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Summary: You’re Romans wife and are in the military. When you finally get the news that you get to go home you keep it a secret and surprise Roman.

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Making your way through the camp you attempted to hide your excitement behind a neutral face. You nodded politely at the people that smiled at you and managed to avoid any conversations. The leader of your group had requested to talk to you, and you were hoping that it was the news you had been waiting for. You finally arrived at the tent after what like hours and quickly slipped in, nodding at your leader. “You wanted to talk to me mam?” You asked with your hands clasped together in front of you. “Yes I did. I just wanted to tell you that you’re going home.” It took a second for her words to register but when they did your hand flew up to cover your mouth and tears welled in your eyes. A small smile appeared on her usually stern face “Go pack your things.” You nodded your head several quick times. “Thank you so much mam.” You spoke quickly, eager to go pack your things. She dismissed you with a nod and you exited the tent in a calm fashion but couldn’t resist jumping around a bit outside happily. Once you started packing your things you couldn’t stop thinking about JoJo and Roman, how happy you’d be when you see them. I should surprise Roman. You thought to yourself with a devious grin.

Roman’s P.O.V (point of view)

I couldn’t help myself from looking around at all the couples and families that surrounded me. Every woman I saw reminded me of Y/N for some reason and it wasn’t making the fact that she wasn’t going to be home soon even worse. There was a break around the middle of the signing and I found myself watching a small family of four. The mother had Y/H/C hair that shined like Y/Ns, and the daughter, the oldest girl clearly looked like her father, but the youngest was a younger version of her mom. I had always wanted to have a kid with Y/N, we have JoJo and Y/N loves her just as much as I do. But I’ve always wanted a little Y/N running around the house, reminding me of her when she’s not there. It helped that JoJo was always begging for a little sister to play with. A rough hand landing on my shoulder pulled out of my thoughts and staring. “You’re staring at the family and I think they’re gonna notice.” Ambroses scratchy voice informed me as he sat on the chair next to mine. “I can’t help it man.” I sighed and looked at him rather than the family. “You miss Y/N, I get it. But you can’t go around staring at everyone that reminds you of her, some people might get weirded out.” He was half teasing and half serious about the last part. “I know. I just want her to come home, so does JoJo.” I admitted and went to go run a hand through my hair only to realize I had tied it up. “I’m sure she’ll be back soon.” He started confident, almost as if he knew something I didn’t. “Just try and think of good memories you had with her. And try to stop staring.” He got up and walked away before I could question him about whether or not her knew something. That was weird. I thought to myself before shaking the lunatic fringe out of my mind, focusing on the little boy that was about to approach me.

Your P.O.V

The minute you had entered the airport after getting off the aeroplane you had your phone in hand and was attempting to contact one of the girls. In your time at home you had became close with some of the Divas and they always told you to text them if you ever needed anything. A few seconds after you turned off your phone it buzzed with a reply making you smile widely. You’re back! YAY! And of coarse I’ll help you with your secret plan, what is it? You chuckled at Naomi’s reply and immediately brought her up to speed on your idea. I don’t want Roman to know I’m back yet. I want to surprise him and JoJo. You made your way to the exit as you waited anxiously for a reply. YOU SHOULD COME TO RAW TONIGHT! The all capitals text made you smile and shake your head. I remember Roman saying that he was gonna bring JoJo tonight, it’ll be perfect! You bit your lip and thought about Naomi’s suggestion before deciding that it would be perfect. You texted her saying it was a great idea and the two of you agreed to meet at the hotel the entire roster was staying at so she could help you sneak your stuff into her and Jimmy’s room until Roman knew you were there. You flagged down a cab once you finished your conversation with Naomi, smiling to yourself as you told the cab driver the address of the hotel.

