Rivers and Caves and Bears, Oh My!

“You are supposed to know this place, no?”

Your eye twitched at the sound of Pietro’s accented voice and your grip on the branch you were holding tightened to the point that the bark broke your skin, “I grew up in New York, Pietro, not the middle of a fucking forest!” You wanted to slap him but you were too tired to waste that energy after being tortured for three days and out in the woods for two since you escaped and you needed it find another shelter for you to sleep in tonight.

“Where are we going?”

You stopped and closed your eyes, taking a deep breath before you turned to look at him, “We need to find a river so we can have fresh water to drink and fish to eat and some place to sleep, most likely another cave and some firewood so we wont freeze to death, okay?”

He ran a hand through his disheveled hair and your heart fluttered at the movement, as much as he annoyed you, you couldn’t deny his wonderful physical attraction and the fact that his accent makes your knees shake. Pietro looked at you and smiled, “Lead the way, zvezda moya.”

You looked at him a little closer and noticed he wasn’t panting like you were or sweating, “Why aren’t you out of breath?”

“I am used to going much faster for longer. Losing our powers did not have me lose my…”

You saw him flipping through the dictionary in his mind for the right word, “Stamina, that’s the word you’re looking for.” After he nodded, you turned around and rolled your eyes, whispering under your breath, “Lucky bastard.”

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