Midnight Masquerade - Part 9

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Genre: Vampire!AU | Fluff | Angst

Synopsis: Your best friend drags you into attending a masquerade ball with her, only to abandon you in the middle of the strange dance. Standing alone in the midst of a flurry of people, the events that play out here change the course of your life; only to leave you wondering; who is under the mask?

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi (Ft. the other boys of BTS cx)

Word count: 2293

Warnings: Brief mentions of kidnapping

Series: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6 | Pt 7 | Pt 8 | Pt 9 Pt 10

(A/N: So, I finally finished it! Ah, I’m quite happy with this part, I took the advice someone gave me and tried to quicken the pace of the story, so there’s more drama in this part ^_^ Feedback is always always appreciated!)

You stood in front of your small house, having finally returned home from uni, your mind frantic with thoughts and unanswered questions. Unanswered questions that you were hoping to get answers to. You exhaled, pulling out your keys and unlocking the door, stepping in cautiously, looking down the empty hallway. The house was eerily quiet, and you were immediately set on high alert; your home was never this silent, you were always greeted by the sound of the television murmuring in the background, or your mother greeting you from some room in the house. If not that, you were at least greeted by your cat, Yuna, pattering towards you as soon as you opened the door.

And yet, there was nothing. A chill spread through your spine, as you carefully set your bag down on the floor, your eyes narrowing as your senses heightened, and your blood ran cold. You could hear everything, and every little sound set you off; the whirring of the boiler, the low humming of the fridge, even the sound of your own breathing. You had been so ready to sit your mother down, ask her all the questions that had been driving you crazy the whole journey home. She might have tried to evade your question, the guilty glint in her eyes as her eyes darted around, looking anywhere but you. But you would have eventually got it out of her, you thought. You would’ve finally got some answers. But she wasn’t here. And something told you she hadn’t simply popped out to the shop.

You roamed into the living room - still half expecting to see your mother sitting on the couch, smile on her face as she saw you standing there -  and yet the room was empty, her usual spot cold and bare. Glancing around the place, you noticed there was no sign of struggle, everything was in its normal position. It was at that moment you spotted the note stuck on the table, the handwriting slightly rushed and hard to make out. Squinting, you just about managed to read it, it was an address jotted down in someone else’s handwriting, and that was it. No explanation. No clue of what had happened.  Nothing. You felt anger quickly boiling up, and unknowingly your eyes began to pool with murky red, your pupils narrowing, your hands balling up into fists.

Something was very, very wrong. And it had angered you to new heights. You ripped the note off the table, shoving it into your pocket, before grabbing your bag and sprinting out the door. You were going to find your mother, and whoever did this was not going to be let off easily, not on your watch.


Yoongi returned home, his backpack slung over his shoulder as he waited for someone to let him in. He stood by the door, earphones in as always, shut off from the world around him, and he sighed, tapping his foot impatiently.

The door finally swung open, and the maid stood meekly in the doorway, bowing politely. Yoongi simply nodded, pulling out his earphones and wandering in, and yet his mind was not nearly as calm. The scene from earlier that day played over and over again in his head, as he tried to decipher what had happened. Who were you exactly? And how did he know you? And what on earth was Nurse Sumi talking about? He had mentally noted to find his father as soon as he returned home; he had to find out what had happened. He doubted his mother knew anything, somehow he knew his father was behind a lot of this.

He walked through the large hall, recalling how it had once been swarming with elegantly dressed people, eager to impress one another, eager to feast. And yet he had spent the majority of the night in his room, expecting to remain there without interruption - just another night. And yet you had come along. You with your enticing scent, your strange manner, your confusion. Half-breed. That was what Nurse Sumi had said. He had heard of the concept of half-breeds before - they were rare and hard to conceive. But possible. Once born, the child would tend to be more towards one side than the other; either more human or more vampire. That was all he knew of the matter though; he had never known someone of the type before. Or, so he once thought.

He stopped by his father’s study, pushing the door open before knocking, as was his father’s required etiquette. But Yoongi didn’t care about etiquette at this moment in time. He cared about answers. Answers he knew his father would have. Answers that his father would have to give him, whether he liked it or not.

His father sat at his large desk, his face stoic as ever as he murmured some words down the phone. On sight of Yoongi standing there nonchalantly, leaning on the doorway, he frowned, ending the call and looking up at his son expectantly.

“Why are you here? You know not to enter without knocking.” He asked, his voice booming and authoritative, his eyebrows raised in question.

“Nurse Sumi told me.” Yoongi simply said, watching his father’s face carefully for any change in expression. There seemed to be a very brief sign of surprise evident in his father’s face, before becoming expressionless once again.

“So I heard. Your point being?” He responded, seemingly growing bored by the situation, as he flicked through the large pile of paperwork sitting on his desk, scribbling down something on paper. “I’m clearly busy right now, it is not the time to be disturbing me.”