Once you pulled up to the hotel you payed the driver and stepped out, making sure not to be seen by anyone that knew you. You were looking for Naomi when a hand was placed on your shoulder making you tense and turn around quickly, only to seeing a grinning Naomi. “Naomi!” “Y/N!” You both greeted each excitedly and she pulled you into a tight hug. “As much as I missed you, we have to get you out of here. Someone’s gonna end up seeing you.” She pulled away from the hug and you nodded in agreement, following her as she tip toed towards the doors. There was a pause as she looked through the glass doors to make sure no one on the roster was in the lobby, before she gestured for you to follow her. “No, no, no.” She said urgently as you were both about to enter the hotel. She pushed you backwards so that no one in the hotel could see either of you “Enzo and Cass are in there.” She sighed once you were out of view. “How did you not see Enzo and Cass Enzo doesn’t exactly blend into the crowd and Cass is a giant.” You questioned with a raised brow making Naomi shoot you a look. “Hey, I’m tired.” You shook your head and laughed at her excuse. She then moved to see if the two men were leaving and when she saw them head towards the door she looked back to you. “Okay, this is our opening.” Nodding at her, you followed closely behind as she inched closer to the entrance. Enzo and Cass walked out the door and turned in the opposite direction that you were which gave you and Naomi and chance to slip through the doors. You could hear Naomi humming the Mission Impossible song to herself as you both rushed towards the elevator. You both rushed to the elevator, you pressing the button to call the elevator multiple times as Naomi made sure no one was coming. Once the doors opened Naomi shoved you in before her and then quickly stepped in, pressing the button that shut the elevator doors. “I feel like a spy.” Naomi giggled as she pressed the button for the floor she was on before she turned and immediately tripped over one of your bags. You attempted to hold in your laughter but ultimately failed when she looked up at you with a shocked facial expression. A few minutes later the doors opened and Naomi, still desperate to be a spy, summersaulted out of the elevator making you laugh as you simply walked out. “Okay hurry, Jimmy went to grab a coffee with Jey, but he’s gonna be back soon.” Naomi said as she opened the door to her room before ushering you in. “Where should we hide these?” You asked looking at your bags making Naomi think for a second. “I got it.” She snapped her fingers and led you to the closet. “Just throw them in the bottom of here. Jimmy has all the stuff he needs for tonight in there.” She pointed to a bag that sat on the bed. There was a noise from the hallway that made you both freeze “You sure Naomi won’t mind?” “Nah she’ll be fine with it man, come on.” Naomi and you shared a panicked loom at the sound of the twins voices. She motioned you to head into the bathroom as she threw your bags into the closet and shut the door. “Get in the tub.” She whisper yelled to you making you nod and shut the door before sitting in the bath, making sure the shower curtain was closed all the way. “Hey babe.” You heard Jimmy greet Naomi as the door opened. “Hey.” Naomi answered before she greeted Jey. “Jey just has to use the washroom and then we’ll head out.” You squeaked quietly at what Jimmy said. “Don’t you have to get your stuff from your room, why don’t you just use your bathroom?” You heard Naomi try to keep Jey out of the bathroom. “Calm down girl, I’ll be a minute.” Jey laughed. “His stuff is already in the car babe. Don’t worry.” Jimmy chuckled and you heard someone approach the door before it swung open. You heard it shut and then heard Jey humming a song you didn’t recognize to himself. You slowly peeked your head out from behind the curtain only to quickly pull back when you saw your husbands cousin go to undo his belt. You tried desperately to ignore the fact that on the other side of the shower curtain your cousin by marriage was using the washroom. It felt like forever until Jey left the room when in reality it was only a couple minutes.”I’ll meet you two down there. I just have to grab something.” Naomi made up an excuse as to why she couldn’t walk down with the twins. You slowly tried to make your way out of the tub, hearing the twins accept her excuse. As soon as you heard the door closed the bathroom door was flung open and Naomi looked at you with a wide eyes. “Did he see you?” You shook your head “No, the shower curtain stopped that.” Naomi let out a sigh of relief. “I have to go now but you change, do your hair, and your makeup and then take a cab to the arena. Text me when you’re on the way and I’ll meet you at the back entrance.” Naomi instructed you with a very serious look on her face. “Okay I got it.” You laughed and she smiled. “It’s good to have you back Y/N/N. Stay a little this time.” She hugged you and referred to the last time you had been home, and you could only stay for a week. “I will, don’t worry. Now get out of here, you can’t keep the boys waiting.” After you pushed Naomi out of the room you dug your bags out of the closet and pulled out your makeup, hair straightener, and Romans favourite dress on you.

