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“Do or do not, there is no try.”

Shut the fuck up, Yoda. It is not up to you to tell me that my efforts meant nothing because they didn’t amount to my initial goal. Trying and failing is just as valuable as trying and succeeding. My failing doesn’t translate into “I did not.” Fuck off.

Get out of here with pseudo-wise saying

Real talk about Reyes Vidal

I want to begin by saying that I love this character. I think he is one of the better written characters in Andromeda, but there is something off about him. He makes you feel that way about him because he constantly reminds you , as does everyone else, that he’s not a good man. I have no doubt that he genuinely has feelings for Ryder, but I don’t think it’s going to end well. I feel like he may have been the one to kill Jien Garson. a.) when you investigate her murder, you are told it was a man that killed her. check. b.) It had to be someone who woke up before the uprising, Reyes admits he was awake, but did not participate in the uprising. check. c.) the person that killed Garson is no longer on the Nexus. check. Not to mention that his code name was Anubis (the god of death/mummification), and the implications that has. Reyes has two other nicknames Shana(meaning mouth- he’s good with his…words) and Charlatan (someone who pretends to be someone they aren’t a fraud.). A lot of us look at Reyes as a man of the people, he freed them from Sloane and even gave up ruling in favor of an Angara ruler. He seems like a really great guy, but isn’t that the charade? Why he’s the Charlatan? For someone who wants to be somebody, he’s really avoiding being someone: a leader, an assassin, a hero.  Reyes is definitely a morally gray character, which is why I like him. Is he connected to the benefactor? Is he acting on his own accord? Who does Reyes Vidal want to be?

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Hello i wanted some tips on encounter building for d&d. I asked others but they never really had anything to say on the matter so i thought i would ask you. Thanks in advance.

Encounter building for new DM’s is tricky. God knows that when I first began all I ever planned were battles and fight-related encounters. This leads to a monotonous and grind-filled campaign that’s not fun in the long run.

That isn’t to say that fighting monsters is bad, it’s just not the whole picture. There are so many different types of encounters you can do, but I break them down into these general four:

1. Fighting

2. Talking

3. Skill Checks

4.  Puzzles

Now, a good encounter for me involves AT LEAST two. That isn’t to say you can’t have the occasional encounter that is just straight up talking or fighting and it’s not fun, but the flavor is not quite there. It’s not as realistic and multi-dynamic. 

During a fight with a band of thieves, a man uses his mace to hit an unstable wall, dropping part of the ceiling down. Dexterity check to avoid it! The leader seems to be having trouble keeping his minions fighting after they figure out the group is trained and seemingly veterans. Charisma check to see if one of them runs away, or if one of your players can convince them to lay down their arms. When they do, it turns into a talking encounter. All of this keeps it flowing and colorful. When the players see this, they are often encouraged to think similarly. Suddenly, they become the ones knocking the walls to make the ceiling fall.

Mix and match! Remember that small encounters are just important as the big ones. And don’t be afraid to ask the opinions of the players OOC when you are done to see if they like one of the four encounter types more than the other. Then you can weight them to balance it more to their liking.

Good luck and happy DMing!

You can be psychiatrically ill and be perfectly competent, just as you can be mentally healthy but totally unfit. (Of course, certain mental states, like florid psychosis or dementia, would render a president unfit to serve.)

There is one last reason we should avoid psychiatrically labeling our leaders: It lets them off the moral hook. Not all misbehavior reflects psychopathology; the fact is that ordinary human meanness and incompetence are far more common than mental illness. We should not be in the business of medicalizing bad actors.


Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?” Richard A. Friedman for the NY Times, Feb. 18, 2017

Although it’s very easy to believe Trump is mentally off in some way–it’s impossible to know. And it doesn’t matter. Judge him on his actions and statements. Hold him accountable as you would anyone else. It might feel slightly safer to blame his behavior on mental illness, rather than plain old evil. Mental illness can usually be treated. Meanness, greed, and evil cannot. Conflating bad behavior with mental illness is sloppy logic, but is also bad for people who have been diagnosed, are doing their best to take care of themselves, and are sometimes struggling to stay afloat.

A person/your loved one collapses and lays convulsing on the ground…

  • Any time wasted in praying for them…delays the time that first responders can arrive and start medical procedures…and increases the chances that they will die…

Because you pray daily for your loved one’s divine protection…you are ignorant of/oblivious to/foolishly disregard…early symptoms of melanoma…

  • Praying for them…gives you complacency/a false sense of security…to the point you delay seeking professional advice…and the early start of medical procedures…and so increases the chances that they will die…

Because you prayed for you and your house to be spared the destruction of nearby forest fires/hurricanes/flooding…and you were (randomly) spared (in no way connected to you praying, as others who similarly prayed, were not spared)…you ignorantly conclude that some god is specially protecting you…and so do nothing to pressure government to reduce greenhouse emissions…and completely disregard the early symptoms of destructive/worsening climate change…

  • Praying…gives you complacency/a false sense of security…to the point you delay following the consensus of professional advice…and do not follow the recommended remedies…and so increase the chances that you will be destroyed by destructive climate incidents…some time in the near future…

Because you prayed for your nation’s divine protection…and superstitiously relied on “in god we trust” printed on your currency…you foolishly cheered on your crazy leaders when they blustered and threatened others of nuclear annihilation…oblivious to your own country’s vulnerabilities…because you ignorantly conclude that some god was specially protecting you…

  • Praying…gives a believer complacency/a false sense of security…to the point religious government leaders avoid professional national security briefings/advice…or follow their informed strategies…and so increases the chances that we will all be destroyed by nuclear fallout…some time in the near future…
Daehyun - Take Care Of You

#HappyBabyHyunDay to the wonderful Jung Daehyun. Thank you for everything you do Daehyun, I hope you know how much babyz love you!

Here’s an old anon request for when you’re injured on a variety show and Daehyun takes care of you!

-Admin Em

Warnings: cheesy fluff

You aren’t sure how it happened. You remember turning a corner and then you were on the ground in pain. You tried to stand, not wanting to quit the game, but immediately the pain causes you to fall against the nearby wall. “Are you alright?” the cameraman asks.

