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You said your vegan, if you don't mind me asking what do you feed your cat? I've been vegetarian as far as diet for awhile but I've been trying to cut out all other animal products out. I also have two cats, who I still feed meat products because they need it to be healthy but I still feel guilty about it. Would switching them to fish based foods be at least better than poultry?

both my cats still eat meat. i avoid fish because of chemicals and other icky things in the water. a vegan or even vegetarian diet would leave them malnourished and unhealthy!

IVF 1 - 11dp5dt


I tried being positive.
I didn’t test since 7dpt.
I tried the pregnant until proven otherwise.

My official test date was supposed to be on Friday 14dpt. The clinic says they wait to make sure there’s no late and to avoid chemical pregnancy crushes.

Well today I had more spotting and it’s more than just when I wipe. The first day of my period is usually like this and it’s crushing.

I called the clinic and they said to come in on Thursday and they will do a beta and day 3 bloodwork and a day 3 ultrasound all at once.

Womp womp.

How do we improve our relationship with food? Be mindful of what we eat, how much we eat, when we eat, and our thoughts about eating.

Method to Break the Greed of the Stomach.

In Imam Al-Ghazali’s Breaking the Two Desires book 23 he explains the following four duties as a method of discipline. I have added a few helpful tips for additional benefit and guidance.

1. Eat what is lawful (halal) and pure (tayyib).
- Make intentions for the sake of Allah
- Eat organic when possible
- Eat what is seasonal
- Support local farmers
- Research origin of food
- Avoid chemicals/processed foods

2. Limit the quantity we eat
- Discipline gradually
- Eat when truly hungry
- Reduce intake gradually
- Let food digest before eating again
- Be consistent have balance
- Stop eating before you are full

3. Delay when we eat
- Continual fasting for self-discipline (3 days or more)
- Feel hunger (without hurting health)
- Determine what is the least you can eat safely

4. Which varieties of food we eat
- Incorporate Prophetic foods (refer to previous posts)
- Introduce better food choices
- Eat nutrient dense foods (vitamins and minerals)
- Limit meat consumption
- We are individual (it must be convenient, accessible, and available)
- What works for each person if different (we are individual)
- Avoid diet fads, gimmicks, and quick fixes

It’s not just about health and better nutrition we want to be like the Prophet ﷺ and follow His traditions. Many Muslims have forgotten these traditions and simply overindulge.

Imam Al-Ghazali leaves us with this; Abu-Sulayman al-Darani said, “To renounce one desire is more profitable to the heart than to fast and pray for a whole year.”

#revival #PropheticNutrition

—  Zainab Ismail
Why you need to avoid chemicals hair coloring ?

I will never recommend dyes with harsh chemicals !

Coloring hair has always an effect on the moisture protein balance.

But Permanent color has chemicals in it that are specifically designed to raise the cuticle layer and deposit color into the hair’s cortex.

Once these changes are made to the cortex, they can’t be easily reversed.

In fact, dying your hair with chemicals products causing the hair to be more porous.

If it’s too porous the hair doesn’t retain any moisture and becomes dry.

When the cuticle layer is healthy it can help prevent these damages, but in some instances, the cuticle layer itself simply can’t withstand to the abuse of strong chemicals, heat and manipulation.

However, the good news is since the cuticle layer can be manipulated, either for the bad or the good, you can learn how to control your cuticle layer and optimize its strength and preservation to grow longer hair.

To grow Healthy and long natural hair you need definitely to avoid chemicals hair coloring !

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How would you react if Alucard somehow got fleas and begun scratching his hair like a dog? Integra would probably order him to get rid of the fleas..

Probably nip down to Pets at Home and pick up a spray.
I would need to be careful to avoid chemical burns.
Though you can get rid of fleas with plenty of baths and certain plants/essential oils ward them off too.

hmm…yes…. I would not mind dunking alucard in a bath and scrubbing him with flea shampoo

Will the chemicals in birth control mess me up?

Someone asked us:

So I am vegan and avoid chemicals of all sort, I’ve also heard that birth control has risks like messing up the lining of your uterus and making it harder to have kids later. I know birth control is smart, but is that risk there?

I’m a vegan too! You can totally relax on this one — the hormones in birth control are similar to the hormones your body naturally makes by itself. They’ve been studied for decades, and they’re safe for most people.

Also, birth control doesn’t make it any harder to have kids once you stop using it (unless you get sterilized — that’s meant to be permanent and may not be reversible).  

Hormonal birth control works by thickening your cervical mucus, which stops sperm from getting to an egg. It also prevents you from releasing your eggs, so even if a sperm gets through there’s no egg for it to meet. And while it can have the side effect of thinning your uterine lining (that’s why lots of people have lighter periods or no periods at all), your lining goes back to normal after you stop using birth control.

So you return to your normal fertility level once you stop using hormonal birth control, which means you don’t have to worry about your birth control affecting your ability to have kids later. And you don’t have to use hormonal birth control — there are non-hormonal methods out there, too (like condoms and the ParaGard IUD).

Take our quiz to find out which methods might work best for you. You can also talk to the staff at your nearest Planned Parenthood health center about finding a birth control that works for you.

-Mylanie at Planned Parenthood

Okay so a) this blog is incredibly important and b) I’ve wanted to submit for a while because I’m homosexual/aromantic, bi-racial (white/Afro-Puerto Rican), and tired of suffering from internalized oppression! :’)

Starting in my early teens, I embarked on a mission to make myself “white” in order to fit in with my classmates and my white idols. I destroyed my natural hair with tools and chemicals, actively avoided any contact with the sun, lightened my skin colour in all photographs, refused to learn Spanish at any opportunity, routinely mocked/denied my cultural heritage, and refused to go by my given name (Estrella). Thanks in part to Tumblr, I’ve gradually begun to realize the strain wanting to be “white” has put on my physical and emotional health. For the past couple of months, I’ve endeavored to stop most of the harmful practices described above, and have started to embrace my culture and my true self more openly. Though I still catch myself wishing for straight hair, or lightening the colour of my skin with Instagram filters, I’m finally beginning to love everything being mixed/Latina has to offer. I certainly will never face the same struggles that my dark skinned brothers and sisters are up against, but it’s at least nice to be able to sit in the sun on summer days without worrying I’ll no longer look “white enough" to be beautiful.

P.S. fuck Rachel Dolezal– being mixed isn’t a game