Applying the last of your lipstick you checked the time on your phone and realized that you should be leaving. Grabbing your phone and stepping into your favourite pair of heels, you quickly left the room. You hailed a cab and texted Naomi to let her know you were on the way. You couldn’t stop smiling on the ride to the arena and you also couldn’t stop watching the WWE snapchat after you saw that JoJo was with Renee. The drive seemed to take hours but you could’ve peed yourself when you arrived, you were that excited. “Thanks.” You mumbled and payed the driver before getting out and walking towards the door Naomi was meeting you at. You slipped through the door and immediately saw Naomi waiting for you with a wide smile on her face. “Damn, you clean up nice Y/N.” She winked once you approached each other. “Thanks, it’s not like I had some motivation or anything.” You smirked at her making her raise a brow and laugh. “Romans match just started so let’s go find your JoJo.” You let Naomi drag you around backstage until you saw some of the Divas standing around while watching the monitor. “Let’s go say hi.” You insisted, taking a pause from your mission to find your step daughter. You two stood behind them until Roman Superman punched Seth Rollins,knocking him to the ground. “That’s my baby.” You said making all the girls whip around and freeze once they saw you. “Well are you gonna hug her or not?” Naomi sassed with a smile making them all surge forward and pull you into a tight group hug. “What are you doing here?” “How long are you staying?” “Why didn’t you tell anyone you were coming?” They were all throwing questions at you. “Wait, slow dow.” You laughed and pulled yourself out of the hug. “I got to come home for a while, I don’t know long I’m staying, and Naomi knew I was coming. I wanted to surprise everyone.” You managed to answer everyones questions in one breath. “Oh my god. JoJo and Roman are gonna freak out.” Nattie smiled and all the girls agreed and awed at the thought. “Yeah, go find JoJo.” Brie pushed you a bit. “She’s with Renee, in catering.” Fox grinned and they all sent you on your way, Naomi insisting on staying with them.

You watched from around a corner as Renee played with JoJo with a bunch of junk food on the table in front of them. You then casually walked into the room and decided to walk past their tables and grab a bag of chips as you did. You heard JoJo gasp in annoyance and then you heard Renee clear her throat. “Excuse me-” Renee was cut off by JoJo’s annoyed tone. “Those were mine!” You smiled and then started to speak, turning around after a few words. “What? Mommy can’t have any chips?” You saw Renees jaw drop and JoJo screamed. “Mommy!” She yelled out and slid off her chair, running straight towards you. You bent down and picked her up with a grunt of effort, bringing her closer to you she clung onto you tightly while you buried your face into her curly hair. “I missed you sweetie.” You held her tighter and your eyes were watering with unshed tears. “I love you mommy.” You heard her sniffle into your shoulder. Finally putting her down you pulled an eager Renee into a lingering hug, answering all her eager questions while playing with JoJo’s wild hair.

“Come on babe.” You muttered to yourself as you watched the monitor with the other Divas and JoJo, who was sitting on your shoulders. You held your breath as Roman went for the three count and let out a cheer along with everyone else when he won the match. You felt JoJo being removed from your shoulders, you turned to see Nikki holding her. “Go get your man.” The rest of the girls cheered as you smiled and jogged away. You paused at the black curtain and waited for Romans theme to hit, waiting a few seconds until you walked off. Your husbands face went from confused to shocked and then ecstatic. You waved at him from the top of the ramp with a smirk on your face and he quickly slid out of the ring and ran to you. You barrelled into you, lifting you up into his arms and holding you close and inhaling your sweet scent. “I missed you so much.” You smiled into his hair and let a few tears fall. You could hear him mumbling sweet nothings into your chest as you felt your dress dampening slightly from his tears. He pulled away and set you down on the ground, letting you reach up and place a hand on his jaw as he rested his big hands on your hips. “I love you.” You smiled as you stared him in the eyes before you pulled him in for an intense kiss. If you were in any other situation, kissing in front of a sold out arena and all the people watching live would have made you cringe but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. After a blissful moment he pulled away to mumble something against your mouth that made you pull away and stare at him. “What did you say?” Your eyes were wide and you hoped he had said what you thought you heard. “I wanna have a baby with you. A little girl for JoJo to play with.” You could feel the tears sliding down your face again as you nodded, slowly at first before they became frantic. “I want that too.” You smiled through your tears making Roman smile back at you before pulling you backstage once again. Once you were out of view of the cameras and audience he didn’t waste anytime bringing your lips to his in a fierce kiss. Your hands tangled in his wet hair as his hands gripped tightly at your hips. “Woah guys, there’s a kid present.” You heard Dean chuckle from behind you making you pull away and turn to face him, and Renee who was covering JoJo’s eyes with a smirk. You stepped out of your husbands grasp and Renee uncovered JoJo’s eyes, effectively letting her run into Roman’s arms. He held her close and pulled you into his side as you brought a hand up to ruffle JoJo’s hair. “Daddy can we go to bed now?” JoJo asked with a yawn making you smile affectionately while Roman nodded at her. “You coming?” He asked before he started walking towards his locker room to grab his bags. “No, I’ll meet you in the car.” You smiled and kissed his cheek before kissing JoJo’s as well. Roman nodded before walking away while you stayed and chatted with Renee and Dean until you heard JoJo’s familiar laugh from the hall. “We’ll take her tomorrow night.” Renee leaned in close with a smirk on her face. “We will?” Dean whined making you laugh while Renee shot him a look. “Yes we will. They need some alone time” Renee smiled triumphantly when Dean nodded with a grunt. “Can’t deny that, he’s been going through a dry spell for almost a year.” You and Renee were laughing when Roman and JoJo finally made their way back to you. He shot you a confused look until you spoke to JoJo “JoJo, do you want to have a sleepover tomorrow night with Aunt Renee and Uncle Dean?” JoJo looked a bit unsure which made you worry a little, because even though you’d never admit it you were desperate for a night alone with Roman. “C’mon kid, it’ll be fun.” Dean messed up her long hair affectionately which seemed to make her mind because the next thing you knew she was nodding and blabbering about everything they were going to do. “Alright, we have to go now Jo. It’s past your bedtime, you’ll see Aunt Renee and Uncle Dean tomorrow.” You told her to say goodbye which she quickly did and then started to skip ahead of you and Roman. “Score.” Roman whispered to you with a smirk. “Counting the seconds until tomorrow night.” You grinned back as you turned around a corner, telling JoJo to wait by the door. “I missed you Y/N.” “I missed you too Roman.”