“Yeah, I’m al-OW,” you hiss as you try to stand again.

“_______________!” You hear Daehyun’s familiar voice shout as he comes racing by, narrowly avoiding your group’s leader as she chased him. You vaguely register the questioning look in his eyes as he kept running.

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Pack of Thorin Oakenshield

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Here it is, next chapter of this journey! Enjoy! If you want to be tagged in it, let me know :) Feedback is always appreciated, so do tell what you think :)

Warning: none

Pairing: Thorin x reader

You can listen to the song here  


Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  

Chapter 4: Surrounded

Chapter 5  


Thorin and his company tried to follow the voice through the forest but it turns out it isn´t that easy because they can´t pinpoint exactly where it’s coming from. ”Maybe we should separate into smaller groups so we can scan more ground that way?” Fili eventually suggests and Thorin can´t disagree with that logic. He nodded his head and orders his company into 3 groups.  ”Balin, Bifur, Gloin with me. Fili, Kili, Dwalin, Oin and Bofur second group. Bombur, Ori, Dori and Nori third group. If some of you find the source, don´t spook its owner.” Thorin tells to everyone and then they go in they own directions trying to navigate through the thick vegetation.

Thorin keeps looking in the way Kili and Fili had disappeared wondering if he made a mistake by letting them go a different way. Kili especially can get little too excited sometimes but he has to remind himself that they are not dwarflings anymore and Dwalin is with them so the chances Kili to screw things up are slim…hopefully. Sighing he turns around and follows Balin and Bifur Gloin right behind him.

After you had taken your much-needed bath, you had gone to find some berries so you can make pie your mother used to always make you. While walking in the area of huge spruces you unconsciously started to hum a song you heard from your grandmother. She used to tell you that a long time ago when there was a great war, women of your race sang that song while waiting for their husbands to return safely back home. It was their comfort song to everyone around them, elderly, children and those who could not go even if they wanted to. And now it was your comfort song to remember your long lost family.

Gentle mother, font of mercy, 
Save our sons from war, 
We Pray 
Stay the swords, and stay the arrows, 
Let them know a better day 

As you sang that song you walked slowly through the path into a small clearing where there was little pond fed by a narrow creek. You loved to come often just sit there and watch as many of the animals of the forest came to have a drink or to take a quick bath.

Gentle mother, strength of women, 
Help our daughters, 
Through this fray 

Soothe the wrath, and tame the fury, 
Teach us all a kinder way

You stopped by a big rock and sat down looking around noticing few birds that were sitting on the branches of a pine tree staring at you curiously. Smiling you watched as the sunlight came from between the pine tree´s branches and danced on the surface of the pond, only to be disturbed occasionally by dragonflies catching a meal.

Gentle mother, font of mercy, 
Save our sons from war, 
We Pray 
Stay the swords, and stay the arrows, 
Let them know a better day 

Sighing you lifted your gaze looking at the clear blue sky feeling sad and utterly lonely. Rustling from your left snapped you back to the present and you leaped to your feet cursing in your mind that you had left your sword home. It wasn´t like you didn´t know how to defend yourself without a weapon but you weren’t that keen to close range fight. ”Show yourself!” you growled angrily hoping that it wasn´t anything big or very scary. After last night you weren´t big fan of surprises.

Your eyes went wide when four warrior looking dwarves emerged from behind the trees showing their hands in order to calm you by letting you know they are not here to pick a fight. You were looking suspicious but because the way they were behaving you didn´t feel threatened so you let yourself to relax. ”I´m sorry my lady, we didn´t mean to scare you. It’s just that we heard singing and wanted to know who had such a lovely voice.” white-haired dwarf said with warm, quiet grandfatherly voice and you then realized that you had let them right to you. But that raised a question, you hadn´t seen these dwarves here before, so when and where did they come here? ”Is it alright if we waited here for the rest of my company to arrive?” dwarf with a black hair and blue eyes then speaks up and his voice captures your attention completely. It was deep baritone tone and to you quite alluring, the kind of voice you could listen and let it lull you to sleep feeling utterly safe because of it. You could feel your heartbeat quickening and palms starting to sweat slightly.

Someone clearing their throat broke your reverie and you focused your gaze to the dwarf´s face who had black silky looking hair with few silver tresses, two braids caught your attention for a moment and you stared the beads that were keeping them together, feeling your cheeks getting warm. ”Am I blushing?” you thought to yourself and lifted your hands to your face. ”I am! I am blushing!” you screamed internally closing your eyes shaking your head and your odd behavior earned quite confused looks from the dwarves in front of you. ”You alright there lassie?” white-haired dwarf asks taking two steps closer to you looking little worried. ”Yes…yes, I´m fine..” you reply with little nervous chuckle trying to get a hold of yourself but it wasn´t exactly easy when two most striking blue eyes were staring at you intently. ”You sure? You look little queasy…” owner of those hypnotic eyes speaks sending your mind into turmoil you didn´t know was even possible. ”Yeah…I´m fine….” you quipped with a high-pitched voice and you knew then that they weren´t going to believe you for one second. ”Why is he effecting me like this?” you kept wondering while dwarves talked to each other trying to figure out who you were. But suddenly you remembered what that black haired dwarf had said minutes ago. ”Rest of your company…? How many of you are there anyway?” you ask turning your attention toward white-haired male and his two companions avoiding their leader´s gaze deliberately, or you assumed he was their leader by the way he looked and dressed, so you could concentrate. A white-haired dwarf with a warm smile is the one who answers your question. ”There´s  nine others in our group so if it´s okay with you lassie we would like to wait here so they can find us. My name is Balin, this is Bifur, he´s Gloin and his name is Thorin…” Balin tells you pointing at his fellow dwarves.

Nine? So there are thirteen in total…wait….thirteen….there were thirteen wolves last night at the meadow, now they are nowhere to be seen or heard and these fellows are here instead? You did the math in your head quickly and your gaze started to shift to Thorin without you even realizing it. If your hunch is right, then this dwarf with raven black hair must be….Thorin locks eye-contact with you and it seems to you that he knows what you just realized and slowly he starts to connect the dots together. ”You wouldn´t be the white she-wolf from last night, now would you?” he asks lowering his voice so deep it almost sounds like a growl and it makes you gulp little too loudly causing Balin, Gloin, and Bifur to turn their attention to you with eyes wide open. Oh, you were so screwed. You whimpered starting to back away from them when suddenly rest of the company emerged from behind you blogging your way.