Yoongi sighed, glaring back at his father, quickly becoming annoyed at his dismissive manner. “The point is, I want an explanation. What did she mean by I was betrothed to this girl? This girl that I barely know? Unless I knew her at one point? I need answers.”

His father looked up at Yoongi, this time his attention was fully focused on his son, and he gestured to the seat in front of the desk.

“Sit,” he ordered, setting his paperwork to the side and crossing his arms on the desk.

Yoongi followed, cautiously taking a seat, his gaze focusing back on his father, as he waited to finally gain some answers for the questions that had been buzzing through his mind ever since that fateful night.

“When you were a child, you had a… childhood friend, should we say. She was the daughter of an influential vampire around these parts, a close friend of mine. But her mother was human. It worked out for a while - her family living next door to us, and her father and I made an agreement. We decided to get the two of you betrothed, destined to be married someday.”

Yoongi could do nothing but stare at his father, attempting to absorb this information. He leaned forward in his seat, eager to hear the remainder of the story. And yet, he could hear the faint sound of what seemed like struggling, muffled screaming, coming from another room. He opted to ignore it, assuming his mind was playing tricks on him.

“And everything was going as planned, the two of you were as close as ever… until her mother ruined things.” Yoongi’s father continued, sighing as he recalled. “She… didn’t agree with it, and so she took the girl - who we think is (Y/N) - away, and somehow erased her memories of her childhood. And so, all these years I’ve been trying to find her again, trying to fulfil your destinies, trying to let fate take its path. Nurse Sumi told me everything you told her, and that you… bit the girl, am I correct?”

Yoongi nodded, looking away awkwardly as he thought back to that night. “But, what does that have to do with anything? How is that going to affect her?”

His father rubbed his head in slight frustration, before saying, “That bite may have not only caused the vampire side of her to emerge, but also reestablished the… connection between the two of you. Have you noticed yourself feeling… strange or attached to her?” He inquired, still staring at Yoongi expectantly.

“Well… yeah. It’s weird, it’s like I feel protective of her? It pains me when she’s in pain, and I feel this weird feeling when I’m too far away from her.” Yoongi carefully responded, pushing his fringe out of his eyes once again, before studying his father’s expression, his expression which seemed to say this was bound to happen. “Why did you keep this from me? After all these years, you decide to tell me this now? After this happened?” He bombarded his father with questions, his gaze becoming fiercer by the second.

“It’s just as I thought. It seems that fate has returned to its original path…” His father murmured, slowly becoming absorbed in his own thoughts, leaving Yoongi throwing his arms up in exasperation, leaning back in his seat, attempting to stop the frustration bubbling up in his chest. He had gained some answers, and yet he was left with more questions, only serving to frustrate him even further.

As he sat there, slumped in his chair, he heard the sound again. Scratching, banging, muffled screaming. His senses immediately perked up, his body becoming more hostile. His eyes scanned the room cautiously, a familiar scent filling his nose.

“… is there a human in here?” Yoongi glared at him, slowly standing up, his hands slamming down onto the table. He thought back to his words, her mother was human. Fate has returned to its original path. “What the hell did you do?” His voice grew louder by the second, his irises quickly becoming crimson, his pupils narrowing.

His father stood up in anger, glaring down at his son with an equally hostile expression, his eyes also shining a brilliant red colour, his posture authoritative. “Don’t talk to me like that. This is none of your business.” His voice boomed through the large room, the pitch dropping down an octave, a growl coming through in his voice.

At that exact moment, the door burst open, to reveal you standing there, a fire in your eyes that no-one had never been seen before. Your eyes were blazing a fierce golden colour, your pupils slitted, fangs protruding from your gums as you glared at the two men standing there, your fists balled up so tight that your knuckles were turning white. Yoongi and his father stopped arguing, instead staring back at you, surprise and shock evident on both their faces, along with an element of fear. Fear at what you had become. Yoongi squinted at you, trying to decipher the situation. Golden? He had never seen a vampire with golden eyes before, but then again he had supposedly never seen a half-breed before. The whole situation was new territory for him, and it left his mind in a blur.

“I’m going to ask this once, and you had better answer. Where. Is. My. Mother?” You gritted your teeth, your voice coming out in a low growl, as you were blinded by frustration and anger, your mind set on finding your mother, and bringing her back home where she would be safe. Your mother was all you had when it came to family, and while you bickered and argued with her at times, you would never let anyone hurt your mother in any way. You weren’t going to let anyone hurt your mother. And if they had even grazed her… they weren’t going to leave unscathed.

“So you came. Just as I was expecting,” Yoongi’s father said smugly, the chair spinning as he stood up, gesturing to a door leading off the side of the room. “Follow me.”