You can be psychiatrically ill and be perfectly competent, just as you can be mentally healthy but totally unfit. (Of course, certain mental states, like florid psychosis or dementia, would render a president unfit to serve.)

There is one last reason we should avoid psychiatrically labeling our leaders: It lets them off the moral hook. Not all misbehavior reflects psychopathology; the fact is that ordinary human meanness and incompetence are far more common than mental illness. We should not be in the business of medicalizing bad actors.


Is It Time to Call Trump Mentally Ill?” Richard A. Friedman for the NY Times, Feb. 18, 2017

Although it’s very easy to believe Trump is mentally off in some way–it’s impossible to know. And it doesn’t matter. Judge him on his actions and statements. Hold him accountable as you would anyone else. It might feel slightly safer to blame his behavior on mental illness, rather than plain old evil. Mental illness can usually be treated. Meanness, greed, and evil cannot. Conflating bad behavior with mental illness is sloppy logic, but is also bad for people who have been diagnosed, are doing their best to take care of themselves, and are sometimes struggling to stay afloat.

ariannon  asked:

Hey! I'm planning on voting in the conservative elections in the interests of avoiding a conservative leader like Leitch or O'Leary. I'd like to vote for the least offensive candidate with the best chance of successfully getting elected. What are your thoughts on the other candidates?

In my opinion Michael Chong is the most progressive candidate for the Conservatives.

Lisa Raitt and Deepak Obhrai also seem decent. The rest are either unremarkable or absolutely terrible.

jajalone mentioned mark2young2jae in a photoset “got7europe: GOT7 EVERYONE! Why is jb judging in the first gif can’t…”

Why is jb judging in the first gif can’t youngjae do the doggie in peace smh @mark2young2jae

Don’t be too harsh on our poor Jaebummie, darling! Jinyoung and Jackson have been getting onto him about the heart eyes lately, and Mark keeps messing with him every time he notices them, so sometimes Jaebum must resort to covering his usual response to Youngjae’s antics of heart eyes and smiles…

with an attitude of judgement instead.

[GIF by got7europe]

Not that it’s super effective because I can still see that little smile peeking out at he watches, and he’d probably be doomed without those sunglasses… but at least he’s trying to be less obvious than:

His attempt at judgment is just our poor, love struck leader trying to handle his overwhelming affection in any way that he can!

I still really want to know how all the gems reacted when Rose finally gave up her form.
But based on the recent Steven Bombs I think I have a good idea.

Amethyst: ran away and got into trouble with Vidalia, and eventually broke down and talked about her feelings with her, coping the best out of all three. Spent some time caring for sour cream and left when she got sick of dealing with Marty.