Panic was rising slowly but surely inside you as you twirled around looking a way out but it was useless, you were surrounded and you kept looking the dwarves around you ready for anything; two young looking males looked at you up and down curiously one of them wearing goofy looking grin on his face with puppy eyes, ”Well, he´s kinda cute,” you thought for second before your eyes met scary looking older one with a warrior attitude and he was staring you down grumpily, ”And he´s DEFINITELY scary,” was the first thing you thought as you look at him, then shifted your attention to the trio of two younger ones and little older one who was keeping their distance but still blogging your way, one very large ginger haired kind of nice looking dwarf was eating…something and one with a hat, actually bowed to you smiling like a sunshine. The last one was keeping a… trumpet…?.. on his ear. ”What kind of group was this so-called company?” you were thinking turning around one more time and noticed that Thorin was glancing at you silently, calculating something, you knew that look too well, he was sizing you up.

You had been alone for decades and now you were suddenly face to face with thirteen male dwarves. This was too much for you to handle and finally, as the tension was too much for you, you met the ground. Dwarves gathered around you worryingly and Oin placed a hand on your forehead. ”I guess the excitement was little too much for her,” he said. Thorin sighed rubbing his face with hands before looking at his men and then you. ”Well, I´m pretty sure this woman is the one we´re looking for so, let´s wait until she regains her consciousness. Then we have to introduce ourselves to her properly and without scaring her. Hopefully, she won´t faint again,” Thorin says walking to the pond to wash his face. Kili and Fili take the opportunity to take a closer look at you and sat down either side of you. ”I was right! She IS cute!” Kili says to his brother who nodded his head smiling widely taking a side-glance to you. ”Aye, and I said he would screw it up,” Dwalin says lowly with a smirk on his face and to that whole company burst out laughing merrily while Thorin rolled his eyes feeling utterly annoyed.

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Divided We Fall (OUAT - Peter Pan x Reader) Part 6

Requested by @ajakral

Synopsis: Who said there were no girls on Neverland? Who said Peter Pan ruled over this world on his own? On the other side of the island, far from the mermaid lagoon, the echo cave and the skull rock – that’s where (Y/N) and her girls lived. Because behind every great man there is an even greater woman, what would the king be without his queen?

A/N: Doesn’t star any OUAT characters apart from Pan, Felix and Wendy.

Word count: 3.3k

Part 5 <<< >>>> Part 7


“Pan,” one of the Lost Boys called him – he didn’t remember his name but he was one of the oldest. “Felix left the camp hours ago to find you but he hasn’t returned yet,” he informed his leader, somewhat hesitantly, as if he was scared to be punished for Felix’s absence even though he had nothing to do with it.

Ah right, Felix, Pan almost had almost forgotten about him. He was still trapped in tree Pan put him into. With a quick wave of the hand Pan released his hold on the magical tree, leaving it to Felix to get out all by himself.

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Summary: You’re Romans wife and are in the military. When you finally get the news that you get to go home you keep it a secret and surprise Roman.

Requested by: @thiickreigns

Making your way through the camp you attempted to hide your excitement behind a neutral face. You nodded politely at the people that smiled at you and managed to avoid any conversations. The leader of your group had requested to talk to you, and you were hoping that it was the news you had been waiting for. You finally arrived at the tent after what like hours and quickly slipped in, nodding at your leader. “You wanted to talk to me mam?” You asked with your hands clasped together in front of you. “Yes I did. I just wanted to tell you that you’re going home.” It took a second for her words to register but when they did your hand flew up to cover your mouth and tears welled in your eyes. A small smile appeared on her usually stern face “Go pack your things.” You nodded your head several quick times. “Thank you so much mam.” You spoke quickly, eager to go pack your things. She dismissed you with a nod and you exited the tent in a calm fashion but couldn’t resist jumping around a bit outside happily. Once you started packing your things you couldn’t stop thinking about JoJo and Roman, how happy you’d be when you see them. I should surprise Roman. You thought to yourself with a devious grin.

Roman’s P.O.V (point of view)

I couldn’t help myself from looking around at all the couples and families that surrounded me. Every woman I saw reminded me of Y/N for some reason and it wasn’t making the fact that she wasn’t going to be home soon even worse. There was a break around the middle of the signing and I found myself watching a small family of four. The mother had Y/H/C hair that shined like Y/Ns, and the daughter, the oldest girl clearly looked like her father, but the youngest was a younger version of her mom. I had always wanted to have a kid with Y/N, we have JoJo and Y/N loves her just as much as I do. But I’ve always wanted a little Y/N running around the house, reminding me of her when she’s not there. It helped that JoJo was always begging for a little sister to play with. A rough hand landing on my shoulder pulled out of my thoughts and staring. “You’re staring at the family and I think they’re gonna notice.” Ambroses scratchy voice informed me as he sat on the chair next to mine. “I can’t help it man.” I sighed and looked at him rather than the family. “You miss Y/N, I get it. But you can’t go around staring at everyone that reminds you of her, some people might get weirded out.” He was half teasing and half serious about the last part. “I know. I just want her to come home, so does JoJo.” I admitted and went to go run a hand through my hair only to realize I had tied it up. “I’m sure she’ll be back soon.” He started confident, almost as if he knew something I didn’t. “Just try and think of good memories you had with her. And try to stop staring.” He got up and walked away before I could question him about whether or not her knew something. That was weird. I thought to myself before shaking the lunatic fringe out of my mind, focusing on the little boy that was about to approach me.

