter. As usual, you went through the garage leading into the house. Jughead had only seen the entry area before. It wasn’t large, or a mansion like Cheryl Blossoms for that matter, but that day it actually seemed like a home to you.

      “Go take a shower and get your stuff ready and we’ll walk down the street, okay”? Your brother gave a nod taking his school bag upstairs. 

      Jughead and you were left downstairs for at least a little bit. He grabbed your waist from behind. 

      “So this is it huh?”. He looked up and around peering into the living room from the kitchen. 

      “Well the downstairs, yes”, you turned and put your arms over his neck. He dived in for a kiss. This was your weekend and nothing could ruin it.

      “So did we decide on something for dinner? You really don’t have to cook…”, Jughead was looking a little around the kitchen. 

      “I like cooking. It calms me ”, you slightly crossed your arms in taunt. 

      “Is there a reason you need to be calm today?”, Jughead was being playful. 

      “Ha funny. No, it’s more that it just gets me out of my head. Besides, don’t green chili enchiladas sound good?”, you were being coy once again. 

      “Well I haven’t have anything from you I haven’t liked”, he pulled you close again and gave a slight peck on your lips. 

      Your brother came down in new clothes and a wet towel wiping his head. “Hey, I’ll be ready in a few”. “Alright. Can you do your homework Sunday or is there too much of it?”, there was your sisterly love again. 

      “I have to read a couple chapters of a book, so I’ll bring that with me but otherwise yeah”, he was grabbing a water from the kitchen now. 

      “What book?”, that was easily your peak of interest.

      Your brother gave a slight smirk, knowing reading was pretty much your life. “We have to do a report on our own choice for a book so I’m doing “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. 

      “….did you take my complete series?”, you knew that was the only copy in the house. Jughead gave out a slight chuckle as it seemed neither of you had remembered he was there. 

      “Yeah but I didn’t think you’d mind”, he gave a slight sigh. 

      “It’s fine Bud but just remember I want…” 

      “It back the way I got it” both your brother and Jughead said this at the same time. 

      Jughead turned to you, “nice to know you give the same rules to family”. He gave you a slight tickle and your brother gave a small laugh. 

      “You ready?“, you were ready to change the subject out of annoyance. 

      “Yeah, let me grab my bag”, your brother went back upstairs for a minute before coming back down ready for the walk. 

      You came back through the garage from walking your brother to his friends house, Jughead in hand. Upon opening the door, Jughead started to kiss your neck. You gave a slight chuckle from the tickle of his chin, “come on”. 

      He released your hand while you put your coat on the couch. “Let me get my stuff”, as he grabbed his school bag, he took off his coat and he followed you up the stairs. 

      You drifted left down the short hallway and opened up your door. Jughead paused slightly from holding your hips and began to look around the room. You had two bookshelves filled with every book you loved, posters around the room that included quotes from authors and poets to some book cover posters - one of Catcher in the Rye and the other being Perks of Being a Wallflower. You had covered up most of the walls with random posters of famous paintings, not letting the lilac color break through. There was a weekly planner that hung on the wall and a bulletin board below it filled with some pictures. 

      Jughead looked carefully at everything and then his eyes came back to yours. “It’s pretty much what I thought it’d be”. He gave a small laugh. 

      “Pretty much eh?”, you were teasing back and forth again. 

      “Well honestly I was expecting it to be wall to wall books”, he walked towards you and gave you a small kiss while his hands were on both sides of your face.

      “Trust me, if I had it my way, it would be”, you gave him a slight push and opened up your closet, and on the top shelf that was floating above the rack of clothes were stacks of childhood books that you had loved growing up. 

      “Yep, that’s closer”, he came up behind you and gave you a slight hug around your body while giving a kiss to your chin. You turned around, grabbed Jughead by the back of his neck and went up with your lips for a deep kiss. He had returned in kind, battling with his tongue for dominance. Your fingers went up to his hair, slowly moving the beanie off. His hands went to your hair giving it a slight tug, he stopped for a moment making sure this was okay. You gave a small giggle and his deep kiss returned. Your hands went down and you began to pull off his flannel, in return he took off your shirt. His lips paused from kissing to get it over your head and he was once again watching your body. 

      His eyes went to your arm. “Is it better?”, he slowly used his fingers to lightly touch your back. 

      “Yeah, basically nothing now”, still a little ashamed about it, your eyes went to the floor. He looked to your arm, where your old scars still laid. 

      “Can I ask you something?”, you were a little thrown off from where it seemed your kiss was heading but you nodded all the same. He grabbed you by the hand and sat you down on your bed beside him. 

      “Why did you do this before Chuck?”, he slightly glided his fingers towards your scars and then looked to your eyes. His very kind eyes. 

      You gave a breath, nerves seemed to fill you again. “A sense of release? Something to control? At one point it felt good, something to rely on. Something….to make me feel better as odd as I know that sounds…”, your words were escaping you and you started to feel ashamed about them. You couldn’t look him in the eye, thinking he could never really understand. That he probably thought you were unhinged somehow. 

      “You don’t want to do it anymore though, right?”, the concern in his face was once again brought back. 

      “I’m always going to have those moments. Even if it’s for a split second, and rarely now, it does come to my mind”, your eyes were still to the floor. 

      “What changes your mind from doing it?”, you were pretty sure he just wanted to understand. 

      “Focusing on the positives I do have. My brother, books, the future…you”, your eyes finally went back to Jughead’s. He gave a smile but you could still tell he was still concerned. 

      “Alright then. I guess…I just worry about you”. 