Pearl: shut down completely, fought holo Pearl and versions of holo Greg in her room with crying and times of just shouting and bitterness. Was pulled out of this PTSD by Garnet as a new leader. Avoided Greg the longest and possibly even resented baby Steven for a little bit (and hated herself for it)

Garnet: picked somewhere and just sat motionless and silent for days. Ruby and Sapphire inside stayed fused with sadness. Eventually had future vision of danger and began to train again, surprisingly Ruby had to pull sapphire out from hiding within herself, because she tried to shut out everything but Ruby wouldn’t have it. It was the quietest they’ve ever been. Was the first to visit Greg because they saw a vision about Steven being at risk, but Ruby had to talk because sapphire was still processing. No resentment towards Greg.

Garnet rounded up Amethyst by coming to her with Steven, who she instantly loved. Amethyst helped Garnet learn how to properly work with baby Steven, and understood him best next to Greg. Garnet finally went and talked to Pearl after a few months, who refused to budge from her place. Amethyst called her selfish and that imbalance began. Eventually Garnet was taking care of Steven in the house and he continued to cry so Pearl came out and started to get used to him, going into mothering mode where Garnet was still struggling. During this time, Greg and Amethyst had a secondary depression and began watching Little Butler endlessly as a coping mechanism because until then Greg really hadn’t had time to process the loss.

What do you guys think?

freedom to be

expansion of ”revolution in eight easy steps”, bffnet’s april flashfic winner

1.4k words

revolution in eight easy steps

– authored by Bellamy Blake

1. Every revolution needs a good goal and a good leader. Make the goal clear; “Freedom!” is vague; “freedom to vote!” is better! The leader helps elucidate the goal further.

2. The masses need to hear your ideas clearly through your actions.

3. A certain blonde co-leader might seem like a great idea at first, because she has a certain legitimacy you lack, but it’s a bad idea. She’s bull-headed, smart, doesn’t accept easy answers. Retreat if necessary. (It will be necessary.)

4. Dangerous situations involving your co-leader to avoid: sharing a bedroom with one bed, getting wet together, in general spending time together beyond the revolutions. Dates are especially a no-no. Learn from my mistakes.

5. Your little sister should not be around when spending time with your blonde co-leader, because she knows what you look like when flirting, and you’re definitely flirting.

6. Falling in love with your co-leader is a bad idea. I know it’s hard not to, because she looks at you and says she sees a better world in your eyes, and you see the stars in hers, unfathomable and unreachable, but don’t. It’s a terrible idea. It’s not going to go anywhere. She should want better.

7. I know I said don’t fall in love, but do it anyways. Revolution doesn’t have rules, there’s no such thing as an easy way to do this, it’s unpredictable, harsh, and sometimes wonderful; love is the same. Love makes life better, adds a more optimistic tint that was destroyed with your mother.

8. It’s okay to be happy. It’s okay to be happy with her. Revolutions and ideals are important, necessary, but so is individual happiness. She said she loves you; tell her the honest truth: you love her too.

“a revolution in eight easy steps” a memo response, written by Clarke

  1. ok
  2. ok? not your strength but ok
  3. ??
  4. good times. I got to see you shirtless.
  5. wait,what the fuck is this list exactly? only the first two have anything to DO with revolution
  6. no comment
  7. no comment?
  8. why do you have such a need for dramatics, Bellamy, why can’t you just say these things to me? why is it that I only ever find out the important things from notes you publish? I had— I’m so mad at you right now. I confess and you avoid me for a week, and then I read this, and I have no idea how I’m supposed to react. is this my response? is this a yes, or a no, a maybe, what is this? you go from saying it’s no good to love me to saying that it’s okay, and it’s no secret you hated my guts at the beginning, and the feeling was mutual, but I thought we were past that. we need to talk.

tacked to the bulletin board:

(in Miller’s handwriting) mom and dad are fighting

(Jasper) !!!!!!!

(Jasper, again, on a post it stuck onto the original paper) you call them mom and dad too? thought it was just Monty and I

(a frowning face, courtesy of Clarke, then) we’re not fighting

(Jasper) rejoice!!

(the papers are later pulled down by Bellamy)

(Raven’s handwriting) has anyone caught them making out yet

(Bellamy) if there’s a bet going on, winner has to watch Spartacus with me

(Jasper) !!!!!!!!!