Your P.O.V

The minute you had entered the airport after getting off the aeroplane you had your phone in hand and was attempting to contact one of the girls. In your time at home you had became close with some of the Divas and they always told you to text them if you ever needed anything. A few seconds after you turned off your phone it buzzed with a reply making you smile widely. You’re back! YAY! And of coarse I’ll help you with your secret plan, what is it? You chuckled at Naomi’s reply and immediately brought her up to speed on your idea. I don’t want Roman to know I’m back yet. I want to surprise him and JoJo. You made your way to the exit as you waited anxiously for a reply. YOU SHOULD COME TO RAW TONIGHT! The all capitals text made you smile and shake your head. I remember Roman saying that he was gonna bring JoJo tonight, it’ll be perfect! You bit your lip and thought about Naomi’s suggestion before deciding that it would be perfect. You texted her saying it was a great idea and the two of you agreed to meet at the hotel the entire roster was staying at so she could help you sneak your stuff into her and Jimmy’s room until Roman knew you were there. You flagged down a cab once you finished your conversation with Naomi, smiling to yourself as you told the cab driver the address of the hotel.

Once you pulled up to the hotel you payed the driver and stepped out, making sure not to be seen by anyone that knew you. You were looking for Naomi when a hand was placed on your shoulder making you tense and turn around quickly, only to seeing a grinning Naomi. “Naomi!” “Y/N!” You both greeted each excitedly and she pulled you into a tight hug. “As much as I missed you, we have to get you out of here. Someone’s gonna end up seeing you.” She pulled away from the hug and you nodded in agreement, following her as she tip toed towards the doors. There was a pause as she looked through the glass doors to make sure no one on the roster was in the lobby, before she gestured for you to follow her. “No, no, no.” She said urgently as you were both about to enter the hotel. She pushed you backwards so that no one in the hotel could see either of you “Enzo and Cass are in there.” She sighed once you were out of view. “How did you not see Enzo and Cass Enzo doesn’t exactly blend into the crowd and Cass is a giant.” You questioned with a raised brow making Naomi shoot you a look. “Hey, I’m tired.” You shook your head and laughed at her excuse. She then moved to see if the two men were leaving and when she saw them head towards the door she looked back to you. “Okay, this is our opening.” Nodding at her, you followed closely behind as she inched closer to the entrance. Enzo and Cass walked out the door and turned in the opposite direction that you were which gave you and Naomi and chance to slip through the doors. You could hear Naomi humming the Mission Impossible song to herself as you both rushed towards the elevator. You both rushed to the elevator, you pressing the button to call the elevator multiple times as Naomi made sure no one was coming. Once the doors opened Naomi shoved you in before her and then quickly stepped in, pressing the button that shut the elevator doors. “I feel like a spy.” Naomi giggled as she pressed the button for the floor she was on before she turned and immediately tripped over one of your bags. You attempted to hold in your laughter but ultimately failed when she looked up at you with a shocked facial expression. A few minutes later the doors opened and Naomi, still desperate to be a spy, summersaulted out of the elevator making you laugh as you simply walked out. “Okay hurry, Jimmy went to grab a coffee with Jey, but he’s gonna be back soon.” Naomi said as she opened the door to her room before ushering you in. “Where should we hide these?” You asked looking at your bags making Naomi think for a second. “I got it.” She snapped her fingers and led you to the closet. “Just throw them in the bottom of here. Jimmy has all the stuff he needs for tonight in there.” She pointed to a bag that sat on the bed. There was a noise from the hallway that made you both freeze “You sure Naomi won’t mind?” “Nah she’ll be fine with it man, come on.” Naomi and you shared a panicked loom at the sound of the twins voices. She motioned you to head into the bathroom as she threw your bags into the closet and shut the door. “Get in the tub.” She whisper yelled to you making you nod and shut the door before sitting in the bath, making sure the shower curtain was closed all the way. “Hey babe.” You heard Jimmy greet Naomi as the door opened. “Hey.” Naomi answered before she greeted Jey. “Jey just has to use the washroom and then we’ll head out.” You squeaked quietly at what Jimmy said. “Don’t you have to get your stuff from your room, why don’t you just use your bathroom?” You heard Naomi try to keep Jey out of the bathroom. “Calm down girl, I’ll be a minute.” Jey laughed. “His stuff is already in the car babe. Don’t worry.” Jimmy chuckled and you heard someone approach the door before it swung open. You heard it shut and then heard Jey humming a song you didn’t recognize to himself. You slowly peeked your head out from behind the curtain only to quickly pull back when you saw your husbands cousin go to undo his belt. You tried desperately to ignore the fact that on the other side of the shower curtain your cousin by marriage was using the washroom. It felt like forever until Jey left the room when in reality it was only a couple minutes.”I’ll meet you two down there. I just have to grab something.” Naomi made up an excuse as to why she couldn’t walk down with the twins. You slowly tried to make your way out of the tub, hearing the twins accept her excuse. As soon as you heard the door closed the bathroom door was flung open and Naomi looked at you with a wide eyes. “Did he see you?” You shook your head “No, the shower curtain stopped that.” Naomi let out a sigh of relief. “I have to go now but you change, do your hair, and your makeup and then take a cab to the arena. Text me when you’re on the way and I’ll meet you at the back entrance.” Naomi instructed you with a very serious look on her face. “Okay I got it.” You laughed and she smiled. “It’s good to have you back Y/N/N. Stay a little this time.” She hugged you and referred to the last time you had been home, and you could only stay for a week. “I will, don’t worry. Now get out of here, you can’t keep the boys waiting.” After you pushed Naomi out of the room you dug your bags out of the closet and pulled out your makeup, hair straightener, and Romans favourite dress on you.