       You felt weird again. Like he was too great for you. You didn’t deserve this caring, intelligent guy in front of you. “I’m sorry if it’s too much…”, your eyes went to the floor again and your head hung low. 

      He shook his head quickly and guided your face to look back at his. “It’s you. It’s not too much. You shouldn’t have to deal with everything that you do, but I love you”. 

      “I love you too”, in your mind you still couldn’t comprehend how he could like let alone love someone like you. He brought your foreheads together slightly tapping it. 

      “I really mean it Y/N, you’re amazing”. You gave a slight laugh. 

      His lips dived into yours again and he brought you back onto his body. His head on your pillow now. His beanie had fully dropped from his head now and his tongue was winning over yours. His hands reached your back and he began to un-clasp your bra. His hands removing your straps and tossing it to the floor. His hand massaged the left side of you, making him slightly groan. Your body soon became hot, an overwhelming feeling to want more. 

      You grasped his shirt and began to pull it off, his lips and hands separated from your body as you lifted it off of his head. He looked down at your body. He grabbed the side of your hip and turned you on your back so now he was on top. Your body was feeling overheated and all you wanted to do was feel closer to Jughead. You began to pull at his belt and started to unbutton his jeans. He pulled at your pants unbuttoning them in the same fashion. You lifted your hips and he glided your pants off and then got up to take off his own. 

      He stared at your body once more, “You’re so gorgeous”, you gave a smile. He lips dived in again to yours and then went down to your neck, then to your chest. The pulsating feeling around your nipple was intoxicating. Your breath becoming heavy, you gave out a slight sigh. 

      “I want you”, you whispered. His fingers trailed down your hips to your panties and they made circles around your entrance. He pushed the fabric down, off your legs and gently slid his fingers to the front of your slit. You gave a breath in preparation for his fingers. His eyes watching you becoming engrossed with his touch. 

       He gave a breath, “I want you too”. Once again, your body was his.


      Daucus carota, Apiaceae

      Like most of the vegetables we commonly consume, modern carrots are the result of extensive selective breeding and domestication of a wild ancestor, in this case Daucus carota (subsp. sativus), known as wild carrot or Queen Anne’s lace. D. carota is native to most of Europe and temperate SW Asia and is quite variable in its form, but definitely looks like your typical Apiacea, with leaves and white inflorescences that could be easily mistaken for those of the highly poisonous Conium, Cicuta and Aethusa. A way to tell wild carrot apart is the presence of a larger flower at the center of the white umbel, generally ranging from pale pink to dark magenta, but this trait is not present in all subspecies. Regardless, care should be taken in pulling or cutting this plant too, as the sap is phototoxic and can cause skin irritation, a trait shared with giant hogweed and other plants within the family. 

      The whitish taproot of this biennial is edible -although different in taste from the cultivated one- and should be harvested during the first year, when the plant is still using it to store energy to subsequently flower, after which only the central woody core is left. The flowers are edible too, but not in large quantities. It also has medicinal properties and was used mostly in infusion to treat issues with the urinary system, like inflammation, cystitis and kidney stones, but should be definitely avoided during pregnancy as it could be dangerous. 

      anonymous asked:

      Can I have headcannons on dad oikawa with a son and younger twin girls? Thnx!!

      YEEEES. I love this headcanon! And maybe I’m just totally stoked about kids right now since I’m going to be an Aunt is just one more month and then I’ll have two little lovelies (a niece and nephew) running around! 

      Also, I left his significant other completely open and even avoided headcanons with the pregnancy so that it would be whatever the reader wanted. Maybe it’s an insemination or they have a surrogate or maybe they end up adopting, whatever it is you readers would like! 

      But these were a lot of fun to write and I hope that you enjoy them, Anon!

      • In this situation (and maybe it’s because you listed them in this order, Anon) I see the boy being the first born and Oikawa is so freaking scared the first time his son is handed to him. Like what if he doesn’t hold him right? What if he drops him? What if he doesn’t like him and starts crying immediately? It’s so freaking scary!
        • But holy shit is this man in love with his child. And he totally becomes that boasting dad that pulls out the baby pictures whenever there’s a chance. Iwaizumi always complains but he’s totally the proud uncle so he doesn’t really mind.
      • And when he gets word that he’s not only having one little girl, but TWO he kinda panics a little bit. Not because he doesn’t want that many kids, because he knows he’ll love them regardless, but more because they hadn’t financially planned on having three kids. He’s worried they won’t be able to care for them the way they deserve.
      • Ahhhhh! I just have this beautiful picture in my head after the twins are born of Oikawa with his son in his lap and both girls cradled in his arms. Just so much freaking cuteness all wrapped into one chair!
      • Omg, and just imagine nap time with these four. I’m sure they all sprawl out over his bed all time time. Sometimes he’s on his back with his son over his chest and a girl on each side. Sometimes they make this little odd ball, like with Oikawa on his side with one of the girls in his arms, the other cradled between his legs and his little boy pressed tight against his back.
        • God, they’re just so freaking cute! And each child totally looks like their dad when they’re sleeping! Same posture, same peaceful and baby like expressions! Lol, maybe it’s more like Oikawa looks just like his kids!
      • And every year that these kids get older just strikes him right in the heart. Like, he probably cries on their first day of school rather than the other way around. And he’s definitely the one snapping all the pictures at prom. Oh, and then when he walks his little girls (or boy, depending on what you guys headcanon!) he’d be so insanely proud while so sad that his babies are all grown up - he wants them to be small and protected in his arms forever!
        • Just, perfect dad Oikawa.