(a cat shaped post-it, also by Jasper) aka torture!!!! don’t make us

(Bellamy, on the post-it) then quit the betting pool

(Jasper) :(

(Clarke) technically, Bellamy, we’re the ones who’ve won. watch Spartacus with me?

(Miller) this is gross. I’m burning this.

(Jasper, new post-it) Miller’s a party-pooper, pass it on

(on a memo, written by Raven, placed in Bellamy’s mailbox)

the notes on the board are getting out of hand. rein the kids in.

(same paper, Clarke’s response on the other side, tucked into Raven’s purse)

you’re jealous

(a series of texts between the two)

R: i’m not jealous

C: ur texting me abt it nbd

C: [attached: pic of Bellamy’s ass in jeans]

C: how could u not b jealous tbh

C: im jealous of myself

R: [attached: pic of Raven’s dog, a Spitz named Stripes]

R: i have a dog. i don’t need a “””man”””

C: take that back did u not read his list

R: my dog licks me so

C: raven raven r u srs this is 2 easy

R: oh shit wait no

C: well bellamy licks me too so

R: i HATE you


(texts between Bellamy and Raven)

R: rein your girlfriend in

B: Stop, we’re not dating

R: yah you are

B: No, we’re not. We haven’t agreed on it yet.

R: you literally wrote her a love letter. accidental, but still.

R: are you ignoring me now

R: ok but still, your girlfriend’s a problem

R: stop ignoring me

B: Just asked her if we were dating and she gave me a weird look

B: What does that mean??

B: Raven!

B: Raven, please!!

R: how does it feel

R: and don’t worry you’re fine she loves you so

R: JESUS CHRIST stop fucking IGNORING me

R: I’m telling Clarke to break up with you

(texts between Raven and Clarke)

R: bellamy’s the worst. break up with him.

C: no he licks me 2 good

R: i fucking hate you

(left in the open: some words scratched out, small doodles scattered throughout, on a yellow legal pad)

How-To: Fall in Love

1. Falling in love hard— falling in love isn’t hard. People say different things, but, ultimately, it’s different for everyone. For me, it was slow, but easy. It was seeing him, always ready, in the morning, watching lines deepen in his forehead, seeing a sardonic grin crawl across his face, and the spark in his eyes, never extinguished. How could I not? It was easy, it was right.

2. The idea that there is a right and wrong way to have a relationship is absurd. No two people are the same, so every relationship you have is different. You can fall in love more than once and each time is valid because each person is valid.

3. Sometimes it’s about logic, sometimes it’s about heart. Sometimes you fall asleep, making a list of all the qualities you want in a partner: inspired, capable, calm, a soft smile, thick hair. Sometimes you fall asleep and the list is all about him: inspired, capable, calm, soft smiles just for you, thick curls.

4. Your mom might not approve, but she never approved of your enviro minor, wanted you to do Doctors Without Borders; other people might not approve, but fuck them.

5. His sister doesn’t like you, and that’s okay, because she might glare with flinty eyes, he’s happy and that’s what matters to both of you. That you both agree on this point helps your case.

6.There’s nothing wrong with a workplace romance. Colleagues might annoy the shit out of you, but it’s well-intentioned.

7.This is important, so it bears repeating: there is no wrong or right way to be in love. He hated you at first, and the feeling was mutual. His ideas are grandiose, impractical, and it bothered you that he thinks they’re worthwhile. Time passes— your opinion improves, his ideas mutate as your relationship turns friendly. You’re both leaders; he’s better with his words, and you’re better with execution. You share space constantly. You know what he looks like just woken up, curls mussed. You know what the lines on his face mean, the laughter lines, the worry lines, crow’s feet, furrows, dips— you know the freckles scattered across his face. You know him and the knowledge makes it impossible not to love him. There is no wrong way to love him, and there is no wrong way to love him; you just love him.

8. He might write a list, supposedly about revolution, and everyone reads it. Your first response is embarrassment, because it’s grossly embarrassing, but then it’s pride. A copy is tucked into your wallet, next to your ID, next to an faded, worn note from your deceased dad saying “freedom does not come cheap” because it makes you blush. Next time you saw him, you told him, blurted it out— I love you— and he smiled, easy, a small duck of his head— I know— it’s stupid, cliche, but he means I love you, and so you know you gotta write your own list. 

9. It’s better than his. It also happens to be longer.

    (Monty, written large, on the bulletin) when’s the wedding?

    (Miller) I’m gonna get cavities