Applying the last of your lipstick you checked the time on your phone and realized that you should be leaving. Grabbing your phone and stepping into your favourite pair of heels, you quickly left the room. You hailed a cab and texted Naomi to let her know you were on the way. You couldn’t stop smiling on the ride to the arena and you also couldn’t stop watching the WWE snapchat after you saw that JoJo was with Renee. The drive seemed to take hours but you could’ve peed yourself when you arrived, you were that excited. “Thanks.” You mumbled and payed the driver before getting out and walking towards the door Naomi was meeting you at. You slipped through the door and immediately saw Naomi waiting for you with a wide smile on her face. “Damn, you clean up nice Y/N.” She winked once you approached each other. “Thanks, it’s not like I had some motivation or anything.” You smirked at her making her raise a brow and laugh. “Romans match just started so let’s go find your JoJo.” You let Naomi drag you around backstage until you saw some of the Divas standing around while watching the monitor. “Let’s go say hi.” You insisted, taking a pause from your mission to find your step daughter. You two stood behind them until Roman Superman punched Seth Rollins,knocking him to the ground. “That’s my baby.” You said making all the girls whip around and freeze once they saw you. “Well are you gonna hug her or not?” Naomi sassed with a smile making them all surge forward and pull you into a tight group hug. “What are you doing here?” “How long are you staying?” “Why didn’t you tell anyone you were coming?” They were all throwing questions at you. “Wait, slow dow.” You laughed and pulled yourself out of the hug. “I got to come home for a while, I don’t know long I’m staying, and Naomi knew I was coming. I wanted to surprise everyone.” You managed to answer everyones questions in one breath. “Oh my god. JoJo and Roman are gonna freak out.” Nattie smiled and all the girls agreed and awed at the thought. “Yeah, go find JoJo.” Brie pushed you a bit. “She’s with Renee, in catering.” Fox grinned and they all sent you on your way, Naomi insisting on staying with them.

You watched from around a corner as Renee played with JoJo with a bunch of junk food on the table in front of them. You then casually walked into the room and decided to walk past their tables and grab a bag of chips as you did. You heard JoJo gasp in annoyance and then you heard Renee clear her throat. “Excuse me-” Renee was cut off by JoJo’s annoyed tone. “Those were mine!” You smiled and then started to speak, turning around after a few words. “What? Mommy can’t have any chips?” You saw Renees jaw drop and JoJo screamed. “Mommy!” She yelled out and slid off her chair, running straight towards you. You bent down and picked her up with a grunt of effort, bringing her closer to you she clung onto you tightly while you buried your face into her curly hair. “I missed you sweetie.” You held her tighter and your eyes were watering with unshed tears. “I love you mommy.” You heard her sniffle into your shoulder. Finally putting her down you pulled an eager Renee into a lingering hug, answering all her eager questions while playing with JoJo’s wild hair.

“Come on babe.” You muttered to yourself as you watched the monitor with the other Divas and JoJo, who was sitting on your shoulders. You held your breath as Roman went for the three count and let out a cheer along with everyone else when he won the match. You felt JoJo being removed from your shoulders, you turned to see Nikki holding her. “Go get your man.” The rest of the girls cheered as you smiled and jogged away. You paused at the black curtain and waited for Romans theme to hit, waiting a few seconds until you walked off. Your husbands face went from confused to shocked and then ecstatic. You waved at him from the top of the ramp with a smirk on your face and he quickly slid out of the ring and ran to you. You barrelled into you, lifting you up into his arms and holding you close and inhaling your sweet scent. “I missed you so much.” You smiled into his hair and let a few tears fall. You could hear him mumbling sweet nothings into your chest as you felt your dress dampening slightly from his tears. He pulled away and set you down on the ground, letting you reach up and place a hand on his jaw as he rested his big hands on your hips. “I love you.” You smiled as you stared him in the eyes before you pulled him in for an intense kiss. If you were in any other situation, kissing in front of a sold out arena and all the people watching live would have made you cringe but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. After a blissful moment he pulled away to mumble something against your mouth that made you pull away and stare at him. “What did you say?” Your eyes were wide and you hoped he had said what you thought you heard. “I wanna have a baby with you. A little girl for JoJo to play with.” You could feel the tears sliding down your face again as you nodded, slowly at first before they became frantic. “I want that too.” You smiled through your tears making Roman smile back at you before pulling you backstage once again. Once you were out of view of the cameras and audience he didn’t waste anytime bringing your lips to his in a fierce kiss. Your hands tangled in his wet hair as his hands gripped tightly at your hips. “Woah guys, there’s a kid present.” You heard Dean chuckle from behind you making you pull away and turn to face him, and Renee who was covering JoJo’s eyes with a smirk. You stepped out of your husbands grasp and Renee uncovered JoJo’s eyes, effectively letting her run into Roman’s arms. He held her close and pulled you into his side as you brought a hand up to ruffle JoJo’s hair. “Daddy can we go to bed now?” JoJo asked with a yawn making you smile affectionately while Roman nodded at her. “You coming?” He asked before he started walking towards his locker room to grab his bags. “No, I’ll meet you in the car.” You smiled and kissed his cheek before kissing JoJo’s as well. Roman nodded before walking away while you stayed and chatted with Renee and Dean until you heard JoJo’s familiar laugh from the hall. “We’ll take her tomorrow night.” Renee leaned in close with a smirk on her face. “We will?” Dean whined making you laugh while Renee shot him a look. “Yes we will. They need some alone time” Renee smiled triumphantly when Dean nodded with a grunt. “Can’t deny that, he’s been going through a dry spell for almost a year.” You and Renee were laughing when Roman and JoJo finally made their way back to you. He shot you a confused look until you spoke to JoJo “JoJo, do you want to have a sleepover tomorrow night with Aunt Renee and Uncle Dean?” JoJo looked a bit unsure which made you worry a little, because even though you’d never admit it you were desperate for a night alone with Roman. “C’mon kid, it’ll be fun.” Dean messed up her long hair affectionately which seemed to make her mind because the next thing you knew she was nodding and blabbering about everything they were going to do. “Alright, we have to go now Jo. It’s past your bedtime, you’ll see Aunt Renee and Uncle Dean tomorrow.” You told her to say goodbye which she quickly did and then started to skip ahead of you and Roman. “Score.” Roman whispered to you with a smirk. “Counting the seconds until tomorrow night.” You grinned back as you turned around a corner, telling JoJo to wait by the door. “I missed you Y/N.” “I missed you too Roman.”

Bts Reaction to You Putting Pigtails in Their Hair While They Sleep

Request: hi~ BTS reaction to their s/o making them ponytails all over their head while they were asleep?

