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20 Questions Tag

I was tagged by the lovely @internallydeceased @nordic-sassenach and @mibasiamille

Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 amazing people you’d like to get to know better.

Name: Kate 

Nickname: kk, kay, katie, atie. My roommate calls me avocado. 

Birth Month: February.

Height: 5′2″

Ethnicity: pale as snow

Orientation: Straight

Favorite Fruit: Blackberries…no bananas…no pineapple. Dinna make me chose.

Favorite Season: Winter! I love wearing my scarves. But like Florida winter, not northern winter. burrr

Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby (not so much for the plot but for Fitzgerald’s fucking amazing writing skills), Outlander, Voyager, The Nightingale just to name a few. 

Favorite Flowers: Gardenias for the smell, sunflowers for their beauty and happiness.

Favorite Scent: Gardenias or this Victoria secret perfume that I wear, I have no idea what it’s called…siren or seductress or vixen, something like that.

Favorite Animal: I have a cat and i love him to death, but also dogs man…dogs.

Favorite Beverage: Iced Coffee is 99% of my body.

Average Hours of Sleep: My sleeping patterns are like so random, sometimes it’s like 8 hours, sometimes it’s 5, sometimes it’s 2.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Well, Jamie and Claire obviously. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger. Katniss. Jon Snow. Danny. Offred from the HandMaid’s Tale. Jane from Jane the Virgin. Jim, Pam, Dwight, Micheal. Leslie Knope. Ron Swanson.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: One big down comforter.

Dream Trip: Greece, Scotland, Spain, Africa. Everywhere.

Blog Created: ummm, December 2015, I think?

Number of Followers: I’m too lazy to check lol. I know it’s somewhere in the 1,600′s. Can’t believe that many of you follow me :) Thank ya!

I think everyone has been tagged, but I’ll tag ya none the less. @gotham-ruaidh @bonnie-wee-swordsman @lenny9987 @whatisaweekend @jamiexclairefraser @shortiemcbealle @kalendraashtar @mybeautifuldecay @notevenjokingrightnowfic @dingbatland @westerhos @the-fear-you-wont-fall @lafricaine579 @catwalkqueencaitriona @cranesmuir-witch