Yoongi couldn’t find the words to speak; he could merely stare from his father to you, and back again. What had he done? What had happened to you? He felt strangely frustrated on your behalf - he felt your anger, he felt your pain. He didn’t like seeing you so furious, he wanted nothing but to hold you, to calm you down. He watched you narrow your eyes at his father, reluctantly following him through the side door, your posture remaining constantly hostile, your eyes not once faltering or returning to their original colour. He had no choice but to follow you in, and he grimaced at the sight he was met with.

Your mother was tied tightly to a chair, a cloth wrapped around her mouth to the back of her head, stopping her from crying out or screaming. A man was standing beside her, a hint of shame in his expression. Yoongi felt as if he recognised the man from somewhere, maybe he was associated with his father in some way. He didn’t seem like one of his father’s workers, this man seemed much higher up, possibly almost at the level of his father himself. Yoongi noticed how your mother’s eyes widened at the sight of both you and his father entering the room, and she began to struggle again, the chair rocking back and forth from the impact.

You stood there, shaking with pure anger at the sight, your eyes only becoming even brighter by the second, if that was even possible. You were about to demand your mother be let free, you would have even grabbed Yoongi’s father by the throat, but you spotted the man standing by her. A sense of recognition spread through you - you knew this man. The man stared back at you, his expression equally confused and curious all at once… when it hit you.

“Dad?” You exclaimed, at the same time the man asked, “(Y/N)?”

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No offence to you but seeing Bonnie with her grams and her ancestors was pretty moving? Not everything is fucking problematic

Except this was problematic, Bonnie’s whole arc on the show was problematic. Where do I even begin with this?

What’s moving is when they bring Grams back for Bonnie’s benefit, to give her advice, guidance, strength etc. This was not moving, this was yet another example of Bonnie being used to save the day. Additionally, they also created another Bennett, not for Bonnie’s storyline or to give Beatrice (I think her name is) her own story line but to further the storyline of the other white characters. As for Lucy, we haven’t seen her since season 2 and that was only so she could be of help to Katherine. Her and Bonnie hardly even spoke or got to bond and what I’m supposed to feel moved because they brought her back for two seconds to help her save Mystic Falls?

Becuase after eight seasons I really shouldn’t have to explain this I’m going to just paste this article from TV Tropes magical Negro page which pretty much explains it perfectly.

The Vampire Diaries is known for its portrayal of Black Witches. Witches on the show are predominantly Black, and most Black characters are witches. Witches, the most powerful supernatural characters, are shown to be descendants of slaves, although this is not openly acknowledged or referenced. Although they are incredibly powerful, witches- or Black witches are subservient to the Caucasian characters. What rare insights we are given to the world of witches, we are made to understand that most magic is done selflessly for the benefit of white characters, or to “preserve the balance” of nature. Notably, Emily Bennett worked as Katherine’s handmaid. In addition, she used her powers to provide her and other vampires immunity from sunlight. Why she would do this despite obviously not approving of the “vampire lifestyle” is apparently a I Owe You My Life situation that is never expanded on. The subtext isn’t really helped by the series being set in the American South.
One of the main characters of the show, Bonnie Bennett, is given very little screen time or character development. Her plot lines are rarely taken out of the context of being a witch. Like the other Black witches, she selflessly aids the Caucausian characters in the show. Furthermore, Bonnie is used a vehicle for plot development and white character growth. Bonnie’s love interests often use her as a pawn; the love interests are usually villains that first, attempt to get to Bonnie for her magic, and second, and more importantly, their use of magic always involves a Caucasian character (revenge on a vampire, saving Elena, etc.) . Bonnie’s dynamic reinforces the master-slave dynamic in this way; while Bonnie is powerful, because she is Black and powerful, the purpose of her magic is to serve the white characters.
“Her (white) friends are gaining all kinds of power left and right (and angsting over it), while Bonnie has seemingly sacrificed the use of her witchy abilities after using them to save Elena and company over and over again. (Remember, last season her mother was turned into a vampire, also because of Elena.) What’s more, she keeps making sacrifices, big and small, for this group of–frankly horrible–friends. That plotline did lead to a potential romantic entangle for Bonnie that I wanted to be excited about (since, because Bonnie’s life just bites, none of her romantic interests ever work out), until it was revealed that the character (a college professor) is most likely some kind of evil. Bonnie Bennett, eternal sacrificial Black Best Friend and Magical Negro, cannot catch a break.

In conclusion, there was nothing ‘moving’ about what happened with Bonnie and her relatives in the finale it was just one last embodiment of what they’ve been doing to bonnie for years. Moving is Bonnie getting a scene like Matt, Caroline and Alaric did where Sheila is watching over from the beyond (perhaps with her dad) while Bonnie lives out the rest of her life, that sort of thing. I’m just glad that they gave her a good ending and didn’t kill her for the sake of Elena because that would have finished me off.

Additional reading: Magical Negro Wikipedia  The Treatment of Bonnie Bennett