A/N: This is so cute I’m crying I hope you enjoy~

Seokjin would have gone to sleep after a long day of practicing and recording. He was exhausted and could barely even make it to the bed before passing out, and you saw this as a perfect excuse to do his hair. He would sleep through your “torture” before you fell asleep beside him, pleased with your work and excited for his reaction in the morning. When he woke up, you opened one eye as he kissed your forehead good morning and you began giggling. He would furrow his brows before standing up and heading to a mirror, jumping back and laughing when he realized what you had done.

“Jagi, what have you done to my beautiful hair!”

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Yoongi tends to sleep throughout the day, a lot, this is no secret. So when you saw him passed out on the couch upon arriving home, this was no surprise. The idea of a prank on Yoongi - especially while he’s asleep - is scary to anyone, but you had the guts to try it just once. You spiked his fluffy hair up all over his head with little rubber bands and covered your mouth to muffle your laughs before rushing out of the room to wait for him to arise. When he did, you couldn’t help but burst into laughter as his slouching form wandered into the bedroom; ponytails and all. He would walk over to the mirror, stare at himself for a few moments, then walk over to you. You would apologize a few times between laughs, but all Yoongi would do is lay down on you with all of his weight and fall asleep again.

“This is what you get, ya doofus..”

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Namjoon would be sleeping while in the waiting room with the other members (+ you) like he usually does before an interview or show. You looked over at the hairstylist’s desk and noticed a box of little rubber bands as the idea struck you. You asked for the box politely before making your way over to Namjoon and beginning your little design. The rest of Bts would watch you with smiling faces, some *cough* Hoseok *cough* having to leave the room to laugh to avoid waking the leader. Right as you finished, his eyes fluttered open and he smiled at you, his face quickly changing as he noticed his other members staring at him, obviously hiding laughter. He would walk over to his stylist before noticing your little prank; quickly staring back at you with his “wtf” face before laughing about it himself.

“You’re too much, Y/n, you know that?”

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Hoseok would be peacefully taking a nap on your bed after a long day. You knew you had to wake him up, but how was the question at hand. The idea struck you when you saw the multiple hair ties lying on your bathroom counter, and you quickly rushed in to begin your administrations. After you finished, you sat up and rested on his stomach, a smile curved on your lips as he opened his eyes and moved a hand to his head. He would stare at you before pulling you down onto his chest in a hug; loud laughter and tickling making up the rest of your night together.

“You’re so cute!”

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Jimin, the little fluff, is always messing with his own hair. So when you saw him sleeping with his bedhead flopped across the pillow, you thought of a way to stop him. After you finished tying his hair up, you would peck his now bare forehead as a means to wake him up. His eyes would flutter open, and you would greet him with a handheld mirror to his face. His eyes would shoot open and he would jump from his place to chase you; tackling you and showering your face with kisses as he messed your own hair up.

“How do you like it, huh!”

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Taehyung is an actual puppy, and he really enjoys to pull a few pranks on you, so him sleeping was the perfect time to get your revenge. You would take every strand of his hair into little ponytails, making sure he looked like a birthday cake with many candles before tickling him to wake him up. He would hug you before heading to go to the bathroom; a deep, loud scream quickly filling the air as he ran back out with a huge, boxy smile on his face.

“Ahh, why are you like this!?”

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Jungkook would have passed out before rehearsals for a show, and you saw this as the perfect time to mess with him. You would stick pigtails every which way, Jimin and Taehyung watching and giving tips on where to put the next ones as the maknae woke up. He would be shocked to see you sitting in his lap; not to mention questioning why Jimin and Tae were laughing their asses off behind you. So he would push you off and look in the mirror, a wide smile painted on his lips as he grabbed a hat and pulled his hair through the opening before walking back to you.

“I’m a cool guy, I can pull this off.”

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anonymous asked:

How many members do you think are in all the gangs mentioned in the outsiders?? And do you have any headcanons for them??


• i picture them as being a smaller gang, because tim is really picky about who he lets in. he probably has around 10-15 boys.

• theyre very close to one another, like brothers. youll always find them with at least one other gang member.

• tims a good leader and he makes the younger members tough and strong, a lot of them look up to him as an older brother

• the second in command is named danny and started the gang with tim. danny & tim have been friends since they were in elementary school.

• the gang is strong and loyal and tim has never had any problems with an inside spy snitching to anothr gang. his boys enjoy being in the gang


• i see this gang being big and dirty, around 30 people. its the easiest gang to get into, but being kicked out is just as easy. the leader needs boys that’ll do the dirty work for him. he sits back and relaxes while the members are out carrying guns and selling drugs.

• the members dont see the leader a lot, he has close boys that carry out orders for him. theyll maybe all get together once a month.

• the leader is smart, but hes blinded by his thirst for power and i see him having a lot of beef with the shepard gang over territory

• unlike tims gang, the tigers are scared of the leader and avoid him if they can. this gang is more about guys who need to have a sense of belonging or just dont have anything to lose


• theres around 10-20 boys. theyre your most average gang, but they go beyond reach to be powerful.

• they were the first gang to get their hands on drugs. but a lot of the members dont think and so they were also the first gang to get busted

• they go through leaders a lot, ever since the first one got locked up for possession.

• it used to be an honest gang that allied with the shepard gang, but since the first leader went away theyve become enemies

• theyre the first gang to fall. the members dont trust each other and are always playing dirty. the only thing each boy strives for is to be the leader, and theyll take another guy down just to make sure he doesnt take the spot. after a few years of this, theres no loyalty left in the gang


• imaginary gang that parents make up to scare their children out of wanting to be in a gang

Assassin’s Preference: Being Cheated On

A/N: In response to When You Have Been Cheated On, this one assumes you have cheated on your Assassin. Naughty naughty ;(


Altair wouldn’t believe it when he first heard you had cheated on him. Then he’d be hurt, angry even. If you came forward about it and embraced your mistake, he would still be hurt and you wouldn’t be in his good graces, but he would be a little more amiable to a conversation. He’s been betrayed before, but that wouldn’t make it any easier for him to deal with.


He’s had his heart broken before, but when he found out you cheated on him… the first thought that came to his mind was “Am I not good enough?” He puts on a show of grandeur and arrogance, but he’s always been a bit more self conscious when it came to love, as opposed to passion (which he was more used to). He would be angry, at you and himself equally. His friends try to tell him that it wasn’t his fault, but the thought still lingered…


Please don’t cheat on Connor. He’s been through so much and he still found a way to love you. When he found out, though, he’d be so… hurt. Betrayed. It wasn’t that he expected you to be his and only his, it was that you went behind his back and did something without at least coming forward about it. The poor man has been through enough.


Haytham would be almost hypocritical- he seemed not to be all that invested in the relationship then you tell him you kissed someone the other day and he freaked out??? It confused you more than anything- wasn’t he the one who left a woman he impregnated for his Order? You knew you didn’t do the right thing, but you couldn’t help but be a little irked by how passive aggressive he was in the days to come. You never did hear if he actually forgave you or not.


She would be a bit huffy if you confessed this to her- her trust in you would falter quite a bit but she wouldn’t be unfair and hold it over you longer than you deserved. She would, however, prove to you that she was better for you than anyone else- and you were inclined to believe her.


Assuming he was still a pirate, he would probably be a bit more lenient than the others. He was well accustomed to the concept of having multiple lovers (he was guilty of having nights of passion with prostitutes and the like). He wouldn’t judge or get all that angry, but he would instead take it as a challenge. He, like Aveline, would strive to show you that he was the best man for you- interpret as you will.


Ouch. Ouch. Arno took such a leap of faith (Ba dum tss) with letting his feelings for you flourish. His brown eyes are just so hurt, like he’s a kicked puppy. He wouldn’t know what to say, so he’d probably just leave and avoid you for days. You find him quietly cursing to himself in French after he got so bloody drunk off his ass he could barely stand.
“I told you how hard it was to love again, and you just…” His words became too incoherent to hear after that, but you got the idea of what he was saying.
It would take a hell of a lot to get his trust back to the level it was at before, if it’s even possible to fully restore his faith in you.

Evie + Jacob

You don’t cheat on either of the Twins because the other one is sure to come and show you the error of your ways, though the tactics may differ. You’d be lucky to escape with all your teeth from Jacob, and from Evie… you never actually see her but it seems like everything that could possibly go wrong in your life, goes wrong. Jacob would be oddly quiet, but overly reckless. Evie would act like she had it under control, but one wrong word and all her emotion comes pouring out in a catharsis of anger, pain, and even confusion. It doesn’t help that they’re gang leaders. Best avoid the Rooks until the issue is resolved, because some of the more loyal members may take their own petty vengeance out on you.


Desmond’s reaction differs depending on when you were dating him. If it was before his life spiraled into an underground war, he’d probably get angry, get drunk, then forget about it if you were nice. If it was after… he’d have to think about it, and he’d avoid you until he made up his mind about what to do. He even asked his father, of all people. It was sorta sweet, for maybe five minutes. If you were heartfelt about your apology, he’d eventually be fine to forgive you, though he may be a bit more guarded than he was before. But he’d be willing to work it out, if you were.

lianarias  asked:

Tony/T'challa please? Since T'challa hasn't been really introduced to the fandom yet (we only have the sneak peeks from Civil War), feel free to characterize him how you like.

I’ve only read few comics, so I really have no idea how T’Challa is supposed to act, but I gave it a shot (I’m hoping I’m at least somewhere in the ball park of his personality).  I hope you like it.

Tony swiped a glass of champagne off the tray of a waiter who passed by as Tony people watched from his corner of the lavish ballroom.

People were dancing in the middle of the room while others lingered about and chatted. Bits of conversation were casual while others were purely political, which wasn’t surprising. This was a welcome party for the Prince of Wakanda T’challa. Most of the people here were involved in politics.

Tony was a little surprised he’d actually been invited to the shindig. The code of conduct that had been emailed to him made it obvious that this was a big deal to America’s political leaders and that his usual antics would not appreciated, with the exception of one.

He was highly encouraged to schmooze T’Challa.

It didn’t take a genius to realize the government was making a play for the vibranium found in Wakanda, and if Tony could flirt T’Challa into giving him some in order to make weapons for the government, then America’s political leaders would be all the more happy.

It was the very reason why Tony was not socializing that evening. He did not like being someone’s tool.

“And here I was told to watch out for the infamous Tony Stark,” a deep voice said from beside Tony.

Tony startled and almost choked on his champagne.

T’Challa had taken residence beside Tony. The corner of his mouth quirked up in amusement. “Your reputation precedes you, yet you are not the man I was expecting.”

“What can I say?” Tony feigned nonchalance. “I’m getting old and boring.”

“I suppose that is true for all of us.”

“You know, you really should avoid me. The political leaders here are hoping that I’ll seduce you into giving me Vibranium, and you standing next to me gives them false hope.”

“So if I were to continue to engage in conversation with you, you’re leaders would most likely leave me alone in the hopes that you’re seduction would work?”

Tony eyed T’Challa. There was a mischievous gleam to the man’s eyes, and in that moment Tony felt a kindred spirit in the man.

Tony smirked and took another sip of his champagne. “So tell me about Wakanda.”  

Gym Leaders, Elites and Champions

The processes of becoming a gym leader, Elite Four member or Champion all differ greatly from one another, and each job demands a different attitude and approach to battle. Strength is not the only determining factor as to which job is best suited to a trainer. 

Gym Leaders:

Being a gym leader has two primary requirements: that you can battle and that you can teach. All gym leaders within a region are supposed to be of a similar standard (not ascending in difficulty as they are in the games) but variation is always present. Being a gym leader does not necessarily place a limit on your strength; some are even stronger than Elites - Volkner, leader of the Sunyshore City gym, is of almost champion standard, but elects to be a gym leader out of desire to teach. Blue Oak is of the same calibre, but took up the Viridian gym position after losing his Champion position to Red. Nontheless, gym leaders of this skill level are fairly uncommon; for the most part, the Elite Four is more challenging.  

Gyms are primarily run by the gym leader, who is in charge of conducting both general lessons and one-to-one tuition sessions with those who book them. However, most gyms - primarily those in cities - attract legions of trainers per day, so type experts are employed to demonstrate and teach where the gym leader is unable to. It may also be worth mentioning that matches with the gym leader usually have to be booked in advance - as in, you cannot simply turn up at the gym and demand a battle in the brazen manner that Ash Ketchum does in the anime. Leaders have busy schedules. 

Anybody can apply to become a gym leader providing that they are of substantial skill and maturity. There are no strict age requirements attached to the job, but it is rare that a gym leader be any younger than sixteen, as anybody below that age usually lacks substantial experience and responsibility. The only real factor that may count against an applicant is their type specialty, as League officials wish to maintain diversity and always avoid appointing two gym leaders of the same type choice.

If a gym leader receives multiple complaints from students or fails to meet certain standards of strength (all leaders are expected to win a certain percentage of battles per year), they can be placed under observation for several months. If their teaching and/or victory rates do not improve within this time, they can be dismissed from their job. I imagine that Jasmine would be placed under observation at one time, hence why she visits Sunyshore City (to be trained by Volkner, I believe), but would manage to improve and keep her position at her gym. I cannot imagine the same thing happening to Whitney, who would eventually be sacked after she failed to recover.

Gym leaders below the age of eighteen are treated with slightly more leniency, as they are not expected to be as polished as those with more experience. Newly appointed leaders are also regarded in the same manner, so as to give them a few months to find their feet.

Gym leaders achieve international fame the moment they take up their positions, but are usually better known in their own regions. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean they can visit an airport without being crowded by the paparazzi; they’re definitely considered to be high profile celebrities.

Elite Four Members:

Being an Elite requires a different kind of attitude to gym leading, and the appointment process is completely different. Whilst certain Elites may hold occasional education workshops so as to offer expertise to those specialising in their type (something I can imagine Karen, Sydney and Grimsley doing, due to the severe shortage of dark gym leaders), teaching is not a part of the job description. Being an Elite is best suited to powerful trainers who purely enjoy battle, ones who can handle the intensely busy lifestyle attached to the position.

Unlike applying for gym leading, there is no free-for-all auditioning process when trying out for an Elite position. When a member of the Elite Four steps down, the League officials make a collective decision about what kind of trainer would be best to take their place, usually contacting three or four potential candidates and having them audition before making a final decision. Either way, appointed Elites are usually very successful trainers already renowned in their field, not unknown members of the public. You could say that it works on a  'don’t call us, we’ll call you’ kind of basis. 

Elites tend to be stronger than gym leaders (though this isn’t always the case), therefore they cannot be challenged until a trainer has collected all eight badges. Whilst casual trainers may make it their goal to defeat all of the gym leaders in their region, only serious ones try their hand at defeating the Elite Four, as it is enormous step up. Matches have to be booked in advance and are often attended by the public, with tickets going on sale in the weeks before it takes place. I can’t imagine that challengers would have to defeat each Elite Four member in succession (that may have once been a tradition, but is no longer practical), but they would have to conquer all of them before they could challenge the Champion - a difficult feat.

All Elite Four members are all household names, even in overseas regions. More so than gym leaders, their job requires international travel, as they don’t have gyms to manage or teaching commitments. It’s all about the battle.


Becoming the Champion is an enormously difficult task, but it is, in a peculiar kind of way, almost easier to attain than an Elite position. Whilst the skill required for the job is higher than any other battling occupation in the world, it works on a similar basis to gym leading in the sense that anybody can take up the position if they are strong enough. The only requirements are that you triumph over all of the gyms in your region, beat every member of the Elite Four, and that you win against the existing Champion in a 6v6 battle. No previous credentials or establishment is needed, as is the case with becoming an Elite.

Champions typically take up influential positions on the League council, having an involvement in the appointment of new gym leaders and Elites and as well as an overall say in the running of things, but that isn’t always the case. Lance, even Gold took his place as Champion, would leave the battling aspect of the League but remain on its council, as he would have been a long-standing member, whereas Gold himself would have a more minor role. There is more to being Champion than battle, but the extra demands do depend on how willing the Champion is to take them on. 

Champions are obviously the most famous trainers of all, known worldwide by even those with little to no interest in battling. Any matches in which they compete go on sale to the public and sell out rapidly, as well as being televised to those who cannot see them in the flesh. The prestige of Champions, even those who have incredibly short reigns (like Blue) or disappear without a trace (like Red), isn’t something that ever fades away. They are always welcome at tournaments, namely the PWT.  

Essays in Existentialism: Soulmated

I saw a post once about people who have their soulmates’ names tattooed on their wrist and Clarke being confused bc no one on the ark is named Lexa and Lexa being like “Clarke is a dude’s name?? um??" 

Deep in the heart of the spinning, cold star, a single prisoner stares at the window above her, curiously thinking of so many things that she finds herself unable to focus on any, thus reaching an almost eerie state of lethargic fear or even anxious calm. 

The rumours ran rampant, like fire through the station, and despite her predicament in solitary, the prisoner hears the whispers of the guards, notices the scurrying of activity, counts the dwindling number of walks outside her window with nothing more than mild curiosity. 

But in the quiet that comes in the middle of the night, Clarke ignores all of it and continues being alone, savouring the sweet, delicious kind of ache it brings when she adds to the days that she doesn’t use her voice. Her walls are covered, like the tombs she read about once, in pictures and words and moments and memories and dreams. 

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unabashedgentlemenpirate  asked:

Ben....I hate to say it, but your relationship with leader sounds like an abusive one to me. It may not be, but promise us that you will leave if you need to. The light will always be there, in the corner of your eye, to comfort you and take you home.

First of all…I’m actually quite curious. What evidence allowed you to come to the conclusion that I’m in an “abusive relationship”? I entered this union of my own accord. Any hardships I have faced since then have all been intended for my improvement.

Second of all…surely you realize I am incapable of leaving, because wherever I go, there he is. I cannot escape. When I was younger, I was able to avoid Leader because I had not yet built my bridge with him. But now I have, and thus our connection is indestructible.

Leader warned me that some of you would criticize me for my decision. I doubted at first, but now I see he was correct. It hurts a little, to be honest. I expected more from people who have stuck with me for so long.

I appreciate your concern for me, but it is unfounded. By all means, come back when you have something real to talk about.